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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. mike: tracking tropical storm hermine. where it is headed next, and the impact on the area. antoinette: what hermine could mean for local businesses. doug: a tragedy in quinc >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news later. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: 8:00 on your saturday morning. we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm hermine. doug: right now, it's chugging up the coast. good morning, it's saturday september 3. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio.
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so far. mike: for the areas north and west, it's not a bad time. a thin overcast right now, it will dissipate at different times. the actual storm itself is about 540 miles away from boston. we are seeing the cloud shield working its way out. the rain is way down here. the reason is not moving northward fast is because we have a big high pressure are side, but the storm system itself is way down to the south at this point. we are watching for tropical storm watches, which have been issued along the outer areas of the water. not so much inland yet. we will reevaluate that later on this morning. maxim sustained wind and 60 mellon hour. just now moves into the atlantic. -- 60 miles an hour.
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rough surf along the south coastal basing areas, which is why we're keeping a close eye on the threat of rip current as we had through the weekend. more about this is the warming trend comes into the week. antoinette: mike, thank you. continuing to track tropical storm hermine. the storm churning up the coast right now, heading for new england, leaving behind a path of destruction. hermine came ashore in florida as a hurricane thursday night -- the first to hit that state in a decade, pounding the gulf coas hundreds of thousands left in the dark. communities are devastated, water up to six feet in places. across georgia and the carolinas the gusty winds came with hours , of drenching rains and heavy flooding. >> a lot of walls blown out and doxsee on. it was scary. at 3:30 a.m., it was scary. antoinette: further north along the jersey shore, the army corps
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as hermine headed to areas devastated by sandy. beaches along the eastern seaboard are closed with the threat of dangerous rip currents. doug: right now, people on the south shore and the cape are getting ready for the impact from hermine. one ferry to martha's vineyard has already canceled service. our diane cho has a look at the preps underway from falmouth. >> keeping our fingers crossed and hoping everyone will be saved. family. that time it may be cut short with hermine on the way. >> we were going to leave on tuesday. but we have to leave monday morning. we have to wait and see how it pans out. diane: the island queen faerie between falmouth and martha's vineyard has already get full on sunday and monday. >> with the potential for wind gusts and the potential for action of the wind, we would
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could help business. >> sometimes people want to come see the weather on the water. it can help business. diane: longtime residents say they are not to worry just yet. >> i lived here my whole life, we know how to prepare for them. if he comes this way, we will be prepared. diane: three other ferries are available. and with lifeguards going back to school, they will n b diane cho, newscenter 5. doug: you can track tropical storm hermine all weekend long on our wcvb app, or on antoinette: right now -- a deadly accident under investigation in quincy. police say a husband hit and killed his wife while backing out of their driveway. newscenter 5's mary saladna explains what happened. mary: police got the call around 2:30, a pedestrian truck.
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shock. he had accidentally run over her while he was backing up. >> the medical exam's office in das office. mary: neighbors noticed paramedics arriving. >> we saw something under a light like it. mary: police say t2- local hospital. >> very disconcerting. very sad. mary: at last check, no charges have been filed against the husband. antoinette: new hampshire police have now identified the victim of a suspicious death in dunbarton.
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road. the state medical examiner says she died of a single gunshot wound, but the manner of death is still unclear. neighbors say they never heard or noticed anything strange in the area. the attorney general's office has not said whether anyone has been arrested or whether they're looking for a suspect. the death is still considered suspicious. doug: former new england mob boss frank salemme and an associate, both now facing murder charges for the 1993 death of a boston nightclub owner. salemme and paul weadick are charged with murdering steven disarro who was a federal witness. the indictment alleges that disarro was killed to preven enforcement. his remains were discovered by federal investigators back in march. if convicted, both men could get the death penalty. antoinette: 5 investigates, learning the state attorney general's office has been contacted, as thousands of criminal cases go under review in norfolk county. we first reported this week an audit found the braintree police evidence room in disarray. sources telling 5 investigates, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, drugs, guns and other
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criminal cases from 2013 through may of this year are now under review. the d.a.'s office has already identified some cases that may be impacted, and they believe prosecution of hundreds more could be affected. the attorney general's office declined to comment. a major bust right near the public garden. boston police arrested two men after recovering this stash of guns and drugs on thursday. officers initially approached the pair as they sat on a bench near the swan boats, smoking pot. mohamed soltani and adnan tahlil got up and walked away, but they were followed and arrested after a confrontation with police. both men face gun and drug charges. doug: students at boston latin head back to school next week, under new leadership. the new interim headmaster , michael contompasis, is no stranger to the school. he had previously served as headmaster for 21 years, but left in 1998. he's coming back amid controversy. two top school leaders resigned
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school. contompasis said they've worked throughout the summer to make sure the environment this year is different. >> and want you to remember that i did this in one of the most to multiple as the history of the city. there are some things i have in my toolkit, but there are things that have to happen and i am willing incorporate coursework that is reflective of the diversity within the school. contompasis also says they'll include the entire community as the school moves forward. antoinette: the patriots are getting ready to kick off the season next sunday without yet another key player. defensive end rob ninkovich has been suspended for the first four games, after testing positive for a banned substance.
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had a banned ingredient he did not know about. he says that he made a mistake and he's devastated he won't be there for his teammates. ninkovich's suspension is without pay. doug: also, not there for the next 12 days, tom brady. quarterback tom brady officially begins his deflategate suspension today. the next time he will be able to suit up is october 9, when the pats take on the browns in cleveland. that patriots will open the season next sunday in arizona. antoinette: more than a m changes coming to soap. antoinette: the type of suds the fda wants off the shelves. an arrest made after a threat to students in newtown. the charges the connecticut man is facing now. doug: and a response to the silent protest by an nfl star. the boycott brewing by members of the san francisco police union. mike: and i'm tracking tropical storm hermine. the areas of most concern and when we could see some of the impact. antoinette: and trees under stress. how you can check your trees
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xit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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antoinette: dragging tropical storm hermine. live pictures from kill devil hills, north carolina.
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huge waves churning up. then all the people parking to watch all this happen right now. mike wankum tells me the eye of the storm is about to leave north carolina and go out into the ocean right now. you can see the huge impact. we have with the impact could mean for us later on. right now, trees already under stress with the dry weather may be at risk for coming down as the wind picks up. doug: right now to avoid trouble. mike: three tremors have been working overtime. >> this is a summer we've never seen. mike: his crews cover everywhere from the cape to worcester. this summer's drought has been agreeable stress on trees.
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women the forecast coming even a tree that looks like this may be susceptible. mike: all the branches coming together makes the three more prone to damage. >> there are so many weaknesses that eventually we see half a tree just fall apart. mike: look for splits or where branches are rubbing together. this crew is relieving the stress point. it's how we drove the tree -- grow the tree. amongst one another weather's competition. long ranging limbs are not the norm. mike: these catch more windham but additional stress on the tree. trimming them back can help, but do it safely. >> they can do some safely standing on their two feet to correct a weakened limb. if you have to leave your feet, you should: expert. mike: forget about watering your lawn, water the trees.
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you may have to have it removed. antoinette: i don't ever think about watering my tree. doug: the really is important, and we can use some rain. mike: if you are in the islands, you may get an inch or two of rain. inland, you'll be lucky get any rain. it's a cop on the storms and as you look out, here's a beautiful look from kill devil hills. you can see . this is north carolina is starting to move out back of the ocean. i would you look at the northern fringe of this rain showing up on radar. it's almost a direct straight line right here. there's no rain north of this, and what happened is high pressure gives us a definite cutoff.
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going on. we are watching the storm system to see what i could push off the coast and perhaps gain more strength. right now we have tropical storm warnings. basically offshore of southern new england. we do have this watch area that may be expanded over the land a little bit more to the north as we talk about later today. they are evaluating the situation right now. it takes a long time for the whole thing to lift up. starting about hurricanes gain strength over the water, because the water is very warm. jacob the water chapter. you can see the st temperatures in the 80's. when she get into this area, we are starting to talk about cool water. that would undercut the storm system. it could gain strength or lose strength on where goes. wave heights are very minimal. a dutifully at the beaches around here. these are building 20 to 30 feet just offshore. we're not would be seeing
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wednesday. you're seeing thin cloud cover, that will dissipate as we head to the day today. rough surf is a big concern, a rip current risk. with the holiday weekend. you have to head to the beach and be careful about that. otherwise, rain, wind, and the forecast track on this notice how we are talking about 2:00 a.m., a six mile hour wind. gettin w hurricane strength again by the time we are talking early tuesday morning. it depends on where it meanders and where it decides to go, before he can finally get kicked out later on as we head towards next week. when you look at the computer models, they are confused. this is what we call it a spaghetti plot. it looks like a plate of spaghetti. it's tracking where each
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going. that's why the confusion sets in right now. we need every drop of rain we can get. right now, this is showing us the heaviest rain. inland, you get much out of this. tomorrow nights at 7:00, gusty wind. nothing really terrible. actually let up a little bit as we head towards monday evening. running on what it does, it may ramped back up as we talk about tuesday in wednesday's forecast. so many thing jen psaki but i on in the tropics to keep update on what's going on. -- so many things you need to keep up on in the tropics to keep up with lots going on. hermine will bother us on monday, tuesday, even wednesday.
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sun comes back out in the temperature warms up. muggy conditions and temperatures into the 80's. you have to keep an eye on what's going on in the tropics right now and all weekend long. any shift this way or that way could have an effect on your forecast. doug: 8:19 right now. some of the stories we're following for you. antoinette: a connecticut man is facing several charges after he allegedly called in a threat to the new sandy hook elementary school. newtown police arrested 28-year-old pierre beauvil, and harassment. police say he called the main office a couple weeks ago and made a threat for the first day of classes. the new school replaced the building where 20 children and six teachers were shot to death in 2012. doug: the backlash growing amid a controversy surrounding san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the police union for officers who work during san francisco home games says its members may boycott if kaepernick is not
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during the national anthem, protesting racial injustice and police brutality. 8:19 right now. antibacterial soap will soon be pulled off the shelves for good. the fda has banned several chemical ingredients that are common in antibacterial soaps and washes. in its decision, the fda said that those products are no more effective than using plan soap and water, and may pose serious health risks. the decision does not apply to hand sanitizers or wipes. antoinette: new research finds millenials are moving back home the eyeopener's emily riemer takes a closer look at why and how to handle conflicts when parents and adult children are living together again. emily: after five years in the fast-paced new or magazine industry, 29-year-old ramon emerson made a momentous decision. she was heading across the country to move in with her parents. >> they were so excited when they said i was going to move home. >> it sounded like a great idea.
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she's taking premed classes before she heads to nursing school in the fall. at first, it was idyllic, but a few months in, she realized it's a very small house. >> i'm an only child, they are little zest with me. emily: what guidance would you give for parents? >> clarify from the start. let them know what you're ok with or not ok with. emily: is there a curfew? one of -- what about using the car? to come back and have people watching your every word -- every move, silently judging me, that's been the biggest challenge. emily: she says clarify expectations like chipping in on expensive -- expenses and chores. don't forget to act your age. >> you feel so much better if he tries much as you can tag like
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be happy about that as well. emily: do some soul-searching. >> if you don't think you like your kid, don't do it. >> i would do it again. maybe out again, but i'm glad i did. emily: emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: my parents are in town right now , it's nice to have some help. all the time would be fabulous. [laughter] doug: hope you are watching. antoinette: a big moment -- three years in the making. doug: a little girl badly burned in a fire -- using her birthday to thank the firefighters who saved her. also messages of hope and , kindness that mysteriously showed up on the cape. the global movement these rocks have sparked, and how it all began. antoinette: and we continue to track tropical storm hermine -- this is a live look at the radar
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mike: they look out over the ocean this morning. look at how quiet it is, will he for it to get turned up. we think it's going on the south coast. and we look at tomorrow night, monday perhaps in the tuesday and wednesday.
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clearing away later on tonight. this first tropical storm hermine, looking at 60 mile an hour wind. over the next 72 hours, it will slowly make its way northward as is it out here. it may gain strength and get stronger. perhaps even approaching hurricane strength again. it's not in a direct hit at us. it turns up the over the next several days, today is beautiful and tomorrow fading sunshine. monday, tuesday, wednesday. clearing out to the end of the week. a.j.: we will in -- antoinette: we will enjoy today. a very special reunion in upstate new york. doug: a little girl who survived a devastating fire got to thank the firefighters who saved her life. you may remember safyre terry as the girl who asked for christmas cards from around the world. she lost her father and three siblings in an fire three years
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safyre was badly burned and has been too sick for an official "thank you." but she wanted to spend her 9th birthday with her heroes. >> is empowering all of us to know the guys directly involved really made a difference. and we get to see her, we get to see her grow up. doug: safyre handed all the firefighters a small token with her name, along with the words "hope," "faith," and "love" on it. antoinette: shown through all of this is amazing. doug: i imagine a lump in the throat for those firefighters as well. antoinette: you might see those tears. doug: donald trump and hillary clinton are targeting the granite state. antoinette: the new poll just released -- the candidate that's holding the lead. also this morning surveying the , damage after hermine. this road in alligator point , florida is destroyed. the outlook for our area as the storm closes in. as we take a live look from
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. mike: a beautiful start to your holiday weekend. the changes i'm tracking and the impact hermine will have on and when. antoinette: a murder arrest in east boston -- the evidence police used to track down their suspect. doug: and the fbi releases dozens of emails from hillary
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what they reveal, on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: good morning. just after 8:30. doug: i saw your spaghetti models. it looks like a plate of pasta. it looks like you were in the north and having a good dinner. antoinette: it's weird how they are not going straight like you normally see. mike: this is the nature of the storm. where is it going to go? was it clears the carolina coast, it meanders. and where it wobbles will have a busy to pick -- impact on whether. monday and tuesday, it will get stronger. today, sunshine.
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happening. it's thin cloud cover that will at times within a way to blue skies and a time still back in. the main storm is 540 miles away. the northern fringes where we are getting that cloud cover happening right now. let's talk with the center of this thing. it's being held down here because we have high pressure in control. the squeeze play between these two may increase the wind. it's not directly related to the tropical storm. it's more of a breeze off the ocean like we typically expect. says we see tropical storm watches and over towards the rhode island coast, mainly offshore. warnings well offshore, that's where most of the action is going to be. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour. it's going to be working its way up into this area and sit out here a little bit in this position. it could be stronger, it can also we get a little bit. it will finally kick out of here late wednesday into thursday's forecast.
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area, it's the south coastal areas and we talk more about the impact as well as any chances for rain and wind, all in a few minutes. antoinette: mike, thank you. hermine leaving behind a path of destruction as it moves up the coast. communities devastated from heavy flooding and gusty winds. thousands in florida and the carolinas waking up in the dark this morning. doug: people now out to survey the damage left behind, as folks farther north brace for the impact. >> with wind gusts of 50 to 80 miles an , tropical storm hermine has been wreaking havoc through florida, georgia, and the carolinas. hundreds of thousands are without power. houses wrecked, entire towns underwater. debris is everywhere. in caravel, florida, boats were tossed like toys on land. >> and a lot of walls blown out and docs gone. it was scary.
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beach and hilton head whipped by lashing wind and kept out of the water. and now the storm heads north. >> do not even put your foot in the water. once the riptide grabs you, you cannot get out in many cases. >> beaches along the eastern seaboard closed and homes protected by sandbags as residents prepare for the worst case scenario. doug: you can track tropical storm hermine all weekend long on our wcvb app or on antoinette: 8:34. some of the other stories we're tracking right now. a deadly accident under investigation in quincy. police say a husband hit and killed his wife while backing out of their driveway on phillips street. the 52-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. her husband has not been charged. 5 investigates has learned the state attorney general's office
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under review in norfolk county. an audit found the braintree police evidence room in disarray. criminal cases from 2013 through may of this year are now under review. the d.a.'s office says prosecution for hundreds of cases could be effected. patriots defensive end rob ninkovich has been suspended for several games. he will sit out the first four games of the season after testing positive for a banned substance -- what he says is a supplement that he got over the counter. ninkovich says he's deat in the murder of a teenage girl found stabbed to death in east boston. police say surveillance cameras played a big role in tracking down a second suspect. newscenter 5's john atwater has the break in the case. john: prosecutors are using surveillance video from east boston street. on june 14, police show video that shows ramos leaving his apartment building, with the
8:36 am
victim passes the harbor pacific restaurant at the end of his block. across the street, video shows them both going into the liquor store. they leave a few minute later, at 834 -- 8:34, the last images captured a few doors down. police say cameras catch the suspects running from the murder scene 22 minutes later. she is never seen again. for nearly months, police have been building a case against the suspects. >> they solve crimes and stuff. they are worth it. john: along with video evidence, police say fingerprints in the garage where the victim's body was found match both the suspects. police arrested hernandez in july, charging him with murder. and now his friend is also behind bars.
8:37 am
least one of the suspects from high school, but this morning, the motive for the murder is still a mystery. in east boston, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: another uber driver under arrest and facing serious charges. michael vedrine of brockton, was charged with raping a passenger and indecent assault. the victim told police vedrine pulled over on ross road in boston on wednesday and began touching her. verdine tells a different story, saying the two had consensual sex. he's free on personal recognizance and due back in court next month. a natick man is facing charges after driving 111 miles per hour on the highway. state police clocked paul holding from the air and stopped him on 93 north in bow, new hampshire. holding is charged with reckless driving and failure to display plates. doug: caught on camera -- a baby left alone in a running car in new bedford. 20-year-old breanna mcgrath left her baby, and purse, in the car while she ran into the convenience store at gas express.
8:38 am
man who shot this video. he posted the confrontation on facebook. the video has since gone viral, but some are not so quick to judge. >> no, she didn't use poor judgment because she knew the attendance. she knows the gas station attendant. she knows nobody will steal her car from here. >> you could've picked up the car seat, the baby was sleeping, you could've brought the baby in the store. doug: and will charge mcgrath with reckless endangerment of a child. dcf is also investigating. a boston man charged in a violent attack on a disabled man in a wheelchair. the suspect, 23-year-old marques bell is charged with assault and battery. it happened last week at the goodwill on harrison avenue in roxbury. bell has been released on bail. antoinette: commitment 2016 -- the fbi has released dozens of documents from its investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. the documents include summaries
8:39 am
details about how the server in clinton's home was set up. the investigation found clinton never asked for permission to use a private server during her time at the state department. the fbi recommended no prosecution against clinton in july. donald trump heads to detroit today in an attempt to attract more african-american voters. he's planning a more intimate visit, with a trip to a church. yesterday, he met with groups of african-american supporters inpe with business, religious, and civic leaders. the group praised the republican nominee for coming to their area as part of his outreach. a new poll shows clinton holding her lead over trump in the battleground state of new hampshire. the wmur granite state poll puts her ahead by 9 percentage points for august. that's up from july's poll, in which clinton was ahead by just 2 percentage points. doug: newscenter 5 on the opioid crisis. some encouraging news out of new
8:40 am
city of manchester dropped to 48 last month. that is the lowest number this year and less than half the number reported last september. police credit the safe station programs, that allows addicts to get help at any fire station with no questions asked. >> you see these folks, they are desperate. they've reached a really important milestone in their life, where they want help, they are coming to get it. and we're givin having to use more narcan on the patients they do treat because more fentanyl is being mixed with heroin, making the drugs more powerful. 8:40 is the time right now. 5 investigates a controversial 4th of july celebration. antoinette: the high ranking state officials that received invites to the lavish a back bay party -- paid for, in part, with your money. mike: a beautiful start to your labor day weekend. when we could see the effects of tropical storm hermine. the impact on our area as the storm makes its way up the
8:41 am
will we see anything like this? doug: and you are looking at the
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mike: the see was angry that day. into little hills, the surf is all tossed up -- in kill devil hills, the surf is all tossed up. doug: meanwhile, check this video out. this is the radar coming up with the storm heading northbound as you can see. here's what we're talking about. a driver loses control and the 61-year-old driver is seen speeding out of control before the plunge. he managed to free himself, and walked away with only minor injuries. police say he suffered a medical emergency, but was okay an hour later. antoinette: 5 investigates. we now know some high ranking state officials received invites to a controversial back bay party this summer paid for -- in part -- with your money. 5 investigates' mike beaudet first told you about that party
8:45 am
for the pre-fourth of july performance at the hatch shell. just because someone is on the list doesn't mean they went to the party, but there are some big names there -- the environmental affairs secretary, the finance secretary, both the governor's chief secretary, and his deputy chief of staff, lots of state press officials, even former mdc commissioner dave balfour. the two officials who hosted the party are now on a week of unpaid suspension. they have paid back the state for expenses. >> now, your storm team five forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. mike: we just saw buildable hills. -- kill devil hills. doug: you are right through that neighborhood. mike: insurance wouldn't let us. you can see the eye moving out
8:46 am
where gains more strength. use the temperature of the bathtub to get these. keeping in mind, nothing really gets going to tomorrow night through tomorrow night even through wednesday. it's this area that we are looking on coastal areas, the impact that you look inland is much less. as you look and sell coastal areas from late sunday through monday, there are going to be strong wind and bands of heavy rain. any hi from the cade, the coast, were inland does not going to be like this study nice wall of water. you will get heavy rain and then nothing. it's a banding type going on. coastal flooding, was all of them in florida. it's not going to happen here. search from this is only about a foot and a half. we had nor'easter 73 or four feet easily. the biggest concern is going to be this rough surf. it's a holiday weekend a lot of you want to go to the beach. rip currents will be an issue. weaving its way out of the outer
8:47 am
is very warm up. it will lift its way northward. here's what gets him to sing. it sort of sit here and spins. as it does so, it may be warm enough down here and we just talk about increasing wind and maybe even getting back up to hurricane force strength. these bands really separate areas of pressure. it's also where you can plot your wind. the tighter the band's, the stronger the wind. once you get here, the wind is not that strong. just easterly breeze. once it sits down here for a while, it will start to i way offshore. we managed to see the wind ramp up because of the squeeze play between high-pressure low-pressure systems as we talk about sunday night into monday. monday night they may settle back down and then come up a bit as we head towards tuesday. it's really an up-and-down system we are talking about. tropical storm warnings up around the coast. if you look at the intensity, see how sunday afternoon, 65 mile an hour wind, perhaps this is what it will become close to hurricane force strength again.
8:48 am
south. depending on where it goes, we showed you earlier the water temperature. some places are cold, simply serve warm up. if he gets over goldwater, he will fall apart. warm water gives it more for an opportunity to build. when computer models put it all together, this is why we call it spaghetti plot. they are confused. we are not seeing one definitive line, instead, computer models are saying it may go this way and work its way back to the coast, it may meander through a little bit. inconsistency. we know it's down here and eventually wind up here. in between times, that rotation and wobble is going on. it will have an impact on the weather. how much rain we talking about? towards the cave violence, we can see some rain. you get away from the storms and he won't get much rain out of this thing. the wind tomorrow morning is still a little breezy. not terribly strong. tomorrow night, they get stronger. monday morning, wind gusts around 45, 50 miles an hour. inland, these when guests are
8:49 am
just a little bit and may rev up again as we head towards tuesday's forecast. here's the way ours looks over the next seven days. today, filtered sunshine, but it will have plenty of holes in it today as well. tomorrow, more clouds than sunshine, 74. tomorrow night, monday, tuesday, into wednesday, this is where we start to talk about hermine moving through. later that week, skies clear away and it will feel more like summer as we head towards thursday and friday doug: it's a good thing they are on the road for the next nine games. they kicked off their series against oakland last night, with david price on the mound and there's just one word for this one -- slugfest. it was all over when boston scored six runs in the sixth inning. take a look. being, then, boom. travis shaw with the 3-run homer, and boston is up, 12-2. and it didn't end there. boston wins this one, 16-2. rick porcello will get the ball tonight.
8:50 am
anonymously on cape cod and has now gone global. antoinette: our erika tarantal explains the origin of "the kindness rocks project." erika: on saturday night beach, a garden has grown. rocks carrying hope, happiness, inspiration, left here and really all over. >> i went to whole foods, and then another rock that said hugs. erika: as signs, spotted when needed most. >> it coincided with my father being variable. >> with the death of a good friends mom and. i found a rock one day, and was just there for me. erika: it was last year when officials at setting next it seeing the rocks. quacks on the pigot tables, we do discussion, and we said let's leave them.
8:51 am
this is where the kindness rocks project began. no one had a clue who started it. and a couple of months back, megan murphy fessed up. >> i just looked at it. she said i'm the woman with the kindness rocks. >> iwatch -- i walk this beach and contemplate life. i wrote a couple of messages for people and a friend of mine picked up one of my rocks and reached out to me. and i thought on this beach, what are the chances? -- she felt she was meant to keep painting and dropping. never anticipating the overwhelming response. >> a man so much to me, when little rock. i really want to pay it forward. erika: the kindness has been carried across massachusetts, the nation, and beyond. >> i have leaving them in my work. >> as of now, we are in seven countries.
8:52 am
has resonated. >> it's the energy of the intention, leaving message for the people and connecting. erika: she was compelled to start a website and is planning to write a book with all the kind stories she's been sent from around the world. for more, go to erika tarantella, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: it's about the power of kind words. antoinette: we are continuing to track tropical storm hermine all weekend long. doug: the storm on its way up the coast to new england right now. but take a look at what hermine left behind in tampa -- residents there dealing with some serious flooding. mike wankum with another look at the impact to our area just
8:53 am
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antoinette: 8:55. stories we are following right now. quincy police are investigating a deadly accident in the driveway of a home. police say a husband hit and killed his wife while backing out of their driveway on phillips street. the 52-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. her husband has not been charged. patriots defensive end rob ninkovich has been suspended for several games. he will sit out the first four games of the season after testing positive for a banned substance, what he says is a supplement that he got over the
8:56 am
ninkovich says he's devastated that he made the mistake. doug: a connecticut man is facing several charges after he allegedly called in a threat to the new sandy hook elementary school. newtown police arrested 28-year-old pierre beauvil, charging him with threatening and harassment. police say he called the main office a couple weeks ago and made a threat for the first day of classes. the new school replaced the building where 20 children and six teachers were shot to death in 2012. their wedding day is actually a sign of good luck. antoinette: well, how about a tropical storm to get things started? that was the case for this couple in north carolina. look at them, posing for their wedding photos yesterday just as tropical storm hermine was moving into the area. they said they didn't mind the rain and wind as the backdrop for the photos. they actually said the weather would give them some great memories. look at those waves all behind
8:57 am
people have plans this weekend. mike: it's a big interest as well for people at the cape area it's a big weekend for them. by next role. sunshine today giving way to clouds tomorrow. this gets going tomorrow night, monday, even tuesday and wednesday.
8:58 am
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." sue: oh, my goodness, there's a whole herd of them. jack: today, we're checking out 6 species that turn heads everywhere they go. why? look at this. this is the funniest thing, sue. look at them. because of the outstanding appendages growing from their heads. look at that nose. from unique snouts that demand respect-- boy, he's powerful, that little thing. he moves the jeep. to horns and antlers that are over the top. golly day, that thing is tall. and later, my blooper of the week. i'm not gonna do that anymore.


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