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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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emily: breaking overnights, a crash outside the ted williams tunnel. the information just coming in on this tragedy involving an airport shuttle. >> breaking news, flames shooting through the roof of a home in boston, the injuries sidelining one firefighter. >> and donald trump headed to mexico today. the meeting coming just hours ahead of a major immigration speech. it's on the eye for this wednesday morning.
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in boston paid for with tax dollars. 5 investigates uncovering the details and fallout of this, thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon. happy first day of school for andover and gloucester. it will be a good morning for them. >> a warm morning, so hopefully the back-to-school outfit, maybe the shorts, short sleeves, something like that. >> not too bad. >> a lot of communities going back today, and a really nice start to real pretty sunrise, with some high clouds filtering in, and the temperatures starting out pretty warm. so at the bus stop, near 70 degrees, and mid 80s getting off the bus this afternoon. and you are going to have more humidity, as well. we're sitting at 68 in boston. 64 in worcester, and low 70s, though, for you on the cape, and here you can see the high clouds streaming in from the west. they are associated with a front, which is producing some rain right now out across new york, but there is going to be
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then clouds will be increasing, lunchtime through the afternoon. as the temperatures come up into the 80s, topping out in the mid and upper 80s today, and despite all the clouds, and not expecting too much in the way of showers, so you can leave the rain gear at home, late in the day, there might might be one oo isolated showers. lots to watch in the tropics, and we'll get you up to speed with that coming up. >> thank you, to the breaking news, a crash triggers a gruesome scene. antoinette antonio with new information just coming in. >> and randy, it really was a horrible scene out here early this morning along route 1a, which is just above me. you can see the shuttle bus, which was involved in this crash. it's about to get towed away, and we have just learned that two people riding in that bus were killed, four others were taken to the hospital. let's go ahead and give you a closer look at that scene that
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involves two vehicles, the hotel shuttle but the, as well as a subaru driven by a man. the man and woman from the shuttle man who were killed were from out of state. their names are not being released at this time. the four people who were injured were taken to mgh with nonlife-threatening injuries. and the cause of the crash is under investigation. that investigation will determine whether or not any charges will be filed in this crash that killed two let's go ahead and get the latest on how this is impacting your morning commute with olessa stepanova. >> thank you. this is going to be a problem for commuters traveling through that stretch. here's what you need to know. route 1a is shut down a half mile north of the ted and before bennington street so if you are trying to access that, you will be detoured eastbound heading out of the pike on the ted. you will be detoured into logan airport. to route 1a and out of the callahan, same story, you will have to stay right if you want
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can get to route 1a, and northbound, 24, heavy out of avon and brockton with an accident just cleared on the southbound side by 139, and eastbound on the pike, 15 minutes, 495 to 128 and 93 south, heavy out of methuen, more delays down to the refer connector, trains and buses on schedule. >> and also breaking, fire investigates are looking into what started this fire in boston. the flames shooting through the roof of a three family house on myrick street in austin just after midnight. helping nearly a dozen people find a temporary place to stay. one firefighter suffered a back injury. no one else was hurt. the fire chief says the fire cost a million dollars in damage. commitment 2016 and today donald trump is going to be taking a bit of a surprise side trip, with some interesting timing. erika here now to set the stage. erika: hours before giving a speech on immigration, trump
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accepted the invitation of pena of enrique pena nieto of mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow. last night, trump was in washington state for a rally. he was met by protesters. >> you have to eliminate the sinkwear cities and get rid of the criminals first and foremost and secure the bd >> in recent meetings with hispanic supporters trump suggested he could be open to changing his hard line approach but also said that he's still committed to building a wall with mexico. his speech is at 9:00 tonight in arizona, and we will stream it live on our wcvb mobile app. randy: jake plummer on his way to the general election. he beat back a primary opponent in arizona as he competes for his sixth term in office.
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state senator, suggested that at 80 mccain would not be able to complete another term. and marco rubio will get a shot at a second term. the former presidential candidate won the gop primary in florida, a bid he launched at that last minute after dropping the white house race, and embattled former dnc chair debbie watersson schultz also came out on tim kaine's wife will be campaigning in boston today. ann holton will participate in a woman for hillary round table at suffolk university law school. emily: five former teachers are accused of sexual misconduct in andover. the globe reports the allegations were disclosed by the school in a letter to the community. the alleged abuse happened in the 1970s and 1980s and the school encouraged the lume fly to come forward about abuse
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other elite schools. we're now learning the man accused of killing two nuns was living across the street from the murders. police say that rodney sanders was staying in a metal shed and had offered to mow the women's lawn. sister paula merrill and sister margaret held were stabbed to death in their home last week. no motive has been revealed. center merrill is a native of stoneham. randy: taxpayer money used for a private bash during the july 4 celebrations in boston. two top state leaders are suspended now for this. the eyeopener's doug meehan is in boston with what we uncovered. doug: getting a spot here during that holiday celebration is a bit of an effort, and it was no easy task. but for some state employees it was no problem. this is the invitation to the private party, the guests greeted by the dcr deputy
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driven by dcr staff used to transport them from the party on beacon street to the esplanade. records obtained exclusively by 5 investigates show the invitation to the party thrown by dcr commissioner leo roy and deputy commissioner matthew sisk went out to a dozen state employees, now both are suspended without pay for one week for utilize having the dcr resources for their private event. they have also reimbursed the state more than 800. the executive offe releasing this statement saying, "the use of state resources for this private event was entirely inappropriate." and they are pleased the commissioner roy and deputy commissioner sisk fully reimbursed the state so that not a single tax dollar was wasted. after we started asking questions roy and sisk reported that party to the ethics commission which ordered them to undergo additional ethics
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meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: a teenager is being held without bail accused of making a threat against a school involving the gun. the 17-year-old was arrested after social media posts targeting penticket regional high school. another student went to police after seeing a post where the teen was standing with a gun referring to the first day of school. police do not believe there was ever a danger to the school community. emily: a former rabbi is admitting a hearing in the case. prosecutors say barry starr used temple israel's charitable funds to hide the fact that he was secretly dating men while married. before a judge friday starr admitted they had enough evidence to convict him. the case will be continued and if he's not charged with another crime within a year, the charges will be dropped. randy: a group of kayakers gets a scare in new york. the mishap landing ten of them in the hospital. framingham police struggling
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and you will see how they finally managed to subdue this man. >> and new this morning, saving money on school lunches, can it come down to packaging? the changes that can add up. erika. erika: breaking overnight two airport passengers are dead after an overnight crash right outside the ted williams tunnel. four others were hurt. the eastbound side of the tunnel is closed. olessa is tracking it all, and also one firefighter has a back injury after this fire in alston. it broke out on myrick street bit more humidity out there today. some increase in the clouds, as well, but we are tracking the tropics, the potential impacts here by labor day weekend ahead. first, take a look outside at the temperatures as you are heading out the door, a warm start this last morning of august. 68 degrees as you are heading out the door in boston right
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools.
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randy: all right. perfect. next stop, olympics. the team members from reddington waking us up this morning. >> and they are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year so congratulations. a great milestone. students in redding going back to school today, so maybe record a wakeup call, make it a little easier, here's your phone,
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olessa: it is really pretty out there. cindy: last sunrise of august, basically a good one, right? >> yes. >> there you go. cindy: we have the colors there, the brighters skies will be this morning. more clouds as we get into the afternoon, but will we get any rain? the chance, very small today. and i think that means we're going down into the record books r since june 1st, not even four inches of rain, and that tops the list for meteorological summers, june, july, and august, for the driest on record in boston. and we desperately need rain, and typically when you are in a drought situation it takes a tropical system to really bring in inches of rain, and help them to dry out, we have a lot of activity in the tropics, and gaston is moving away, and we have tropical depression no. 8 and no. 9, and no. 8, although it is closer to us, is going to cut out to the south so that is
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turning up the seas, so rough surf, rip current, right through the holiday weekend. and it is tropical depression no. 9 that is here in the gulf of mexico moving at two miles per hour, but it will start to lift northward, and move towards the florida coast where there are hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings up, and this will make a landfall in the gulf coast of florida sometime late on thursday and thursday night, and then from there, it will likely brush the carolinas, and it looks like it wants to head out to start to meander towards us towards labor day so watching this closely there could be rain and wind, and if it stays farther out, we'll get the impacts with the waters, but something to watch as we head into the holiday weekend. getting a little stickier out there right now. you can see the high clouds moving, in but this front off to the west, really slow to bring in showers so most of the day it will be dry, and we're starting out in the 60s to around 70 degrees, and notice over the next 12 hours, sun fades away
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mid and upper 80s today, despite all the clouds, and you can see them filling in at lunchtime but during the afternoon, one or two isolated showers to the north and west, that's about it, this evening and overnight, and a better chance that we get into the showers, and that threat is with us tomorrow, as well, and we're in the 60s to around 70 degrees tonight, for overnight lows, and as we get into the day tomorrow, a lot of clouds, a couple of showers possible here, especially, as we head to the late morning hours around boston, and that shift dry things out on friday, and it's a nice start to the holiday weekend. all right, back to that situation in east boston overnight, a tough situation there. >> unfortunately, a fatal accident. two people killed in this crash that happened after 1:00, and at this point we we have got road closures in place. four others taken to the hospital and the investigation is ongoing. now to the maps and i will show you what's going on. northbound side of route 1a, at this point still shut down so if you are traveling that way it's closed, a half mile after the ted before bennington street so
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in mind heading eastbound, through the ted, you are going to have to be detoured through logan airport by the 26th, is where you will get off and loop around, and to 1 actual, and if you are traveling out of the tunnel stay for logan and left for bennington street and that will put you back onto 1a. besides that we're watching delays, a crash just reported where the center lane is closed, and north of there 93 is heavy, and more delays south of town on 24. randy. randy: all right, thank you. and eyeopener two kayakers in critical condition. after being hit by a ferry on the hudson river. 10 people were injured. new york city police pulled several of them from the water. the pilot of the ferry was taking the usual route. he saw the kayakers out of the corner of his eye. he could not stop in time. no charges have been filed. >> let go of him! >> this turns out to be quite
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suspect and framingham police officers. the police chief says he has never seen anything quite like that. 29-year-old marcus bino was munching the officers in the kitchen of the framingham apartment. his girlfriend had 9-1-1 on sunday morning and said that he had been punching her. the police chief says that the officers displayed incredible restraint as the suspect refused to follow any commands. >> in 32 years here, it's one of the worstss officer. >> another officer was able to restrain bino with a taser. he's facing multiple charges including two counts of assault and battery on a police officer. the officers were treated for their injuries at an area hospital. emily: your economy this wednesday, chipotle is hoping to win back customers with free burritos for kids. the chain is offering free kids' meals on sundays during september. the sales plunged after several food related illness outbreaks.
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outbreak in boston. a check of the markets now. asian investors are playing the waiting game. stocks were mixed there overnight. and they are waiting for a key u.s. jobs report that's due out on friday. and right now u.s. stock futures are lower. and we continue our best practices for packing lunch on the eye this morning. easy ways to save. and you have some simple suggestions. >> they are. the key is what you buy. that sounds like it makes sense but also the packaging. for example, we compared buying bags of chips to popping your popcorn, not only do y calories, 110 in a bag of chips versus 70 in two cups of the popcorn but you save 66 cents versus 28 cents. choices like that are good ones. there is more savings in this guide to packing lunch. a piece of fruit, three times a week instead of individual fruit cups, you save $37 a year. a homemade lunch instead of prepacked, twice a week, save $95 a year. and packing in a reusable container instead of two
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11. >> the initial cost is a bit but as long as the kid brings them home, it really is a very low cost thing that's not contributing to the landfill waste. >> another big one is have the kids bring their own water bottle. compare that to bottled sports drinks or juices. the savings is more than $100 a year. so you add up all of those savings, and it's quite a bit. >> and it's not hard. >> no. >> super easy. >> that has to be the thing. >> ok. >> thanks. tomorrow morni o going to head outside. it is a whole new way of learning. it's really catching on, and we will check it out tomorrow morning. randy: it looks fun, and teachers in west bridge, justin timberlake, their back to school message for people in eyepoppers, and this man caused chaos over a bag of hot cheetos. what is landing him in handcuffs, and a teenager recovering after an unusual
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especially gruesome. and -- >> breaking overnight, two airport shuttle passengers are dead after a crash just outside the ted williams tunnel. the eastbound side is closed for the investigation.
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croirg 6:24, last morning of august. it has been a warm month, in fact the warmest august on record. we're starting out with some high clouds around, and as we look live over boston, they will be thickening up. so the sun stays away. 60s now, 80s this afternoon. if you are thinking of going to the beach today, be for rip currents today, and that will continue on through the end of the week but clouds, a few showers linger tomorrow, and we'll dry things out, and cool them down a bit for the end of the week on friday. reporter: i will take it from here. tampa bay launched a late rally to beat the sox at fenway park. and xander doubled the sixth inning. the rays tie it in the seventh and then the game winning solo
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rays win it 4-3, boston is two games behind the first place blue jays in the a.l. east. randy. randy: 6:25. and time for wednesday eyepoppers. we need some dancing shoes? >> the school leaders have theirs on. and check out this video. >> yeah, oh, yeah. >> music by justin timberlake and the superintendent wanted to come up with welcome everyone back and fire up the teachers and the students. we say mission accomplished, very creative at west bridgewater. when you've been married for 62 years you might pick up the same habits like dressing alike. a teenager snapped these pictures of the grandparents living it up in florida. ed and france started wearing matching outfits and it stuck. i wonder if this is all fran's idea or what?
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today and i will wear the tan shirt. >> they look so cute. >> i love it. >> emily. emily: tim tebow trying to become a pro baseball player, what they are saying about his showcase, and a man struggling to save his kids in the water. a witness describes how people teamed up to try and prevent the tragedy. and take a look here. a gorgeous sky out in worcester this morning. the reds and yellows. really nice start to the day.
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices vote yes on 2.
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>> breaking overnight, a deadly crash near logan airport. the informations just coming in. >> and more breaking news, flames tearing through a building in boston. the tense moments for firefighters. >> a teen stabbed with a golf club. how it all started and the key >> all eyes on donald trump. >> to secure our border and stop the drugs. >> the critical speech and the trip taking him south of the border on the eye. randy: 6:30 on this wednesday morning, breaking news, the ted williams tunnel is still closed this hour after the deadly overnight crash. we have been getting new information on this, and we will have an update from the scene in just a moment. good morning, thank you for
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with cindy. olessa watching the road closures and for the kids going back to school, it's not so bad. cindy: although not to bright, either. yesterday was perfect. more cloud cover sneaking in, and that's the trend as we go through the day, increasing clouds, but mainly dry and certainly warm at the bus stop. you can hardly get away with the shorts today, 70 at the bus stop, and cloudier and sticky this afternoon but we're planning to go through the 80s. 68 in boston. 64 in worceer cape. and starting to see the high clouds filter in already. and there are showers off to the west associated with this front. they are going to be very slow to get here today. so sunshine this morning. kind of fades away behind the clouds. lunchtime temperature, low 80s, and mid to upper 80s for highs this afternoon. and despite the scattered clouds. thanks to that southwesterly wind and you can see how the clouds fill in, but throughout the afternoon, it is mainly dry. and outside of an isolated shower, maybe a thunderstorm
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lot going on in the tropics and we'll get you up to date coming up in a bit. randy: now to the breaking news we're following in east boston. emily: antoinette antonio getting new information on a deadly crash involving an airport shuttle. antoinette: two people were killed in this crash. both of those people were riding in that airport shuttle van. here it is. still on 1a behind me about to get towed. and we know that four others were taken to the hospital. let's give a that unfolded after 1:00. and state police say that the crash involved two vehicles, the shuttle bus, as well as a subaru driven by a swamp scott man. the man and woman from the van killed were from out of state. and their names are not being released. the four people who were injured were taken to mga's with nonlife-threatening injuries, this crash is under investigation and that investigation will determine whether or not any charges will be filed. that is the latest live in east
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newscenter 5. let's check in with olessa to see how this is impacting your commute. olessa: it will be heavy for commuters. here's what you need to know. the roadway is shut down, 1a northbound after the ted, before bennington street so if you are heading in that direction keep in mind eastbound traffic from the ted diverted into logan airport, and detouring through bennington street, and if you are traveling out of the callahan tunnel stick right for logan and stay left and that will put you back onto 1a, and 93 south, watching a cra accident being reported on 93 south, another accident eastbound has the lane closed here by route 30. 49520128, emily and randy. >> okay, thank you. we're following more breaking news right now on the eye. randy: and erika is tracking that new information. reporter: a dozen people are burned out of their home after this fire.
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firefighters were ordered out. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. the other big story we're following right now is donald trump is heading to mexico today where he will meet with the country's president. the trip comes hours before trump is set to deliver a big speech on immigration in arizona. randy: it's 6:33. right now a teenager is recovering after being stabbed with a golf club. emily: the suspect in the case will face a judge and the eyeopener sera congi is live in malden with what we sera: that victim suffered some serious injuries but we know that he is expected to recover. his friend will be here in court later today facing several charges. take a look at the video from sky 5 over the scene in wakeville where an 18-year-old was carefully loaded onto a medical helicopter. police say that he was stabbed with a golf club during a fight. when the officers arrived the victim was in the middle of a pathway wounded and bloody.
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>> the suspect stole a car on the adjoining street and crashed it in wakefield center. reporter: that's where they took curtis day of beverly into custody. and for a couple of hours after that arrest investigates walked the trails of the reservation looking for part of the golf club as evidence. it's not clear what sparked the fight. police say there was a third teenager involved, and he was also questioned by police. curtis day will be here at malden district court for several charges, including attempted murder. live in malden, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, and members of one family are reaching out for answers. one year after a new hampshire woman was shot and killed. no one has been arrested. a rose marks the spot where denise roberts was found in the north end. she was just out for a walk. the 62-year-old was a well-known advertising salesperson for the
6:35 am
her family says that this has been the longest year of their lives, but they have also had a lot of support. >> i just want to thank the community, and so many people who have reached out to us and assisted in a lot of ways. >> a walk and vigil in her memory will be held tomorrow, a reward for information is up to 42,000. emily: we're learning details about the death of a man in new hampsh his children. 39-year-old ty chin and his family were spending the day in bristol on monday afternoon. witnesses say that his four children began having trouble swimming so he jumped in to save them but he started to struggle. >> he was holding his son up and pushing him out but it's clear that dad can't swim, either and my mom got the little boy out of the water.
6:36 am
emily: witnesses helped to pull the four children to safety, and they were all taken to the hospital, and they are expected to be ok. still ahead, support for a boy battling cancer. how his classmates are making sure that he knows they are thinking of him. and just having an intruder in your home is unsettling enough but police say that a suspect in plymouth did something to make the crime even creepier. breaking overnight, one firefighter has back injuries after a fire in alston. the four alarm fire broke out on
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reporter: good morning, a big problem, breaking news from the overnight hours, a crash involving a car and a shuttle from a hotel. two people killed in this accident happened just after hospital. you can see the live pictures coming in from the scene just a while ago, and when these were taken and in the meantime they have the pike still being detoured, 1a north just reopened. cindy. cindy: we have clouds filter in. 68 degrees. southwesterly winds bringing in the humidity today, and i think that the clouds continue to thicken through the afternoon, but most areas stay dry today. isolated shower chance, and especially this evening, and more showers around tomorrow, we do need the rain, but it looks like we dry things out the first
6:40 am
day, and an update on that is just ahead. >> tommy! emily: kids rallying around a friend who needs all the support that he can get. the fourth grader is battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer. nine-year-old tommy scardina missed his first day of school yesterday as he continues to receive treatment for nut midline carcinoma. friends wanted to make sure that he knew that they were there for him, and all challenge t. their t-shirts, his uncle is selling to help with the growing medical bills. >> it was definitely something that we were not prepared for, and i don't think that anybody can be when you get that type of news. emily: family and friends are holding a fundraiser in a few weeks. randy: we have updates ahead on breaking news including a deadly crash involving an airport shuttle and a big fire in the city of boston. we're also tracking a string of crimes that police say started with a snack.
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of the day, what one pitcher did after a line drive bounced off
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emily: the eyeopener team is ready to go, antoinette antonio is following breaking news on a crash in east boston. and sera is in malden, and doug is on the esplanade, and erika has details on a surprising trip by donald trump.
6:44 am
warning is now off part of the gulf coast, you can see the preparations underway there, and a tropical depression is expected to strengthen and strike that area later this week. emily: we're watching it closely here. reporter: look at the track, as it moves through florida it could come close to us by labor day on monday. and so we're going to keep an eye on this. first thing is first, and it is strengthening right now, and it's going to bring a lot of rain to north florida, and then right up along the carolina coastline, and several inche possible, and look where this is by saturday morning. near the carolina coastline and then notice how it looks like it will be heading out to sea, a good distance to the south, and this is sunday evening, look what happens by labor day on monday. it, actually, on this computer model backs up towards us, the winds are not going to push this thing on out, and that's going to allow it to meander closer to us by labor day on monday, so potential rain and potential wind but just that, potential at
6:45 am
here towards the holiday weekend, in the meantime, the rip current risk, keep that in mind even today, as we have the tropical depression no. 8 churning up the seas to the south, and there is a cold front moving in from the west, and that is already spilling in some clouds, and clouds will continue to thicken, and we're in the 60s now, and heading into the 80s this afternoon, looking for a high of 87 in boston, so it's a warm, and humid day, and mainly dry, by 5:00, an isolated shower or two, a better chance of showers this evening, and overnight and that sho we'll dry things out on friday, and turns less humid, and notice the temperatures trending down. reporter: a deadly crash is under investigation in east boston. randy: and the eye's antoinette antonio is right near that scene with what we know. antoinette? antoinette: and randy, just within the last few minutes route 1a did reopen and traffic is moving once again but this was a horrible scene earlier this morning. let's go ahead and give you a closer look at that scene.
6:46 am
morning. a crash involving a shuttle bus. two people inside that shuttle bus were killed. and four others were taken to the hospital, and with nonlife-threatening injuries. the car was driven by a man, and we are told that a man and woman from the shuttle van who were killed, were from out of state. so far their names have not been released. the cause of this crash is under investigation. and that investigation will determine whether or not that is the latest live in east boston, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. now a check on the rest of your commute with olessa stepanova. olessa: thank you. luckily 1a is open so if you are heading through that stretch expect delays. you can see the red surrounding that accident scene and we are seeing that extra volume this morning but again the road is now passible and that investigation just about wrapped up. traveling north of there, we are watching a crash on 93 south by montbello avenue and on the
6:47 am
where one lane is clod, and eastbound on the pike, center lane is closed, and it's a 25-minute ride, 495 to 128. and heavy on 24 north out of brockton with a crash cleared by 139, and we're watching minor delays on the green line, and impacting the d branch. a quick live look outside, sky 5 over the scene for us this morning. and i will have the pictures coming up in a bit. emily. >> thank you. and also, breaking overnight, investigates are looking for the cause of a 4-alarm fire in roof of the three-family home on myrick street after midnight. and the red cross is helping nearly a dozen people find places to stay. one firefighter suffered a back injury, and no one else was hurt, and the fire chief estimates damage at around $1 million. >> a beverly man will be in court today for allegedly stabbing his friend with a golf club. the 18-year-old victim was transported to the hospital by
6:48 am
one teen allegedly stabbed the other with a golf club. the suspect took off in a stolen car and crashed it in wakefield center where he was arrested. police have arrested the victim as -- the suspect as 18-year-old curtis day, and he will be in court today's rained on several charges, including attempted murder. live in malden, sera congi, wcvb newscenter doug: dcr executives used your tax dollars for a private fourth of july party here on the esplanade. the guests greeted by the dcr deputy commissioner and taken by golf carts. the problem here, the carts were rend by dcr and driven by their staff but were all paid for with taxpayer money, records obtained exclusively by 5 investigates show the invitation to the party
6:49 am
matthew sisk went out to a dozen state employees. both men are suspended without pay for one week for utilizing, "dcr resources for their private event." after our investigation they have since reimbursed the state over $800. we're live along the esplanade, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. reporter: a surprise move from donald trump who will travel to mexico today ahead of his big speech on immigration tonight our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. reporter: the candidates were on the topic in washington state. trump has been called on to clarify his position, and he tweeted last night that he was accepting an invitation from mexican president enrique pena nieto to meet. nieto has been critical of trump and his premise to deport millions and force mexico to pay for that border wall even
6:50 am
begin at 9:00 in arizona and we will stream it live on our news app. randy: john mccain on his way to the general election now. the senator beat back the primary challenger in arizona as he competes for his sixth term in office. kelli ward, a tea party activist, and former state senator, suggested that at 80 years old mccain would not be able to complete another term. emily: and marco rubio will get a shot at a second term. the former presidential candidate won the p a bid that he launched at the last minute after dropping out of the presidential race. and embattled former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz also came out on top defeating a primary challenger in her congressional re-election. randy: minutes before 7:00, police looking for a man that they say broke into two homes half naked. the break-ins happened just before midnight on sunday at whitehorse beach. police say neither appeared to be forced. one homeowner says that she woke
6:51 am
police have not released a suspect description. and they do caution all homeowners to keep their doors locked. emily: a revere man is facing charges he robbed a woman disabled after she called him for a ride. wilson breaa is an uber driver, but prosecutors say that the alleged victim called him directly on monday night not using the uber app. brea had given her rides before but this time he came into her home and stole her purse and pushed her. away from the victim and is banned from driving for hire. randy: investigators have identified the man found dead in a manchester park over the weekend. the new hampshire attorney general's office says that richard carlsen's body was found sunday morning in prout park. they did not release the cause of death but they are asking anyone with information to contact manchester police. emily: the family of this toddler says that they were robbed at a rhode island hospital where their son is battling leukemia.
6:52 am
and $2,000 in cash from her son, cayden's room at as breaux children's hospital. she and her husband woke up to find the items gobs. it was from a recent fundraiser for cayden. breaking overnight, chris brown is out of jail after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. police responded to his l.a. home when a woman called asking for help. that call kicked off an hour's long standoff between brown and police. during that time brownte his innocence. brown eventually came out of his home. he was taken into custody, and he posted 250,000 bail overnight. randy: police say that this missouri man tried to steal a bag of hot cheetos and punched the gas station clerk who stopped him. joshua crook was arrested on monday night. police say that after the theft he went outside the station and poured gasoline all over the ground and tried to start a
6:53 am
arson charges. >> tampa bay launched a rally to beat the sox. xander's double in the sixth inning briefly put the sox up 3-1. the rays tied it up in the seventh. then there was the game-winning solo shot over the green monster and the rays win is 4-3. that loss keeps boston two games behind the first placed blue jays in the a.l. east. >> check out this play in cleveland. some quick thinking he makes the catch. he should think about hacky sack. the indians beat the twins 5-4. emily: mixed reviews on tim tebow's performance on the baseball field. the former nfl quarterback is trying to break into the major leagues. scouts from 28 of the mlb's 30 teams had a look. the so, say that it's highly unlikely they will sign him. the heisman trophy winner hasn't
6:54 am
glamorous. this is a reporter with one of our sister stations, and he was set to cover a massive water main break, and you can see how this went for him. at&t contractors hit that main while they were installing cable but if anything, he's splashing around and looks like maybe he's having fun. >> that's houston, texas, it's so hot down there, probably enjoying it. >> right. >> and i suppose >> sure, looks refreshing to me. thank you. unfortunately we have a couple of problems to tell you about on the roads. sky 5 over 93, and you can see the heavy backup, this is on the southbound side, and they are approaching a crash that's on the northbound side. let's get to the maps and i will show you where, if you are traveling north, a slow ride into andover, because of that accident, and southbound backed up to methuen and another accident still clearing south of 128, and then finally some relief here on route 1a, overnight crash, and involving two people who are killed and
6:55 am
hospital. that investigation just wrapped up 1a northbound is open, and southbound is slammed and very heavy delays eastbound on the pike into the ted. crash still working eastbound on the pike by route 30, a 25-minute ride, 495 to 128 and watching delays on the green line, minor westbound on the d branch. reporter: all right, we have more cloud cover. last morning of august, you can see a bit of blue amongst the increasing cloud cover. that's the way the day will go. 68, so it's a warm start and dewpoints in the lower 60s, and the temperatures mostly in the 60s now, lower 70s out the door on the cape. and here you see the clouds coming out ahead of a frontal boundary which is producing rain in western new york. but it will be hard pressed to get in here, and we have a tropical depression near the carolinas. this will sweep that away by kick up the surf. keep that in mind. an increased risk for rip currents. mid to upper 80s today. away from the south coast and
6:56 am
increase. despite that notice through 5:00, nothing more than a spot shower here and there. a few more showers overnight into the early part of your thursday, and it will be sticky for sleeping, and temperatures in the 60s to around 70 degrees. all eyes focused down here in the gulf of mexico. the tropical depression number nine is forecast today to become a tropical storm. and make a hit here on the florida's gulf coast, and then we'll watch this closely coming close to us on labor day. potential wind, rain impacts, the beaches but after tomorrow we get rid of the clouds, back some sunshine, and lower humidity, and we'll watch sunday night and into labor day on what that tropical system wants to do. we may have to introduce showers and some rain into the forecast here by then. of course we need it, it's so dry but we'll keep you posted. >> thanks. randy: thank you very much for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic day, and remember you can watch us any time on the go on the mobile app.
6:57 am
should be good for the most part. reporter: first half looks spectacular. all right. have a great day if you are going back to school today, and we hope it's awesome, and shoot us a wakeup call if you think of it, and we'll see you back here
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight donald trump's surprise heading to, mexico to meet with their president who compared him to hitler and muse lena hours before a major speech on immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> the clinton campaign fires >> thank you. >> breaking right now, emergency landing. a united airlines flight taking off from texas hitting severe turbulence. ambulances on the tarmac. at least 16 people rushed to the hospital. hurricane watch, florida's gulf coast bracing for a developing tropical storm with winds up to 70 miles an hour and a pair of hurricanes barreling towards hawaii. schools closing, windows boarded up preparing for massive waves and mudslides.


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