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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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randy: breaking overnight, huge backups as criminals are at an airport. >> and breaking a large fire in lawrence. new video of the damage just in from makes a big mistake. the company's reaction as the vehicle loses its roof on the eye for this monday morning. emily: three packaged lunches are an easy back to school lunch, but not always healthy. how to make a better lunch, we'll share that with you. i'm emily riemer.
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peabody, revere, worst. we are looking at worcester right now, and also framingham this morning. >> oh, boy. >> quite a few kids going like this, this morning. >> i know. >> sunrise at 6:07. a little pick there to get you out the door in worcester. short sleeves this morning at the bus stop. it is upper 80s for most towns. you can see the readings right now are running around 70 degrees up on the north shore and worcester 67. 71 in boston. you saw the cloud cover pushing in to worcester. these extend through the north shore. it is mainly clear right now for you on the south shore of the cape and the islands, but these clouds are dropping southward. there is not too much shower
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this continues to push southward, a period of clouds this morning. can't rule out a stray shower. you can see one or two popping up. worcester into boston, and then as that front continues to drop southward, cloud cover through lunchtime for you on the south shore and the cape and that's it. bright sunshine for every one this afternoon. and the breeze kicks upturning to the northwest at 10 to 15, and&it is really pushing up the temperatures. 84 by lunchtime. mid to upper 80s this afternoon. it will be a low 80s. traffic is active. we have three systems. we'll break them down coming up. right now back out to the roads. how are we looking out there? >> so far, quiet. thank you. some delays are starting to build. a live look outside. so far no major issues. let's get to the maps. the rest of the ride is quiet. we're watching one crash where one lane is partially blocked. 24 northbound by route 123 in brockton so expect delays there, and as you travel up the expressway right now, a half-hour trip from braintree
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pike, eastbound 15 minutes. and then heading north, 93 southbound, some delays out of methuen, down to dascum road. trains and buses are on schedule. emily. emily: we are following breaking news right now on the eye. an investigation is underway after flames tear through a home in lawrence. you can see the flames shooting through the roof of the home on lafayette avenue. it started at 1:30 this morning. nobody was randy: a false report of a gunman at los angeles international airport prompted evacuations. >> hundreds were stranded outside the airport, and traffic was backed up for miles in a panic. police searched the terminals and found no evidence of a shooting. they say the report was spurred by loud noises but is unclear what caused them. that comes weeks after another false alarm at new york's jfk airport. loud olympic celebrations were
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>> four minutes after 6:00, we are getting new details about this crash that put the roof right off of a duck boat tour, now the subject of at least two investigations. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is live in boston with how the company is responding this morning. sera: the state police and duck boat company are investigating. we know that the vehicles like those duck boats should not on the storrow drive. take a look. part of the top of the vehicle was sheered off when it went under an overpass. no one was hurt. the duck boat operator on the job for a year says that he was diverted because of a detour. last night the company released a statement saying, in part, that the driver's actions, although not intentional, will be under review.
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you may recall lawmakers are crafting new safety regulations for all of the tour companies after a woman was killed, involved in a duck boat crash on beacon hill. coming up in our next half-hour exclusive interviews with the passengers onboard the duck boat involved in the crash. live along storrow, newscenter 5. randy: as a teenager accused in a drunk driving crash that killed this 18-year-old is expected in court today. police arrested 19-year-old joseph hollas road. the driver's friend and austin, a.j. robbins was killed and another teenager in the car was hurt. we are expecting new details in an attack on the north shore and the eye's doug meehan is in gloster where the suspect will be facing a judge this morning. reporter: the suspect attacked a disabled woman near the rockport commuter rail station.
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answer those questions. angel castro, accused of knocking the victim to the ground before trying to remove her clothes and she fought they could track castro down. the 22-year-old is facing a number of charges including rape. we hope to learn more at his arraignment later this morning. live in emily: thank you. investigates are not ruling out arson after two fires in one day in southbridge making for sense moments for firefighters and tough losses. it started with flames tearing through a building on main street. maria cologne was inside her salon. it's a business that she has built for decades and was gone
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into this business. >> just as they got back, the fire was under control and another one just blocks away, one neighbor broke down the door to alert people living in the three-story apartment building. it is very unusual to have two major fires like this in one night so they are not ruling anything out. fortunately there were no serious injuries. >> this morning the man accused in the murders of two nuns in mississippi, including one from massachusetts, will face a judge, and that's asov today. erika here with what we can expect. erika: a funeral will be held today. the policeman say is responsible for their murders will appear in court for the first time. rodney sanders is facing capital murder charges. he could get the death penalty. police say that he confessed to the crime, but did not give a motive. yesterday a moment of silence was held for sister merrill at st. patrick's in stoneham where
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murder of saint paula merrill and sister margaret, will lead to a change of path and a renewed commitment to serving those who are most in need. >> sister merrill moved to the south in the 1980s. today's funeral mass will be held in jackson, mississippi. as for sanders, he was on patrol after being convicted of felony dui. without bail in the death of a woman in chicago. the victim, a mother of four, and a cuz understanding to nba star dwayne wade. family members gathered to remember 32-year-old nykea aldridge. she was pushing her newborn baby, returning from registering her kids at school when shots were fired on friday afternoon. police say that darwin and derren sorrell says were
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bullets hit aldridge. both convicted felons. they say this highlights a bigger problem in that city. >> chicago has recovered an illegal handgun every hour of the year of 2016. we recover more guns than l.a. and new york combined. randy: police say they hope the high profile nature of this case will help to bring changes to the criminal justice system in chicago. emily: right now two people are dead and dozens more hurt after a bus carrying flood workers to baton rouge slams into a crowded scene in louisiana, and this morning, that driver who police say should not have been behind the wheel is facing charges. firefighters responded early yesterday to a pickup truck crash on interstate 10. minutes later the tour bus plowed into the scene hitting three firefighters and three other vehicles. a passenger in one vehicle was killed. the three firefighters were sent over the edge of the highway.
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emily: one of the firefighters was pronounced dead. the bus driver does not have a license and is in the u.s. illegally. they believe that many of the workers on the bus are also here illegally. going north for help fighting the opioid crisis. the idea that has governor baker setting his sights on canada. and new this morning, school lunches made easier. nutritious options just as fast as grabbing a prepackaged food. randy: and a toddler singing her abc's, and she does it with style. the soulful reason digs earning her lots of attention. >> breaking overnight police say noise is to blame for the false report of a gunman at los angeles international airport. termnals were shut down. also breaking firefighters investigating the cause of this fire on lafayette avenue in lawrence. no one was hurt there. cindy? cindy: a beautiful sunrise in
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pink on the horizon. tracking our chance for rain and the tropics ahead. first, a look at the temperatures. it is a warm start on this monday morning. 71 degrees as you are heading out the door in boston and in out the door in boston and in hyannis right now. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise.
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>> we are from second grade, and good morning eyeopener. randy: good morning. they have already memorized the periodic table there in the back. pretty good. the middle school in lawrence, telling everyone how it is done. emily: we would love to see you are starting the school year, just like they have done, recorded on your phone, and upload it to ulocal using wcvb newscenter 5. olessa: i am not talking about going back to school, it is depressing. reporter: the symbolism of it all, the transition into fall but hopefully you got some back-to-school shorts, and short sleeves. cindy: yeah, it's warm. 71 degrees. we have a lot of activity in the tropics that we are tracking, and i want to get you up to speed on what's happening there. we have three systems, and gaston is a hurricane, category 3. this is a major hurricane
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right now, but it continues to really just stay out here in the open atlantic, and it is not expected to expect any land area and eventually will go over to europe so it's not bothering us here but sending out a swell that is propagating to the beaches here locally. down south of florida we have a tropical depression right here, winds at 35 miles per hour. but this is going to send rain on up into florida, and as this curves through it heads out to sea here along the eastern seaboard so that does not look like it is a threat for us either. and then a littl right off the coast, we have got another tropical depression, and this is forecast to become a tropical storm in the next 24 hours, and the next name on the list is hermine. that's going to lift and go out to sea, so no direct impacts for us, but at the beaches today and tomorrow and probably into wednesday, as well, rough surf and a moderate risk for rip currents, so if you plan on heading to the beaches, please keep this in mind. going to be a nice day for it, if you can sneak away.
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cape, and some mid 60s out through worcester where there are clouds kind of creeping in, and you can see the leading edge of that, lined up right along the pike. and these are dropping southward. there also have been a couple of showers but notice how in the past few hours as they shifted they have fallen apart. this is a cold front moving through, and as it continues to press southward we'll see the clouds kind of shift southward, as well, and could be one or two isolated showers or a sprinkle, through mid morning or so, and then noticat lunchtime, the skies are brightening around boston and points north and westward but still clouds for you down around plymouth, and the south coast and the cape, through early afternoon, and the skies do brighten rapidly as the winds shift behind this, to the north and west, and it's going to be breezy this afternoon. but brightening skies and lowering the humidity, so a little sticky this morning, and much more comfortable this afternoon. upper 80s around boston, and also marshfield, could make a run towards 90 with the west, northwesterly whipped, mid 80s
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it's breezy and less humid, around 80 degrees at the first pitch but we drop into the 60s in town overnight. 50s in the suburbs and we are setting up for beautiful weather on tuesday, and lower 80s, and to mid 80s inland, cooler at the beaches, next chance for wet weather would come in later on wednesday, this is another front dropping in, and along this frontal boundary, showers and thunderstorms will be scattered about, and late wednesday into thursday morning. and then behind it, dry, cool, comfortable air moving in, and that front is going to steer the tropical systems away from us, so we may get rain here late on wednesday and thursday morning but that's it. it is dry and with sunshine throughout the holiday weekend. olessa: thank you. the roads are busy. we are watching the delays on the expressway. there is a check by the gas tank, northbound heading to the top of the screen, and you can see that volume, that's really in place. let's get to the maps and check out the travel times. if you are going south of town we're watching this crash on 24 in brockton over by route 123. and some heavy delays starting to build as you approach that
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half-hour, braintree into boston. the pike, a 15-minute ride, 495 for 128, so not too bad and 93 south, delays building out of methuen, and stop and go ride from concord street down to the lever connector, and that portion of the trip will cost 30 minutes. so far, no problems with the trains and buses. they are running on schedule. got a question about your commute or something bugging you? we can help you out. we have a new thing you can do,, share them right here on the eyeopener. emily: new hampshire's attorney general is targeting a drug-maker accused of withholding information. a recent "l.a. time" investigation found purdue pharma was not sharing information about illegal drug trafficking with california law enforcement. new hampshire's a.g. says the same company is refusing to turn over documents he requested months ago. >> companies tell me that they
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why are they fight so glad hard turning over their documents if that's the case? >> purdue pharma denies those allegations. governor baker is looking to include canada in his efforts to stop opioid trafficking. he is hosting the new england governors and eastern canadian premiere today. the agreement would include pledges to work with health care provider and is integrate state systems so there is more information-sharing. >> your economy headlines. shares dipped overnight the u.s. federal reserve chair about raising interest rates and right now stock futures here are lower. this week investors will be looking for the august jobs report, which is due out on friday. a lot of young people heading back to school in new england this morning. we are kicking off a push to make back-to-school easier and healthier. >> so the prepacked lunch options are tempting but maybe not the best idea.
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for school with little effort. reporter: is this really what you want your kids eating? >> it looks very brown. reporter: dr. gene goldberg says too often packaged prepared foods fall short. >> fried chicken nuggets, which i cannot imagine eating cold. reporter: even this benign applesauce could improve. >> this particular one has two teaspoons of sugarre took less than five minutes to make this alternative. just remember four components, a rainbow of whole fruits, none of the added sugar, and also vegetables. >> yellow, tomatoes, blueberry, red peppers and grapes, so it's got plenty of color. reporter: for the main entree, whole grains and protein power, like her turkey and provolone in whole wheat pitta, and juice gets a no. often you are not getting real juice.
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juice, and they are of low nutrient content. reporter: the doctor says stick to water or low-fat milk and yes, throw in a cookie for dunking. treats are ok. have your little one pick one out of several you select. and remember the more you involve your kids like them selecting the option, the doctor says the more they are likely to eat it. also if you cut it up into small pieces because they don't have a lot of time, and again, they will are more likely to eat it, if it is easy. reporter: and tomorrow we are going to talk abo you can pack yours and your kids' lunch at the same time. >> keep the leftovers. still ahead, a bear caught on camera in new hampshire. the treat getting the animal's attention. randy: dramatic video of a police officer here, struggling to save this man's life. his desperate work as a train bears down on the two of them. emily: a hate crime in salem. how this is sparking science. randy: an olympic runner is honored for her sportsmanship at
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her hopes for a medal
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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emily: 6:24, your monday morning starting off on the warm side, 71 degrees in boston. a fair amount of clouds dropping from northwest to southeast across the state right now. and take a look, you can see the showers coming. it's just a period of passing clouds this morning with a low risk for a spot shower or a sprinkle through late morning or so. look what happens by lunchtime. we're in the low 80s, and mid to upper 80s this afternoon. a breeze picking up. we are pushing 90 degrees around 90 degrees at norwood today, as well so it is a warm start to the week. low humidity tomorrow. sunshine. a little cooler, especially at the beaches. and then the chance no showers and thunderstorms on wednesday into thursday. randy. randy: all right, it's time for the monday eyepoppers. another edition of the bear and the bird feared. this is always out there. >> a little lesson. this guy didn't just try to eat it. he literally ran off with that
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careful. those bears are hungry, and how about this. ? w, x, y, z ? >> that song is going viral this morning. might help that modern family's jesse tyler ferguson, who just finished a run on broadway, shared it on his facebook page, and maybe she'll b one day on broadway. randy: she has a blate lobratto. olessa: for a tiny kid, she's so cute. all right, a mar's mission, scientist's first time out on their own after a year inside of a dome. and two major performances at last night's video music awards. the show-stopping moments making headlines right now. and take a look here, the sunrise in worcester.
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good luck with the first day. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes.
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prove public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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randy: breaking overnight, a report of shots fired sending passengers scrambling at lax. what police found and the travel nightmare that follows. emily: a duck boat slams into an overpass, only on five, what
6:30 am
crash. doug: an alarming attack on the north shore, the new details expected today. reporter: an olympian comes home with more than a medal, the real story in rio on the eye. randy: 6:30, we are live in worcester, heading back to ho good morning, happy first day of school to everybody going back, including students and teachers in worcester. emily: they are not the only ones, peabody and revere, and they could wear their summer clothes, right. reporter: yes, i have a feeling, the discussed out there, if they are like mine, they will be begging to wear shorts through probably december. reporter: that sounds about right. cindy: short, short sleeves kind
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beautiful skies. we have cloud cover decorating the sky. at the bus stop, a warm start, lower 70s. off of the bus this afternoon. upper 80s to near 90 degrees so certainly a warm day coming up. right now already 70 degrees. beverly and lawrence you are above 70. right around 70 on the cape as well. upper 60's in plymouth. we have mid and upper 60's out through worcester, as well, and you saw the skies, looking a little cloudy out through the worcester area, and you can see the clouds are dropping from north to south right now. right along the pike. it's bright for you on the south shore and the cape. these clouds are advancing in your direction. there have been a couple of showers but these have been falling apart. so we're tracking a cold front as this continues to drop southward. we'll see a period of cloud cover. can't rule out one or two isolated showers or a sprinkle through mid to late morning. notice by the time we get to lunchtime the clouds are collapsing into massachusetts and then exiting quickly and lots of sunshine this afternoon. we have got the cloud cover now,
6:32 am
noontime. should be 84 degrees by then and less humid by 5:00 and a gusty breeze out of the northwest. sending those temperatures into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees, and even mid 80s today on cape cod. the tropics are active. we'll get you up to speed coming up. let's get you out to the roads getting busy out there. olessa: a live look outside at the expressway over by the gas tank, the northbound side, slow ride here as you can see traveling towards the boulevard. let's get to the maps and check out your trip as you head south. stop and go ride northbound, a crash cleared, over by route 123, and then the ride on the expressway, a half-hour from broadway into boston. the pike eastbound doesn't look too bad. 20 minutes on 495 for 128, and 93 south looks ok out of methuen but the volume picks up, and from there down to the lever connector, about a 40-minute ride. trains and buses so far on schedule. emily: we're following breaking news right now on the eye. randy: and erika is tracking
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normal after a shooter sent people scrambling there. all airport operations were stopped for half an hour. there was no gunman. police believe loud noises spooked the passengers. also breaking news in lawrence this morning. flames ripping through a multi-family home on lafayette avenue overnight. everyone did get out safely and now that fire is under investigation. also right now this man is due in court. police say angel castro tried to rape a disabled woman near the rail station l screamed scaring him off. randy: right now police are investigating after a duck boat tour hits an overpass on storrow drive in boston ripping the roof right off. and this morning we are getting new details about that crash. emily: sera congi is live in boston where passengers are talking only to newscenter 5. sera? sera: emily, state police are trying to determine whether that driver is going to be cited but
6:34 am
buck dotes should not have been on stir row drive because of clearance and height restrictions. take a look at what happened. it happened 15 minutes into the tour, a piece of metal was torn off as the duck boat crumbled under the overpass. the company says that the first year driver was diverted because of an earlier detour. passengers were not injured but shaken. >> we went on like the first part it was closed. and then the second hf bridge it was chopped off the back. luckily it was all -- it fell backwards, and there is like a big metal crashing sound that hit the road behind us. >> the screeching of the metal ripping off of it, and like the girl in the back was crying. reporter: the passengers were loaded onto another duck boat but he did not finish -- they did not finish their tour. the safety experts are also investigating exactly what
6:35 am
scrutiny after a woman was killed in a collision with a vehicle on beacon hill. no charges were filed but it did prompt lawmakers to make new safety regulations for all of the touring companies in the city. live this morning along stir row drive, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: we're getting new details about a murder-suicide in ashby. investigates say that 55-year-old john griffin stabbed his ex-wife, rebecca outside his death. the middlesex d.a. says rebecca was help her ex-husband with errands. they divorced in 1990. it's unclear what led to the attack. police are investigating a suspicious death in new hampshire. a man's body was found in manchester's prout park yesterday morning. a neighbor thought he heard gunshots the night before. investigates were focused on the bleachers near a baseball field. the victim's identity has not been released and police say
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randy: it's 6:35. a show of support in the aftermath of what police are calling a possible hate crime on the north shore. many people are participating as city leaders in salem dedicated a new newspaper box for the rainbow times. police say that the suspect here used large fireworks to blow up the o box last week. the lgbt paper's editor says this will not deter >> this is a symbolic event where we are saying we are not going to be deterred or censored or defeated, so whatever their intention was or whatever the motivations were, they clearly didn't succeed. randy: the fire marshall is offering a $5,000 reward. to catch the suspect, police say that they had good tips about the people responsible. reporter: summerville will be the next community to ban plastic bags starting this week. that ban will be phased in on thursday and will start with
6:37 am
square feet. smaller businesses have until december 5. plus the bags used for produce, meat, and frozen foods are not included in that ban. and united airlines pilots in trouble, how the airline delayed a flight for ten hours. and chilling video as a police officer struggles to save a man's life, this very close call. randy: ahead in news to go, two performances turning heads at the bma's. britney and narrator: let's put this
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dependent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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reporter: good morning, this is a check by austin brighten eastbound heading to top of the screen, and so far this stretch looks quiet but we are building delays across the area. i will have travel times coming up in just a bit. cindy: back to work and school for some of us out there today. you can see a little cloud cover moving through this morning. this is a period of clouds coming in with a cold front that's going to bring in much lower humidity for tomorrow and as the front comes through can't rule out an isolated shower or a sprinkle. most areas are dry. a gusty breeze, low humidity turns nice this afternoon. upper 80s today, low to mid 80s tomorrow, and next chance of showers and thunderstorms later on wednesday into early on thursday. emily.
6:41 am
this police officer was called to the station for a man who was in distress and despondent. when he got there the man jumps onto the tracks and then refused to move so the officer tried to pull him off. the train speeding just seconds away. the officer managed to pull the man away from the tracks right before the train rushed by. and topsfield native abbey d'agostino is back from rio and talking about the famous 5,000-meter race. the olympic runner garnered attention for a mishap on the track. during the competition. the same runner helped abby when she fell moments later and hurt her knee. they both received a rare award for sportsmanship. abby saying yesterday that she feels grateful for that moment. >> the spirit of competition is real, and that's within all of us, before you there is a larger, i think, calling to love and serve other people.
6:42 am
she is set for surgery this month and says the injury won't keep her out for long. randy: we've been following breaking news. a false alarm causing issues at lax. plus a deadly fight on an ivy league campus. the event lead to get that tragedy. and breathing fresh air for the first time in a year. the science experiment just
6:43 am
6:44 am
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>> the eyeopener is ready with news to go, and sera is in boston, and doug is in gloucester with an alarming attack. randy: and also erika is following the new developments in the killing of two nu-ns in mississippi. reporter: first, cindy has a look at the forecast today. a lot of people heading back to school. cindy: considering it's d it does not feel like back to school weather yet but it feel by the end of the week. we have got some big changes coming on in. and also tracking the tropics for you this morning, and take a look. they are active, three separate systems, we are watching, of course, gaston out here in the atlantic. winds are 115 miles per hour but this will continue to lift north, and then even farther away, eventually going to go over to europe but it is not bothering us here in the east coast. and a few swells in our
6:46 am
here southwest of florida, and this may strengthen. it will bring quite a bit of rain into the gulf and then into florida as it kind of curves out to sea to our south but there is another feature north of there, off the mid atlantic coastline, and this one forecast to strengthen into a tropical storm, and likely within the next 24 hours or so, and there are watches up along the outer banks of north carolina, and it's likely going to skim and then notice how it is headed northward but it will curb out to the south, ands not expecting any rain from these systems but it is kicking up the surf and a moderate risk for rip currents today at our beaches. and this will likely continue for the next couple days, as well. keep that in mind. it is 70 in beverly, low 70s in the cape, and mid 60s through worcester. there are a lot of clouds that have worked in, and we have seen this batch of cloud cover kind of dropping southward. we have the bright sunshine now in southeastern massachusetts. clouds are going to be increasing as this cold front drops southward.
6:47 am
apart, and we'll see brightening skies this afternoon as the winds pick up out of the northwest and the temperatures do climb. we're heading into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees today, and cooling off tonight, and a gorgeous day tomorrow with sunshine, and next chance for a shower or a thunderstorm coming in later on wednesday. let's get you back out to the roads. how are we looking? >> busier, and thank you, cindy, so far across the span of the bridge and the lever connector, you can see the delays heading towards the bottom of the screen going into boston. let's get to the maps and your ride as you head south. 24 also stop and go with an accident cleared, and brockton by 123, stop and go up to 128, and the ride on the expressway is 30 to 35, braintree into boston. heading along the pike, some delays starting to pick up now 20 minutes, 495 to 128. and 93 south looks ok out of methuen but it picks up at concord down to the lever connector and a 35-minute trip, and also delays for worcester trains, 502 and 503, 25 minutes behind schedule, everything else
6:48 am
emily: a multi-family home goes up in flames in lawrence, and you can see these flames shooting through the roof of the home on lafayette avenue. the three-alarm fire started around 1:30 this morning. nobody was hurt. also breaking a false report of a gunman at los angeles international airport prompts massive evacuations and flight delays. hundreds of people were stranded outside of the airport and traffic was backed up for miles. police say they searched the terminal and found no everyday of a shooting. they say what caused them. randy: right now a duck boat tour driver in boston is under scrutiny after a dangerous crash. emily: sera congi is live with what went wrong. sera. sera: emily and randy, the duck boat operator drove onto sturrow drive when it try to go underneath the overpass. part of the roofer sheered off. >> there is like a big metal crashing sound that hit the road
6:49 am
sera: this happened at 6:30 last evening, just 15 minutes into the tour. no one was hurt. the duck boat was supposed to be -- was not supposed to be on sturrow because of height restrictions. the company says this is the first year for the driver with the company. he was diverted to sturrow because of an earlier detour. police are trying to determine whether or not that operator should be cited. live along stir -- congi, newscenter 5. reporter: a man wanted in a brazen attack of a woman is expected in court later this morning. police are saying that 22-year-old angel castro knocked the victim to the ground and tried to remove her clothes. she fought and screamed and he ran off. it was the release of this surveillance video from a local business that helped to crack -- to track castro down. he's facing a number of charges, including attempted rape. we'll be in court and we'll let
6:50 am
we're live in gloucester, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: the two nuns stabbed to death will be laid to rest today, sister paula merrill from massachusetts and sister margaret held were remembered at a mass in stoneham yesterday where sister merrill had strong ties. >> we take a moment of silence to remember them. emily: the man accused of killing them will go before a judge today. if convicted he could get the death penalty. police say that sanders did it. we are expecting to learn more in court. the sisters merrill and held had devoted themselves to helping to provide health care to the poor. their funerals will be held in jackson, mississippi. emily: a teenager accused in a drunk driving crash is expected in court today. police arrested 19-year-old joseph knapp after the crash on hollis road in lunenburg. the driver's friend, 18-year-old
6:51 am
hurt. randy: police are investigating a crash between a commuter rail train in summerville and a bicyclist there. police say the signals were working as they should be when the man went through the crossing yesterday afternoon. witnesses there say that they held at that man to try to get him to stop. it was too late. police say that the man was in his late 20s, and they are not identifying him until the family has been notified. emily: donald trump will give a major he'll make remarks on wednesday in arizona and follows a week of speculation that he may be softening his stance to deport 11 million people living in the u.s. illegally. neither he nor his rival hillary clinton have planned events today. randy: police are investigating a brawl at cornell university. the melee broke out after the student organized event ended. one 19-year-old ithaca college student was stabbed to death and
6:52 am
both cornell and ithaca offering counseling now. emily: two pilots are due in court today accused of showing up to work drunk. scotland police arrested the pilots for suspected intoxication before a flight was set to take off for newark, new jersey. saturday's flight with 141 people onboard was delayed 10 hours while the airline found replacements, both pilots have been fired. randy: six scientists planning to travel to mars complete a year long simulation scientists have lived in a dome in hawaii in near isolation for the last year. they could go outside only while wearing spacesuits. it's the second longest simulation of its kind. scientists say overall it was a success. emily: breaking news in your health, a generic version of the epi-pen will be on the market. the manufacturer mylan just made that announcement and follows outrage after a price hike on
6:53 am
that generic version will be available in a two pack for $300, and that's compared to $6 hit and -- 6 will you know for the name brand. and the red sox have a tough finale against the royals. ortiz gets the sox onboard in the bottom of the fourth with a solo home run, and it's tied up in the fifth when alexander bogaerts gives the sox a lead with a two rbi single. the royals came out on fire in the sixth scoring eight runs. the sox lose 10-4 and the tampa bay rays tonight at 7:10. >> an exciting finish to the little league world series. the endwell, new york team defeated south korea here in yesterday's final 2-1. it's the first time since 2011 that a u.s. team has won the
6:54 am
vma's tried to take back the stage. britney spears performed at the awards for the first time in ten years. however critics were not happy with her lip syncing performance. randy: beyonce was the story last night, she performed for 16 minutes from her visual album lemonade and also won eight awards last night including video of the year. and it was none other than the final five who introduced her for the big award >> beyonce! reporter: there they are, four of the five u.s. olympians, including needham's aly raisman gave the award to beyonce. gabby douglas is nursing a mouth infection so she was not on the stage with her teammates but they wished her well during their time on the stage. exciting. they have had a big few weeks. randy: yeah. everywhere.
6:55 am
olessa: thank you guys. a couple of problems with the trains. the mbta branch has westbound delays and also worcester, framingham line experiencing delays of 20 minutes so plan ahead. faster the roadways go no issues but there is volume here on 93 south in somerville. let's get over to the maps and check your ride as you head south side. same story on 24 northbound. slow out of brockton. 95 delays out of sharon and route 3 into braintree, and once you get there expressways about 30 to 35 braintree to boston. the pike minutes. 495 to 128. if you are heading north 93 south looks ok but that volume picks up at concord street and going to be a slow ride, 30 minutes down to the lever connector. once again, green line, b and d branch westbound have minor delays but so far, we're expecting gorgeous weather. can't blame that, right? >> you have got if. and a lot of kids headed back to school so watch out for the buses. short sleeves at the bus stop, and temperatures starting out near 70, it will be breezy and
6:56 am
lower 70s in the north shore, boston, the cape, as well, and we do have a bit of cloud cover out there. at least for now. sticky with the dewpoint in the lower 60s, and southwesterly wind this morning, and you see the clouds kind of building south and eastward filling in for you. and can't rule out one or two isolated showers or sprinkles as this front continues to drop. that threat is with us, likely through mid to late morning and i expect brightening skies, we come up to 84. less humid this a gusty breeze out of the northwest, and that is sending the temperatures into the upper 80s to 90 degrees, and even mid 80s on cape cod so it is a warm start to the week, and breezy, and less humid, still around 80 for the first pitch at fenway. a comfortable night, you can open up the windows and lots of 50s in the suburbs. lower 60s in boston. next chance for any showers and thunderstorms comes in later on wednesday. the front approaches very slowly. this front is going to bring in a chance of showers and thunderstorms late on wednesday
6:57 am
tropical systems away, so setting us up for a fantastic holiday weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, and sunshine and low humidity. it looks great. 70s. feels like fall.
6:58 am
6:59 am
you live a portable life. new dannon oikos nonfat yogurt drink fits right in it. with 10 grams of protein... and zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, zero fat. just what you need to help keep you going. new oikos yogurt drink.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, chaos erupts at los angeles airport. >> a number of shots. people running all directions. >> of reports of an active shooter. the reports false but it sent passengers running scrambling for shelter even starting onto the tarmac. terminals at a standstill. right now two tropical story the path of two big storms this morning. superstar quarterback colin kaepernick sparks outrage refusing to stand during the national anthem to protest racism in america. now fans are burning his jersey, fellow athletes split with the star speaking out overnight. >> here we go. 'cause i say. >> and beyonce getting in "formation" slaying at the vmas


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