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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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emily: good morning, it's monday, august 29th. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eye-opener another crash , involving a duck tour boat in boston. the investigation surrounding the driver this morning. emily: a violent assault suspect is due in court today. the charges he's facing after an attack on a woman who is disabled.ra same town in the same day. the cause firefighters are not ruling out just yet. first, a look at your forecast. first, a look at your forecast. cindy: tempt is right degrees in boston this morning. a warm start here to the week. the wind is under the southwest. a little sticky outside this
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there are some clouds to the north and west of the city this morning. there even a couple of showers that are trying to pull together out of new york state. we can't rule out a spot shower as a cold front is across the area. through 8:00 this morning, one or two shower starting to pop up here worcester into boston. that front drops out so we are clearing it at lunchtime with lots of sunshine this afternoon. afternoon. 70's this morning we jump up into the 80's by lunchtime. upper 80's to near 90 four high temperatures this afternoon. a lot of activity in the tropics right now, we break this all that coming up in just a bit. let's get you onto the roads now. olessa: a live look outside, you can see what is left of overnight construction now in the final stages.
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also some construction on 128 down to trapelo road. some oral odrick on 128 over by the pike. heading south, a can -- blasting to construction here. trains and buses are expected to start the morning on schedule. emily: breaking overnight, a false report of a gunman at los angeles international airport prompts evacuations and then flight delays. hundreds of people were stranded outside the airport and traffic was backed up for miles in the panic. police say they searched the terminals and found no evidence of a shooting. they say the report was spurred by loud noises, but it's unclear what caused them. that comes just 2 weeks after another false alarm at new york's jfk airport. loud olympic celebrations were the source in that incident. also breaking, a multi family home burns in lawrence. you can see flames shooting through the roof of the home on lafayette avenue. the fire started around 1:30
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randy: other stories we're following, this man is preparing to face a judge today accused in a violent attack in rockport on a woman who is disabled. angel castro is charged with assault with intent to rape. police say he's the man in this surveillance video in a store near where the attack happened wednesday night. castro is accused of knocking a woman to the ground on pooles lane and trying to rip off her clothes, before running away. emily: investigating after a duck boat tour hit an overpass ripping the roof right off. randy: this morning we are getting new details about that crash. the eyeopener's sera congi is in boston where passengers are talking only to newscenter 5. sera: state police are trying to figure whether the driver should be cited. the vehicle should never have been on storrow drive because of height restrictions. the crash happened just 15
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a huge piece of metal torn off as the duck boat crumpled under a storrow drive overpass. the company says the first year driver was diverted because of an earlier detour. passengers were okay but clearly shaken. >> we went into the first part and it was close. the second half it just got caught. luckily, it just fell backwards. there was a big metal crash sound behind us. sera: the passengers were loaded onto another duck boat but did not finish their tour. in a statement, boston duck tours says their safety experts are also investigating exactly what happened here. the duck tours have come under increased scrutiny since a woman was killed in a collision with a vehicle on beacon hill. no charges were filled but it did lead lawmakers to pass new safety regulations for all tour
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emily: police are investigating a deadly crash between a commuter rail train in somerville and a bicyclist. police say the signals and gates were working when the man rode through the park street crossing yesterday afternoon. witnesses say they yelled at the man to stop, but it was too late. police say the man was in his late twenties, but they are notifying the family before releasing more details. the teenager accused in a drunk driving crash that killed this today. police arrested 19-year-old joseph knapp after saturday morning's crash on hollis road in lunenburg. the driver's friend 18-year-old austin a.j. robbins was killed. another teen in the car was hurt. randy: also due in court the driver accused of plowing into a hingham restaurant. jeffrey mahoney faces several charges including drug possession. three people were hurt, two seriously, in friday night's crash at the square cafe.
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police say mahoney was not impaired at the time. this morning the man accused in the murders of two nuns in mississippi will be facing a judge. that's as relatives here honor one of those nuns. erika is here with details. erika? erika: a funeral mass will be held in mississippi today for sisters margaret held and paula merrill. meantime, the man police say is responsible for their murders will appear in court for the first time. rodney sanders is facing capital murder chargnd police say he confessed to the crime but did not give a motive. yesterday, a moment of silence was held for sister merrill at st. patrick's in stoneham, where she still has strong ties. >> we pray that the pointless murder will awaken consciences and lead to a change in us and a renewed commitment to serving
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in the 1980s. today's funeral mass will be held in jackson, mississippi. as for sanders, he was on probation after being convicted last year of felony dui. we're hoping to learn more in court today. emily? emily: right now investigators are not ruling out arson after two fires in just one day in southbridge. both making for tense moments for firefighters and tough losses for business and homeowners. it started with flames tearing through a building on main street. marie colon was inside her salon on the f she's built for decades. it was gone in a matter of minutes. >> i've been there for 30 years. i put my heart and soul into the business. emily: just as they got that six alarm fire under control another one started just blocks away. one neighbor broke down the door to alert people living in the 3 story apartment building. the fire chief says it's very unusual to have two major fires in one night. so, they're not ruling anything out. fortunately there were no
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randy: a deadly shooting in chicago brings a push for change. emily: the new calls from police as an innocent woman is killed. a deadly crash in louisiana involving a bus packed with people helping with flooding relief. why police say that driver should not have been behind the wheel. randy: a new drug trafficking investigation in new hampshire. the company accused of witholding information. and how the attorney general is fing showers around the overall it
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they're throwing at me...
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randy: governor baker is looking to include canada in his efforts to stop opioid trafficking. baker is hosting the new england governors and eastern canadian premiers at the state house today. the agreement would include pledges to work with health care providers to set guidelines for prescriptions and to integrate state systems so there's more information sharing. emily: new hampshire's attorney general is targeting a major drug maker accused of withholding information. pharma was not sharing information about illegal drug trafficking with california law enforcement. new hampshire's ag says that same company is refusing to turn over documents he requested months ago. >> company summary they have absolutely nothing to hide why they fighting so hard to turn over the documents? emily: purdue pharma denies the allegations. randy: a show of support in salem, massachusetts. how that city is coming together
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and a dramatic rescue in new jersey. why police say this man was on the tracks in the first place. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent,
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randy: monday, and back-to-school monday for many people. cindy: it will feel like that fall weather. a couple of days before the end of the week -- emily: all right. cindy: watching a lot of activity in the tropics this morning. there are three systems now, we
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out there in the atlantic. two tropical depressions close to the coast line. the wind with this is hundred 25 miles power. it is nearly stationary this morning in the atlantic you can see over the next few days it will continue to move even farther and farther away. also watching down here in the florida straits we have a tropical depression with this one may brush the east coast of florida later on in the week. tropical depression number eight in the carolinas you can see how their business moisture spinning in already. this one is going to brush the outer banks of north carolina. then, it will take a turn towards the north. it gets very close to us here in southern new england. a cold front will keep this out
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some rain out of this. it doesn't look like that will be the case. what we will see is an increased risk for rip currents. if you have plans to head to the water, this extends into tomorrow as well. be mindful of that fact. the surf will be double stuff in the meantime, the wind is picking up out of the southwest. a little stickier outside this morning. in boston. to the north and west, there is more comfortable air. that will work in behind this cold front. it will be much more comfortable by this time tomorrow morning. there were a couple of showers and said heavier downpours. it is basically fallen apart here. all that is left is the manchester and nashua. we want to too much you this morning.
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lunchtime sinking southward. more in store for more sunshine this afternoon. 70's this morning, low 80's by lunchtime. topping out in the mid to upper 90's today. coolest down along the south. boston is in 90 today, it may touch 90 in a few spots. tonight, more if he's to around 60 downtown. that drier air is with us the next couple of days. it will feel much more comfortable out there. into wednesday, we see a better chance of some showers and thunderstorms coming in. right now, labor day weekend is looking fantastic with loads of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. window only be in the upper 70's. a hot start to the wii, cool and refreshing by the weekend.
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, heading to the bottom of the greenwich we just clear to him overnight won't work. let's check out the rest of your ride in. clearing a couple more on the construction approaching that will be gone in just a few minutes. heading south of there, we're in pretty good shape. south of town, so far so good o so far, heading in the boston you're in great shape. randy: right now two people are dead, dozens more hurt, after a bus carrying flood relief workers to baton rouge slams into a crash scene in louisiana. firefighters responded early yesterday to a pick up truck crash on interstate 10. minutes later, the bus plowed into the scene hitting three firefighters, and three other vehicles.
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firefighter were killed. police say the bus driver does not have a license, and is in the united states illegally. they believe many of the workers on the bus are also here illegally. emily: right now two brothers are held without bail charged in the shooting death of a woman in chicago. the victim a mother of four, and cousin to nba star dwyane wade. family members gathered yesterday to remember 32-year-old nykea aldridge. baby, just returning from registering her kids at school, when shots were fired friday afternoon. police say darwin and derren sorrells were targeting someone else, when the bullets hit aldridge. they are both convicted felons who were out on parole. the head of the police department says her death highlights an even bigger problem in the city. >> chicago has recovered and illegal handgun every hour of the year 2016.
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emily: police say they hope the high profile nature of this case will help bring changes to the criminal justice system in chicago. randy: a show of support in salem, massachusetts, in the aftermath of what police are calling a possible hate crime. more than 100 people watched as city leaders dedicated a new newspaper box for the rainbow times. the suspects used large fireworks to blow up the old box last week. the fire marshal is offering a $5000 reward to catch those responsible. emily: somerville will be the next local community to ban plastic bags starting this week. the ban will be phased in beginning thursday. it will start with businesses that are larger than 10,000 square feet. smaller businesses have until december 5th to comply. plastic bags used for produce, meat, and frozen foods are not included in the ban. a look at the markets now, asian
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about raising interest rates. this week investors will be looking for the august jobs report due out on friday. randy: trending stories, a big night at the mtv video music awards. the former queen of the vmas tried to take back the stage last night. britney spears performed at the last night. britney spears performed at the awards for the first time in 10 years. however, critics were not happy with her lip syncing performance. emily: beyonce was the big star last night. she performed for 16 minutes from her visual album lemonade. she also won eight awards last night, including video of the year. and it was none other than the final five who introduced her for that big award. four of the five star u.s. olympians including needham's aly raisman gave the award to beyonce last night. gabby douglas is nursing a bad
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but they wished her well during their time on the award stage. that is pretty cool. randy: that is exciting for everybody. the red sox slip in their series finale against the royals. emily: where it all fell apart for the sox that's ahead in news to go. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, they're easy they're quick but are they healthy? erika shows us the back to school food shortcuts that you
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emily: time for your early news to go. randy: a crash involving a duck boat in boston is under investigation. police are trying to figure out if the driver should be cited. they say the vehicle never should have been on storrow drive yesterday, when its roof ripped off while it traveled
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the company says the first year driver was diverted by an earlier detour. nobody was hurt. emily: fitchburg police are asking for help identifying a man in an armed robbery. this is a surveillance picture from the cvs pharmacy in park hill plaza yesterday afternoon. the suspect is about 5'5'' with a neck tattoo. authorities say the car seen driving away may also be involved. it's likely missing the front hub cap on the driver's side. randy: new details in an apparent murder suicide in ashby. investigators say 55-year-old john griffin stabbed his ex wife rebecca outside his house on friday. he then stabbed himself to death. the middlesex da says rebecca griffin would often help her ex husband with errands and other chores. the two divorced in 1990. it's unclear what led to the attack. a suspicious death is under investigation in new hampshire. a man's body was found in manchester's prout park early
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search on bleachers near a baseball field. police are waiting to inform the family before publicly identifying the victim. emily: two kids are seriously hurt in this crash on the mass pike. the suv lost control in the eastbound lanes and rolled over near exit 13 in natick yesterday afternoon. an 11-year-old and six month old were flown to a hospital with serious injuries. three other people in the suv were not hurt. firefighters are investigation this three alarm fire in northborough. the family tried to put out the flames with a hose before help arrived yesterday morning. one firefighter suffered minor injuries but is expected to be okay. a person inside the home was treated for smoke inhalation. randy: a dramatic rescue on the train tracks in new jersey. the officer was called to the station for a man who was in distress and despondent. when he got there, the man jumped onto the tracks and refused to move. so the officer tried to pull him off the train speeding just
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the officer managed to pull the man away from the tracks, right before the train rushed by. massachusetts is taking steps to help bring clean energy to new england. the bay state, rhode island, and connecticut are combining purchasing power to evaluate dozens of solicitations from energy companies looking to build in the region. the states want to attract wind, solar, and fuel cell projects to help lower utility costs. state leaders hope to have approvals completed by the end emily: an exciting finish to the little league world series. the endwell, new york team defeated south korea in yesterday's final, 2-1. it's the first time since 2011 that a u.s. team has won the title. the red sox have a tough series finale against the royals. david ortiz gets the sox on the board in the bottom of the
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it's tied up in the 5th when xander bogaerts gives the sox the lead with a 2 rbi single. but the royals came out on fire in the 6th scoring eight runs. sox lose, 10-4. they host the tampa bay rays tonight at 7:10. randy: -- cindy: different than it is this morning because it is sticky outside. much less humid air working in. at 7:00, it should be about 80 degrees. there was a cool front on the north and west. a little bit of cloud cover with this. there is been a couple of showers. a small chance that a shower picks up this morning. most of us will stay dry today. we have a lot going on in the tropics. off the coast in the mid
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tropical depression number nine. both of these will impact the u.s.. to have our hurricane out of the atlantic, this is gaston a category three hurricane. here in the northeast today, we're in the upper 80's to near 90 degrees here in boston. in new york and philly all sitting above the 90 degree mark will stop humidity will drop into the afternoon. weather here back in the great lakes. there was some storminess in the middle of the country. along the gulf coast of florida, that tropical moisture will be moving in. we can use some of that. dry air settles in for tuesday. that will do it for us for our rain chances this week. it looks as though we will see
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the forecast. later wednesday into thursday, all things looking good for the upcoming labor day weekend. randy: huge backups as terminals are cleared at a busy airport. the false alarm mistaken for a shooting. emily: a large fire in lawrence. new video of the damage just in from overnight. randy: a duck boat driver makes a big mistake. the company's reaction as a vehicle loses its roof. it's on the eye for this monday morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: prepackaged lunches are an easy back to school option but they're not always healthy. how to make a better lunch without losing time. good morning, i'm emily riemer.


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