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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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in. ed: possibly headed our way. meteorologist: the updated track and potential impact and the part of our labor day weekend. maria: new video. investigators back inside of the home where the 11-year-old was shot. the question about how two boys ended up with a loaded gun. >> the strange scene tonight when we track down the state officials suspend for using public money. only on 5, the woman whole survived this helicopter crash on cape that alive. maria: what made the difference between life and death. bracing for hermine. they are filling up sandbags in florida. because the storm is gaining strength as it heads toward the state. ed: and it's likely to impact us here this holiday weekend. good evening, i'm ed harding. maria: and i'm maria stephanos. let's get right to harvey leonard and the new information tonight. meteorologist: the storm has
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the highest ws now up to 60 miles per hour am this the pressure is falling near the center of the storm. so let's get over and show you the information on this that is most important. the storm is now starting to move to the north-northeast, stad i there around 10 miles per hour. we will accelerate a little bit over the next 24 hours. what it meaps. hurricane warnings and hurricane watches over a good chunk of the western and upper florida coast and good chunk of the panhandle. as a storm surge the right for the east of where the storm crosses that he is the problem. also, very heavy rain and, of course, strong winds. likely to become a minimal hurricane, then say just inland, across the southeastern states. as it gets closer to us. two things. i may lose some of the tropical characteristics but it may get ina blocking situation and just meander around a few hundred miles south of us during the second half of the weekend so
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us significant wind or rain or whether we barely miss it or get a grasping situation. right now, my latest thing of thinking there is a medium chance of gusting to strong winds on the south coast and the cape and a medium chance of heavy rain to the south coast of the cape. that would be later sunday and monday only a low chance of coast alal flooding, though. very high chance of rough surf. much more on this as well as some showers in parts o that means for tomorrow in the full holiday weekend forecast. ed: new tonight, a new search in the home, where a little boy was shot in the face. police are trying to piece together how it happened. that 11-year-old is in the hospital with serious injuries tonight. maria: newscenter 5's mary saladna is live on the scene, mary? mary. investigators spent two hours this evening in the gray house behind me trying to figure out
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hospital with serious in jr. i tros his face. the sounds of heartbreak on linwood street as family members try to comfort a young boy just moments after his friend away by ambulance. >> yeah, i saw the kid, the ambulance and he was just covered in blood on his face. >> authorities say the two 11-year-old boys were inside
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going are gun when it went off. that young boy has been transported subsequently med-flighted to boston hospital he's okay right now but every gunshot wound is dangerous. >> it's not clear if the boys were home alone, both live on this street distraught family members could be seen running between several h what happened. the d.a. says the shooting does not appear intentional. >> some of the first responders, young parents themselves. and the superintendent of schools says tonight counseling will also be available tomorrow for students who need it. maria: commitment 2016,
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ed: and the softening of his stance that many expected did not happen. newscenter 5's john atwater was watching it happen. what's he's calling for, john? enrique pena nieto made it clear in their private meeting that mexico would not pay. the fresh dispute comes as trump outlines the immigration policy tonight pledging to cut funding with familiar themed and promised on day one of a trump presidency, two million undocumented immigrants who committed crimes would immediately be deported. >> day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone. u can call it deport fud want. the press doesn't like that term. you can call it whatever the hell you want. they are gone. were are report now from was
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support every undocumented immigrant living here. if you would, the immigrant was never have a path to legal status. live tonight, ron atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a milford family joining donald trump on stage for part of his speech tonight. matthew denice of milford was hit and killed by a driver who was in the country illegally back in 2011. nicolas guaman was convicted and sentenced to 12 to 14 years in prison. he is now appealing. here's what denice's parents said tonight: >> he was directed to death bile legal alien. while witnesses were banging on the truck trying to stop him. >> it is donald trump for president in 2011. our son and other americans would be alive today. ed: the denices have fought for tougher laws concerning illegal immigration here in massachusetts. maria: hillary clinton critical of trump's trip to mexico. the democratic nominee talked
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>> people have to know that they can count on you. that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and in sen newations by dropping in on the neighbors for a few hours, and then flying home again. that is not how it works. maria: clinton spoke at the american legion convention in ed: police are boosting patrols. women are on alert after a jogger's frightening run-in along a quiet road. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in shirley. jorge? jorge: that scary encounter happened right here on this narrow rural road. it has residents and police here very cautious. the female jogger was running on hazen road, when the strange
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it sounded like he pulled over , she felt like she was almost being run off the road , pushed in poison ivy. with a state prison in town residents are used drivers asking for directions, the scruffy middle age man in the offered her some water while she was running and she thought that was really really peculiar and odd and was very uncomfortable for her. the jogger claims another man was lurking in the backseat. her warning spreading quickly on facebook. >> i am very upset, this is very
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and i am going oh my heavens. >> scared for her life, the jogger writes she ran faster than oylmpic runner usain bolt. this incident in shirley, about a 20-minute drive from princeton where vanessa marcotte was killed 2 ? weeks ago. that unsolved murder has every one on edge. a partial plate number for the van, and police working on getting a better description of the driver and his passenger. tonight, they are urging residents to report any suspicious activity. maria: tonight state police are looking very closely at the circumstances surrounding a deadly shuttle-van crash. two people from el paso, texas were killed when they were ejected from a hampton inn airport shuttle early this morning. it happened just outside the ted williams tunnel. investigators say the driver of a subaru hit the shuttle from behind. it's not known if the victims
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ed: new details tonight about a private party paid for with your taxpayer cash. two state officials are suspended after five investigates started asking questions. tonight mike beaudet found one of the men at the center it. >> good evening, folks, it's time for an execution. talk about awkward. dcr commissioner leo roy live at the hatchshell. the performance comes the day after the state suspended him and deputy commissioner matthew sisk for a week without pay. they used dcr employees to plan a private july 3rd party at a condo owned by the state's republican national committeeman ron kaufman. dcr rented golf carts driven by dcr staff transported guests from the party to the vip area at the hatchshell for the
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get an invite to the big dcr bash? i did not get an invite to the big dcr bash. governor charlie baker not at the party and not happy about what unfolded. >> is this how managers in your administration act? which is the reason why they're suspended for a week. let's face it the most important thing we need to do as an administration is to retain and manage the public trust and a bi play by the same rules everybody else play by. here's the dcr deputy commissioner greeting guests that night. >> what kind of message do you think this sends to the public? i think the fact they self referred to the ethics commission, and the ethics commission ruled on it and they paid back any money that involves taxpayer funds is a good message. ed: the body camera pilot program for boston police has
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underway on september 12th. meteorologist: how hermine could impact us for the holiday week. maria: the for ry crash at gas station. the car slamming into a pump. the children trapped by the children trapped by fast-movin >> thursday morning on the eyeopener, getting kids a head start outside of the classroom. >> outdoor kindergarten, year-round, we will check out the pros and cons. >> and i am tracking a few showers for the morning commute.
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impact caught on camera. just seconds to react when a car suddenly backs up and knocks over a gas pump. this happened at a service station in farmington, connecticut. the pump quickly bursting into flames. watch again. the pump topples over, narrowly
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as flames begin to spread underneath the car, everyone involved scrambles to get two children out! they manage to do it, but just in the nick of time. just seconds later smoke and flames engulfed the two cars. the station attendant kept the fire from spreading by hitting the emergency shutoff and stopping the flow of gas. maria: your health tonight-- there may be another reason to think carefully before you get a tattoo. a new report is raising questions about the safety of tattoo inks. the report looked at inks used in europe, most of which are imported from the u.s. it found hazardous chemicals and metals like lead, arsenic, and nickel in the inks. the authors of the report are calling for more research. there's a new health reason to give the mediterranean diet a try. a study says it could be a major help for people with heart
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history of cardiovascular disease who stuck with the diet had a 37 percent lower risk of death than those who didn't. fish, fruit, vegetables, and olive oil are key foods in the mediterranean diet. >> when you look at pictures of that scene, nobody should have gotten out of that alive. ed: only on 5, an incredible story of survival. for the first time we're hearing from the passenger who somehow survived this helicopter crash. maria: john atwater is here, you talked to her tonight? >> it is amazing. she is praising the pilot because the in traing sabbed their lives. >> we would have hit hard land so he man abled to somehow get that helicopter into a march. >> that is impress of muff.
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were only flying at 300 feet in the air and that is less than half the height of the hancock tower and if you think about that far second, you really only had few moments to maneuver that helicopter to that crash landing. she was take photos take photos of homes for a real estate company. she has broken bones throughout her body. she even lost a finger. but attitude is everything for day is a gift. >> when you look at the pictures of that scene, nobody should have go in out of that alive. i can't be anything but grateful. ed: no one should have gotten out aleave. >> she feels it is a miracle. this recoveries ongoing. maybe she can get out of the wheel chir and begin to walk. it will be awhile. >> we were here anchoring when n that hap happened. you couldn't believe. >> i you look at the photos how
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>> i know she mentions you. oh, by the way shall i lost my finger. >> oh, by the way. she is lucky have her life and appreciates that and her friends are getting together next month to have a fund raise ore and more information about that. maria: thank you, john. great job. ed: all right. harvey, or should i call you can hermine. meteorologist: don't call me hermine. that's the tongue of the day in weather. no question. before we get to that. we had little bit of rain alon the pike and now settled south and a little bit of rain around the south shore. if you look car ply. there he is more developing to the west here across new jersey and some of those are thunderstorms and a wider view will show more actions to the west. it looks like most of the additional action will be along or south of the mass pike and could affect the morning commute so much across connecticut, rhode eye in la, southeastern mass and the cape. later on in the day. you it should become quite scattered then we'll get to dry
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at this time is pretty muggy though across the east but lack at this constant chunk of air. that will build in beginning tomorrow night and will be with us for friday and saturday. both friday and saturday will be pleasant outdoor days. nour. it has gotten quite muggy to the south and where it is muggyist in. that's the best chance of a few showers thorpes to the rest of the overnight and tomorrow. these are temperatures that won't fallp. boston now is 6 with that muggy, at 12 miles per hour. so tomorrow, upper 70's and low 80's should do it for highs. but keep an eye to the sky if you are going to hit the beach. the rip current risk is lower tomorrow but will ramp up over this weekend as hermine meaks a somewhat closer path to our area. high tide tomorrow, by the way, right at noontime. all right. now let's talk hermine. i wanted to show hu. where you see this area rating in here. that is hurricane warnings or hurricane watches this is around
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the west coast of plor are did a all due to a storm surge as well as possible hurricane force gust as the storm may become a minimal hurricane when it comes ashore. the winds will die down a little bit and remin a tropical storm at least as it moves across the southeastern states and going to dump a lot of rain hang on the past path. the radar has gotten active from fam down the west side of plo are did a. the west coast of florida through are a sews that and fort here is the landfall and just to the east of the landfall that will be the biggest storm surge that will be coming late tomorrow and tomorrow night. then it should move along or just inland of the southeastern states remain a tropical storm and now for us, of course, it doesn't get more come plit cad. first of all, it may be transiscisioning away from being a tropical system so if if we were to get it. on top of that, it may get close
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going up here. we can't certain whether or not we'll get significant are in or wind. there is a possibility but not a definite situation. but the heavy rains look at this. up and done the east coast. until you get near us, then amounts will either taper off or fall-off. going tab crows shape for us fo in terms of that. heiress the sunshine next clouds for friday. notice saturday has someone high clouds coming up from the south. that is forerunner of the storm. for us, the chances of this may be tomorrow south of boss don but dry friday and saturday. medium chance sunday and monday. lass medium chance of gusty or strong winds south coast and cape and would be sunday and monday. i want think so by late saturday. we start to get wind gs 20-30 miles per hour around the south coast. all right. we take you through the next he self reason days. the wait shapes up. tomorrow, again, the best chance of a shower or thunderstorm south of boss don early.
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weather for saturday, sunday, mob day. the two days to watch and then the latest four tomorrow morning and i will jone you late opener tomorrow with the least. maria, ted? ed: john atwater called. maria: i am just saying. ed: looked look we were standing in a hole.
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the u.s. navy sent 40 of its finest chief petty officers to serenade captain tom hudner. he is known for trying to help rescue a downed pilot during the korean war. that downed pilot, jesse brown, was the navy's first african-american pilot. the navy plans to name a missile destroyer in his honor. ed: thanks so much. he is not in uniform so you cannot salute. maria: thumbs up. amen. amen. amen. all right. reporter: things are look up in the u.s. open. tennis tonight. everyone is look up and pointing to the sky. it is it a bird? is it a plane? is it a plane? something neat happe narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices
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vote yes on 2.
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hanley ramirez bailed out stephen wright, aaron hill bailed out junichi tazawa and the sox bailed out of dodge with a most unlikely 8-6 win over stubborn tampa bay and now they head for september sox are down-1 when ramirez ignite the crowd with the grand slam. 5-4 red sox. one inning later. jackie bradley jr. hit three for four today. sox have a 6-4 lead. in tto asked to hold the lead like asking donald trump top hold that spot. is not going to happen. so we got our sells a 6-6 baseball game. in the bottom half. a man on base. he he had great sacrifice. hill is-20 hitting 163 and knocks in the go-ahead run. a little bit of insurance. next batter doubles in a run. sox win it 8-6 and now head to
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you look at the american league east. i can tull, the rost, he he will be available on friday might. sox, bluejays, two games behind them. baltimore. heiress the wildcard. that is whenning thises are getting interesting. look at this. houston one back. the tigers with a tie. things are getting crowded. all right. let's go to houston. where miss texas, u.s.a., was invited to throw out the first pip. and i think you will agree with me. that thrive are more important than being able to throw a ball. don't you agree with me. the second baseman for the plu jays. it is so difficult to make a catch when you are running away way. oh, what a sweet looking one. you go to san francisco now. the giants. oh, my goodness. the hits keep onp cooing.
11:32 pm
let's go to new york. centerfield and pe has the baby out of of the top. later on, same game. the mets hes that baby but the best in cleveland because this guy doesn't have a glove. one hand. he snags it. this guy is not your average joe fan. and think about this. as you lack this. tom prayed why's first game oc 9th in cleveland. could the red sox be playing in cleveland the same da it is entirely possible. don't laugh. all right. to the u.s. open tonight. it started raining. they installed a $150 million retractible roof and the first time it thats been used ap took 6.500s to close and it happened in the middlele of the match and it went on and on. you can see. they are going to remember where they were and the u.s.
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>> hr cane warnings up in florida. parts of the western door into coastline that will come in as a category one and be a tropical storm through the southeast.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, aaron eckhart from "so you think you can dance," cat deeley and music from nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats. and now, believe me when i tell you -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming.


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