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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 -- mike: hermine is moving in. the timeline on when the storm gets here. and why you'll be feeling the impact for days. reid: the storm precautions being taken along the east coast, and here in massachusetts. and the local areas just declared off limits. jc: people in a quiet town told to stay inside their homes. the police search happening right now. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. reid: and right now tracking hermine, the storm slowly making its way north and we will be feeling the impact soon. there is a tropical storm watch for the cape and the islands. good evening. i'm reid lamberty. jc: and i'm jc monahan. stormteam five meteorologist mike wankum has been tracking the storm up the east coast and
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-- mike? mike: remember, this is what we call a poster tropical cycle. it's not a full-fledged tropical hurricane/tropical storm. it has a lot of properties of a nor'easter. it is moving this direction. now it is starting to lift northward and back towards the coast. as we head towards tuesday in the early morning hours, we are pushing it even closer to the coast and eventually start to move offshore. that is why this thing will be around and bothering us for the next couple of days. this is a new tropical storm warning. we talk about really coastal areas, although it's mostly the coast where we are really concerned about it as well as martha's vineyard and nantucket. this really will not get going until tonight. the winds will pick up, especially along the cape and the islands.
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this is not widespread rain. this is bands of rain moving through. most of it will be down toward the cape annie -- the cape and the islands. the rip current risk, i think, will be the biggest concern. winds around boston probably closer to that 40 mile an hour range. inland, you will probably miss a lot of the storm. we will talk more about the rainfall potential and the hour-by-hour breakdown in a few moments. jc: mike, thanks. ri ahead of hermine. new bedford closed all beaches just moments ago at 5:00. all along the cape people are bracing for the wind, rain and rough surf. newscenter five's juli mcdonald is live in chatham. it looks absolutely spectacular. juli: that's right, jc. there may be more jackets and sweatshirts then beach towels, but there is blue sky and sunshine, and any time we have those conditions on kit god, it
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really is a beautiful day. look at the video. a little breezy, the sand blowing around, but that breeze keeping things cool and comfortable. like i said, a beautiful day to be on bikes, people out for a run. we passed a wedding party on our way down to the beach today. an excellent day for taking wedding photos. we have been speaking to families here who the unofficial end of summer holiday weekend on the cape and they say there is nothing to complain about today. when they do return tomorrow and perhaps next week, there are other things they can do to enjoy themselves on cape cod. we still have plenty of smiles there. next at 5:30 p.m., we will hear from some of the family spending the day here and keeping a look at the conditions of through the afternoon and evening. live in chatham, i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5.
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from juli, across the sound, falmouth residents are also preparing for hermine. the storm will likely bring high winds, rip currents and minor beach erosion to the area. many people, as you can imagine deciding to staying put. ,>> they can say you have a storm and you do not have a storm. or they say you will not have a storm and you have a storm. i think it is a wait and see. reid: ferry services in falmouth partial service will resume on tuesday. jc: preparations also underway across the east coast as hermine makes its way up north. voluntary evacuations are in place in new york, and a state of emergency is now in effect in some new jersey counties. governor christie: i want to make this clear. this is certainly not sandy. i have seen some reporting comparing it somehow to sandy levels. this is not even close to what we are talking about there.
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florida, now preparing for even more rain from a different storm after hermine ripped , through the state friday. those rain warnings, prompting new evacuations. mike's full forecast is coming up. you can also track hermine anytime day or night on our wcvb mobile apps, or online at reid: following breaking news right now in berlin. police warning people to stay inside as they search for a suspect. it's in the area of river road west and south street. police want everyone to stay indoord considered armed and extremely dangerous. police are giving a vague description of the suspect as a white man wearing black shorts. they are asking anyone who notices anything suspicious to call 911. also breaking, a construction worker killed in a crane accident in boston. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live near the work site at dana farber.
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you can see, the crane that was involved in this accident. workers tried to dismantle the crane earlier. let's take a look at video. the accident -- that is what police are calling it -- happened at 1:00 this afternoon. a construction worker killed when something went wrong with the crane. we asked exactly what that was, police could not expand on that , saying only they believe he was on the ground at the time versus falling from the crane. the man transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead tonight we do not know that man's identity and details as to what went wrong remain unclear. we are working to get those details. we will bring them to you as soon as we have that. we're live in boston, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: right now, a dorchester man is accused of being drunk behind the wheel during a deadly hit and run. state police say 39-year-old anthony buchanan hit a woman who was crossing morton and canterbury streets in mattapan last night. the 46-year-old victim later died.
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he's facing several charges, including motor vehicle homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol. there are new clues in this 3-alarm fire in roslindale overnight. investigators say it started in a porch planter. but they're still looking into how it started. the flames broke-out just after midnight on walter street. no one was hurt, but 5 people have been forced out. damage is estimated at about $750,000. reid: a historic day at the vatican, where pope francis has declared mother teresa a saint. thousands packed into st. peter's square to witness the pope canonize the nobel peace prize winner. mother teresa was known for her selfless dedication to the poor and needy. today here at home, cardinal o'malley held a mass to honor mother teresa's sainthood at a church named for her in dorchester. cardinal o'malley encouraged catholics to emulate mother
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>> [indiscernible] congratulations -- [indiscernible] reid: mother teresa's last visit here was in 1995, just two years before her death. jc: closing in on isis. turkish news reports isis has lost all territory along the syrian-turkish border. according to several reports, turkish troops and syrian rebels regained control of the border, effectively sealing off isis from the outside world. this is the second military incursion by turkey into syria since august 24. syria is a get topic at the g-20 -- a big topic at the g-20 summit. president obama and secretary of state john kerry are hoping to reach a deal with russia over how to end fighting. negotiations are expected to continue tomorrow. the summit is the president's last official visit to china as president. reid: back here at home, the first day of college quickly approaching, and students are
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inspection services is conducting checks to ensure that all housing is up to code. they're also reaching out to new students to familiarize them with city services available. >> it is our hope that after being students are, they choose to stay here and be part of boston. we are here to help them. the more information we get, the more we can do corrective action for clean and safe housing for all of our students and all of our residents as well. reid: the city has partnered with universities and landlords to stagger startes alleviating the strain as tens of thousands of students move in. the move-in period now lasts for about three weeks, rather than 3 days. jc: all right we won't be seeing , tom brady in person at gillette stadium for a while. but you can't miss his face if you head to foxboro. josh brogadir is here to explain. josh? josh: -- josh: jc, the brady tribute is adorning the lighthouse at gillette stadium in the north end zone, brady's number 12 on
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to see in the month that he is not. as you know, brady just began serving his 4 game suspension at 4 p.m. yesterday for allegedly ordering pressure to be released from footballs and for allegedly lying about his involvement back in january 2015. his teammates, especially one of his closest friends, julian edelman, know this is going to be a major adjustment on and off the field. >> i'm not going to live. it's like one of your buddies going to j unfortunate, but it has happened and we've got to move on. we love him to death. josh: brady is eligible to return for his 17th nfl season on october 3, the day after the home game against the bills. so except for the poster, patriots fans won't see him at gillette until october 16 against the bengals. josh brogadir, wcvb sportscenter 5. jc: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, facing criticism from fans across the country. reid: it's all connected to his protest during the national anthem. now the new response from police.
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family who turned a hobby into a business. how they got started in tonight's made in mass. reid: we are on top of hermine as the storm moves into position to impact massachusetts. meteorologist mike wankum will have his forecast ahead. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc: tracking hermine right now.
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we will be feeling some impact overnight, there is a tropical storm watch for the cape and the islands. reid: new fallout in the nfl national anthem protest started by san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the police union that patrols the team's stadium is now threatening to boycott games. jc: abc's ron claiborne has more from both sides. ron: colin kaepernick was supposed to confront controversy this sunday. ron: but the 49ers quarterback couldn't make it to a church service in san francisco, where he was set to talk about why he refuses to stand for the national anthem. >> he will be working with the naacp. he will be working with other community based organizations. ron: the support from some in the room was obvious. the nfl star had planned to
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>> ? whose broad stripes and bright stars ? ron: but now new fallout the police union in santa clara where the 49ers play sent a blistering letter to team management. it says that quote the 49ers -- "the 49ers organization has taken no action to stop or prevent mr. kaepernick from continuing to make inaccurate, incorrect, and inflammatory statements." colin kaepernick: we have cups that are murdering people. we have cops in the sfpd that are blatantly racist. ron: the letter suggests some officers may not accept off duty work protecting the stadium. chief sellers: i don't support the boycott. my number one priority and responsibility as police chief is to provide security for the entire city. ron: despite the backlash kaepernick says he will keep up , his protest until he says real change comes. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. reid: all right he.
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you have posted tropical hermine, i post tropical cyclone -- is a beautiful thing. mike: and a lot of people, you are going to miss out on this storm. it's a shame. the rain is what we really need. jc: and that is what we are talking about with the drought, the weakness and branches. reid: usually -- mike: maybe it only takes a 40 mile an hour winds. we are calling this a tropical cyclone, a post tropical cyclone. it has meandered off the coast, lost its tropical or touristic's to become more of a nor'easter type storm. it's going to back off the coast. and by the way, a lot of you like to look at these computer
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really look like a spaghetti plot. it is how close it gets to the coast that will determine how much impact we have. the official forecast looks like this rid by tomorrow at 2:00, it inches northward. it's barely moving. as it sits out here it's going to wobble around here as well. by tuesday, were talking about a 65 mile an hour wind. thenbe right-hand turn. tuesday -- tuesday, remember, tuesday afternoon, 50 miles an hour and eventually passing south of the coast. thursday into friday, it moves up the north atlantic and we are all done with it. typically the storm comes off the coast. the high pressure is holding here. speaking of the issues them a we
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there is a whole -- a hole in here. the tropical storm offshore where it the wind is the strongest as well. it will be throwing a lot of wave action out of the review can see the waves -- 19, 20, 22 feet and a lot of locations. closer to us, boy, a pretty flat see out there. just offshore that area will continue to push northward. we will see the surf increased or the nighttime hours. offshore will see be really big waves, 20, 30-foot out there. it's only a one or two but surge. i'm not looking for a lot of coastal flooding. here is what is going to happen with those winds. tonight, 7:00, it's pretty
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looking at. tomorrow morning, this will be the first of our wind gusts. here we have wind gusts getting over 50 miles per hour. it looks like it will settle down a little bit and tomorrow night settle down as well. then we will ramp it back up on tuesday. then they will continue to diminish and move out of the area. as far as nantucket, here is what dangerous at 40 miles per hour. so remember, it will come at us into sections. one tomorrow morning and a second batch on tuesday, mostly the early part of the day and you will see v's gusts of 30 miles per hour at the cape and the islands. remember if you're traveling north of there, it will not be nearly as bad. here come the showers and most
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inches of rain there. here is the way it looks over the next seven days. windy and showers tomorrow. on monday, windy. monday we are trying to push this thing out of here. a few lingering showers and maybe a hint of sunshine late in the day. the could be a pop-up shower that comes in and i need to correct the day one. you get the idea. we have a chance of thunderstorms by tuesday or friday. jc: strange forecast, mike. reid: it is. we need that rain though. glad to see that rain. jc: not enough for most of us. reid: not at all.
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reid: tracking hermine and it is headed fully of the east coast. we have a tropical storm warning in for kickoff and the islands. a lot of people are battening down the hatches. we will have more on this with mike in a few minutes. jc: his background was in science, but his hobby was candy. and now a local man has in a sense combined the two. reid: that has formed a very successful and sweet venture. doug meehan shows us in tonight's made in mass. doug: there is something about
5:24 pm
pouring out of a copper pot that just makes you feel good. imagine making it everyday? >> i'm a life long candy junkie. doug jason mccrea is owner of : mccrea's candies of readville. the self proclaimed nerd biologist really loves understanding the chemical complexities of how something is made. tell me about this bubbly goodness right here. >> right, so this is the caramel. it's probably 15 minutes from being done. dog: -- decided to create his own confectionary concoction, he realized keeping it simple was best. >> no artificial preservatives, no weird coloring or anything like that. so straight forward ingredients. doug: the idea of becoming the candy man became a reality after jason started making caramels
5:25 pm
teachers. soon, word got out and he had a hard time keeping up with demand. >> it's kind of gradually grew and grew and grew. doug: with flavors like dark roasted mocha single malt scotch.,ginger fusion and rosemary truffle sea salt these aren't your grandmother's caramels. >> i hear a lot of times i don't like caramels and they are like this is different. , doug: now you can find mccrea's candies in over 400 stores throughout new england. >> mwi item, as well as a gift item. so it sort of crosses over two market segments. doug: what started out as a hobby has now turned into a made in mass success story for the mccrea's, they say it's the reaction from their customers couldn't be any sweeter. >> they are like, it looks great. how does it taste? and then they are really blown away. doug: they have a caramel with fresh internet squash and spices. hello.
5:26 pm
let's go invade his desk. reid: i would like to try that. scotch and caramel go very well together. jc: inspiring messages on rocks spreading kindness, from the cape, and now around the globe. reid: the project that started as a bit of a mystery in tonight's 5 for good. >> you can imagine making it into biotics in the system. jc: medicine on demand in tonight's cutting edge. how an mit research project ul mike: tropical storm warnings were the cape and islands. it l ? sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever.
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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5: 30. jc: tracking hermine, you can see the storm moving out over the atlantic right now. tropical storm warnings are up for parts of massachusetts right now. mike wankum has been following the storm carefully. reid: yes, a beautiful day. a lot of people would not think we have a problem. mike: a lot of people are doing day trips to the islands and now they are trying to get back -- and now is the problem. those are the issues. more travel than anything else. this really encompasses the cape and the islands. it's really right at the shoreline we are talking about. you will see most of our wave
5:30 pm
not get much rain out of this one. it has changed a little bit. it is not that really concentrated tropical storm or hurricane. instead, it has expanded out. as it moves toward land, it will get closer and closer to us. here is the position tomorrow at 2:00. i mean, this is really slow moving. it's only four or five miles an hour right now. the longer it it's of your, the longer it can -- the longer it sits out here, the longer he can turn up then it begins a right turn and has up to see emily will be be pre-much -- and heads out to sea and we will be pretty much done with it. i'm not concerned about the strong region -- the strong winds, but the trees are so damaged, they condemned out pretty easily. i tied at 11:00 tonight. it's really an astronomically low tide. here is the issue. the rough surf out here.
5:31 pm
going to be lasting so long, we will talk about beach erosion. coming up we will have more about the potential across the area. jc: mike, thanks. right now people along the cape and the islands are getting ready for the impact of hermine. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is life in chatham on a gorgeous evening. juli? jc: that's right, jc. it before the storm. people enjoying the beach and the outdoors before hermine arrives. perhaps the conditions are most ideal for the wind surfers who have been up on the water for most of the afternoon. others have gone home with a light jacket. the winds keeping things on the cooler side, really comfortable. we have seen people on their bikes come out for a run, really nothing to complain about on the
5:32 pm
unfortunately today was a rough day out there on the ocean so didn't want to take any chances. we figured we would drive around chatham. it wasn't a beach day but there's other things to do on cape cod. sightseeing is very popular. it's a great weekend to be on cape cod. jackuli: we heard from one famiy who ended their vacation early. they were camping go. they were mor conditions more closely than people in rented cottages. people arriving for their weeklong vacation trying to get their outdoor activities -- fishing, boating -- out of the way before things change a early in the week. we will keep you updated, here from chatham live, i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: you can track hermine anytime day or night on our wcvb app, or online at we have breaking news in berlin. people told to stay inside as police search for a suspect.
5:33 pm
out there to diane cho live at the scene. diane? diane: there are several officers from agencies in the area out here as we speak, searching for the suspect in the air and on the ground, using k-9 units, tracking down a possible suspect wanted for a bank robbery and west boylston last monday. these are photos of that suspect going in the bank and leaving on that motorcycle. police say a police officer spotted the motorcycle wanted in connection with that robbery and tried to pull the driver over. we are told the jays did not last long because the officer did not feel it was -- the chase did not last long because the officer did not feel it was safe. a found that motorcycle. they believe that he headed north into the woods. >> it is confirmed the
5:34 pm
questioning in the bank robbery in the town of west boylston. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. we cannot confirm he is armed. diane: police are actively searching for that suspect. they are asking anyone in the area to call police if you have seen anything unusual in your neighborhood. diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: right now, sturbridge police are still searching r was fighting with his girlfriend and tried to strangle her friday night when his son intervened. they believe young stabbed his son then ran off into the woods. his son is expected to be o.k.. reid: the future of boston police's body camera pilot program will be at the center of a court hearing this week. the patrolman's union filed a temporary injunction to stop the city from forcing officers to wear cameras. an agreement signed in july would have fitted 100 volunteer officers with body cameras for six months.
5:35 pm
charges after a bizarre break-in in oak bluffs. police say felix reagan stole a car on firehouse lane before breaking into another home on pinewood lane. police say he stole from that home and painted the family's dog. reagan is charged with motor vehicle theft, animal cruelty, drug possession, and assault for kicking an arresting officer. a theft investigation in plymouth. after someone stole lobster sculpture. ventas ripped the 150-pound sculpture from his base at nelson park. it was just unveiled as part of the chamber of commerce lobster crawl featuring hand painted , sculptures all over town. reid: still to come, messages of love and kindness that mysteriously showed up on the cape. jc: how it all began.
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. jc: tracking hermine right now. the storm slowly making it's way north over the atlantic. we will be feeling some impact overnight. there is a tropical storm watch for the cape and the islands. reid: in tonight's 5 for good a kindness movement that started
5:39 pm
jc: our erika tarantal explains the origin of the kindness rocks project and what it's all about. erika: on sandy neck beach in barnstable a garden has grown. rocks carrying hope, happiness, inspiration. left here, and really all over. >> i went to whole foods. it said kind soul on the boardwalk in sandwich. love, and then another rock th messages seen as signs spotted when needed most. >> it coincided with my father being very ill. >> 6 to 8 months ago with the death of a good friend's mom. >> i found a rock one day when i was at a really low point and it just, it just was there for me. erika: it was last year when officials at sandy neck started seeing the rocks. >> on the picnic tables and we had a discussion, the whole team, and we said, let's leave 'em. erika: turns out this is where,
5:40 pm
rocks project began. for the longest time no one had a clue who started it, then a couple months back megan murphy fessed up. >> i said, oh, no, she killed a seal. what did she do? i just looked at her. she said i'm the woman with the , kindness rocks. >> i basically walk this beach every day and contemplate life. one day i brought a sharpie with me and i wrote a couple of messages for people and a friend of mine picked up one of my rocks and reached out to me and i thought on this beach, what are the chances of that? erika: and so megan felt she was meant k never anticipating the overwhelming response. >> it's changed me completely. >> in an amazing way, i love it. >> if it meant so much to me, one little rock, then i really wanted to pay it forward. erika: so now the kindness has been carried across massachusetts, the nation and beyond. >> i've been leaving them at my work. i actually keep rocks in my car now. >> as of now, we're in 7 countries. erika: megan so grateful the good is resonating.
5:41 pm
message for other people and connecting. erika: megan murphy was compelled by responses to start a website, and is now planning to write a book with all the kind stories she's been sent from around the world. for more, go to erika tarantal, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: fantastic. it can make a whole difference. jc: we, of course, are tracking hermine, what it means for us. reid: also talking sports. josh coming up next and of course we're talking about the
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reid: taking a look at hermine now. over maryland the storm spinning , over the atlantic, we are expected to feel the impact soon. jc: when you color code, it was pre-menacing when you see bright red shooting a cause the atlantic, but mike, this is not going to be that bad? mike: yes, it's going to get breezy and you're going to get showers, but the main focus is going to be the cape and the islands. with this off the carolina coast, it was a very compact storm. when it moved out, it sorted to take up a lot of real estate. yesterday this cloud shield was over us. this is a post tropical cyclone. still the same thing. it has a lot of wind with it and
5:45 pm
coast tomorrow into tuesday morning and eventually make this right turn and head out to sea. it's going to be turning up the ocean. it will bring a band of rain in here as well as some wind. at this point it is more of a nor'easter as opposed to a tropical system. we do have a tropical storm warning issued. these were just issued a few moments ago. it does have the cape and the islands. and we are talking about right at the shoreline more than anythi e went. however, we have been so dry any breeze out there could knocked down a tree. one of the reasons that this storm system is still staying strong is the ocean waters are strong. look at that. mid 80's. this is vast of water. once the storm gets up here to the north and we start getting cold air filtering into it it starts falling apart.
5:46 pm
intensity over the next couple of days. your the waves. not very much. the south coastal areas along the south shore, three foot, a foot, here and there. down to the south, there is a big dome, 15 or 20 feet. this will start working northward. offshore we will see big wave action. there will be a big surge coming with it. sometimes with a three or four foot. this will be around for a while. by the way, the high tide is 11:00 tonight and new tomorrow. you see what happens. the winds are not bad. it will ramp up overnight. look for 3250 mile an hour
5:47 pm
gust around 35. this is just a breezy day we are talking about. this is where you start to get wind that could create some more damage. a beautiful day today. but the rain will hold off until tomorrow morning. eventually moving up towards boston, but probably not until noon at the earliest. and look at this. this rain will be coming in bands. at where those bands set up, that is where you get the rain out of the whole thing. the most significant rain is going to be between the cape and the islands. you get and lend, you might be lucky to get any rain out of this whole thing. -- you get inland, you might be lucky to get any rain out of this whole thing. that is the nature of the storms. wednesday, it is waning, moving
5:48 pm
surprisingly with a system like this to my usually humidity drops. humidity will stay high through saturday. and then we will see the humidity dropping back off with clearing skies. that is the latest forecast. i'm it meteorologist mike wankum. josh: a day after the patriots roster was pared down to 53, a few of those players talked about looking ahead to the regular season, specifically the upcoming game against the cardinals, and life without tom brady, for now. the opener against the cardinals is just a week away in arizona next sunday night. a challenge for every member of the 53-man roster in any situations against a stingy defense and a strong running game, but no one more in the spotlight that has to showcase his ability than quarterback jimmy garoppolo. we've been talking for weeks
5:49 pm
preseason game, his teammates know well what is at stake. >> what i can do is go out and try to do my job to the best of my ability, to put myself in the situation that, you know, wherever jimmy, whenever he calls your number, you are there. >> now we kick it up a notch. the sense of urgency goes up. the regular season. this counts. these games mean everything and we are going to be ready to prepare and get ready for this game. josh: the fold 10 man patriots squad has not been announced, but to give new players are coming to new england. in 2014, the first running back drafted and started nine games for the titans in his rookie year.
5:50 pm
he has nine career nfl catches. two games down, one to go for the red sox who pounded out 27 runs in just 2 games against poor oakland pitching the last two nights. one sox pitcher who has to have a turnaround game is eduardo rodriguez, who goes into the game with a 2-6 record and an era over 5. not much trouble for him in this one. a great day for him in fact. rn day all around, the starter in the semi matinee. grayson is in there, he has only allowed five hits over five innings. no score so far in the sixth inning. the rays looking for a sweep over the jays. the game is now tied. top of the eighth, russell
5:51 pm
two run homer to let the blue jays win it 5-3. they now have a half game lead over the red sox. much more on sports and her five ot -- sportscenter 5 o.t.. we will talk about the patriots. that's in sports. jc: josh, thank you. lifesaving drugs on demand in tonight's cutting edge.
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we are tracking hermine, tropical storm warnings for bristol in massachusetts. mike wankum will have his forecast to just ahead. reid: in the meantime, in our global society disease outbreaks can travel very quickly, raising the health risk for all of us. jc: in tonight's cutting edge, mike wankum looks inside an mit research lab where scientists are building a portable pharmacy that could prevent pandemics before they start, anywhere in the world. >> we call this the micro-bioreactor system. mike: and f graduate student, kevin lee also called it his research project. >> it's micro because it's small and it's bio because it grows cells. mike: today, lee's research could change the way medicine is manufactured, and delivered. >> yes, this is the first step to achieving a pharmacy and demand. mike: and that could be a critical development for world health where some patients are difficult to reach. >> the system -- being portable allows you to put it in places that you normally couldn't access. mike: disaster areas with no
5:55 pm
under third-world conditions. even war-torn countries that have lost access to airports and highways. >> in those situations, you would need something on site that could actually go through the whole process of making fresh drugs which could then be , delivered to the people. mike: the main component is the same size as a deck of cards. >> this really is a system to grow and cultivate cells. the cells themselves are what's responsbile for making the drugs. mike: a scientist in the field would need other equipment, including a computer. but this portable pharmacy could be configured to manufacture on-the-spot treatments for >> you can imagine making antibiotics with this system. mike: also hormones for healing wounds and burns. or insulin for diabetics. >> before, you would imagine that you would need a giant pharmaceutical company with large systems to be able to do that. but now we've shown that this actually has the potential to accomplish the same task. mike: lee says the system is still in development -- it needs
5:56 pm
jc: all right. reid: final check on the forecast and hermine? mike: a light system out there and is covering a lot of real estate. you can see what it is doing. it's moving to the east -northeast, but very, very, very slowly. and it's just going to meander out there. this is an impact all the way through wednesday. and a really goes toward the cape and the islands. look at the heat by the end of the week. we are talking about the 90's. those of you who missed summer, it's back. [laughter] jc: next as it's a glock, we are following breaking news -- residents -- next at 6:00, we
5:57 pm
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on newscenter 5 -- reid: right now at 6:00, tropical storm warnings have just been issued for parts of massachusetts. the impact for your area. and why we'll be feeling the effects for days. jc: new storm precautions are being taken. the areas just declared off limits here in massachusetts. and breaking tonight, people in a quiet town told to stay inside their homes. right now. announcer: from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. jc: coast guard helicopters up over georgia today surveying the damage from hermine. the storm is moving its way up the east coast toward us right now. good evening. i'm jc monahan. reid: i'm reid lamberty. a tropical storm warning is up in a few counties right now.
6:00 pm
tracking hermine. he has the timeline on what we should expect. >> we will continue to watch the system through wednesday. there are tropical storm warnings all along the coast. it's at the shoreline where i am most concerned to see any tropical system that could cause beach erosion. tomorrow at this trend until the early morning hours of tuesday. it eventually heads out to sea. just because we are not 100% sure of this track, movement could make a big difference. by wednesday and thursday, it heads off into the north atlantic. the wind will be picking up tonight, 30-50 mile per hour


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