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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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is an area where people might not be able to hear shots fired. no crime has happened in this area except recently, there have been a number of aikens, drug addicts breaking in. -- a number of break-ins, drug addicts breaking in. maria: tell us where ashby is people who do not know. david: it is right of bennett road. but again, a very rural area. ben: we can tell by the cell phone's figure -- all right, david, we will be back to you later. maria: and knew this breaking news -- new controversy surrounding maine's outspoken governor. it focuses on a scathing voicemail he left for a state lawmaker. ben: this afternoon lepage talking to reporters. newscenter 5's j.c. monahan is here with the recording and the governor's reaction.
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an angry, expletive-filled voicemail for state rep. drew gattine, who lepage says called him a racist. take a listen to part of the recording. governor lepage: i want you to prove i am a racist. i have spent my life helping black people and you little -- socialist -- i want you to record this and make it public, because i am after you. thank you. jc: gat never called the governor a racist. but he did say lepage's recent comments were not helpful in the fight against heroin addiction. earlier this week, lepage doubled down on comments that more than 90% of drug dealers in his state are black and hispanic people. this afternoon he defended his , method of knowing that -- a binder of mug shots and stories from local media. >> you write the stuff. i just keep it.
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jc: during a news conference earlier today, state democrats said lepage is quote not mentally or emotionally fit to hold office. you'll hear from state rep. gattine tonight at 5:00. maria: jc, thank you. so, a reward now on the table after this explosion that's considered a hate crime. ben: the target, a newspaper box for an lgbtq publication. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live in salem with new information in the case. juli: investigators hope someone will come forward with information about the suspects who placed explosives inside the "rainbow times" box. a group of 7 is seen on surveillance video walking toward the newspaper box early they run away and moments later tuesday. smoke and sparks fill that corner of derby square as the stand explodes. now the state fire marshal has issued a reward of up to $5,000
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arrest. i just spoke with the editor and publisher of the newspaper while -- the newspaper and while they admit they're still a little raw by what happened earlier this week, the "rainbow times" community across new england is really rallying stronger than before. >> we have such an outcry of community support. people have been distribution locations. >> and take a look at this, as a show of solidarity, the mayor's office and the north shore alliance of gay and lesbian youth unveiled a rainbow banner right over washington street today. it really symbolic message for those who walk or drive through downtown salem. you'll also notice the newspaper box that exploded is no longer here, it was taken as evidence by police as evidence.
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. ben and maria? ben: new drought concerns a local community in desperate need of rain. if you don't believe the numbers, take a look at that. earlier today we were walking in this ipswich dam which should at least be knee high this time of year. knee-high deepwater. now there is just rocked there and it is only expected to get , worse. watershed officials say give this another week and it will be the worst this dam has ever seen. and th m >> right now, when it is dry, all of the water we are taking up by the people exceeds the water that physically exists in the river. ben: it's just unbelievable. the dam far from the only area impacted. check out this pond in wilmington, also almost completely void of water. maria? maria: mike wankum is here.
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mike: it's really, really drive. they will be tapping into other towns. pretty bad situation. we had a little relief. did you get one of those rain showers? maria: not one. mike: i drove through one. it was like a car wash. let me show you where the rain is right now. we are pushing down toward the cape and really winding down. if you are in one of these, you're going to s a goes by and about five minutes in your back and sunshine. that is what we are thing inland. we're not looking for to much more development out of this. you see what is going on down toward the cape. nice little downpours. the strongest one offshore. you put a tracker on it. then this area here might altogether and get toward been inside a little bit -- a few
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out of that. maybe a sprinkle or to do. any rain we get is all come at this point. what is going to happen? the rain will push off. by 8:00, it will clear most areas that clear all areas. i'm looking for the humidity to drop off, not the temperatures were a. more on those in just a few minutes. ben? ben: all right, thank you very much, mike. no arrests after two nuns were murdered in mississippi. sister paula merrill seen here in tin , in stoneham. as a sister of charity for nazareth, she saw countless patients who could not afford medical care. this video, produced by her order, shows the impact she and sister margaret held made as nurse practitioners at a health clinic. police believe the nuns were the victims of a break-in. all right police in rockport , need your help right now. maria: they do. they are trying to make an arrest in a violent attack. the crime happened on pooles lane around 9:30 wednesday
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pictures from a nearby convenience store. he matches the description of the alleged attacker. police say a woman in her 50's was out for a walk when she was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground. her clothes ripped off. police say the woman did everything right. >> her continued screaming, she believes, scared him off he got off of her onto a bicycle and left the area headed for the train station. >> rockport is a very safe community. maria: rockport police don't know if the man in the surveillance pictures is local, or even if he is a suspect, but they say no one in the community has recognized him as being a rockport resident. a new hampshire karate instructor is facing charges accused of physically and sexually assaulting a young girl. ben: nashua police say daniel rogers bit the girl who is younger than 13 on the neck. the 31-year-old is also accused of touching her inappropriately. the crime allegedly happened on august 5 while rogers was working as a martial arts instructor in the city.
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sexually assaulting a classmate on campus. new filings from the victim's lawsuit against st. paul's school, and it shows that parents of other students paid $100,000 for owen labrie's defense team. the lawsuit claims the school attempted to rally its well-connected members against the victim. the school denies that accusation. ben: the controversial california judge who handed down a lenient sentence to a man convicted of sex assault will no longer hear criminal cases. judge aaron persky came under harsh criticism, after sentencing brock turner to six months in jail for assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors had asked for six years. persky is now voluntarily hearing only civil division cases. maria: a south african judge dismisses an appeal by prosecutors in the oscar pistorius case. they were calling for a harsher sentence for the paraolympian
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in prison. prosecutors call the sentence extremely light and say the judge should have used a 15-year minimum as a starting point. ben: commitment 2016: just one month from today, the republican and democratic candidates for president will meet face-to-face at the first presidential debate. maria: online and on-air, donald trump and hillary clinton are following up their barbs on bigotry. the clinton's campaign unleashing a new ad that will play in major swing states. the ad features trump trying to appeal to african american voters alongside images of white punching black protesters. trump released a video of his own on instagram reminding viewers that clinton's own words in the 90's have been called racist by several groups, from black lives matter to bernie sanders. clinton, trump, and mike pence are off the trail today. only tim kaine is out campaigning. >> if you start dividing people up against one another blame game, name calling, then all of a sudden you find that you can't
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to his team an ex-aide to new jersey governor chris christie , who was fired for his role in the bridgegate scandal. ben: one man is dead, two other men hurt after this crash in the sumner tunnel. it happened around 3:15 this morning, near the 93-north ramp. state police say 24-year-old dillon cohen died from his injuries. he was a passenger in the truck. the cause of the crash is under investigation. no arrest in the shooting of a teenager in boston. the family of 18-year-old thought she heard two friends arguing on mclellan street early thursday morning. when she ran outside to check, she was hit by gunfire. she's now in critical condition. her family says they do not believe she was the target. the mayor of amatrice, italy says aftershock damage to two roads threatens to isolate the
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the latest tremor, 4.7 magnitude, struck overnight. scientists have counted 470 aftershocks. yesterday news crews captured one while filming in the italian town. more than 260 people are confirmed dead after the initial 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck early wednesday morning. and you can see just how vast the damage is across several communities in central italy. rescuers continue to dig through debris as many more are missing and feared dead. ben: all police officers are dead after a car bomb attack in turkey. this happened in the country's southeast province at a checkpoint some 50 yards from a police station. at least 78 others were hurt in the explosion. no word on who is responsible. maria: new at 4:30: new hampshire police investigating a heartless crime. ben: flamingos used to support a young girl with cancer stolen. the flamingos had been placed around town as part of a fundraiser to support 12-year-old abby van dyke. she's a 7th grader at weare middle school recently diagnosed with leukemia.
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information about the thefts to give them a call. maria: federal charges might be on the way for the driver of this pickup truck. the man allegedly stole the truck crashing it into a southwest airlines plane at an airport in omaha nebraska. -- in nebraska. police say the man started screaming and acting strangely near the airport's parking garage. while officers were trying to calm him down, that is when he apparently and drove it head-on into the plane. a pilot and a flight attendant suffered minor injuries. ben: time to flashforward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. maria: a new critical care unit for infants with a focus on the entire family's health. a look at the facility at brigham and women's. ben: on newscenter 5 at 6:00: caught on camera, the victim in a hit and run on the cape manages to take a picture of the suspects before they get away.
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we sit down with the boston catcher who abruptly called it quits. mike: i'm tracking and very isolated area of showers and downpours. ben: and we are following breaking news this evening -- tiga bodies, and man and a woman, discovered outside a home on bennett road in ashby. those victims were in the front yard. state police on scene. you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party
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still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ben: friday night, let's is the road. you're looking live at the zakim. does nala to bed. southeast expressway headed to be sure, along 40 minute drive. upper deck to 128. 37 minutes to the 128 slow until you clear the work zone there. throughout on the bike, weston tolls to 495 -- 495 slow. brett said it to the kenny chesney concert in foxborough. you're looking at seven minutes on this friday afternoon.
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a rare sight of the cape. and one man definitely took notice, an excited fisherman had an unexpected encounter with the orca whales about 12 miles off chatham. a group was looking for tuna when the pod was spotted. it's a very colorful piece of audio, i should say. [laughter] i will put it that way. it is classic massachusetts. ben: a tuna bro? maria: breaux is in there. so, we need the rain. we got a little bit. mike: it's hard to find the rain showers out there, but at least some people are getting a little bit out of it. i wish we had more. let me show you where the rain is right now. if you look at the cape, isolated showers.
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15 minutes or so and they will give you downpours. that's about it. i have not seen any lightning associated with it. it moves through in a matter of moments. boy, the eastern edge of this is going to fall apart a little bit. a little bit in the can now, you are driving down route 3, a downpour here, and you're out of it prett nighttime, the skies clear away. overnight, the skies are clearing. you noticed today was really muggy. you felt like there had to be showers out there. in the did happen. the humidity will be going down pretty slowly. i think by don, you will notice it feeling just a little bit better. i do point of 70, that is as ugly as it gets. that dew point was higher earlier today.
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tomorrow, we go down to the pleasant range. then it starts to left back up again sunday, monday. we get a little break from it. not a big break. you see that air flowing in? the humidity is lower than it was. here are the winds tonight at 1 a.m. here they are from the northwest. the wind switches around from a morning to a northeasterly direction in the afternoon. if you are right near the shoreline, you'll notice it dropping a little bit. temperatures in the 60's. in the city, upper 60's, and still muggy, as i mentioned, but then that humidity will be coming in. right of the shoreline, maybe the 70's. inland, it will be another warm one, but the humidity will be
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the tropics. we have a couple systems. let's check the first one. this is invest 99. so disorganized it does not even have a name yet. if you look at our computer models, they are hinting they will slide south of florida. and guest on does look like it will the -- gaston does look like it will be a lot -- be a hurricane again. it will not even threaten the east coa sunshine. cool, warm inland. manageable. really right now it's looking like it would be late sunday into monday morning -- kind of unusual for that, but still 88 degrees. a cold front coming through wednesday. a couple opportunities. it looks like we will have those morning chances of thunderstorms.
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we need it. thanks. the fda wants all u.s. blood banks to start screening for the zika virus. maria: that's a major expansion they say is an effort to protect the nation's blood supply. the new advisory means all states and territories will have to begin testing blood donations for zika. until now, that's only been done in areas with active zika transmission, places like puerto rico and two counties in florida. signs of triple-e now being detected in massachusetts. mosquitoes infected with the virus were found this week in yarmouth. it's the first time the town has seen the potentially fatal virus. town officials have begun more monitoring and testing in the area. ben: dominos is taking a new approach to delivery service. the testing overseas and the possibility that we could see it in the u.s. -- maria: but before we go to break, a look at how wall street
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ben: back to our breaking news, two people found dead in that home in ashby. we have a crew on the scene. we will bring you the latest on newscenter 5 at 5:00. maria: to your economy -- a new hint that interest rates could go up. ben: federal reserve chair janet
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rates in light of a solid job market and an improved outlook for the u.s. economy and inflation. maria: yellen is stopping short of signaling any timetable for the next rate hike. we will let you know. ben: it's a good time to work for an airline. a new report showing most american and united airlines workers are seeing a significant pay raise. american airlines pilots got a 23% raise last year. united pilots, 16%. also of note, 30,000 ground workers for american getting a 15 to 55% raise. the raises come after years of seems like they are finally doing pretty well. maria: special delivery. domino's pizza is trying to become the first company to offer that -- ben: no way. maria: yes, they are doing it. you have to give in, then. drone delivery. the chain conducted a demonstration in new zealand. they believe it will save time and money. the u.s. will be allowed to make drone deliveries beginning monday.
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zealand. a police officer's good deed backfires a bit.
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now? excuse me. again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots?
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run, but i don't think i can out run pepe le pew. maria: notice the skunk walking in circles with a cup over its face. so he tried to help. he made a quick getaway but not fast enough. that officer needed a new uniform. newscenter 5 at 5:00 is next. >> now on newscenter 5 -- jc: going after the vandals who targeted lgbtq newspaper. ben: tirade. his target and what had him so angry. mike: tracking showers and downpours. when they move out and the hot air moves in. >> and a new spin on critical care units for infants. the boston hospital taking the entire family into account. >> from boston pro news leader,
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jc: we begin with breaking news, a man and woman found dead outside a home in ashby. good evening. i'm jc monohan. ben: and i'm ben simmoneau. sky 5 over the scene as investigators are just beginning their work to figure out what happened. newscenter 5's diane cho is at the breaking news desk. diane? diane: we are now learning that a man and woman were found dead outside of an ashby home this afternoon. this is happening in a rural area off watatic mountain road in northern middlesex county. a spokesperson for the police department is saying authorities do not believe there is a danger to the public and they aot this time. in video from sky 5 we could see the bodies located on either side of the front door on the lawn. authorities were called out to the home just before 2:00 this afternoon, but the circumstances surrounding what happened are still unclear. >> it is a dead-end road, essentially. it is blocked off. there's not supposed to be traffic up there.


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