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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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the evening. >> donald trump is in mexico right now. the visit an invitation from that country's president. >> it comes hours before trump is expected to make a critical speech on grargz. maria is in the newsroom with more. >> as we speak right now, donald trump is standing beside the mexican president calling his conversation with the g.o.p. newsroom know construct live. let's listen to now. >> we didn't discuss that. >> you can see next to donald trump is the president saying, yes, the relationship between the two nation should be based on mutual respect.
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very beginning of his campaign that donald trump labeled mexico as a country that was a source of rapists and criminals coming to the united states. trump is expected to return to the u.s. to arizona, like heather just said. he'll make this highly anticipated speech about illegal immigration and last week, trump said, again, if elected, that wall will be built. mexico will pay for it, mexico's president says he hopes to meet with hillary clinton in the near future. >> they are come out saying they are not interested in meeting trump at all. we'll have much more at five. see you then. >> thank you. hillary clinton meanwhile critical of trump's trip to mexico. >> the secretary of state speaking out against her opponent in cincinnati. here's what she said. >> people have to get to know they can count on you, that you won't say one thing one day and
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next. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations, by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours, and then flying home again. that's not how it works. >> remarks today focused on her foreign policy. she was speaking at the american legion convention in ohio. hillary clinton's unpopularity reached a new high in the latest abc news "washington post" poll putting her on par with donald trump. >> the numbers from registered voters cement their positions, most unpopular in polling. 66% see clinton unfavorably. 63% say the same thing about donald trump. >> that was among adults. among registered voters, they are even.
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previous major party candidate was george h.w. bush's 53% back in july 1992, on his way to losing his re-election bid. >> right now, questions surrounding this deadly crash near logan airport. a hotel shut and another car were involved. >> we're live with the latest on this investigation. >> the people who died were on their way here to this hampton inn at the time of the crash. this afternoon we saw hampton inn airport shuttle. two people died in that shuttle. state police say they are 59-year-old joseph rodriguez and 57-year-old sandra, both from el paso, texas. just after 1:00 a.m. they were headed from the airport north on 1-a, when the shuttle was rear-ended. the shuttle driver and two other passengers were injured. the driver of the subaru, a
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is hospitalized. state police say there are seat belts on the shuttle but it's unclear if those killed were wearing them. >> you feel safe but you never know what can happen these. -- shuttle buses should make sure people are sitting down. >> state police say they have yet to to file any charges in this case. we've reached out to the hotel for comment and we've not heard back. >> change of plea for a mother previously convicted or withholding cancer drugs to her son. >> with that plea she walked out of salem court a free woman sentenced to time served. the 44-year-old mother from
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years in state prison, deliberately withholding chemotherapy, he was diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer. as a result of not giving him the medication, his cancer returned. back in march she got a new trial, released in april, and today agreed to plea guilty. >> it's time to move on. she's taken responsity was when this all happened. >> this case was always about one thing and one thing only. that was jeremy. justice has been served today. >> she'll remain on five years probation for charge of reckless endangerment to a child. she received a college degree while in prison and is currently looking for a job. >> thank you. governor paula page saying he'll not resign but he plans instead to seek spiritual guidance.
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to say to handpicked group of media. listen. >> i'm not an alcoholic and i'm not a drug addict. what i have is a backbone and i want to manufacture forward. >> the comments come as the governor tries to quiet the controversy that he created in the wake of an obscenity laced voicemail that he left for a representative. before today's interview the governor met with the person for about 10 minutes apologized. >> now to the opioid crisis. >> among those on the panel, former users. todd is live right now. todd? >> that discussion today part of international overdose awareness day which is an effort to raise former awareness about one of the leading causes of death for many demographics. the panel discussion today made up of people in long term recovery. that discussion happened at u
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overdoses are preventible and drug addiction can be overcome. [indistinguishable] >> wendy has clean and sober for nine months. much of the discussion f for more widespread distribution. the other challenge is helping users to combat the addiction on a long term basis, and in one hour, a candlelight vigil will be held at worcester city hall to, again, raise awareness about one of the leading social issues of our time. >> tonight we're learning that the man who is accused of killing those two nuns in mississippi was living across the street before the murders. that man, rodney sanders, was staying in a metal shed.
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women's lawns. the two sisters were found stabbed to death in their home last week. no motive has been revealed. family members are reaching out for answers one year after a new hampshire woman was shot and killed. >> no one was ever arrested in this case. has been revealed. a rose now marks the spot where she was found, in a quiet neighborhood. she was just out for a walk at the time. the 62-year-old was a well-known salesperson union leader sales paper. her family says this has been the longest year of their lives but they also say they have had a lot of support. >> i just want to thank the community. there have been so many people who have reached out to us and assisted a walk will be held
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held without bail accused of making a threat against a school involving gun. the 17-year-old was arrested last night after social immediate -- a social media post. the teen was allegedly standing with a gun referring to the first day of school. police do not believe there was ever any danger to the school community. >> right now five forme teachers are now accused of sexual misconduct. this involves students at phillips a disclosed by the school in a letter to the community. the alleged abuse happened back in the 1970s and 1980s. the school encouraged alumni to come forward after recent revelations that other elite schools. >> out of jail this afternoon after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. police responded to his l.a. home when a woman called asking for help. that call kicked off an hour long stand-off between brown and police. during that time brown was
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his innocence. brown eventually came up of this home. he was taken into custody. he post $2,00050,000 bail overnight. >> tomorrow state police will mark 40 years since a lawrence boy vanished without trace. he was 10 years old when he was abducted on crawford street. search efforts over the years have come up dry and empty. a member of his family and a childhood friend are expected to talk about that mystery tomorrow. >> a chicopee man accused in the a teenager back in court. jeffrey was originally charged with murder. a grand jury decided not to indict him on that charge. a 15-year-old dillon francisco was shot and killed last month when he repeatedly knocked at his door. the judge set bail at $10,000 cash. [chanting] >> this is black lives matter
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of cambridge city hall. protesting the lack of affordable housing in the city. the officers removed the door handle and moved the protestors away from the entryway. no arrests were made. >> a driver falls asleep at the wheel causing this car to land on its top as you can see. the crash happening this morning on market street. this is in rockland. when firefighters first got on the scene the actual car was on fire. the driver was taken to the hospital to get checked out. >> right now firefighters say an electrical circuit malfunctioned, and that sparked this four-alarm fire in boston. about a dozen people were forced from their homes. this was around midnight in alston. one firefighter suffered a back injury but is expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. the fire chief estimates the damage at about a million dollars. >> entanglements like this one are being blamed for a decline of population of wright whales in the atlantic. the study shows a dramatic 40% decline in birth rates of the
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two weeks, three different wright whales have suffered from life-threatening entanglements in atlantic waters. >> shark sightings shut down two cape cod beaches. a great white spotted in the waters this morning. swimmers were ordered out of that water. coast guard beach also closed. >> the first horse racing track built in new england is closing its doors and closing for good. rockingham park will close in preparation for its sale to a real estate developer. the sale set to become the site of a mixed use project including residential and commercial space. the memorabilia, trophies, and all of that will be donated. >> time to flash forward to newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> here's what we're work on. a frightening scene at a gas station. a bump goes up in flames. quick action by a mom to save her son. ? happy birthday to you ?
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tonight at 6:00 -- sailors delivering a special birthday message. >> new at 7:00, 5 investigates, a deeper look at the july 3 party that resulted in stew state officials getting suspended. the governor's take on the punishment. >> talk about the traffic. look at the gulf of mexico all the way out into the atlantic. itks be involved at least to some degree with some of this before the holiday weekend is over. >> breaking news, a child shot in abbington. it happened this afternoon on linwood street. police received a call that a woman found a boy suffering from a gunshot wound on a bed inside a home. rhondella richardson is there on
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>> breaking news, a child just shot in abington. >> let's get you out to the scene. rhondella richardson is there. what have you learned? rhondella: investigators are careful not to speculate on this one. they are still on the scene. what we know is a group of children got hold of a gun
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from a nonlife-threatening gunshot wound. the families of at least two homes here on linwood street were visibly upset. there was this loud scream coming from down the block. when we arrived around 3:30 p.m. and cars started flying into the driveway of the house, there was a lot of hugging and screaming. the words no, no, no. the fire chief the boy was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wound. he may be transferred to children's hospital. this is a rather tight-knit community so neighbors are very upset. the police chief says he doesn't know what happened but a young boy got his hand on a gun with a group of children. back to you. >> let's take a look at traffic. closing in at 5:00. that's the expressway by the gas
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and moving quite nicely in both directions. h.o.v., in-town, out of town. let's check the drive times and hit the update button. we'll go around the area. we'll begin at the split. it's exactly right where it to beful half an hour. that's normal. 29 minutes if you're going on the upper deck to 128. >> slow to the tolls. 128, look at that, in the upper right-hand corner. slow heading into wellesley. you're going to be 23 minutes to get from the tolls to 495. 495 south, right at the intersection is slow. 495, mass pike to 290, a seven mimpb ride. that's traffic just before 5:00 in the evening. >> the tropics have gotten very, very active. harvey has been pouring over the latest models. if you see the storms, newly
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>> notice that it's up to that point. that's gaston, powerful moving eastward far out into the another particular, well over a thousand miles east. there is hermine, moving over the warm waters of the gulf, may not quite make it to a hurricane, we'll see by the time it reaches land. then it will spend time over land ith move off the east coast again at this point it's questionable just how strong it will be but this would be a track if you averaged this out close enough to at least give us some impact during the second half of the weekend. likely some rain, which, of course, would be needed at least for part of the area, we would get some and maybe even some gusty winds especially around
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>> we're still only wednesday right now. it's become more humid. dew points are up. humidity is up. temperatures are not as high as we've seen it many times this summer. that's for sure but it's either sticky or uncomfortable depending on how the humidity affects you. that does exist all the way west until you get to about lower michigan. then we have this dry air mass which will on friday and stay with us right through saturday. but between now and friday, as the warm, humid air continues to flow in, we have a chance of getting a few showers or thunderstorms. so muggy again tomorrow, and then more comfortable air moves in during friday, as i mentioned, and it will last through saturday. dropping to 70 in boston. 70s to 80s tomorrow. a lot of clouds. front in our area. keep an eye to the sky tomorrow. however, rip current risk is down some tomorrow.
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effect and the winds will be on the light side. high tide around lunch time. a few showers around worcester. more off to the west-northwest. that's with the front so as we take you out in time, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible tonight. also during the day tomorrow. this is about 3:00 a.m. so you could see there could be a few overnight and a few during the day tomorrow. the emphasis tomorrow would be southeastern mass and the cape for a few scattered storms and more comfortable air would flow in on saturday. friday should bett the sky may turn milky as high clouds move in. that would be ahead of the storm. here's how it looks. saturday, right now, looks to be the best of the three days of the holiday weekend. starting out with sun and ending up with some clouds but a dry day. pleasant temperatures, and then some rain and possibly some gusty winds along the coast, particularly the south coast and the april would be a possibly for sunday and monday. i'll continue to evaluate late information and report back to you at five. >> thank you very much.
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was forced to make an emergency landing. the midair scare sending 12 people to the hospital. as we continue at 12:30. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> a flight taking off from texas encountered severe turbulence and was forced to make an emergency landing. 220 people were upboard.
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hundred miles out when it hit turbulence and was forced to land at shannon airport. >> it went into a straight drop. anybody that wasn't buckeled in flew up. it was surreal. >> that's what was scary. you had long enough to process, in the fall, you had a couple of seconds to process, this is it, we're going down. >> they managed to land but one was treated and released and put onflight that made it to london. >> let's turn to the economy. history made today in cuba. the first commercial flight between the u.s. and cuba in more than half a century landed today in santa clara. opening a new era of u.s.-cuban travel. nearly 300 flights a week will be connected between the two countries. >> she might have retired from the wray, but mrs. brady remains
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for the 15th straight year, landed on to be of the forbes highest paid model list. she made over $30 million in the past year and dwarfed her husband. $20 million more. >> a tv reporter covering a water main break. it gets a little bit too close
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
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>> people thought working in television was glamorous. not always, this is one of the abc station reporters in houston. he was sent to cover a massive water main break and you can see how that went. at&t contractor struck the main while installing the cable. if anything, the reporter actually seemed to enjoy himsf. >> can you imagine our good friend jack harper, if he had been out in that. >> my goodness. >> i would love to be a fly on the wall and hear his comments. >> newscenter 5 at 5:00 starts right now. >> tracking tropical storm hermine, and how it will affect parts of our labor day weekend. >> a young boy accidentally shot in abington. new updates just in. >> donald trump heads south of the border.
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ahead of a major immigration speech. >> daring rescue from a fiery crash. >> totally running on adrenaline. >> the heroes who pulled two children to safety. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb news at five. >> track the tropics. >> you can see what's happening behind us. we're keeping a close watch on all the possibilities. harvey what are you looking at? storm. it will likely intensify and move in a northeast direction following this river of tropical moisture, so to speak. as we take you out in time, this is idea in the track of this storm. there is, indeed, a hurricane watch, a hurricane warning actually and tropical storm storm warning for portions of the florida coast as you can see here. it should make landfall eventually before tomorrow is over. eventually, as we get to the weekend, look what happens.


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