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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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two big fires a rubbed in a small massachusetts town. todd: what investigators say about a possible connection. the roof of a boston duck boat ripped right off after hitting an overpass on storrow drive. and the question about the ride down storrow drive. diane: seconds before a speeding train barrels through. a daring move to save a man on ripped right off after hitting an overpass on storrow drive. we're getting new details on how it happened. good evening. i'm diane cho. todd: and i'm todd kazakiewich. passengers are talking only to newscenter 5 tonight. take, breaking wipe shaun chaiyabhat is live in boston. shaun the duck boat should not have been on that road? shaun: that crash happened right here at this overpass connecting to storrow drive westbound. the duck boat was going east on storrow drive. and state police say they are not supposed drive here because
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screeching of the metal ripping off of it. the girl in the back was crying. shaun: with this crash, an abrupt ending to their weekend tour of boston. pieces of metal torn off as this duck boat crumpled under a storrow drive overpass. >> we went under the first part, it was kinda close. then the second half of the bridge, it just cut. just chopped off the back half. luckily, it all fell backwards. there was a big metal crashing sound that hit the road behind us with the piece falling off. passengers then moved debris out of the road. everyone was safe, but shaken. >> some of the kids in the back got a little upset, but other than that its fine. shaun: police began their investigation. state police say these tours are not allowed on storrow drive because of low clearance bridges. >> storrow drive. how do you not know this? shaun: for whatever reason, the driver headed east on storrow
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driver was diverted, because of an earlier detour. the crash happened just 15 minutes into the tour. passengers, were picked up by another duck boat but did not finish their trip. passengers were given refunds. police are still deciding if the driver should be cited. in a statement, the company says its safety experts will examine exactly what happened. live on storrow drive, shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. todddiane: also breaking, arsont ruled out, in a pair of fires in sori todd: the first one broke out this afternoon and went to six alarms. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in southbridge tonight john, what are investigators saying? john: the fire here at the center the town was the bigger of the two. using the cleanup effort underway tonight. firefighters continue to look for a cause. the chief says to fires in one day is very unusual.
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through the old brick building on main street. >> i'm devastated completely devastated john: maria colon was inside her solon on the first floor, a business she's built for decades gone in a matter of minutes. >> i'm so sad ive been here 30 years heart and soul into this business john: the fire wiped out businesses below and the apartments above firefighters had to rescue a man who could not escape from the 2nd floor. firefighters from 15 nearby town raced to help get a handle of the 6-alarm fire, and then just as they got it under control, another fire, just blocks away. >> i saw smoke building up inside. i was like there's got to be a fire. john: russell bond broke down the door to alert people living in the 3-story apartment building. >> then this happened and i said this is crazy two fires in one day? >> it's not common to get two major fires in the same night
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investigators are not ruling out arson as they try to determine what sparked two big fires within a span of just hours. >> the way it works we rule everything out if we don't rule it out, it stays in. so they're trying to rule everything out. john: in terms of this investigation, you heard the chief. everything is on the table. dianetodd: tracking these showers for the overnight. mike: it is out to the west. around here, it is perfectly clear. but to the west, cloud cover, an occasional shower and you get the idea this is not a big area of rain. there is a little reinforcement down the line of pennsylvania. but this may give one or two of us and i slated shower. most of us, unfortunately, will miss out on it and notice where
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primarily. this is 3:00 in the morning. it tries to drag its way to the south. you will see the threat of showers will head around until 8:00. it looks like a nice little rain coming through. you know the nature of these. that threat will be with us in the morning. but looks like we will clear things away in the afternoon area for the next 12 hours in boston, the temperatures will hold it will be money. a look at the tropics, which are getting very active this evening. all of that in just a moment. diane: tonight in salem, a show of support after vandals target a local lgbtq newspaper. more than one hundred people watched as city leaders in salem dedicated a new newspaper box for the rainbow times. the vandals used large fireworks to blow up the old box last week. police are now investigating
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won't deter them. >> this is a symbolic event for us where we are saying we are not going to be deterred good we are not going to be censored. we are not going to be defeated. whatever their intention was, whatever their motivations were, they clearly did not succeed. diane: the fire marshal is offering a $5,000 reward to catch the vandals. police say they have good tips about the people responsible. todd: new tonight, we've learned new details in a bloody investigators say 55-year-old john griffin stabbed his ex-wife rebecca outside his house on friday. then he stabbed himself to death. the middlesex d.a. says rebecca griffin would often help her ex-husband with errands and other chores. the two divorced in 1990. it's unclear what led to the attack. a man on a bike killed by a commuter rail train in somerville. police say the signals and gates were working when the man rode through the park street crossing, around 1:30 this afternoon. witnesses say they yelled at the man to stop, but it was too late.
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couldn't believe that just happened. i thought he would slow down and recognize that there was a train coming. and everyone -- every addressed in -- every pedestrian that was waiting was expecting him to stop. they finally said, wait, he can he wasn't slowing down. todd: police say the man was in his late twenties. they are in the process of notifying his family. diane: fitchburg police are asking h this is a surveillance picture from the cvs pharmacy in park hill plaza around 12:30 this afternoon. he's about 5'5 with a tattoo on his neck. authorities say the car seen driving away may also be involved. it's likely missing the front hub cap on the driver's side. a wake was held tonight for a nun from massachusetts, murdered in mississippi. a moment of silence was held at st. patrick's in stoneham today for sister paula merrill. she and another nun sister margaret held were found dead in
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week. merrill still had strong ties to the church here, even after moving down south in the 1980's. >> we hope this will be a change in path and a renewed commitment to those in need. diane: the man charged in their deaths could get the death penalty and will face a judge tomorrow. police say rodney earl sanders confessed to the crime, but did not give a motive. he was on probation after being driving drunk in a crash that killed a friend is due in court tomorrow. 18-year-old austin a.j. robbins died on hollis road in lunenberg early yesterday morning. another teen in the car was hurt. police arrested the driver, 19-year-old joseph knapp, shortly after the crash. robbins was a well-known high school football player who graduated from lunenburg high just months ago. the driver who plowed into a hingham restaurant is also due in court tomorrow. jeffrey mahoney faces several charges including drug
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them seriously in friday night's crash at the square cafe. the passenger in the truck was also hurt. diane: right now, a suspicious death is under investigation in new hampshire. the body of a man was discovered in manchester's prout park early this morning. investigators are focusing their search on bleachers near a baseball field. information about the victim's identity has not been released. police say they're waiting until his family is notified. todd: donald trump has announced a major speech on illegal immigration. he'll make e take vo info bar \ \ \ trump to give -- it follows a week of speculation that he may be softening his hard-line promise to deport 11 million people living in the u.s. illegally. the speech was initially set for last week in phoenix but was pushed back as trump and his advisors debated the details of his proposal. two kids are seriously hurt in a violent crash that briefly shut down the mass pike.
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the eastbound lanes and rolled over near exit 13 in natick this afternoon. an 11-year-old and six-month-old were flown to a hospital with serious injuries. three other people in the suv are not hurt. todd: a firefighter hurt while fighting a three alarm fire in northborough. the family tried to put out the flames with a hose before help arrived. the firefighter suffered minor injuries but is expected to be ok. a person inside the home was treated for smoke inhalation. the cause is under investigation. diane: two people are dead and dozens more hurt after a bus crashed a the bus was driving flood recovery workers from new orleans to baton rouge. but police say the bus driver should not have been behind the wheel. we need help. a charter bus crash shutting down the busy highway? state police say earlier in the morning a pickup truck was speeding on a slick roadway when it hit the guard rail. firefighters responded, and minutes later the charter bus
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and finally the pickup truck itself. those three firefighters were thrown over the edge of the highway into the water below. one died from his injuries. here you can see a helicopter waiting to tranport the most severely wounded. another person who was in one of the cars the bus hit that red camry also died. the interstate littered with debris. officials say the bus driver did not have a drivers license, and was in this country illegally. police believe the flood relief workers on the bus were also in the u.s. illegally. police are looking for a statue, todd: statue, stolen from an uxbridge cemetery. this angel statue, in the bottom right corner, is missing from its place in the graveyard. its cement base, also ripped from the ground. police say it was stolen sometime within the last week. they ask anyone with information, to give them a call. somerville will be the next local community to ban plastic bags, starting this week. the ban will be phased in starting thursday. it will start with businesses that are larger than 10,000 square feet, smaller businesses have until december 5 to comply with the new rules. plastic bags used for produce, meat and frozen foods are not
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on the tracks, with a speeding train seconds away. a police officer puts his own life on the line, to save another man in trouble. mike: the tropics are heating up. the latest movement and what could infect the east coast. diane: the unwanted visitor in a local back yard. a bear on the prowl. why experts say, expect to see more of this. >> mondamo >> the back to school food store cuts that you can actually do better. >> and i am going to be kicking off that bus stop forecast on
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todd look at this video. : a man and police officer on the tracks, a speeding train just seconds away. the officer was called to the new jersey station because a man was despondent. when he got there, the man jumped onto the tracks and refused to move. so the officer took action, pulling him off the tracks just
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two united airlines pilots will be in a scottish court tomorrow, accused of showing up to work drunk. scotland police arrested the pilots for suspected intoxication before a flight was set to take off for newark, new jersey. saturday's flight, with 141 people on board, was delayed 10 hours while the airline found replacements. both pilots have also been fired. diane: family and friends gathered for a vigil in chicago this afternoon in memory of a mother of four. star dwayne wade. she was killed when she got caught in the crossfire. as abc's eva pilgrim reports, police have made two arrests in her death. eva: no holding back. >> we need to put them in jail and keep them there. eva: the chicago police superintendent expressing frustration even as he announces success. the arrests of two men in the murder of nykea aldridge, the cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. >> she wasn't aware that her short life would stand as an example of what is a clear failure of the criminal justice
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eva: the 32-year-old mother of four was pushing her newborn baby in a stroller, just returning from registering her kids at school, when gunfire rang out. aldridge an innocent caught in the crossfire. her death shining a spotlight on a growing problem in chicago? where murders are up a staggering 48%, nearly all caused by handguns. >> chicago has recovered an illegal han the year 2016. we recover more guns than la and ny combined. eva: the men now charged in adlridge's murder brothers? 26-year-old darwin and 22-year-old derren sorrells. police say the brothers targeted a man working as a driver in the area when they opened fire on him the bullets hit aldridge. >> these two offenders are the prime example of the challenges we face here in chicago.
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side, gathering with friends and community members. >> you can't have vengence on anyone. you can't hate anyone. it's not going to bring them back. eva: hoping aldridge's death and these new arrests will turn a tragedy into a rallying cry and action. eva pilgrim, abc news, chicago. todd: topsfield native abbey d'agostino is back from rio, and talking about that famous 5,000 meter race. for helping a competitor get up off the track. that same runner then helped abbey when she fell moments later and hurt her knee. here they are shaking hands both winning a rare award for their sportsmanship. abbey saying today, she feels grateful for that moment. >> the spirit of competition israel and i think that is when all of an -- within all of us. but i think there is a larger calling to love and serve other people. todd: abbey thew out the first
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long. quite impressive. mike: the big picture. diane: at such a young age, too. mike: the big picture in the atlantic. look at the systems we have to deal with. tropical depression number eight. tropical depression number nine. and gaston. hurricane we are talking about. a category 3 storm at this point. we are looking at wind of 120 mile per hour sustained. if this was near the lancet, we would be really concerned about it. and it is over the atlantic right now. it may eventually get to europe as a winter-driven rain. you can see how it is staying a long way from the coast at this point. we've got tropical depression number nine. this one is meandering through
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work its way off of the gulf of mexico and eventually drop rain in some areas that do not need additional rain very that is the bad when we will watch for the next couple of days. this one just popped up, tropical depression 8. we could see about one to three inches of rain, perhaps even some isolated areas of five inches. if you need rain coming tropical system is beneficial moving through. though we are going to have some cold air coming across your, set up a boundary, and hooks it right out to sea. all of our computer models indicate they will's best it will stay far away from us. when you start getting tropical systems question was us, they can change many times. today, it was kind of tropical in terms of temperatures. upper 80's in most spots.
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, 80's. a lot of places near 90. a little money are out there tonight. the muggy air is going to continue to ramp up. it drops off on tuesday and comes back at us on wednesday. here is your best opportunity for rain. later on this week. you get this really weak line trying to move its way through. but it doesn't have much energy to move through. it doesn't have less to work with, which is why we won't see much in terms of showers tonight. most of it is being sucked down here in parts of pennsylvania. by midnight, a few scattered showers out there. trying to issue its way through during my notice where most of
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may be an occasional shower two. a shower here, a shower there and most of us won't see anything out of it or by afternoon, the clear skies start coming through. partly cloudy, 64 to 68, tomorrow, a few morning showers then turning mostly's honey and less humid over the next seven days, warm. tuesday a really delightful day. low humi, thunderstorms. the timing on this will not happen until late in the evening. once it moves through, we have cooler air behind it. thursday is about 80 degrees, maybe some early showers in the afternoon. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures dropping into the 70's. morning lows, a lot of places will be in the 50's. some places well actually drop
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that is the cold air that will push the troubled depression out of here. we will keep you posted on into this week. todd: that fall weather reminds us of football. diane: hear what t barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband, forever grateful... with my husband in cancer treatment, we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft.
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she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump.
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: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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josh: red sox needing a win tonight against a tough righty to take the weekend series against the royals yordano ventura hadn't lost in the month of august only allowing 7 earned runs over his last 5 starts. but he was long gone when the
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he got the quicklook after allowing four runs. five and a third. the red sox did not have a tonight. for walks, one strikeout. he gave a home run to salvador perez. it is currently 10-4 in the bottom of the ninth. blue jays trying to hold onto their lead in the al east reds tied at 1-1 crushed. then twins on top 5-4, looking to break a 9 game losing streak donaldson to center mauled, 3. and look who's going for a three tater lunch donaldson to deep center again this man does not get cheated his 33rd jays win it 9-6. blue jays still in first, sox currently a game and a half out, with the orioles 3 back. baltimore three bag in the east as of now. the patriots typically known for their passing game putting points on the board and moving
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the defense not as widely heralded, but maybe that's about to change after the 19-17 victory in carolina. patriots d dominated the defending nfc champions, with 3 interceptions from logan ryan, devin mccourty, and duron harmon, the rutgers trio. plus add a sack from trey flowers, 7 hits on the panthers quarterbacks, plus 3 tackles for a loss. the quarterbacks get all the attention, but it's flowers and the d who held their own friday night. >> experience. as far as playing run blocks, playing different styles, how to block, just getting the feel weekend and week out, you have a different type of skills as far as the off-season. just being able to transition from one week to another, definitely, all to take it vantage of. josh: the revolution looking to
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knighton coughs up the rebound and bradley wright-phillips finds the back of the net. his revs disappointing season 16th. rolls on. they lose 1-0. to south williamsport, pennsylvania american champ new york taking on world champ south korea. a shot to right and james fellows steals a home run. the kids from maine-endwell, new york made sure it ended well . they hang on to win the little league world series, 2-1 the first american team since coming up tonight on sportscenter 5 ot at 11:35pm my interview with catcher sandy , leon in the midst of his incredible offensive season and how his family and friends are responding back in his homeland of venezuela. plus ian browne of handicaps the al east and why he thinks the red sox have a leg up on the competition. plus, the patriots back to work at gillette getting ready for the ny giants in preseason game 4 in new jersey. for now, that's sports, we'll send it back to you.
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