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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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anchor: breaking news and video you will only see at 5:00. two people res couled -- rescued as their bucket truck toppled. it played out on rhode island's iconic river bridge. i'm j.c. monahan. ed: and i'm ed harding. jon has more. reporter: they were just able to pull it back on to the bridge. it was dangling, 30, 40 feet above the bridge. we are looking at the yellowtr from sky 5 you can see the delegate -- the delicate rescue effort. it went very smoothly and the workers were taken to an ambulance to get checked out. certainly some harrowing moments for them. they were doing inspections when the truck above tipped over. there was a cage around them, so they were safe, but they were a hundred feet above the water. investigators are blaming some
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truck. they are taking a close look at that. this is route 24 that passes over the bridge, and it is still closed right now as the havings continues. jon at water wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a man accused of stockpiling weapons and threatening attacks. ed: shawn was in the courtroom and he joins us from south boston. reporter: and some of the allegations against this man that he threatened to police. 48-year-old joseph appeared in federal court with wrists and ankles handcuffed after saturday. he threatened to kill the president and muslims. >> he is very distressed over this. as i told you upstairs he denies all of the allegations. he denies making threats to anybody. reporter: authorities raided his home on friday. there they found parts to make
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threatening to kill muslims. they say he planned to chain a mosque closed and then burn it down. he wanted to kill as many homeland suiter officers before -- security officers before they kill him. >> i have known him for years and i know what kind of man he is. this is not something he would do. reporter: his attorney said the tip came just before he was due in court for a restraining order in that case a judge ordered that he cannot have weapons. if con strucked it -- if convicted he faces 10 years in prison. he is due back in court on wednesday. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: breaking news out of hollywood. actor gene wilder died at the age of 83. he starred in many movies including "willy wonka and the
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home from complications of alzheimer's. he was dying eggs nod three years ago, but he kept it private. jc: a boston university student charged in a drunk driving crash is free on bail. they spoke after the arraignment and he is live in fitchburg. reid? reporter: carol roberts telling me ps -- it is the parents' worst nightmare telling you your child is killed. over the weekend she got the he also kept me very grounded. reporter: her loss is beyond profound. once again carol robbins find herself at the spot where her son died. she has been here every day since the saturday pre-dawn crash. >> it hit his chest so hard he died instantly. reporter: he died early saturday morning in the car where he was an unback --
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his friend arraigned on charges including motor vehicle homicide. prosecutors say the 19-year-old had a blood alcohol level of .12 which is one and a half times the legal limit. >> he admitted to speeding. he admitted to trying to show off. when his fake id was discovered in his wallet he joked about how the id has never let him down. reporter: he is a sophomore at boston university on full academic scholarship. he was unhurt in the crash. a third passenger, among many support their friend who -- and suffered an arm injury. >> they made a mistake and unfortunately austin paid the price for it. reporter: she has known him for years, but she can't face him. >> they are best friends. i trusted him and that's why he got in the car with him. absolutely. reporter: joseph cap was released on a cash bail this morning from court. there has been a go fund me account for austin robbins.
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family relief fund to help his family financially. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a cloudy start to the day, but a glorious finish. temperatures hitting 90 again. harvey is here with us. 90 is not bad, harv, but is there any rain on the way? harvey: maybe a little on the midweek period, but don't expect now. having hit 90 gave us the 20th day this summer season that we have hit 90 degrees. it is starting to cool off a litt significantly the air has dried out and it is much more comfortable. later tonight boston drops to the 60s and the suburbs into the 50s. we have a bunch of tropical systems to watch. the most significant to watch in terms of its proximity is this one southeast of the carolina coast. that could become a tropical storm and a tropical storm warning is in effect for parts of the carolinas. here is the track of the storm the next couple days.
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on labor day weekend. jc: an uber driver behind bars. witnesses say he was driving around without pants and exy -- and exposed himself. todd malden has more. reporter: the driver will not be driving anywhere anytime soon. he has been removed from the uber platform and held on bail for these two cases and his bail has been revoked for a prior similar case. uber driver hides in court. there are two cases against him. he alleged looy exposes himself to a female victim in broad daylight. allegedly asking her if she wanted to watch him masturbate. a man matching griffin's statement makes the same shopping statement to a girl near the linden mall. >> a man in a black vehicle
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fondling himself in front of guys on the streets. reporter: he also does it not far from his home in everett. police were investigating there too. 5 young female reported it happened in july and again yesterday. >> she indicated she knew it was the same guy she saw before. she walked away, but got the license plate this time, your honor. reporter: before his arrest he leads police on a brief car chase and foot pursuit and after being given his miranda rights he stated that his father is a level 3sex he has become like him. he stated he is sick of bringing shame on his family and wants help. to be clear griffin was not transporting any passengers during these incidents. the mayor of everett is urging uber to meet with him quickly to talk about ways to enhance screening after a number of cases involving drivers and sex crimes.
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jc: a woman found guilty in the beating death of her daughter. the toddler died from blunt force injuries. marin will be sentenced in december. ed: and anthony wiener involved in another sex scandal. jczc this time one of hillary clinton's top aids has had enough. reporter: how many chances does a disgraced get. that was the question posed by the documentary wiener following anthony wiener's quest for redemption after a sexting scandal cost him his seat in congress. >> are you running for mayor or is this the cleanest line to clean up. reporter: and even after a second scandal derailed his bid, his wife stayed with him. >> married to one of hillary clinton's closest advisors. reporter: but then came the
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post. the photograph of anthony wiener in his underwear and wiener's child was in the bed and now she announced publicly she is out of the marriage. in a statement she said anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. she already has her share of headaches as questions of hillary clinton's private e-mail server raises access for high level donors to the clinton foundation. her marriage already an attack line on the campaign trail. >> uma is getting classified secrets. she is married to anthony wiener who is a perv. >> she is in the inner circle of the campaign and it makes trump question the integrity of the inner circle. >> they did release a
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he praised huma's decision to leave anthony wiener. saying she will be farber off without hem, but did say this is, quote, another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. ed? ed: we turn our attention to gas prices. we are looking at higher triple-a prices. is than the national average. let's look at the traffic around here. now what it looks like has stopped on the pike from austin to the pike. we are going into town pretty well. let's go around the area and see that we will begin down at the split and it should be about a half hour. this should be about a half hour. this is quicker. you just saw the traffic through here. they claim it is 15 minutes. you get slowed by the tolls
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the pike to 290 is a seven-minute ride, but 495 and the pike is slow. that's what traffic looks like right now at just after 5:00 in the evening. jc: two brothers accused in the murder of four. ed: still to come, what we have learned about the suspect. jc: concerns after a cell phone explodes in a teen's pocket. ed: and an elderly new hampir flames engulfed their home. the issue making the situation
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. ed: two killers were in a courtroom and they are charged with the murder of the cousin of dwyane wade. she was hit by bullets intended for somebody else. denied bond and ordered to stay in jail, they are accused of killing the cousin of three-time champion dwyane wade who spok -- ske >> hopefully we can stop it. reporter: she was an innocent victim shot and killed pushing a baby stroller home after registering one of her children for school. >> her life was gone too soon. too soon. too soon she was taken away from us. reporter: her family was devastated and the cop is
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and keep them there. >> the law has to changing. it is part, not the whole answer, but part of addressing the problem. reporter: in chicago alone there were 101 more people killed this year than last and abc news learning some 6,000 illegal guns have been recovered since january. that's more weapons than new york and los angeles combined. videotaped confession from one of the suspects saying the target was another man. they are due back in court next month. heather:this is raise -- jc: this is raising concerns. a popular cell phone exploded in a teenager's pocket k. he was taking a pest when he smelled smoke and then felt the burning. his dad said josh jumped up as the battery exploded and when he tried to get the phone out of his pocket it burned his hand. another student jumped in to
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pocket 679 the flames were come come -- were coming out. it stayed in a couple more seconds and it would have been bad. jc: samsung said it is rare. they have offered financial compensation for the phone and the burn. ed: wildlife experts call this an unusually large natural disaster. a lightning strike killed more than 300 wild reindeer. it happened on friday during a thunderstorm and environmental department said it is not unusual for them to be killed by lightning but to have so many die at once is unheard of. the reindeer tend to stay close to each other, but it might explain why so many were killed at one time. ed: a construction firm is trying to figure out how a home was destroyed after an
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camps camps and shelters and living in their cars. rescuers are digging through remanence of collapsed buildings looking for unrecovered bodies. jc: turning to our weather. the tropics are really heating up. harvey: they really are. it is these two tropical depressions. one southeast ft -- of the carolina coast and the other near the western tip of cuba. both in time will become tropical storms. look at this. the pacific is too. 115 mile per hour winds and they are moving in the direction of the hawaiian islands. they have to watch for possibly being affected by those two. jc: it is the high season for hurricanes in the atlantic. harvey: i think the one of greatest concern and the one closest to the east coast and has caused a tropical storm warning for parts of the
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depression. this one will kind of develop and they will get names in the exnext 24 hours. we will see which order it all comes in. the important thing it keeps it southeast of us. the problem is we are getting this 5u8 -- we are getting this all the way out. it may continue to be a problem this a these systems , this one and the one into the gulf of mexico will probably take a somewhat similar track. not close enough to threaten us with rain and wind, but perhaps with the rough surf. but is it boy beautiful out there right now. the air is drying out so nicely. 85 degrees in boston. we are cooling a little after hitting 90 today. the dry northwesterly wind is sending the dryer air in. it is generally 80 to 85 in
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the trend to nate will -- the trend tonight will be for the dryer air to move south and east. here is that wider view again of gaston. that is farther out and likely to stay way out. this is the depression off the carolina coast. very active indeed. around 80 at the start of the game and well down into the 70s deeper into the game. it will time, but very refreshing and very dry and comfortable overnight. 50s and low 60s to start your day tomorrow. sunshine and thin high clouds in the afternoon. especially along the beaches. i expect the temperature to be just under 80 or right around 80. low to mid80s should do it. there will be a sea breaz tomorrow afternoon -- sea breeze tomorrow afternoon. it will usher in the dryer air
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the next system will be making its approach during the midweek period. how that will work out. here is your sunshine tomorrow with patchy high clouds later in the day. now, wednesday we will notice an increase in cloudiness. by late wednesday into wednesday night possibly a shower or thunderstorm breaking out here or there. however, the front that is responsible for that could temporarily get stuck late wednesday night and thursday south of us. from boston south and thursday with clouds lingering for part of the day. after that it looks like more cool, dry air settles in. it is cooler than it has been for awhile. the start of the labor day weekend looks okay, but it does look a lot cooler, dry, refreshing, feel of fall especially at night. by end of labor day weekend we will warm it up more so inland than along the coast. all of this period of time we will have to watch possibly
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jc and ed? jc: that is gorgeous. ed: don't scare it away. jc: and more on takata and their air bags. ed: ks proceeding has -- exploding has taken another life. jc: and how much is too much for your kid? ed: and the common household item that sparked this big fire while a family was heather: hey how's it going, hotcakes?
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ent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. jc: another fatal car accident is linked to takata air bags. a truck carrying the bag inflaters exploded near san antonio killing a woman and injuring four other people.
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investigators to texas to work with local police. at least 11 people in america and malaysia have been killed or injured. ed: travelers ran out of l.a.x., some actually running on to the runway. the report of an active shooter turned out to be nothing. authorities are looking into how this may have exposed a serious security issue. >> shooting shooting in progress at l.a.x. >> reports of l.a.x. to a stand still. >> there was a flood of people in the bathroom saying there is a shooter and everybody was in a huge panic. reporter: sending people running for cover even on to the tarmac. >> we went through an emergency exit close to a gate and ran down on to the runway. reporter: according to police, a false alarm that started
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costumessed and believed to be armed with ta sword that police later determined was plastic. >> they let me go. they didn't arrest me. they said crazy stuff happens in the airport. reporter: the mannish wished to remain anonymous and the noise was nothing more than loud noises. another scare prompted by celebrations. now they are calling for a federal investigation into emergency responses. >> in a sense this was a blessing. without anybody getting hurt we saw the weaknesses in our response to a would be terrorist incident. but we have to learn from it. >> one person was hurt in los angeles and they are trying to determine the source of the loud noises.
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>> the search for a killer continues in princeton. ed: three weeks after a young woman was killed while out for an afternoon run. what some neighbors in this quiet town are doing to feel city. randy: tuesday morning on the eyeopener, prep once, pack twice, saver time. >> ways to speed up your routine just in time for back to school. >> and cooler, less humid air but i'm tracking the next chance
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we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. ed: two workers from a massachusetts company are okay after a frightening scene on a rhode island bridge. sky 5 was the only chopper in the air as both were moved to safety. the incident remains under investigation. jc: officials are speaking about it right now. let's listen in. workers. it does appear they were safe. they were transported by the emergency personnel and it would appear at this point and i would say i caution it would appear that the injuries they sustained were nothing major. following the workers our next concern was renting the truck, the vehicles.
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we hope in the not too distant future the other lane will open. there is a full blown investigation as we speak. osha has been here. we will cooperate fully. this is a private company that was hired. this is not new technology. i was here 10 years and never had an incident like this happen i would like to thank the personnel and the fire and police department for the spectacular assistance. they are always here to help in a time like this. him and myself will be happy to answer any and all questions. ed: you are getting a live update of the scene. just to reemphasize, the


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