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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 26, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this friday morning -- trading insults. hillary clinton, donald trump in an all-out war of words. attacking each other's character with accusations of racism and corruption. we're live in washington. italy's quake zone. and an update on a 10-year-old girl whose dramatic rescue was seen around the world. a truck races on a tarmac. mashing into an airliner. plus, a power outage taking out power at major air importants. a man was just doing his job, fixes a busted water line. overnight, the special message for the worker from the guy
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a good friday morning. we begin with the latest ugly turn in the race for the white house. now focusing on allegations of racism and hatred. >> as donald trump struggles to regain his footing on immigration, he continues to call hillary clinton a bigot. clinton launched a blistering attack. kenneth attacks. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. the bitterdy bait between hillary clinton and donald trump is all about reaching the undecided voters. this morning, the race for the white house downright nasty. >> he's taking hate groups main stream. >> she's totally bigoted. there's no question about that. >> reporter: the raging rhetoric has turned to allegations of racism between donald trump and
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stereo types. and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. it's a disturbing preview of what kind of president he would be. >> reporter: clinton released this new campaign video. >> the reason a lot of clan members like donald trump is because a lot of hat he believes, we believe in. >> when democratic policies fail, they're left withnl you're racist. you're racist. you're racist. >> reporter: trump is struggling to redefine his own stance on immigration. polling the audience a t a fox news town hall. >> who wants those people thrown out? >> i do! >> reporter: on cnn pulling back on the deportation force he promised. >> you know it's a process. you can't take 11 at one time and say, boom, you're gone.
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trump tower. >> we're undocumented, we're not afraid, we're here to stay. >> reporter: trump says he'll give an immigration speech in a week or two to clarify his stance. the first debate, one month away. is there that should be heated as well. kenneth moton, thank you so much. we're tracking breaking news overnight. first from turkey, at least eight police officers have been killed. dozens more wounded in the bombing of a police station. the blast was reportedly followed by an armed battle between the police and attackers. the bombing comes two days after turkish forces started a campaign in syria. another close encounter between a u.s. ship and iranian vessel in the persian gulf. pentagon officials say u.s. ships will do whatever is necessary to defend themselves. this follows another close encounter this week and another in recent months.
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activity that could impact parts of the u.s.est coast by this week end. gaston is supposed to turn back into a hurricane. there are models showing that tropical wave brushing south florida this weekend before entering the gulf of mexico where it could strengthen again. in the midwest, cleanup is under way after the outbreak of tornadoes. the hardest hit area was in twisters touched down. including an ef-3. one target of those storms was this starbucks in kokomo. it collapsed just like a house of cards as employees and customers took cover in the rest rooms. >> as soon as i saw the clouds twisting. we got everyone inside. closed the doors. it started rattling. >> it's a miracle. we shouldn't -- we shouldn't be here at all. >> a miracle, she says, because no injuries were reported inside
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reported across that entire tornado zone. this morning, police in mississippi hoping the discovery of a missing car may solve the murder of two nuns. they were found stabbed to death in their home thursday morning in the town of durant. there were signs of a breakin. last night, the authorities found the nuns' car. they practitioners at a clinic. the maker of epipen is facing another round of complaints. the ceo of mylan makes $19 million a year. she says much of the cost of epipens goes to intermediaries. >> we've put hundreds of
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you can't pass legislation. you can't enhance formulations. >> now, instead of a price cut, the company is expands discount programs to help families with high out-of-pocket costs. president obama is about to create the largest protected area on earth in his home state. the blue dotted line shows the location of a marine monument. it encompasses more t square miles. . the president was the first to carry a blackberry and logon to twitter. president obama has become the first to star in a 3-d virtual reality film. the 11-minute movie, produced by "national geographic" and oculus gives viewers a 360-degree
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yosemite national park over father's day. he got a preview yesterday. leaking like all of us do when we do a virtual reality set. >> just jaw-dropping, mouth open. looking in every direction. sometimes running into things. well, central italy has gotten hit by a strong aftershock overnight. we'll have the latest on the recovery effort coming up. and plane sticking out of a home's roof after plummeting from the sky. new details about the passengers on board. plus, your. genes for your coffee addition. a box is where you keep things safe. which might be some people's goal. but not mine. when you dare to move forward... so much is possible. and what helps me do it? new oikos greek nonfat yogurt. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d, 25% less sugar than before
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the prebiotic fiber in benefiber? nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber?. mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all mr. clean! with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can ne of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. in new york, world trade center is honoring the victims of this week's deadly earthquake
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lit in green, white, and red, the colors of the italian flag. there is breaking news from the quake zone. a strong 4.7 magnitude aftershock struck overnight near the town of amatrice. the death toll rose overnight to more than 260 with hundreds of others hurt. there have been more than 900 aftershocks since wednesday. rescuers are combing through the rubble searching for survivors. pull pulled from the rubble is said to be doing well after undergoing surgery. here at home, two people hospitalized after their small plane crashed into a house. no one was home when the plane took a nose dive into the home. a small dog managed to escape unharmed. the house suffered major structural damage. a suspect in custody in
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ramming a truck into a southwest airlines jet. the man climbed the perimeter fence, jumped into the truck, and drove straight into the plane's nose gear as passengers were boarding. two crew members suffered minor injuries. no word on his motive. a power outage triggered ground stops in miami and f. lauder dale. many flights were forced to divert or keep circling. the nower minutes. it took 90 minutes to get the systems back up and running. if you find yourself reaching for the second or third cup of coffee, you might want to blame your jeens. the lack of a specific gene causes people to drink more coffee. people with the gene have a harder time breaking down the caffeine, which causes it to stay in the body longer. they get more of a caffeine buzz
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spacecraft which aims to land on an asteroid within five years. the last time a nasa spacecraft parachuted into the ocean was december 1972. much of the nation's midsection will see wet and even flooding conditions from the rockies to the mississippi river with wet roads across much of florida. if you're flying, airport delays possible in kansas city. it was two years ago that an ru was killed at a gun range. now the family of that ininstructioner has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. >> reporter: the family of the arizona shooting instructor accidentally shot and killed by a 9-year-old girl is filing a lawsuit against the shooting range where he worked. >> they created an unsafe, dangerous environment that got my dad killed. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims
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that the girl was using was not a safe or appropriate weapon to give to a 9-year-old girl. >> all right. go ahead and guy me one shot. all right. >> reporter: the accident occurred in august of 2014. 39-year-old charles vava was teaching this girl how to shoot a fully automatic uzi. the firearm's recoil caused the girl to lose control. a stray bullet struck vaca in the head. york. the judge behind the sentence in the stanford swimmer rape case will no longer hear trials. superior court judge heir persky requested the move. this after the case of brock turner.
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indictment in brazil. it stems from the night he said he and three fellow swimmers were threatened. surveillance video captures a shocking moment a philadelphia police officer is struck by a hit and run driver. watch the right of the screen there. he was standing outside a police cruiser talking with another officer when he was hit and knocked out of his shoes. investigators say he was run over by an alleged drunk the officer will remain in the hospital for a few more days. he's expected to make a full recovery. more dramatic video to show you. a police officer in athens, georgia, is being hailed a e hero. officer dan whitney's body cam caught him running to the rescue. trying to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher. whitney was able to bend the vehicle's door frame and pull the passenger out to safety.
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legal trouble after leaving her two kids alone while she picked up food at a restaurant. it's sparking a big argument. susan was vacationing in delaware, when she left her children, ages 8 and 9 for about 45 minutes. she was arrested and charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of her children. some states have minimum laws. in delaware, police decide on a a pitcher who fell one out shy of a no-hitter. >> here are our guys at espn with the highlights. good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. neil everett. stan verrett. >> let's go to dodger stadium. i listened to vin scully call the game. the game was unreal. giants trying to throw
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swinger in research. join lee on his facebook fan page. denard span. a center field catch with one out on a 1-1 pitch. the 133rd pitch, corey seager ends the no-hit bid. the giants absolutely needed that win. they got it. tony romo started for the cowboys against the seahawks. the third preseason game normally a dress rehearsal. you'll quite awhile, right? wrong. romo gets hit by cliff avril. left the game. he didn't return. he says he's fine. cowboys say he's fine. russell wilson. finds tyler lockett. 27-17, seahawks. >> it's a team sport.
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with delta in2ition plus h2okinetic, you can. see what delta can do. we're going to start "the pulse" with a little d topic. a guy who performed a dirty job is getting some love from someone who made a career out of dirty work. >> mike row serks reaching out to jiminy cox. cox drove head first into the task of repairing a broken water pipe at a woman's home. rowe has an offer for him. >> saw your photo out there on the interwebs, along with a billion other people. just wanted to say it with was very inspirational.
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so, thank you for that. wanted to say as well, i was serious about the offer for a beer, or two. please, tell me that was a water line. and you were in the mud. because if that was a sewer line, i'm going the have to get you a whole case. >> it was just a water line. not a sewer line. but he'll get new duds. >> execs with wrangler saw the photo, if you look closelhe hero. they're sending him a pair of jeans. >> this is working out well for him. >> we admire that. many new moms try to sleep when their baby sleeps. a photographer in l.a. is letting her create i have juices flow instead. >> this mom is having a blast during nap time, playing dressup with her 4-month-old. little joey choi has been transformed into athletes and
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photo shoot. look at that. it started out adds a fun way to share with family. it quickly went viral. it's apparently no longer a pie in the sky idea. >> no. it might be a reality. domino's says it's one step closer to dropping your pizza delivery out of the sky. look at this fats nating video here. company yesterday conducted a demonstration of a pizza delivery by drone in auckland, new deliveries could get going there by the end of the year. >> don't expect your pizza delivered by drone here anytime soon. though, i'm kind of hungry. >> i am, as well. it's something many companies have been looking at, including amazon, trying to look into delivery. but, it looked really yummy. >> there's an entire section of air space that's just a big
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checking our top stories, the presidential candidates are going head to head now over race and hatred. after donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot, she's accusing him of helping a radical fringe take over the gop. at least eight police officerers have been killed in turkey in the bombing of a police station. this was close to the syrian turkish forces started a military intervooengs in syria. and communities in hard-hit indiana are digging out from under the rubble of seven confirmed tornadoes. reports of at least 35 twisters over a wide part of the midwest. hazy, hot, and humid conditions return to the east coast. thunderstorms across much of the central u.s. a scorching heat wave grips the
4:28 am
the late night comics are back from their summer vacations. >> it comes just in time for ryan lochte's saga. >> ryan, thank you for sitting down with me. what's it been like for you since this scandal about the alleged robbery in ree crowe broke. >> since everything that's happened, i've been laying low. >> if you want to lay low, television is the best place to do that. >> lochte claimed he got robbed in h rio to cover up the fact that he bathroom. the other swimmers said, what were you doing if the bathroom? hold it and do it in the pool like we do. >> when you told that story to billy bush, it was hours after the incident. >> i was still intoxicated. >> okay. but then on wednesday, you told matt lauer again that you were robbed. that was another three days later. >> i was very intoxicated. >> are you intoxicated right now? >> u.s. olympic committee said
4:29 am
acting like a drunken jack [ bleep ] in a foreign country, what's more american than that? >> speedo doesn't want to be involved with anyone who tries to hide stuff. >> besides losing the endorsements, he could be band there swimming. not just competitive swimming. even when he goes to a friend's house for a barbecue, he will not be able to swim. >>et second chance. describe the ryan lochte we can expect to see at the olympics in tokyo, 2020. >> intoxicated. >> fair enough. >> i think they're making the swim caps too tight or something. >> and now the whole world thinks of ryan lochte as the crazy american with the weird hair who keeps making stuff up and causen an international incident. that's not how an olympian acts. it's how a presidential
4:30 am
emily: good morning, it's friday, august 26. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now, police search for a murderer, after the killing of two nuns in mississippi. looking for answers as family mourn the loss here in massachusetts. emily: breaking overnight, a second earthquake rattling an already decimated italian community. the latest hit as the death toll randy: an alert on the north shore for women. the alarming attack in rockport. and the images police want you to see. emily: we will get to those stories, but first we are checking in with cindy. definitely warmer than it has been. cindy: a little muggy as well. lower 70's right now in boston, a humid start with dew points near 70. temperatures are mostly in the


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