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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  September 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tracking hermine. he has the timeline on what we should expect. >> we will continue to watch the system through wednesday. there are tropical storm warnings all along the coast. it's at the shoreline where i am most concerned to see any tropical system that could cause beach erosion. tomorrow at this trend until the early morning hours of tuesday. it eventually heads out to sea. just because we are not 100% sure of this track, movement could make a big difference. by wednesday and thursday, it heads off into the north atlantic. the wind will be picking up tonight, 30-50 mile per hour
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day, most of it at the islands, but some beneficial rain inland as well. coming up in a few moments, the rainfall and a breakdown, as well as when you can expect the wind. jc: thank you. the south coast will likely see the strongest winds from this storm. and right now some public beaches are closed. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live in new bedford with the precautions there. buzzards bay. if you look behind me here, the water is calm. but almost nobody is on the beach ahead of this storm. new bedford sent out a warning that beaches would close at 5:00 because of the risk of rip currents. this afternoon we see some white caps churning up on the water. that was at fort taber park. but all day local beaches quieter than normal on this holiday weekend. choppy water and high winds on
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also, there are no lifeguards on duty right now. so families are keeping their kids occupied on the shore. >> there is nobody here. there is a lot of people around here, but no lifeguards. >> it was a lot choppy or on the other side. the sand was blowing a bit too much, so we found a place that was nice and calm. >> that man trying to soak up a side of the water but winds are , picking up. back out here live, the wind is picking up a little bit. the risk of recurrence will be the biggest issue right now. that warning likely to stay in effect through the weekend. live in new bedford, shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb.
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summer weekend. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live in chatham. juli? >> when we pulled up to lighthouse beach this afternoon, this parking lot was completely full. there are still a lot of friends and family enjoying their evening here but the sweatshirts , are starting to come on. those who were hoping for a perfect beach day, they may have been disappointed, but still a gorgeous day on the cape today. on the cooler side. we have tons of people out on their bicycles, for a run, injuring blue sky and sunshine. vacationers had no complaints. family and friends said they tried to get the fishing and boating out of the way earlier, and are now paying closer attention to what the storm could mean. >> we don't know where it is
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care and be wise, it's your own fault, so stay alert, be aware of what is going on. >> most people we spoke with had hoped for a little less wind to round out their labor day weekend, but for some these breezy conditions are absolutely ideal. those who brought their kites to lighthouse beach today, and of course the wind surfers are taking full advantage of the increasing winds. no real complaints at this time today. happy people here enjoying in evening at the beach, but we do expect things to change. stay tuned for updates throughout the evening. reid: thank you. you can always get the latest information on hermine any time on our wcvb app. mike's extended forecast is still coming up but we'll be on , tonight at 10:00 on metv and 11:00 here on wcvb. jc: breaking news police in , berlin are telling people to
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this suspect. he's on the run after a robbery and chase. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in berlin with the latest on the search. >> officers are wrapping up their search right now. they say they have exhausted all of their leads at this point, but they have been out here a few hours searching for a possible suspect who is wanted for a bank robbery that took place. there are two dozen officers from several agencies urging by photos from that robbery. we are told it happen on monday. a marlboro police officers spotted a motorcycle wanted in connection with that robbery and try to pull the driver over, but the chase did not last long because the officer did not feel it was safe to continue. they eventually found a
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they believe the suspect took off north head and into the woods. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous, but they can't confirmed at this point if he was armed. th>> the suspect has been spotted several times in the past week. pursuits were called off because of speed and safety. >> they are asking anyone to call police if they see anything suspicious or unusual in your area. reid: a boston. the crane was on shattuck street in the longwood medical area. newscenter 5's nicole estapan is live at the scene with what we have learned tonight. >> investigators than much of the afternoon on the scene. the crane that was involved in this accident remains. crews spent the afternoon dismantling it. police are calling it an accident, a construction worker killed when something went
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asked exactly what that was. police would not expand on that, saying they believe he was on the ground at the time versus falling off of the crane. a man was transferred to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. the details surrounding what went wrong is what osha was here for investigating, but they left without comment. we have not learned the man's identity at this time. reid: some new information about roslindale. fire investigators say the fire on walter street started in a front porch planter, but it's not clear what actually ignited the fire. the fire chief estimates the damage at about $750,000. five people are out of their homes because of the fire. coming up on newscenter 5 at 6:00, mother teresa has become the newest saint in the catholic church. jc: how they marked the milestone at a church named in her honor in dorchester.
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battery in a local town. and the phone involved in this incident is part of a nation-wide recall. >> wind and rain in the forecast . i will show you what you can expect inland from the storm. announcer: the 10:00 news on metv boston, now on comcast
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>> monday morning on the eye, are you paying too much for gas?
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jc: live pictures from new bedford, the south coast bracing for hermine. police are warning residents that beaches are closed with high winds and rough surf expected from the storm. the storm is just off the maryland coast line and moving northward. meteorologist mike wankum will have a full forecast for hermine coming up. thousands gathered in st. peter's square today to witness
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reid: and here in massachusetts, cardinal o'malley held a special mass to commemorate her sainthood. ? reid: the mass took place in dorchester at a church named in mother teresa's honor. cardinal o'malley encouraged the congregation to emulate the saint's demonstration of compassion and mercy. >> so her will be able to do something beautiful for god. reid: the church has also organized clothing drive to celebrate her canonization. mississippi university for women is creating a nursing scholarship in honor of two murdered nuns. the award is named after sister margaret held and sister paula merrill.
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university, and worked as nurse practitioners in an under-served community. held and merrill were found killed in their home last month. jc: a cell phone exploding in winthrop just days after the model was recalled. paramedics suffered minor injuries. they were sleeping, and the phone was charging when it exploded. samsung recalled the model after customers reported friday batteries catching fire while charging. anyone who bought the phones will be able to trade them in. reid:
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introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. reid: as classes get started, students continue to pour into the boston area. the boston department of inspection services is conducting checks to ensure that all housing is up to code. they're also reaching out to new college students to make sure they familiarize themselves with city services available.
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stay here and become part of boston. we are here to help them. the more they call us, the more information we get, the more we can do for clean and safe housing for all of our students and residents as well. reid: the city has partnered with universities and landlords to stagger start-dates over a few weeks, alleviating the strain as tens of thousands of students move in. jc: for one incoming freshman at regis college, the choice of what to study was very personal. newscenter 5's nicole estapan introduces us n father's own health battles. ? >> among the hustle and bustle of move in day at regis college. you will find an eclectic mix of collegiate motivation. for some, the path that found them here is personal. >> he has been in and out of the hospital ever since i was born. >> frank is overcome with
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if he was going to be here to help his daughter natasha begin this new chapter. >> once you hear the word cancer , you think, that's it. >> something frank has been diagnosed five times with five separate cancers. now he is a five time survivor. >> he has through all of them it has inspired me to be like the people that have helped him. >> his daughter natasha now on her way to a nursing degree. by her side, the source of that inir and the profession. always been in love with all the nurses that have helped me. >> in some way the iacoviellos feel they will be paying forward the priceless gift of compassion . this co-ed hitting the books with some valuable life lessons already under her belt. >> never give up, always give going, never look back, always have a smile on your face. >> you have to keep moving.
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. reid: 25 years ago for me, long time. time. jc : does your memory still work? you still got that? they had great weather. that is always a plus. >> this time the storm's hom holding off until tomorrow. them. that's what's going to happen because of the system down the coast. look how big it has become. it is not that concentrated storm that it was. now it is spreading out. it will maintain its intensity and to gain strength and work its way towards the coast. this is early tuesday morning. it begins the right hand turn in
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uncertainty. that's why the watch has been upgraded to a tropical storm warning. it's going to take us monday, tuesday, and wednesday before this gets out of here. this by the way goes all the way through wednesday. the other thing with the storm is that it has a lot of warm water. it helps to build the storms. water temperatures to the south in the 80's. will take away some intensity. we have a lot of wave action. 15-20 feet. this wave will push its way closer to the coast. if you were at the beach, very little wave action offshore come but again, it will take a while. 10-15 foot seas seem likely.
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. i am not concerned about flooding. high tide at 11:00 tonight and new tomorrow. in nantucket, the wind ramps up. out of the northeast from this particular storm, and we have gusts as well. boston, 20-35. scattered showers inland. most of the action will be towards the cape in the islands. watch how the wind builds up over tonight. they will stay that way through lunchtime, then abate a little bit. we may ramp these winds back up again on tuesday as the system gets closer to us.
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cloud cover tonight, but the bands move in tomorrow morning. lunchtime tomorrow, the first move inland. they work their way across the area. the nature of this storm is not one big area of rain. it will be a band, then stop. in between, you might see breaks of sunshine. many areas. i wish it was, because we could use the rain. who will get the most rain? the cape in the islands. inland, the less impact from the system and the less rain. over the next three days, high impact because of hermine. watch out for the wind on tuesday down to the south.
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drop, but it will not in this case. it will be muggy and set us up for thunderstorms on friday. the humidity will not drop off until next weekend. keep up-to-date with what is going on as the storm system sets off the coast and meanders a little bit. that is the latest forecast for right now. announcer: now here is josh broca dear with a sportscenter 5 powered by infinity. >> the patriots can look ahead to the regular season, especially the cardinals, and life without tom brady for now. the opener is a week away. cardinals will be a challenge for every member of of the roster against a stingy defense and strong running game, but no one has to showcase his ability
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lay in the fourth preseason game, his team mates know what is at stake. >> what i can do is go out and do my job to the best of my ability. to put myself in the situation so that when jimmy calls her number, you are there. >> now we take it up a notch and a sense of urgency these games mean everything, and we will be ready to prepare and get ready for this game. >> a full patriots practice
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two games down, one to go for the red sox, who pounded out 27 runs in two games. one picture -- one goes in with a two-six record and e.r.a. over five. he is doing just fine. this one is a matinee. innings. looking for a sweep over the jays, top of 7, 3-1, when travis single home. russell martin, top of 8, 2 run homer to deep left, blue jays win 5-3. they have a half game lead. coming up tonight after the late
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suspension and who might win the super bowl. plus, how julian edelman feels about not having tom brady around, and the a little hockey. that would do it for sports. reid: thank you so much. coming up, the latest on breaking news on the search underway in berlin. residents are warned to stay inside. jc: here is tom llamas tonight, the deadly storm, the danger search, rip currents. plus, a major break in a cold case involving an 11-year-old boy.
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>> we're debating on whether hermine is one of the worst name to storms. jc: offshore. because of what it will be doing, we have a tropical storm warning for the cape in the islands. that is where we are seeing strong wind, 30-50 miles per hour. inland away from the storm, it is a breezy day for tomorrow. we could use some rain out of this, and it looks like we will get it.
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certainly could use any rate we can get out of it. the next three days are devoted to the storm. it will hang around that long. late on wednesday, we will clear things away.
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welcome to "world news tonight." hermine's new target -- the deadly storm bringing dangerous surge and rip currents. the path of destruction leaving many in the dark. ginger zee in the storm zone. major break. the 11-year-old boy, abducted on his bike. the case stumping investigators for nearly three decades. finally found. vegas manhunt. the murder suspect and his houdini-like escape. the intensive search tonight. risky rides. broken bones and scary moments this labor day weekend. >> i really thought i was gonna die. >> kids rushed to the hospital. the panic that may have led to one of the accidents. and, comeback kid. cancer blindsiding a college football star, but this running


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