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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning on this labor day. i'm emily riemer. >> and i'm randy price. we're tracking hermine as it heads our way from cape cod to the south coast. preparations are underway for whatever the storm will bring to new england. >> the south just starting to recover from the hand it was dealt from hermine. a look at the impact the system had o s and a look at where the system is now. on the radar, we see that it is on the move. and we begin with cindy, who is tracking all of this for us right now. cindy. >> good morning to you both on this labor day. winds are 70 miles an hour. it is not moving that quickly. it is drifting toward the north at just 3 miles per hour. but it is expected to shift farther to the north and west as the day wears on. we do have tropical storm
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coastline, the cape, the islands. we're getting gusts right now from plymouth out over the cape over 20 miles an hour, gusting over 30 miles an hour on nantucket. i can see a shield of clouds overmost of the area. the rain is offshore. notice the movement. it is backing up toward the north and west. as the day wears on, we are going to get some rain. the center is 300 miles away. with high pressure to the north, we are first going to see those winds increase. by lunchtime, we're talking about hour with 50-mile-per-hour gusts likely down on the islands, and these winds are going to be with us throughout the day. the winds are picking up. the clouds will be thickening. as we get into the afternoon, we will see some bands of showers come on in. i think we're mostly dry through lunchtime. it's during the afternoon through the evening that these bands of rain start to move in. >> thank you. let's head to the areas that will be impacted. the south coast, of course,
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hermine today. >> and we're live in westport in conditions right now. >> i can hear you. i can hear you. i can hear. yes, i'm right here. >> new bedford beaches were closed early sunday. we'll get back to doug. concerns about dangerous rip currents churned up by choppy trees weakened by the drought. they're even more susceptible to heavy wind coming down in those heavy winds. eversource crews have been out trimming trees for weeks now trying to keep them away from power lines. they're putting extra crews and support staff in place for the storm. they are urging all customers to be ready, including charging your cell phones now in case the power does go out. >> and some additional warnings as the storm approaches. hy-line cruises has canceled all monday trips to martha's
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islands. trips to and from the vineyard on the islands queen from falmouth also canceled. logan airport says check your schedules. travel could be impacted. people say everyone needs to be cautious. >> if you don't take care and be wise, it's your own fault. so stay alert. be >> for the most part, our crew in chatham last night said it was just windy there. and a bit of churned up surf as well on the beach. but it's going to change as the storm gets closer today. >> florida is assessing the impact of hermine. roads in the tampa area of still flooded. the storm was a category one hurricane when it hit florida on friday. on sunday, governor rick scott toured some of the hardest hit
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and you can track hermine's every move on our wcvb mobile news app. that includes an hour-by-hour forecast for where you live. and the storm could have people making their holiday return a little earlier now. and erika is here watching the roads for us this morning. >> yeah, good morning, emily. maybe not this early. things are looking good. if you want to look at the maps on the cape, things are moving along nicely on route 6 and across both bridges at this point. checking out route 3, the drive time from braintree to boston 11 minutes. coming out of new hampshire, again, just all green. everyone's moving along fine on route 3 and 93 as well. then moving in closer to the city from 128, again, from route 2, 93, route 1, all looking good. west of the city from sturbridge, once again, the pike is clear. so if you're awake, now's the time to travel. closer to the city, the time from 495 to 128, just 16
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>> firefighters have battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket, rhode island. that fire in a triple-decker on park avenue. we have no reports of any injuries at that location. also breaking overnight, state police are investigating a serious crash on 128, i-95 in waltham. at least one car rolled over in the northbound lanes at around midnight. one person was thrown vehicle. >> a search is underway for a bank robbery suspect. he robbed a bank in west boylston. when the officer tried to stop him, he kept going, abandoning the motorcycle at a gas station. police aren't sure if he has a weapon, so for now they're still considering that suspect armed and dangerous. right now a campus police officer is under arrest accused
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in framingham with what we've learned. john? >> we know officers accused of committing a lewd act. the school did not identify the officer, but framingham police, who were asked to assist in the investigation, identify him as walter dormevil. fsu was notified about the incident this saturday. as a result of the investigation, the officer was arrested, placed on administrative leave and banned from ca safety of our students, faculty and staff as paramount in our duty to the university community. and we will continue to hold our officers' conduct to the highest standards. now, that officer, he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow morning. john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> new this morning, the father of a framingham grandfather accidentally killed by police in his home have unsettled their
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officers were executing a search warrant. his family sued the town. that trial was supposed to start in november. they were seeking $10 million, but the details of the settlement are not being released this morning. >> 4:37. hillary clinton set to labor on the campaign trail today. >> the democrat is focusing her attention and campaigning in her behalf in the granite state. >> day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone. >> that message from donald trump, being called into question this morning. the key advisers saying trump's position on immigration may not be so black and white. >> a major milestone this family feared would never come. how a father's health battles are inspiring a daughter entering college. >> we are tracking hermine. a post-tropical storm. the winds 70 miles per hour. the timeline on when the rain moves in and out and what lies
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>> and we're tracking hermine this morning as it gets closer and closer to new england. cindy's got the full forecast coming up shortly. >> commitment 2016 the campaign trail. here's more on that and the new questions about donald trump's stance on immigration. >> we begin with democrats. hillary clinton and tim kaine campaigning together in the midwest. first stop for the democratic presidential candidate and her running mate, they plan to campaign at a labor day festival in cleveland. following that, clinton will hold a rally in illinois. bernie sanders will be
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former candidate will have his first solo event since he endorsed clinton in july. some are questioning trump's stance on immigration following comments from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> donald trump, as he expressed in one of his interviews, would find it very, very difficult to throw out a family that's been here for, you know, 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens. >> some, including politics professor, chris galdieri, says it sounds confusing. that may be the intended effect. >> there may be a strategic element, yes. i think by putting out multiple positions in the space of just a few days let alone over the course of the campaign, i think the idea is try to muddy the waters. >> galdieri says it is probably too late in the campaign for trump to reshape perception of his stance on immigration.
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a new report focusing on the push for a higher minimum wage in massachusetts. >> progress being reported this morning. many parents can attest. moving a child into a dorm room is a major emotional milestone. why this father is so thankful he was able to help his daughter and how his story is inspiring her career. >> and we're tracking hermine as it gets closer to new england. cindy has the timeline and the
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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>> we're back at 4:44. you're taking a look at satellite imagery of hermine, now a post-tropical storm, but
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>> most will be feeling the effects today. >> we've been talking about hermine for a while. we're going to continue to talk about hermine for a while. >> days. >> we've been waiting for days. now that it's getting closer, it's going to take as long to get out of our hair. oh, hermine, yeah, there you go. but so far the holiday weekend has been okay. >> great, yeah. >> we're starting to see the winds pick up. the center of the storm is close to 300 miles away from us. and at the center, we've got winds of around 70 miles per the north at 3 miles per hour. so over the course of the day, we will have some gusty winds for your labor day. gusts 25 to 50 miles per hour. the strongest winds are actually going to be along the south coast, the cape and the islands, and that's where the winds could gust to 50 miles per hour. periods of rain start this afternoon. and rough surf, rip current risk, that is with us for the next several days until hermine really gets out of our hair. there's hermine right now.
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actually going to make its closest approach as we get into the day on tuesday, and then it will start to take a turn to the right and shift out to sea as we get to wednesday and the end of the week. it will several days before this gets out of here. nonetheless, we are talking about tropical storm warnings up for the south coast and the cape where the winds are already gusting over 20, even 30 miles per hour on nantucket. and you can see the temperatures right now are running in the 50s and lower 60s out the door. so kind morning, and right along the coastline with that wind off the water, we hold in the upper 60's to 70s. already, the cloud shield drifting in. you can see that rain band just offshore of nantucket now. and this is going to continue to back in over the course of the day as we've got our storm that is going to start to lift to the north and west. that is going to carry some of the bands over the interior. what we've got to the north is
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it's creating more winds even farther away from the center of the storm. that's why the wind is going to be whipped on up. also wanted you to notice the temperatures to our south. they're running over 80 degrees. that is some fuel for this storm. if you're thinking, wow, this is pretty incredible, this is a 70-mile-per-hour storm just kind of sitting out in the waters, it is still strengthening because of those warmer water temperatures. and you can see just to our south, we're talking about wave heights up over 20 feet right now and closer on in, we're building those waves as we beaches are closed. we're talking about rough surf, rip currents. the waves are still building at this point. as we get toward later today and tonight, we're talking about 10- to 15-foot seas just offshore. at the time of high tide midday, after 11:00 a.m., there could be with a one- to two-foot surge. i think the biggest thing you'll notice, the winds.
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cape. 40-plus. then you get toward the islands, we're gusting over 50 miles per hour. our trees right now pretty vulnerable due to drought conditions over the summer. winds like this as we go into the evening hours and even into tomorrow, they're kicking up. may have localized damage with limbs and branches coming down. through midday, it is mainly dry. as we get into evening and tomorrow morning, we'll have rain. the rain is slow to get in here. there is potential for over an inch in the cape and islands. elsewhere, rainfall amounts will be under an inch. we'll keep hermine around tomorrow as well. tomorrow, a lot of kids heading back to school. boston is heading back. you can see in the morning hours, yeah, there will be some showers around. in fact, we're going to keep the rain around during the day on tuesday, and there's still going to be lingering showers on wednesday. that's why i say hermine's slow to get in here, slow to leave.
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in the week. upper 80's to 90 degrees. the unofficial end of summertime. >> i guess so. cindy, thanks. your economy this labor day. new data focusing on minimum wage hike in massachusetts. the report finds the lowest paid workers in the state saw hourly compensation go up more than 7%. and when you break that down into dollars and cents, it's a 66-cent increase. a 2014 state law called for raising the to $11 an hour by 2017. later this morning, the city of boston will host its annual labor day breakfast. among those expected to speak, attorney general maura healey, mayor marty walsh, and elizabeth warren and ed markey. that kicks off at 9:00 at the park plaza hotel. >> filling up the gas tank can drive down the bottom line, and it turns out there are some mistakes we all make that are not helping.
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75% of people told gasbuddy they chose a gas station just because it's convenient even though they could save, say, 70 cents a gallon. second, not filling up when you see a good price. 19% of people say that they wait until the gas light comes on, randy, and that can have you spending more. finally, we're not paying for cash. credit cards are convenient. but some stations still offer a discount if you pay the old-fashioned way with the green. you a 20-cent discount for doing that. >> whoa. >> i have started. i'm changing my ways. >> and it's convenient. >> yeah. that's the key. a father thankful to be alive to help his daughter move into her dorm room. >> a five-time cancer survivor. this morning his health battles have inspired her career path. natasha iacoviello is moving in to regis college this weekend. her parents were overcome with
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of the hospital since she was born. there was a time when he did not think that he would see this moment. his fight has inspired this incoming freshman to become a nurse. >> proud that she chose the -- the school that she's going to and the profession she's going to get herself into. always been in love with all the nurses that have helped me. >> frank gives us advice. you have to keep moving. there is nothing strong. now to the stories trending monday morning. >> college football. notre dame versus texas made for an exciting game last night. >> the extra point. it can be returned. are you kidding me? crawford, oh, my! >> not kidding. the face on that texas fan saying it all.
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by notre dame shaun crawford helping the fighting irish tie the game. texas would come out on top in double overtime, beating notre dame 50-47. >> "saturday night live" funny woman leslie jones returning to twitter. she was targeted by hackers who leaked nude photos. jones tweeted over the weekend, thanks to my fans and friends. i am so okay, really. and i will always be funny. i've been through a lot in my life, and a >> olympian aly raisman was on social media. she shared this photo with the caption, sorry, tom and giselle. hope you understand. that is aaron rodgers with his girlfriend, actress olivia munn. >> hermine edging closer to new england. >> the latest timeline for the storm and a look at the aftermath now that it has moved
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>> good morning. it's five minutes before 5:00 on this labor day. >> hermine is on the move and new england is preparing now. new bedford beaches closed early on sunday ahead of hermine. concerns about rip currents. the other big concern, trees weakened by the drought more susceptible to coming down in heavy winds. reports along the south coast and the cape ahead on the eyeopener at 5:00. the georgia coast guard is taking to the air to check damage. crews check the savannah river and the coast. weekend events were canceled.
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>> breaking overnight, firefighters have battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket, rhode island. that fire broke out at a triple decker on park avenue. no word on any injuries. >> new overnight, president obama met face to face with russian president vladimir putin. that meeting taking place in private on the sidelines for the g-20 summit in china. it comes as the u.s. and russia try to reach and agreement to end the violence in syria's long-running civil war. as of have ended without a deal. >> the occupational safety and health administration is investigating after a construction worker died in a crane accident in boston. police believe the man was on the -- at the ground at the shattuck street site on sunday when something went wrong with the crane. the man was brought to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. no word at this point on what caused that accident. >> police released the name of a woman killed by a hit-and-run driver in boston.
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state police say anthony buchanan was drunk saturday when he hit sims at the intersection of morton and canterbury streets in mattapan. he's accused of leaving the scene but later turned himself in. >> as colleges and university classes get started, students pour into the boston area. the boston department of inspectional services is conducting checks now to ensure that all housing is up to code. they're also reaching out to new students to familiaze them. the city has partnered with universities and landlords to stagger start dates over a few weeks, alleviating the strain as thousands of students move in. >> this has been a winter for red sox starter eduardo rods. he had a no-hitter into the eighth inning. marcus semien singled on a play ruled an out. scoreless at the bottom of the ninth until craig kimbrel gives
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field. the a's win it 1-0. sox take on the padres today. >> hermine is still on the mild side, but things will be changing. >> this is close to 300 miles away from us. never going to move onto the land. the biggest impacts will be in the ocean for mariners. once you get on the beaches, rough surf a huge issue. really, the greatest impact with this storm not just here locally but all the way down to the mid-atlantic as well. that being concerned with coastal flooding. that is a very low impact here the next couple of days. but strong winds and some heavy rain bands, those have medium impact as we are going to start this afternoon to finally get in on some of the rain bands pushing ashore. the strongest winds are going to be along the south coast, cape and islands where there could be gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. because of the drought, the trees might not be able to handle that as readily as typical. so there could be some isolated
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the farther north and west of boston, breezy the next couple of days. the greater boston area, the north shore could see gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour. the tropical storm warnings are up for the immediate south coast, the cape and the islands where the strongest wind gusts will be. you can see that storm still nearly 300 miles away. high pressure sits to the north as well. that is squeezing in the wind a little bit and allowing stronger winds to penetrate up the coast. we have the cloud cover but the rain s it's going to take until after lunch time really as we get into the afternoon and evening hours for these bands of rain to start moving on in. much of the day will be dry, boston north and west. southeastern massachusetts gets in on those rain bands later today, and then we'll see them spread inland during the night tonight. look at this on tuesday. rain is still hanging around. in fact, we may be dealing with some off and off showers with hermine right on into wednesday. you're thinking that's great! we need the rain.
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best chance of seeing more than an inch is southeastern massachusetts. once hermine gets out of here, heat is the story. we're breaking it down as the eyeopener continues. >> now a newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> hermine making its way to new england. how long the system stays with us. >> breaking news in rhode island, a huge six-alarm fire in woonsocket. the information just coming in from the scene. >> a campus police officer arrested. th the eye for this monday morning. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy, visit] >> we're in west port as hermine moves in on the holiday weekend. gusty winds, rip currents and beach erosion all expected for the southern cape and islands. >> beaches have been closed all up and down the east coast as a result of hermine and the stormy weather.


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