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tv   On the Record  ABC  August 28, 2016 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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ed: good morning, everyone. it's time to go "on the record." donald trump: if our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold -- ed: the former secretary of state denies it. and so does wrong with creating jobs and saving lives. ed: will the clinton foundation haunt her through november? >> i never touched her around her waist. ed: the roger ailes sex scandal. is this fair to the former u.s. senator?
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will anything be encompassed in best accomplished -- anything be accomplished in congress in the next month? >> it's labor day. do you know where your presidential vote is going? ed: thank you for joining us on this sunday as we head toward fall. our guest this morning's congressman bill keating. he sits on the house homeland security committee. here. ed: you have your summer tan going. janet: we are winding down, but you are about to go back to work. there is a lot of unfinished business in congress. no gun control legislation, supplemental budget in desperate need for zika funding. what is going on with that?
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version in the house the other day. yet, was not enough money to deal with it. the senate is stalled. i'm always the glass half full kind of person. because of political pressure in florida in particular, you might see final action on this. we wasted too much time. we never should've left without fully funding zika. there's 200 cases in t 512 as of the last week or so, pregnant women whose laboratory tests are showing the zika virus. even in massachusetts, there's about 59. all of those in massachusetts came from traveling. none from the mosquito transfer, but in florida, you are starting
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about -- janet: politics is involved now. rep. keating: it drives me crazy. these issues are not partisan issues. they are basic health issues. i'm infuriated not having dealt with that now. you can deal with it at some any levels, but women who are pregnant with all the challenges they are going to face because of this virus -- if you really want to be crude about it, it is foolish economically, too. this is something that can be dealt with. taking money from ebola was not a good idea, either. we had hearings saying do not take money from ebola funding
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right back at you. ed: there will be concerns in louisiana with the standing water, concerns in the state of texas. they had a record 500 million visitors in florida. the human impact is important. is congress prepared to deal with the economic impact as well? rep. keating: they have buried their heads in the sand with some of these issues. infrastructure is a great issue. if you are going to pay for it later. continuing resolutions by their nature are inefficient. there's waste involved in dealing with government this way. ed: back in september, you had four weeks to cut a deal. rep. keating: i think we will deal with congressional resolutions going forward.
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, they will catapult into action. ed: a quick fix or a longer-term spending deal? rep. keating: it would be a quick fix. don't forget, john boehner did an enormous thing to alleviate a crisis -- they put a to vacate the speakership. they waited until the fall so it would coincide with another government shutdown. they were using an issue like planned parenthood -- the pope came. john boehner left. this shows you how government can work.
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leader in the house and said you got 30 days to work with me. i have enough of my people with enough of your people to get something done and he staved off the closing of the government, we have a budget agreement and terms of proportion going into next spring. josie we can still do think that we work together. janet: under the umbrella of all this is the race for president. you obviously support hillary clinton for president. the ap found that more than half the people outside the government who met hillary clinton while she was a very estate -- while she was secretary of state gave money to the clinton foundation. rep. keating: number one, that is half of what the ap did -- this is my view of the clinton foundation. from my own first and involvement. i saw time and time again where
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issues. bill gates and his work, he would meet with us in foreign affairs and talk about how he would leverage this. there's the ability to do it. no one is contesting the foundation itself because number one, half the people getting aids treatment in the world are getting treatment there. ed: it's not the work of the foundation. the work is extraordinary. it's the acce. rep. keating: i'm just sifting through it the way most people are. some of the things that the crown prince of buahrain, they will have access to this escape state anyway. -- to the secretary of state
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people would have access anyway. they never found one quid pro quo -- i will say this with journalists. when you look at these other countries i've traveled in, what sets us apart and makes us stronger is that we have journalistic probes into things. that is healthy. ed: you come it does pass the smell test? rep. keating: conflict. ed: i want to ask you about the a few pen price -- at the pen -- at thepipen price. the price was $950. it went from $95 to $950 in eight years. the ceos salary went from $2
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competitors. one of the competitors had difficulties with the fda. that left them alone in this playing field. one thing we can do is really fast track competitors. you have control with our constitutional rights -- if someone is alone in the playing field and there are potential et price down, we should move -- look at those issues singularly. ed: are you ready for the pop quiz? rep. keating: never. ed: you're going to nail it. question one, governor baker toward which community hit by an
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ed: we're back with congressman bill keating. restored voting rights to felons -- 13,000 felons? rep. keating: i will take a guess. florida, south carolina? ed: virginia. rep. keating: that was my third choice. ed: we talked about the epipen scandal.
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of mylan is the daughter of which state senator? west virginia. the u.s. taking home the most medals of any nation -- which country came in second? rep. keating: ethiopia? ed: china. janet: it's over. let's go to isis of it. turkey went into syria. is it enough to destroy isis? what will it take for us to get rid of this? rep. keating: we are doing extremely well on the ground. the general was in my district
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-- extraordinary job of a homegrown guy right here in massachusetts. we are making gains on the ground. turkey is doing this in part because of the syrian kurds. they consider them a threat to their country. their number one target has been assad. indirectly. that's helping him indirectly. we are doing well on the ground. this has metastasized all over the world. janet: and here, which concerned people. rep. keating: here, we have investigations in all 50 states. we are safer here than probably any country.
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foreign fighters coming back to syria for europe. 20% of those fighters have gone back to their homelands. that is one step closer to us -- it is a challenge. ed: thank you so muchor
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one in five boston families does not have internet
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>> labor day is fast approaching. a time when many voters focus in even more intently on a presidential choice. how about you? >> i'm focusing much earlier than that.
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gary johnson. >> i've been paying attention to the johnson-weld campaign. >> genuinely undecided right now? >> i am. >> i will sit it out. >> both candidates seem to be very poor choices at this point. >> like a lot of americans, feeling a bit hopeless. the greatest country in the world his left with the two choices we have. that is left with the two choices we have. ed: the selection has been where. that has been weird. janet: trump says hillary and
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pay the price -- half the donors got access to the secretary of state. >> it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. janet: how bad is that for the democratic candidate who already has perceived credibility problems? >> this has looked bad and continues to drive the narrative of the clintons -- it's been around for 30 plus years. if you look at democrats, two thirds of democrats have problems with trust and hillary clinton. this continues to drive the narrative that's already in place. janet: do you have trust issues?
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this is something that has done so much good persimmon you people. -- for so many people. to me, this is outrageous. ed: can't the foundation's good work continue without the clintons? >> i don't think they are overreaching. organization. this is something that helps kids, prevents aids. >> the comment this week by a hillary clinton spokesperson that the clinton foundation is helping with malaria and aids and doing all this good work, that may be. the problem i have is when they turn around and say you if you
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what a ridiculous thing to say. ed: donald trump a softening on immigration. wasn't the hardline a primary reason for his running? for every action, there is a reaction. it will hurt him with the hard-core republican vote. ed: whose vote is he reacng he essentially adopted their plan for immigration reform. there is no trump plan. trump is now believing his own words i could stand on fifth avenue with the gun -- it is a
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republican voters in suburbs. janet: a new clinton campaign ad -- trump is too unstable to leave the country on national security issues. >> in times of crisis, america depends on steady leadership. >> knock the craft out of him, would you? >> clear thinking. >> i know more about isis than the general david >> and calm judgment. >>nd ep] themselves. >> this is another version of an ad that hillary clinton ran several months ago. our children are watching. it is very effective because it goes to the heart of the problem with donald trump. does he have the temperament to be president?
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i think it is a very effective at -- add. janet: how does he counter the belief that some people have that he is too dangerous? >> he has no message, he doesn't stay on message. ed: i want to move on to former senator scott brown. he calls the allegations of sexual false. his wife had some strong words. >> to be charged like this in a public forum is outrageous. and should be illegal. what is happening here is nothing less than a witchhunt. ed: the suit does not name scott
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fox, roger ailes and some executives. is this fair to the former u.s. senator? >> we don't know much. we only know what andrea claims in her suit, which is more targeted toward the bigger problems at fox. senator brown deserves number 22 have his side of the story told. i'm not going to jump on this. -- senator brown deserves to have his side of the story on a 1970's kind of business model. i'm hoping when more is learned, he can -- >> this will be settled very quickly. how can scott brown clear his name? it will be very difficult for scott brown to clear his name.
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where do i go to get my reputation back? janet: he is denying it emphatically. >> he and his wife stood out in front of it. ed: we continue "on the record."
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>> i think he got grounded. he did not know what to tell the fellas. get a band-aid. mitt romney keeps looking better and better each week for not coming out for donald trump saying he's a good guy. >> to keep narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent,
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kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. amoco >> today on "matter of fact," wild card races. republican senators in a high stakes game. will money deliver the win, on the battleground? then, should we build a wall? or build a bridge? does this guest have, a compromise? plus, a "matter of fact" special report. conspiracy theory, or reality? could your vote be hacked? and, soledad o'brien, we're very excited to open up the conversation. what's she saying about the year in politics? ? jessica: welcome to "matter of


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