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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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randy: it's 4:30 on wednesday, august 31, and we are following breaking news. emily: two people are dead after a violent crash near the ted williams tunnel in boston. a mini bus and car involved, what we know about the victims right now. randy: also breaking overnight, boston firefighters are trying to determine what caused a big fire in allston. the damage and the people left homeless, and 5 investigates a swanky party that led to the suspension of two top state employees. the public resources they used for their private event. randy: good morning, cindy. back to being warm out there. cindy: temperatures near 70 right now in boston and the skies are mainly clear with that southwesterly wind. worcester county at 63, already
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just a few high clouds beginning to filter in and if we look further to the west we have a cold frontal boundary with a few showers lining up. it will be very slow to approach today, but to the south we are watching another tropical depression of the carolinas and the gulf of mexico tropical depression could move toward florida tonight. of by increasing mid and high-level clouds through the afternoon but with the southwesterly wind we are still going into the mid to upper 80's. the cloud still in around lunchtime and by 5:00 p.m. i can't rule out an isolated shower. emily: now to the breaking news we're following, a deadly crash near logan airport is under investigation at this hour. randy: it happened in east
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that state police say a small passenger bus and a car collided near the exit of the ted williams tunnel overnight, the crash happened just after one this morning killing two people. a third victim was taken to an area hospital but the extent of that victim's injuries are unclear, olessa stephaova has new information on the status of the roadways and the impact on your commute, olessa? olessa: this is going to be a problem for commuters -- they don't know when it is going to reopen a to know. if you are heading that way trying to get to root 1a, traffic is being divergent to exit 26 but once you are there you can get onto bennington street and if you are traveling westbound, stay right for logan and you will be put onto 1a.
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but we will see lots of volume and delays so plan ahead -- we will keep you posted throughout the morning. randy: breaking overnight, firefighters are trying to determine what started a large fire in allston. the flames, shot though the roof of the three family house on myrick street just after midnight. the red cross is helping nearly a dozen people find a new place to stay. one firefighter suffered a back injury. no one else was hurt. the fire chief says the fire caused an estimated $1 million in damages. emily: right now a teenager is recovering after being stabbed in the neck with a golf club. this morning the suspect in the case will face a judge. the eyeopener's sera congi is live in malden with what we know at this hour. sera: we know that victim is expected to recover but he's being treated for serious injuries. his friend will be here this morning to face serious charges. take a look at the video from sky 5 over the scene in wakefield last night where an
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police say he was stabbed with that golf club during a fight in breakheart reservation. when officers arrived the victim was in the middle of a pathway wounded and bloody. it didn't take them long to make an arrest. collects the suspect fled and crashed in the wakefield tunnel. sera: that's where police arrested 18-year-old curtis day of beverly. for hours after the arst in the reservation looking for part of the golf club as evidence. it's not clear what sparked the fight but police say it started when a third teenager showed up. he was interviewed by police and the da's office. curtis day will be arraigned on a number of charges here this morning including attempted murder.
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randy: commitment 2016, today donald trump will make a unique side trip on the campaign trail. and it is interesting timing. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here to set the stage. erika: just hours before giving a major speech on immigration, trump says he will travel to mexico. trump tweeting last night, "i have accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto, of mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow." last night, trump was in washington state for a rally. he was met by proteste the streets in everett. later today he's expected to finally spell out the specifics of his immigration crackdown. on cnn, the candidate's son gave a preview of what we could hear. collects you have to eliminate sanctuary cities, you have to get rid of criminals and secure the border. erika: in recent meetings with hispanic supporters, trump has suggested he could be open to changing his hard line approach. but he has also said he is still
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with mexico. his speech is at 9:00 tonight in arizona we'll stream it live on our wcvb mobile news apps. randy? randy: senator john mccain is on his way to the general election. the arizona senator beat back a primary opponent in arizona as he competes for his sixth term in office. challenger kelli ward, a tea party activist and former state senator, suggested that at 80-years-old, mccain would not be able to complete another term. and marco rubio will get a shot at a second term the former presidential candidate won the gop primary in florida a bid he launched at the last minute after dropping out of the white house race. and embattled former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz also came out on top beating back a strong primary challenge in her congressional reelection bid. vice presidential nominee tim kaine's wife will campaign in boston today. anne holton will participate in a women for hillary roundtable at suffolk university law
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campaign office during her swing through the hub. emily: your taxpayer money used for a private bash during july 4 celebrations. 5 investigates has learned two top state officials are suspended for it. this is the invitation to the private party. the guests greeted by the dcr deputy commissioner. then golf carts, rented by dcr and driven by dcr staff, used to transport them from the party on beacon street to the esplanade. records obtained exclusively by show the invitation to the party thrown by dcr commisioner leo roy and deputy commissioner matthew sisk went out to more than a dozen state employees. now both men are suspended without pay for one week for utilizing dcr resources for their private event. they've also reimbursed the state more than $800. the executive office of energy and environmental affairs released this statement saying "the use of state resources for this private event was entirely
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commissioner roy and deputy commissioner sisk fully reimbursed the state so that not a single tax dollar was wasted. after we started asking questions, roy and sisk reported the party to the ethics commission which ordered them to undergo additional ethics training. the framingham police chief, commending his officers. randy: the brawl that landed one man behind bars, how the officers finally got the suspects in cuffs. and new details about the man accused of killing two nuns, how he may have known the victims. erika? erika: and we are following two breaking stories right now, a deadly wreck right outside the ted williams tunnel the investigation and the potential impact on the commute. and a three alarm fire in allston, the new information in overnight. cindy? cindy: the humidity is making a comeback, the outlook for the day ahead and i'm tracking the tropics. the potential impact on part of
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randy: we are now learning the man accused of killing two nuns in mississippi was living across the street before the murders. police say rodney sanders was staying in a metal shed and had offered to mow the women's lawn. sister paula merrill and sister rg to death in their home last week. no motive has been revealed. sister merrill is a native of stoneham. >> [shouting] emily: caught on camera, a violent fight between a suspect and framingham police officers. the chief says he's never seen anything like it. 29-year-old marcus bino punching the officers in the kitchen of a framingham apartment. his girlfriend called 911 early sunday morn ing for help saying
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officers displayed incredible restraint as the combative suspect refused to follow any commands. collects in 32 years this is one of the worst i have seen. emily: another officer was finally able to restrain bino with a taser. he's facing multiple charges including two counts of assault and battery on a police officer. the officers, treated for injuries at an area hospital. firefighters say their training kicked into action when their chief needed it the most. randy: coming up saving the life of one of their own. and kayakers struck by a ferry boat in new york city.
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emily: it is back to school and a ton of places. cindy: cleaning out closets -- randy: always getting ready. cindy: it is. and hopefully everybody is ready. weather looks quiet locally but all eyes are on the tropics. you've got a hurricane, category three, moving away and the focus are these true topical -- are these two tropical depressions and one of them could have an impact on our area. it is getting better organized and meandering here in the gulf of mexico.
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center is forecasting this to strengthen to a tropical storm today, then make a run toward north florida, land full toward thursday evening. landed near 70 miles per hour and there are hurricane watches up here along the north shore, so we will continue to watch this, but from this point, look ahead -- it looks like it is moving out to see and then those so we are actually now in this code, something we will have to watch as we head toward the end of the holiday weekend sunday into labor day. the other one is spinning off the carolina coast line -- it did bring some rain all in that continues to move away but it will be picking up for the next
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now, 69 degrees, dew points sneaking into the lower 60's, getting uncomfortable to oppressive humidity along the coast line and southeastern massachusetts. fairly comfortable north west of town but that will change as the funnel boundary approaches, and that will bring in the risk for a couple showers. a lot of clouds are en route and the sun comes up at you can see all the temperatures in the 60's but i want to walk you through the next several hours because notice how the clouds fill in and as you get toward lunchtime in the afternoon it is mostly cloudy skies. it increase in clouds over fenway today and it will be humid. high temperatures running in the mid to upper 80's. you can see the cloud cover through the afternoon but not much of the way of any shower
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60's to around 70 degrees in tomorrow the front will slowly cross the area. the dryer air holds off until friday so tomorrow is still on the sticky side. tomorrow the front will slowly cross theand as we get into then i think the focus is in southeastern massachusetts we are being set up for a nice start to the holiday all eyes are on the tropics by labor day. let's get you out of the roads and take a look at that overnight crash. olessa: you can see some pictures coming in from the scene, a small shuttle bus and another vehicle involved, two people killed and another injured. we don't know the extent of the injuries yet but at this point they do have some clues and the
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on when they will reopen. northbound side of 18 is shut down, about a half-mile off. if you are heading through that stretch trying to get to that here is what you will do. the detour goes through pennington streak -- bennington street and then stay left for bennington street which will put on and will have more from the scene coming up. emily: two kayakers are in critical condition after a ferry boat crashed into them on the hudson river. 10 people were hurt in the wreck. new york city police pulled several of them from the water. police say the pilot of the ferry was taking the usual route. he saw the kayakers out of the corner of his eye and couldn't stop in time. no charges have been filed. this morning, a teenaged bike rider is suffering from serious injuries after getting struck by
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the middle of the road. the 17-year-old was riding down walnut street when newton police tell us an elderly driver hit him. the impact shattered the car's windshield and put a dent in the hood. that driver did stay at the scene. newton police are still deciding if charges should be filed. randy: training kicked in for a group of middleton firefighters when one of their own needed help. >> we looks over him that the chief looked like he was seizing. randy: chief frank twiss went into cardiac arrest monday at the fire station. nine members of his department were there and started cpr right away before he was rushed to the hospital. the chief received a stent but is now resting comfortably and thinking about his department. >> they are like my brothers, my sisters, my children. when they get subjected to an event like this i hope that they are ok.
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at work. emily: to your economy this wednesday morning, asian investors are playing the waiting game stocks were mixed there overnight. they're waiting for a key u.s. jobs report due on friday. right now u.s. stock futures are lower. chipotle is hoping to win back customers with free burritos for kids. the chain is offering free kid's meals on sundays during the month of september. chipotle's sales plunged after several food-related illness outbreaks across the country. one of them, a norovirus boston. randy: now to some of the stories trending this morning. singer chris brown under arrest. accused of assault with a deadly weapon. the arrest comes after a search of brown's los angeles home. police responded to the home when a woman called asking for help. the call kicked off and hours-long stand off between brown and police. during that time brown posted videos to social media declaring his innocence. brown eventually came out of his home and was said to be
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mixed reviews on tim tebow's performance on the baseball field. the former nfl quarterback is trying to break into professional baseball. according to tebow's agent, scouts from 28 of major league baseball's 30 teams had a look. the heisman trophy winner hasn't played baseball since he was in high school. scientists have proven something most dog owners already know, they understand language. a new study from budapest recorded the brain activities of when the dogs heard things like good boy or well done they responded stronger than when they heard neutral words like nevertheless or however. dogs also responded strongly to a positive, cheerful tone of voice. emily: what you think?
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breaking stories -- right now, a deadly accident right outside the ted williams tunnel, the new -- total. randy: a huge fire in allston. the investigation and the people forced out of their homes. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, saving money every day on back to school. the snacks that cut money and calories when you're packing
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emily: and we are following breaking news for your early news to go. randy: state police are investigating a deadly crash near the exit of the ted williams tunnel. two people are dead and at least one other victim is being treated at an area hospital. a car and a small passenger bus crashed just after one this
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no other details about the victims have been released. emily: boston fire investigators are searching for the cause of a large fire in allston. nearly a dozen people are now homeless after the flames swept through the building, destroying three apartments. one firefighter is being treated for a back injury, the chief estimates the damage at about a million dollars. randy: a revere man is facing charges he robbed a disabled woman who called him for a ride. wilson brea is an uber driver but prosecutors say the alleged victim called him directly app. they say brea had given her a rides before. but this time when he showed up they say he came into her home stole her purse and pushed her. brea's been ordered to stay away from the victim and is banned from driving for hire. emily: a three-year-old boy pulled from a lowell pool has died. he had been in the hospital since august 20. police responded to the home on freda lane and discovered the boy and a two-year-old girl
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the girl is now out of the hospital. the middlesex d.a. is investigating. randy: five former teachers are now accused of sexual misconduct involving students at phillips academy in andover. the globe reports the allegations were disclosed by the school in a letter to the community. the alleged abuse happened in the 70's and 80's. the school encouraged alumni to come forward about abuse after recent revelations at other elite schools. emily: maine gov the end of his political life is premature. yesterday, lepage apologized for his controversial comments about minorities and drug crime. the governor then went on local radio and suggested that he might cut his second term short, but later in the day, lepage reversed course saying he's not done yet. tampa bay launched a late rally to beat the sox at fenway park. xander bogaert doubled in the sixth inning, briefly put the red sox up, 3-1. the rays tied it in the seventh.
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monster, the rays win it, 4-3. the loss keeps boston two games behind the first place toronto blue jays in the a.l. east. randy: florida is bracing for a tropical threat, right now, the storm is just a tropical depression but it is expected to strengthen and strike florida's gulf coast later this week. now that same system may be tracking our way this weekend. oh, boy. cindy: just meandering down the southern gulf of mexico -- it's trying to get better organized but it is forecasting more and there are hurricane watches along the gulf coast. florida hasn't had a hurricane hit since 2005, it has been many years. right now it is forecast to be a tropical storm with winds up to
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there's the possibility that it could strengthen to hurricane. from there it is going to be dealing along the carolina coast line and it looks like it is headed out to see but the upper-level wind will relax and there won't be a big push to get it out to see. it may meander and that is why we are concerned and keeping a close eye on this toward labor day -- that cohen does take a possibility of having some kind of an impact on southern new en meantime, this tropical depression and another one near the coast -- take a look. there is a rip current risk at the beach today. number eight is off the carolina coastline and we are watching a cold front off to the west that will slowly move through over the next day and a half. through tomorrow, increasing clouds in
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that threat clears we are setting up for a really nice stretch friday until the start of the holiday weekend, and we will walk you through the possibilities as the eyeopener continues. >> now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: a deadly crash just outside the ted williams tunnel. the information just coming in involving the shuttle. randy: also breaking, flames shoot through the roof of a home in boston. the injury side-lining one firefighter. emily: donald trump, headed to mexico today. the meeting coming just hour speech, on the eye for this wednesday morning. open one thinrandy: also on thes morning, a private party at the esplanade, paid for with your tax dollars. 5 investigates is tracking the fallout. good morning, i'm randy price.


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