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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  August 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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announcer: now on newscenter 5. reid: breaking news, a raging the flames and smoke that could be seen for miles and the challenges for crews fighting this inferno. diane: three shootings in boston, two of them fatal, under investigation right now. the message from city leaders after a night of violence. >> may i introduce to you need him' -- needham's own aly raisman! reid: there she is. a big welcome home for needham's
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support for aly raisman. diane: breaking at 6:00, firefighters battling intense, fast-moving flames that ripped through this home on plum island. this video sent to us by one of our viewers. the inferno could be seen for miles. hello, everyone. i'm diane cho. reid: i'm reid lamberty. tonight there are questions about how this fire started. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live on scene with new information. juli: the most important thing is that no one was hurt in this -- no one was inside the house when it went up in flames earlier this afternoon. three people live here. no one was home at the time. two neighboring homes have been damaged by the heat of the flames. none of the families that live in those homes will be displaced. on a picture-perfect beach day, neighbors and tourists on plum island were stunned by thick black smoke that could be seen for miles. closer to 20th street, they watched in horror as flames tore
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seconds. it started from the top floor, it looked like. and then went all the way down. the whole front of the house was completely engulfed. juli: as soon as firefighters pulled up, around 1:00, they immediately called a fifth alarm. more than 11 departments from middleton to new hampshire rushed here to help. >> it's very hard in the heat. that's why so many mutual aid companies came in. it takes double the man power to fight it in the heat like this. juli: one firefighter was taken to the hospital to be treated for heat-related illness, others were evaluated at the scene. one of the people who lived in the house was returning from the beach himself when he realized the emergency was at his address. >> it's very surreal right now. it hasn't set in. tonight i will not go back to my house. everything is gone. my car blew up. everything inside is gone. it's very upsetting to see something like that happen. juli: again, the most important thing is no one was badly hurt in this fire.
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the cars of the people who lived here were badly damaged. fire investigators have been here all afternoon trying to figure out how it started. reid: two more deadly shootings last night in boston. those come on top of a recent spike in the city's violence. newscenter 5's david bienick is live at the scene of one of the shootings with more on the statistics and what the mayor has to say about safety in the city. david? david: good evening to you. late today, we saw officers with search neighborhood, looking for a firearm. the police commissioner tells us he doesn't think these two fatal shootings are directly linked, other than they are both part of this increase in violence. music and dancing on the streets , but late-night parties sometimes lead to violence. -- late-night parties that often come with these late-summer festivals sometimes lead to
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were fatal, including one outside this 7-eleven in jamaica plain in which a man in a wheelchair was shot and another on this street in dorchester. >> we put a lot of resources out last night. as you know, we can't be everywhere. but it wasn't due to a lack of effort. david: these two most recent homicides bring the total for the year so far in boston to 24, including five so far this month. >> we've had a stretch of really one letter -- really warm weather lately. nt david: at this rate, boston is on track to have about 37 homicides in 2016. that would be lower than last year's total of 40 and the previous year's total of 54. at that time, among u.s. cities with more than 250,000 people, boston's homicide rate ranked 34th. >> the blame is on parents. we've got all these gangs and stuff. it starts at home. david: do you feel safe in your
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best out of what i have and not worry about and i going to be here tomorrow. diane: -- david: with more midnight parties expected to last late into the night, the police commissioner says extra officers will again be on the streets. live in boston, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. diane: new tonight, boston police make an arrest in a deadly shooting last weekend. a man was found dead last saturday on dudley terrace in dorchester. a woman had also been shot. today, boston police arrested 22-year-old aaron almeida on a murder charge. reid: skyline on this saturday evening, the last saturday in august. preparing to turn the page on yet another calendar month. >> what a beautiful day, not that much cooler than yesterday, but the humidity was down. normal high temperatures, about 78 degrees. you can't find a cloud.
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they may give us a little round late tomorrow night. the timing of that will be after midnight, it looks like. a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in all the way to 490 five. outside of that, temperatures well into the 80's again. over the next 12 hours in boston, temperatures will drop off into the 60's. a very comfortable night headed our way. we will also be watching what's going on in the tropics. more details on that as well as what you can expect for the week to come. reid for the person who stole an ambulance this morning. the boston ems ambulance was taken from charlestown just before 5:00 a.m. and found abandoned in everett about a half-hour later. state, boston, and everett police were all on scene investigating on drive b off of veterans avenue. no word on whether any equipment was stolen. diane: tufts university campus on alert tonight after a student woke up to a stranger standing in their bedroom. just before 6:00 this morning campus police were called to the home on college avenue in
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ran out of the home and took off in a dark colored sedan. police have increased patrols in that area. mbta police are asking for your help tonight to identify this man right here. he is wanted for questioning in connection to lewd conduct on a green line trolley. the alleged incident happened earlier this month. anyone with information is urged to contact the police. reid: -- diane: a suspect is under arrest in the murder of two nuns in mississippi. overnight, police charged this man, rodney sanders, with two counts of capital murder. he's accused in the stabbing deaths of sister margaret held and sister paula merrill. sister merrill is from stoneham, massachusetts. her family released a statement today saying, in part,"we pray for mr. sanders and ache for the consequences in his life that drove him to take this terrible action." reid: investigators have determined the cause of an overnight fire in manchester-by-the-sea. authorities say a malfunction in the basement's dehumidifier unit started a fire in the vine street home around 1:30 this
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residents to the danger and they were able to get out of the building in time. the fire was knocked down within an hour and no one was hurt. a tractor-trailer fire in charlton shut down the pike for about an hour today. the fire started around 7:30 this morning on the mass pike west underneath the hammond hill road overpass. the area was cleared about 9:00 this morning. cause of the fire is still unknown. diane: donald from taking his campaign to iowa today. the gop nominee spoke at the this afternoon. one of his main focuses, boosting economic growth and helping america's farmers. he told the crowd, many of them were farmers, he will make america grow again. mr. trump: that includes our plan to take taxes on family farms down to 15% and to stop double taxation's on farms, helping to ensure that the family farm tradition in iowa continues to thrive and flourish
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hillary clinton, saying that she, "she wants to shut down family farms, just like she wants to shut down the mines and the steelworkers." dianereid: hillary clinton got r first intelligence briefing as a presidential nominee today. she is at home in new york and has no events scheduled. also today the state department says it will begin releasing batches of documents tied to clinton's daily schedule from her time as secretary of state. but not all the detailed schedules will be released before the election. coming up next, the family of a child who died in foster care marking the anniversary of her death and calling on state leaders for justice. diane: an owl, saved after flying into a green line train, now facing new complications when it comes to fixing its wing. mike: the tropics might be heating up, but not our weather. i will show you when we might get a taste of fall like temperatures. >> coming up in sports jimmy
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announcer: the 10:00 news, now on comcast channel 942, verizon
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announcer: you are watching news center five at 6:00. reid: marking one year after the death of a toddler in massachusetts foster care, the family of avalco remembrance in worcester. after the toddler's death, an investigation found avalena's foster mother kim malpass did not receive a thorough enough background check. her grandfather says he is angry about the way the case has been handled. >> i am not going to live to see a cold case develop. i will not die until the truth comes out.
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does remain under investigation and the detectives, quote, " work hard to bring justice to the victims, especially victims that don't have a voice." diane: the cousin of nba star dwyane wade was shot killed yesterday in chicago. 32-year-old nykea aldridge was pushing her baby in a stroller when two men began shooting at another man on the street. stray bullets struck aldridge in the head and arm. her child was not hurt. wade's mother spoke about the the tragedy while holding her sister, the victim's mother. the undefeated, talking about the violence that's going on within our city, chicago. never knowing that, the next day, we would be the ones that would be actually living and experiencing it. diane: police are currently questioning two people in this case. a big welcome back for a hometown hero in needham. reid: a crowd of supporters out today for the rally for aly.
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reid: two sea turtles were rescued today in cape cod bay. the two leatherback turtles were found entangled in a buoy line earlier this morning. officials from the center for coastal studies say the turtles suffered only minor injuries. and that owl saved by green line employees, now facing medical complications. the screech owl's wing was broken when it hit a trolley at brookline village this week. but now vets at tufts university say surgery will be challenging because the owl's blood won't flow properly. vets say the condition is linked to rat poison and is common in predators like owls and hawks. aly: to all the little girls who came out today, i hope one day i can watch you in the olympics. diane: olympic champion aly raisman getting a big welcome back from her hometown of needham today. she showed off her 3 medals at the rally for aly and thanked
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kazakiewich is here with more on the celebration. todd: she said she felt the support and pride in person. >> may i introduce to you needham's own aly raisman! todd: if there's anything better than going to the olympics, it's coming home a champion. saturday, needham's own gold medal gymnast aly raisman is honored in her hometown. >> aly! aly! needham, but memories of the summer games in rio are much closer than the time and distance passed. >> what's your favorite part of rio outsides competing? aly: meeting zac efron, i guess. i've really accomplished everything i ever could have dreamed of, especially getting that all around medal -- medal.
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says she'll never stop dreaming about her goals and those of her fans. aly: to all the little girls that came out today, i hope one day i can watch you all in the olympics. todd: she plans on taking a break eventually. her near future includes touring with her teammates and presenting at the vma's tomorrow. reid: what beautiful gold medal weather. yesterday was kind of muggy. got this afternoon. we had a few spots, as we did yesterday, gets very close to the 90-degree mark. the humidity was much lower today than what it was yesterday. over towards marshfield, a little bit of a sea breeze kept things cooler. right now in boston, the sea breeze is in. it's only 75 degrees.
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now we are talking about dew points in the 50's. that puts us into this comfortable range we have been at today. tomorrow, it will inch a little bit of. -- up. monday, a little bit muggier. overall, we've gone through some of the worst humidity the last couple of days. tonight, under clear skies, it will be comfortable. like breeze, not much of a breeze. -- much of a breeze. tomorrow, comfortable. the sea breeze kicking in. inland, 84 to 88 degrees. maybe even upper 70's. if you're thinking about making a beach -- making it of each day tomorrow, look at these temperatures. air temperature tomorrow, 80 degrees, sunny, like southeastern -- light southeasterly wind. the recurrent risk is low.
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plenty of beach space. speaking of beaches and the tropics and everything going on with the ocean, we have three systems to talk about. this is called invest 99. it has not been organized enough to get a name. computer models are indicating it will probably head toward the gulf of mexico. we could use east coast. it looks like parts of louisiana could be seeing some more flooding rain. in the atlantic, guest on -- gaston. this is the big one. this looks like it will become a hurricane later tonight. if you look at our computer models, it looks like it is going to track its way up into the north atlantic, a long way from land. over the next 48 hours, it could
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from the coast. this is a new feature we are watching. it does not have a name associated with it. as it tracks toward the coast, it may drop some heavier rain into north carolina. we will keep an eye on that. speaking of slight risk, tomorrow night, we have a slight risk of seeing scattered showers in here. it's not much of a threat. there will be some showers off most of us are going to miss out on this one. there is a chance of seeing a spot shower on monday, another chance of seeing some spot showers on wednesday. the week ahead is looking very dry. toward the end of the week, look at those high temperatures, into the 70's. cool weather moving back into the forecast. that's my latest forecast. announcer: now, here is
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xfinity. josh: when your baseball team loses three in a row and you need a quality start, you lean on your ace. david price was supposed to be that guy this season for the red sox. tonight he takes the mound, looking to shut down the hottest team in baseball. the royals have won -- price's outing was one of his best all season, eight strikeouts. for the season, he is now 12-8 and finally seems to be pitching they went out to get. he will face danny duffy, a lefty who's 11-1 this season for kansas city. price konw -- knows the vats will have to return against a tough team -- knows the bats will have to return against a tough team. >> we feel like every game with a, we want to take advantage of
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we know it's coming down to the wire. we've got to go out and win. josh: it's not all wins and losses during the preseason. did the much talked about three headed quarterback monster work against the panthers? coach bill belichick has been talking about jimmy garoppolo as the priority, getting him ready for game one. tom brady. four from jimmy. garoppolo took a sack and nearly threw an interception that should have been caught. asked about his week for preseason quarterback in a conference call today, bill belichick said they need to get jimmy ready for arizona, it's tom's last chance to play for a
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-- tony romo could be out six to 10 weeks after this hit on the third play of the game in seattle. he fractured vertebra in his back. he missed 12 games last season with a broken collarbone and has had back surgery before. the cowboys went 1-11 without him last year. the twins in toronto. high right field, max kepler. the center fielder, eddie was reo, can't do much better -- the center fielder can't do much better. the yankees catcher has been the hottest hitter in the majors. his 11th homer in just 80 at-bats. getting very close now in the al
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three games back, the orioles.
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reid: a final look at our forecast. mike: a beautiful day. late in the day, there may be a few clouds. possibly tomorrow night and into monday, a chance of some showers, but only 20%, very slim.
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monday. after that, look at that, cooler weather heading into the labor day weekend. reid: we need the rain. mike: we will keep a close watch on the tropics. reid: thank you for joining us tonight. abc's "world news" is next. diane: for all those pokers, and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise.
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. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. the midair scare at 30,000 feet. a southwest flight bound for orlando making an emergency landing. the cabin losing pressure. one of the plane's two engines torn away. the hunt for the suspects who killed a young mother walking with her daughter on the streets of chicago. the victim, the cousin of an nba star. dwyane wade's message tonight. donald trump under fire for his response to that tragedy from the very voters he's desperately trying to win over. >> it can't get any worse. what do you have to lose? >> now hillary clinton under fire too. tonight an abc news exclusive, the new e-mails. did her top aides give to


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