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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> rockport police want to talk to this man, why he could have answers in an ambush. emily: another earthquake hits a city already in ruins. dramatic new images as tremors are caught on camera. randy: two nuns murdered, one victim's local ties and the clue killer. that's on the eye for this friday, month. emily: 6:00 a.m., we're just getting word that all lanes of the sumner tunnel are back open. olessa will have updates on any delays that are out there in just a minute for you. good morning. i'm emily emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price, olessa and erika.
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cindy: it will be a great weekend. comfortable humidity levels. not the cape as you are heading outside this morning. >> it is soupy you can see the patchy clouds, and it is warm. you are stepping out the door to temperatures in the 70s. 73 in boston. 74 in hyannis. some 60s through worcester county. but this humidity is oppressive. look where it heads tomorrow, way down and certainly much more comfortable over the weekend. what's going to change, this front off to the west and out ahead of that this morning, already we're seeing more clouds out through the western half of the state and scattered showers as well. a lot of this is missing off across central and northern new england but the southern extent of the showers likely moving into new hampshire, and you can see we have had a couple of rain showers on the cape this morning, as well. notice by about 9:00 the showers moving through southern new hampshire skimming here the massachusetts border here across the northern most regions.
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could be a thunderstorm through mid afternoon around greater boston. i don't expect them to be severe today. all the action shifting southward along the south coast, the cape and the islands by 6:00, and then that's it, drying things out. it will be a warm day, despite the clouds, temperatures getting into the mid and upper 80s out there today. i want to get you updated on that situation overnight in boston. a tough situation. olessa. >> we're talking about the sumner tunnel, just getting record that all lanes have reopened after the morning. one person in the vehicle died and two others taken to the hospital. all lanes were shut down in the overnight hours. they just reopened the lanes a few minutes ago so expect residual delays but hopefully traffic will he's up quickly since that investigation has wrapped up. we'll keep you posted on any changes or more details that come in. so far you are in decent shape once again. you can get through sumner, as well but heading south, no
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very quiet. so far friday along the pike eastbound. 495 to 128, a 15-minute trip. no problems out of methuen. it stays open down to the lever connector. trains and buses running on schedule. emily: women are on alert after an alarming attack in a quiet town. randy: antoinette antonio is in rockport this morning with the pictures police. you to see. an violent. police here in rockport are helping you can help them. they want you to take a look at these photos. this is the man that police want to talk to. he fits the description of the suspect that a woman says attacked her and knocked her down on wednesday. the victim says that she was grabbed from behind just after 9:00 p.m. she says that the suspect tried to rip her clothes off, but she fought back and the man ran off.
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the man was riding a bicycle in the area of railroad avenue and the parking lot. if you have any information or if you recognize the man in the photos, rockport police want you to give them a call. live in rockport, antoinette antonio,. cindy: ,. >> an earthquake has rattled a city in ruins. the 4.7 quake struck overnight near amatrice. scientists have aftershocks yesterday. a news crew captured one there while filming amatrice. more than 260 people are confirmed dead this morning after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck on wednesday morning, and you can see just how vast the damage is across several communities in central italy. rescuers continue to dig through debris as many more missing are feared dead. also breaking at least eight police officers are dead after a
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this happened in the sirnak province, in the country's southeast section. no word on who is responsible. randy: police are searching for the killer of two nuns found dead in their home. one of them has strong ties to massachusetts and this morning we're getting new details on the crime there. sera congi is in stoneham where loved ones are waiting for sera: police continue to investigate this crime. meanwhile, family and friends here in stoneham are heartbroken about what happened. the nuns were found stabbed to death 65 miles north of jackson. their car abandoned a short distance away. sister margaret and sister paula, both 68, worked as nurses in that community sent by their
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one sister was from stoneham, this shows her work providing flu shots and insulin and other care for children and adults who could not afford it. there is no -- there has not been any motive released for the killings. ahead in our next half-hour, we will hear from center paula's family and friends who talk about her devotion to helping others. sera congi, newscenter 5. randy: thank you. police say that the deadly stabbing of a 15-year-old bedford was gang related. 21-year-old blueees class and an unidentified 60-year-old are both held without bail this morning charged with assault and battery and accessory in the death of mateo morales. the 15-year-old was murdered on wednesday night on chancery street. so far no one is charged with murder. >> a co-pilot is fired over accusations that he was drunk before take-off. police say the pilot in michigan
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bedford. the co-pilot was removed and failed a sobriety test. he's identified as a 35-year-old florida man. >> new details in the case of a new hampshire prep school graduate convicted of assaulting a classmate. new filings from the lawsuit against st. paul schools so that parents of other students paid 100,000 for owen labrie's defense team. the lawsuit claims the school attemptedo connected members against the victim. the school denies that. randy: commitment 2016, a friday off the trail for the candidates for president, after some harsh criticism on both sides, and erika is tracking the race for the white house this morning. >> both candidates have been busy on the trail but yes no scheduled events today. the break comes after a day of heated language over rape. >> the inner cities are dying,
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are really taking the brunt of it, and she knows she's not going to do anything about it. he talks about fixing the inner city and been talking about it for 30 years and hasn't done anything, and that to me is bigotry. reporter: in an interview with wmur, he repeated his claims that hillary clinton is a bigot. the comments came after she released a new ad attempting to link him to supremacist groups including the kkk, something clinton reiterated at an event in nevada last described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms. poverty. rejection. horrible education. reporter: in a sign how close we are getting to the election, yesterday representatives from both campaigns were at the white house beginning to plan for a transition. emily. emily: all right, thank you. we could finally see tom brady on the field today. they report that no. 12 is
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the pre-season game. it's unclear how much he could play against the panthers, and you will remember that he was at gillette for the last game, but he went home after cutting his hand on scissors. a family outraged by the price hike on life-saving epi pens. randy: and an urgent warning for iphone users. the quick fix to do away with a major security flaw. emily: new this morning how parents are back-to-school savings. three mistakes that can break the bank. olessa: breaking overnight all lanes and ramps are back open after a serious crash overnight. one person died and two others are hurt after the crash near the ranches to 93. i will bring you updates all morning. >> and it will be a sticky day. lots of humidity. a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. the time line plus the outlook for your weekend is just ahead. first take a look at these temperatures you are stepping out into this morning. it is a soupy start.
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and 74 degrees as you are heading out the door in hyannis right now. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president?
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>> good morning. boy, those look very relaxing. >> they did.
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they hosted a get-together in honor of national dog day. reporter: show us what you are up to, they can be in their own call recorded on the phone and then upload it to ulocal using the wcvb app. olessa: i think that that should be every day. randy: oh, they are in my house. emily: every day is pet day. cindy: a walk might be a little tiring for the dog days of summer, right? it's friday, right. you will want to grasp an umbrella with you as you are heading out the door. late morning into the afternoon the chances for rain go up. showers are going to be scattered, not everyone sees them, and there could be a thunderstorm around into this evening as that chance lowers, but i'm not expecting severe storms today. these are not going to be super
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thunderstorms popping up here. that risk across new england, and you can see what it looks like out there now. just a couple of clouds. but man, is it warm. 73 degrees and so sticky. that dewpoint is in the oppressive ranger at 70 degrees, and look at this, more comfortable air am that is moving in behind the front. that will be here this weekend. so once this front crosses the area, the drier air starts to filter in tonight but sticky out ahead of it, and we're seeing the clouds and the central and northern new england so we're missing out on the widespread rain this morning, but the tail end of these showers moving through new hampshire in the next few hours, and northern most massachusetts, and we did have a couple of raindrops on the cape. you can see not a lot happening on the radar. but with this soupy air mass, the showers could pop up late morning into the afternoon. so that's why i say have an umbrella with you. 70s now. 80s this afternoon, between noon and 4:00 the best chance in the boston area, here's the
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ask the showers moving in the next couple of hours. by lunchtime notice the scattered nature. showers around boston. a good idea to have that umbrella with you. right through 3:00 this afternoon. and then notice after 3:00 p.m. how the focus shifts into southeastern massachusetts, so the south coast, cape, islands, through 6:00, that's the best bet of a shower or a thunderstorm, and then that's it, and we're clearing things out, so if you are planning to head to gillette, for the kenny chy shower passing on through or a thunderstorm, and then we're drying out and turning much less humid, as well. so we're in great shape, just want to let you know in the tropics we're monitoring a couple of features. this wave looks like it will bring heavy rain towards florida. it may or may not strengthen into something. the weekend looks great. cooler at the beaches, so on the cape it's only near 70 -- 80 degrees on saturday and
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lakes' region. we want to update you on the situation in the sumner tunnel. olessa: all lanes are open inside the sumner tunnel. ramps to 93 are open. they did have that shut down for the overnight hours after an accident investigation. that happened at 3:15. the crash involving one car. you can see it there on the scene, and some pictures coming in from there. one person, unfortunately, did get killed. two others seriously injured and taken to the hospital. the investigation went on for several minutes ago they reopened. all lanes, you can anticipate a bit of residual volume. for the most part traffic should get by without any issues. we'll keep you posted on any changes or new developments. here's the expressway. northbound heads to the top of the screen. so far the volume is not too bad. let's get to the maps. that's the story across the board. the heaviest spot as we just saw on the expressway 20. braintree into boston. pike eastbound 15 minutes. 495 to 128 and 93 south looks
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volume picks up approaching the lever connector. trains and buses doing ok. randy: in your health for this friday morning a life-saving device is now the center of a growing controversy all across the country. the price of a pair of epi-pens has skyrocketed to about $600, and the father in grafton is pushing to change that. he's fighting back. one year ago an epi-pen saved the life of two-year-old cece when she went into anaphylactic shock. learn of this price hike and a boost in the salary for the ceo of the company. the ceo blames the hike on a failing health care system. the company announced it would expand a low income assistance program with all the backlash and will be issuing a savings coupon but not budge on the price, and that has cece's father outraged. >> it was disgusting to hear her
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than her. i will bet her, her $19 million salary that i am more frustrated than her. >> and they are calling for the ceo to step down. >> your economy headlines, asian stocks were mixed. investors are preparing for comments from the u.s. federal reserve chair today about an interest rate hike. stock futures here are higher. volkswagen reaches an agreement with the u.s. dealers to from an emissions scandal. 650 dealers are involved in this new settlement. what sources tell rioters, it is estimated at 1.2 billion. they admitted it installed software that they activated pollution controls on 11 million vehicles sold worldwide. the last-minute back-to-school push is on but even the most seasoned parents can make mistakes and cost you. like where you shop. some assume you will get the
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dollar store but do the math. target and staples might be cheaper this time of year. and err no mistake, ignoring price drops. most stores will give you them cheaper if you find them cheaper later, and buying too much, too soon. you have the list but don't assume that they need everything on the first day. next week we are kicking off a big push to help you go back into the groove. saving money and time, and shortcuts that can keephe whole family healthy. back to school starts on monday on the eyeopener. randy: there is an urgent security update if you have an iphone. spyware can take advantage of weaknesses in the operating system. apple says it did fix the vulnerability as soon as the company learned about it, but they say that you need to update it as soon as possible. fix the security flaw, which can give hackers complete access to your iphone. one police officer's good deeds.
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running. it is ahead in eyepoppers. erika. >> and new at 6:30, more trouble for ryan lochte over his robbery story. the charges filed in brazil. also killer whales spotted off the coast of cape cod. the excited reaction making this video a must see. and all lanes and ramps of the sumner item are open.
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cindy: a couple of showers. have an umbrella with you today, it's very soupy outside, we're in the 70s heading into the 80s this afternoon. a chance of a spot shower popping up but a better chance of a shower or a thunderstorm, lunchtime through 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. in the greater boston area but the storms, they are gone. you are headed to fenway park for the red sox back in town, it should be a warm start to the game. the warm day ahead to the beach is keeping an eye to the sky for a shower or a thunderstorm popping up later on. we have a low tide coming up at
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looks like a great weekend. emily. emily: thank you. 6:24. it is time for your friday eyepoppers, and we're talking about baseball. olessa: check out this play. matt scherzer scooping up a ground ball and backwards makes the play for the outing. i think he was surprised with himself there. pretty cool. and then there is this, like it's no big deal. it's nothing. >> if i was a grab it and run but i don't think that i can outrun pepe will -- lepue. he noticed a skunk walking in circles so he tried to help. made a getaway, and not quick enough, though. the officer needed a new uniform because pepe did a little number. reporter: a serious bath, as
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blame for a big change that won't help that officer any. the household staple that does not appeal to young shoppers these days. staying on top of breaking news, a deadly crash under investigation in the sumner tunnel in boston. olessa with updates ahead. >> blockbuster, xerox, polaroid are these world class companies technology. disruptive technology like the smart-phone and innovative competitors like netflix took them down, bankrupting their businesses. you can easily name dozens more suffering similar fates. we envision a whole sector that could soon be added to the list, the taxi industry. it does not take a fortune teller to see the end of traditional delivery services. uber and lyft are widespread use across the world. they are a bargain compared to the cost of regular cabs, and
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easily hailed from your smart-phone. massachusetts just signed into law provisions that will help level the playing field by imposing new regulations on these ride-hailing services. establishing requirements for driver background checks and inspections and insurance are smart, and even endorsed by these services. the new law also clears the way for uber and lyft to make pickups at logan pending approval from mass port who hopefully won't impede the progress. included in the legislation is a 20-cent p nickel which will go towards the fund earmarked for job training and innovation for taxi and delivery companies. while the amount is small it's troubling and a matter of principal. the state is requiring companies to pay to help their competitors become innovative. money that will be coming out of user's pockets. frankly that's an expense and an operating practice that the taxi industry should have adopted years ago. state regulations to protect consumer safety is solid public
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competitive industries at the expense of consumers. the public shouldn't be required to fund the complacent, who do not adapt, and only seek to invest and innovate when it may
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school
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question 2.
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judge two nuns murdered. reporter: the any clues police are following. reporter: the images police want you to see as police search for a suspect. reporter: a wild visit off the cape. fishermen get up close and personal with very rare visitors on the eye. emily: breaking news, a deadly crash is the sumner tunnel. olessa keeping an eye on this impact on our commute. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price with cindy and olessa on this friday morning. the weekend is here. >> final friday of august and weekend of august. summer is slipping by but it will an gorgeous weekend. cindy: let's if we out there this morning. i want to caution you, it is warm and humid, and probably a good idea to leave the house with an umbrella. a couple of showers, a
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dewpoint. it is soupy, around 70 degrees. the oppressive humidity now. look what we have tomorrow, going down. comfortable, pleasant weekend coming up. waist going to bring that change is this front here. it is the trigger for a couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorm here throughout the day, right now the showers mainly going by clustered across central and northern new england. the southern extent of that brought light rain, and this will move eastward. around nashua you can get a freak shower her popping up in southern worcester county. that's the way the day will go but the best chance of seeing a shower or a thunderstorm around boston is from about noon to 4:00 p.m. as the temperatures come out of the 70s into the 80s today. again that threat a little sooner across new hampshire. your lunch hour a couple of scattered showers and storms. not everyone sees them through 3:00 that afternoon. the threat is around greater boston and sliding southward and ending as we get into this evening. more on the forecast coming up.
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the situation in the sumner tunnel. olessa: thank you. we're talking about this crash that happened at 3:15 this morning. a fatal accident. one person killed. two others taken to the hospital. that investigation had the sumner tunnel shut down during the overnight hours. they have reopened all lanes to 93, and government center the tunnel is now open. traffic is getting through and we will keep you posted on any developments from that accident investigation. as far as the light but this is the busiest spot approaching the boulevard. let's get to the maps. still not seeing any volume. a bit of a delay there in canton and 24, no issues. so far the expressway, 20, braintree into boston and the pike is 15. 495 to 128. 93 no problems. trains and buses on schedule. emily and randy. randy: we're following several stories right now. on the eye.
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reporter: the death toll from the massive earthquake which is rising again. 267 people are now confirmed dead. another powerful aftershock hits overnight. breaking right now, eight police officers are dead after a car bomb attack in turkey. it happened in the southeast at a checkpoint. about 45 others were also hurt in the explosion. no word on who is responsible. and right now rockport police are trying to ii he fits the description of a suspect who grabbed a woman wednesday night and knocked her down and tried to take her clothes off. he took off. emily. emily: right now police are searching for a killer after two nuns are murdered. randy: one of them with ties to massachusetts and the eye's sera congi is in stoneham where family and friends are stunned and heartbroken. sera: randy and emily this morning we are getting new details about this brutal attack. the nuns were found stabbed to
6:34 am
mississippi 65 miles north of jackson. their car found abandoned a short distance away. sister paula merrill left her home in stoneham in the early 1980s. as a sister of charity for nazareth she saw countless patients who could not afford medical care. this shows the impact that she and sister margaret held made as nurse practitioners at a health clinic. >> she and sister margaret went so far above and beyond anything that could be expected >> they just loved her. absolutely loved her. >> police believe the nuns were the victims of a break-in. their bodies were found in their home only after no one heard from them yesterday morning. investigates at this point will not speculate any further about a possible motive. live in stoneham sera congi, wcvb. >> thank you. no jail time for a new hampshire trooper caught on camera beating a suspect.
6:35 am
law enforcement, especially those there that day for my actions. reporter: the trooper ran out of court after pleading guilty to three counts of simple assault. he was one of the troopers caught on camera beating richard simone after the suspect gave up following a chase back in may. a massachusetts state trooper charged in the same incident is awaiting trial. randy: take a look at this. a tough effort in cohasset for the department there. flames just c south main street catching fire to a garage in a home nearby. no one injured at this incident. a rare sight off the coast of cape cod. one man took notice. >> it's a killer whale, baby! randy: and your viral moment, an excited fishermen had an unexpected encounter with orca
6:36 am
here when they spotted the pods. >> ryan lochte is in hot water over his rio robbery story. randy: his new trouble, and the zika virus causing many to rethink their vacation plans. two ways to make sure you don't lose money on the changes. emily: and breaking news in boston the sumner tunnel is back open after a deadly crash overnight. one man was killed.
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olessa: good morning, welcome back. sumner tunnel has all lanes open after a deadly crash in the overnight hours, it happened at 3:15 in the morning. one person was killed in this crash and two others taken to the hospital and they did have all lanes of the sumner temporarily shu reopened. expect residual delays and we'll keep you posted as an accident investigation moves forward. >> all right. we're getting off to a muggy start. have an umbrella with you. a couple of showers. we could see a passing shower or a thunderstorm late morning and into the afternoon hours. temperatures heading into the upper 80s today. humid today, sunshine, less humid for the weekend. it looks great both days, mid
6:40 am
beaches. reporter: signs of tripoli being detected in massachusetts. mosquitoes infected were found in yarmouth, and it's the first time that they are saying the fatal virus. the town officials will begin more monitoring and testing today in that area. new concern in florida after another case of zika virus transmitted by a mosquito, and that has travelers out. big money as they change the plans. the spread of zika has prompted a warning in miami warmer destinations. they had a trip there planned for nine friends but they cancelled out of fear. none of the women are pregnant, and that's the conflict with the airlines. >> they said we're not going to allow you to have a refund unless you have a doctor's note showing that you are pregnant. reporter: the airline offered her a voucher but she's holding out for cash so what can you do? check the refund policy before
6:41 am
insurance. randy: breaking news on the eye for this friday morning. we'll be update updating the situation in the sumner tunnel after a crash there, and another earthquake hitting central italy. a dramatic video from one town already in ruins. plus former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has made a large donation, the skill that he wants the university to be teaching this morning on this
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emily: the eyeopener team is ready with your news to go in rockport, in stoneham, and erika is tracking new developments for us from the campaign trail. >> first keeping an eye on the topic. people in florida are stocking up and preparing for the possibilities, could be a rough storm for them, and this is miami shores. uncertain, is that where we are right now? >> more to this tropical wave all week long, and the computer models are steering whatever it is towards south florida and the gulf, but it's not really developing into anything getting stronger at this point. the hurricane center giving us a 60% chance that it does develop. yesterday it was around 80, so you are seeing the trend, but either way, it will bring a lot of rain to south florida. it's not very organized on the satellite imagery. there is the potential for
6:45 am
parts of florida, and eventually into the southeast, so kind of all eyes are watching this for really what looks to be a flooding threat at this point. not so much a threat from this system. but that's one feature. the other one is tropical storm gaston. at this time yesterday it was a hurricane. it is out in the atlantic right now, going to stay there going by east of bermuda but it may strengthen into a category 2 hurricane by then. in the meantime we have got partial sunshine over boston. it is warm. 70s out the that dewpoint up around 70, so soupy air, you can get a shower to pop up any time. we're seeing more organized showers. these are headed towards manchester, and maybe into nashua, and outside of that, not a lot happening this morning, but clouds are advancing, and you can see back here more showers trying to develop. this is all out ahead of a frontal boundary, and set us up for a nice weekend so today, mid and upper 80s, with showers moving through southern new
6:46 am
be ready for a shower or a thunderstorm to develop. and then everything shifts tonight, and we're clearing things out for the weekend, which looks great, sunshine both days. mid 80s inland, and near 80 at the beaches. all right, let's get you back out to the roads, update that situation in boston. olessa. olessa: sumner tunnel was closed for this accident here. you can see the crash scene. one person was killed in this crash and two others taken to the hospital, and that had the tunnel shut down during the overnight hours 3:15:00 a.m. crash. since all lanes have reopened and traffic has eased out but man ahead and accordingly and be careful if you are heading through that stretch. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we have it. typical volume here. the lever connector is heading south. let's get over to the maps because we are watching another accident, this one on 24 northbound right over by route 140, heavy delays there in taunton if you are traveling north, and give yourself a few
6:47 am
and 95 building some volume in canton, and the right on the expressway 20 minutes braintree into boston. pike eastbound still 15 minutes. 495 to 128. 93 south looks good, and then you have delays as you travel towards the lever connector. trains and buses running on schedule. randy: police are searching for a suspect in an alarming attack on the north shore. >> antoinette antonio is live in rockport with the warning. reporter: police are asking about a silent attack on a woman. this is the man police want to talk to. he fits the description. they say he attacked her on wednesday. the victim says that she was grabbed from behind. the suspect tried to rip off her clothes but she fought back and he ran off. the man was last seen riding a
6:48 am
avenue and the mbta parking lot. if you have any information call rockport police. we're live in rockport this morning, antoinette antonio, newscenter 5. emily: a second powerful earthquake has rattled an italian city already in ruins as the death toll rises. the 4.7 magnitude quake struck overnight near amatrice. this is video of the aftershocks that hit the same city earlier after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit on wed aftershocks. 267 people are confirmed dead. randy: eight people -- ago police officers are dead after a carr bomb attack in turkey. this happened in the sirnak province in the southeast 50 yards from a police station. but 45 others were hurt in that explosion. no word on who is responsible.
6:49 am
in mississippi, one of which was from stoneham, massachusetts, and her family here is talking about her devotion to helping others. >> her patients absolutely loved her. she was so good to them. >> sister paula merrill left stoneham in the 1980s and moved to the south. she and another nun with a charity of nazareth were stabbed to death in their home in durant, mississippi. their car investigates still are trying to determine what happened and a possible motive. live this morning in stoneham, sera congi, newscenter 5. emily: commitment 2016 now, allegations their opponent is racist getting louder from donald trump and hillary clinton. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> she's bigoted.
6:50 am
featured an ad on trump. trump is working to clarify a retooled stance on immigration and says expect a speech in the next week or two. yesterday both sides have representatives at the white house to plan for a potential transition. the campaign trail quiet today with no planned events for clinton or trump. randy: a u.s. navy ship fired three warning shots at an iranian boat. the american commander saidt north arabian gulf. several radio calls and warning flares were ignored. this is the third incident the united states has had with iranian revolutionary guard boats. iran's defense minister said his naval forces will warn or confront any foreign ships entering the waters. a controversial judge who handed down a lenient sentence to a
6:51 am
he came under harsh criticism. prosecutors had asked for six years. he is now hearing only civil division cases. >> new trouble for ryan lochte. he's been charged in brazil for a false report. it's unlikely he would go back to brazil to face the charges. he could send just a lawyer. he made up a story about being robbed at a gas station in rio earlier. he now admits guards. lochte could face six months in jail or pay a fine. randy: a loss for uber. the company recorded roughly $1.2 billion in losses in the first half of the year. much of the heavy losses are attributed to uber paying subsidies to attract riders and drivers particularly in china. financial experts do say the company is still maintaining huge growth.
6:52 am
harvard. $32 million will be used to create an executive education program for mayors and mayoral aides in collaboration with harvard's kennedy school of government as well as the business school. as many as 300 mayors and 400 aides are expected to participate over the course of the program. >> americans are using bar soap less and less, and researcher say you can blame the millennials for that. americans between the ages of 18-24 soaps. bar soap consumers are mostly men over 60. the sales of soap in general are still on the rise, and that's as some health experts push for use of liquid soap claiming prosecutor can grow on the soap. and the red sox head home tonight. the sox scored their lone run on the second fly off mookie betts. they coast kansas city at 7:10, and the sox learned that they
6:53 am
benintendi after this knee injury. he's on the 15-day disabled list, but the sox want him to have an mri here. randy: we could see tom brady on the field today. espn reports number 12 is making the trip to carolina with the patriots for tonight's pre-season game. it's unclear how much he could play against the panthers. you will remember that he was at gillette for the last pre-season game but went home after randy: today is our final free fun friday. it's over, but you can enjoy deals at spots including the franklin park zoo in pistons, old sturbridge village, freedom trail foundation, the museum of african-american history, the norman rockwell museum. the free fun fridays have been brought to us by the highland foundation. for more go to and
6:54 am
head tomorrow to welcome home olympic gymnast aly raisman. that party will be held at the town hall at 11:00 tomorrow morning. raisman coming back from an incredible showing at the olympics in rio. she earned a gold medal and two silvers. that will be a lot of fun. >> right here in our hometown of needham. >> and well served. olessa. olessa: we've been watching a problem spot in the sumner tunnel. this happened at 3:15. you can see that vehicle there. one person is killed in this crash and two oth to the hospital. they did have it shut down during the overnight hours for that investigation. since then all lanes have reopened, all ramps to 93 are passible. give yourself extra travel time and we'll keep you posted. as far as the rest of the ride here's a look outside 93 in summerville. southbound side got the rush hour delays now in place. let's get over to the maps. still watching this crash on 24 northbound out of tauntedden.
6:55 am
once you go passed it you are fine. the expressway now about 20 minutes. broadway into boston, and the pike eastbound 15 from 495 to 128. 93 south looks good. the volume picks up at spot pond. stop and go to the lever connector but trains and buses are running on schedule. cindy is here. last weekend of summer. >> i know it. how did that happen? the radar is fairly quiet right now. there are some showers up across southwest new hampshire. they--av today. our chances for rain ramp up. they come down as we head into this evening. could be a thunderstorm as well but i am not expecting severe storms today. a lot of clouds advancing in so just partial sunshine today. it's a cold front coming through ahead of it. wow. oppressive humidity. less humid air, and you are going to feel a change as we go through the weekend. so we're in the 70s now going into the mid and upper 80s this afternoon. looking for a high of 87 in boston. a little cooler on the cape for
6:56 am
showers moving through this morning to the north but it's around lunchtime through mid afternoon and greater boston we get into the storms, and look how the focus shifts down towards the south coast and the cape by 6:00 this evening, and the storms are gone. if you are headed to fenway park, no worries. we'll fall back into the 60s s the high pressure will dominate our weekend. we're in great shape with loads of sunshine. comfortable humidity. temperatures in the mid 80s inland but cooler at the beaches. near 80 on saturday and sunday. early next week could be thunderstorm around sunday night and into monday. otherwise just the summer pattern hanging on as we go through next week, so no big cooldowns in sight. emily: i see cake. randy: i work with enough women, intern molly, it has been a great summer. i've been a great contributor, and she brought us this wonderful cake. emily: it's beautiful. can you see it? thanks for the eye opening
6:57 am
>> i have learned a lot, and be in touch. randy: you probably will be working here sometime soon. reporter: good luck at school. randy: she's going back to bridgewater state university so
6:58 am
narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight. major security breach at an airport. >> apparently, somebody jumped in a truck on the runway out there. >> a man jumps a fence, fleeing police, steals a struck and then crashing it into a plane. the investigation how this could happen. fighting words. donald trump and hillary clint of racism as trump wavers on immigration again. and hillary attacks the man running his campaign. trump's campaign manager joins us live. murder mystery in mississippi. two beloved nuns found dead. killed in their home. no suspect or motive. now a massive manhunt underway the community on edge. race against time. the hero police officer rushing to the scene to pull a passenger from a burning car.


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