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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning. >> stories we're following. a driver turns himself in after a deadly hit and run. why police are holding off on charges. >> animals found in deplorable conditions are getting new help. the big donations for their looking into three mid-air scares. the dangerous laser incidents happening just minutes apart. >> hurricane hermoine making landfall in florida and at this point it's packing a punch. >> it is just getting started.
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80 miles an hour. still a powerful hurricane. tornado watch that red box there you can see the rain bands moving through. we are going to continue to track this for you. by tomorrow morning it is going to be a tropical storm on the outer banks and from here it is a slow lift toward the north sunday, monday, tuesday. looks like it is going to and spin to our south. that means the farther south you are in new england you have a better chance of seeing an impact here with wind and rain. but looks like a moderate impact. we'll break down your forecast coming up. clear on out. high pressure knowsing in so a quiet friday. cooler, less humid. 50s and 06s. much more coming up.
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>> good morning. a quiet start. live look outside no problems as you travel along the expressway. this is pretty much what we're seeing across the board. not a lot going out. a lot of construction canceled to accommodate the early get away. just one construction zone here. trains and buses start on schedule. >> tracking new developments in a deadly hit and run. this is new video in overnight as police su inspect the truck they believe hit the victim. >> people who know her are in shock. >> very heavy hearts here this morning. a tribute out here on main street where this crash
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many people this this community is now gone. police inspected the semi-truck believed to be involved in this crash. investigators say barbara clement was crossing when she was hit. security cameras showing that she stepped into the truck's path. the driver never stopped. police believe that he may not have known he hit anyone. later being told his truck was on tv and he turned himself constable best known as sarge because of her decades of service in the national guard. >> she always would introduce herself as sarge, very proud of her rank, where she came from, her family roots. >> she was full-time while serving her country. she's definitely going to be
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been filed. >> two people are dead after a motorcycle crash. this happened on route 23. around 7:30 last night. the road was closed while police reconstruct that had scene. no word on what may have caused this. >> an 18-year-old man accused of stabbing another teenager with a golf club a hearing will be held. he is held without bail accused of stabbing another 18-year-old man. the victim has been released from the hospital. >> federal investigators are looking into three new cases of airplanes targeted with blinding green lasers. this is something that could
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>> pilots here in two separate incidents reported those powerful green lasers shooting straight into the cockpit the first happened around 9:17, an american air flight. the second incident happened around two minutes late toir a delta airlines flight in the same area. miles away in north hampton a third incident a pilot was targetd with a green laser while flying over. state police and federal authorities have been notified. the stress that these green lasers cause is very dangerous it can actually temporarily blind the pilots when it's pointed with them. it carries a five years in prison and a $100,000 fine. >> thank you.
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facing charges accused of being drunk and high while baby sitting a 3-year-old boy. this is not the first time she's been in trouble with police. she was found stumbling down the street yesterday afternoon. fabors called police. the family says they hired her in the spring from popular baby sitting website other nannies are shocked at the allegation. >> i was hired off the website like that. it's it makes us look bad when we're not all like that. >> police say she has been arrested before for motor vehicle violations and receiving stolen property. >> been lots of help for the hundreds of animals found here on this farm. the big bunny animal rights advocate. >> good morning. every dollar of a $2 million
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needed to respond to what's been called the worst case of farm animal cruelty ever found in our area. stepping up with that big give to help offset the costs of investigating the farm and to care for the surviving animals. more than a thousand animals were found in awful conditions and police searched the property in july. a number were discovered dead others so sick they had to be put down. expenses now include animals. they have created an emergency shelter as officials determine where they should end up. the property was divided into about 20 lots. police have said as many as two dozen people may face charges. >> boston police commissioner combowled called to testify in a lawsuit against the police department over its body camera pilot program.
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next week. the union had agreed if officers volunteered but none came forward so the commissioner assigned the cameras to 100 officers. that program was supposed to start today. it is now scheduled for september 12. an airplane mixup sending two little boys to the wrong destination. >> and the scare for one mom in this area and the demand she's making this morning. a major league football league is contending with and the accusations about its safety practices. >> a massive explosion under investigation in florida. >> also, that is hurricane hermoine making a landfall overnight. the impact it will have here
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>> right now two families are demanding answers after two little boys were sent on the wrong flight. his mother left early paying jetblue to have her son escorted home but he ended up in brought back to boston. his mother clearly horrified thinking her son had been kidnapped. >> the jetblue employees who are responsible should be ashamed of their behavior. >> both boys were safely returned to their parents. jetblue says it's reviewing the incident and stress that is the children were always under crew
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plus a new classified briefing for donald trump and hillary clinton on the campaign train. talk about air robotics.
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>> breaking overnight. tropical storm hermoine downgraded now. that was a category 1 storm that hit just east of st. mark. winds whipping 80 miles an hour. people have been bracing for days. even though it is a tropical
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punch. >> winds are still 70 miles an hour. clearly still a lot of wind, a lot of rain with that system. winds were 80 miles an hour when it came ashore south of the tallahassee area. so anywhere right is the biggest storm surge. it is over land now. the weakening process has begun. you can see just those spiraling bands of heavy rain. tampa to daytona beach up through jacksone watch. typically when you have these in the right front quad rant of the storm where you can see quick spinup and tornadoes. and that is going to be something we're watching for the next two hours. >> rainfall forecast coming in 5-10 inches. through north florida. and then as we work up the eastern seaboard through the carolinas, 4-6 inches of rain through the mid-atlantic states
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how much are we going to get? it depends on how close the storm gets. here's the track as it moves towards the carolinas tonight into tomorrow morning. we get into sunday and notice how it is moving back over the water. so it's a weakening tropical storm to our south that may lose some of its tropical characteristics. nonetheless this is going to the be producing rain and wind just to our south. and notice how it sits here for several wednesday of next week. so this is getting cut off from the steering current and it is just going to sit here and spin for several days really hammering the coast of new jersey and down here. we will see some of those winds and perhaps rain. but the farther south across new england the south coast, the cape, this is where you have the highest chance of getting in on the wind and rain. but rough surf up and down the
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65 degrees. the humidity has dropped. today is a scubble day. we've got high pressure knowsing in. although we're starting with sunshine, we're going to see some clouds. there are 50s through worcester county. we've got some 50s south of town in boston. notice the bright side here this morning and then those building clouds as we come into the lower 70s along coastline. light winds. mid 70s. so today is quiet. tonight skies are mainly clear. a cool night even upper 40's. we'll see mainly clear skies overnight. tomorrow starts the sunshine. only start to see high clouds build in. so at least partial sunshine much of the day. notice by 8:00 on saturday evening we are dry.
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a lot of the rain is going to be spinning to our south but the winds increasing through the weekend. notice we get into sunday and monday winds could be gust 30g, 40 miles an hour. wind is something we'll contend with this weekend. rainfall through 8:00. looks highest here half an inch to an inch. lesser amountso weekend down toward the cape i'm feeling more confident that we stay mainly dry on sunday. cloudy, windy, but the rain holds off until labor day on monday or sunday night. if you're going north you're getting away from the system. things look fine for you. temperatures in the 70s. wind is a concern. rain is a concern. labor day. this thing is going to stick around into early next week. so even tuesday we'll deal with winds and showers.
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>> especially saturday. sunday, clouds, winds. but the rain should stop. >> so far live look at the expressway. that's the northbound side. so far nice and light. not a lot of road work because they're trying to accommodate the holiday get away. nice and quiet start heading south, 324, 95, one project clearing on 128. north of town so far. we're expecting trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. >> space x still looking for the cause of this huge explosion on the launch pad in florida. the private company says the blast happened while the rocket was being fueled. originated somewhere in the upper stage oxygen tank. nobody was hurt. the rocket of course was destroyed as was the satellite that facebook was prepping to
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department has agreed to turn over the details schedules from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. the minute-by-minute schedules will be released before the election in mid october. this is an abrupt reversal from last week when federal lawyers warned that hundreds would not be released until late december. clinton has no events scheduled this week. senator bernie sanders will spea b republican nominee donald trump will receive another classified briefing from u.s. intelligence leaders today. trump will be at the field office in new york after he and the president of mexico traded tweets yesterday following their high profile meeting. trump tweeted that mexico will pay for a wall on the u.s. border. mexico's president reiterating the country definitely will not.
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back to fans of the failed boston indy car race. the attorney general sent out the letter to ticket holders trying to determine who is still owed money as some were refunded. $1.6 million in tickets sold. also honey bees in south carolina are dying by the millions as that state sprays to ward off mosquitos. about 2.5 million bees have been killed. keepers have started to petition the state to stop the spraying. >> the country's largest youth football league is facing a lawsuit that class action complaint against pop warner filed by two mothers in california whose adult sons were found with brain trauma after their death. they claimed pop warner
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trauma. they also include helmets. >> gene wilder will be honored this weekend around the country and here in boston as well. amc theaters will show willie wonka and the chocolate factory and blazing saddles. tickets are $5 for each move eafment wilder died earlier this week at the age of 8 the author of story line of which trudeo is an integral part said the prime minister didn't endorse the comic but said he wouldn't stand in the way. >> who hasn't gotten bored or just a little sick of being on the plane. one woman was clearly fed up on her flight to mexico so she did some yoga in her seat. a man captured the woman doing
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he says flight attendents did ask her to stop but she kept doing it and somehow managed not to wake up the man next to her. didn't kick him in the face. >> read a book. >> might be a little more -- >> rough outing for the patriots in the final preseason game. >> the next time we will see the star on the field. and then new at 5:00 keeping things stress free for you and your four yoga poses designed to ease back-to-school stress together. >> and we're following that breaking news in florida. hurricane hermoine downgraded to a tropical storm.
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>> a vigil for the new hampshire woman killed while out for a walk last summer. den niece robert was shot on august 20, 2015. family and friends gathered last nights.
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want any remembrances of her to be joyful. there have been no arrests in her killing. good news in the battle against the opioid epidemic. overdoses are dropping. last month paramedics responded to 48 overdoses. in july that number was 81 and last september it was up over 100. health experts credit an increase in awareness and drug safety programs in that city. >> late mother teresa is about to become the c saint. pope frances will canonize her on sunday. this is expected to draw people from all over the world. mother teresa known for her selfless dedication to the poor and needy. brady defends his deflate gate suspension tomorrow. the next time fanless see him is october 9th. last night he got the start
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passes but they lost their final preseason game 17-9. the patriots will open the season next sunday in arizona. >> the holiday weekend is here. will be decent to start. >> it will. although we're keeping a close eye here on hermione. now a tropical storm. now that is overland it is beginning the process of weakening. but still 70 mile an hour winds racing toward the north-northeast at 14 local impact here will be felt as early as sunday night right through tuesday. this is going to hang around for a while. it's going to be roughning up the waters. high surf and rip currents will be a factor. keep that in mind if you plan to head to the beaches. we may get into the wind and rain but some of the areas will be down along the south coast.
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weekend here. as you go into today and tonight look at the seas building here. if you look at the legend these are about 20 foot seas where you get into some of that yellow coloring. those are building through the mid-atlantic states. so we are going to see our highest seas around here as we get towards sunday night and into labor day on monday. at that time you can see when you look at the legend the blue correlating to about 10-15 foot seas here have plans to be near or in the water over the upcoming holiday weekend. today a nice day with a mixture of sun and clouds. into the lower 70s. quiet overall. that is going to bode well for us as we get into today and tomorrow as a bubble of high pressure knowses its way in. increase in clouds and then sunday cloudy, fairly windy. but look at the rain on sunday
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still mainly to the south. may start to get into some of the rain sunday night and throughout labor day. monday and tuesday impacts. >> breaking overnight. hurricane hermione made landfall in florida. it is weakening now. the storm's track and the impact on the holiday weekend here. >> the driver of a tractor trailer keeps hitting a woman. >> a baby sitter apparently in no shape to watch a toddler the conditions neighbors say they found her in. >> breaking news this morning as now tropical storm hermione moves across florida even before making landfall as a hurricane the system caused


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