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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. [captioning performed national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] erika: we begin with this noon with tropical storm hermine, who is working her way up the coast line. it is now sitting over the top of cindy. it is moving our direction? cindy: it sure is. the winds have died down.
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overnight. now it is only 50 miles per hour. that being said, take a look. you are seeing tropical storm warnings that extend from the georgia coast line all the way through delaware. we have brand-new tropical storm watches up. this does not include the coast of massachusetts at this time. however, you can see the exiv this is a tornado watch box. you often get these tornadoes with the landfall of hurricane. heavier rain all the way up into the carolinas with some flooding. where does it come -- go from here? i tomorrow morning, still on land by the carolinas. it reemerges in the atlantic
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northward. sunday, it is not moving all that much. it will be sitting to our south, stalled out, all the while strengthening. this is something we are going to be watching very closely down along the coast, the cape and the islands -- a moderate risk of wind and heavier rain. the rip current risk will be a concern through we will time out exactly when the rain moves in. the full timeline is just ahead. erika: thanks so much. hermine has already claimed one life. the governor of florida says a homeless man was killed by a falling tree overnight. lana zak is in charleston, south carolina where hermine is already taking a toll. lana: millions of americans
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rolls inland. >> here it comes. lana: the first tropical storm to hit the panhandle in a decade. and while some brave the river in the road weighed stash for others it is a disaster. hermine continues its path of the of the eastern coast is a tropical storm, georgia's governor declaring a state of emergency, 45,00 here in the carolinas, they're readying for impact. >> we have 27 both on alert, if needed. lana: it has the risk of derailing labor day plans for millions from florida to new jersey. as you can see from the boats behind me, the waters here are still fairly calm. we will be watching for that storm surge to bring the waters
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reporting from charleston, south carolina, lana zak, abc news. erika: right now, yet another uber driver facing rape charges. it's the third incident involving drivers from the ride-sharing company in just the past week. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live at dorchester district court with the details this time. juli: troubling charges. the 33-year-old uses charges of assault and battery. a woman said on the way home, the driver stopped on ross road in dorchester and began to touch her in the car. she pushed him, pulled him to stop and when she got out of his vehicle, the police reports states that he followed her and grabbed her from behind before sexually assaulting her. he claimed he had consensual sex with his passenger.
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vehicle before arresting him. the mayor of everett requested an emergency meeting to discuss how drivers are screened -- this after two other uber drivers were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting passengers. stay tuned on our app and for the latest in this case. i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: thank you. developments in a deadly hit and run. police inspecting the truck believed to have struck the victim. the woman killed was a beloved community leader. and people who knew her are in shock. newscenter 5's antoinette antonio is live in milford with the new details in the investigation. antoinette: 5 investigates got a look at d as the records. the driver has had no major file
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the town of milford mourning the loss of a beloved community member. barbara clement, hit and killed crossing main street not far from the police station. she was milford's first female constable. everyone in town knew her as sarge, because of her decades of service with the national guard. >> she would always introduce herself as sarge, very proud of her rank, proud of where she came from, her family roots, -- family roots. the da's office are now reviewing surveillance video from the police station to determine if any charges will be filed. they originally released this picture to find the tractor trailer involved. the driver, turning himself in less than an hour later. police say the video shows clement stepping out in front of the truck, the driver never stopped. police say he may not have known he hit someone. >> a friend of the operator notified him, hey, your truck is on the news.
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looked at dot records, and there have been no major violations involving the truck or the trucking company in the past few years. the most recent inspection showing 4 maintenance violations. the community of milford meanwhile, remembering a vibrant woman, who everyone loved so much. >> she's one of milford's legacies. she is a legend of milford. >> she loved serving her country. she's definitely going to be missed. antoinette: police have been able to interview the driver. now it is up to the da to decide whether charges will be filed. leather milford, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: right now a suspicious , death is under investigation in dunbarton, new hampshire. state police were on the scene for several hours last night, at a home on barnard hill road. investigators are not releasing
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investigation. an 18-year-old accused of stabbing another 18-year-old with a golf club is expected back in court today. a dangerousness hearing will be held for curtis day. he's held without bail. the stabbing happened at the breakheart reservation in wakefield earlier this week. the victim has been released from the hospital. today funeral services are being held for the two nuns who were stabbed to death in their home in mississippi. the funeral for sister paula merrill will be in kentucky. merrill was originally from sisters of charity of nazareth in kentucky. sister margaret held's funeral will be in milwaukee. 46-year-old rodney earl sanders is charged with two counts of capital murder in their deaths. right now, a medford woman is facing charges accused of being drunk and high while babysitting a 3-year-old boy in arlington. police say 51-year-old susan devereaux was found stumbling down egerton street wednesday afternoon. a neighbor called police who
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the family says they hired devereaux from the popular babysitting website other nannies are shocked at the allegations. >> i was hired off a website like that. it is kind of scary on our end. we are not all like that. erika: police say devereaux has been arrested before for motor vehicle violations and for receiving stolen property. she'll soon face a judge on reckless endangerment charges. airplanes being targeted with blinding green lasers. two of those very dangerous incidents happening near logan. the first at 9:17 p.m. an american airlines flight said the laser illuminating the aircraft when it was 10 miles northeast of logan. the second happened about two minutes later to a delta airlines flight in the same area. and miles away in north adams a
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a pilot there reported around 8:53 pm their hawker aircraft was targeted with a green laser, while flying over harriman airport. state police and federal authorities have been notified. there have been more than 4,000 incidents across the country this year, 36 reported in massachusetts. commitment 2016 now -- hillary clinton will begin traveling on the same plane as her press corps. clinton will replace her small, private jet with a significantly larger aircraft that she will share with campaign staff, the new plane will take flight monday. clinton has come under fire particularly from rival donald trump for not being more available to the press. the state department has agreed to turn over the detailed schedules from clinton's time as secretary of state. the minute-by-minute schedules will be released before the election, in mid-october. this is an abrupt reversal from last week, when federal lawyers warned hundreds of pages wouldn't be released until late december. meanwhile, donald trump is getting another classified briefing from intelligence
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they met at the fbi field office in new york. trump was first briefed two weeks ago, after his controversial claims that he did not trust some of the senior officials. trump has said they have made some bad decisions over the last 10 years. boston police commissioner bill evans could be called to testify in a lawsuit against the police department over its body camera pilot program. an attorney for the police union tells the herald, commissioner evans will likely take the stand next week. the police union had agreed to the pilot program if officers volunteered. commissioner assigned the cameras to 100 officers. the program was supposed to start this week. it is now scheduled for september 12. the former stanford university swimmer given what critics call , a light sentence for a sex assault, is out of jail. the outcry after he serves only half his term. reports of batteries exploding forces samsung to pull a popular cell phone off the market, the next step the electronics maker
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cindy: and tracking tropical storm hermine as she moves up the coast. when the wind takes up and the rain arrives. erika: look south to see the damage already done by hermine. you are looking at charleston, south carolina where the wind is picking up and rain is starting to fall ahead of the storm, now focused in georgia. we are coming right back. with maria stefano's -- on
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. erika: a live look at the radar. tropical storm hermine turning over florida as it hit georgia as a category one hurricane. that storm will hit us. we'll check in with cindy to see how it will impact our holiday weekend. meantime, the former stanford university swimmer who served half his six-month sentence for
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his punishment sparking a national outcry, critics calling his sentence too light. ray raimundi with the backlash against the judge and the former swimmer's plans for the future. ray: rock turner exiting the santa clara county jail with his head down. the former stanford's swimmer and then -- off. three months of a six-month sentence over, the sentence sparking a national firestorm. earlier this year, turner pled not guilty when accused of sexually assaulting a young woman who is passed out drunk behind a dumpster after a party at the stanford university campus. >> i think the law is wrong. it was a terrible crime. we have a victim. no woman should have to go through that. he should be in prison.
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6-year sentence, instead receiving six months. judge aaron persky received death stress. >> he has consistently than over defendants and crimes -- and crimes against women. ray: hundred new provisions, turner would have faced a minimum of three years in jail. river monday, abc news, new york. erika: more backlash as san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refuses to stand during the national anthem for a second week in a row. it was ahead of the 49ers game against the san diego chargers,
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kaepernick took a knee. he's been protesting police brutality against african-americans. but did make a point to stand up and applaud during a rendition of "god bless america." >> i realize the minimum of the military go out and sacrificed their lives and put themselves in harms way for my freedom of speech and my freedom to take a seat or take any -- or take i have that much respect for them. erika: the quarterback says he wants to start a conversation on equality and justice. he says he plans to donate the first million he makes this year to organizations promoting those causes. to your economy now -- disappointing news coming from the august jobs report. u.s. employers only adding 151,000 jobs last month. that figure is well below the 180,000 predicted. that means the unemployment rate is unchanged at 4:00.9%.
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meeting later this month where they'll consider an interest rate hike. samsung says it will stop selling the galaxy note 7, after reports of batteries exploding. several people have posted images and videos of their charred phones online. according to reports from south korea, samsung is expected to issue a global recall for the smartphone as early as this weekend. back to the weather, of course hermine get better as hermine is moving away from florida. the winter down to 50 miles per hour. let's show you what is going on. it is a holiday weekend and tomorrow, you have plans, it you are fine. lots of sunshine, mid-70's. sunday, the winds pickup, but it
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day itself, we start to get some rain. we've got a couple dry days, although saturday is the pick d ay. the heavier stuff will be the kick -- the cape and the islands. if you are traveling north, it shold stay dry. the center across parts georgia. spiraling down some rain -- spiraling bands of rain through california. in terms of rainfall, we have had seven and a half inches in georgia. is so coming down. it is a big rainmaker.
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tropical storms all along the coast, up into delaware appeared tomorrow morning, when speeds will be down to 50 miles per hour. look what happens as we get toward saturday evening. it will be lifting northward sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. this is far north. it is going to sit and spin. because of that it's really going to beat up the coastline. it will be strengthening. the water warms up to 70 degrees. down in the south, this bright color indicates water temperatures near 80 degrees. that mayfield the storm to
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expecting 10 foot to 15 feet swells. it is a delightful afternoon. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60. high pressure is the key. temperatures in the sixth -- 60' lenny winds will start to pick up you can see the wind speed as we go into sunday after noo n. 50 miles for our across the south coast and the cape. let me step you through it here.
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bands with the cape. tuesday, you see the lingering effects through the middle of next week. erika: thank you so much. to your health now and the treatment of chronic pain -- a new study finds drug-free therapies are effective. more than one hundred studies on seven popular practices . they included yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy. they found they appear to be effective in treating common maladies including back pain and fibromyalgia. coming up, plastic flamingos with a purpose returned after thieves recognize their special meaning. what else they returned along with them to try to make up for the crime.
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to florida -- and heavy rain and food -- winds, doing damage to roads and power outages.
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erika: several plastic flamingos stolen in weare, new hampshire have been returned along with an apology and a cash donation. the birds, all over town, are in support of a 12-year-old undergoing treatment for
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>> hey, everybody, stay right where you are, because in the next half hour, we just may be minting a brand-new member of america's 1%. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because we're in the middle of a good ge our returning contestant is a 24-year-old history buff who's hoping the hours he spent studying the revolutionary war will pay off today. from la mesa, california, please welcome back kevin carll. [cheers and applause] hey, kev. what's up, buddy? welcome back. come on in. >> thanks for having me. >> you barely look old enough to shave, but apparently you know and love the revolutionary war. how do you go about teaching other people about the war?


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