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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, state of emergency. at least 35 twisters tear through the heartland. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks just got blown over. >> winds hit 165 miles an hour, flattening homes and buildings. as more storms move in. miraculous rescue. [ cheers ] >> as crew work overnight in italy sempbling for survives on the ground and in the air. the death toll climbing as more than 200 aftershocks rock the country. stakeout shooting. the waiter furious about a customer pulls out a gun, fires it on the job. hope solo suspended. the soccer superstar in trouble
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her contract terminated. is the penal going too far? and good morning, america. a lot to get to. a lot of reaction to the hope solo suspension overnight. the goalie in trouble for what she said after losing to sweden at the olympics. donald trump firing up a big crowd in jackson, mississippi, overnight. gett said. watch the reaction of the woman on the the left. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. who sees people of color only as votes, not as -- a bigot. >> hillary clinton firing back as well. a lot of politics coming up. we want to get to the massive tornadoes. dozens touching down from indiana to ohio overnight. alex perez is on the scene for
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>> reporter: good morning, amy. people say this storm ripped through this town in seconds. this is what's left of the starbucks building. employees had packed in the bathroom to stay alive. >> oh, my gosh, starbucks just got blown over. there's people in there. >> reporter: overnight, tornadoes tearing through the midwest. >> holy cow. >> reporter: storm chasers capturing the moment this twister in kokomo, indiana, began to form. one tornado picking up speed. with wind gusting more than 130 miles per hour. >> that's a tornado. >> reporter: hundreds scrambling for safety, including these school children who huddled covering their head. >> i tried to push the door. it blew my window out. >> it was crazy. our roof got ripped up. you could hear everything going
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twister blows down this starbucks like a pile of straw. employees hiding in the bathroom. making it out with only minor injuries the. >> a couple of other guys and i were able to wedge the doors out and get everybody out. >> reporter: this morning, the deaf station is clear. dozens of homes in pieces. cars on top of one another. and the streets. almost impossible to drive down. and the cleanup around town just now beginning. but here's the good news. authorities say lu in all of this, no one was killed. amy? >> wow, that is remarkable when you see those images. thank you, alex. let's turn to ginger for more. 8 million more people at risk from oklahoma to ohio. all eyes on the tropical system in the atlantic that's forming. >> 35 reported tornadoes. indiana and ohio get two on average in august. this is a big deal for this time of year. now that energy has moved to the
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kansas, even missouri have to watch out for damaging winds and hail, even tornadoes. the caribbean, already getting some of that. lots of rain in st. maarten. we're not worried about hurricane gaston. don't worry as much about that. that's staying out to sea. it's this one here that has to fight through a lot of dry air the next couple of days. it has a named storm in the next 48 hours. we're watching south florida. we'll come back with a lot more in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, ginger. we move to italy. the death toll continues to climb from the massive earthquake. rescue efforts overnight. more than 200 aftershocks rocking the the country. this drone video shows the crushing destruction from the quake. terry moran son the screen in
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>> reporter: good morning, george. those aftershocks keep rolling through. a couple of them woke us up last night. sent people scurrying into streets. the danger is reel. that is the ancient church of st. augustine. emergency workers tell us that tower could come down in the next big shake. 17 hours after the earthquake first struck this small italian town, a rare moment of hope amidst the rubble. they hear julia. they respond with messages of encouragement as they successfully pull her to safety. she emerges to applause and cries of, she's alive. further west, in the town of amatrice, one of the hardest hit. another team gently pulling out first a little boy. then a little girl from the wreckage 37 both survivors. this morning, rescue workers
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need to go. determined to save lives. >> it's very emotion. the emotion -- the emotion after the day, after a month, after a year. >> reporter: are you proud of this work? >> yes. i'm proud of this work. >> reporter: this exclusive new drone footage illustrates the scope of the devastation in amatrice. the invisible line where houses remain untouched and the old city, where the town has been flattened. look at the main street before the disaster. here it is after. once so picturesque, this town square now a reck. the clock tow sir all that's left standing now. cars crumbled. homes reduced to skeletons. looking more like doll houses. this tattered mickey mouse doll lying in the rubble. more than 200 aftershocks have been unleashed. we made our way through shattered villages.
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returning to see what's left of their homes. rescue workers tell us what makes this work so hard is these old stone buildings just completely collapsing in on themselves. getting this done, getting in there and finding out who is in there is grim. it's dangerous. it's going to take awhile to complete. amy? >> our heart are with all of those in italy now. to a deadly attack in afghanistan. militants stormed the a siege going on for hours as students fled for their lives or barricaded themselves in classrooms. alex marquardt is in beirut with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. harrowing stories coming out of afghanistan this morning. this attack starting as evening classes got under way. students immediately posting on twitter and facebook that the campus was under attack.
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escape. the attack lasted for ten hours. >> he kicked our door by his feet, two times. everybody were panicked. >> reporter: security forces and medical teams backed by american advisers swarming the scene. police describe the attack as complex with three attackers. one blowing himself up at the entrance, allowing two gunmen to enter. >> we didn't feel good and safe. so we jumped from the second floor and escad. >> reporter: in the end, 12 were killed. including seven students. so far, there has been no claim of responsibility. the taliban is a prime suspect. the state department condemned the attack. >> an attack on the university is an take on the future of afghanistan. >> reporter: the university was a personal project of former first lady laura bush's as the kind of place are afghan students talk about using their educations to strengthen their
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target for terrorists. back here at home, the the race for if white house hotter than ever. with donald trump sharpening his attacks onning hk and signaling his most dramatic shift yet on immigration. jon karl is on the trail. >> reporter: good morning, george, this shift on immigration is a stunning reversal for trump on his core issue. and it comes as he's out with a brand-new harsh label for hillarcl overnight, donald trump gave a provocative new label to hillary clinton. for the first time, branding her a racist. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. who sees people of color -- only as votes. not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> reporter: watch the reaction from this woman as trump makes the attack.
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>> reporter: in an interview on cnn, clinton quickly fired back. >> he's taking a hate movement main stream. he's brought it into his campaign. he's bringing it to our communities and our country. >> reporter: trump is trying to appeal to minority voters. >> you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding them up in a very humane way. >> reporter: trump now says some of the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants should be get out? number one. or do we work with them and let them stay in some form? >> reporter: he says he would keep the door closed to citizenship. but for the first time, he's saying he's open to giving legal status to the millions who came into the united states illegally. >> who wants those people thrown out? >> i do! >> reporter: as for hillary clinton, she says she plans to launch a major counterattack.
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the main stream, linked to an alt-right political philosophy that embraces extremism. trump's new position on immigration sounds a heck of a lot like what jeb bush proposed in the republican primaries. back then, george, trump harshly attacked it as amnesty. now a spokes person for bush is reacting saying, it's unsurprising that donald trump is reconciling his immigration policy with reality. it's something governor bush predicted last year. george? >> okay,jon karl. let's take that to matt dowd. the trump campaign is saying, etch though he's talked about this for the last several days, that he's going to come out with a formal position in the next week or so. if this sticks, if he does say that some of the undocumented immigrants in the country right now can have a path to
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everything he said over the course of the primary campaign. >> i think it would be the most fundamental shift in his whole campaign to this point. there's two areas they have to be careful of. first is if you ask any trump voter, the only issue that lynx them together is his immigration stand. no other issue links them together. the other issue is, he's supposed to be the tells it like it is politician. the one who is willing to say whatever it takes to get it done. if this issue, it's problematic. >> isn't he shifting in a position hat more people agree with? >> absolutely. people agree that we caught to have secure borders and compassionately deal with the people in this country. absolutely. i think it's primarily aimed at white women suburban votes. it's not aimed at latinos. it's those suburban voters that he nose this election could be
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more. he still goes off and labels hillary clinton with words like bigot. that seems to be the pattern going forward. his team is going to try to discipline him a bit but give him the free rein to do what he does. >> i would hope that the bigot line was not in the te lerks rksprompter. kellyanne conway said he doesn't personally insult anybody. i would hope we standard in the course of this. when you say something outrageous, maybe you get a time-out for awhile to figure out what to do in the course of this. >> no time for time-outs with 70 days to go until election day. that's the reality right there, matt dowd. thank you very much. now to a set of frightening plane landings here in new york. two packed aircraft, two hours apart, slamming into birds at jfk. the incidents again raising concerns about the dangers of
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david kerley has more from reagan national airport. >> reporter: it's one of the most vulnerable parts of a flight, the landing. twice jets on final approach hit birds. during the morning rush, a jetblue aircraft flew right into trouble. >> touchdown. we had a bird strike. it hit the side of the aircraft. >> reporter: another pilot saw the effects. >> a very small bird. it's dead. >> reporter: two hours later, a a singapore a-380 also hits birds. >> a big flock of birds wept into those two engines. they're kind of scattered everywhere. >> reporter: they were star lynx. >> there's a bunch of dead birds on the runway. i don't want to take off. >> reporter: both flights completed landings without further incident the. they can be dangerous. >> hit birds. we've lost both engines. >> reporter: that is the radio
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landing in the hudson. a sorry -- >> this is the captain. brace for impact. >> reporter: -- now becoming a hollywood movie. "sully." >> i got an a-330 diving for the river. >> no one has ever trained for an incident like that. >> reporter: and jetblue tells us that their jet was back in service last night. no word from singapore. of birds. george, this is not uncommon. a couple of dozen times a day, a plane hits a bird. >> okay, david, thank you very much. we're going to get to the investigation into a fatal zip line accident at delaware state park where a woman died after falling 40 feet from the ride. this is raising real questions about the safety of these rides. >> reporter: it's an adventure industry so popular that the delaware state park recently
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this morning, it's closed as investigators try to figure out how a woman could fall to her death when each participant is supposed to be attacked to a safety system the entire time. this morning, a ziplining adventure ending in tragedy. a 59-year-old woman dying. >> i could see how it could happen. as a complete accident. >> reporter: authorities say the woman exploring go 8 tree stop approximately 40 feet off platform, later dying at a nearby hospital. this youtube video show casing the course, which, according to the company's website is a two to three hour journey through the wilderness. go ape releasing this statement after the fall saying it is deeply saddened by this tragic occurrence. our thoughts and prayers go out the her family and friend es. and in particular to those on
7:17 am
authorities still trying to figure out how this woman fell to her death. >> if they didn't go through the precautions of hooking themselves up with the carabiner and lost their balance and fell on a platform, it could be possible. >> reporter: meanwhile, this latest accident once again raising concerns about safety. and the millions of zipline rides taken every year, the industry says less than 1% result in accidents. however, there's still no federal oversight. only 18 states settingci courses. a lot of questions. >> okay, eva. thank you. a developing story from connecticut where hazard douse material crews are on the site of a spill. 400 gal lons of the highly toxic chemical hevavalent chromium have spilled. that's the same cancer-causing chemical that was the subject of
7:18 am
terrifying moments inside a steakhouse in san antonio. a waiter opens fire firing several shots into the ceiling. witnesses say seconds earlier, the wart was verbally and physically assaulted by the customers after he brought the wrong order. each of the men could face charges. now the latest on the wildfires out we celebration of our national parks. look what is happening in grand teton national park. now 43 large fires across the west. not looking great with heat
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>> good morning, i'm cindy fitzgibbon, sunshine, 68 degrees already in boston, going to be a warm day and that southwesterly wind bringing in more humid air. getting a little sticky, and up over 80 degrees by 11:00, we're topping out in the u from the south coast and the cape. and watching showers and th and coming up on "gma," new outrage this morning over that sentence for a high school athlete charged with sexual assault. he got probation not jail time.
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remooud. dan abrams and nancy grace are going the weigh in live. and hope solo, the soccer superstar now suspended. some saying her punishment goes too far. we'll have hope's reaction as questions are raised about her future on the field this morning. we'll be right back. engineering... this levelf it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. get your home in gear with big labor day deals at lowe's. like up to $40 off paint + primer, stains + sealants and resurfacers via rebate. plus get up to 35% off appliances $396 or more.
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>> good morning, i'm randy price, top stories, a 15-year-old girl is critically hurt after she was shot in the city of boston. police are searching for whoever opened fire early this morning on page street in dorchester, and police are looking for a stabbing suspect after a 15-year-old boy w new bedford, two other teens were also stabbed, but are expected to survive. and two firefighters are recovering after this fire on summer street in lawrence. the flames started in the abandoned building and then spread to several surrounding buildings. everyone made it out safely.
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence this advertising. >> light changing these days, a beautiful start to the day. >> you have got it, warm, too, already nearing that 70-degree
7:26 am
right now, and we're coming up to the upper 80s to around 90 degrees in most spots today, away from the south coast and the cape. the wind is going to be busy out of the southwest, and that's bringing in sticky air, so it's turning uncomfortable to oppressive as we head towards later today and tomorrow, and all this moisture pulling ahead of a frontal boundary, as this crosses the area tomorrow, and there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms but up around 90 degrees tomorrow as well, and storms are exiting, though, tomorrow, and so we're clearing things out on friday, and thehu of the weekend, and last weekend of august, randy, looking like a good one. >> summer has flown by, and let's check on the thursday morning commute, olessa. >> slow here on 95 northbound, good news is the accident is now on the shoulder just about cleared, this is adleboro, and these delays are starting by 1a so give yourself extra travel times. this accident has one lane closed by concord road, delays to 495, stop and go 93 south down to the lever connector.
7:27 am
hour with another update, if you are on the go you can watch us any type on the wcvb mobile app. "good morning america" continuing in minutes here on 5, have a great thursday. kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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welcome back to dam. you're looking live at that tornado destruction in kokomo, indiana. a state of emergency declared. tornadoes tore through the heartland overnight. more severe weather is on the making headlines calling hillary clinton a quote bigot overnight. clinton fired back as she prepares to take on trump in a major speech today. this morning, all eyes on a new planet that could be like earth. this artist's recommendering shows what it may look like. they say the discovery is amazing. >> beautiful imagery. it's great to have sara haines here. >> guess who is taking on
7:31 am
heading to the ballroom. the big reveal coming up next. >> wonder who that could be. >> hmm. >> i know. it's a tease for you, george. now to the growing fury over a high school athlete sentenced to probation but no jail time after assaulting two classmates. >> reporter: good morning, george. an online petition calling for removal of this judge now has more than 14,000 signatures and counting. the petition calls the ruling a slap on the wrist and stays the judge is essentially letting a known sex offender on a college campus. this morning, thousands of online petitioners are calling for the remooifl of the jum who sentenced 18-year-old david becker to probation instead of prison time, after he was charged with sexually assaulting two classmates. at a plea hearing in june, judge thomas estes siding with
7:32 am
>> there have already been significant consequences, collateral consequences to simply being charge in the first place. >> reporter: his lawyer described him as a model student who deserved to go the college. >> he was a rising star, everything was going perfect for him. suddenly, april 0, 2016, he's at a house party. there's no marnts. there'sal there's testosterone. he makes a bad decision. >> reporter: becker was arrested in april after two girls said they had been drinking at a house party. they went to bed with him and woke up at separate times to becker assaulting them. victim one told police becker texted her after the incident. very sorry about last night. was very much in the wrong.
7:33 am
it's all good. later telling investigators she didn't know what else to say. berk told police he was unaware she was asleep and he denied having contact with victim two. prosecutors had recommended two years of jail time. instead hrks e got to two years' probation. >> i think the judge's sympathies are misplaced in this case. the on should not be the priority. >> reporter: his case is being compared to that of stanford swimmer brock turner. >> h let's talk about the with dan abrams and nancy brace. explain the process. they reached a deal. the prosecutors requested two years of jail time. the judge made a different decision. >> it's not called a plea deal.
7:34 am
lesser charges. prosecutors come to the judge and say, weave reached this effectively agreement. here's what we would recommend. the judge then also gets what is a probation report. he hears from the victim's family. he flares the victim. from the defendant. makes a decision. no question this is a lenient decision. this guy should be incredibly appreciative. this is a lucky, lucky young man that he's not serving time based on this crime. with that said, i think that she thought he should get probation was very helpful to him. >> i disagree on so many levels the. what is the called in courthouse parlance is a blind plea. you agree to a plea agreement. you agree that someone is going the plead guilty. you go before the judge and both sides are blind as to what the
7:35 am
the state here recommended two years bee hind bars. the defense wanted probation. the reality is, the judge went a step further. he says, well, if you don't drink and don't do drugs and don't contact the victims in two years, the whole thing will be dismissed. it's like it never happened. and dan is right about something. he said that one of the victim said, well, i don't want him to go to jail. you know what? i get it. she is feeling guilty, like it's her fault this happened to her. i've dealt with so many rape victims. they're like, wow, was my skirt too short. should i have been at that party? did i have too much to dripg? is it my fault? no, it's not her fault. one of the victims went out of state. why didn't she want to go forward? that's we you have a prosecutor. you represent the victims. they're not supposed to go into court and handle their case themselves. you do what is right. you lead the prosecution.
7:36 am
have gone to trial. if you can't agree on a jail sentence on a rape case, then take to it a jury. >> it's very easy to say this case should have gone to trial. we should have fought this. what happens if he's found not guilty, right? then there's zero accountability. >> then you did your best. >> maybe that's not good enough. maybe in certain cases, the prosecutors are going to say, for two reasons, for two reasons. number one, maybe the prosecute rers worried they won't be able the number two, maybe the victims said, you know what, we don't want to be dragged through a trial. we want you to reach an agreement. don't just say, oh, you know what, they should have taken this to trial, without knowing what's going on in the properti prosecutors' minds. >> this judge spent his whole life, practically, 30 years, as a public defender. what do you think hooets going to do when he gets on the bench?
7:37 am
kid going to college. really? >> there are calls to investigate this judge. we have seen the judge in the stanford case facing calls for removal as well. >> i don't think you should tar this judge because he served as a public defender and somehow that's the problem. >> i'm not tarring him. he made a bad decision. >> i agree. it's a very lenient sentence. i think it's dangerous to start lumping cases in together. we have to evaluate them agree with me. that the turner case, on the spectrum, was worse than this one. you had eyewitnesses. >> stanford. >> right. the stanford case. the possibility of a lot of prison time. i think that kay was worse. >> i don't know. is one rape worse than another? >> what do judges do every day? every single day judges have to make decisions. >> yes, they do. >> right?
7:38 am
>> there's aggravated sexual assault. there's not aggravated sexual assault. these decisions happen every day. >> thoo guy is going the walk free. >> all we have time for today. >> he's not even going to have a record. we're going the amy. >> they agreed yesterday. oh, well, today's another day. coming up on the big board, soccer star hope solo suspended. and then and to wear your engagement ring or not? what to do when row go in for a job interview. ? americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business.
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reads this tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending. lol. welcome back. it's time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by. we have lisa skeete tatum. i love the story you're talking about. first, let's start with the news
7:41 am
hope solo suspended from the u.s. women's national team for six months, following comments she made at the rio olympics after losing to sweden, describing them as a bunch of cowards. jeremy schaap joins us now. hope solo said this, i'm saddened by the federation's decision to terminate my contract. i could not be the player i am without being the person i am. jeremy, what do you make of the suspension. do you think it's fair suspension were just for the things that hope solo said about sweden, it wouldn't be fair at all. but that's not what this is about. this is about a history of transgressions. misdeeds. run-ins with the law. she's been giving u.s. soccer headaches for 15-plus years. you have to look at the whole track record. remember, as well, this is largely symbolic. there's though world cup coming up. no olympic coming up.
7:42 am
solo will ever again be the goalkeeper for the u.s. women's team. >> it was called excess i. we also question whether this action would have ever been taken against a male player or coach who in the heat of competition, questioned the play of the other team. >> there's a history women being held in a different level of deportment. kr cristiano ronaldo made similar statements beginning a tournament. i have interviewed hope solo. i have to say i don't think this is about gender. this is about hope solo who has been uniquely troublesome for
7:43 am
travel. how the get the best prices. what causes the biggest frustrations. becky worley is here to baek it down. not such great news for travellers. >> george, the 14 pages in the article of flying can be summed up like the this. oh! the details. let's get to them, on why we're frustrated. complaints against u.s. airlines, up 34% last year compared to 2014. ah! we have to wait in line for security, but, the airlines have removed bathrooms to make way for more seats, more profits. so let's stand many more lines on the plane rawaiting for the john. the narrowest seats measure 17 inches wide. i busted out a ruler and the kids' construction pain person this is 17 irnlgs wide. i'm a small woman. 17 inches is just not realistic. >> let's talk about prices. you're going online. trying to bet the ticket.
7:44 am
they looked at the travel ba booking sites. what did they find? >> come sumer reports tested 400 a airfare on nine sits. they changed minute by minute, second by second. travelocity the cheepest. ironically, cheapoair is the most history deleted, all the previous sites and cookies gone, the fare prices could be totally different than for people who don't clear their history. and to make it more confusing, sometimes more, sometimes less. >> how is that possible? >> it's ridiculous. "consumer reports" advice is check aggregator prices. and the airline. more hassle for us consumers. >> wow.
7:45 am
bec becky, thank you. the next store rip the big debate over engagement rings. a job recruiter coming under fire for his advice. saying women should ditch their rings for job interviews. because they could send the message to the men that you're high maintenance. joining us now, lisa skeete tatum. founder of landit. i bet i know what you're going to i had to pick my mouth up off a the floor. i can't believe in 2016, we're still talking about this. the workplace has changed. companies want to attract, retain women. i come from male dominated industry. the only sparkle they're interested in is what is my track record and i do bring things to them that enable them to sparkle. >> >> i hesitate to get in the
7:46 am
men not to wear $50,000 rolex watches. >> there's no way to equate wearing a rolex to an engagement ring. our advice is the same. you go and you're prepared. you are professional. you know your worth. it's a two-way interview. you should be interviewing them. is this a place where i fit? where i can be myself? if you're in placey you don't fit, it's not a recipe for success. >> jeremy. coming up next, the college soccer team attempting an outrageous stunt. one ball, 5 heads, one big goal. can they pull t off? we're back in just two minutes. i've been taking fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! you're welcome!
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7:49 am
you won't believe the stupt they're trying to pull off. >> this was a loft fun. the syracuse soccer team blowing off steam after a long practice earlier this week. they decided to attempt this audacious trick. there hthey are right there. the lead guy trying to head the ball to 25 of his teammates without it hitting the ground. can they do it? the pressure building. i'm getting nervous just watching. just a few more. here we go. five, four, three, there they go. they got it right in the can. what a celebration. talk about losing your head. >> the real question is, ho chose the color of these balls? >> i know. we couldn't find white. >> we're going to reenact that now. >> let's give you background here. that was senior defenseman liam callahan. and there he is right there in the center.
7:50 am
times nape didn't do it. this was their last chance and they got it. >> oh, great job. >> can you imagine the pressure when you're the guy who heads it off to the side? that's a lot of -- >> if it was guy 25. everyone doing it. up next hour, our big "dancing with the stars" reveal. guess which bad boy is heading to the ballroom? he's joining us live. and chris powell is helng school shape. we'll be right back. hey there, hi.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
zblmplg back here on "gma." we're looking at the flash flooding from iowa. this was more than eight inches of rain that fell. still some flood warnings in the region. all the way to indiana, too. a warm fropd as well. you'll get more rain.
7:55 am
test text1 underline test text1 underline
7:56 am
>> good morning, randy price, cindy fitzgibbon, olessa, a beautiful morning as we look out across beacon hill and cambridge at this hou sunshine out there this morning, and it is warming up quickly, 68 in boston, lower 70s north shore, all the way down to the cape and southwest wind busy today, to keep the sea breezy away and bringing in more humidity, stickier today as we approach 90 degrees in many spots, away from the south coast and the cape, and front comes through tomorrow with scattered showers and thunderstorms, still around 90 tomorrow, cooler, less humid for the weekend. >> let's check on the thursday morning commute, olessa, how does it look? >> slow, as far as the volume but no major issues, we were
7:57 am
that was over by concord road, and that's gone and delays linger back to 495, and 93 stop and go, down to the lever connector, and also 128 south, down to route 2, delays, and pike eastbound, still about 24, and the volume on the expressway, 25 to 30, braintree into boston, trains and buses on schedule. >> top stories, police are looking for a stabbing suspect after a 15-year-old boy was killed in new bedford, two other teens were also stabbed, and are expected to survive. and police are searching for the in salem, massachusetts, and the group placed an explosive device inside of a newspaper box for a gay friendly publication, and which has been vandalized several times before. and more coming up in the next hour, if you are on the go watch us any time on the wcvb mobile app. we stream our programs there, and "good morning america" continuing in minutes here on 5,
7:58 am
7:59 am
narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
8:00 am
good morning rg america. it's 8:00 a.m. miracle rescue. a 10-year-old buried alive in the earthquake rubble rescued overnight. health alert. now research about obesity that could affect ll 80 million americans. to at least eight types of cancer. the warning signs to look out for. hack attack. "ghostbusters" star leslie jones hacked. hollywood on high alert. get back to school ready. the simple tools to supercharge your kids' learning. easy moves you can do together this morning, as we say -- >> all: good morning, america.
8:01 am
and good morning, america. great to have chris powell here, our friend from "extreme weight loss" with a whole bunch of kids getting in shape. the best ways to exercise with your family. also share the approach he tries with his own kids. and we have a big "dancing with the stars" surprise. you won't believe which bad boy, calling him bad boy, which bad boy is heading back to the dance floor. the big reveal is moments away. >> i bet people can guess who it is. now the news from tom llamas. he's got the morning rundown. >> the big story right now. a dramatic jump in the death toll from the earthquake in central italy. at least 247 now confirmed dead. crews are clinging to hope that
8:02 am
terry? >> reporter: good morning, tom. the rescue effort is accelerating. it's impressive. the work is is very, very difficult. the damage is located in these isolated picturesque, an shept hill towns. the old stone structures have come down on themselves. so getting into the rubble, that's dangerous, arduous work. they're having successes. at 17 hours after the quake, a little girl, 10 years old, named julia, pulled from the rubble alive. cheers to everyone who witnesses, including the rescue workers. with the death toll now at 247, hundreds still missing, this effort is going the go on for awhile. it remains dangerous. aftershocks just keep rolling through. tom? >> amazing they were able to pull her out. all right, terry. thank you so much. the midwest is bracing for more violent storms after dozens of twisters tore across indiana and ohio, ripping off roofs and
8:03 am
winds hit 165 miles per hour. people say the storm sounded like a freight train. one tornado flattened this starbucks in kokomo, as customers huddled in the bathroom. about 20 people were up juried in the storms. none seriously. donald trump is meeting with black and latino voters today after launching a new sharp attack on hillary clinton. in rally many mississippi last night, trump called clinton a bigot, saying she views people of color as only human. clinton fired back and said trump is taking a hate movement main stream. she's expected to link him to an extremist group today. new developments in the 400% price increase in epipens. mylan pharmaceuticals says it will explanned programs to help reduce out of pocket expenses for some patients. the company says lit offer a
8:04 am
hike, in part, on obamacare. a new study linking at least eight more types of cancer to obesity, including liver, pancreatic and others. doctors emphasize losing weight can reduce your risk. and today is a landmark day ifs commuters. the world's first self-driving taxi is picking up its first customers. they're debuting in an engineer will be in the car for initial rides to gather data. finally marngs who goes above and below to get the job done. jimmy cox is immersed in his work. he dove head first into the mud and the muck to repair a woman's water main. she snapped the photo to show his devotion. he said it's a type of service he and his co-workers provide all the time. the customer got so much feedback from her photo, she had
8:05 am
i know what you're thinking. is he in it? it's a water main. not a sewer main. >> you share a sickness. you see someone in distress and cow laugh out loud. >> he's okay. he's okay. >> we hope he had -- >> i don't know how he did that. it's weird. >> i'm so impressed. i'm so impressed. >> way to go. he was committed. >> i need that kind of service at home. time for some hollywood is rallying behind leslie jones once again. her personal website was reportedly hacked exposing private information about the actress. many stars rushing to her defense. katy perry is urging fans not look president ellen tweeting you're beautiful and talented and bring laughter into a world that needs it. on octavia spencer, paul fieg,
8:06 am
her personal site has been deactivated. over 19,000 people are using the hash tag standwithleslie stand in support. i don't understand how this keeps happening. don't pick on the funny ones. enough already. next up, we'll light b this up. ? oh baby baby ? i'll not sing "pop news" i promise. britney spears is going to have a movie. i must confess this is lifetime is driving us -- ? crazy ? we'll tally the puns for the end. by bringing the life story of britney spears to the small screen in a new biopic called "britney." some of her toxic times and her even stronger return. >> ding, ding, ding. >> keep dinging. the production begins next month. the release set for 2017.
8:07 am
thinking, gimme gimme more, amy? >> ding. >> her album comes out on friday. and lucky me. >> ding, ding, ding. >> i'm going to be there. how many did i get? seven. >> that's a record. >> george, i would like to see you do that with your news. >> okay. >> never gonna happen. >> wait for it. and finally september is near. and a lot of kids are not too excited about going back to school. but this girl is not one of she looks superpumped for school. plus, she's onlyyears old. stow we's mom asked her to pose in her school clothes. she got all these supercute power points. these racked up 64,000 likes. >> love the uniform. >> if you listen to head talk about power posing, this girl is ready. >> she knows. >> do you remember when you were that excite snd you got your lunchbox. >> totally.
8:08 am
you didn't to that, did you? ments yeah. totally. i did. >> thank you. that's why we're friends. thank you, amy. ? you're welcome. and here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu" -- a big "dancing with the stars" surprise. one of your favorite pros is returning to the ballroom. the big reveal moments away. we're getting into back to school mode. how to help your kids prepare getting your kids into shape as well for the new year. fun exercises for the whole family. all coming up live on "gma" here in times square. looks like boot camp out there. i was in shock when my dentist was explaining toof foods andity what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out!
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8:13 am
cc1 te sfoet no shoes no sirte and no problem ? kenny chesney right there. we'll hear more there him in just a little bit. right now, sit time for the big reveal. who is coming back to "dancing with the stars"? let's find out. [ drum roll ] there he is. first, let's take a look at his dancing journey. he's "dancing's" bad boy and big champ. >> tia and her partner, maksim whi chmerkovskiy chmerkovskiy. >> reporter: he made his debut. >> mrk eryl and maks.
8:14 am
merrill davis. >> it was not a great quick step. it was amazing. >> reporter: returned to the ballroom as a guest judge. everyone taught our robin a thing or two about the cha-cha. it's a family fair on the floor. little brother, val, a dancing star on the show. maks' fiance, a fellow champ. they expect their first child next year. now maks is back ready to try for the trophy one more time. maks, welcome back. it's great to have you with us again this morning. great to have you back on "dancing with the stars." so you know, back in 2014, we thought you hung up the dancing shoes after 14 seasons. you said, you were done. you just couldn't stay away? >> i -- yeah. looking at this montage that you put together seems like for the last 1 years everything that happened in my life had some sort of relationship to the show.
8:15 am
away from stuff that constantly has you on? no, honestly, i -- i felt great. i felt this summer's been amazing. the maks and val tour was a huge success. and we thank you to all the fans and everybody for showing up to the theaters. we tried to put on the show every night. in the process, somehow, got the best shape of my life. i feel great. my knees are back. my ankles are great. and, you know, you feel like, you know, i just -- i just wanted this to cnu so much. so much love out there. >> i'll bet. now there's a lot of love between you and your brother as well. you danced together all summer long. now you'll be competing against him. >> well, i mean, we have done that before for a bit of time. and then i left. and rightfully so i feel like, you know, he's become the star of the show. and, you know, that's not going to change. i'm coming in to do, you know, my thing.
8:16 am
i feel like i never had this sort of -- um -- you know, everything, everything the way it came together. and the way i ended up back on "dancing with the stars," as a pro, this season is very different than any other season that i've done. and i'm looking forward to that new sort of way of being in the show. >> and i'm curious. you have been a judge for quite some time. telling the pros what they're doing wrong. now you're on the other side again. how muchss >> i mean, i -- i've -- done it. then judged it. and came back and did it. and, you know, judgijudging, bad forth. there's no pressure. the basic principle of the show stays the same. and, you know, you just come in do your best, and help whoever your partner is to do their
8:17 am
not running after multiple mirrorballs. that's not what my focus is at. and, i feel absolutely no pressure having to win again. i do, however, know that i'm a very competitive person. so, it's going to come out. and i'm looking forward to that. but, again, depending on who my partner is, we're going to have a great time. >> we can't wait to see it. we won't see peta this season because you're about to have a any updates? >> she's doing amazing and getting bigger and the baby is kicking. and it's phenomenal. i can't describe the feeling. >> a little dancer in there. >> can't wait to see you, maks. we'll announce the full cast tuesday on "gma." and coming up right now, the best tools and tactics to get your kids ready to go back to school. ity noise) honey! get in here! gail, look at this. (cheering on tv)
8:18 am
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8:22 am
supplies. your mechanical pencil. ruler. makes you be ready for class. it's not just that stuff. it's not just the kids. adults, sit up straight. put your thinking caps on. parents need learning tools, too. when it comes to kids, they may need emotional skills before we quiz them on reading, writing, or arithmetic. ferris bueller, while charming, wasn't straight-a >> how could i possibly be able to handle school on day like this is this. >> reporter: you can help your kids. let's start young. >> a lot of play-based preschool, they focus on social and emotional needs of children. they focus on things like cooperative play and working together. >> reporter: experts say social and emotional skills are vital to learning. things like self-control. and the ability to interact with peers. >> decades of reserm show that
8:23 am
readiness and like success. >> reporter: one new app called q wonder using songs, celebrity interrues to try to teach these skills. >> teach eye contact, manners, grit, resilience, focus, problem-solving. how to deal with everyday social situations. >> reporter: things my kids are learning in school, too. you had ways to deal with feelings and emotions in class, garbage can tool, the empathy tool. the breathing teal, the personal space tool. >> i love the trash can. low the little stuff away, right? >> i let the little things go. >> reporter: and because the educational environment is changing for kids, that means parents need to keep up. >> it's critical that parents with connected to what's happening in their child's classroom and know what to do to help support their children at home.
8:24 am
students are proficient in math and 34% in reading. learning heroes, a site that helps parents navigate schools, parents believe their child is at or above school level. >> we connect them to resources, tool, tumts to help their child be successful in school. >> such cool tools. i learned a big part of third fwrad is that's going the inform my conversations with my kids. learning, they have back-to-school power moves for parents. we're all so busy. but engaging our kids, sooum important. >> george and i war paying attention. it's so important. i love that your doctor talks about an empathy tool. so great. i felt is same way. let's go to ginger. >> we're out here.
8:25 am
starting. folks are just showing up in times square. we're having great morning. my new friends are from rochester, new york. >> jody. >> and chris. >> a quick look at what happened here. kokomo, indiana, where one of the ef-3 tornadoes were reported. be on the lookout in the areas in yellow. that is th >> good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitgibbon. 72 degrees in brorns. we are warming up quickly. mostly sunny skies today, a busy southwesterly kidnapped keeping the sea breeze away so we're near 90 degrees away from the south coast and the cape, and also bringing in more humidity, uncomfortable to oppressive humidity levels into tomorrow, and that will bring in showers
8:26 am
>> george and amy, i'm getting in on this. the workout. we're going see a lot more of that with chris powell when we come back in our next half hour. and then we have a big performance from country superstar kenny chesney. get ready, no shoes nation. he's rocking "gma" when we come back.
8:27 am
>> good morning, i'm emily riemer, your top stories, a 15-year-old girl is critically hurt after she was shot in boston. police are searching for whoever opened fire early this morning on page street and dorchester. two firefighters are recovering after this fire on summer street the flames started in an abandoned building and then spread to several other buildings, and everyone made it out safely. let's take a look outside, across the city, looking good, cindy, a little sticky out there. >> getting stickier as the day wears on, 67 in worcester. 70s, 75 on the cape. and temperatures climb, we're in the upper 80s this afternoon, away from the south coaster and the cape, with a lot of sunshine. more human air is pooling out ahead of this boundary, and this will cross tomorrow with
8:28 am
during evening, around 90 tomorrow but cooler and less humid to the weekend. >> thanks. olessa, how is the commute? >> it's slower, we're watching a couple problem spots, 495 by 140 and franklin, a crash involving a truck and also an incident here on route 1 by the jug handle lights with delays back to the lynnfield tunnel and if you are traveling the pike a 15-minute ride, 495 to 128, expressway still 30 from braintree into boston and minor delays on the green line. >> ok, thanks. we're back at if you are heading out now have that wcvb mobile app with you. we will keep you informed all day long through our mobile alerts, and enjoy this day and stay cool and see you back here soon. narrator: let's put this
8:29 am
voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
8:30 am
cc1 test message good morning, america. >> coming up in just a little bit. but first, amy and sara outside helping us get ready for back to school. >> it's -- it will be your best week -- i'm so sorry. i can't see. this? >> you want me to read it? be your best week. we're getting into back-to-school shape as part of disney's healthy living commitment. helping to make fun living -- i can't talk either. make healthy living fun. >> you want to take this? >> we have chris powell here from "extreme weight loss." trainer and author of "extreme transformation" is here.
8:31 am
now we can talk to you. you have four kids at home. >> yes. >> we know with the tablets. schools are cutting down on p.e. it's hard to get your kids active. >> activity is so important not just for physical but emotional and mental health. so, we actually found, you mentioned those tab alets. my wife and i came to terms with the fact that we can't -- they're not going anywhere. we can use it as incentive. we built circuto ipad, run in the circuit three times. our kids are getting active. it teams them a reward system. it's going the give payoff. as an adult, there's a reward smm for me. i work out hard. it gives me my health back. >> i have a 6-month-old. how young can we start them? >> keep in mind, our kids are meant to run and jump and crawl
8:32 am
it's so cool, building out these circuits. you know, they're doing all that. these kids are running all over the place. doing what their bodies are meant to do. >> explain how this circuit works. >> on station one, we have kids doing bounding. it excites the nervous system. then we sneakily, so we weave in pushups. a nice strength exercise. after ten pushups, they can come balance beam, now we're focusing on koord nation. into some situps. into the agility ladder. some squats over here. >> fun. >> if you read between the lines here, we're taking pushups, situps, squats, strength movements. weaving in coordination, agility. this final station. you have to sink a tennis ball into a bucket to stop the clock.
8:33 am
favorite station. >> when you game-i-fy it, they love it. >> how do people replicate this at home? >> the best part is look arnold. none of this stuff is going the break the bank. you can pick it up for next to nothing. around 50 bucks, pick up any of these things. i have a quick ten-station circuit. number one, it's inexpensive. it's fast. it's easy, it's fun. once they get it all out of them -- >> they might sleep. >> they're so much calmer. how often would you suggest parents do this? once a week? every day? >> every day. how often are the kids asking for the ipads or tablets? >> every minute. >> our kids will run through a circuit two or three times in day, hey, dad, i want on play my x box. okay, go hit the circuit.
8:34 am
through the circuit. >> i love this. >> you to lay "eye of the tiger" for them? that would add to it. >> right now, it's taylor swift. >> you can -- cow can make it so it's not the same thing every day. >> absolutely. get creative. have fun with it. these are classic movements that anybody can do. the kids love it the. they want to move. >> chris powell, thank you very much. for more on to "good morning america".com on yahoo!. let's cut over to ginger. >> i'm back here. my question is, how early do i get adrien started. 8 months, too early. i'm kidding, of course. don't write me. happy 40th anniversary. how exciting. you're celebrating with us. what's your last name? >> white. >> happy anniversary to the whites. we should check in on the
8:35 am
through. lots of warm water, plenty to fuel it. the high-pressure system is driving it. most of the computer models trying toic that it to south florida. you can get a lot of rain with it. the heat. 101 in nashville. heat and humidity return to the east. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon, we are heating um today, as well, upper 80s to 90 degrees today, in boston, and merrimack valley and metro west. soco with that wind off the water, bringing in more humidity. humid tomorrow, around 90 degrees with afternoon showers andow >> from the workouts with kids. now to a creative contest for kids. "gma," burlington, and k.i.d.s. fashion delivers are asking children 3 to 12 to save in their favorite art work. you could win a trip to new york to be on "gma." to celebrate the 10th annual
8:36 am
and warm coats coat drive. get that artwork done, george. you know they have plenty of it from the summer. >> they sure do. we turn now to judith light. she's taken on so many big roles in television and broadway. now she's heading back to the stage. she sat are mara skaf champ poe for a talk about acting, aging, and new adventures. >> reporter: light is best known for her successful t decades. now she's taking on play that would be daunting for the moex experienced of actors. this, as she continues to defy expectations for aging actresses. you may know her as the boss. >> double fudge with walnuts. >> you got it, birthday girl, come on. >> reporter: two-time emmy-winning agent resz from "one life to live." >> she told me she knew who killed margaret!
8:37 am
come cheap. >> reporter: these days, ju dit light is shining bright on stage again. the two-time tony-winning actress starring in a new play, "all the ways to say i love you." >> there's stage fright. no question. but there's excitement. it's such an interesting fascinating piece. >> i think we should go back further. can you go from lord of the flies again? cast? there isn't one. it's a one-woman show. light delivering the 25-page, sing single-spaced script all by herself. >> i am the cast. you're looking at her. that's right. >> reporter: how challenging is it? >> it's really challenging. it's -- daunting. >> reporter: it seems like this is the olympics of acting. to undertake an endeavor like this. >> this is the olympics of acting. each piece that you do has its
8:38 am
olympics. but it's sure up there. >> reporter: the play is about a retired teacher, fwrapling with her life's choices. as light looks back on her own career, she says she's managed to defi traditional limitations. >> i've gotten more interesting parts as i have matured. >> reporter: that's rare in hollywood and acting, sit not, for a woman the be able to say that? >> i think it's rare. but i do think it's changing. the more women who are speaking about it, and talking about instead of hiding it or trying to closet it in some way, we're making a path forward. >> reporter: now, light is currently getting ready for the new season of "transparent." she's been nominated for an emmy in that series. >> she's great in that, as well. can't wait to see this. >> if there's any actor to taken to challenge and knock it out of the park, it's her.
8:39 am
you" starts september 6th. coming up here, kenny chesney.
8:40 am
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[ cheers and applause ] we're back now with kenny chesney's biger billboard's top ten of touring acts. here's a look at what kenny's been up to lately. he's the beloved leader of no shoes nation. ? all american kids ? >> reporter: superstar kenny chesney, a country music lenl. 27 number one hits. selling over 30 million records. named entertainer of the year eight times. he's about to wrap up his wildly successful 2016 spread the love
8:43 am
stadiums across the country. >> i mean, my audience, the thing we have built over the years is full of positive energy. full of will have. >> reporter: bringing out brand-new hits, like noise. ? just trying to be heard in all this noise ? >> reporter: his brand-new album, "cosmic hallelujah" drops october 8th. and kenny stopped by for an epic party in the park off his upcoming album, hallelujah" this is the first single, "noise." >> love new york. thank you. ? ? wrecking balls downtown construction bottles breaking jukebox buzzing ? ? cardboard science say the lod
8:44 am
home we didn't turn it on but we can't turn out off off off ? ? sometimes i wonder how did we get here ? ? seems like all we ever hear is noise ? ? yeah, we scream yeah we shout till we don't have a voice in the streets in the crowds it ain't nothing but noise ? ? run toing out all the dreams of this tennessee boy just ? 4-hour television get so loud that no one listens ? ? sex and money and politicians talk talk talk ? ? but there really apt no conversation ain't nothing left to the imagination ? ? tapped in our phones and we can't make it stop stop this
8:45 am
we don't have a voice ? ? in the streets in the crowds it ain't nothing but noise ? ? drowning out all the dreams of this tennessee boy just trying to be heard in all this noise ? let's go, everybody! ? every room every house every shade of noise all the floors al with noise ? ? we can't sleep we can't think can't escape the noise ? ? we can't take the noise so we just make noise ? ? yeah we scream yeah we shout till we don't have a voice in the streets in the crowds it ain't nothing but noise ? ? drowning out all the dreams of this tennessee boy just trying
8:46 am
? all this noise ? ? can't take the noise ? ? can't take the noise ? ? can't take the noise ? ? can't take the noise ? ? can't stand the noise ? make some beautiful noise, new york! [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] and we're back now with one of "gma's" biggest concerts of the summer. kenny chesney is about to wrap up his hugely successful spread the love tour. he stopped by central park for a memorable performance for all of us. performing his megahit, "american kids." ? ? hey ? ? double wide quick stop midnight t top jack in her cherry coke town ? ? mama and daddy put the roots right here cause this is where the car broke down ? ? yellow dog school bus kicking
8:50 am
? mtv on the rca no a/c in the vents snoets we were jesus save me blue jean baby born in the usa ? ? trailer park truck stop faded little map dots new york to l.a. ? ? we were teenage dreaming front seat leaning baby come give me a kiss ? ? put me on the cover of the rolling stone uptown down home american kids houses making out on living room couches ? ? blowing that smoke on a saturday night a little messed up but we're all all right hey ? ? baptist church parking lot trying not to get caught take her home and give her your jacket ? ? making it to second base but saying you went all the way monday afternoon at practice ?
8:51 am
doesn't like now he's sitting out back 30-30 many his lap and the blue bug stopper light ? ? we were jesus save me bhu jean baby born in the usa ? ? trailer park truck stop naded little map dots new york to l.a. ? ? we were teenage dreaming front seat leaning baby come give me a kiss ? ? put me on the cover of the american kids ? ? growing up in little pink houses making out on living room couches blowing that smoke on a saturday night ? ? a little messed up but we're all all right hey ? ? hey ? ? we were jesus save me blue jean baby born in the usa ?
8:52 am
little map dots new york to l.a. ? ? we were teen aim dreaming front seat leaning baby come give me a kiss ? ? put me on the cover of the rollen stone uptown downhome american kids ? ? growing up in little pink houses making out on living room couches ? ? blowing that smoke on a saturday night a little messed up but we're all all right hey ?
8:53 am
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cc1 test message we're aum missing our kids right now. we want to thank kenny chesney. tomorrow, jason aldean will perform live in central park. >> thanks for watching,
8:56 am
>> good morning, i'm emily riemer, looking live over the
8:57 am
gorgeous. >> it's getting more human, not going to lead to any rain today, we had the latest update in from the drought monitor. little has changed. the area of severe drought in orange has expanded into southeastern massachusetts. they are still dealing with the extreme drought conditions around greater boston, there is a front off to the west, this could bring a couple of showers and storms tomorrow, out ahead of it, wow, it is turning more humid, we're up near 90 this afternoon, away from the south coast and the cape, and still around 90 tomorrow with the scattered showers and storms, and drying out, less the weekend. >> okay, cindy, thanks. olessa, how is the commute? >> it's not too bad, a couple of incidents if you are traveling on route 1, northbound shouldn't impact the commute by the joke handle lights there is a crash with delays back to the lynnfield tunnel and an accident on the shoulder in lexington, 128 south, by route 2a, pike, 20, 495 to 128, and if you are heading south, expressway still stop and go, almost a half-hour, braintree to boston, green linebacker on schedule. >> all right, top stories, police looking for a stabbing suspect after a 15-year-old boy was killed in new bedford.
8:58 am
survive. and police are searching for the vandals behind this hate crime in salem. the group placed an explosive device inside of a newspaper box for a gay friendly publication, which has been vandalized several times before. and join us for newscenter 5 at noon if you can. if not you are heading out, have that wcvb mobile app with you,
8:59 am
to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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announcer: it's "live with kelly"! today, host of the "late late show" james corden and the newly crowned miss usa deshauna barber, plus actor joel mchale joins kelly at the co-host desk. all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [cheering and applause] powers: ? cut me loose ? announcer: and now here are kelly ripa and joel mchale. powers: ? hallelujah baby now, baby now stand up make your move to the beat of my beat of my drum to the beat of my beat of my to the beat of my beat of my drum to the beat of my beat of my to the beat of my beat of my drum ? kelly: thank you very much.


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