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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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jc: a driver faces charges for driving into the cape cod canal on purpose. bourne police say the man drove off a pedestrian ramp plunging 30-feet into the water. he's hospitalized with minor injuries. he will be charged with operating to endanger, malicious destruction of property, and speeding. harvey joins us now. i think we are all done with hermine. harvey: i mean, we could use the we at least appreciate in rain and there will be more to come, but this is a weakening storm that still has a circulation drifting off to the west but there are no longer any tropical storm warnings in effect. we still have slightly gusty wind but they continue to come down but there's a high surf advisory until 6:00 today and there will still be rough surf
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around eastern edges of the circulation and it is still headed for connecticut with a few bands and through the overnight and the day tomorrow there will be a few bands of showers off and on, living through the region. that will be the way it is now for the most part, on the damp side. changes are coming after that and we will talk about that coming up. jc: new at 5:30, the driver mattapan woman went before a judge today. ben: police say he was drunk and speeding when the crash happened. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in mattapan tonight reid, the victim's heartbroken family was inside the courtroom? reid: 20 family members who was knocked down over the weekend and killed, in court to accuse the man faced of running down their loved one. there is no hiding their anguish.
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killed over the weekend by an alleged drunk driver and abandoned in the street. >> restless nights, not eating as much and very shocked that this happened to my mom. >> i know that she is in heaven and that she is ok. reid: johnette sims was 46-year-old,she was killed saturday as she walked in the crosswalk on this matappan street. anthony buchanan, the son of a well-known local church leader, of charges, including motor vehicle homicide, prosecutors say the 39-year-old was drunk, and speeding, buchanan admitted as much to police, when he turned himself in within hours of the hit and run. >> why did you choose to get in the car when there's other ways to get yourself home. reid: compounding their tragedy, a $5,000 bail for buchanan, $10,000 less than what the prosecution had asked, a figure the sims family says amounts to a slap in the face. >> i'm just numb this is just
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going to show up she's going to show up this is not real. reid: but their struggle is to deal with their pain, and try to forgive, 0038 >> not forgiving him would hurt me more than holding a grudge. reid: anthony buchanan had a prior dui charge years ago but it was later dismissed. he will be back in court next month. as for funeral arrangements, and lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a small new hampshire town is coming together at this hour to say goodbye to a preschooler who died in a fair accident. 4-year-old mackennah may caulder was thrown from a horse while taking part in an equestrian show at the lancaster fair last friday. mackennah's parents say their child was a daredevil who taught herself to ride a bicycle at age three. the girl's wake is under way; she'll be buried tomorrow morning in her hometown of
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ben: a framingham state university campus police officer fired after being charged with committing a lewd act on campus. wilter dormevil is now free on bail. he is accused of exposing himself to a student. newscenter 5's doug meehan was in the courtroom for today's arraignment. doug: he walked into the framingham district court on his own and had no comment for the camera. it was saturday afternoon that framingham state university police were alerted to a situation involving one of their ow he was immediately removed from his duties and the town of framingham police were called in to conduct an independent investigation for subsequently he was arrested and charged with gross lewdness and other charges .right now, boston police are -- he is prohibited from campus as the investigation continues.
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a member of the revere police department as an auxiliary office are but has since been suspended. the court ordered the suspect to stay away from the victim and the school -- you'll be back in court october 17. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: right now, boston police are looking for the suspect in a sexual attack. police say it happened around 4:00 yesterday morning on the greenway. police say the victim was walking toward the carousel there when she was attacked by a man she did not , jc: tonight in worcester is the first of seven public meetings on open tolling for the mass pike. privacy advocates have voiced concerns about the information collected through the all-electronic system. the meeting begins at 6:30 at union station. ben: horrific details revealed in a minnesota courtroom today. the man who killed a little boy decades ago confesses. his heartbroken mother speaks for the family. ben: the former stanford school
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, what you have to do for the rest of his life. jc: in your health, the major change about the flu vaccine and your children. the new recommendation today
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope"
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question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. jc: a suspect confesses in court that he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed an 11-year-old boy who disappeared back in 1989. jacob wetterling's parents listened as their son's killer described the horrific details of his death. elizabeth hur has the story. elizabeth: for nearly three decades, family and friends held on to hope, praying for a
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it's incredibly to know his last days, elizabeth: but now with the suspect confessing in court 40's hope their loved ones find some peace. >> we know the truth. he is no longer a person of interest, he is the conference murder. >> last from the streets. elizabeth: he was kidnapped in 1989 but the case went cold until last week stop one man who had been questioned in connection to several cases is now one jail on child pornography charges and agreed to a plea deal, leading investigators to his remains. in court he admitted he sexually abused him and then shot him twice, then burying his remains
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tracks. >> the incredible confessions should have us all angered and we will all ask why -- there is no good answer. elizabeth: as part of the deal he pleaded guilty to a federal child pornography charge and can now be sentenced to 20 years in prison stop ben: former college swimmer brock turner, whose rape sentence set off nationwide outrage, is officially a sex offender. hometown, where he's living after serving 3 months in prison. a handful of protesters gathered outside the local sheriff's office, where turner filed his papers. turner was convicted of assaulting a woman after a stanford fraternity party, but was sentenced to just 6 months in prison. he plans to appeal his sentence. for ambulance check it with police every three months and deputies will check in on him without warning.
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rhode island. how the weather may have made it worse. ben: and an ad campaign that set off a social media fires warm. hermine is being blamed for -- harvey: how fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan, how can i help you today?
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? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances. capital one won't do that. they've reimagined banking, and built a checking account that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money. what's in your wallet? jc: hermine is being blamed for making this fire in rhode island more difficult to tackle. firefighters called last night
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to the late pawtucket red sox owner james skeffington. crews from several surrounding towns helped fight this fire. no one was hurt. ben: wells fargo is apologizing tonight for a new ad campaign. critics say it suggested young people not pursue careers in the arts. the print ads for a teen financial education day featured the captions a ballerina yesterday. an engineer today and an actor yesterday. a botanist today. entertainers and others objected apologized, saying it's deeply committed to the arts and will change the campaign. jc: a single mom, taking action to make sure her son doesn't feel left out at school. she pulled out a fake moustache and her best plaid shirt to go to a donuts with dad event. yevette vasquez says they found out about it as she was dropping off her son and was able to rush home and change quickly. vasquez says she got lots of support from the other dads at the event, and her two other
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dad. that is a committed mom. ben: it is also very clever. jc: and she just happened to have a stick on mustache, no questions asked. harvey: two months from now she won't have to do much work for halloween. anyway, we still have some wind gusts around into yesterday evening. it is still in relation but it is that results only weakening with time and because it has been dressed and slowly to the west there is slightly stronger winds has moved to the list. 15-25 miles per hour south of boston.
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moisture on the web -- all the west i that you do see a little bit rotating into the area and it will continue to spin around but ever since lonely as a it will be slowly weakening stop there are no longer any tropical storm warning in effect a little portion of southeastern and south easton north west. a few spruces around new bedford with a couple drops around brockton and mrs. way it's going to go over the next week or hours -- a few bands rotating in with off and on showers but probably more on and on and not a lot of rainfall coming out of -- of course we could use that.
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least we got some. we will count toward thursday, there are a few breaks showing and you can notice a by day it is warming up. high surf advisory in effect and so far there is a still the risk of recurrence will be moderate to high suggested that you be careful. in boston right now it is a little murder. and also a little bit of drizzle is going to be possible with a window of water and getting more humid with time. it has gotten somewhat muggy of their, a little bit of hot air.
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almost half, maybe this phrase what has come through but it is barely going to change anything. will randow more humid thursday, 80 or higher, and then when we get to friday, it's possible we will be pushing 90. the average is 14 andt years. . the front will cross through but otherwise it will be very warm on saturday and the rest of sunday looks of. -- sunday looks ok. ben: ellen kicking off her 14th season today right here on wcvb. it was packed line up with oprah, channing tatum and olympic champion simone biles. cliques have you watched
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in the olympics yet? >> no, but once i got home i wanted to in my death forgot your word them -- forgot to record them. ben: and ellen always has a gift for her guests, for biles it was a stand to hold all her medals, featuring channing tatum. and tomorrow ellen's olympic guest list continues with needham's own aly raisman. ellen starts at three right here on newscenter five. jc: in its heyday springfield anchored the silicon valley of its time. don't believe it? follow the footsteps of chronicle's ted reinstein and explore the springfield armory. >> this was the working armory in these buildings were the center of manufacturing in the 1870's to world war i. they had the highest per capita income in the entire united states.
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jobs that were located here. >> today the weapons collection is 10,000 strong. general george patton called it the rest battle implement ever devised. >> we will get the gun enthusiast tools then all day looking at the minutia and what are they doing there and they will look as close as they possibly we went fingerprints office glass every day because people are so excited. >> only 12% of the exhibit is on it -- >> we have the largest collection of federal rifles in the world. a lot of these are battlefield pickup -- guys would walk along the battlefield being i don't know what that is but i would
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they would take them all the parts, shoot them, make better things because of what other people were doing. jc: the armory is just one of ted's stops tonight, as chronicle marks the 100th anniversary of the national park service with stops in boston, new bedford, concord and the blackstone river valley. find your park, on chronicle at 7:00 thirty. your health tonight, important information for parents regarding the flu vaccine. up next, tat guidelines. heather? heather: then on newscenter 5 at 6:00, breaking news -- a car flying off the roads, slamming into several vehicles. >> all types of curveballs thrown at us. but we try to make the best of it. heather: a family reflects on the crash that changed their lives three years ago. the struggles they still face and the bright moments they still share.
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store the large group of thieves that swooped in to steal thousands of dollars' worth of iphones. plus, papi's take on trump. what the sox star says the candidate did that was a, quote, "slap in the face." it's all new on newscenter 5 at
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the first face transplant has died. the hospital where she died says she had been waiting a long illness that did not say that was related to the transplant. ben: a new look at pregnant women who needed mris found it safe during the first trimester. researchers said they looked at more than 1.4 million births and found no increased risk of harm to the baby all the way to early childhood. they say an mri done with a contrast agent might be harmed. it's time to think about protection. jc: the american academy of pediatrics recommended a big change. heather and ross has the information parents need to hear. heather: no mother looks forward to their child getting a shot when it comes to inventing influence the every child over the age of six months needs of
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gone this year is the nasal spray vaccine. >> i just don't want her to get the flu but i hate shots. heather: had this knows -- candace knows the pain is far better than her getting influenza and the time to get the vaccine is now. one doctor the american academy of pediatrics sayst' >> if you think your kids are healthy, what about their neighbors? what about their grandmother? what about the child at school on therapy for cancer? they may not do well with it and if you get it or your kid gets it you could give it to them. heather: she points out that while the lou that feed is done
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around to get the vaccine your protection is higher. the academy wants everyone vaccinated by october. >> the most important thing is to prevent the flow and the best way to do that is with a shot. heather: some people believe it makes them feel sick that the doctor says you cannot catch the flu from a vaccine -- it is not possible. it is possible that is not influenza and any side effects are short-lived. ben: a social media account targeting students. ed: a frightening plunge in the cape cod canal.
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harvey: the timeline on the return of several warrants. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather: new at 6:00, weston -- police say they will charge this man who deliberately drove his car into the cape cod canal. it plummeted several dozen feet. right now. rhondella: among the charges, operating to endanger, lucius destruction of property, and intentional plunging into the -- witnesses immediately sound the alarm. it was a hazardous, crazy situation stop a 55-year-old man was swimming or his life after
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caught power lines before's getting on grass into the cape cod canal. >> he was airborne and those wires were up the high, ripped off the and then something blew up on the pull. rhondella: the man was wearing a seat but investigators say the plunge was intentional. >> and then he slowly backed up, and roared, the tires screech. he had been going 65 miles per hour. rhondella: they spoke with it moments before he literally went over the edge. >> he got out, walked over to the edge, and was like, nice of you. rhondella: they fished out the driver who was clinging to a rock. this is the lengthy footpath, the car racing down this road
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the power lines were fixed in the background is open. we won't get a name until he is summoned to court. right now he is being checked out of the trauma center at rhode island hospital. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: thank you. breaking news, a wild crash in natick. a driver lost consciousness and veered off route 9. ed: slamming into several other cars. mary saladna's life. mary: shopping plaza -- you can see over there that tire marks in the grass where that truck veered off the road and down an embankment that did a lot of damage the parking lot below. witnesses the truck came barreling down the embankment with a series of loud crashes following. >> it had just past the front of the building and proceeded over to the side before jumping the


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