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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the monday, monday night time, the best chance of strong winds, tropical storm force will be down in this area. however, speaking of rain, let's check in with mike. mike: yeah, harvey, all up and down the east coast, you are looking at the potential for flooding rain with this thing. then the official rain forests unfortunately looks like it will only be in the two inch 24 and category. we could certainly use more than that. -- the two-inch to four-inch category. ed and heather? ed: our team coverage continues with newscenter 5's david bienick, live in falmouth where it is gorgeous now -- but they are praising -- bracing for hermione -- i say hermione,
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david: i will have it down by the end of the weekend. this is one of the beaches that could see rough surf by the end of the weekend. and at least one ferry company has decided to stay tied up at dock. the island queen ferry between falmouth and martha's vineyard is still running tonight. but operators are telling passengers they've decided to cancel service on sunday and monday. >> if they want to make alternative arrangements for returning home, they can be thinking about that now. david: three other ferries to still, some passengers said they're thinking about cutting short their labor day weekend getaways. on the beach, lifeguards are warning swimmers the storm could bring stinging jellyfish and dangerous currents. >> i saw one of the lifeguards looked like he was having a heckuva time swimming. at david: cape businesses, like this pub, say storms can sometimes drive away crowds. but not always.
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it can help business. david: lifeguards also want you to know many of these chairs will be empty this weekend. schools are returning to session and lifeguards have left their summer jobs. live in falmouth, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: hermine claiming a life in florida. a homeless man sleeping in a tent near ocala died when a tree fell on him, as winds from the storm whipped across the state. in st. petersburg boats at this marina submerged after hermine roared through. clean-up crews also dealing with a gas spill. stressed from our drought could be damaged more easily from this tropical system. this is new at 6:00 -- stormteam 5's mike wankum will show you what you can do to minimize the danger. and you can track tropical storm hermine all weekend long on our app and ed: right now, breaking news,
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games. sportscenter 5's josh brogadir is live at the breaking news desk. josh? josh ed, the nfl confirming now : what we've been hearing about all afternoon, that ninkovich, a defensive captain on this team will now be gone for 4 games after he violated the league policy on performance enhancing substances. he hasn't said what he took, only that he it's an over the counter supplement from a store with an ingredient he didn't know was banned, according to espn's mike reiss, who reports that ninkovich is devastated and shocked. saying "few things are more important to me than my name and reputation. heartbroken." nink had 6 and a half sacks last year. he didn't way in any of the 4 preseason games after tearing his triceps muscle in joint practice against the saints on august 9. his timetable to return to game action was not known, though i saw him practicing earlier this week in foxboro. the nfl says he'd be eligible to return to the active roster after the bills game on october 2, so in time for week 5 against cleveland. he's suspended without pay.
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quincy, where an investigation is underway after a woman was hit and killed by a car being driven by her husband. it happened just before 2:30 on phillips street. the 52-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. heather: breaking in east boston, a second arrest in the murder of a teenage girl, found stabbed to death in a garage -- and a garage. newscenter 5's john atwater is love at the courthouse with new information. john: surveillance video turned out to be key. the video showed the murderer running away from the murder scene. as 21-year-old angel ramos faces a judge, prosecutors are laying out a detailed timeline using surveillance video from east boston streets. less than an hour before victim blanca lainez is last seen, investigators say she's shown with the suspect walking toward the garage where they say she was murdered. 22 minutes later, video allegedly shows ramos running to his home.
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running from the crime scene, he was arrested in july. both the men's fingerprints were allegedly found in the garage where the 18-year-old victim's body was found. police have been piecing together multiple camera angles for 3 months now as they've tried to identify the suspects. the motive is unclear, but investigators say ramos and lainez knew each other from east boston high school. angel ramos is being held without bail. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a who's who to a party that has been dry need. guests on state-funded golf carts to a free fourth of july performance. state officials saying this because someone is on the list does not mean they went to the party, but there are big names on that list. we have obtained it. here is what it says.
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secretary, the finance secretary, the governor chief secretary and his deputy chief of staff. the officials who hosted the party will be suspended without pay. next they have to pay back the state. harvey: there we can see charleston, south carolina all a long the east effects are likely to be here. heather: caught on camera, a baby left alone in this running car. ed: and tom brady rolls back. we have more about the patriots and the next step for them,
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>> you are watching newscenter five at 6:00 -- harvey: this surface up, the winds up to about 35 miles per ur storm . we will be back in a few moments to let you know what you can expect here this weekend. ed: take a look of this video. it was obviously caught on camera. a baby, left alone in a running car in new bedford. the man who shot that video confronted the child's mother and posted it all on facebook -- on facebook. heather: it went viral, and new at 6:00, newscenter 5's jorge quiroga tells us, police are involved.
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newborn in the car. reporter: an outraged bystander recording what he saw, a baby in the back seat of a car. the windows wide open, the engine running, a woman's purse on the front seat. >> leaves the baby. reporter: at gas express in new bedford, the baby's mom inside the convenience store. the video has gone viral. >> she parked where you are. >> horrible, horrible. my kids alone. >> i could basically kidnap her baby and she would have no clue. wow. reporter: the 20 euro mom -- the 20-year-old mom returns some 3 minutes later, dismisses the man's scolding and drives away, but others are not so quick to judge. chest but she is a regular customer. they were watching the car for
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the man pumping gas today telling us he wasn't working yesterday. police say the baby's mom used poor judgement. this woman has also seen the video. >> is pretty frightening. i would not do that, but i'm a lot older. reporter: we were unable to reach the baby's mom for comment. but after reviewing the facebook post, police here will be charging 20-year-old breanna mcgrath of acushnet with reckless endangerment of a child. the department of children and families is also conducting its own investigation. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: stormteam 5, keeping a very close eye on the track of tropical storm hermine. heather: these are the pictures just as it passes myrtle beach, south carolina. ed: trees could be damaged or more easily by this tropical
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heather: you are looking live right now at charleston, south carolina. we are tracking tropical storm hermine. harvey will be back in a few minutes. ed: former new england mob boss frank salemme and another man both indicted today in the 1993 killing of owner. salemme and paul weadick are charged with murdering a federal witness, steven disarro. the indictment alleges that salemme, weadick and salemme's son participated in disarro's killing to prevent him from talking to law enforcement. his remains were discovered by federal investigators back in march. if convicted, both men could get the death penalty. another arrest tonight of an uber driver. today, michasel vedrine, of brockton, was charged with raping a passenger and indecent assault. the victim told police vedrine pulled over on ross road in
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verdine tells a different story saying the two had consensual sex. he's free on bail right now and due back in court next month. heather: now we turn our attention back to hermine. trees already under stress from the dry weather might be damaged more easily from the storm. stormteam 5's mike wankum shows us what you can look for in your yard to avoid trouble. mike: treat tremors have been working overtime. us have ever seen in terms of trees and the effect it has had on them. mike andy felix has been tending : trees for 30 years. his 20 crews cover territory everywhere from the cape to worcester. he's busy because this summer 's drought has put incredible stress on trees. >> almost everywhere you can see , leaves dropping prematurely. mike with the possibility of
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healthy like this may be suseptible. if you look inside, all those branches coming together makes the tree more prone to damage. >> there's so many weakness in here, that eventually we see half a tree fall apart. mike: look for any splits or or where branches are rubbing together. this crew is thinning inside the tree to relieve the stress point. it's also how we grow our trees. >> trees are really ment to grow in the woods. among one another where these is competition. long, rangy limbs are not the norm. mike: those long horizontal limbs catch more wind and put additional stress on the tree. triming them back can help but do it safely. >> if you have to leave your feet, i really think you should call an expert. mike: andy told me forget about watering your lawn. it will come back or can be replanted, but once a tree is severely damaged, removal may be
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you know, harvey, when you walk on the grass, it it is like, hey -- harvey: that's a great way to describe it, absolutely. we probably will be getting some rain. we just am not the storm will come close enough to get into too many of the heavier rain bands. right now, rains from charleston south carolina to norfolk, virginia. out to you. high pressure in control. a comfortable saturday. we have a light winds, pleasant, nice to be outdoors. then hermine starts to move up the coast. saturday night, notice the range is far to the south of us. however, once the storm gets into this position, the water is running a little lower than average. that could sustain or even
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it does get into somewhat warm waters. there is a possibility it will intensify to some extent. all of the steering currents come -- become week. it will or meander around a while. it may last for a while. basically sunday, maybe even into tuesday. that part of the forecast still has to be worked out. tropical storm watch for long island and southern connecticut. in terms of where we are likely to see the strongest wind gusts, that will be the cape and the islands, a moderate chance of a wind gust over 40 miles per hour. and of course, it's not going to
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issues. the winds will get up to boston. very beautiful out now. nice gentle sea breeze around. nice comfortable air. a great night to be out. filtered sun, light winds, sea breeze is at the beach. one last a day where the rip current risk is considered low. rains are approaching sunday night and bands of winds should move in overnight sunday night and into monday. i would say tomorrow is the us today of the weekend. monday would be least desirable. the winds will start holding up along block island in nantucket. sunday night, now you can have gust over 40 miles per hour on
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monday. perhaps gust's around 50 in nantucket. then the wind may relax a little bit monday evening. some storm affects good linger. huge waves will follow the track of the storm, probably staying south of our area, but big waves south of new england. very rough seas. all of that is probably the most definite aspect of the storm. sunday night, monday, possibly tuesday we are considering an impact time for this storm. we'll get periodic downpours with very rough surf. next week, summer is back. warm and humid conditions. see you next hour. i am meteorologist harvey
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gadir, with sportscenter five powered by xfinity. josh: a 17-9 defeat was more about losing players than losing a pre-season game in new jersey last night for the patriots. among the players injured in the game were left tackle nate solder, running back tyler gaffney, and receivers devin lucien and keshawn martin. tom brady played all first half, going 16-26 for 166 yards, a td to martin, and an int. he'll now be out of action until october 9 in cleveland. barkevious mingo with a nice strip sack and a solid receiving game from running back dj foster, but he also fumbled the football. second half was all jacoby brissett under center. he went 13 of 21 for 152 yards and also ran the football twice. jimmy garoppolo got the night off as he gets ready to start week 1, a week from sunday against the cardinals in arizona. meantime, rosters have to be cut to 53 players as of 4pm tomorrow with some difficult decisions
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for the opener, that would be one thing. if you're picking a team strictly for next year, that would be another thing. but in reality, you're trying to form a team for all of those. josh patriots defensive end rob : ninkovich has been suspended without pay for the first 4 games of the season after he tested positive for a banned substance. he was injured in a practice against the saints on august 9. he tore a triceps muscle and did not play in a pre-season game, though we saw him on the field practicing this week. we don't know if he would he the season on september 11 in arizona anyway. now he can't come back until after the bills game on october 2. back on the road after a 3-3 homestand, the red sox got an infusion of youth with the expansion of rosters. they'll be in oakland tonight and we could see top prospect yoan moncada for the first time. the switch-hitting cuban infielder is just 21-years-old and he tore his way through the minors, most recently in double a portland.
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addition to being used as a pinch runner, could see some time at third base with travis shaw and aaron hill scuffling through much of the summer. moncada is joined by deven marrero, and pitchers joe kelly, and robby scott, plus catcher ryan hanigan was activated from the d.l, tonight david price takes the mound looking for win number 14. and going into tonight's action, here are the current up-to-date alo -- the blue jays holding a two-game lead over the red sox, orioles fading fast. yankees six and a half back. al wild-card -- look who is only to have back? the yankees. despite making all those traits, still not going away from the playoff picture just yet. bruins center david krejci has
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taking place in the next two weeks. krejci, a czech native, saying he does not feel 100% yet after having hip surgery back in april . bruins open up training camp september 22. that's it for sports. golf highlights from tpc boston, the deutsche bank championship, tonight at 11:00. heather: we will look forward to those. time to look for to what is coming up on the center five at 7:00. this is news tonight -- lifesaving drugs on demand. how this portable pharmacy could prevent disease anywhere in the world. : speed crash caught on camera. the driver walking away, what happened in the moments before the truck slammed into the water. we'll see you then, but first abc's world news tonight with david muir. -- with tom. >> the path of destruction along the coast. plus the investigation into hillary clinton's in e-mails written how her health came up.
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>> on chronicle -- richard russo's sequel to "nobody's fool." lending lizzie borden fact with fiction.
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a contrast. a paddle boarder in front and a truck backing up in the same spot. this is crystal river, florida. right in the middle of the street. heather: a lot of rain. we will not get anywhere near that -- harvey: it doesn't appear we will. our best shot would be monday.
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tonight, we're following the path of destruction. hermine now on the move, hitting florida as a deadly hurricane. winds up to 80 miles an hour. homes badly damaged. hundreds of thousands without power. millions bracing for a possible labor day washout. and tonight, watches and warnings up and down e our team in the storm zone. secret notes. inside the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. what she told agents, and how many times the phrase "do not recall" came up. out of jail. the case that triggered national outrage. former college athlete brock turner, pushing through the cameras. the new deadline he now faces. school bus dangers. drivers ignoring those flashing red lights at the bus stop. children, hit hard by oncoming


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