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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 5, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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warnings out for the south coast and the islands as well. these are the bands that are setting up. as you look at the bands we have some pretty good downpours, but in between a couple sprinkles. as we look offshore we are picking up quite a bit of lightning. you haven't seen much rain today, but you may be luggie enough to -- you may be lucky enough to get some rain. close to 50 miles an hour in na say it is a breezy day. no rain and plenty of sunshine. completely different world depending on where are are with the storm. we have reports of the damage coming in a few moments. anchor: gusty winds, rip currents and wind erosions is expected in the cape and the islands. >> anchor: the conditions are
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reporter: not a lot of rain, but the wind has been kicking up twpt miles an hour -- 20 miles an hour sustained wind and gusts 36 miles an hour. people have been coming to the beach all afternoon in chattum to experience the force of hermine. they want to feel the sand stinging their face and the huge white caps off the shore and the winds blowing from offshore. i see you trying to lean back how far have you been able to lean back? >> 10 degrees maybe. reporter: you don't seem to be -- you seem to be having the time of your life. >> it is not a hurricane, but it is close. reporter: away from the beach the tourists struggled with their umbrellas as they made their way from shop to shop on main street in chattum. part of the treetop pelled over in the wind today.
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sand. the sand stinging their face as the wind gusting up to 36 miles an hour. the crowds don't seem to have been affected that much. people who continue come here experienced hermine instead. wcvb newscenter 5. anchor: the storm putting a damper on holiday plans for a lot of people. not here, but near the cape. cancellations to and anchor: nicole estefan is live when service may resume. nicole? reporter: the rain and really the wind is just picking up in the last hour. we are in the protected harbor and the water is not too choppy. live on nantucket we are seeing the authority running the martha vineyard's boat on
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so far only can cancell ni g the freight boat island. all of the boats canceled. we caught up with the harbor master and he says the job for them now is making sure the boats stay afloat. >> just make sure the vessels have extra lines on them and if they are not going -- if they don't need to go out for unnecessary reasons they don't go out. vacationers and they say this is part of the experience. call ahead on the ferries. as for [inaudible] both the steamship authority and hy-line saying thisy will make that call in the morning. anchor: nicole estefan, thank you. beaches are closed all along the south coast. officials are concerned with heather: anchor: team coverage continues continues and diane
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picking up out here in west port. here behind me you can see a lot of people have been stopping by to see the conditions for themselves and the coast guard has been urging people to stay out of the water if they can especially with wind gusts reaching 30 to 50 miles per hour in the coastal communities in rhode island, massachusetts and the cape. dangerous rip currents are expected. that's why the coast guard is asking people to make sure r on their boats. make sure there is a name and phone number in case it breaks free and you are not on it so they can verify you are okay and help those who truly need your help in these conditions. >> we are not sure exactly what conditions we are going to see maybe worse than right now. definitely if you don't have to go out, don't go out. it is safest way. reporter: they say they have been checking their equipment
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prepared to take the next steps in case the conditions get worse. in west -- westport, wcvb newscenter 5. anchor: service should get back on the green line. the line came down and shuttle buses replaced the d line newton highlands and the riverside stop. crews spent two hours clearing the tree and getting the power back up and running. track hermine on our wcvb mobile app with the hour by live. anchor: hermine leaving a deadly path of destruction to the south. we learned a third person died in the wake of the storm. new york city beaches are shutdown for the second day in a row. new jersey has declared a state of emergency in some coastal counties. crews have been working through the weekend building up sand dunes to keep the storm surge at bay. hermine slammed into florida on friday with 80 mile an hour wind and tossing trees and
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devastating parts of virginia with torrential rains. anchor: now breaking at 4:30ing flames ripping through a home in halifax. this is the scene from thompson street. our crew at the scene is reporting that one firefighter did have to be taken to the hospital to be evaluated. we don't know what injuries for what for. no word yet on what started the fire. anchor: right now one police officer is recovering after being involved in an over night crash. anchor: police say the officer was broadsided by the it sent both cars spinning into nearby yards. the officer and the 23-year-old woman were brought to the hospital with minor injuries and both are expected to recover. police say alcohol or drugs don't appear to be a factor. the woman was cited for endangering, speeding and failure to stop. anchor: a man facing a judge tomorrow for deadly hit-and-run. anthony buchanan is accused of driving drunk when he hit a
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dying at the scene on saturday night. buchanan faces several charges including motor vehicle homicide. >> anchor: a framingham university police officer will go before a judge tomorrow. he is accused of committing a lewd act. framingham police who were asked to participate identified him. they were notified about the incident on saturday. as a result of the investigation and placed on administrative leave and banned from the campus. anchor: commitment 2016 where the presidential candidates are setting the stage for critical months in their campaign. anchor: both campaigns laboring for votes. j.c. monahan is here with the busy day on the trail. reporter: maria and ben, facing off on the campaign trail and they are both stumping for votes. they are gearing up for the
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labor day and the sprint is on to election day. >> it is a mad dash for the next two months so hope you are ready. reporter: clinton is back on the trail. she is criticized for not holding press con -- conferences and surprised the traveling press corp. >> i am so happy to have you all with me. reporter: seven events in seven battleground states. vice president president bill clinton on the parade route in detroit. the road to the white house lead through ohio where the tarmac was busy with campaign planes. >> it shows how important ohio is. reporter: not to be outdone, trump spoke to reporters nearly the entire flight on his plane. he talked about the upcoming debates. >> i i think i am preparing
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process. obviously i did well in the debates. reporter: trump and his running meat mike pence were with labor leaders for a round table. the trump-clinton gap are smaller when stein is included. >> clinton can put trump away or trump can get back in and overcome this lid at 40 or 41% will take the stage back to back on a are forum on national security, veterans. >> maria: back to the debates. the first one is three weeks from today smed trump will participate in all of them. anchor: he was considering skipping them, but as you just saw in jc's piece, only a natural disaster would keep him from debate.
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discontent that propelled his success is what is driving the clinton campaign. >> together we showed the entire nation that the american people in fact are sick and tired of the status quo. >> maria: bernie sanders spoke at a labor day breakfast in the state that gave him one of his biggest primary victories. he said a clinton presidency would pursue many of free college tuition. eapg -- anchor: and there was a trump blastathon. they say it will roll back any gains over the past few decades. they tell attendees to not only support clinton, but democrats across the country. >> maria: barack obama is the first sitting president to
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chapter between the two nations and rebuild trust. the president left china where he attended the g-20 economic summit and met privately with vladimir putin. >> maria: two people are dead and 17 injured after a parking garage collapsed while under construction. rescue teams are working into the night to try to find anybody trapped under the rubble. it is not known what caused the collapse. anchor: c when he will go to trial for sexual assault it charges. cosby will be back in a philadelphia courtroom tomorrow. the 79-year-old is accused of drugging and molesting a woman he mentored at temple university in 2004. the judge denied a request from cosby's lawyers to throw the case out that he is facing. >> maria: a case of animal cruelty on martha's vineyard. this man accused of breaking into a home and painting the family dog purple and also
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he is facing a slew of charges including assaulting a police officer during his arrest. >> anchor: a reward for any information that would help find the thief that took a large lobster sculpture in plymouth. it happened early on saturday morning. they ripped the 150-pound sculpture at nelson park and left behind broken chards of plaster and tile. there is a $500 reward. the hand painted lobster was unveiled in part of the lobster crawl. now time to >> maria: a drunk driver stopped after hitting a jogger. the good samaritan who tracked her. anchor: and a mother in a hit-and-run crash over the weekend. her family's pain and us frustration. >> i am getting a new update on the path and the positioning of hermine. we will take a close eye on that as it passes over nantucket at some point. that's coming up as newscenter
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. >> maria: if you just heard, mike said things had changed and shifted a little in nantucket and this right here shows the picture. it is getting the brunt of hermine right now. the waves are kicking up and the winds are kicking up,
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boats sinking and getting swamped and dragging anchor. >> maria: what is interesting is where i was in this whole area right here i kept thinking this is the best weekend. it was a beautiful day today. where is this hermine you keep talking about. but there she is. >> that's right. if you are in nantucket. inland it was a gorgeous day and lots of sunshine. >> ben: no humidity. >> no. storms because they come in so quickly and they have beautiful weather ahead of them. let's talk about the wind gusts. wind gusts out there today are 58 miles per hour. edgar town at 53. a lot of ibd wind gusts when you get to the south shore. there is the view over nantucket. these are the damage reports coming in. let's start off in nantucket. as i was talking about there were multiple reports of small
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the report came in this afternoon. over toward martha's vineyard, gusty winds on that side of the island. power outages reported as well. toward the mainland and the cape, trees down in chat tunnel and thalmouth. a number of reports that way. when the power lines go down they drop and we have scattered power outages. we had trees down in marion and fairhaven and you go off to the west and again we have seeing trees down i bedford and more reports coming in all the time. even as you look up we had a report of trees down near the high school. it depends on where you're at. if you get a breeze and the tree has been really put into a compromising position because of the dry weather, that's when we will see the trees coming down. i do think the winds are strongest between now and 8:00, 9:00. after that they should diminish off. here are the current gusts. gusting well over 40 in the
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the other thing is the ocean. here are the wave heights. 19, 16, 21 feet. as you look to the south, the biggest waves are offshore. not so much in here. you can see the waves kicked up and you have to wait for the bubble to come up. the wave action will get even more dramatic. we have been picking up a lot of lightning. the lightning has been out there. we reported over the ocean. as this line tries to pivot back in, don't be surprised if you have a rumble of thunder moving through. the winds are sustained at 17 miles per hour. they should ramp up toward 8:00 tonight. after 10:00 they start to drop off a little bit. that's when we will see our strongest winds.
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most confined to these areas right here. we want some showers out of this. by 11:00 do you see how it pivots its way in, not much. the skies stayed clear on the western part of the state. these bands look like they will be fairly steady as we head toward 2:00 in the morning. again in a very isolated area. they will continue to push their way through. this is an interesting feature to watch. tomorrow night at as we talk about wednesday morning and possibly passing over the top of nantucket. we will be dealing with hermine. it will abate and move its way offshore. there will still be scattered showers around. typically behind a system it will clear away and be beautiful. in this case it will be hot and incredibly muggy on thursday. that sets us up for a chance of thunderstorm on friday.
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there can be a few scattered showers and finally cooler, dryer weather comes back into the forecast as we start next week. ben? >> ben: thanks, mike. let's look at the labor day traffic. going into the tunnel is pretty jammed up. let's go to the map and see 40u things -- see how things are moving. let's start with 93, the southeast expressway. you are looking at 10 minutes. a nice holiday drive. 11 minutes on the upper deck to 128 northbound. the pike looks pretty good. corner. further out on the pike no problem. 15 minutes out to 495. 495 is in good shape. >> just don't do the cape because there is a lot of traffic. >> maria: surgery can be traumatic for anybody, but especially for kids. >> ben: one well-known high-tech device could work wonders to reduce anxiety before surgery. ipads.
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sedatives to make kids less anxious. that's not all. the device has helped parents relax as well. >> maria: pepsi co has announced an organic version of the sports drink. there are seven ingredients including cane sugar and sea salt. it comes in strawberry, lemon and a mixed berry flavor. you like that. >> ben: i do like >> maria: a new airline that has just been added to the list. >> ben: and gas prices hitting a new low for the holiday. how much drivers are saving at
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains."
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" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> ben: we are continuing to track her mean. moving to the northwest at 7mi showers and thunderstorms will push their way in closer to the coast. more on the timing of that and if you will see any rain coming up in a few moments. >> ben: good news if you are on the roads for this holiday. the national average is $2.21 which is 20 cents cheaper than this time last year.
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extra $320 in savings thanks to plunging gas prices. >> maria: that's decent. they are the first airline to join the tsa's which canned program. you can join by providing background information, fingerprints and paying an $85 fee. the goal is to get travelers through the tsa checkpoint faster so they can focus on people who may pose more of a risk. >> ben: do youre >> maria: yes, do you? >> ben: no. >> maria: notre dame and texas are opening up the college football season in austin and it was quite a game really. that catch that you just have to see is next.
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>> ben: serious effort in the end zone. the pye to a touchdown and does a somersault unintentional, of course. and it is good. look at that. that's some acrobatic ability. >> maria: i was here and we were waiting for that game to be done, but it was a great game. it was a perfect game to have to sit here and wait for the news to go on. it was really something. i think texas ended up winning. >> ben: newscenter 5 at 5:00
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hermine as she lashes at massachusetts. anchor: the storm track and how long it will stay. >> stopping drivers so police can respond. anchor: a fishing expedition taking on water. what brought 200 people to shore. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. anne anne tracking hermine. high wind and rain moving in and rough surf as well. the conditions are expected to get worse. anchor: let's go to west port where the beaches are closed. rough surf and rip currents. anchor: a viewer caught this scene where boats have been dragged and one even sank. they hope the conditions will
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>> ben: it is expecting to bring rain, heavy gusts and lightning. jc: mike is starting us off with weather. >> it still is continuing with a northwesterly track at 7 miles an hour. it picked up some speed. it left the coast and then started to make a left happened tournement eventually it will make a right hand turn, but for right now it is heading closer and closer to the coast. do you see where its it is losing some strength and then it begins the right hand turn and they pass over the top of nantucket as we talk wednesday afternoon. then it kicks out of here on thursday and friday. we have the tropical storm warning out for the cape and the island and we are watching the bands coming in. as you look at the bands this is where you have the heavy rains coming on. offshore there is lightning


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