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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. news bourne. a driver rescued after his car plunges 30 feet into the cape cod canal. bourne police say he was taken from the scene in an ambulance with minor injuries. canal service road is closed near bourne townhall as crews worked to remove the vehicle. emily: former fox news anchor gretchen carlson has settled her lawsuit against
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to carlson singh she was not treated with the respect she deserved. ailes denied the charges but was forced out after other women made similar allegations. erika: still keeping an eye on the weather. at rough surf and wind because of hermine. emily: you can still see the storm spinning to the south. cindy keeping an eye on this. cindy: it sure is weakening and moving away from us. a broad circulation. we areti area you can see the motion on these. these bands of light moisture spin in off the ocean. most concentrated along and south of the pike but that could change as we go through the afternoon. the storm is about 120 miles west and southwest of nantucket. it continues to shift westward so the strongest winds are along the coast of new jersey and long island where we get some wind at
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that's going to be the case through the afternoon. stuck in the 60's and low 70's right now. not really a beach -- but there is going to be high surf and risk for rip currents the afternoon. we will keep areas of mist and resolve around into this evening and hermine, still close enough by tomorrow for more pockets of drizzle. the full timeline for you, coming up in a emily: a framingham state university campus police officer just faced a judge charged with committing a lewd act on campus. wilter dormevil. does mean is live with the details. doug: we are learning more about this case through just released court documents. we understand the suspect and the victim actually worked together over at framingham state university police station.
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the suspect standing behind her. it's alleged that the suspect turned the chair and when he did he was exposing himself. wilter dormevil walked into framingham district court on his own and had no comment for the cameras. it was saturday afternoon that framingham state university police were alerted to a situation involving one of their own. dormevil was removed from his duties and the town of am investigation. subsequently, he was arrested and charged with open and gross lewdness, wanton and lascivious conduct and witness intimidation. while exiting the court, his comments were minimal. >> i will answer all the questions in court. doug: the university placed them on administrative leave and prevented him from the fsu campus -- prohibited him from the fsu campus while the
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the court has ordered dormevil to stay away from the framingham state campus. he's due back in court on october 17. erika: right now boston police are looking for a suspect and a sexual attack. police say it happened around 4:00 yesterday morning on the greenway. police say the victim was walking toward the carousel when she was attacked by a man she did not know who then ran off deadly hit and run in mattapan is preparing to face a judge. read lamberty is lies in jamaica plain's with the latest on this. reid: if the pecan -- and the buchanan will be arraigned. he faces motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence of liquor. the 39-year-old dorchester man police say hit and killed john f sims.
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canterbury street in mattapan. you can and slowed his car down at then fled the scene taking off before turning himself in later that night to police. the sims family, not sure why she was in mattapan on saturday but they assume she was visiting friends. the family had returned from charlotte, north carolina and the family reunion. many of them are back here in boston for the arraignment this morning and services not yet scheduled. numbering more than a dozen. of the arraignment and what the family members have to say, coming up. for now, we're live in jamaica plain. emily: a woman is charged with drunk driving after this early morning crash in boston. police say lily read of quincy rear-ended a police cruiser near exit 18 in dorchester. nobody was seriously hurt. read posted bail this morning and is due in court tomorrow.
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will be in court and commissioner bill evans may be called to testify. the patrolman's union filed a temporary injunction to block the body cameras. the program was supposed to be voluntary. per in agreement reached with the police union in july. no officer signed up so commissioner bill evans assigned the cameras. 100 officers from different districts will be equipped with the cameras for six months. that was supposed to start september 2 but that has been pushed to september the for-profit college chain itt educational services is shutting down its campuses days after the u.s. department of education banned it from enrolling new students who get federal financial aid. two of the 130 campuses are in norwood and wilmington. the company which operates vocational schools is ending academic operations at all of its more than 130 campuses across the 38 states. the move will have an impact on
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8000 employees. emily: a leading house republican is calling for a closer look at hillary clinton's e-mails. jason chaffetz wants a federal prosecutor to investigate her role in the deletion of thousands of e-mails from her private server and it comes as clinton and donald trump make stops in swing states today. a new poll shows a tightening race. karen travers has the latest. karen: it has now, the sprint to the finish line. the campaign trail is crowded. on the tarmac in cleveland yesterday, there is hillary clinton's plane. right over there, donald trump 's. david your with exclusive interviews with the candidates and their running mates. clinton blasting trump saying he created a diplomatic incident with mexico with his claim that
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the mexican president contradicted him almost immediately. he did not raise it so he did choke. >> i have been given a pluses for the job i did in mexico. karen: trump seems to be waffling on what he will do with the undocumented immigrants here in the u.s. >> i'm going to make a decision, whether it is me or somebody else. depending on the time perhaps we will have a wall. karen: clinton with a literal choke yesterday, a coughing fit at a rally. trump i get a allergic. [coughing] >> we have 63 days to go. karen: this as a new poll out this morning shows the race in a dead heat. >> if hillary clinton thought she could coast in the home stretch of this thing she'd better tighten up her track shoes and by a better box of cough drops and be prepared for
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>> the candidates are focusing on key battlegrounds. hillary clinton is in florida where the race is tight while donald trump is in virginia trying to make up ground. erika: the president of the philippines says he regrets cursing president obama, and insult that led president obama to cancel a meeting area president roderigo duterte said his strong comments were not meant to come across as a personal attack. he made the remarks before flying to laos where he will attend a regional summit. emily: congress is back to work after a seven- there's a lot of the docket but only one thing they must do in the coming months, figure out a way to keep the government opened before spending legislation expires october 1. approving funds to combat the zika virus as well as defense policy legislation. erika: a massachusetts lawmaker says it's time to revisit ridesharing rules. senator linda door seen a 40 says she is disturbed by the
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she previously backed the unsuccessful effort to fingerprint drivers. she has not ruled out filing a bill of her own. emily: tonight in worcester is the first of seven public meetings on open tolling for the mass pike area of privacy advocates have voiced concerns about the information collected through the all electronic system. that meeting begins at 6:30 at union station. erika: singer chris brown speaking out. what he is now saying about his standoff with ellie police and who he blas. in a marijuana bust. where police found the pot growing at the center. cindy: still tracking lingering effects of hermine. the big temperature jump on the way. erika: what the summer long drought will do to the fall foliage if you are a leaf peeping are. you may be disappointed. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston with maria stephanos and ben simmoneau, on comcast channel
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about the tense interaction with los angeles police that ended with his arrest. emily: elizabeth hur reports the singer and his legal team now say they can prove this incident was a set up. elizabeth: new allegations in the chris brown saga area of singer claiming he is the victim of a set up. >> i cannot wait until the truth comes to light about this situation. elizabeth: brown seen in this video provided exclusively to abc news says he is in elizabeth: it was last tuesday morning police responded to a 911 call from former beauty queen bailey curran who later cold nbc news they were looking at a box of expensive diamond jewelry when brown lashed out at her. >> chris came in and said i'm so sick of all of you people, took
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text message allegedly sent by the accuser to a friend minutes before the 911 call. the text reading, this freak is kicking yet of his house because i called his friends jewelry fake. i'm going to set him up and call the cops and say he tried to shoot me and that will teach them a lesson. i'm going to set his -- up. >> they went in and she said there was a gun. as far as elizabeth: brown's accuser is standing by her claim stressing it would not make sense for her to give her phone to beliefs -- to police if she had written such a text herself. as for brown, he is due back in court in two weeks. emily: bill can't be consumed learned when he will go to trial for sexual assault charges. cosby will be back in a philadelphia courtroom later today.
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he bent toward at temple university in 2004. the judge tonight a request -- denied a request to throw out the case against him. erika: chevy chase has entered a rehab facility in minnesota for a "tuneup." he checked into the betty ford clinic in the 1980's for treatment for an addiction to prescription painkillers. another airline computer glitch delaying passengers. suffering delays globally due to a check in computer system. travelers took the social media to complain of long lines and the airlines that a number of airports were affected. police in connecticut make a marijuana bust at a day care center. westhaven police found about 600 marijuana plants growing in the backyard of the center which is licensed. they were alerted by state childcare inspectors who were denied access behind the wooden
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an investigation is underway after a natural landmark in oregon is destroyed by vandals. that group could face criminal charges. the pedestal rock on oregon's kaine wanda took decades for nature to create. it was destroyed in a matter of seconds. two witnesses recorded the vandalism and confronted the group. they say the group told them they were getting revenge because a friend had broken their leg on the rock. was a safety hazard and they did the world or oregon a favor that they knocked it down. emily: state police are now investigating. erika: dry weather could dull new england's famous fall foliage. experts from the u.s. forest service say leaves could turn brown and fall off and drop stricken areas. west rye areas will see red come yellow, and orange but the colors to be less vibrant and
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last for long. emily: especially with all the wind we have. a problem. cindy: typically when you get a tropical storm nearby the rain is the welcome thing but we barely get any rain out of the system. we did get a lot of wind and the wind was damaging. all of those dots represent wind damage reports. 88 of them. a lot of that just tree limbs and branches down because the trees -- to look at wind over the past party for hours. close to 60 on nantucket. falmouth, even closer on the north shore and into the city of boston, wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. enough to do some damage. the damaging wind threat is over but we are still getting gusts especially down to the south of over 20 to 30 miles per hour. what is left of the storm, still sitting and standing.
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it is moving westward and weakening. and of circulation going back clouds, drizzle as well. dealing with some wind although the strongest focused around long island, block island as well. through the afternoon we might get a gust over 20 come even close to 30 miles per hour and that will be the case tonight as well. the storm, not going away. through tomorrow it's kind of weakening. the winds come down to here on thursday. don't expect dramatic changes until the storm gets out of here. might see if you wind gusts, showers and drizzle at times. the biggest lingering impact from hermine, rough surf and a rip current risk. the waters, getting to seven foot. otherwise, two to five feet and because of that we do have a high surf advisory and the rip
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as well. not really a beach day. clouds, still some fog. 60 degrees in boston and the wind is making it feel cooler than that. beverly, about a mile and a half in the worcester area. it's been a dreary day but despite the fact that we've had areas of rain throughout the day , since midnight most areas coming in well under a quarter of an inch. bands of rain kind of can wheeling in very light. they are scattered about the area. i'm not expecting widespread rain the rest of the afternoon. with circulation to our south, there is dry air. skies cleared out on nantucket. may try to pivot to the north and west. otherwise i think we will keep these bands of light rain and drizzle going through the rest of the afternoon. temperatures running in the low
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nantucket. mid-seventies right now. just don't change a lot during the afternoon. brightening make pivot up toward you on the cape. spot showers, areas of missed and drizzle. keep in mind, you may run into that light drizzle through tonight as well and this could fill back in by tomorrow morning. overnight low temperatures hold in the 60's and we get into the day tomorrow much. hermine is sticking around. the frontal boundary approaches on thursday but that front is going to bring in more humidity so you're going to feel the temperature is coming up as well. going to see temperatures in the mid to upper 80's and 90 on friday. tomorrow, lost in the clouds. we would dry out as we head toward lunchtime but even during the afternoon can't rule out a
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friday. temperatures in the 80's for the upcoming weekend. emily: a new study finds standing desks in classroom may help children manage their weight. researchers studied more than 300 texas third and fourth graders after two years with the standing desks, though students other bmis fall and average 5% compared erika: american shoppers are enjoying the longest streak of falling food prices in 50 years. the nations food supplies have been steadily growing. the average price of a dozen eggs has dropped nearly 40% to $1.57. gallon of milk is about $.40 cheaper along with ground beef down $.50. prices for some fruits and vegetables have increased over the last year due to drought in
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sydney, australia created this rainbow berger to honor gene wilder. it includes everything from that colorful bun to a special sauce inspired by willy wonka and the chocolate factory. some of the burgers come with a golden ticket that could get you industry prize. -- a mystery prize. erika: and it's all natural. emily: i don't know about that. erika: sports loving parents starting really early. emily: a six month
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emily: this may curb your at the site -- your appetite. joey wings and 12 minutes during yesterday's competition, 16 wings per minute. chestnut edged out his closest competitor by 11 wings and walked away with $3500. erika: a different kind of accomplishment. would you let your baby do this? little auburn cannot walk but apparently can waterski. at six months and 10 days old he is a world record holder. his father saying he's the world youngest water skier.
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auburn waterskiing about 150 feet in north carolina. the previous record holder was six months 27 days old. emily: you can't quite tell if he's grimacing or smiling. cindy: no matter what i'm not going to let go. emily: i don't know about that
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> i can't think of anyone more deserving of winning $1 million than the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect our country. and we've got some here today who are going to try and do just that. it's armed forces appreciation week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ? ? hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready for a special "mon [cheers and applause] good. 'cause i am here with our returning contestant, who is a purple heart recipient from glastonbury, connecticut. please, give it up for retired army captain greg galeazzi. [cheers and applause] welcome back. good to have you back. >> glad to be here. >> ready to continue this march? >> i'm ready. let's do it. >> all right. before we jump back into it, we told a little bit of the story last time you were with us, but just to recap--


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