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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  August 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nicole: we will start with an update on the rescue, with a man rescued from the third floor of this building. he was transferred to the hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries. this is still a very active scene. you can see debris from the building, multiple departments fighting the flames of for several hours now. we can see in the video flames rolling over the southbridge building as firefighters scrambled to get to the majority of those claims. firefighting continues. the problem is the amount of days between the floors, access have been tough. residents -- businesses and residential completely destroyed, including one of the oldest hair salons that has been here nearly three decades. >> i am totally in shock.
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renovated just a few years ago. the owner saying she will rebuild. several people have also been displaced. firefighters don't have the exact number, but it is 98% contained. multiple ceilings in between floors, so it has been tough. they are checking on that now. multiple departments here on scene. newscenter 5. todd: right now a deadly crash between a bicyclist and a mbta train is under investigation. newscenter 5's john atwater is near the crash site on park street. john: the witness went right through the street as the train was coming. witnesses yelled at the man to stop, but it was too late. investigators and witnesses say the signals were working. the man went through anyway.
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is not even realize the man was going -- >> i could not believe that just happened. i kind of thought he would slow down and recognize there was a train coming. and everyone, every pedestrian that was there leaving, i think everyone was expecting him to stop, and they said whoa, wait because he was not slowing down. john: police say this man in his late 20's. family. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. diane: looking at the summit -- sunday -- city of boston. we are looking at rain chances overnight, where are they? john: it is not -- mike: it is not a great chance, but it is a chance. it is way out to the west, still
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us. nothing but beautiful blue skies, and that was how it was today. highs officially at 78. away from the water, temperatures in the 80's, but where we are talking about, bubbling up right now, as it moves into our area, it is not as strong as it was. around 10:00 we see showers. maybe even a rumble of thunder across parts of vermont, and if you would like to see this come sweeping through, it instead move off to the east. the best chance is going to be across the granite state tonight. it may come down to the mass pike, but that is as far as it goes. there is a lot of moisture in the air. we have another chance to see scattered showers in the morning. in boston, temperature will be dropping a little bit. in the city, the 60's. a little warmer than last night, and keeping an eye on the
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when the temperatures cool down, some places you in the 40's, this week. todd: thank you. awake -- a wake is being held for two nuns killed in mississippi. this morning, sister margaret held and sister paula merrill were remembered at st. patrick's parish the church where merrill was baptized. >> we pray that the pointless murder of saint paula merrill and sister margaret will awaken consciences,d heart, and a renewed commitment to serving those who are most in need. todd: the two nuns were found dead in their mississippi home last week. now, a suspect is behind bars. this man, rodney sanders, will face a judge tomorrow. todd: police say he confessed to the crime but did not give a motive. he was on probation after being convicted of felony dui. diane: in new hampshire a
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this morning. investigators focused their search of the park on bleachers near a baseball field. no information about the victim's identity has been released at this time. police say they're waiting until his family has been notified. two kids are seriously hurt in a crash that briefly shut down the mass pike this afternoon in natick near exit 13. an suv lost control in the eastbound lanes and rolled over. an 11-year-old and six-month-old were flown to a hospital with serious injuries. the other people weren't hurt. fighting a three alarm fire. this was the scene early this morning in northborough. he suffered minor injuries but is expected to be ok. a person inside the home was treated for smoke inhalation. the cause is still under investigation. todd: less than a week after this explosion which destroyed a distribution box for an lgbt newspaper, a new one will be installed. police in salem are investigating the explosion as a hate crime. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat
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shaun: yeah, and about an hour, the mayor and newspaper owners are going to be here to dedicate that new box. a few seconds ago, someone came by and placed that new box break year. it is being placed in the same spot where the box was blown up. that explosion sent sparks and smoke flying in downtown salem, nearly a week ago. security video caught a group of about seven people, targeting the rainbow times newspaper stand. the owners of been targeted by vandals a dozen times in three months. that act of vandalism is being investigated as a hate crime. but the gay newspaper says it will not deter them. >> we will be setting up our box right back in the same location. it is a symbolic event for us where we are just saying, we are not going to be censored, be defeated. whatever their intention was,
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come together. flying rainbow flags throughout town. police still need your help finding out whoever did this, and the state fire marshal is also offering now a $5,000 reward. live in salem, shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. todd: police are looking for a statue stolen from an uxbridge cemetery. this angel statue, in the bottom right corner, is missing from its place in the graveyard. its cement base, also ripped from the ground. policeay sometime within the last week. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. diane: two people are dead and dozens more hurt after a bus crashed into a firetruck on a highway in louisiana. police say the bus was driving flood recovery workers from new orleans to baton rouge. as marci gonzalez reports, police say the bus driver didn't have the correct license. >> turn it around. reporter: chaos on interstate 10 in louisiana.
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shutting down the busy highway. a pickup truck was speeding on the slick roadway with it hit a guardrail. firefighters responded, and minutes later, the charter bus slammed into the scene, taking three firemen, two more vehicles and a pickup truck. the firefighters were thrown over the edge of the highway into the water below. one of them died from his injuries. to transport 40 other people injured, another person in one of the cars hit also died. the interstate littered with debris. >> we need help out here quick. reporter: the driver does not have a license, from honduras and in the u.s. illegally. dozens of people were workers heading to construction and
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here illegally. todd: coming up on newscenter 5 at 6:00, a major development in the murder of a woman in chicago the cousin of nba star dwayne , wade. what had the police superintendent so frustrated even as he announced arrests. diane: and a transit offered took heroic action caught on camera. next how he got a man to safety just before he could have been hit by a train. mike: the humidity was down this weekend, but it is up tonight. josh: the red sox will be their hottest hitters.
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diane: family and friends gather in chicago in memory of this woman killed when she got caught in crossfire. todd: police have made two arrests in that death. reporter: no holding back. >> we need to put them in jail and keep them there. reporter: expressing frustration even after he announces the arrest of two men responsible for this death. >> it was a clear failure of the criminal justice system here in chicago. reporter: she was pushing her newborn baby in a stroller, returning from registering her children for school when she was caught in the crossfire. her death shining a spotlight in
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, all done by handgun. eddie t. johnson: chicago has recovered an illegal handgun every hour of the year of 2016. we recover more guns than la and ny combined. eva: the men now charged in adlridge's murder, brothers 26-year-old darwin and 22-year-old derren sorrells. police say the brothers targeted a man working as a driver in the area, when they opened fire on him. the bullets hit aldridge. eddie johnson: these two offenders are the prime example chicago with repeat gun offenders. eva: the wade family holding a prayer vigil on the city's south side, gathering with friends and community members. >> you can't have vengeance on anyone, you can't hate anyone. it is not going to bring her back. eva: hoping aldridge's death and these new arrests will turn a tragedy into a rallying cry and action. eva pilgrim, abc news, chicago.
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week. the ban will be phased in starting thursday. it will start with businesses that are larger than 10,000 square feet, smaller business have until december 5. to comply with the new rules. plastic bags used for produce, meat and frozen foods are not included in the ban. a transit officer in new jersey being hailed a hero. todd: he steps on to step the
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todd: a transit officer in new jersey did everything he could to save a man's life. diane: he was called to this station because a man was despondent. the man jumped onto the track and refuse to move, so the officer took action, pulling him off the tracks seconds before this train could not stop. todd: a new hampshire homeowner getting quite a shock this morning.
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jason alexander says the bear dropped the feeder when he came out of the house. bear sightings are up this year, that is because a poor berry crop causing bears to search for food elsewhere. fish and game officials warn people to keep a safe distance and not to leave birdfeeders out. john: could you imagine waking up to that? todd: chasing it with the camera isot mike: well, the weather, with bears, you usually think of cooler, but pitchers in the 80's. delaware at 88 degrees. unless you are near the water, 79, austin 79, the cape 80 degrees today. looking over the city, not a cloud.
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. it seems manageable today, higher but not by much. looking at the satellite picture, nothing much going on. here is the issue tonight. dollars, you will hear a rumble of thunder. most of it is to the north. you see where it is at up to orange, it may sag as far south as the mouth, but there were not get much. in the morning, there is a most of us will not see anything out of it. plenty of sunshine in here. a little bit of a muggy day, but falling off in the afternoon. isolated shower north of the pike. 64, 68 degrees. tomorrow turns less humid. let's check on the tropics, they are very active right now. . we have three systems, this one upgraded from invest to a
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nine. gaston is the tropical storm heading to the north -- hurricane, the strongest one. it will be in europe by 10 days. this one will move to the gulf of mexico and drop rain on laces that don't need it. we want to keep an eye on this one, number eight. it is moving its way to the north carolina coast. all of the computer models agree it is heading that way. tropical storm. here is where it becomes interesting for us. we have a wedge of cold air coming in. most of the models saying exactly what is going to happen. moving off on the ocean. if that air does not move in in time, we will get moisture at the coast. that would be beneficial. so this is happening in the later part of the week. we will keep an eye on that coming in. tonight there is a wedge coming
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tomorrow morning. and the high around that, slides out and we get drier air tuesday. we will break it down over the next seven days. tonight there are chances, and then most of us stay dry. tuesday, 82 degrees low humidity. and morning temperatures will be comfortable inland. inland low 80's. we have another chance of showers on wednesday. this is later near evening more than anything else. if it is stronger, we have a chance of showers wednesday evening, lingering into thursday morning. once that goes through, the rest of the rain is out, a wedge of cool, dry air moves in. it is going to the first part of labor day weekend. lots of sunshine, cool temperatures especially in the morning hours.
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we have had beautiful weekends in this summer. right now it as. announcer: here is josh brodeur with sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. josh: we have the game with the red sox and royals at 8:00. not here is dustin pedroia. he was 11 for his last before his year record t death in the family. he is expected to be back tomorrow. who will be here eduardo , rodriguez returns to the mound for the sox. he is supposed to go last sunday, but his sore hamstring was not feeling right. that does not go well, and now rodriguez is taking his 2-5 record to the hill against venture a, who is nine and nine.
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no restrictions physically. the game will dictate how many pitches he throws. i would expect him to have the conviction as he had shown prior to the tweaking of the hamstring. josh: 8:00 start tonight. sad news from foxboro, the death of phil lance titus, former patriots player and dentist. when it comes to performance. they had on friday night in california. talk has been about the offense but it might as well be about the d. they are defending champions, three interceptions. the rutgers trio, but that attacking, 70 hits on the defensive quarterback, three tackles for a loss. we have been talking mostly
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defense needs to meet the attention. >> they pay attention all the way through the end. this is an opportunity to continue to sharpen our tools, and we will be done with preseason in a week. >> he is peeking ahead to next week, and it will be tough. there are good players and the offense, those guys, it is enough on our plate ch peeking ahead. josh: the revolution in new jersey taking on the new york red bulls today. the only game scored in the 59 minute. it is 1-0. they are now 6-1-9 on the year. this is from the 0-0 type at san jose on -- tie at san jose on wednesday. coming up at 11:35, i go
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responding back in his homeland of venezuela. why he thinks the red sox have a leg up on the competition. and the patriots going back to work with their nemesis new york giants and preseason game four. todd: all right, thank you. diane: new details in the breaking alarm fire. -- four alarm fire. >> coming up on world news tonight, arrest and shooting of the nba stars cousin. now the police of chicago tops -- talks cop. and this person to drop to fly. and the quarterbacks national
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we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent
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not just a select few. vote no on question 2. diane: police are trying to find the owneof roaming in tewksbury. the goat is no danger to people. todd: goat on the loose. don't turn around. trust me on this one, don't. mike: did it get your goat? we have a chance of seeing showers overnight, which would be welcomed. best chances north of pike.
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down. we want things up with humidity on wednesday. wednesday evening to thursday is the best chance for seeing rain, and after that even though temperatures are cool, they are normal. diane: thank you for joining us. world news is next.
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narrator: funded by kelly ayotte's special interests backers, the ads attacking maggie hassan on the heroin crisis have been called "despicable," "a vile smear," and "trash." the truth... david dubois: maggie hassan has been hands-on working with local police and community organizations. e to secure millions in emergency funding for treatment and recovery. susan mckeown: maggie hassan. mark mitchell: to governor hassan, i know this is about people and families. mckeown: she's putting the families of new hampshire first. i'm maggie hassan
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welcome to "world news tonight." outrage in chicago. two brothers charged with gunning down the cousin of an nba superstar. one just released from jail, still wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. tonight, the emotional plea from the city's top cop. >> when will enough be enough? a pair of united airline pilots arrested just moments accused of being too drunk to fly. plus, investigators on the scene of that emergency landing for a southwest flight. a piece of the engine ripped right off. the charter bus crash that left a fire chief dead. the mangled wreckage. and now, the shocking discovery about who was behind the wheel of that bus. the desperate call to 911. and the frustrated dispatcher on


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