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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> i'm tracking tropical storm hermine. the time of potential impact on our area. >> how the storm is dampening holiday weekend plans. what that could mean for local businesses. >>a woman accident. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newschannel 5's eyeopener. >> we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm hermine. >> it is chugging its way up the coast. good morning, saturday, september 3. antoinette: let's get right over to mike wankum tracking hermine. mike: just about ready to move out into the atlantic.
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i want to point out this we have a little bit of thin overcast. today is looking beautiful. we will see readings into the 70's. look forward to what is going on for today. as we continue to see temperatures warming up into the 70's. now we need to keep an eye on the tropics. here is hermine, sustained winds at 60 miles an hour. east-northeasterly, moving at 21 miles an hour. it is moving quickly bt we have tropical storm warnings up and down the coast. we have a tropical storm watch which goes all the way into postal connecticut. what will happen? this is where will be located at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. it's no longer a tropical storm but now it sits out here and meanders around a bit. there is the problem. we do not know exactly where it is going to wander. it is very difficult for -- to
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fall apart. what can you expect? nothing gets going until sunday night. it may last into tuesday or into wednesday. the biggest concern? rough surf and rip currents. as far as wind and rain, most of it will be in the south coastal areas. many, many details coming up on the storm in a moment. antoinette: thank you. continuing to track tropical storm hermine. the east coast heading for new england, leaving behind a path of destruction. hermine came ashore in florida as a hurricane thursday night. the first to hit florida in a decade, pounding the gulf coast with heavy rains and high winds. hundreds of thousands of people are left in the dark. communities devastated. rising water up to six feet in some places. across georgia and the carolinas, the gusty winds came
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flooding. >> dock's gone. but it was scary. 3:30 in the morning, i was praying. antoinette: along the jersey shore, the army corps of engineer is reinforcing dunes. beaches along the eastern seaboard close with the threat of dangerous rip tides. doug: people on the south shore in the caper getting ready for the impact from hermine. 3 cancelled service. -- one ferry cancel service. >> we are hoping that everyone will be safe. reporter: regina was planning a weekend near the ocean but that time might be cut short with hermine. >> we were going to leave on tuesday, but maybe after a monday morning. have to wait and see.
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ferry has already cancel service on sunday and monday. >> with this potential for wind gusts and potential for the direction of the wind, we'd rather be safe and really err on the side of caution. reporter: other say the storm could help business. >> sometimes when it is raining, people want to see the weather on the water. reporter: longtime residents who have whether their fair share of storms say he is not too worried yet. >> if it comes this way, we will be prepared. reporter: three other ferries are still available. with lifeguards heading back to school, they warn they will not be out here this weekend. doug: you can track the tropical storm all weekend on our app. antoinette: an accident under investigation in quincy.
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around to2:30. when first responders arrived, they found a woman bleeding in the driveway. her husband and shock. he had accidentally run over her as he was backing up. >> the ambulance, the medical examiner's office responded. reporter: most neighbors did not know the couple. neighbors to not hear anything. arriving. >> i walked down the street and i saw someone under light blanket. reporter: jenn lee died at the scene. her husband was rushed to a hospital to be treated for stress. friends and relatives declined,. >> very sad. reporter: at last check, no charges have been filed against her husband.
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hampshire police have identified the victim of a suspicious death and dunbarton. 38-year-old wendi -- was found in a home on barnard phil wrote. she died of a single gunshot wound but the manner of death is unclear. neighbors say they never heard or noticed anything strange in the area. the attorney general has not said whether anyone has been arrested or whether they are looking for a suspect. the death is considered suspicious. doug: a former mob an associate facing murder charges for the 1993 death of a club owner, who was a federal witness. de sarro was killed to prevent him from talking to law enforcement. his remains were discovered in march. if convicted, both men could get the death penalty. antoinette: 5 investigates learning the state's attorney
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contacted as thousands of cases go under review in norfolk county. we first reported this week and audit found the braintree police evidence room in disarray. sources telling 5 investigates, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, drugs, guns and other property is now missing. criminal cases from 2013 through may of this year are under review. the das office has identified some cases that may be impacted and they believe prosecution of hundreds more could the affected. attorney general's office has declined to comment. boston police arrested two men after recovering this stash on thursday. officers initially approached the pair as they sat on a bench smoking pot. they got up and walked away but they were followed. and then arrested after a confrontation with police. both men face gone and drug
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leadership next week. the new headmaster is no stranger to the school. he had previously served as headmaster for 21 years but left in 1998. he is coming back amid controversy. two school leaders resigned early this year after racially charged incidents. he says, they have worked throughout the summer to make sure the environment is different this year. >> i want you to remember that i did this for 22 years at one of the most history of this city. so, i think there are some things i have in my toolkit, but there are also some things i know have to happen. i'm always willing to meet people halfway. doug: the school will incorporate coursework that is reflective of the diversity within the school. it will include the entire community as the school moves forward. antoinette: the patriots getting ready to kick off the season
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for the first four games after he tested positive for a banned substance. he said he took a supplement that has a banned ingredient he did not know about. he says he made a mistake and he is devastated but he will not be there for his teammates. his suspension is without pay. doug: the patriots without their offensive leader for the first four games. tom brady official b 4:00. the next time he will be able to suit up his october night when they take on the browns in cleveland. the patriots are going to open the season next sunday in arizona. antoinette: no brady till october, wow. it's reality. doug: it is what we are dealing with. changes are coming to stoke. antoinette: the type of suds the
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an arrest made after a threat to students in newtown. doug: this is a big concern. a response to a silent protest by an nfl start or the boycott brewing by members of the san francisco police union. trees could be damaged more easily from this tropical system. we will show you what you can do to minimize the danger. mike: i'm tracking tropical storm hermine.
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antoinette: people in florida surveying the damage after hermine roared through. sewage spill. 4 million gallons of sewage poured out of a water treatment plant when it lost power during the storm. trees already under stress from the dry weather may be at risk for coming down as the winds pick up. doug: mike wankum shows us what you could look for in your yard to avoid trouble. mike: tree trimmers have been working overtime. >> this is a summer like none of
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entries for 30 years. his crews cover the cape to worcester. he is busy because this route has put incredible stress on trees. >> almost everywhere you see leaves dropping prematurely. mike: with the possibility of strong winds and the forecast, even a tree that looks healthy may be susceptible. if you look inside, all of those branches coming together makes the tree more prone to damage. >> there in here that eventually receive half a tree fall apart. mike: look where branches are rubbing together. this crew is spinning in tied the-- inside the trees. >> trees are meant to grow in the woods where there is competition. long limbs are not the norm. mike: these limbs put additional stress on the tree. trimming them can help but do it
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safely standing on their two feet. if you have to leave your feet, i think you should call an expert. doug: mike: don't bother watering your lawn. her long to be replanted. your tree, once it is damage, maybe the only course you have is to cut it down. antoinette: and that is a lot of money cutting down trees. mike: and that it ruins your landscape. so we have got a storm system. doug: wobbling. mike: it;'s complicated. let me show you where you're at is that. it is a tropical storm kirk we just got an update from the national hurricane center. maximum sustained winds of 60. moving at 21 miles an hour. that is typical. when it gets here, it comes zipping past but we have got a high pressure to the north it was to hold this thing to the
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together and said where is this going? you know the different solutions you have, looping around back and forth. there is not a clean line. this is one of the reasons we are having a complicated forecast. we have a tropical storm warnings all the way up along the coast. and then beyond that we have a tropical storm watch which extend to martha's vineyard and over towards nantucket. what will happen? between now and 2:00 a.m., tropical storm gert it will diminish into a low will spin. we will start seeing the impact of this late tomorrow night into monday but primarily, remember, this is on the south coast and the cape and the islands. inland, a lot of your going to say, what storm? this will meander about. and then eventually, this is wednesday and thursday, start to exit. as long as it says here, it falls apart because it is starting to bring up cool water from down below.
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keeping an eye on this through wednesday. here is the area we are talking about. tropical storm watch. it encompasses martha's vineyard and nantucket, along the coastal areas. and then we have connecticut, off-shore tropical storm orlene. here is the area we are looking at the most impact. moderate impact as you look to the south. low to moderate and really north of the pike, you're not going to have much going on. coast will be strong winds and heavy rain. not much for coastal erosion. but here's the big concern. this is labor day weekend. a lot of people want to go to the water and that water is going to be churned up. rip currents are going to be a problem. the potential impact starts off not until tomorrow night. and then it may linger to tuesday and wednesday. rough surf and rain and wind brought primarily along the
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of breezy. we get towards sunday night, now we start to see some winds gusts up into the upper 40's. then they abate and pick up again as we look at tuesday. we have to keep a close eye. till we do with that, here is the weather you can expect. today beautiful. sunny, 76. a great beach day. tomorrow, we start getting the clouds. by nighttime we have some showers coming in. hermine is monday and tuesday but primarily at the south coastal areas. wednesday it could linger into wednesday. notice what is happening. our temperatures are starting to warm up. it is going to feel more like summer as we head towards thursday and friday. we are going to continue to monitor hermine. in the meantime, enjoy today. beautiful end of summer weather we have going on. antoinette: we like the first half of the weekend. 5:18.
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facing charges after he called and a threat to the new sandy hook elementary school. you tell police arrested the 28-year-old charging him with threatening and harassment. police say he called the main office a couple of weeks ago and made a threat for the first day of classes. the new school replace a building where 20 children and six teachers were shot to death in 2012. backlash growing amid controversy surrounding colin kaepernick. the who work during san francisco's home games says its members may boycott if colin kaepernick is not punish. he's been refusing to stand during the national anthem protesting racial injustice and police brutality. antoinette: antibacterial soap will be pulled off the shelves. the fda has banned several, going gradients that are common
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and water, and they made pose health risks. the decision does not apply to hand sanitizers or wipes. doug: the red sox are on the road for the next nine games. they kicked off their series with david price on the amount. there is one word -- slugfest. it was all over one boston scored six runs in the sixth inning. travis shaw coming up with a three run blast. boston up 12-2. it did not end there. 1 the ball tonight. antoinette: research finds millennials are moving back home in record numbers. emily riemer takes a closer look at why and how to handle conflicts when parents and adult children are living together again. emily: after five years in the new york magazine industry, ramona made a momentous decision. she was heading across the
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>> it sounded like a great idea. emily: she is taking premed classes before she heads to nursing school in the fall. at first, it was ideal it but a few months in, she realized it is a small house. >> i am an only child. what guidelines would you give parents? >> clarify from the start, let them know what you are ok with, what you are not ok with itemily: about using the card? but getting on each other's nerves is par for the course. >> when you have been independent, to come back and have people watching your every move. i imagine silently judging me. that has been the biggest challenge. emily: to make it work, clarify expectations like chipping in on expenses and cleanliness. she also recommends setting household contributions like doing the dishes are cooking,
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you try as much as you can to act like an adult. and your parents will be very happy about that. emily: do some soul searching. >> if you do not think you like your kid, don't do it. >> it has been a positive experience and fun to get to know my parents as an adult. i would do it again, maybe not again. i'm glad i did it. antoinette: i like that. right now. i always love you. a big moment three years in the making. doug: a girl badly burned using her birthday to thank firefighters. messages of hope and kindness that mysteriously showed up on the cape. the global movement these rocks have sparked. antoinette: we continue to track tropical storm hermine.
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coast. mike wankum has the latest on the storm's [ clock ticking ] time.
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and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around.
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mike: tropical storm lisa did off-shore as it works its way back to the atlantic it looks like it will weaken and may
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over the next seven days, today's beautiful. by tomorrow night, we start to introduce the rain and wind and rain are going to be the threat monday, tuesday and perhaps to wednesday before the temperatures continue to warm up and it gest mu -- gets muggy. antoinette: a very special reunion and this -- in upstate new york. doug: a girl got to thank the firefighters who saved her life. who asked for christmas cards from around the world. she lost a father and three siblings in a fire three years ago she was badly burned and has been too sick for an official thank you but she wanted to spend her ninth birthday with her heroes. >> it is empowering for all of us soon know that the guys that were involved made a difference. we get to see her. we get to see her grow. doug: she handed all the firefighters a small token with
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antoinette: i love that story. then the firefighters wiping away tears. doug: why do what they do. donald trump and hillary clinton targeting the granite state. antoinette: the new poll released. the lead. surveying the damage after hermine. this road in alligator point, florida, completely destroyed. the outlook for our area as that storm closes in.
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mike: a beautiful start your holiday weekend. the changes i'm tracking in the impact of hermine. antoinette: a murder arrest in east boston. the evidence police used to track down there suspect. doug: the fbi releasing dozens of e-mails from hillary clinton's private e-mail survey. what they reveal on the eye. >> 's news leader. good morning. this is newschannel 5's eyeopener. doug: happy labor day weekend. antoinette: along with mike wankum tracking hermine now. but we have a couple days we can salvage out of the weekend. mike: today is beautiful. most of tomorrow is fine. even as we talk about the storm, in land, it may be a fairly decent next couple of days.
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a lot. maybe an inch in some spots. hermine let's talk abouthermine -- let's talk about hermine. you can see that eye is still overland but ready to move out through albemarle sound. what's happening, why is it staying down there? high pressure is squeezing it down. when they get to this point, they come zipping past. because high pressure does not want to let up. it starts to get it easily breeze -- till we forecast. there is a thin overcast out there right now. it is a blowoff from all of that storm. as far as the tropical storm watches and warnings, you see where they are. this is going to be-- going on for a while. the threat carries all the way
5:32 am
perhaps wednesday before it is over with. there is the center of it. they are those advisories. it moves offshore. and you see the winds at 60 miles an hour. then actually it may get a little stronger as we started talk about monday and tuesday. at this point, it is technically no longer a tropical storm. it is still going to be a big influence on our weather pattern. we will talk about the timeline and your beautiful weather today. in a few moments. antoinette: hermine leaving behind a path of destruction as it moves up the east coast. heavy flooding and gusty winds. thousands of florida and the carolinas waking up in the darkness morning. doug: people out to survey the damage left behind as folks farther north brace for the impact. reporter: with wind gusts of 50-80 miles an hour. and torrential rain. tropical storm hermine has been wreaking havoc through florida, georgia and the carolinas. >> oh!
5:33 am
thousands are without power. houses wrecked, entire towns underwater. debris everywhere. in carrabelle florida, votes were -- boats were tossed. >> it was scary. 3:30 in the morning, it was -- i was praying. reporter: travelers in myrtle beach and health and had whipped y lashing rains.. -- by lashing rains. >> in the water. once the riptide grant you, you cannot get out. reporter: beaches along the eastern seaboard close in homes protected by sandbags as residents prepare for the worst case scenario. doug: a reminder. you can track tropical storm hermine all weekend on our wcvb app or antoinette: 5:33. some of the other stories we are tracking now in the eye-opener. a deadly accident under investigation in quincy.
5:34 am
out of their driveway. the 52-year-old woman was pronounced dead on the scene. her husband has not been charged. 5 investigate has learned the attorneys generals -- the attorney general's office has been contacted as thousands of cases go under review in norfolk county. an audit found the braintree police evidence room in disarray. criminal cases from 2013 through may of this year are under review. prosecution for hundreds of cases could be affected. the patriotsef ninkovich has been suspended for several games. he will sit out the first four games of the season after testing positive for a banned substance. what he says was a supplement that he got over-the-counter. think of it says he is devastated. doug: a new arrest in the murder of a teenage girl found stabbed to death in east boston. police say surveillance cameras played a big role in tracking down a second suspect it john atwater has the break in the case.
5:35 am
ramos faces a judge, prosecutors are laying out the timeline using surveillance video from east boston streets. at 8:04, june 14, video shows ramos leaving his apartment. three minutes earlier, the victor passes the harper pacific restaurant at the end of his block. across the street at 8:24, video shows them both going into a liquor store. they leave a few minutes later and the two is captured a few doors down from where the victim's body was found. cameras catch ramos and pose hernandez running from the murder scene 22 minutes later. for nearly three months, police have been piecing together multiple camera angles to build a case against the suspects. >> what time. we solve crimes and stuff.
5:36 am
with video evidence, investigators say their fingerprints in the garage were the victims body was found match both the suspects. police arrested hernandez in july charging him with murder. >> there is an agreement. reporter: now his friend is behind bars, both held without bail. police say the victim knew one of the suspects from high school but this morning the motive for the murder is still a mystery. antoinette: another cooper driver -- another uber driver under arrest. he was charged for raping a passenger. the victim told police he pulled over in boston on wednesday and began touching her. he's saying the two had consensual sex. a man facing charges after driving 111 miles per hour on the highway.
5:37 am
north in new hampshire. doug: caught on camera. a baby left alone in a running car in new bedford. breena magrath left her baby and person the car while she ran into the convenience store at gas express. she comes out of the store three minutes later and dismisses the man who shot this video. he posted a confrontation on facebook. the video has gone viral. some are not so quick to judge. >> no, did not use poor judgment because she knew the attendant. she knows the gas station attendant. she knows nobody will steal a car from here. >> picked up the car seat, and brought the baby in the store. doug: police have reviewed the post and are going to charge magrath with reckless endangerment of a child. dcf is investigating. a boston man charged in attack on a disabled man in a
5:38 am
charged with assault and battery. it happened last week at the goodwill on harrison avenue and roxbury. bell has been released on bail. antoinette: the fbi has released dozens of documents from its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the documents include summaries of interviews with clinton and several aides. they also provide technical details about how the server in clinton's home was set up. investigation found clinton never asked for permission to use a private the fbi recommended no prosecution against clinton in july. donald trump meanwhile heads to detroit today in an attempt to attract more african-american voters. he is planning a more intimate visit with a trip to a church. yesterday, he met with groups of african-american supporters in pennsylvania. trump attended a roundtable with business, religious and civic leaders. that group praised the republican nominee for coming to their area as part of his
5:39 am
her lead over trump in the battleground state of new hampshire. the poll puts are ahead by nine percentage points for august. that is up from july in which clinton was ahead by just two percentage points. doug: on the opioid crisis in encouraging news coming out of new hampshire. the number of overdoses in the city of manchester dropped to 48 last month. year and less than half the number reported last september. police credit the states programs that allows addicts to get help in any fire station with no questions asked. >> you see tehse folks, -- these folks, they are desperate. they have reached an important milestone where they want help here and they are coming together. doug: paramedics are saying that they are having to use more narcan on the patients than they do to treat because fentanyl is
5:40 am
the drug more powerful. 5 investigates a controversial fourth of july celebration. antoinette: the state officials that received invites to a lavish party paid for in part with your money. mike: beautiful start to the weekend. when we could see the effects of tropical storm hermine. the impact on our area as the storm makes its way up the coast. doug: look at this. mike: the aftermath of hermine
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downy to protect him from damage. tide and downy. great on their own, even better together. doug: people in florida surveying the damage asdoug: hermine roared through. in tampa. the sewage spill, 4 million gallons poured out of the water treatment plant when it lost power during the storm. antoinette: 5 investigates. we know some high-ranking state officials received invites to a controversial back bay party paid for in part with their money. 5 investigates, guests were chauffeured on golf carts to vip
5:44 am
because someone is on the list does not mean that they went to the party but there were some big names on that list. the environmental affairs secretary, the finance secretary, both the governor's chief secretary and his deputy chief of staff. lots of state press officials and a former commissioner. the two officials who hosted the party are on a week of suspension. they have paid back the state for those expenses. >> now your forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. doug: doug: all eyes on your. folks are going to be saying what storm? right? mike: a lot of businesses depend on this. i want you to go out and encourage you to check out a clam shack. bring some back. buy it up for the rest of the week. we have a beautiful day today.
5:45 am
into monday and tuesday and wednesday, that is our biggest issue. here is hermine. everyone is having a tough time pronouncing this. hermine has sustained winds of 60 miles an hour. moving to the east-northeast at 21. i have plotted out where it is going to go and put the timeline. when it works its way up along the coast, notice how it takes up steam to become a tropical storm. re-gains hurricane strength on tuesday. technically, and this is really getting into the deep meteorology, it will not be a hurricane because its structure is different. we saw this during sandy. what the hurricane center is said, we are going to continue to issue advisories but we may not call it what it is. at tuesday, 2:00 a.m., it could be back up to hurricane strength. it is sitting here for a couple
5:46 am
churned up a lot and that is going to be a big issue. we have these tropical storm warnings all the way up along the coast. as you get closer to us, because there is a chance it could reform into something stronger, we have tropical storm watches along the coastal areas of connecticut, and more of an offshore issue south of the island. as far as the impact is concerned, moderate impact here. 15-20 foot seas. but lesser seas off shore. night into monday. low-impact inland. what storm of a talking about? heavy rain is expected. because it may not get in here with full strength, our rainfall totals do not look that impressive. here is the way a looks. all way out to tuesday morning. this is what computer model. a lot of us may not get an inch of rain. the best opportunity is going to be over the cape. what about the wind? here is tomorrow morning at 7:00
5:47 am
in the 17-25 mile an hour day. as we get later in the day toward sunday evening, these are starting to ramp up, especially near coastal areas or near nantucket. monday, 8:00 a.m., gusty winds. not looking at a lot of rain right now. that will be holding its way down towards the south. right now in boston, 62 degrees and the dew point is way down. very comfortable. and beautiful start your have this thin overcast, a blowoff from these tropical storms, and this will be overcast. a mostly sunny day but it is not a real clear blue sky. as we head overnight, you should start to clear way to a tomorrow, as you look at the clock, there is not much going on. temperatures in the 60's. warming into the 70's and a hint of cloud cover. it is not until we get late tomorrow night that we start to introduce that chance for some rain and the wind start to ramp up. over the next seven days, today
5:48 am
that will give us problems monday and tuesday and perhaps even wednesday the fourth clears out. you will notice because it is a tropical system that the moisture is going to be getting up and it will start to get muggier. with temperatures back into the 80's. much more like summer at the end of the week. doug: thank you. it's 5:48 on this saturday morning. happening now, president obama has touchdown in china. antote final trip to the g20 summit in his final tour through asia. he will put emphasis on climate change. he and the chinese president are expected to announce participation in the paris agreement to cut emissions. doug: a sex offender under arrest for taking upskirting photos. he was taking photos up their skirts on the escalator. the victim able to take pictures
5:49 am
officers. police say several tips helped catchh im. a driver losing control. crashing right into a river in ellsworth, maine. it is like dukes of hazard or something. the driver seen speeding out of control before the plunge. he managed to walk away with minor injuries. police say he suffered a medical emergency but was ok. antoinette: good thing. the federal drug enforcement agency takg it's not an official opiate but it acts like one. drug officials concerns that it is being used as a replacement for drugs like heroin. this has been linked to 15 deaths in the united states. doug: the red sox on the road for the next nine games. they kicked off their series against oakland last night with david price on the mountain. there is one word for this 1 -- you can hyphenate it.
5:50 am
scored six runs in the sixth inning. then there's travis shaw with this three run bomb. boston's up 12-2. boston wins this one 16-2. yikes. rick porcello gets the ball tonight. in this morning's five for good, a kindness movement that started on cape cod has now gone global. antoinette: explains the origin of the kindn ess rock project. erica: a garden has grown. rocsks left here and all over. >> i went to whole fools and it said kind foul - i went to whole foods. emily: message is seen as signs. >> it coincided with my father
5:51 am
mom. >> i found a rock at a low point it was there for me. erica: it was last year when official started seeing the rocks. >> on the picnic tables. and we had a discussion, let's leave them. erica: this is where the project began. no one had a clue who started it. then a couple months back, eal, what did she do? she said, i'm the woman. >> i walk this beach every day. one day i wrote a couple of message and a friends of mine picked up one of my rocks. what are the chances? erica: she felt she was meant to keep painting and dropping. never anticipating the response.
5:52 am
one little rock i wanted to pay it forward. erica: the kindness has been carried across massachusetts, the nation and beyond. >> i keep rocks in my car. >> we are in seven countries. it is not necessarily the rock. it is the energy behind the intention of leaving a message and connecting. start a website it is planning to write a book with the kind stories she has been sent from around the world. antoinette: that's what the world needs, more kindness. doug: you hope that those rocks are far enough up the beach with the impending storm. cross your fingerso on sandy
5:53 am
tropical storm delayed or celebration. doug: the photo sheet on the -- the photo shoot on the beach. hopefully it is not reflective of the relationship. you never know. things do get bumpy. what do i know? here is a look at the storm working his way up the east coast. mike wankum tr kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting
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... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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mike: we are watching hermine. they could move offshore and as it does so, it will get stronger. right now at tropical storm terry probably will maintain that to the first part of the week as a tropical storm. it's been for a little bit. today is a beautiful day. today is not that bad. by tomorrow night, you will start to notice showers. it is monday, tuesday and perhaps wednesday that we will do with this system. ev behind some sunshine and tropical temperatures. as temperatures are back into the 80's with a bit of humidity. doug: lots of weddings this weekend and some people believe that rain on their wedding day is a sign of good luck. antoinette: how about a tropical storm to get things started? this was the case for this couple in north carolina. they are so happy. they posed for their photos just as a tropical storm was moving into the area.
5:57 am
as doug said, hopefully it is not a reflection of their marriage -- doug: storms come into our lives. antoinette: you also said, what do you know? trees already stressed out from the drought. doug: they could be damaged more easily from the tropical system. the steps you can take to minimize the danger. look at -- this is #nofilter. red skies in the morning. how about when the sky is on fire? does that mean a tropical storm is on the way. jennifer lawrence is on the way. all right. antoinette: ok, wonk. mike: we'll
5:58 am
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year.
5:59 am
four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life.
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end more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. mike i'm tracking tropical storm : hermine. where it's heading next and the timing of the potential impact in our area. antoinette: and concern on the cape. how the storm is dampening some holiday weekend plans. what that could mean for local businesses.


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