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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> the impact on the coast and how long hermine stays with us. >> breaking news in rhode island, a six alarm fire breaks out in woonsocket, the information coming in from the scene. >> the campus police officer arrested, the executions getting him banned from framingham state, on the eye for this monday morning. >> winds, rip currents, all expected for the southern cape and the island. >> the beaches were closed up and down the east coast, and the stormy weather could be with for us a while, thank you for joining us on this labor day, i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer. cindy fitzgibbon tracking the storm. it seems like the wind, is that
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>> clouds and some wind. i would be prepared for some here, and certainly by the end of the day, but if you have plans on this labor day, you have got some time. the storm is still entered nearly 300 miles south of nantucket, but it is a large storm. the wind field is expansive. you can see the cloud shield moved in. rain, the outer edge up, south and east of nantucket now but that is backing in towards the island. look at the sky over boston, the cloud shielak see the cameras shaking there. we are starting to see the winds pick up, getting gusts in southeastern massachusetts at 20 to 30 miles per hour by the time that you get down to nantucket. as we go through the day the winds continue to ramp up, so the potential for wind gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. here, winds between 30 and 40 miles per hour closer into boston, so it's on the immediate south coast cape and islands
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deteriorate. thickening clouds and gusty winds this afternoon with rain coming in, by this evening at boston but notice the rain bands backing up by lunchtime for you on the cape and the islands, and then notice the rain beds pivot westward. as we get towards this evening the rain is sticking around into tonight. the storm gets closer to us today. makes the closest approach tomorrow, and finally slowly pulls away on wednesday, so this is sticking around for a while, and then it has us concerned along the coastline, want to take you to meteorologist a.j. is standing by. the winds just getting starting. good morning. >> yeah, it's pretty much the beginning of a long day, and we continue to wait for the brunt of this storm. as you look live towards the water, seas churning up, we're heading away from the high tide. we have got a low tide at mid morning. winds have kicked up to 20 to 25 miles per hour, mostly in gusts. i've been out here a couple times, and seen that, but for
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morning, not the worst start in the history of chatham, but we are still waiting for a squall of rain and wind that's positioned a couple of hundred miles off the coast to head this way. now, a couple of advisories to know about. logan airport saying look, you should call ahead with your airline because this is not just impacting logan and cape cod and providence but also up and down the eastern seaboard. hy-line cruises has canceled cruises vineyard. they canceled it from hyannis to nantucket, and nantucket to hyannis, spy-speed service, at 7:45 has been canceled. steam ship authority operating on a case-by-case basis but they have canceled a number of runs this morning, as well. we'll keep watching things here in chatham, all across the cape and the islands where we are expected to get the brunt of the effects from tropical storm or
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meteorologist a.j. burnett, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. right now florida is assessing the impact of hermine. roads in the tampa area are still flooded. that storm was a category one hurricane when it hit florida. on sunday, rick scott toured some of the hardest hit areas. mandatory evacuations are still in place for some neighborhoods there, and in georgia the coast guard is taking to the air to get a look at storm damage. crews checked the savannah river and the coast. tropical storm by the time it reached georgia, but weekend events were canceled or moved indoors in savannah because of the storms. you can track hermine's every move on our mobile news app. have that, and it includes an hour by hour forecast for where you live. >> four minutes after 6:00, and of course, the storm could have people making their holiday return a bit earlier today. erika watching the roads this morning. >> people are trying to get home but so it's been an ok trip.
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us. on cape cod it looks really good. route 6, no slowdowns to speak of. it looks ok crossing the bridge, and route 3 can be tough but all green. again, no problems. heading towards boston, slowing down a bit but the drive time really hasn't changed too much from braintree to boston, 11 minutes, and heading down from the north, it looks good, route 3, 93, both looking good closer to the city. route 2, 93, from 128 all looking ok, just a bit of yellow out on the pike, the ride looks great on the mass pike, getting closer to the city. 495 to 128, at this point, still 16 minutes, so the times really haven't changed throughout the morning. hopefully it will stay good. >> breaking overnight, firefighters battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket, rhode island. this fire was in a triple decker on park avenue. we have no reports of any injuries, and also breaking
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serious crash on 128 and waltham. one car rolled over at midnight. one person was thrown from that vehicle. it is not clear what caused the crash or how badly that person is injured. >> right now a campus police officer is under arrest accused in a disturbing crime, and john atwater is live in framingham with what we have learned. >> we know that officer is accused of committing a lewd act here on the campus of framingham state university. now the school is not identifying framingham police who were asked to assist in the investigation identified him as wilter. the command staff were notified on saturday, and as a result the officer was arrested and placed on administrative leave and banned from campus. the school released a statement saying that fsu regards the safety of the students and faculty and staff as paramount in our duty to the university and we will hold our officer's
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be arraigned tomorrow. live in framingham, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. right now a search is underway for a bank robbery suspect in berlin. police are looking for this man who they say robbed commerce bank on friday. police say an officer recognized the suspect's motorcycle yesterday afternoon, and when that officer tried to stop him he kept going later abandoning the motorcycle at a gas station. >> the suspect has been spotted the last week, and pursuits were started and were called off because of speeds and safety. >> police are not sure if he has a weapon but for now they are still considering the suspect armed and dangerous. people in the area are urged to call police if they notice anything suspicious. >> several minutes after 6:00, hillary clinton spending this labor day on the presidential campaign trail, and she is giving help from her former rival. erika is here with more on that,
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trump's stance on immigration. >> we start with hillary clinton and tim kaine campaigning together in the midwest. the first stop for the democratic presidential candidate and her running mate is a labor day festival in cleveland, following that event clinton will hold a rally in illinois. bernie sanders will be drumming up support for clinton in new hampshire. the former presidential candidate will hit the stage in lebanon for his first solo event since he endorsed clinton in july, and some are questioning trump's st from new york city mayor juliani. >> donald trump expressed he would find it difficult to throw out a family that's been here for, you know, for 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens. >> some including professor chris galdieri says if the difference in the tone seems con fusing, that might be the intended effect.
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strategic element to it. by putting out multiple positions out there on the space of just a few days, let alone over the course of the campaign, i think the idea is to muddy the waters. >> he is saying it is probably too much for trump to reshape perception of his stance on immigration. randy. >> president barack obama met face-to-face with vladimir putin. that meeting taking place in private on the sidelines for the g20 summit united states and russia try to reach an agreement to end the violence in syria's long running civil war, but as of now the talks have ended without any deals reported. later this morning the city of boston will be hosting the annual labor day breakfast. among those expected to speak the attorney general, the boston mayor and u.s. senator elizabeth warren and ed markey kicking off
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grandfather accidentally killed by police has settled their wrongful death lawsuit. uerie stamps was killed by a swat officer as officers executed a search warrant. his family sued the town. the trial was supposed to start in november. they were seeking $10 million but the details of the settlement are not clear this morning. a rude awakening days after samsung issues a recall, the scary moment a coliseumau celebrated in boston. the lesson catholic clergy hopes everyone will learn. and paying too much for gas, the mistakes that can really cost you. >> and right now, hermine being blamed for two deaths in the southern part of the country. the storm is not expected to be as powerful here, but looking live in chatham, winds are picking up, and gusty winds, rip currents, rough surf, all expected in coastal areas.
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>> we sure are, and you can see behind me here on the radar, rain bands getting closer to nantucket, and the cape gets in on these. when the rain arrives. first, if you are ready to step out the door, cool out through worcester county where it's in the 50s, and 61 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, right now in boston. narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success."
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>> from the crew from boston, massachusetts, good morning, eye opener. >> that's not easy to do, right. >> soon sailing out of the cape to learn about the heritage. >> the captain built the ship keep the wakeup calls coming. you can record it on our phone, it is easy, upload it to ulocal using our wcvb newscenter 5, and rough seas is just one thing you are watching today. >> this storm is sitting out in the ocean and will stay there so the worst of the weather is going to be out in the ocean, but right along the coastline, rip current risk, rough surf, and lots to watch with this system, you can see the cloudy skies over boston right now, and this is all courtesy of hermine
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we have tropical storm warnings in effect. this is where the winds are going to be strongest. right now we are seeing the gusts at 25 to 30 miles per hour by the time you get over to nantucket and the winds are just beginning. the center of the thing still about 300 miles to the south, but it is slowly moving northward now, and it's going to continue to get closer to us today. and lifting towards the north and west, and making the closest approach to us as we get into the day on tuesday, but winds are about 7 -- 70 miles per hour, and it has an potential is there for wind gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour later today and into this evening down along the south coast, the cape and the islands, winds could gust between 30 to 40 miles per hour around the boston area, and once you head north and west, just breezy and wind gusts between 15 and 25 miles per hour, so clearly, greatest impact here along the south coast, the cape and the islands. we're waiting for periods of rain to move in here. they start out this afternoon, so the first half of the labor day should be dry, but rough
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big issue, the seas are building off the shore of the outer cape, and up to 10 feet, and the farther south that you go, the wave heights around 20 feet, and as har median goes northward, could build the seas so 10 to 15-foot seas off-shore. we're going to be watching the next high tide before noontime. not expectation much in the way of coastal flooding. maybe some minor coastal flooding, with a one to two foot surf. 40s as you are hea o 56 worcester and 61 in boston. lower 60s on the cape. and going to stay near 70 at the coastline but mid and upper 70s up towards the merrimack valley for highs today. you can see the clouds are thinners out that way, the rain bands pivoting closer to you. it will take a while but they will do that. you can see the storm continues to lift towards the north and west, through tonight, and makes the closest approach to us tomorrow before then it starts to move away.
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until wednesday and thursday. so the winds are kicking up throughout the day. gusts at 40 to 50 miles per hour through this evening, and even into tomorrow, there is going to be wind around, the winds don't die down until wednesday. so in terms of the rain here it comes by mid-day. here for you on the cape. and into the afternoon and evening hours the rain bands come in and they are with us tonight and still with us into tomorrow, as well so once the showers get started they continue, but it's not a continuous rain. off and on bands of rain, potential is there for over an inch. lesser amounts farther inland. you can see the effects of hermine with us only slowly gradually easing through wednesday, and thereafter look at that, the heat and the humidity is building back in. it will be around 90 degrees here by friday. emily. >> ok thank you. right now a deadly accident involving a construction crane in boston is under investigation. police believe a worker was on the ground at the shattuck site when something went wrong with that crane. the man was brought to a hospital where he was pronounced
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accident. osha is investigating. >> mother theresa is now a saint. >> her canonization celebrated from the vatican to boston. >> a special mass was held yesterday in dorchester at a church named in mother theresa's honor. the cardinal encouraged the congregation tomorrow late late comp are also organizing a clothing drive to celebrate the canonization. the mississippi university for women is creating a nursing scholarship in honor of two murdered nuns. the award is named after sister margaret held and stoneham, massachusetts native sister paula merrill. both women graduated from the university and worked as nurse practitioners in an underserved community.
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that exploded in winthrop just cases after the model was recalled. paramedics with action ambulance were sleeping, and the phone was charging when it exploded. anyone who bought the phones will be able to trade them in. >> your economy this labor day, new data focusing on the minimum wage hike in massachusetts. the report finds the lowest paid workers in the state saw hourly compensation go up more than 7%. when you break that down into dollars and cents it is a 2014 state law called for raising the minimum wage from $8 to $11 an hour by 2017. >> and a lot of us on the road this weekend filling up the gas tank and really can drive down the bottom line. turns out there mistakes we all make that are not helping. first not shopping around. 75% of people told gas buddy they chose a gas station because it is convenient even though they could save up to 70 cents a gallon.
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19% of people say that they wait until the gas light comes on, and that can have you spending more. and finally we're not paying with cash. credit cards are con convenient but some stations still offer a discount if you pay the old fashioned way. >> aly raisman apologizing to tom brady. >> the photo she hopes won't make the quarterback too jealous, that's in eyepoppers this morning. kapernick, his story, and the struggle nearly robbing this family of the experience and the perfect is creative. and hermine is expected to cause rip currents and beach erosion, rain and gusty winds, as well, also moving in as the day goes on. these are live pictures from west port where you can see
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just the start. tracking the whole thing over
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>> 6:24 on usual labor day monday. we are tracking hermine with winds at 70 miles per hour. just starting to see the winds pick up. we are getting a few gusts on the south coast, the cape and the islands, up over 20 miles per hour. the cloud shield moved in. the rain bands nearby, going to be pushing on towards nantucket and the cape probably by mid-day, but it takes longer to get that rain up into boston, so as the day wears on, chances of rain going up and periods of rainas increase. gusts at 40 to 50 miles per hour down along the south coast and the cape and the islands where tropical storm islands says are up, and showers continue on tuesday. finally starting to wind down on wednesday as hermine gets out of here. emily. >> ok cindy, thank you. this should have been a winner for the red sox's starter eduardo rodriguez. he had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning, and that's when marcus semien singled on a play that was originally ruled an out.
6:25 am
up the hit, fumbled badly by brock holt in left field. take a look. yikes. the a's win it 1-0, and the sox take on the padres today. >> 6:25 on this labor day. and let's get in the eyepoppers now. and erika you have got the video. >> moving on from baseball to football, really an incredible play, this is some serious effort in the end zone. the notre dame player gets hit on his way to the tunnel, and you can see he does a so he is ok. it's good. >> yeah. >> so there you go. >> nothing is stopping him. and needham's own aly raisman taking social media to deliver a message. the olympic gold medalist sharing this photo on instgram, saying i hope you understand. and aaron rodgers, and his girlfriend on the other side, olivia mun. >> everybody wants to pose with aly. >> yeah.
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maybe that's the deal. >> right. >> all right. a pitcher is recovering after a nasty play, a hit that's hard to watch. and we're keeping tabs on hermine. choppy water and rip currents all expected today. rain is expected to move in later this afternoon, and cindy is tracking all of it for you coming up next. with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank.
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>> tracking hermine. the powerful storm swirling just off new england. >> the concerns for wind damage here on the cape. >> and the fears about trees that could cause more troubles on the coast. a police officer under arrest. the disturbing charges related to an incident on a college campus. >> and a college movein like no other. the father overcoming all of the odds just to the eye. >> 6:30 on this labor day. we are live on cape cod. this is chatham. hermine is moving in by the end of this holiday weekend, bringing winds and rough seas and maybe beach erosion. the rain is expected to move in a bit later this afternoon. good morning and thank you for joining us.
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waves, they will be churning today, and cindy is watching all of this. what can we expect? >> we're seeing the clouds right now in boston. the camera is shaking a bit. the strongest winds right now are on parts of the south coast, and the cape of the islands and nantucket, gusting at 30 miles per hour. but this storm is still far away, it is nearly 500 miles to the south, but the stronger winds extend out a good distance from the storm, and we are across the area. the winds are going to increase as the storm inches throughout the day, you can see the clouds. the rain is nearby, it will take longer for that rain to move in. but the winds pick up. and by this afternoon and this evening, the winds will be gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour down along the south coast, the cape and the islands with lesser wind as you work back to the north and west, but everybody is going to notice the winds pick up today. strongest winds where we have the tropical storm warnings, and you can see you will be the
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rain bands. by the time we get towards lunchtime and during the afternoon elsewhere the showers are going to pivot on in, and once they get going they will continue on into tonight, as well. so much of your labor day will be dry with the thickening clouds, coming up to 70 this afternoon, and the gusty winds making it feel cooler, and we'll get into rain in the boston area by there evening but right now we're watching a band of rain, just over 20 miles east, southeast of chatham, and that's where we find a.j. burnett, keeping an eye on things out there thisor rain holding off for now. good morning. >> yeah, exactly right. it has been dry here all morning. there has been a bit of wind that has been starting to pick up here within the past hour or so. just pulled out the hand-held anometer, we have wind gusts at 32 miles per hour. we have got, you know, we're sheltered a bit by that barrier
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a-right now, what's going to be interesting here over the next couple of days, and starting with this afternoon is with the repeated tides coming in, not running terribly high astronomically speaking. but still, we're going to go through a series of high tides where hermine is still sitting down to the south of new england, and so what that does is kind of open this area up, which you know is susceptible to the coastal beach erosion, and beach erosion, and we'll see the coastline changing here, a bit as hermine continuing churning to the south. as cindy mentioned there is a band of rain trying to pivot in from the east, still about a couple of hours away, although it is about 25 miles off the shore. it's not making a lot of progress in getting here. the wind again up to 30 miles per hour, and it will get liar from here gradually as we head through this mid-day and the
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>> thank you. moving along the coast to the south coast of massachusetts. expected to feel the impact of hermine today. >> doug meehan is live in west port with the conditions there right now. >> good morning. you can see it. you can see the storm just sitting off the shore. the sky much darker out there compared to here on the land, and the conditions are not too bad at all. but officials are taking precautions this morning. not only here at west port but bedford. the beaches were closed on sunday ahead of hermine. as i mentioned the same here in west port. concerns about dangerous rip currents churning up the choppy water. here's another concern. the trees that have been weakened by the drought are more susceptible to coming down and heavy winds. crews have been out trimming trees for weeks trying to keep them away from the powerline. they have put extra crews in place, but they are urging
6:34 am
the cell phones now in case the power goes out later, and of course, we'll bring you updates on air and online but here in west port, for now, not too bad at all. we're live in west port, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> and you can track hermine's every move on our news app. that includes an hour by hour forecast for where you live, and the weather may be could cause some folks to hit the roads earlier this weekend so erika, keeping an eye on the traffic for thinking but if you are heading out now you are looking pretty good. taking a look at cape cod. things have been moving fine, really, all morning long along route 6 off of the bridges, route 3 north looks good. smooth sailing. 93, you can see a bit slow but not really. it's moving. 11 minutes has been the time from braintree to boston since we got on the air at 4:30 this morning. coming down from new hampshire looking good from route 3 to 93 heading south.
6:35 am
route 2, and route 1, looking good, the only slowdown that you can see right around the city itself. out west the pike looks free and clear, and again from 495 to 128, 16 minutes. >> firefighters battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket, rhode island. the fire was in a triple decker on park avenue. we have no reports of any injuries there. >> also breaking, state police route 128 in waltham. one car rolled over there in the northbound lanes at midnight. one person was thrown from the vehicle. it is not clear what caused the crash or how badly that person is injured. >> this university police officer is under arrest. wilter dormevil is accused of committing a lewd act on campus. he's on administrative leave and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. a man convicted of killing a
6:36 am
her front porch wants the highest court to grant him a new trial. steven crewsa is serving a life sentence for the death of sandra berfield in 2000 but claims he was not the one who planted it. caruso was a regular at the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. she told police that he stalked her after he turned her down for a date. another athlete protesting the national anthem. >> the star joining him in a boycott and a college movein day with speci why one dad thought that he missed this milestone and how that scare is influencing his daughter's career path. >> and take a look here from west port this morning as hermine moves closer ruining beach plans today. rough surf.
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>> proud that she chose the school, and she is going into the profession that she is going to get herself into. always been in love with those who have helped me.
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have to keep moving. there it is nothing else that you can do. >> warning out of berlin this morning, the suspect on the loose right now and a nasty injury for an angels' pitcher. the line drive catching him by surprise. that's in news to go this morning. we are, tracking hermine on this labor day. the storm has caused damage and power outages from florida to virginia. here we're expecting winds and rough surf and rain, although not here just yet. live her we're live on cape cod this morning.
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>> the eyeopener team is ready to go. doug is watching the impact of hermine, john atwater is in framingham and erika is falling fallout on the campaign trail. >> and cindy watching >> still. >> right. >> right. >> it will be for a while? >> this is so slow to get in here, and even slower to leave, we'll be talking about this nearby through wednesday, so obviously, that entire time a-has been mentioning beach erosion is an issue, with the storm spinning. 70 miles per hour winds right now, and it is moving towards the north so it is getting closer to us. starting to see wind activity now. these are sustained winds, and notice they are up over 20 on nantucket but the winds are going to continue to ramp up
6:45 am
evening we could be talking about gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour here on the south coaster, the cape and the islands, and lesser wind the farther north and west you go but this is where we have the tropical storm warnings for that reason, so wind is one issue. we'll get into rain bands, as well, especially later today and tonight and those will continue off and on into tuesday, as well. coastal flooding not a big issue but the rough surf, the rip current risk, that is huge, the seas are building. we're getting nine, 10-foot seas. but to the south, look at the surge of wave action is lifting northward here as hermine comes north, so 10 to 15, and close to 20-foot seas off the shore. not out of the question here through later today and into tomorrow. and at the time of the high tide, just around mid-day, we could have minor splash, a one to two-foot surge. the center of the storm nearly 300 miles away, but already the clouds, and you can see those outer rain bands getting closer to nantucket now. we'll see some of those come in
6:46 am
during the afternoon, periods of rain sneak up closer to boston, once they get in here they are with us. and even into tomorrow morning we're waking up to the showers, and we are going to see periods of showers lingering throughout the day tomorrow, as well. so the potential for some needed rainfall i would say most of us are going to come in under an inch but down in the cape and the islands there could be a bit more than that one to two inches of rain, and that would be welcomed. gusty winds. showers start to e emily and randy. >>. >> the cape could see the biggest impact. >> a.j. burnett is watching conditions right now for us in chatham. >> you know, we keep saying that we're watching the storm. i feel like this is turning into a staring contest where we're staring at hermine, and it's looking back and saying who is going to go first? the storm is spinning down to the south and not making a lot of headway north or east or really anywhere.
6:47 am
here at the coast guard beach lighthouse. the lights. and it's blowing pretty good. we have had a wind gust to 30 miles per hour in the past 15 minutes, and those winds ramp up. let me take you for a tour over here. we're seeing the seas kick up. the beach is sheltered by that barrier island off the shore there, where there are a lot of seagulls, and we have seen some seals out that way, as well. as we continue moving off in the distance here you can see a couple of things. i do that, but you can see white caps out on the water out there and an ominous looking row of clouds. that is that squall of rain that is sitting about 25 miles per hour off the shore that we are continuing to watch. once that has a chance to pivot in we could be talking about the gusty winds with that squall as it moves into chatham and nantucket here in the next couple of hours. we're live in chatham, meteorologist a.j. burnett, wcvb newscenter 5. >> that staring contest
6:48 am
well. hermine just sits off my right hand shoulder, while the people are taking every precautions possible as they wait. to the east of us here in new bedford, closed the beaches early. there is a concern of a dangerous rip current along the coasts. not to mention increasing surf. officials also keeping an eye on the trees with this storm. the drought has made them more of a risk coming down, and in turn, could bring down the power lines. eversource saying that they have crews in place standby, and they are asking customers, as well, to be prepared. charge up the cell phones in the event that the power does go out. we're live in west port, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you, and a.j., the stronger impact of the storm already has been felt to the south of us, as the wind is whipping up bethany beach here in delaware last night, new jersey, and they could see some serious storm surges during the high tide.
6:49 am
that includes an hour-by-hour forecast for where you live. >> breaking overnight, firefighters battled a six-alarm fire in woonsocket, rhode island, that fire was in a triple decker on park avenue, and at this point, we have no reports of any injuries there. also breaking overnight, state police are investigating a serious crash on 128 in waltham. one car rolled over around midnight, and one person was thrown from the vehicle. crash or how badly that person was injured. >> a campus police officer under arrest at framingham state university this morning. that officer was taken into custody over the weekend. framingham police say that wilter dormevil committed a lewd act on campus. right now he's on administrative leave, and he is banned from campus. he is due in front of a judge tomorrow morning. live in framingham this morning,
6:50 am
any softening we have seen from donald trump on immigration is likely an effort to win back the mainstream says a local medication' professor. >> white voters who have been solid republican voters in presidential elections, and this year they are not leaning that way. >> he believes what some perceive as mixed messages on immigration from trump are hampshire rallying support for hillary clinton today. he will be in lebanon. >> osha is investigating after a construction worker dies when a crane accident in the city of boston. police believe the man was on the ground at the shattuck street site yesterday when something went wrong with the crane. the man was brought to an area hospital. he was pronounced dead there. no word at this point on what caused the crane accident. >> we now know the name of the woman killed by a hit and run
6:51 am
46-year-old johnette sims of dorchester died at the scene. state police say anthony buchanan was drunk on saturday when he hit sims at the intersection of morton and canterbury streets in mattapan. he's accused of leaving the scene but later turned himself in. >> a search is underway for this bank robbery suspect in berlin. police say that he robbed the commerce bank in west boylston on friday. an officer recognized the suspect's motorcycle yesterday afternoon when the officer tried to stop him, he just keptng motorcycle at a gas station. police are not sure if he has a weapon but for now they are still considering the suspect armed and dangerous. classes get started this week. students continue to pour into the boston area. the boston department of inspectional services is conducting checks to ensure that all housing is up to code. they are also reaching out to new students to familiarize them with the city services available to them. the city has partnered with the
6:52 am
stagger the start dates over a few weeks alleviating the strain as many thousands of students move in. >> new overnight president barack obama met face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin. that meeting taking place in private on the sidelines for the g-20 summit in china, and it comes as the u.s. and russia try to reach an agreement to end the violence in syria's long running civil war but as of now the talks have ended without a deal. >> the giant panda is off the endangered species list after aggressive conservation efforts, the animal's status has been changed to vulnerable. the panda population jumped to nearly 1900 in 2014. that to approach bans and expand forest reserves. >> this has been a win for eduardo rodriguez. he actually had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning, and that's when marcus semien singled on a play that was
6:53 am
the ninth until craig kimbrel gives up a hit which gets fumbled pretty badly by brock holt in left field. the a's win 1-0. the sox take on the padres today. this could be tough to watch. the angels' pitcher matt schumacher taking a line drive to the head. that ball was going 105 miles per hour when it left the bat. he went down but he was able to walk off the field with trainers, and he is now being treated >> u.s. soccer star megan rapinoe taking a knee here during the national anthem. this move comes after nfl quarterback colin kaepernick faced backlash for refusing to stand for the anthem. his actions are described as a response to racial injustice and minority oppression in the country. rapinoe tweeted it's the least that i can do. keep the conversation going.
6:54 am
are you kidding me! shaun crawford, oh, my! >> oh, my indeed. college football is back in the face on the texas fan says it all. that was picked up by shawn crawford, helping the irish tie this game at 37-37. so texas would come out on top in double overtime beating notre dame 50-47. >> tim tebow may get his major league baseball. the atlanta braves are interested in the former quarterback. the two sides met after an open turn-out last week in los angeles. five clubs are interested in tebow. >> we'll see there. and erika keeping an eye on the roads for us. anyone heading back early this weekend? >> maybe a few people but looking good so far. around the city it looks a bit, maybe a bit slower. let's take a look down the cape where a lot of people maybe trying to beat hermine, but
6:55 am
just a little slowdown when you are going over the bridges but just ever so slightly. route 3 still looking great, moving up north, and 11 minutes from braintree into boston. it has been that drive time all morning long heading south from new hampshire. route 3. route 93 also looks great, and closer to the city you can see a bit more yellow with route 2, a little slower. looking good. 93 and route 1 as well. from out west the pike still is looking like smooth sailing and again the drive time from 495 to 128 is 16 minutes so looking good. cindy. >> all right olessa -- i just called you olessa, erika, right. it does make sense, thank you, erika. on this labor day chances of rain going up as we get into the afternoon and evening hours but the winds are going to be increasing as well. notice as we get into this afternoon in boston these are some sustained winds up over 20 miles per hour. the gusts will be higher particularly down on the south coast and the cape. right now 61 degrees is the cloud cover. you can see the camera starting
6:56 am
per hour as you get down towards the cape and especially nantucket. this is where we have a tropical warning. temperatures this afternoon near 70 at the coastline. some mid and upper 70s farther inland. you can see the clouds advancing but the rain kind of slow to push in here as our tropical system hermine is nearly 300 miles away at this point. it is forecast to continue to lift northward through tomorrow, and then slowly take that turn out on wednesday and begin to it's a slow process. the winds will be ramping up. these are the gusts by noon gusting to 40 to 50 miles per hour down on the south coast and the cape. these winds are with us right into the day tomorrow. the wind comes in first, and then we get the rain on in here. that, too, is a slower process in southeastern massachusetts, and then late this afternoon and this evening up around boston but once the rain is in here it is with us. off and on showers tomorrow. the gustier winds and into
6:57 am
showers around. they will be ending. once hermine gets out of here look what's coming. the heat returns up around 90 by the end of the week. >> yeah. >> all right thanks. make sure you have your app with you. you can track the storm all day. >> and we'll see you again
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. hermine triggers states of emergency. and dangerous coastal flooding. as life threatening rip currents from carolinas to new england keep beaches closed this morning. have millions dodged a bullet. breaking right now, high stakes with russia's president vladimir putin, trying to strike a deal on syria to fight isis. the president speaking out from china just moments ago. and nascar superstar dale earnhardt jr. now announcing that he's stepping away from the race track. >> i definitely don't belong in a race car today. >> the crash that's put his career on hold, sidelining the two-time daytona 500 winner with another concussion. >> it's earnhardt!


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