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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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the way i see it, sunday afternoon through monday looks like the greatest effect here. there could be strong wind and heavy rain. south coast and the cape is the greatest likelihood of getting that. a low chance of coastal flooding. a very high chance of rough surf. we have a few we are tracking that. one other strong storm could be affecting the southern worcester county is this in here headed through south eastern connecticut.
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maria: both the rocket and the satellite were destroyed. >> day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone. zero-tolerance for criminal aliens. maria: with those words, donald trump is not backing down. he is standing strong on his position on illegal immigration in the u.s.. ed: his speech is not sitting well with some. live with reaction.
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donald trump says he wants to ban all federal funding for cities like somerville, known as sanctuary cities. that is an unofficial designation. when police officers arrest someone in the country illegally they don't turn them over to federal authorities unless they have a serious or violent criminal record. the democratic mayor says donald trump said that won't change a thing. we are who we are in somerville. reporter: the mayor says since he signed the order the federal government has softened its position on deportation. last year the city received zero requests. in massachusetts, chelsea
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cities. >> new hampshire and virginia, we want to be innovation nation. we want to be inclusion nation. we want to be stronger. donald trump wants us to be deportation nation. ed: senator tim kaine made for stopan maria: he was talking at the american legion convention held this week in that battleground state. and this morning he promised to promote patriotism in schools. >> we want young americans to recite the pledge of allegiance. in addition to teaching, respect for the flag. we have to make sure we give our military the tools they need to defend that flag.
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money in the military to make sure soldiers have the best equipment and medical care. he told veterans at the convention in cincinnati i will never let you down. joe biden also in ohio today. ed: the vice president saying trump does not relate to the american middle class. >> he doesn't understand any more than you understand what it is like to live in a 30,000 square foot penthouse, 80 floors up in new york. you don't un ed: biden speaking to about 250 people at a united auto workers union hall near youngstown. the veep repeated throughout the speech that clinton gets it when it comes to the middle class. maria: a new suffolk university poll shows clinton is ahead of donald trump. the poll released this afternoon has clinton with 48% of the vote. trump with 41%, and 9% undecided. among women clinton leads trump 54 to 38%. analysts say clinton's
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gives her a solid advantage no matter how you slice it. five on the opioid crisis. the attorney general announcing a settlement with cvs. ed: they will take action to combat the crisis. live to explain. >> the settlement is the first of its kind in the nation after an investigation launched that some pharmacies failed to monitor drug filling prescriptions. cbs poll require the entire pharmacy staff to review a prescription holders history. in certain instances pharmacies dispensed opioids on the same day there was piled in iron -- prior denial for a controlled
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>> that prescription pill took my life. >> we have allowed prescription drugs to be prescribed in reckless amounts, to be dispensed in reckless amounts. and then to be used. reporter: the cvs pharmacy has agreed to pay $800,000, $500,000 will go to treatment plans. comi cvs pharmacies are required to do. maria: police investigating after a young boy was shot at accidentally. that 11-year-old boy is in stable condition right now at children's hospital in boston. police say that 11-year-old was shot in the face by his friend while they were playing with a loaded handgun, at a home on linwood street. it's unclear if they were home alone.
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boy vanished. maria: family and friends had no sense of closure. live with the message. reporter: the family members and friends who loved andy have never given up on him after all of these years. he was 10 years old when he was abducted from here in august, 1976. the pool across the street the last place he was seen to announce a campaign seeking new information on his case. it's hoping to jog the memory of someone for decades ago. >> it takes one piece of information to change everything. it can turn the tide. i still have hope.
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may have information, even if it seems insignificant is asked to call massachusetts state police. you will hear from andy's family . ed: we want to take you to a scene in milford. main street is now blocked. avoid that area. there has been an and you see the active scene going on. we will continue to bring you information. that is a fatal accident. we continue to follow what's going on. a pedestrian was hit by a car. it has sadly turned into fatal crash. a helicopter made an emergency
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near the water treatment plant. no injuries have been reported. maria: sky 5 over the flea market where a worker was killed today. that happened around 11:00. the victim was doing handiwork using a small dump truck when the bed of the truck fell on top of him. police say an encounter between a jogger and a driver was misunderstanding. ed: he offered her water. there was a second man in the back seat. the woman sprinted away but got a partial license plate number. the driver was a 71-year-old veteran who transports handicapped people to doctors apartments. that is why a second person was in the backseat. >> as i walked up the steps there was a large case of water.
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water. there was a good samaritan stopping because she was jogging on a hot day. ed: other people share the information on social media, some with incorrect details. the driver did not realize he had scared the woman until police came to his home this morning. maria: police arresting a an ice pick. >> barbara tucker left the restaurant after the alleged attack. she stabbed the victim. her boyfriend -- her daughter's boyfriend. her daughter was found dead yesterday. barbara tucker pleaded not guilty in court today. tough questions for the landlord of this house.
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young adults. the landlord was slapped with fines. that fire could have easily turned fatal because there were deadbolts on the interior door. >> every single bedroom had a deadbolt on it. roughly 10 rooms. maria: the landlord left without further comment. the violations iue unsafe structure. boston latin will start the school year focusing on rape -- race. ed: there were 100 counts of race related issues at the school. only a handful had merit. parents, students and faculty need to understand appropriate protocol for reporting problems of race.
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's identity is not affirmed that is an issue that needs to be addressed. the faculty understands this and they will be working on it. >> they will begin with a new interim headmaster. the school will spend the next year searching for a new permanent leader. ed: convicted killers meeting face-to-face with the loved ones of murder victims. an exclusive program that could change the criminal justice system. >> a frightening mixup for two families. he was supposed to be going to new york. anchor: inspiring messages, spreading kindness around the globe. the project that started as a mystery. anchor: tracking some downpours
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we give you a good idea of what to expect with that. maria: sky 5 continues to be over the scene here in milford. our partners, this is a fatal pedestrian accident. it is blocked right now.
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ed: a live look at traffic. out of boston it is not even moving at all. let's check your drive times. look at this. route three, all of the cars are coming back. that is slow in both directions. it is slow in the northbound side as well. slow going into the area and slow going out. it will take 35 minutes right by the pike. it is not bad. maria: look at this, large tree fell on a car blocking part of
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attention. harvey: we don't know what caused the tree to fall but there's been some situations like that. the thing we have to be aware of, were not going to be hit with hurricane force wind but it may not take as much wind to cause damage as could be the case. that is one of the things we will kee m it is a category one hurricane and it isn't that many hours away from making landfall. we will show you more about the storm and what it does likely to do over time. but that the great radar representation. there could be a few invented tornadoes as it spins along
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very heavy. the concern is storm surge. it is flat and low here. anyone water just goes over the roadways. that is why there is a big concern. highest wind is 75 miles per hour. the general idea is clear-cut. it will make landfall tonight then the southeast then offshore again. once a gets closer to our area we are seeing this weird stuff. if it sits over here for a while that could be enough to get strong wind and rain but if it stalls over here it may be far enough south to give only marginal fringe effects.
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actual forecast shows it becoming other than a tropical storm. it will never make the landfall here. tremendous rain will fall through the carolinas. it gets trickier as you head north. somewhere around our area, as we talk about the general heavy rain chances with this, friday and saturday, a medium chance. that will get some heavy rain with connecticut and rhode island. the same thing holds for the strong wind chances.
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, southeastern massachusetts, the cape and the islands close to the storm. we will keep an eye on that. there's a front coming through and dry air is going to follow it. these could be a few storms through the evening then dying out. fairweather clouds will next with sunshine. saturday will be a very comfortable day. high clouds could be increasing from the rain into late sunday morning could be around the south coast and the cape. north of boston may actually a sunny. in the meantime in boston it is 73 degrees. wind is still light. the humidity is the story. see the dry air? that moves in.
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monday as weather impact days. that may not be the case for the entire area that that is your greatest chance of getting into some of the rain bands in the strong to gusty winds. friday and saturday look really nice. we will stay on top of this. maria: the mbta getting rid of a money waster. ed: the new unused items. let's take a look at wall street today. mixed results. not much movement. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes.
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let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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maria: does massachusetts need more charter schools? ed: there are 78 charter schools in the state. 12 more could be they are on the record proponents say it gives more choices and opponents say it takes money from traditional public schools. >> this is about kids and families who are desperate to get a great education and there is a limit on the schools we can have. >> unthinkable the child going into a school that doesn't have a librarian because they have been cut the cousin of being
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simultaneously. >> i am troubled by this question. it is reckless. ed: it's a lively conversation. maria: and cut waste is paying off. the mbta's effort to cut waste is paying off. th disconnecting more than 550 unused but active cell phones. the savings add up to $325,000 a year over the next two years. the t has also come up with other ways to eliminate wasteful spending. ed: unusual walk to school for some kids. maria: the message from this
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee,
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a-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back to school? sasquatch came out to help them walk to school. he taught kids how to be safe. >> i'm trying to send a message. i hope if they will stop for me they will stop for the creatures in the road. anchor: he had some drivers throwing on the brakes posing
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anchor: i love how the little girl was holding his hand. it's ok. >> floodwaters in florida rising as hermine becomes a hurricane. anchor: what the weekend impact will be. >> spectacular explosion. the launchpad disaster and why it is a blow to facebook. >> a babysitter hired accused >> the vacation that turned into a massive drug smuggling bust. >> from boston, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc: looking live, parts of the state racing for hurricane hermine right now. she is set to make landfall there soon. when she does, hermine could cause catastrophic flooding. ed: later in the weekend the system could bring us some rain
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the question is, what will it do for us? rb: that is a question. -- >> it is very organized. very circular in terms of radar. that is affecting the entire west coast of florida. there is this storm surge. highest wind o75 per hour. that can be very substantial along with some wind damage with the downpours. once it heads overland, 6-12 hours downgraded to a tropical storm. then it will be a tropical or extratropical which gets into


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