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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 30, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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week. that is the wave action from gaston. what i wanted to show you is, this is one of our computer models. you can see the yellow areas south of new england. that could be huge waves as early as sunday. that is why we want to let you know we may be getting some impact in some form, and we will develop this more as we go through the evening. i will check back in ed:. ed: breaking news right now. a three-year-old boy pulled from a lowell pool has died following an apparent drowning. hospitalized since august 20. police responded to the home on freda lane and discovered the boy and a two-year-old girl unresponsive. the girl is now out of the hospital. the boy's death is being investigated by the middlesex d.a. ed: right now, maine governor paul lepage saying he is not going to resign, following controversial comments about drug dealers in massachusetts, and an obscene voicemail he left. heather: in fact, he is now apologizing for that message, targeting a democratic legislator. maria stephanos is here with lepage's most recent comments.
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during a radio interview today. lepage saying his tirade last week was unacceptable and totally his fault. he then went on to address the remainder of his term. and whether or not he would even serve it out. >> i think there's a lot more that can be done, said, and move the state forward. i just need to see whether or not i'm the man to do it. if i have lost my ability to convince the maine people that's what we need and that's the type of people we need in augusta, you know, maybe it is the time to move on. just heard that. then, everything changed with a tweet from the governor, following the interview that seemed to rule out the resignation and what he just said. the governor writing, "regarding rumors of resignation, to paraphrase mark twain, 'the reports of my political demise are greatly exaggerated." lepage is now blaming the cities of lawrence and lowell for maine's worsening opioid crisis. the embattled governor made the comments during a conference of governors in boston. he says drug dealers from the two cities are streaming into
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he also reiterated earlier comments that blacks and hispanics make up the majority of heroin and fentanyl arrests in maine. lawrence mayor daniel rivera now saying he's not happy with this, and would like to have a face-to-face conversation with the main governor. >> i think it's not only unfair to the people of lawrence but it's also unfair who are dealing with this crisis. reporter: some democratic lawmakers say that lepage is heather: thank you. tom brady trying to stay positive, as he gets ready to serve his pension. -- suspension. ed: which starts this weekend. newscenter five's josh brogadir is live at gillette. reporter: brady took to the podium to talk about the last week of the preseason, and also talking about what he will be doing leading up to week five of
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brady makes it clear he would like to be out there on thursday. the last time he played in a week for preseason game was against the giants in 2011. this season, as atypical as they come. as for his time off, he plans to make them a of it, admitting it is not going to be easy to watch jimmy play, but he's hoping he will learn something. but brady says he wants to play every chance he gets. >> ask coach belichick, i wish i could play a very game. i love practice, preseason games, regular season, postseason. i'm thinking about football. it is just the way it is. that part will be very challenging watching the games in september, but i will find ways to preoccupy my mind. reporter: patriots started today
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offensive tackle heat on milton and tight end stephen choi are not on the practice field. just belvedere, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: right now in malden, a driver accused of robbing a disabled woman who called for a ride. ed: the suspect in court today, newscenter five's todd kazakiewich was there and is live with what what we know now. reporter: the defendant is charged with larceny and assault and battery on a disabled person. he was arraigned here mid afternoon at malden district court. he's only 21 years old. his name is wilson brea of revere. he was arrested today and driven to court. prosecutors say a 45-year-old disabled woman called him for a ride yesterday. she had his number because he had driven her before. once at her home here in malden, prosecutors say he asked to use the restroom after that is when the crime allegedly happened. >> the defendant came back into the room she was in.
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going to have to take this. reporter: the police report says he pushed the victim and took off in a white livery vehicle allegedly stealing her purse, , with over $250 in it, and a bag of medication. bail in this case was set at $500 cash. ed and heather, brea had also been driving in the past here but in this instance, he was not operating in that capacity when this crime allegedly happened. ed:ig intruders underway on the south shore, after two bizarre late-night reagans. heather: let's get the latest from newscenter 5heather: shaun chaiyabhat in plymouth. reporter: i spoke with the victims of one of these cases. they tell me this man broke into their home, naked from the waist down. plymouth police say the intruder walked into two homes at the white horse beach community. investigators say there were no signs of forced entry in either
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11:30 sunday night, then further down the beach around 1:00 monday morning. police were here searching the beach for the man but he still has not been found. witnesses on the beach that night saw one homeowner shoving the naked intruder out of her home. >> he was wearing like a reddish shirt. he had no pants on. we saw him running down the back stories, and started rng down the beach toward the end of the brook. we did not know what was going on at the time. reporter: in one case, the homeowner says the intruder went all throughout the house, even walked into her children's rooms upstairs. no one was harmed, but police right now are not releasing the description of the intruder. they're just telling people here to make sure it to keep their doors locked. heather: a construction worker in cambridge suffered serious injuries this morning. he was working at a job site at 1868 mass ave when the accident
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a team of firefighters had to free the man from the worksite before he was able to be taken to the hospital. ed: a huge factory fire under investigation in pittsfield. flames consumed the abandoned building on elmvale place last night. authorities say the building has been home to squatters for years. it's not known if anyone was inside when the flames broke out. the commitment 2016 coverage right now. donald trump preparing for an important policy speech. heather: he will be revealing the details of his plan for immigration, happening tomorrow. arizona. tonight, trump will be at a rally in washington state. ed: and donald trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence come out on the campaign trail with his family today. pence, his wife karen and their two daughters are in georgia. today for lunch they stopped at popular restaurant in atlanta for chili dogs and pie. pence will be heading to north carolina for a rally tonight. heather: hillary clinton has no public campaign events today. we could begin seeing her
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releasing the emails and notes from their interview with clinton connected to their investigation. the state department now says about 30 emails related to the attack in benghazi will be delayed so they can be redacted. heather: today, democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine is campaigning in pennsylvania. he spoke to supporters in erie this afternoon. tomorrow, his wife anne houlton , will be in boston to host a women for hillary rountable at suffolk university law school. ed: former presidential candidate john kasich is wading into the new hampshire governor's race. the state's gop primary. kasich took a surprise second in the granite state presidential primary. heather: right now, federal agriculture offices in five states are closed after seeing -- receiving anonymous threats. the closed offices are in colorado, connecticut, maryland, north carolina and west virginia. the department is working with the fbi and federal and local law enforcement to determine whether the threats are credible. the german pilot who flew his airliner into a mountainside
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flight instructors told the fbi andreas lubitz struggled learning to fly and failed a key test because of a so-called situational awareness issue. lubitz was promoted anyway. lawyers representing families of crash victims say lufthansa, which owns the regional airline germanwings, should have noticed lubitz' failures and taken closer notice of his history of depression. , lawmakers are pushing for mandatory prison sentences for defendants convicted of rape. it comes after former stanford student brock turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the judge in the case sentenced him to six months in jail, followed by probation. legislation passed yesterday would compel judges to hand down mandatory sentences. the bill itself now heads to the governor's desk.
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in binghamton, new york. the dash-cam video shows the chilling first moments of the crash last week on route 17. las. you can see in the left corner that a car actually catches fire. the flames quickly spread before someone uses a fire extinguisher to put them out. a group then pulls the driver out likely saving her life. the city's mayor posted this video online thanking everyone involved in the rescue. ed: to new york. parts of manhattan's upper west side were turned into a lake last night, thanks to a water main break that caused a big sinkhole. it took fire crews about 90 minutes just to turn off the water flow to the area. by then the sinkhole had swallowed an suv. some basements on the street were filled with 6 feet of water. repairs are still going on today. heather: the italian coast guard says it has rescue six and a half thousand migrants in the past 24 hours. the coast guard says it has been one of the busiest days they've seen for years. more than 40 operations to rescue people were sent out to
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votes. ed: there soon could be a ban on swimming with dolphins in hawaii. the national oceanic and atmospheric association is behind the proposal. scientists say interacting with humans is getting in the way of dolphins' sleep, and that is what they do during the day. the new rules would ban anyone from getting within 50 yards of a dolphin by any means including swimming, snorkeling or boating. heather: time now to flash ed: here's what we're working on tonight. a show of support for local law enforcement and their families. where you may soon spot blue ribbons. heather: on newscenter 5 at 6:00, this dramatic struggle between framingham police officers and a suspect all caught on camera. ed: and at 7:00 and i, celebration for new and expecting moms. who are also serving their countries for their husbands who are deployed. a one-of-a-kind baby shower they
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harvey: also, some things going on in the tropics. the one that has the potential concern for us is this, near the
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announcer: you watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: taking a live look at traffic as we can see the big
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bridge. feeder roads are slow. let's check the drivetime information. the upper deck to 128 will take about 24 minutes. the first leg of that is on the bridge. first part of the pike slow, up to 60 minutes. -- 16 minutes. 495 is not that bad. should be about a half traffic has come back already. heather: a typhoon made landfall in japan today. typhoon lionrock hit and area 300 miles north of tokyo that is still recovering from the 2011 tsunami. more than 170,000 people were forced to evacuate the area. ed: let's talk about this unwelcome guest for the labor day weekend.
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systems. the one that could affect us to some extent before labor day weekend is the one that is down near cuba in the eastern gulf of mexico. that is the one that will be venturing upward. ed: the one that is tropical depression nine? harvey: yes, tropical depression eight is closer, but it will pass south of us. the other one is a different story. right now, still a tropical depression. we have to keep an eye on that. it is tracked ultimately close enough so it will almost for sure give us rough surf, at least. the timing of it also is not that easy to figure out at this point. i want to give you an idea of the computer models. the bulk of them take it northeastward off the carolina coast.
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us sometime later this holiday weekend? it is kind of a wild card. it is a possibility. but it is becoming more suggestive, that there could at least some impact in terms of surf, and wind or wet weather. we have to keep an eye on it. but what we want you to know is instead of the entire labor day weekend is no problem at all, that may not quite be the case. we have this and develop it as we get a feel for it over time. in the meantime, 76 degrees in boston now. the wind is off the water. a sea breeze at 16 miles per hour. but in land it is in the low 80's in mid-80's. hartford, another nice summer's day. it is still reasonably comfortable over most of the area. just a little bit sticky near the south coast and east coast, because that is where the wind is coming off the water.
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tomorrow, as well as thursday. we are going to have a front make in approach as we get closer to the wednesday night and thursday time period. overnight tonight, not quite as cool. tomorrow, look for temperatures back in 80's. we are seeing showers and thunderstorms to the north of new york state up in canada. that is a sign there is a front on the has been very hard to get any moisture with these fronts here this is the one near the carolina coast. have a significant impact on the weather. maybe a little bit of rough surf, but not really. it is the front pressing closer. in our area, the best chance of getting showers wednesday night or thursday. it is late wednesday or thursday with showers. it does turn breezy and cooler friday night into saturday.
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the possibility of rough surf developing by sunday or monday, depending on how close the storm actually gets to us. that is what we will be continuing to follow. we will see you again at 5:00. heather: a new step forward in the fight tonight against zika virus. scientists say there are several existing drugs that could counteract the effects of the virus. ed: scientists, the experiments done in the lab so far show dramatic results, even reversing some of the damage done by zika. the drugs are already in use to treat cancer, hepatitis c, and parasitic infections. it's still not clear if the drugs could protect babies before they are born. the next step in the process is animal testing. heather: this afternoon, the cdc says all babies exposed to the zika virus should have their hearing tested after birth.
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found four babies had permanent hearing loss. turns out there is evidence your dog really does understand what you are saying. scientists in hungary say they've discovered dogs process words in their brains the same way humans do. ed: the scientists also say they found if you say meaningless words, but using happy tone in the words, it did not have the same effect as the real phrase. the dogs can distinguish between the town and words. if you say, you are such a pretty girl, they understand. heather: we will have a lot of videos tomorrow. enticing new visitors to take a chance on sin city. ed: the crowd las vegas is now reaching out to, with the help of new flights and new casinos. the first, let's check the
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norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harobefore kelly ayotteg up gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too. narrator: tell kelly ayotte: oppose medicare privatization.
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ed: we are checking your economy now. ed: apple ordered to pay ireland more than $14 billion in back taxes. heather: the european union ruled against apple, accusing the company of corporate tax avoidance. the e.u. says the irish government reverse engineered it's tax system to help apple -- it's tax system to help apple minimize it's bill for years. in exchange, it says, apple agreed to base its european headquarters in ireland,
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seattle is making a move to crack down on erratic work schedules that can be an issue for hourly workers. city leaders are taking up a proposal to require businesses to schedule shifts at least two weeks in advance. and to make it mandatory to compensate workers for last-minute schedule changes. ed: there will now be nonstop flights from china to las vegas. the city is working hard to step up it's marketing to target chinese tourism, both for chinese nationals and chinese americans. therar asian-themed casinos in the works, backed by money from asian investors. heather: general electric is throwing financial support behind mit's energy research program. ge will donate $7.5 million to the school's research effort , which is focused on finding new ways to cut carbon emissions and replace fossil fuels. the donation comes as the electric company plans its headquarters shift to boston.
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who ended up with a record-setting catch. heather:heather: and you will hear from the woman who hauled in this gigantic gator in mississippi. narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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heather: nasa now studying a mysterious star in the middle of the milky way.
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sun, but they can't figure out how long it's been a star. it has characteristics of being both very young and very old. ed: i don't know how old this is, but take a look. look at the size of that thing. a record saturday -- the record-setting gator catch in mississippi. tiffany wienke hauled in the 13 foot 7 inch alligator during a hunt this weekend. she needed the help of five other people to hook the gator. the alligator beat the previous -- >> very long hours. we were in the book 20 hours friday night, before we went back saturday night. once you look into something that they can't have the opportunity to experience at best, controlled chaos. ed: for 20 hours? the alligator beat the previous record for a catch in public waters in mississippi by only an eighth of an inch. but it won. the biggest catch. heather: you have to hoist it
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it probably is. ed: in mississippi. we have news for you at 5:00 right now. announcer: now, newscenter 5. harvey: the tropics get very active. what the eventual tropical impact will be like here. reporter: frightening late-night regions on the south shore. what victims say the suspect was doing inside these homes. ed: dramatic rescue. the tv cameraman who jumped into action when a pregnant woman was caught in a fiery crash your and tom brady's that deserve his suspension. what he plans to do during his forced month off. announcer: from boston's new leader, this is wcvb newscenter five at 5:00. ed: now at 5:00, tracking tropical systems into the gulf of mexico. that might mean a wet holiday weekend. casey: harvey's keeping a close eye on the models.
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this system. it looks like it will track closer to us later on labor day weekend than it did appear before. let me give you an idea. we showed you all the different computer models. the general idea is to track it off the carolina coast, and south and east of us, but possibly somewhat closer than it had earlier appeared. if that were to happen, later in the weekend, there could be some bit eerie shin, possibly gusty winds, and the cape. the best chance of anything someone significant would be the recurrri we have to monitor that. if it were to come close enough, rain could get into parts of southern new england before the holiday weekend is out here it it is far from a certainty, but the general idea is it will track somewhat looser than earlier thought, to give us some effect. the other thing that is a wildcard is how strong the system will or won't be, as it is doing this. right now it is still just a tropical depression, but some development is likely. that is the early update on this.


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