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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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emily: good morning, it's friday, august 26. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now, police search for a murderer, after the killing of two nuns in mississippi. looking for answers as family mourn the loss here in massachusetts. emily: breaking overnight, a second earthquake rattling an already decimated italian community. the latest hit as the death toll randy: an alert on the north shore for women. the alarming attack in rockport. and the images police want you to see. emily: we will get to those stories, but first we are checking in with cindy. definitely warmer than it has been. cindy: a little muggy as well. lower 70's right now in boston, a humid start with dew points near 70. temperatures are mostly in the
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and appeared to be shifting. elsewhere, not a lot happening until you get to the northwest corner of the state. this is an area of showers and thunderstorms in eastern new york. a lot of it is weakening but it is heading in our direction, coming out of a final boundary that will bring in much less humid air for your weekend, but today is very sticky. partly sunny skies, temperatures sneaking into the mid to upper 80's, making a run at 90 this afternoon. we will watch a couple showers worked toward southern new hampshire, and by lunchtime, the afternoon, there will be scattered showers around, but things will wind down to the evening. we will talk about evening
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into boston. the tunnel is shut down after a deadly crash. one person is dead and two others have life-threatening injuries. that crash happened around 3:15 this morning. you can see some live feed. it's closed by the tools at 1a, and the accident is heading into government center. the tunnel is closed in both directions right now, and you will want to use an alternate route until it is cleared. in addition to that, we ha lot. then again over by the tunnel which is shut down in both directions. we will keep you posted. randy: right now police are searching for a killer after two nuns were murdered. one of them with ties to massachusetts. the women devoted their lives to helping others. emily: this morning people who knew and loved them are stunned and heartbroken. the eyeopener's sera congi is
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sera: and this morning we are getting new details about this brutal attack. the nuns found stabbed to death in their durant, mississippi home about 65 miles north of jackson. their car found abandoned a short distance away. sister paula merrill left her home in stoneham in the early 1980's. as a sister of charity for patients who could not afford medical care. this video, produced by her order, shows the impact she and sister margaret held made as nurse practitioners at a health clinic. >> she went so far above and beyond, anything that could be expected from one human being. i just loved her, absolutely loved her. sera: police believe the nuns were the victims of a break-in. their bodies were found in their home only after no one heard from them yesterday morning. investigators won't speculate on a motive at this point. live in stoneham, sera congi,
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second powerful earthquake has rattled an italian city already in ruins as the death toll rises. the 4.7 magnitude quake struck overnight near amatrice. scientists have counted 470 aftershocks. yesterday news crews captured one while filming in amatrice. 267 people are confirmed dead this morning after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck early wednesday morning. you can see just how vast the damage is across several communities in central ily rescuers continue to dig through debris as many more missing are feared dead. also breaking, eight police officers are dead after a car-bomb attack in turkey. this happened in the sirnak province, in the country's southeast, at a checkpoint some 50 yards from a police station. about 45 others were hurt in the explosion. no word on who is responsible. randy: other stories we're following right now, police say the deadly stabbing of a 15-year-old in new bedford was
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unidentified 16-year-old are held without bail this morning charged with assault and battery and accessory in the death of mateo morales. the 15-year-old was murdered wednesday night on chancery street, near his home so far, no one is charged with murder. a co-pilot on his way to -- right now women are on alert after an alarming attack in a quiet north shore town. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is in rockport this morning with the pictures police want you to see. antoinette: that attack was sudden and it was violent. and right now police are hoping you can help them solve this case. this is the man police want to talk to. they say he fits the description of the suspect a woman says attacked her and knocked her down on pooles lane on wednesday. the victim says she was grabbed from behind just after 9:00 p.m., the suspect tried to rip her clothes off. but she fought back and he ran
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these surveillance pictures were taken from a nearby store. he was last seen riding a bicycle in the area of railroad avenue and the mbta parking lot. if you have any information or recognize the man in those photos you're asked to call rockport police. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: new details in the case of a new hampshire prep school graduate convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate on campus. new filings from the victim's lawsuit against st. paul's school show that parents of other students paid $100,000 for owen labrie's defense team. the lawsuit claims the school attempted to rally its well-connected members against the victim. the school denies that accusation. emily: commitment 2016, a friday off the campaign trail for the top candidates for president. that's after some harsh criticism on both sides. the eye's erika tarantal is tracking the race for the white house. erika: both candidates have been busy on the trail but no
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heated language over race. >> the inner cities are dying and african-americans and hispanics are really taking the brunt of it and she knows she is not going to do anything about it. she talks about fixing the errors of these and she hasn't done anything. erika: in a one-on-one interview with our sister station wmur, donald trump repeated his claims that hillary clinton is a bigot. the comments came after she released a new ad attempting to link him to supremacist groups including the kkk. something she reiterated in an event last night in nevada. collect>> trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described what communities in such ignorant terms -- poverty, rejection, horrible education. erika: in a sign of how close we are getting to election day, yesterday representatives from both campaigns were at the white house to begin planning for a
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randy: the impact of the zika virus is spreading this morning. emily: the concern for travelers losing out on big bucks. plus, a growing battle about a life-saving device. how a local family is taking on the ceo of the maker of epipen. randy: a dramatic display on cape cod. the rare whale sighting and the video to prove it. cindy: some scattered thunderstorms today. i'llho humidity dies down. emily: and we continue to follow breaking news in boston. one person is dead after this crash in the sumner tunnel. two others were seriously hurt. that tunnel is shut down right now. olessa will have an update
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie...
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for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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emily: a life-saving device is now at the center of a building controversy. the price for a pair of epipens skyrocketing to more than $600. and one grafton father is pushing to change that. one year ago, an epipen saved the life of 2-year-old cece, when she went into anaphylactic shock. her family was discouraged to learn of the price hike, and of the boost in salary for mylan's ceo heather bresch. she blames the price hike on a failing health care system. the company announced it will expand a low-income assistance program, and issue savings coupons but will not budge on price. that has cece's father outraged. >> it was disgusting to sit there and watch your say literally that no one is more frustrated than her. i would bet that i more frustrated than her. emily: andy palumbo wrote this op-ed in "the huffington post,"
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for iphone users. the warning from apple to take action now. and new trouble overseas for an american olympian. the jail time swimmer ryan
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narrator: let's put this he test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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randy: keeping an eye on the tropics this morning. people in florida are stocking up preparing for what could be a rough storm. this is in miami shores. emily: and depending on how things go this may not be that bad of a hit cindy?
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it is headed toward south florida, it gets grazed. and take a look at the gulf -- it is really unorganized and hurricane center keeps downgrading it will develop. they say in the next five days there is a 60% chance. in louisiana, it will bring a lot of rain, so it is good that they are preng see here on the satellite imagery it is very unorganized, clusters of showers and thunderstorms east of the center which is grazing cuba. wind is a little bit gusty, 30 miles per hour, that's the tropical wave, and we are still tracking gaston. it is back down to tropical storm status but it may turn
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-- it doesn't look like gaston is going to be bothering anyone. right now skies are partly cloudy in boston, and it is a monkey start, 73 degrees and very humid, the humidity really out there this morning. we dropped the lower 70's on the north shore and just a few 60's through worcester counties but otherwise lower 70's with a couple showers not all that much, shifting eastward. that is one area of rain i am watching -- the other is here, out of the albany region. this is an area of thunderstorms that has since weakened, part of a broken line of storminess developing ahead of the final boundary -- this is the leading edge of less humid air. once the front crosses the area,
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but we will see humidity in place today and really feel it before it starts to head down. we will see son is clouds this morning but once you have toward lunchtime ended the afternoon we will be watching the chance for a couple scattered showers and thunderstorms, mid to upper 80's, feeling hotter. we could make a notch toward 90 degrees, and the showers over the cape are long gone by 9:00 a.m.. up around lunchtime, and they linger around boston until about 3:00 this afternoon -- then all this activity drops southward and then it is done, clearing out overnight. the midafternoon threat through the boston area and if you're heading to gillette tonight the temperatures will be in the 80's with a thunderstorm through about 6:00.
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and it's a really nice weekend setting up. sunshine, mid 80's, and if you are headed to the cape saturday and sunday temperatures will be near 80 degrees and up north notice that the warmest day is down a little bit. probably more showers and storms by early next week. i am not expecting these storms to be too intense. olessa: this is the sumner tunnel, shut down after a deadly crash. one person is dead, two others have life-threatening injuries. the crash happened around 3:15 this morning near the 93 ramp. the accident actually happened by 185 but it is shut down right now by government center, so keep in mind that it is closed in both directions. you are urged to take either
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if you are heading into boston, keep that in mind. in addition to that, a couple construction problems, 93 south is a give and along 128, then again by route 2. trains and buses starting on schedule. randy: new trouble for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. he's been charged in brazil for filing a false report. it's unlikely lochte would go back to brazil to face the charges he could send just a lochte made up a story about being robbed at a gas station in rio earlier this month. he now admits he sparked a confrontation with security guards. if convicted, lochte could face up to six months in jail or pay a fine. emily: new concern in florida after another case of zika virus transmitted by a mosquito. and that has some travelers out big money as they change plans. the spread of zika has prompted
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other warmer destinations. lauren lanzillo had a trip there booked with 9 friends for next month. but the group canceled out of fear. none of the women are pregnant but that makes no difference to the airline. >> they said we aren't going to allow you to have a refund unless you have a doctors note showing that you aren't pregnant. emily: the airline offered lanzillo a voucher, but she's holding out for cash. what you can do, check the airline's refund policy before booking. or, buy cancel for any reason travel insurance. randy: your economy headlines this friday. asian stocks were mixed overnight. investors around the world are preparing for comments from the u.s. federal reserve chair today about a possible interest rate hike. right now, stock futures here are mixed. an urgent security update for iphone users. experts say spyware can take advantaged of weaknesses in the mobile operating system. apple says it fixed the vulnerability as soon as the company learned about it.
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security flaw, which can give hackers complete access to your iphone. emily: trending stories now, a rare site off cape cod. and one man definitely took notice, an excited fisherman had an unexpected encounter with the orca whales about 12-miles off chatham. a group was looking for tuna when the pod was spotted. randy: special delivery. domino's pizza is trying to become the first company to offer drone delivery. the chain conducted a demonstration in new zealand. they believe it will save time and money. the u.s. will be allowed to make drone deliveries beginning monday. but it's unclear if domino's here will participate. >> i wished i could have grabbed it and ran but i don't think i
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outran it. emily: a tough day on the job for a police officer at the university of arkansas. he noticed a skunk walking in circles with a cup over its face. so he tried to help. he made a quick getaway but not fast enough. that officer needed a new uniform. [laughter] no good deed, right? we've seen some great plays on the field this week. but this one may take the cake. randy: the style points for one major league pitcher. that's ahead in news to go. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, back to school made the checklist every parent should have and the mistake some
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randy: following breaking news
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second powerful earthquake has rattled an italian city already in ruins as the death toll rises. emily: the 4.7 magnitude quake struck overnight near amatrice. scientists have counted 470 aftershocks leading to even more damage like this. 267 people are confirmed dead this morning. one person is dead and two others are seriously hurt after a crash in the sumner tunnel around 3:15 this morning. for one lane. olessa is tracking the developments and will have an update at the top of the hour. randy: no arrest in the shooting of a teenager in boston. the family of 18-year-old dashaye mizhari says the teen thought she heard two friends arguing on mclellan street early thursday morning. when she ran outside to check, she was hit by gunfire. she's now in critical condition. her family says they do not
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for his life after being pulled from a chelmsford pool. the 5-year-old was semi-conscious and breathing on his own when rescuers got to the scene yesterday. police tell us that adults at the gorham street home noticed him at the bottom of the pool. they got him out and performed cpr before first responders arrived. randy: a cohasset lawyer is now facing charges for an out of control drive that killed a man in brockton. valerie semensi is charged with negligent motor vehicle homicide for the crash that killed john buckley in june. control at the brockton courthouse. it went backward up two embankments then crashed into the victim. the controversial judge who handed down a lenient sentence to a sex assault convict will no longer hear criminal cases. judge aaron persky came under harsh criticism, after sentencing brock turner to six months in jail for assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors had asked for six years.
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cases. emily: former new york city mayor michael bloomberg makes a big donation to his alma mater harvard. $32 million will be used to create an executive education program for mayors and mayoral aides in collaboration with harvard's kennedy school of government, as well as the business school. as many as 300 mayors and 400 aides are expected to participate over the course of the program. randy: we could finally see tom brady on the field today. espn reports number 12 is mang patriots for tonight's pre-season game. it's unclear how much he could play against the panthers. you'll remember, he was at gillette for the last preseason game but went home after cutting his hand on scissors. emily: the red sox head home tonight after two disappointing losses to the last-place rays. the sox scored their lone run on a sacrifice fly by mookie betts last night. 2-1 the final. they host kansas city tonight at 7:10. and the sox learned that they'll
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after this knee injury in wednesday night's game. he's on the 15-day disabled list, but the sox want him to get an mri up here before making a final decision. check out this smooth play during the orioles/nationals game. pitcher max scherzer scooping up a ground ball between his legs and backwards. he makes the no-look play for the out at first. i think he was even a little surprised. randy: [laughter] got it! cindy: so we are nearing the end of the month of august and as we go back over the summer months, since june 1 in boston we are under the four inch mark for rain -- it has been incredibly dry but this will likely go down
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one spot that we do have the potential for showers and thunderstorms today and we may see a little bit of rain for the boston area. couple rain showers on the tape is a few more off to the west, so there's a morning hours the chances rainbow rainbow but especially this afternoon and noticed that the raindrops are down this evening. even only can see a couple thunderstorms it looks have not expecting severe weather today -- they are all coming out ahead of the final boundary, and this is the leading edge of less humid air -- it is very sticky and that will be oppressive but by tomorrow it is very pleasant into sunday before the humidity picks up and really starts to ramp up again. we are in the mid 80's tomorrow
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this is our weather for the weekend, sunshine, lower humidity, and we will break it down as the eyeopener continues. >> now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- randy: rockport police want to talk to this man. why they think he could have answers, in an ambush on a woman. emily: breaking overnight, another earthquake hits a city, already in ruins. dramatic new images as tremors are caught on camera. randy: two nuns, murdered. one victim's local ties, and the clue that could help find their killer. it's on the eye for this friday morning. >> opeopeemily: also on the eye this morning, a serious crash in the sumner tunnel will have a big impact on traffic this morning. olessa will have updates in a minute. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with


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