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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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by his mother and other adults after someone noticed he went under. police say the child was semi-conscious and breathing on his own when rescuers arrived. two people are under arrest in the killing of this teenager in new bedford. today the people charged with stabbing him were in court. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live outside the courthouse now. reporter: police say this was a triple stabbing. a 16-year-old and 22-year-old had non-life-threatening injuries. stabbed to death last night just a block from new bedford home. >> he was a quiet kid. once you got to know him he opened up and made you laugh a lot. reporter: distraught friends clinging to the corner where he was killed. a suspect rolled up and stormed out. one as young as 14 years old jumped out.
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stabbed. video helped police find an arrest to the 16-year-old in connection with the murder. the other males in the car are identified as members of the monte park again. >> i would not say it is again. it is a neighborhood. reporter: the friend wears the same t-shirt as e way to remember him. flex i don't understand how this could happen to him. no one deserves this. >> i don't know what he did. i don't know if he did anything. as far as i know he didn't do anything. >> the gang is known for drug and firearms trafficking. the 21-year-old arrested was arrested in the past for
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city this afternoon. some clouds have moved in. we have an update on drought conditions. it sounds like it is getting worse. any relief in sight? anchor: none that may make a difference. some may get a thunderstorm. we have a few. as you take a look not too much happens but we get into tomorrow. when we to storms from boston north and west. not complete coverage, story of the summer. midday it is boston south and east scattered storms. that is our opportunity. we get 88 degrees in boston. right now it is becoming monday in time. -- right now it is becoming muggy in time.
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few minutes. anchor: the mayor says homeless people were living in an abandoned building where a four alarm fire broke out this morning. out early this morning. and the flames spread to homes nearby forcing those residents out. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich reports from lawrence. >> flames tear through an abandoned building in lawrence. the mayor says 29 summer street was occupied by homeless people just before these flames lit up the sky early this morning. clip 25 at 13:40-13:45 mayor dan rivera/ lawrence says, because of the homelessness issue, we had somebody using an inappropriate investigators are still working to determine the exact cause of this 4 alarm fire, this is the effect, heat so intense the siding of a nearby home is melted off, the flames jumping to other houses in this narrow neighborhood. >> the fire building is a complete loss and the exposure on the delta side is a four inch alleyway. we had multiple trigger --
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surrounding buildings nearly 30 , people evacuated, not knowing the fate of the places they called home. >> tina how extensive the damages? >> i don't know yet. reporter: mayor rivera calls the abandoned house a problem property, which the city had been fighting to have torn down, hoping to prevent a tragedy like this, now impacting dozens of people. >> we're trying to figure out our homeless issue here, so trying to get places for people to go, and when do out a way to squirrel away. reporter: the building is a total loss. one of their is also a total loss. reporter: a guilty plea for a new hampshire mother charged in her daughter's overdose death. eve tarmey was found dead last fall at a motel in rochester after overdosing on fentanyl. her mom, jazzmyn rood, reached a
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authorities. as a result of the deal, prosecutors will recommend fewer than 32 months in prison. two other people have already pleaded guilty in the case, including rood's boyfriend, who admitted giving the drugs to tarmey. a woman and two dogs safe tonight after being rescued from a fire in portsmouth. flames broke out in this home overnight. she was the only person inside and it hospitalized with smoke inhalation. her dogs were not hurt but a garage was destroyed in the fire. civil rights groups are questioning the decision not to charge police officers who shot and killed a terror suspect in roslindale. the aclu of massachusetts, calling the situation with usaamah rahim tailor-made for de-escalation. yesterday, prosecutors released new video of the suspect, moments before the june 20-15 shooting. police say he threatened them with a knife. mayor walsh, today, calling the case cut and dry. >> i think the last thing a police officer wants to do is have to use force, and i think
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video. this guy could have done some serious harm. reporter: rahim was allegedly planning a large-scale attack on other officers. rahim's family is also protesting the decision. jc: black box recordings are revealing new details about the sunken el faro cargo ship. ntsb investigators are analyzing hours of audio from the data recorder pulled from the floor of the atlantic ocean in april. the audio reveals the captain ordered his crew to abandon ship after getting caught in hurricane joaquin last october. sounded the alarm and the recording ended minutes later. all 33 people on board the ship died including three with ties to massachusetts. now to 5 on the opioid crisis. for the first time america's top doctor is reaching out to all doctors in the u.s. about the opioid epidemic. the surgeon general is sending a letter asking for help to solve the health crisis. from 1999 to 2014, more than 165,000 people nationwide died from overdoses involving pain
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the numbers are especially staggering here in the bay state. the surgeon general is urging doctors to try other pain relief options before prescribing opioids to combat the problem. ben: time now for your thursday night traffic. a little slow go heading out of the city heading into downtown. let's first check out 93 southbound. headed north to 128. the pike is the slow down. further out it is 28 minutes from 495. or 95 southbound awfully slow tonight. northbound not too bad. tonight in italy, concerns rising.
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those aftershocks are affecting efforts to reach earthquake survivors. ben: a car drives right into a grocery store apparently on purpose. the confrontation between the driver and store employees before the crash. jc: plus saying thank you to police officers. the little boy saving up his allowance to give officers a allowance to give officers a treat. narrator: funded by kelly ayotte's special interests backers, the ads attacking maggie hassan on the heroin crisis have been called "despicable," "a vile smear," and "trash." san has been hands-on working with local police and community organizations. narrator: working across the aisle to secure millions in emergency funding for treatment and recovery. susan mckeown: maggie hassan. mark mitchell: to governor hassan, i know this is about people and families. mckeown: she's putting the families of new hampshire first. i'm maggie hassan
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>> the search for survivors continues in central italy the day after a major earthquake. right now 250 people are dead, another 365 injured. but there's worry the safety of rescue efforts will be jeopardized by violent aftershocks.
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amatrice, depicting the enormous difficulty first responders face as they attempt to rescue those still trapped underneath tons of debris. this man is lucky to have survived. >> i couldn't breathe. i called for help. reporter: the scope of the devastation a day after that 6:00.2 exclusive drone video an invisible line between the new town. >> beyond the destruction, a glimmer of hope. tears of joy when julia was rescued from being trapped. this little boy, surviving the tremors. >> they listen for those traps. the race against time to find
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>> picturesque mountain towns smashed to pieces. the only historical landmark still standing. homes unrecognizable. streets littered. officials say intense rescue efforts will continue for the next several days. they're promising not stop until all survivors are found. siege in afghanistan. militants killed security guards. none of the victims are american. no group has yet claimed responsibility. jc: is zipline adventure turns tragic. ben: a woman falls to her death.
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parks. anchor: we have a tropical storm in the atlantic and a disturbance over hispaniola. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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ben: a woman drove into the store, down the aisle before backing up and driving off.
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buy $2200 in gift large. her check bounced. she yelled at them and demanded the card anyway. >> a fatal fall from a zipline is under investigation. this is raising questions about safety. reporter: is itht indy and tragedy. >> i can see how it could happen. >> the woman exploring the course in delaware fell 40 the off of one of the platforms later dying at a nearby hospital. this video showcasing the course is a 2-3-hour journey through
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they released this statement after the fall saying it is deeply saddened by the tragic occurrence. our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends and in particular to those on the course with her at the time. >> if they didn't happened. ben: there are many reasons for flight delays but this may be a first. two crew members got into an argument. the plane sat on the tarmac loaded with passengers. they engaged in a shouting match. they got so heated the crew members had to be removed from the plane after a delay.
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evening. jc: the national park service is celebrating its centennial with free admission. they are free to enter. president woodrow wilson signed an act to create the park service. the national park service overseas 58 national parks at 150 monuments. we're lucky to have them. where most weeks have been good weeks. the negative side is the drought situation. i want to show you the tropics. this is not near any landmass. it is a strong tropical storm. it was a hurricane.
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tropical disturbance. it looks against going to bring some moisture across florida. the first is gaston. it finds itself eased of bermuda. at that point going to the north and northeast. however this tropical disturbance may never become a tropical storm. even if it doesn't it to throw a lot of moisture into parts of the eastern gulf and then into next week. most of the models have it to the northwest. it is more the idea of the rain.
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thunderstorm. we have friday night and saturday night. there is just a chance there could be a storm tomorrow evening. saturday that is exquisite. clear skies, 80, 85 coming in out of the east. 87 in boston. notice it has gotten sticky. it is bordering on oppressive. more humid air right here works its way eastward. we have a chance of a thunderstorm as the front presses closer.
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now, they will stay to the north. most of us will have to wait until tomorrow. we will see a few thunderstorms. it is windy out of the southwest. it drops to 72. here is a few the midwest. the humidity will be down some. -pictures in the 80's. along the shore, sea breeze they should keep it around 80 degrees for the midday. anchor: love it.
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ben: not easy to say. special deals at franklin park, the museum of african american history. the berkshire museum. and the cape cod museum of natural history. they have been brought to by the highland foundation. jc: the summer is not over. ben: the list of the highest paid wrestlers -- actors. jc: duane johnson brought in $64.5 million last year. he starred in movies. fast eight. jackie chan, matt damon.
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was in fourth place. johnny depp in six. a little boy in new jersey showing his appreciation. he paid for lunch. he took his allowance and bought sandwiches all of the officers. his mother says it was his idea. jc: adorable. if you can't get going without a few cups of coffee, your genes may be to blam caffeine. and maria with what is next at 6:00. >> don't blame your parents. we are following breaking news, one of the nuns murdered in mississippi has ties massachusetts. and a little way rest of the hospital after being pulled from a backyard.
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doctors with a sweet saxophone.
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anchor: a new study found women have more medication allergies than men. 1.7 million patients were looked at over 23 years.
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penicillin. researchers are not sure why they have more drug allergies. ben: if you're the type of person who always needs a cup of coffee your genes could be the reason why. reporter: a freshly cup of coffee. for some of us a morning ritual, for some an obsession. it able to blame their genes. a team of researchers reports finding a gene linked to coffee consumption. in some people the breakdown pathway is more active. coffee and caffeine doesn't hang around in our system. these same people were shown to have higher rates of coffee
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it's the first time researchers have looked at this specific gene which may help us figure out why we love coffee so much. ben: you work the morning shift for so many years. jc: no caffeine. what do you want? i'm not addicted like someone we know. >> breaking. a nun from massachusetts murdered in is the alarming crime. >> a guilty plea from the trooper captured attacking a suspect. his punishment that does not include jail. >> a teenager gunned down in critical condition. they help that she was trying to give that put her in the line of fire. >> the system that could affect florida. >> this is wcvb at 6:00.
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mississippi is from massachusetts. the nuns were found murdered in their room. the women were discovered when they did not report to work at a nearby clinic. >> that his sister polymeric. -- paul all a merril. they are talking about their ministry and the fourth part of mississippi. both were found slain. there were signs of a break-in. their vehicle was missing. it is too soon to say how the nuns died but it doesn't appear they were shot. the sisters will be deeply
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sweetest most gentle women you can imagine. authorities have not released a motive. it's not clear if there were cap anything to do with these murders. maria: following breaking news, a five-year-old boy rushed to the hospital after he was pulled from a pool. he was pulled off by his mother. other adults noticed he went under. the child was semi conscious and breathing on his own when rescuers got there. /he was caught on camera beating a suspect. maria: the trooper accepted a plea deal that lets him get on with his life without jail time. reporter: no jail time for that former trooper.


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