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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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best chance of seeing more than an inch is southeastern massachusetts. once hermine gets out of here, heat is the story. we're breaking it down as the eyeopener continues. >> now a newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> hermine making its way to new england. how long the system stays with us. >> breaking news in rhode island, a huge six-alarm fire in woonsocket. the information just coming in from the scene. >> a campus police officer arrested. th the eye for this monday morning. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy, visit] >> we're in west port as hermine moves in on the holiday weekend. gusty winds, rip currents and beach erosion all expected for the southern cape and islands. >> beaches have been closed all up and down the east coast as a result of hermine and the stormy weather.
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once it moves in. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer. cindy fitzgibbon tracking the storm right now. it looks like the morning just stays cloudy for the most part, right? >> yeah, but you're going to notice the winds kicking up early along the coastline and the next couple of days. the rain holds off until later this afternoon. your labor day plans, at least the next few hours, you're doing all right. the winds with hermine, 70 miles per hour, and this is just crawling toward the north a we've got tropical storm warnings up for the immediate south coast, the cape and the islands, and this is where the winds are going to be strongest. right now we're getting a few guests over 20. plymouth over 30. nantucket. the winds are only going to get stronger as the day wears on. starting to see clouds. notice the outer rain bands. these are pivoting back toward the north and west. and as we get deeper into the day. some of those rain bands are
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large storms. still nearly 300 miles an hour. the winds extend out more than 200 miles from the center. that's why we're already starting to see the winds pick up. as we go through labor day and into tomorrow, there will be the potential for wind gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour along the south coast, the cape and the islands. could see some gusts between 0 and 40 around greater boston with winds dropping off north and west of there. we've got increasing, thickening clouds through the late morning. we get into the afternoon, gusty winds, temperatures right around 70 degrees. but any shower activity, rain, holds off until the end of the day. you can see that here. rain bands begin to pivot on in as we get toward late afternoon and this evening, and they'll be be been -- be with us tonight. >> cindy, thank you. warnings as the storm approaches. hy-line crudeses has canceled all monday trips to martha's vineyard and between the islands. >> trips and from the vineyard
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falmouth also canceled. logan airport is advising passengers to check their flight status carefully, because travel all along the eastern seaboard could be impacted. the people we talked to last night say everyone needs to be cautious. >> if you don't take care and be wise, it's your own fault. so stay alert. be aware what's going on. >> well, for the most part last night, along cape cod, the southern co surf on the beach, but that is, of course, going to be changing as the storm gets closer. >> right now florida is assessing the impact of hermine. roads in the tampa area are still flooded. that storm was a category one hurricane when it hit florida on friday. now, on sunday, governor rick scott toured some of the hardest hit areas. mandatory evacuations are still in place for some neighborhoods. and in georgia, the coast guard is taking to the air to get a
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hermine had weakened to a tropical storm by the time it reached georgia. weekend events were canceled or moved indoors in savannah because of the storm. you can track hermine's every move on our wcvb mobile news app that includes an hour-by-hour forecast for where you live. >> the storm could be having people making their holiday return just a bit earlier. erika watching the roads this morning. >> randy, this would be a good time to do it. let's take a look at the maps olessa has lent to smooth sailing on route 6. both bridges look good. route 3, traffic is moving nicely. closer to the city from braintree to boston, that's an 11-minute ride. coming down from new hampshire, route 3, route 93, both looking good. closer to the city, route 2, 93, route 1, again, all looking good heading into the city from 128. out west in sturbridge along the pike and heading back toward the city, again, traffic moving along nicely.
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at this point. so if you still need to go, now's the time. randy? >> erika, thank you. breaking overnight, firefighters battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket, rhode island. that fire was in a triple decker on park avenue. we've had no report of any injuries at that location. also breaking overnight, massachusetts state police are investigating a serious crash on 128, i-95 in waltham. one car rolled over in the northbound lanes at around mi crash or how badly that person was injured. >> right now, a campus police officer is under arrest, accused in a disturbing crime, and the eyeopener's john atwater is live in framingham with what we learned. >> we know that officer is accused of committing a lewd act on the campus of framingham state university.
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fsu staff was notified on saturday and as a result of their investigation, that officer was arrested, placed on administrative leave and banned from the campus. now, the school released a statement saying that fsu regards the safety of our students, faculty and staff as paramount in our duty to the university community, and we will continue to hold our officers' conduct to the highest standards. that officer is due to be arraigned in court tomorrow. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a search is underway for a bank robbery suspect. they're looking for this man who robbed commerce bank in west boylston friday. when the officer tried to stop the man, he kept going, later abandoning the motorcycle at a gas station. >> the suspect has been spotted at least two or three times in the last week and pursuits were
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>> police aren't sure if he has a weapon, so for now they still consider the suspect armed and dangerous. people in the area are urged to call police if they notice anything suspicious. >> seven minutes after 5:00. hillary clinton spending this labor day on the presidential campaign trail. erika has more on that and the new questions about donald trump's stance on immigration. >> we begin with the democrats. hillary clinton and tim kaine campaigning together in the midwto democratic presidential candidate and her running mate is a labor day festival in cleveland. following that event, clinton will hold a rally in illinois. bernie sanders drumming up support for clinton in new hampshire. the former presidential candidate will hit the stage in lebanon for his first solo event since he endorsed clinton in july. meantime, some are questioning trump's stance on immigration following comments sunday from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani.
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recently, would find it very, very difficult to throw out a family that's been here for, you know, 16 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens. >> some, including st. anselm politics professor chris galdieri, say if it seems confusing, that might be the intended effect. >> there may be a strategic element to it, yes. i think by putting out multiple positions out there in the space of just a few days, let a i think the idea is try to muddy the waters. >> galdieri says it is probably too late, though, in the campaign for trump to reshape perception of his stance on immigration. randy? >> and new overnight -- president obama met face to face with russian president vladimir putin. that meeting taking place in private on the sidelines for the g-20 summit in china. it comes as the united states and russia try to reach and agreement to end the violence in
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ended without any deals. later this morning, the city of boston will be holding its annual labor day breakfast. among those expected to speak, attorney general maury healey. >> new this morning, the family of a framingham grandfather accidentally killed by police in his home has settled their wrongful death lawsuit. eurie stamps was killed by a swat police ofr officers executed a search warrant five years ago. his family sued the town. that trial was supposed to start in november. they were seeking $10 million, but the details of the settlement aren't clear this morning. a rude awakening days after samsung issues a recall. the scary moment a cell phone caused for a group of paramidics. and mother teresa's sainthood
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much for gas, the common mistakes that can cost you. erika? >> hermine is being blamed for two deaths in the southern part of the country. the storm is not expected to be as powerful here. but taking a live look in westport, you can see the water is riled up there. we're expecting rough winds and rip currents, yes, and rough surf expected in coastal areas. cindy, of course, we're tracking it all. you're seeing outer rain bands just south and east of nantucket. these are going to be backing in slowly. the rain, effects of the wind and how long this is sticking around is ahead. first, take a look at the temperatures as you're heading out the door this morning. early on this labor day, 50's and 60's. the full timeline is ahead.
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...antonio hides from me. but, when i do find antonio, i wash him with tide and downy. we only trust tide to get rid of the week-old stains and downy to protect him from damage.
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>> from gloucester, massachusetts, good morning, eyeopener. >> okay. we know you're there. the schooner ardelle sailing out of cape ann to help folks learn about the maritime heritage. >> captain hillary burnham actually built the ship himself
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the seas. >> about 300 miles away from nantucket right now. it's a large storm. we're already feeling the clouds. the wind started picking up yesterday. as it gets closer today, the effects will get greater around here. the winds are 70 miles per hour. so this has strengthened in the warm waters here off the mid-atlantic coastline, and it is moving northward now very slowly at 3 miles per hour. look at the forecast track. through tomorrow, it is getting closer to us. the winds begin to weaken pass during the day on tuesday, and then it will start to lift out wednesday and finally get out of our hair by the end of the week. this has been slow to get in here. unfortunately, it's going to be slow to leave. that means the next several days, we'll be dealing with impacts, particularly the south coast cape and islands. we have a tropical storm warning in effect. this is where we are going to see the strongest winds gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour. perhaps stronger than that on
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notice the farther north and west you go, the winds drop off. kind of breezy north and west of town. there could be gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour around the boston area. when does the rain get in? we start to see periods of rain get going this afternoon. so your morning hours are dry here on labor day. rough surf and rip current risk is with us the next several days until hermine gets out of here. we're seeing the seas six-foot seas. 12 feet in the outer cape. this is associated with hermine. and remember, she's going to be pushing north and westward, so that's going to bring those higher waves closer to our coastline, building to about 10 to 15 feet, and so we're watching the next high tide. it's close to noontime. at that time, along south coast, cape and the islands here, our south-facing beaches, there could be a surge of a foot or two, but this does not look like it's going to be producing much
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getting some winds, 20, 30 miles an hour. temperatures heading out are in the low 60s along the coast, but you head inland, upper 40s. we are going to see temperatures out this way climb up into the mid to upper 70s, but right along the coast, struggling to get to about 70 degrees this afternoon. you can see how the clouds are spreading in, thinner to the north and west, which is why it's cooler. there are the outermost rain bands coming on the outer edge of hermine. there you see the center center of it still close away. this is a slow approach moving into high pressure. do notice as we get toward lunchtime, we're gusting 30, 40, 50 miles per hour down by nantucket, and the winds stay with us this evening. they are with us until tomorrow as well. and slowly tomorrow they will start to back off. but wind is going to be an issue the next couple of days, and those rain bands start to come in this afternoon and this evening, and then they stay with us overnight. it's not going to be raining everywhere all the time, but periods of rain right on into
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wednesday as well. we desperately need rain. we're not going to get too much north and west of town. the potential is there for over an inch of rain. lingering effects of hermine right through wednesday. you can see the showers out the door tomorrow morning. a lot of kids going back to school tomorrow, and you can see there's going to be wet weather around. notice the showers that are with us throughout the afternoon, too, and into the evening hours. finally, by wednesday, we start to kick this thing out of here. wow, look at the heat coming on in. up around 90 fo emily? >> hot. all right, cindy, thank you. right now, a deadly accident involving a construction crane in boston is under investigation. police believe a worker was on the ground at the shattuck street site yesterday afternoon when something went wrong with the crane. the man was brought to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on what caused the accident. osha is investigating. >> mother teresa is now a saint this morning. >> her canonization celebrated
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[singing]. >> a special mass was held yesterday in dorchester at a church named in mother teresa's honor. the cardinal encouraged the congregation to emulate the saint's compassion. the church has organized a clothing drive to celebrate the canonization. mississippi university for women is creating a nursing scholarship in honor of two murdered nuns. margaret held and sister merril. both women graduated from the university and worked as nurse practitioners in an underserved community. held and meryl were found killed in their home last month. as classes get started, students pour into the boston area. the boston department of inspection services is conducting checks to make sure all housing is up to code. they're also reaching out to new students to familiarize them with city services available.
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universities and landlords to stagger start dates over a few weeks, alleviating the strain as thousands of students move in. >> well, this is quite the shocking event. a cell phone that exploded in winthrop just days after the model was recalled. paramedics with action ambulance were sleeping, and the phone was charging when it exploded. samsung recalled the galaxy note 7 on friday after customers reported batteries catching fire whil bought the phones will be able to trade them in. >> your economy this labor day. new data focusing on the minimum wage hike in massachusetts. the report finds the lowest paid workers in the state saw hourly compensation go up more than 7%. and when you break that down into dollars and cents, it's a 66 cent increase. a 2014 state law called for raising the minimum wage from $8 to $11 an hour by 2017.
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line. it turns out there are mistakes we all make that aren't helping. first, not shopping around. 75% of people told gasbuddy they chose a gas station because it's convenient even though they could save 70 cents a gallon. second, not filling up when you see a good price. 19% of people say they wait until the gas light comes on, and that can have you spending more. finally, we're not paying with cash. credit cards, they are convenient, but some stations still offer a discount if you pay the old-fashioned way. olympic gymnast aly raisman is apologizing to tom brady. >> the photo she hopes won't make the quarterback too jealous. >> colin kaepernick's protest standing. a father and daughter's struggle nearly robbing them and the purpose it created.
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it is expected to cause rip currents and beach erosion, rain and gusty winds will also move
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>> 5:23 on your labor day monday. here we are still tracking hermine, now a post-tropical storm, but the winds are 70
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slowly, but it's going to do that through tomorrow as well. so we're seeing the clouds increase. notice the rain offshore of nantucket there. going to take a while for that to pivot in. the deeper we get into the day, the chance for rain is going up. it will move first into southeastern massachusetts and boston later this afternoon into this evening. winds are picking up. gusts, 40, 50 miles per hour. lunchtime into the afternoon for you in the cape and the islands, lesser wind to the north and west. this storm is tomorrow. gusty winds, showers. hermine starts to move away on wednesday. the showers will end and eventually the winds kick out. temperatures in the upper 70's by midwinterlike. >> "saturday night live" funny woman leslie jones returned to twitter. she was targeted by hackers recently who leaked nude photos. jones tweeted over the weekend, thanks to my fans and friends. i'm so okay, really, and i will always be funny.
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life, and always get back up. well, this should have been a winner for red sox starter eduardo rodriguez. he actually had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning, and that's when oakland's marcus semien singled on a play that was originally ruled an out. still scoreless. in the bottom of the ninth until craig kimbrel gives up a hit. sox take on the padres today. >> erika has eyepoppers this morning. >> we're starting with football. this a furious effort in the end zone. a notre dame player gets hit on his way to a touchdown. he actually took that somersault unintentional. he's okay and it's good. there you go. incredible! up and over. >> he made the play.
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media to deliver message, sharing this photo with the caption sorry, tom and giselle. hope you understand. the guy next to her is packers quarterback aaron rodgers. feeling guilty. >> probably wanted the photo with her. >> now she can get the picture with tom and giselle. >> method to the madness. >> pitcher recovering afte we're keeping an eye on hermine this morning. choppy water and rip currents all expected today. rain is expected to move in a little later this afternoon. cindy tracking it all next on
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>> tracking off new england. >> the fear about trees that could cause more troubles on the coast. >> a police officer under arrest, the disturbing charges related to an incident on a college campus. >> and a college move-in like no other. the father overcoming all the odds just to reach this day on the eye. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy,
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day. we're live here in westport where it's still calm at this hour. hermine, though, making its way in after the holiday weekend, bringing wind and rough seas expected a little bit later this afternoon. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer. a riptide, big waves, will be churning off the coast later today. cindy is standing by with what else we should expect. >> winds withmi around 70 miles per hour. i want you to notice the motion to the north slowly. this is now lifting closer to us and will do that for another 24 hours. tropical storm warnings along the south coast, cape and islands. the winds are freshening up. stained winds between 15 and 25 miles an hour from plymouth out to the cape and nantucket with higher gusts. this is where the winds could gust as we get toward later today into tonight, between 40
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elsewhere around greater boston, winds could gust closer to 40 miles per hour with lighter winds off to the north and west. this storm is still nearly 300 miles away from us, running into high pressure to the north. so in between, that is going to help freshen up the wind as the day wears on. we're seeing some clouds right now, but the rain still pretty far offshore of nantucket. this will back in slowly throughout the day, so by lunchtime, southeastern massachusetts, you may get into some bands of rain. it's going to take until later thiser boston. much of the labor day itself will be dry, but the rain starts to come in late in the day. it's going to be with us the next couple of days as well. notice temperatures today sneaking up close to 70 at the coast, a little warmer inland. this storm again is going to be with us for a while. we'll have the timeline on when it moves out in a bit. the brunt will be felt along the coastline. meteorologist a.j. burnett standing by in chatham this morning. winds starting to pick up out there, a.j.?
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pick up. i mean, it is pretty much a normal kind of, you know, we've got a storm off in the distance in chatham where we are live. we have winds that are probably gusting up past about 20 miles per hour at this point. again, certainly nothing outrageous, but the storm is still inching closer, and we still are anticipating at least tropical storm force winds out here over the course of the next few hours. we can't show it to you right now, but hopefully we will be able to show it to you soon. the sky to the east is turning a brilliant red right now. red skies in morning, sailors take warning. that's the old saying. we're monitor things in chatham where the wind is picking up. also checking out radar from what cindy was showing and my own radar that i have here on the old smartphone showing that we have a nice little squall line of rain heading this way as well. we'll follow that for you and give you the very latest. in the meantime, we're live in chatham, a.j. burnett, canadian
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bit. the south coast expected to feel the impacts of hermine. >> doug meehan is live in westport. >> good morning. it's dark. no rain and the winds aren't too bad. it's hardly a beach day. and it has nothing to do with the winds. it has more to do with the temperatures. it's kind of chilly out here to think that there is a subtropical storm just a couple hundred miles off the coast. over new df early yesterday ahead of hermine. same deal with westport, where we are. concerns about dangerous rip currents churned by choppy water. the other big concern here are trees weakened by the drought can, even more susceptible to coming down in heavy winds. eversource crews have been trimming truce for weeks trying to keep them away from power lines. they've put extra crews and support staff in place for this storm. but they're all urging customers to be ready, including charging
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of course, we'll bring you updates on air and online and on our mobile app. we're live down here in westport this morning. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. you can track hermine's every move on our wcvb mobile news app. that includes an hour-by-hour forecast where you live. erica keeping an eye on the traffic for us. >> luckily, it's been quiet so far, emily. if you're up and trying to head out, maybe now is the time to do nice and quiet on route 6. both brings looking fine. route 3 smooth sailing. traffic moving along nicely north heading closer to the city. it's, again, 11 minutes from braintree to boston. up north heading down from new hampshire, route 3, route 93, south, both looking good. closer in here to 128, again, looking like smooth sailing. route 2, 93, route 1 all looking good. heading out west to sturbridge
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along fine as well. the drive time 16 minutes. emily? >> breaking overnight, firefighters battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket in rhode island in a triple decker on park avenue. no report of injuries. >> breaking overnight, massachusetts state police are investigating a serious crash on 128, i-95 in waltham. we know at least one car rolled over in the northbound lane at around and one person was thrown from that vehicle. it is not clear what caused the crash or how badly that person is injured. >> and right now, this framingham state university police officer is under arrest. wilter dormevil is accused of committing a lewd act on campus. he's on administrative leave and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. a man convicted of killing a woman by putting a pipe bomb on her front porch wants the state's highest court to grant him a new trial. steven caruso is serving a life
5:36 am
berfield in 2000 but claims he was not the one who planted the mailbomb. caruso was a regular at the medford restaurant where berfield worked as a waitress. she told police he stalked her after she turned him down for a date. another athlete protesting the national anthem. >> and the star joining him in that boycott. college move-in day with special significan the milestone. >> we are live in westport as hermine moves in, potentially ruining beach plans for the day. rough surf, wind, rain, all rough surf, wind, rain, all expected later this afternoon. four hundred million dollars.
5:37 am
four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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blank blanker . >> you are looking live in chatham where winds are gusting over 20 miles per hour. by the end of the day, winds could be gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour. obviously, that is kicking up we have some localized damage with trees in the area, courtesy of post-tropical storm hermine with winds at 70 miles per hour. this is going to continue to lift toward us today into tomorrow. and then it's going to slowly pull away on wednesday. that means the next three days are going to be dealing with winds, periods of rain, rough surf as well before we warm things up. we'll have the full-time forecast just ahead. >> thanks.
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to help his daughter move into her college dorm room. he is a five-time cancer survivor, and this morning his health battles have inspired her career. natasha iacoviello moving into regis college this weekend. her parents really overcome with emotion. her father frank has been in and out of the hospital since she was born. and there was a time when he didn't think he would see this moment. his fight has inspired this incoming freshman to become a nurse. >> proud that she chose the and the profession she's going to get herself into. always been in love with all the nurses that have helped me. >> and frank gives this advice. you have to keep moving. there is nothing else you can do. >> a warning out of berlin this morning. the suspect on the loose right now, and a nasty injury for an angels pitcher. a line drive catching him by surprise. we're tracking hermine this morning. the storm has caused damage and power outages from florida to
5:41 am
rough surf and rain. we're live here in chatham where we can see the sun about to come
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5:43 am
>> a.j. and doug are watching the impact of her mean. john atwater is in framingham. erika is following new fallout on the campaign trail. >> first cindy with the
5:44 am
>> that's all it is right now is breezy. we have been waiting for hermine all weekend to get in here. we've seen a little bit of wind, some clouds. no rain yet. it's going to be late in the day before we see that around boston. sooner on the south coast and the cape. the winds are ramping up. by late day and this evening, look at these wind gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. this wind is going to be with us through tonight and even into tuesday as well. around the boston area, wind gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour. the lighter the winds, all a function of hermine, and there are tropical storm warnings out. anticipate strongest winds along the south coast, cape and islands. the winds have a medium impact. rain bands, we'll get a few of those. coastal flooding is not a big concern with this. the tides are astronomically low. it is the rip current and rough surf that will have the greatest impact. seas building offshore here, the outer cape.
5:45 am
seas are really building. 15, 20 feet and higher, and these are lifting towards us. as we get toward this evening, the waves are going to be 10 to 15 feet just offshore. we have a high tide. next one right around lunchtime, after 11:00 a.m. maybe a one- to two-foot surge. that would be the extent of it. the center of the storm 300 miles away, slowly lift northward. the outer rain bands, you can see them e while before those move in. if you have plans on this labor day through lunchtime, you should be dry. in southeastern massachusetts, some showers get in here making their way into boston closer to this evening. then they set up shop tonight. periods of showers continuing on into tuesday as well. it may be wednesday before this gets out of our hair. the potential is there for some needed rain. it should be heaviest in southeastern massachusetts. we don't get rid of hermine until after wednesday.
5:46 am
storm. we'll condition to have more for you in just a few minutes. randy, emily, back over to you. >> the cape could see the biggest impact from hermine. >> and the eyeopener's a.j. burnett watching conditions in chatham. a.j.? >> yeah, the storm has been very slow to kind of ramp up here in chatham. we have had winds gusting up to about 25 miles per hour. and the surf has certainly kicked up quite a bit. we're having trouble showing it to you right now, because, obviously, the sun is not up but with those winds, just think about how slowly this has ramped up. it's probably going to be equally as slow to back off. so this storm may sit south of cape cod. not only wind and tree damage, but also the potential for a lot of coastal beach erosion. because the storm will be sticking around so long. we'll keep monitoring things in
5:47 am
a.j. burnett, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> westport on the south coast, no rain. seas are starting to build. we've been watching them build. the beaches are closed. also to the east of us over in new bedford, those beaches closed early yesterday. there is a major concern of dangerous rip currents along the coast, not to mention an increasing surf that we're seeing here. officials keeping the eye on the trees. the drought has made them more of a risk. could bring down eversource telling us extra crews are in place and they are on stand by and they're asking customers to prepare as well. you may want to keep those cell phones charged in the event that you do lose power. we're live in westport, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> doug, thank you. the storm impacted the storm already being felt to our south, the wind was whipping up bethany beach, delaware. new jersey and delaware could see serious storm surge during high tide today.
5:48 am
move on our wcvb mobile news app. that includes an hour-by-hour forecast for where you live. >> breaking overnight, firefighters battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket, rhode island. that fire was in a triple decker on park avenue. we have no reports of any injuries there. and also breaking overnight, state police are investigating a serious crash on 128 in waltham. we know at least one car rolled over in the northbound lanes around midnight and one person was thrown from the crash or how badly that person was injured. >> a campus police officer is under arrest this morning here at framingham state university. that officer was taken into custody over the weekend. framingham police say that wilter dormevil committed a lewd act on campus. right now he's on administrative leaving and is banned from campus. he is due in front of a judge tomorrow. live in framingham this morning,
5:49 am
for the democrats with hillary clinton and tim kaine in the midwest campaigning. meantime, any softening we've seen from donald trump on immigration is likely an effort to win back the mainstream, says a local politics professor. >> particularly college educated white voters who have traditionally been stalwart republican presidential voters and this way they're not leaning that way. >> he believes what some perceive as mixed messages on immigration are bernie sanders will be in new hampshire rallying support for hillary clinton. he'll be in lebanon. >> osha investigating after a construction worker died in a crane accident. police believe the man was on the ground at the shattuck street area. a man was brought to the area hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on what may have caused that crane accident. >> we now know the name of the woman killed by a hit-and-run driver in boston.
5:50 am
dorchester died at the scene. state police say anthony buchanan was drunk when he hit sims at the intersection of morton and canterbury streets in mattapan. he's accused of leaving the scene but later turned himself in. >> a search is underway for this bank robbery suspect in berlin, massachusetts. police say he robbed a commerce bank in west boylston on friday. police say that an officer recognized the suspect's motorcycle yesterday afternoon. when that officer tried to stop him, he kept going. he laterba motorcycle at a gas station. police aren't sure if he has a weapon, but for now they're still considering this suspect armed and dangerous. >> new overnight, president obama met face to face with russian president vladimir putin. that meeting taking place in private on the sidelines of the g-20 summit in china. it comes as the u.s. and russia try to reach an agreement to end the violence in syria's long-running civil war. as of now, the talks have ended
5:51 am
aggressive conservation efforts and recent years. the animal's status is changed to vulnerable. the wild panda population jumped to 1900 in 2014 as a result of poaching bans. >> this should have been a winner for eduardo rodriguez. he had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning when oakland's marcus ruled an out. scoreless until craig kimbrel gives up a hit fumbled by brock holt in left field. the a's win it 1-0. this may be tough to match. matt shoemaker taking a line drive to the head yesterday. that ball hit by the mariners kyle seager was going 100 miles an hour when it left the bat.
5:52 am
walk off the field and treated for a skull fracture. >> this move coming after colin kaepernick faced backlash for refusing to stand. his actions described as a response to racial injustice and minority oppression. he tweeted, it's the least i can do to keep the conversation going. >> the extra point blocked. it can be returned. are you kidding me? don crawford, oh, my! >> they were not kidding. college football, the face of the fan says it all. picked up by shaun crawford helping the fighting irish tie this game at 37 going into o.t.
5:53 am
50-47. >> tim tebow may get his shot at major league baseball. the braves are interested in the former quarterback. the two sides met after an open try-out last week in los angeles. five clubs indicated they were interested in tebow after the workout. >> interesting. cindy, the sky looks nice behind i for the sunrise. >> a little dramatic to get started on this labor day. we clearly have clouds giving us the colorful sunrise. sun up at about 6:13 thi morning. and the clouds are only going to stick in here with time this morning. so soak in any brightness while you can. 60 degrees in town. the camera is shaking. the winds are 9 but gusting higher. we're seeing gusts over 20, 30 in nantucket. the winds will be ramping up over the course of the day. we're in the lower 60s. the farther inland, it is cooler. upper 40s right now. the temperatures will recover
5:54 am
mid to upper 70s. right along the coast, notice how much cooler it isment upper 60s to near 70s thanks to the wind which will freshen up and come off the water. tropical storm warnings along the immediate south coast, cape and islands. this is for the winds that will be coming in tropical storm force as we get into the afternoon and evening. you see the cloud shield spreading inland. the outer bands of rain inching closer to nantucket now, and these are going to continue to kind of pivot toward the north and we're eventually going to get into some of this rain. the storm is 300 miles to the south and slowly lifting northward. notice the track through tonight. it's taking it to the north and west. winds right now are 70 miles an hour. it will eventually start to decrease a little bit, weaken as it continues to lift toward the north. but it makes its closest pass on tuesday and then slowly starting on wednesday, it begins to move away. so this is going to be with us
5:55 am
in today. could see some gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour here along the south coast, the cape and the islands. and these winds continue here right on into the day tomorrow. now, in terms of the rain, it takes all day to get on in here, but we are going to get bands of rain to come in by this evening. these will be here through the day tomorrow. showers don't taper off until wednesday. rain potential, under an inch in most spots. could see a little more. on the cape and islands, we'll look at periods of showers h finally wind down on wednesday. by the end of the week, hermine finally out of here. we're going to see the temperatures come up, and it turns humid, near 90 by the end of the week. randy? >> all right, cindy. erika watching what could be an early end to the labor day weekend. >> if we go south to cape cod, route 6 looking great. just slowing down a little bit as you get toward the bridges.
5:56 am
route 3, when does it ever look like that? usually it's really slow out of the cape. not this morning. up on 93, braintree to boston, 11 minutes. that time hasn't changed since 4:30 this morning. heading down from new hampshire, route 3, 93, both looking good. closer to the city, there you see a little bit more yellow. so slightly slowing down. route 2, 93, route 1 really doing okay. out west, if you're heading in from sturbridge, the pike looks good. closer to the city, again, from 495 to 128, 16 minutes. randy? >> all ri might be paying too much for gasoline. >> the mistakes that will cost you when you fill up. we're both guilty of some of these. we continue to track hermine. take a live look here from westport. you can see it looks pretty calm. doug is there as well. he is watching that. and we are also in chatham this morning.
5:57 am
a.j. burnett is there for us this morning, keeping an eye on conditions there. so a story to continue watching. >> a nice sky as we look across downtown boston. we're coming right back with new england's eyeopener on this
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> the impact on the coast and how long hermine stays with us. >> breaking news in rhode island, a six alarm fire breaks out in woonsocket, the information coming in from the scene. >> the campus police officer arrested, the executions getting him banned from framingham state, on the eye for this monday morning. >> winds, rip currents, all expected for the southern cape and the island. >> the beaches were closed up and down the east coast, and the stormy weather could be with for us a while, thank you for joining us on this labor day, i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer. cindy fitzgibbon tracking the storm. it seems like the wind, is that


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