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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 news at noon. erika: noon, hermine making its way closer to new england. the storm bringing gusty winds and rough seas. beaches up and down the coast have been closed. the other big concern -- trees weakened by the drought susceptible to coming down more easily. good afternoon, everyone. i'm erika tarantal with, of course, cindy here. it's getting a little closer? cindy: it is getting a little closer.
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miles per hour. still getting closer to us. we are seeing wind gusts up to the eight miles per hour on nantucket. this is still a powerful storm. but still pretty isolated across the cape in the islands. take a look. hermine sitting 200 miles offshore at the present time. we have seen rain bands filing end, but they have been confined to the cape and the islands. we have tropical warnings and for good reason. 40th in the vineyard, 41 miles per hour in nantucket. we will see these 40, 50, even higher miles per hour in the afternoon and evening. the farther west you go, notice how the winds back off because you are getting further away from the center of the storm. the biggest action out in the ocean.
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12-foot seas. as you go southward, 20 foot. the rip current risk continues. notice these bands pivoting offshore as they do. this one off southwest nantucket may try to hold together and ring decent rain to the cape. otherwise, the clouds are thinning out a bit. eventually we will see some of these rain bands shift on in, but it may take until late afternoon. the ricu continue for several days. we will let you know when hermine gets on out of here in just a bit. erika: ok, cindy. you heard it -- bands of showers beginning to move through on the cape. gusty winds, rip currents, and beach erosion are all expected for the southern cape and islands. meteorologist aj burnett is watching conditions right now in chatham for us. aj? aj: the winds have picked up the last hour or so, i would guess
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mostly gusts though. take a look at the water. plenty of whitecaps. there is a wind surfer taking advantage of the high rains. but no rain. not necessarily good news. it is not the largest storm the cape and islands have seen, but just enough to keep the many marinas and harbors in chatham quite busy. >> the other harbors could get quite bumpy, so they will come inside. aj: labor day, and more boats under the watchful eye of this man in chatham. >> i will probably take a spin around every couple of hours, making sure the lines are shaping through. it's pretty tame right now, but once the winds come up, some of the lines will begin to chafe through and i'll have to go through another one on.
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. that is going to need to be addressed. reporter: -- aj: that's your job? >> that's my job. aj: along the normally busy pr, most of the fishing boats are tucked away up the coast, writing things out. >> it looks like it will take the next 4, 5 days out of the >> 60 mile an hour gusts probably will not happen, but 30 or 40 is still a lot of wind. at aj: it is just enough wind -- as a matter of fact, they have posted no swimming signs. there are no lifeguards, and even if there were, i think this is a swim at euro risk sort of day. the problem, the storm sits down to the south for a couple days. while rain and wind are not the
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persistent wind. there's not a lot of rain from the system. that is not good news for the drought, but it is good news for the many spectators who come down here to check things out. meteorologist a.j. burnett, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: thank you so much. southcoast beaches closed ahead of hermine. officials there concerned about dangerous rip currents turned up by rough seas. newscenter 5's doug meeis doug, what do you see? dog: the one contest -- doug: the one constant, the wind. with hermine clouds as a backdrop and her winds kicking up the surf, the message was clear in westport -- labor day at the beach not an option.
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warnings, some still could not resist. >> the winds have not been getting too crazy. doug: meanwhile, a normally busy new bedford harbor a ghost town. the fishing fleet lashed beam to beam alongside the pier. ferries boats to nantucket and martha's vineyard sit at idle . >> we're going to take it day by day to see how it goes. doug: john silvia of seastreak saying they canceled operations caution. >> honestly the last time we had to cancel due to a storm was hurricane sandy. doug: holiday plans put on hold for vacationers on board this mini cruise ship. instead of a voyage to the islands, it was back on the bus for another night on shore. >> we're supposed to go to martha's vineyard tomorrow. >> what you think? >> of got my suspicions.
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doug: out here right now in westport, it is windy. folks have come out to see what is going on. some folks have decided to venture in. tested not to do it, i guess. no lifeguards on duty. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: thanks so much. you can track hermine's every move on our wcvb mobile news app. that includes an hour-by-hour forecast for where you live. new this noon, a bourne police officer is recovering after being involved in an overnight crash. police say the officer was through a stop sign. the crash near sagamore beach sent both cars spinning into nearby yards. the officer and the 23-year-old woman were brought to the hospital with minor injuries. both are expected to recover. police say alcohol or drugs do not appear to be a factor. the woman was cited for operating to endanger, speeding, and failure to stop. commitment 2016, the annual labor day breakfast kicked off the holiday in boston today. the breakfast attended by union
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officials focused on the race for the white house. newscenter 5's john atwater has the harsh words for one candidate. senator warren: let's face it. donald trump is getting nervous. donald trump is so afraid that he is going to lose to a girl that he is sweating right through his cheap quality trump "made in china" suit. swinging against donald trump, to applause from the audience of democratic union leaders and elected officials. the presidential election took center stage at the annual labor day breakfast at the park plaza downtown. protecting workers rights was a central theme as democrats here praised hillary clinton's focus on working class families. senator warren: donald trump looks down from the top of trump tower and he claims he sees the
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families. what, does he use a telescope? mayor walsh: he is not running a campaign. he's running a circus. it may have been entertaining during the primary and we might have had a lot of laughs with wings he has said, but is not funny anymore. john: also, a discussion of ballot option two, which would expand charter options in the state. erika: senator bernie sanders in new hampshire today. today's event later on in lebanon marks sanders' first solo event since he endorsed clinton in july. but first, sanders made a stop at the labor day breakfast in manchester. he was joined by new hampshire governor maggie hassan. hassan will also head to lebanon with sanders. hillary clinton and donald trump pitching to voters this labor day. the nominees in the battleground state of ohio. as abc's kenneth moton reports , the campaigns are entering a critical month. kenneth: laboring for votes on labor day. ms. clinton: that is two months,
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clinton, donald trump, and their surrogates sprinting to the finish line. >> it is time we get out of our own way and get trump out of the way and elected this guy and three clinton. kenneth: vice president joe biden and tim kaine teamed up in pennsylvania. clinton back on the campaign trail in full force on a new plane. she is traveling with present so over it as is and she has not held a press conference days. ms. clinton: i am so happy to have all of you with me. no, really. i wanted to welcome you. kenneth: clinton and trump making stops in the key state of ohio. after jump worshiped in the pews of historically black -- after jump worshiped in the pews of a historically black church on
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clinton still dealing with the fallout with the release of from the fbi investigation notes on her e-mails. that giving rise to libertarian candidate gary johnson who is close to 10% in some polls. >> donald trump can underperform with minorities and when the presidency. hillary can underperform with white voters and still win the presidency. kenneth: the trump and clinton campaigns will be in a dozen battleground just two months until election day. kenneth mouton, abc news, washington. erika: right now, i campus police officer is under arrest, accused of a disturbing crime -- committing a lewd act on the campus of framingham state university. the school did not release the officer's name. but framingham police, who were asked to assist in the investigation, identified him as wilter dormevil. fsu's command staff were notified about the incident saturday. as a result of their investigation, dormevil was
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administrative leave, and banned from the campus. the school released a statement saying, fsu regards the safety of our students, faculty and staff as paramount in our duty to the university community and we will continue to hold our officers' conduct to the highest standards. dormevil is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. also right now, patrols boosted in berlin as police search for a suspect in a bank robbery. state and local police are looking for this man who they say robbed commerce bank in west boylston friday. police say an officer recognized the suspect's motorcycle yesterday afternoon. when that officer tried to stop him, he kept going later , abandoning the motorcycle at a gas station. police aren't sure if he has a weapon, but for now they are still considering the suspect armed and dangerous. people in the area are urged to call police if they notice anything suspicious traveling this holiday weekend? filling up at the gas station can put a dent in your wallet. the mistakes you may be making
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entire east coast. the damage left behind in the wake of hermine. cindy: we still have a couple more days to go before hermine is out of our hair. the full-time line and the heat said to return late in the week. erika: also a lobster sculpture , thief on the loose in plymouth. residents want to know who took this guy. the reward that's being offered to bring him home. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston with maria stephanos and ben simmoneau. now on comcast channel 942, verizon 461, and over the air at
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices vote yes on 2.
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labor day, rain and gusty winds moving in as the day goes on. cindy just telling me they are gusting up to 38 miles per hour at this point, the storm bringing rough seas and rip tides. cindy's coming up with what else to expect today. the cause of this 6-alarm fire under investigation in rhode island. the fire was in a triple decker on park avenue. witnesses say a neighbor alerted residents. there are no reports of injuries there.
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being offered after the theft of a large lobster sculpture in plymouth. the "patriot ledger" reports vandals took it saturday. they ripped the 150-pound sculpture from its base at nelson park and left behind broken shards of plaster and tile. now, a plymouth resident is offering a $500 to the person who can provide information leading to suspect. the lobster was unveiled as part of the chamber of commerce lobster crawl. taking a look at your economy, new data focusing on the minimum wage hike in massachusetts. the report finds the lowest-paid compensation go up more than 7%. when you break that down into dollars and cents, it's a 66 cent increase. a 2014 state law called for raising the minimum wage from $8 to $11 an hour by 2017. but if your paycheck still feels smaller than before the great recession that's because it is. massachusetts workers are just starting to see a rebound in their wages. a new report from the massachusetts budget and policy
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average wages did grow nearly 3% in the last year. but after inflation, wages are still 3.2% behind 2009. filling up the gas tank can really drive down your bottom line. and it turns out there are mistakes we all make that aren't helping. first, not shopping around. 75% of people told gasbuddy they chose a gas station just because it's convenient, even though they could save 70 cents a gallon. second, not filling up when yo 19% of people say they wait until the gas light comes on and that can have you spending more. and finally, we're not paying with cash. credit cards are convenient but some stations still offer a discount if you pay the old-fashioned way. right now florida is assessing the impact of hermine. roads in the tampa area are still flooded. the storm was a category 1 hurricane when it hit florida on friday. on sunday, governor rick scott
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in place for some neighborhoods. and in georgia, the coast guard is taking to the air to get a look at storm damage. crews checked the savannah river and the coast. hermine had weakened to a tropical storm by the time it reached georgia. weekend events were cancelled or moved indoors in savannah because of the storm. and of course, post tropical forest up -- for us, but still a strong storm. cindy: about this through the week. it has been so slow. erika: it is breezy and you are thinking, what is the fuss about? cindy: there you go. this is moving toward us and it going to be doing that for the next 24 hours or so. this is what erika means about nantucket. 58 mile per hour wind gusts.
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per hour mark. tropical wind gusts on the cape and the island. we had a cloudy start this morning and now we are looking at a good amount of blue sky. the wind is noticeable. the air is kind of dry and it has been eating away a little bit at the cloud cover. by far the strongest winds are we are going to continue to do this through the afternoon into tonight and we will still be talking about some wind tomorrow. this will be kicking around that do diminish. they are kicking up the seas for sure. this is where we have our tropical storm warning. this will continue for another
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of the storm with the rain bands trying to pivot to the cape and the islands. where do we go from here? 24 hours from now, notice the storm is trying to shift it to the northwest. getting closer to us, but it is starting to weaken. wednesday morning, it is making its closest approach to us, but by then, it is even weaker. out. we have a couple more days with this thing hanging around. more than 12 feet off the outer cape. and that building wave height is going to continue to shift northward. our high tide is around now.
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not really a day to go to the beach. you can see the rain bands that have come onto the cape. this one just east of nantucket right now has the strength, but it is running into that drier air. we will see some of these rain bands move on in. the clouds will be thickening, and in the most areas. notice the winds are gusty. overnight we will still be dealing with these gusty winds, but the take winds really tempt down. 7:00, we will see these it rain bands persist on in. waking up tomorrow morning, i
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keep that in mind as you return to work and school. the islands, we are looking at under a niche, even half an inch of rain fall. a little more showery tomorrow. notice these showers in the morning will keep us around in the afternoon. a lot of clouds, a couple showers. as the winds start to kick on out of your, happens. the temperatures will start to heat up. it looks like we are near 90 degrees by the end of the week. so hermine is sticking around a couple of days. erika?
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erika: so, needham's own aly raisman may have some explaining to do next time she visits gillette. the olympic gold medalist taking to social media to deliver a message. aly posted this photo on
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sorry tom and gisele, hope you understand." notice the guy next to her? cindy: hermine is trying to push westward. it may be the afternoon and evening before any rain gets into boston.
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>> welcome to armed forces appreciation week. today, we're playing our game with a few of the brave men and women from our nation's military. and there isn't anyone that i'd rather hand that $1 million check to. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ? ? thank you very much. i'm chris harrison. "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] great, it's a very special week. our first contestant is an air force helicopter pilot ready to soar through these 14 questions. from sunderland, maryland, please welcome major marcus jackson. [cheers and applause] how you doing, sir? >> doing very well. how are you? >> welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. >> marcus, welcome to the


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