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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> ben: it is expecting to bring rain, heavy gusts and lightning. jc: mike is starting us off with weather. >> it still is continuing with a northwesterly track at 7 miles an hour. it picked up some speed. it left the coast and then started to make a left happened tournement eventually it will make a right hand turn, but for right now it is heading closer and closer to the coast. do you see where its it is losing some strength and then it begins the right hand turn and they pass over the top of nantucket as we talk wednesday afternoon. then it kicks out of here on thursday and friday. we have the tropical storm warning out for the cape and the island and we are watching the bands coming in. as you look at the bands this is where you have the heavy rains coming on. offshore there is lightning
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chatum is moving its way over to hyannis. as far as the inland locations are concerned, we may not get much rain out of this whole thing. winds, look at that. nantucket, 52 mile an hour wind. that's the strongest wind we have seen all day. we will talk more about the winds and any damage reports and when you can expect the sunshine to return to the forecast. that's in a few moments. >> ben: now to the wind is moving through and beach erosion is also a concern. david is in chattum. reporter: we are waiting for the heavy band mike was talking about. so far the story is the wind and far from chasing people off the cape hermine is drawing a crowd. reporter: wind snapped the no swimming flag and several
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>> how far have you been able to lean back? >> maybe 10 degrees. reporter: tourists struggled as they made their way from shop to shop. >> how is the rain gear holding up? >> oh, fine. >> so you are dry under there? >> i'm fine. >> perfectly dry? >> you wanna check? reporter: they report businesses for this labor day weekend has been surprisingly strong. >> backed up but the crowd on main street is fantastic. reporter: the rain poured at times and part of the treetop pelled over in the wind. the dock master is adding lines to boats and watching for signs of trouble. >> the wind will pick and before you know it it opens up and the boat is scooting
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>> the no swimming flag is flying tonight. we haven't seen anyone in the water at lighthouse beach in chattum. it seems like an easy decision to make. jc: ferry service is canceled and forcing many to change their plans. nicole has that part of the story. >> the fast ferry may be running, but the slow ones won't. >> ferries stood idle. >> the last time we had to can sell was because of hurricane sandy. reporter: where the line was canceled early. >> a couple times it got choppy, but it was better than i thought. >> holding on against the
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martha's vineyard. >> we will take it day by day. >> the ferry is large enough and the trip short enough to take on the choppy surf. there was a rush for tickets as one by one the other ferries called it quits. >> we came over on the island queen. it was canceled yesterday and today. >> lyndsay and her granddaughter came from indiana to see nissan nissan -- nantucket. >> are you disappointed? >> yes, but glad it is not worsen transportation. >> we wanted to just get a look again at the cape. so if you are up side the car and it is windy, it is okay. >> that was nicole reporting. our coverage continues right now in west port. diane, beaches along the south coast have been closed for some time. reporter: we have had a little rain, but the biggest impact is the wind as hermine
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north. while the waves came crashing in, many stopped to see the effects of hermine out to the ocean. >> they haven't been fond of the wind or the waves, but we love it. we keam down to see what -- we came down to see what was going on. >> with the dangerous rip currents and high currents, the coast guard in those areas on or near the water. >> if you don't have to go out, don't go out. it is safest way. those winds could pick up pretty quick and take your boat to a place you weren't exactly planning on. >> they are asking the boat owners to make sure moring lines are labeled properly with your name and phone number in case it breaks free so they are not searching for someone unnecessarily.
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boat or personal craft be cautious and make sure you have the safety equipment whether it is a life jacket or flare, anything of that nature. reporter: the coast guard has been checking their own equipment to make sure everything is working properly in case somebody needs that their help on the water. >> you can track hermine's every move. where you live jievment this was the ian earlier this afternoon. one firefighter was hurt and no word on what spark eld the flame. >> right now a suspected it drunk driver who hit a jogger is behind bars. that's thanks to witnesses who trapped her. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live details.
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there was no dodging the drunk driver. he flew into the pole president they refused to let the woman behind the wheel get away. >> there was a white pick up truck that pulled over. >> the good samaritans gave chase and eventually catching up with mary elliott, the accused hit-and-run driver. police say the woman was drunk. >> one was in the back and one was in the front. shooy was in thed in del. she wasn't going no where. >> they had high praise for the pick up driver who took action. >> she is going no where. if she is going to hit my truck she will hit my truck. >> i think they are very instrumental. especially delaying the vehicle before it closed more. >> the hit-and-run around 5:00
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neighbor. she always worries about the traffic. >> my mind was racing. it was just racing. >> he was laying on the ground and unconscious. it looked like there was a lot of blood around the head area. >> what kind of person hits somebody and then takes off? you don't even do that with a dog. it is sad. at least they got the >> the victim's family asked he not be named. the alleged drunk driver will be in a courtroom in the morning. wcvb newscenter 5. >> ben: the man in a deadly hit-and-run faces a judge tomorrow. he is accused of driving drunk when he hit and killed the woman at the intersection of
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saturday night. buchanan faces several charges including homicide. jc: coming up -- >> ben: bernie sanders message to those on the campaign trail. jc: and the reason the spectacular colors may not be as vibrant this year. >> ben: holiday traffic is not too bad as you cross into the tunnel. let's head to the maps to see how things are evening. yes, indeed, mass avenue down to route 3. headed north out of downtown it is 11 minutes on the upper deck to 128. the pike is 93 to newton corner. nine minutes further out on the pike. out to 495 and 495 in both drkses -- both directions is moving smoothly. that's your first alert
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>> ben: just getting reports of trees down. the strongest winds are between now and 9:00 tonight. a little bit. all of that is coming up in a few moments. jc: bernie sanders says discontent is driving the clinton campaign. >> together we showed the entire nation that the american people in fact are sick and tired of the status
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breakfast that gave him one of his biggest victories. he said they would pursue many of the same goals he champions including free college tuition. hillary clinton opened up her new campaign airliner today. it was a blue and white boeing 737. she used the plane to head west in ohio and illinois. under increasing criticism for not taking questions from the media clinton briefly chatted with reporters, but was not asked any questions. jc: donald trump made a swing through ohio, perhaps the most important of all battleground states. mike pence visited a cleveland restaurant and then took part in a union round table. later trump said he will take part in all three scheduled presidential debates and he is preparing for them right now. >> yeng i am -- i think i am preparing like i am for the
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debating process. obviously i did well in the debates. >> pour awhile today the two candidates were within a few hundred feet as their planes were lined up at the cleveland airport. >> the northern part of the east coast is dodging a direct hit from hermine, but they left behind some dangerous issues ruining holiday plans for millions. >> beneath the surf, dangerous rip united states -- rip currents. hermine rolling up the eastern seaboard. the threat is closing many beaches throughout the labor day weekend. >> we are not expecting a lot of crowds. >> rough waters even rocking passengers across the anthem
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bermuda. down south clean up is continuing. >> we lost the deck. >> and residents are battling the waters where hermine made landfall on friday. >> i look out my window and we have an ocean on the front porch. >> flooding neighborhood after neighborhood from florida you to virginia tossing trees and exploding fire lines and turning deadly. >> absolutely ferocious. >> thousands spent the weekend in florida officials warn that the danger is not over yet. >> there is a lot of water moving through the county and we are not out of the woods just yet. >> ben: we are seeing the rain move in. the one question a lot of you will have is will we actually get rain in the metro? >> we are starting to get some in the city of boston.
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explain to me that what a hurricane is are bands playing ring around the rosy. that's exactly what is going on right now. let me show you what the winds are like and you can see the strongest winds toward nantucket. you are now saying just a little breeze. that's where the wind gust was close to 60 miles an hour. look at the reports of we talked about this, how the drought has stretched the trees out. a wind can knock a tree down and it fall on a power line. tonight it looks like the winds will be strongest between now and tonight. the gust can get above 30 miles an hour even in boston. the wave action is getting impressive offshore and we are seeing some of it lifting its
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action. we don't have to worry about the coastal flooding, but it is going on a couple days. beach erosion seems like a likely outcome from the storm system. let's check out radar. lightning is trying to get up toward nantucket and martha's vineyard. if you look to the cape look at that band that came from chattum. this area is pushing its way toward the canal at this point. you get across the canal and there a the there is a little spot south of plymouth right now. as you look up toward the northern part of the south shore and into the city, look at this band that has set up from quincy and this is why i say we will get showers into boston shortly and some moving through the south shore. look what is happening in the metro northwest, not much. what will happen? we will get the spiral bands coming through and maybe letting up toward 11:00 tonight. we get another batch coming
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remember, it is all kind of hanging right through here. it is to not getting out to the west very much. we are talk about a scattered shower or two. tomorrow morning at 7:00 here is where it is at. the storms are centered right around here. you can almost see the swirl going on there. this is wednesday a the 8:00 a.m. we have scattered showers down here in this area, but not much going on. there are a few scattered showers. it may actually pass over nantucket. at this point it has lost the tropical characteristics. you will get the idea that it is meandering its way through the island. rainfall? this is the disappointing part of the storm. we may get a half inch and there could be an isolated area with an inch, inch and a half in one of the isolated bands. you will get that at your house and your neighbor down the street doesn't get it. that's the nature of the storms. and we need the rain.
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month of august. we are 9 inches on the dry side. as you look over the city you can see the cloud deck. we are also looking at quite a bit of sunshine today. out to the west is where most of the sunshine has been. now it is really pushed back as the clouds work their way in. in boston the winds are out of the north, northeast at 23. it is really low. even as this tries to throw tropical moisture at us, a lote evaporates. right now the coo temperature and you can see the air temperature reflecting the water temperature. inland where we have plenty of sunshine, even right now we are talking about almost a 20-degree spread across a very short period of space. let me break down what will happen the next seven days and show you. as far as tomorrow is concerned, 74 degrees. it is windy and there are showers and most of the action is going to be down toward the cape. on wednesday there will be showers around, but it should taper off and end. it doesn't mean there can't be
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hours. then we head for thursday, 88 degrees. it is muggy. dew points climb up there and that sets us up for this. a cold front is coming through and it may trigger a round of thunderstorms. it looks like it will by late into the day. on saturday and sunday we are trying to get the humidity down and trying to get the temperature down and a little wave and rip tell comes through here saturday night into sunday and could give as you spot shower there. otherwise the weekend is looking dry. next week by monday low humidity, comfortable sunshine. look how unsettled the weather is. keep an eye to the sky and to the tropics. this storm system has not made its right turn that should be happening as we talk about tomorrow afternoon. jc and ben? >> ben: thank you. jc: not enough rain. if it is going to be cloudy it may as well rain. colin cap kaepernick's refusal not to stand during the national anthem getting more support tonight.
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thoughts on the silent proa test. jc: and the good samaritans that saved two dozen people. >> ben: and opening up about the loss and why they say they
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mcenroe. mr. mcenroe? tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. get 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just 69.99 a month online for 2 years, guaranteed with a 2 year agreement. only fios offers speeds this fast at a price this good. jc: we look to the southeast of long island and it is moving to the west, northwest. in other words, forward land. mike is watching this as it meanders off our coastline coming up. >> ben: colin kaepernick is getting support for his controversial protest. he has been refusing to stand for the national anthem to make a statement about race relations in this country. now one of the biggest names in women's soccer is backing
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reporter: it is an issue being discussed around the world. >> he is pursuing his right. reporter: his refusal to stand is being talked about at the g-20 summit, but says it can be sensitive to service members. >> that is a tough thing for them to get past, to his deeper concerns are. reporter: now athletes in other sports are joining the protest. u.s. soccer star megan took a knee before the game. tweeting, it is the least i can do. keep the conversation going. the protest is being met with push back. in santa clara where the 49ers play the police union sending a letter to team management suggesting some officers may
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kaepernick's socks with pigs and police hats and the statements he made to reporters. >> we have cops that are murdering people. we have cops in the sfpd that are blatantly ray -- ray cyst. reporter:kaepernick says he will keep protesting until real change comes. interestingly kaepernick's jerseys are soaring going from 20th most popular to number one in the 49ers abc news, los angeles. jc: allie may have explaining to do. she is taking to social media to deliver a message. she posted this photo with the caption "sorry tom and gisele. hope you understand." you notice the guy next to her is the packers qb aaron rogers with girl friend olive yous mutton. >> ben: i think they will be
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experts are working to solve the mystery. the fight against an invasive microscopic organism. jc: and once again hermine is headed to the south. that's a problem as it it continues to linger. mike is tracking the path and impact on us. stay with us. we will have more details
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>> tuesday morning on the eyeopener, travel is fun. planning not so much. >> the new app developed right in boston that does all the work and just for you. >> and i am still tracking the impact of hermine, the best chance for rain on tuesday
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from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. >> gusty winds and rough seas from hermine. these are the conditions on nantucket, one of the first spots to feel the rough storm. jc: this goes to the tracks near the woodland stop service and it was stopped for awhile. >> ben: let's go to chatam. there are a lot of winds out there. jc: and still people walking around because as dangerous as it can be if you are on the water and watching these huge waves come in and the rough surf can be mesmerizing. >> mike: they want to see what is going on with the ocean and i can't blame them.
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and it is moving to the northwest at about 7 miles per hour. it is moving actually closer to us. yesterday we had a beautiful day as the storm system was off here we have the tropical storm warnings up and then it begins a right hand turn. by that point it should have lost someve punch. there are bands pushing their way through. we are seeing the bands over the cape and there is plenty of water offshore. look at this spot right here. it is moving down the expressway and right about at the split. you are probably going through a downpour and it is courtesey


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