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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a disturbing start to the school year in weston. the media scandal targeting certain kids. >> and itt tech, suddenly shutting down but there is hope for stranded students. the moves to make now to hope not getting you can. >> and a topic that w the presidential candidate funding for the same crowd. it's on the eye for this wednesday morning. randy: 6:00 a.m., on the eye, maximize space in small spots. organizing tips that make your home or apartment feel so much bigger. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer
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>> kind of gray to start out again this morning. >> oh, fun. >> i think that we're kind of locked in tight this morning. you see, it's dark out, and we're about 15 minutes from sunrise this morning, and you can see a bit of cloud cover over the city right now, and some fog filling in, visibility reduced out through the worcester area through a couple of miles, three miles up through the north shore, as well, and we have got wet weather to start you out here in the worcester area, the rain is light, but it is raining here from worcester all the way and on the showers and light mist and drizzle from lowell stretching towards north redding out there this morning. all of this moisture pinwheeling around, believe it or not, still. what is left of hermine sitting and spinning down here to the south, and this thing is weakening and won't get a kick out of here until tomorrow so we are still under the influence of it today. that means the bus stop this morning. you may encounter fog or some areas of mist. temperatures in the mid 60s. mid 70s as you are off the
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drying things out after this morning. mid 60s right now in worcester. we're closer to 70 degrees on the cape, and the temperatures will climb into the 70s by lunchtime, and notice the wettest weather really is this morning. breaks in the clouds this afternoon. can't rule out that spot shower. i think the wettest time period this morning. overall drying things out as we get into the afternoon. we want to get you out to the roads right now and see if any of the wet weather is slowing you down this morning. good morning. olessa: good morning, cindy. we're seeing delays right now if you are hng across the bridge and the lever connector. southbound side very slow trip making your way into boston. let's get to the maps and check out your trip and some travel times. 24 heavy out of brockton, you are right on the expressway, and 30 to 35 broadway into boston. and the pike, still 15. 495 to 128, and 93 south, the delays are in place out of methuen, as you travel into andover, and 495 slow approaching 93, and more volume
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>> thank you, a death investigation is underway after a person was found by the commuter rail tracks in brighten. it's not clear how they got there or if they were hit by a train. we'll bring you updates as we get them. randy: right now police are issuing a warning after revealing pictures of high school students turned up on snap chat. emily: doug meehan is live in weston where police are trying to figure out who is behind there trend. doug. doug: emily and randy, good morning. a tough lesson here on the first day of school social media safety, and here's why. weston high school officials met with sophomore class yesterday after compromising photos of boys ended up on a social media app. police have no information that any girls were targeted, but for parents, this is definitely a wakeup call. >> we have not spent enough time talking to them about how vim lent that they have to be and how vigilant we have to be, so i
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>> now police do not know if the person posting those photos is, actually, a student here, but they do know that this is a crime, even if sending compromising pictures of themselves qualifies as disseminating child porn, and that is a felony. we're live in weston this morning, doug meehan, newscenter 5. emily: thank you, right now we're getting new details about a disturbing discovery in a new hampshire home. the family of a woman found dead in danville says that no idea who would want to hurt her. her grieving son and ex-husband identified the victim as joanne boucher. it's unclear how she died. the state police major crimes unit was at the caramel drive home yesterday. boucher was divorced for 18 years, and her ex-husband lived with their son. a bourne man is in the hospital and facing charges this morning. police say he intentionally drove his car into the cape cod canal. this is the driver swimming to shore after gunning his car down
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airborne into the canal. witnesses say the unidentified driver planned to end up in the water as he backed up his ford to the top of the road, revved the engine and took off. >> he was airborne, caught the wires. they were up high, and ripped off the hood. the hood sparked and ripped off and something blew up on the pole over there. when he hit the water, you know, the car floated. >> several power lines were taken out by that flying car charges, including operating to endanger. randy: new this morning, new numbers showing massachusetts is well below the national average when it comes to deporting undocumented immigrants. last year the bay state deported just 26.9% of illegal immigrants who came before the courts. the lowest of any state, and far lower than the national average of 46.4%. the herald reports it is a rate
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2006 when 80.5% were deported. commitment 2016. right now donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for a critical moment, in their fight for the white house and with less than nine weeks to go now, the pressure is on. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is tracking this. antoinette: they will be taking part in foreign policy, and while she won't share the preview of the debates to come. the battleground states will be the big focus today. bill clinton campaigns in florida. chelsea in pennsylvania. and donald trump is set to deliver a policy speech in philadelphia this morning. last night in north carolina he hit his rival hard saying that she is not qualified for the oval office. >> she couldn't even get a security clearance based on what
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emily: a year later hillary clinton is still answering questions about her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, and she still is apologizing as she did in an exclusive interview with abc's david muir. >> there are no excuses. i take responsibility. i made a mistake. i have apologized, and obviously i wish that i could do differently what happened. i certainly would never do that profile help on the campaign trail. first lady michelle obama expected to campaign with clinton next week in virginia. randy. >> and massachusetts voters go to the polls tomorrow as they are expected to do that in small numbers. the secretary of state, william galvin predicts as few as 8% of voters will turn out, and that's largely because of a lack of any statewide races. most lawmakers are unopposed in the primary. >> right now hundreds of
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itt tech abruptly shut down. the school closed its 130 campuses across the country leaving many students with thousands of dollars in debt and no diploma to show for it. massachusetts attorney general maura healey was among those who filed lawsuits against them earlier in the year calling it a predatory for profit school, but she offers hope for students here. >> cancel all payments to the school and save your documentation and contact our office so you can apply discharge of all of your federal loans. emily: in a statement itt says with what we believe is a complete disregard by the u.s. department of education for due process to the company, hundreds of thousands of current students and alumni and more than 8,000 employees will be negatively affected. healey says her office will announce open events that itt students can attend for assistance. randy: eight minutes after 6:00, a proposal to help deter crime in certain neighborhoods.
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plan to apply surveillance video. that money used for the cameras was approved for a gunshot detection system. the council will discuss the proposal at a future date. and also new, boston police make two more arrests tied to a murder earlier this year. nicco-ka would. n and lisa lewis were arrested in rhode island. boston police arrested a third suspect last month. >> the european union says american lobsters hurt more than their economy. the reason for a new push to ban the shellfish, and flu shots will be the way to go for kids this fall. the new finding getting flu-mist booted from some doctor's office is. randy: new this morning, finding storage in small spaces, easy ways to get organized.
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a person was found by the commuter rail tracks in austin, brighten. it's not clear how they got there or if they were hit. we'll bring you updates as we get them. cindy: the radar showing spotty showers around. some areas of mist and drizzle. fog, too, when all of this gets out of here and hot, humid weather takes a comeback. first the temperatures this morning. a lot of clouds. some rain right now in worcester. look at the temperatures running in the 60s, and in ft, to 70 as you are heading out the
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>> good morning channel 5 eyeopener. it's great to be here. welcome back. randy: indeed, i here. good morning to our friends there, and yesterday was the first day for students in grades 1-12, and kindergarten starting today. >> good luck with the school year, and the back to school is the perfect time to shoot a wakeup call for us. record it right on the phone, and then upload it to the ulocal using our app. >> it's beautiful outside. you are going back to school but it's like this, and gray and kind of damp, and drizzly.
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there you go. this is a live look over boston. just a few minutes from sunrise, but not a lot of light there on the horizon. a damp start, it's muggy. 68 degrees. you can see the humidity up high with the dewpointings running in the mid 60s. and we have a wind off the ocean and that easterly flow has brought in this moisture. so the sticky feel out there. the muggies will be with us throughout the day. it has brought in fog, too. visibility is running a few miles here on the north and it was under a half a mile at times early this morning in worcester. it has come up to two miles, but we're dealing with rain out this way, and you can see the bands of showers, light ones, have developed and they have been going towards the north and west so the steadier rain is starting to shift northwest in the worcester area but still getting in on light rain around this area towards lowell over to this area, and we have showers
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68 in plymouth on the cape. all of this is in response to hermine. circulation sitting here and spinning to the south. it's the flow that has brought in the clouds and the wet weather the past couple days. still kicking up the surf, so it's not really a beach day. if you are thinking about heading into the water, just be mindful of the fact that we're talking about the risk for rip currents being down this way and rough surf, four to six feet, and the temperatures this afternoon, do recover into the upper 70s to near 80 inland but the wind is east, northeast at 10 to 15 at the coast, so i think that mid 70s is the best that we're going to do, and we have got the wet weather around this morning but as we go towards lunchtime, we're drying out. a lot of clouds, but some breaks here and there, so a bit brighter than yesterday. at least peeks of sunshine. but can't rule out a specialty shower. you can see where they do develop. they will be few and far between. the clouds may fill back in overnight, so tomorrow we're
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the remnants of hermine start out tomorrow morning, and they get to kick out in the afternoon. this front will fumble -- funnel up more humidity. the front comes through on thursday night and westerly winds bring in heat coming up for friday, so we may make a run towards 90 degrees here on friday. if we do it it will be the 21st time in boston. most number of 90-degree days heat coming back at us. we have a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm on sunday. otherwise dry this weekend. olessa: thank you. the roads are in good shape with the volume building. a live look at the bridge and the lever connector. you can see the southbound delay in place traveling towards the bottom of the screen. let's get to the maps. we're watching one accident. this is on 128. expect one lane to be closed, and there will be delays on the opposite side of the road.
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northbound. stop and go out of brockton, and expressway now a half-hour from braintree into boston, and west, 15 to 20 on the pike, 495 to 128. 93 south, a slow ride as you travel out of methuen. and from there heading south down to the lever connector, stop and go, and so far minor delays on the blue line and everything else running on schedule. there is a second hearing on the state's new tolling plan that will be held tonight in lynn. last night commuters were concerned that some driv central mass will, actually, pay more, up to 20 cents a trip. open tolling will begin on october 28, and do you have something that you want to know about your commute? you can ask me, email me at, and i will get answers for you and share them right here on the eyeopener. emily: your health this morning. the flu-mist may not be an option. pediatricians say that's because it's just not working. doctors recommend that every
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protect not just your family but those around you. the flu shot is not 100% effective even if people get the vaccine, everyone's protection increases. >> it maybe true, their child would do ok but what about their neighbor's newborn and their grandmother? they may not do well with the flu. if you get it or your kid gets it, you could give it to them. >> leading medical experts say that everyone should get vaccinated by october. y: damage to the crops is now estimated to be about $14 million. there is some help on the way for farmers in four counties. they are qualifying for federal natural disaster aid. other counties are expected to be added to this list in the coming days. and the european union is reviewing a proposal, just a proposal at this point, to ban imported lobsters from new england and canada. this dispute started after
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they say posed is a threat to the local sea life, american and canadian lobsters make up 200 million worth of exports into the e.u. each year, and fishermen here say a ban would devastate the industry. and a check of the markets. asian shares, mostly unchanged in the overnight hours after a week report on the service companies. right now stock futures here are higher. and today gallop is expected to realize the u.s. job creations index which will conditions. >> seems like everybody in boston moved on that infamous september 1 lease date and now thousands of people are unpacking figuring out where to put everything in those tiny studios and one bedrooms, but organizing a small apartment is easier than you might think if you get creative. >> producer sarah has a one bedroom in brighten with too
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sarah gives the place a once-over starting with the closet. >> you are making good use of the vertical space by having a double hanging rod. you have a bunch of stuff up here. one of the things that you could do is get some bins and put them together so that they are stacking. emily: some other tips, save space with slim line hangars rather than bulky ones, and don't forget to use the back of the door. the hooks give you a new surface. next up is rethink the furniture. try to double duty. >> anything like armoires you can use as linen storage or office supply storage, and you can use coffee tables for that, a storage bin in the hallway is perfect because then you can put shoes and coats and sweaters. emily: last but not least make wall space work for you. >> when i look at this and i look at this space, i mean, you could fit a big piece of furniture here. you have got a lot of space. so why not do something like a
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>> not a bad idea, and the use it or lose it mentality is key. if you have not used something in a year, just get rid of it. it is taking up all that precious space. randy: thanks to sarah for letting us go through her closet. this looks good. she's done well with the double rows of hangers. emily: that's the verdict. she's doing a good job. >> maybe we should get her that for christmas. randy: good idea. next time the lease is up, and what the embarrassing moment here is captured by google earth. not quite what it seems. why that man says he did not dodge the camera. antoinette antonio. antoinette: coming up at 6:30 a controversial mural of maine's governor will not come down. the image protected by leaders in portland. and a kindergartener left alone for hours. the mistake that has a school bus driver in trouble this
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>> it is 6:24 on your wednesday morning, and here we are tracking what is left of hermine. you can see the circulation well to the south but it is throwing back a lot of clouds, take a look at the radar. showers, most of them are light but a few embedded here right around westborough and over towards framingham now, and northward towards marlborough, and even some light areas of showers and drizzle up towards north redding and locally. so any rain around, hoping t they will be climbing later this week, as we get this circulation of hermine out of here, and warmer, more humid tomorrow, and the temperatures are back in the 80s, and making a run for 90 by friday. randy. >> all right, time for this morning's eyeopener. olessa, what do you have? >> how about a tropical storm in a rainforest in a desert there? the project is opening up in dubai. over 75,000 square foot rainforest, will include
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stream, and rainforest cafe, and also be a prehistoric jurassic-inspired marsh. randy: only in dubai. olessa: and this image captured by google stream is not what it seems, at least that's the story this guy is sticking to. it's hard to see but look close. you can see it on his pants. joshua says that he sold cleaner -- he spilled cleaner on himself when he was standing on this corner in houston astros. he spotted the car and decided to stay. him. where's the cleaner? >> a man comes home from vacation to find his house destroyed. the heavy equipment police say a neighbor used this to settle a fight, and a police chase, the frightening moves coming after that car stopped, and take a
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tech clever -- the sun and
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>> a warning for parents in weston. the disturbing images being sent
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campaign trail. >> the big test for both candidates today. >> head-to-head over body cameras in boston. what to expect as police head back to court. >> a local mom's back-to-school nightmare. >> my stomach was twisting and turning. >> the mistake that has a bus driver in hot water. >> she's safe. >> on the eye. randy: it's 6:30 on this wednesday morning as we head to work here, and looking across the bridge. i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer. we can see it's foggy out there. >> notice the hts were on, too, this morning. so that's an indication of the day, and another one here as you look, a red there, and we need rain ahead, and you can see just
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visibility not that bad but you get into worcester, five miles, three miles up on the north shore, so some areas of fog this morning, and some drizzle, and some mist at the bus stops here and there. kids may are -- may want the ran gear. there could be a spot shower, so you may need that rain gear this afternoon, in a few towns, right now tracking the heaviest rain, and generally what is out there is light. more moderate shower in the westborough marlborough, and you can see the areas of light rain and drizzle and showers extend towards lowell and towards newbury, so most of the activity along and north of the pike currently, but this is just the latest band of moisture pinwheeling around what's left of hermine still sitting to the south. you can see towards lunchtime a lot of the showers dry up. there might be a few breaks in
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we're getting into the 70s. the skies brighten up today, so your ride home this afternoon, may be a little drier than was we're experiencing out there now. let's get back out to the roads. a few trouble spots. >> a few problems and a lot of delays. a live look out here. the lever connector heading south. as you head north we're watching an accident on 93, let's go to the maps. 495 southbound passing by. two lanes are closed for that acci that stays in place to the lever connector. another crash by highland avenue with one lane closed, and a slow ride on the pike, 25 minutes. 495 to 128, and route 3 is slow from 225, and then as you travel north, half-hour, braintree into boston, trains and buses back on schedule. >> we're following breaking news overnight on the eye. >> and antoinette antonio has
6:33 am
underway after a person was found near the alston, brighten area, it's unclear how they got there, but they were not hit by a train. boston police held a train for three hours while they investigated. and right now police are trying to find a person who targeted teenage boys at weston high school on snap chat. the boys, all sophomores, sent photos to the person who created a fake account. it's unknown if that p and in just a matter of hours donald trump and hillary clinton will be tested taking part in a live forum on foreign policy. before that, trump is set to deliver a policy speech in philadelphia this morning. clinton has no events on the campaign trail today. however bill and chelsea clinton have events scheduled florida and in pennsylvania. emily and randy. randy: thank you. the fight over police body cameras will be back in the boston courtroom.
6:34 am
is live with the details on the evidence. >> the evidence is putting boston police union on the defensive this morning. we want to show you a notice that the union posted urging officers not to participate in the body camera pilot program until a deal is reached. then written on the top, sanction any officer who volunteers. the union says that the officers were promised that they could volunteer to wear them during a pilot program, but when nobody did, the officers, the union is denying it told officers not to take part. >> did you take any action? >> not at all ever. >> we have nothing to hide. >> this is only going to show how difficult our job is. >> the commissioner says that there are at least three local cases where video helped to vindicate boston police officers. the pilot program was supposed to start last week.
6:35 am
september 12. the aclu is now chiming in saying that body cameras should really be standard equipment like guns and badges. the hearing continues later this morning at 9:00. live in boston, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. a mother is furious after her daughter is let off a school bus even though there was no adult there for the girl. it happened on friday in east providence. the little girl was supposed to go to the ymca after-school program, and ite mistakenly put on the bus home. her daughter sat outside for three hours and was found by police. >> frustrated? that is not even the word. >> what is the word? >> terrifying. scared. emotional. >> the superintendent of east providence school says the bus driver and bus monitor were disciplined. she says the mishap was caused by a communication issue. >> police in the city of lowell
6:36 am
morning at an intersection near the hawks cafe. a end from of the victim tells newscenter 5 that she was not in the crosswalk when she was hit by a gray, possibly silver sedan that kept going. the woman went to the hospital. the victim did but has since been released. and this mural depicting maine's governor as a member of the ku klux klan is staying put for now. the mural in portland shows governor paul lepage words, racist, homophobe, and moron. the word governor has a red line across it. the spot where this popped up has been free for artists to paint on for 15 years, and city leaders say that no mural has ever been taken down because of content. >> 200 animals found in horrible conditions on a farm are going up for adoption. the animals were rescued back in july. the aspca took over care sending
6:37 am
across new england and to new york, new jersey, and maryland. police have said as many as two dozen people may face charges in connection to the farm. >> and the strike could be looming at harvard university. the employees there are threatening to walk off the job, and a disturbing confession and a child's murder will not lead to any charges. the deal made for an admitted killer. >> and ahead, a long-term risk for c-section babies. the health effects deemed linked
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> welcome back to the eyeopener. a live look outside. that's eastbound heading to the top of the screen. this stretch doesn't look too bad, we are watching a couple of accidents, including one on the pike east, just befor camera shot where one lane is closed, and i will have all the details on the other crashes coming up in just a few. cindy, kind of dreary. cindy: along and north of the pike is where we have the bulk of the showers out there, and generally light rain, some mist and drizzle but some pockets of moderate showers out through the marlborough area, spotty showers in the forecast as we go into the afternoon, as well, but probably some breaks in the clouds, and muggy today in the 70s, and look at that jump up in the temperatures. summer is back.
6:41 am
emily. emily: take a look at this. it's a police chase caught on camera in tempe, arizona. officers were after this black suv right there. several officers used their cars to block the suv from getting onto a highway, and when the car eventually stopped, someone inside started shooting. police returned fire, and the driver was killed. police think that three people in that car may have been involved in a bank robbery. and no charges for an admitted child killer in a minnesota cold ca heinrich kid -- admitted to abducting and shooting 11-year-old jacob wetterling in 1989. he made the admission as part of a plea deal on child porn charges. he'll likely spend 20 years in prison and could be civilly committed after that. jacob's mom says it was horrific to hear the details of her son's death. >> i want to tell jacob i'm so sorry. it is incredibly painful to know
6:42 am
>> a 1994 federal law named for jacob wetterling requires states to establish sex offender registry. >> zika funding killed in congress, why lawmakers would not pass it, and an iphone announcement from apple today, the feature making this model different, and plus a man bulldozes his neighbor's house. you live a portable life.
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>> 6:45, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in weston and boston and antoinette is tracking a big day in the race for the white house. >> a haze as we look out here at the city cam. >> right. >> a great start to the day. >> right, murky. >> right. >> yesterday. >> it did not brighten up at all. i think today may get a bit brighter but clouds are going to dominate, and we're still talking about what's left of hermine. can you believe this? >> no. >> she's getting out of here tomorrow but today that circulation, even though it is weakening, it is spiraling back, the clouds, obviously, and these bands of very light showers, which is what we're finding this morning, pockets of drizzle and mist, but you get a little tighter into this, and you can see just north of the worcester area, right here along the pike, we are talking about some areas where the rain is a bit more intense, especially around westborough and marlborough, and as you head up towards the actin
6:46 am
these extend eastward over to peabody and marblehead, so we are seeing a few areas of rain out there this morning, and still fog reducing the visibility back down to a half mile, and three miles in beverly, not a huge issue in boston. 68 degrees in town, and close to 70 on the cape. and a real muggy feel. by noontime it should be brighter, and there will be a lot of clouds, and just breaks of sunshine but can't rule out a spot shower. and icy, northeasterly winds at 10 to 15, so mid 70s a to 80 inland but notice how the shower activity dries up. also who it is of clouds, and again a few breaks of sunshine but a couple spot showers pop up. and i think that the clouds tend to fill back in this evening. we'll fall back into the 60s tonight but here are the remnants of hermine. by tomorrow afternoon, they are gone, the front approaches and this is going to really fuel some humid air, so it's sticky tomorrow, we're back in the 80s as the skies brighten and
6:47 am
all. and we have got rain causing issues on the roads, especially along and north of the pike. >> yes, a few problem spots, and a lot of delays, as well, a live look outside here, bumper to bumper ride traveling towards boston, so not a pretty picture, let's get to the maps and check out the rest of the incidents and travel times. watching a crash blocking two lanes in andover on 495 south by 93 and heavy delays approaching, so give yourself extra travel time. once you get past it, 93, stop and go ride down connector, and also a crash on 128 north by highland avenue, that one still clearing with heavy delays back to 95, and the pike, a half-hour, 495 to 128, and 24, slow out of brockton, delays on the expressway, a half-hour, braintree to boston. >> all right, thank you, and breaking overnight a death investigation is underway after a person was found by the commuter rail tracks in allston-brighton. the mbta says a train was not involved and is unclear how that person got there.
6:48 am
worcester bound train for three hours during the investigation. and right now police are trying to unravel a disturbing scheme involving high school students. >> and the eye's doug meehan is in weston with a warning going out. >> good morning. yes, a big wakeup call for some students and parents over their weston high after some compromising photos of boys go onto social media, the pictures, believed to be those of a few sophomores, were posted on snap chat, and an emergency meeting s and some students. police don't know if the person posting the photos actually goes to weston high however those photos are a crime. even if somebody posted pictures of themselves, it can qualify as porn. that is a felony. make that child porn, and police at this point say that they have no information whether or not any girls were targeted over there at the high school. we're live in weston, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> the debate over police body cameras heads back to court this
6:49 am
commissioner against the union. >> we have nothing to hide. this is only going to show how difficult our job is. >> there are a lot of unanswered questions still to this day about boy -- body cameras and privacy issues. >> the union is denying that it encouraged the officers not to participate in the body camera program but the city says that the union coerced officers not to volunteer. the program, of course, has been delayed right now, it is scheduled to start next week. live in boston this john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a critical moment in the fight for the white house today as both hillary clinton and donald trump take part in a forum on foreign policy, they will not be sharing the stage but this could serve as an important preview of the debates to come. the two campaigns also focusing on battleground states today. the clinton camp will be in florida and pennsylvania, and trump is set to deliver a policy speech in philadelphia today, as
6:50 am
on her use of a private email server. clinton meanwhile accusing trump of lacking any real foreign policy plans. randy: a quincy woman is expected in court today. she's charged in this alleged drunk driving crash in boston. police say the 21-year-old lily reed was drunk, but she slammed into the back of a massachusetts state police cruiser early yesterday morning. this happened on the southeast expressway, and near exit 18 in dorchester, and nobody and a dining hall at harvard university is ready to go on strike, the union that represents them is in a dispute with the university overpay and health care costs. the globe reports a no strike clause in the current contract expires september 17. those employees plan to announce their plan this afternoon at first parish. >> hingham police are looking for a band of thieves that made up with iphones.
6:51 am
swarm on monday night. the group overwhelmed employees and other shoppers cutting off security cables and running off with iphone floor samples. >> the latest iphone is expected to be unveiled today, and industry analysts say the giant has decided to phase out the old style analog hadn't jack. the earbuds will now plug into the lightning port, the one you use to charge. xt anniversary. >> there is as zika funding package after returning from a recess. republicans tacked on restrictions to planned parenthood on the same bill. the white house has been seeking funding to combat the virus since february. lawmakers expect to address the issue by the end of the month as part of a must pass stopgap spending measure. >> and congress is pushing lady with a new bill of rights for sexual assault survivors. lawmakers approved a bill to
6:52 am
a right to an evidence collection kit to be told those results and to be notified in writing before that is destroyed. and that comes a mid concerns about the number of untested rape kits across the country. the bill now heads to the senate where legislation was passed in the spring. >> a study could have women reconsidering c-sections if they are not necessary. babies delivered by the c-section are 15% more likely to become obese kids and young through the birth canal, the study also finds c-section babies are 64% more likely to be obese than siblings who were delivered naturally. researcher believe the birth canal has essential nutrients for the baby's health. and an alarming new report on child refugees, the united nations says that children forced to leave their country has doubled between 2005 and 2015, almost one in 200 children worldwide is considered a
6:53 am
children were forced to flee violence or insecurity, and the majority of them left syria and afghanistan. randy: an extreme dispute between neighbors. a tennessee man ran a bulldozer through his neighbor's house, while the neighbor was in jail. john higdon was arrested for firing his gun into the woods. he said that he was shooting at people in his backyard, while he was in jail, edgar mcclellan ran a bulldozer into his home. both are >> the red sox move back into a tie for first place in the a.l. east as they cruise to a victory. clay buchholz stifling san diego from the mound. he pitched six plus solid innings with six strikeouts. the sox had five runs between the fourth and the fifth inning. 5-1 the final. the series' finale is tonight at 9:10. if you just got home, need harmon killebrew's golden girl is talking -- needham's golden
6:54 am
challenge. >> i am really excited. i thought i was in the best shape of my life in 2012, and i am better now so i am excited to see what will happen in 2020. >> yes, of course you will be in better shape. >> better with age. >> her parents will be joining her on the today show to talk about their infamous nerves when she competes, and wait until you see the scare that ellen gave them. you can see it all on ellen today at 3:00 right here edition and newscenter 5 at 4:30. >> and i noticed that ellen was wearing one of her medals, did you see that? that has to be neat. >> indeed. >> i'm not giving this back. sorry. thank you. so it's a busy ride this morning. we have got delays in place here on the lever connector. slow trip heading southbound. this is what we're seeing across the board. let's get to the maps and check out your ride. we have a couple of accidents. 495 southbound, a crash blocking
6:55 am
and 93 is heavy all the way down to the lever connector, and also watching a crash on the pike. eastbound right over by the market street, one lane is closed and another accident is still working on 128 north. delays back to 95. and the pike, almost a half-hour, 495 to 128, and if you are heading south delays on 24 out of brockton, expressway still heavy, 30-minute ride, so far trains and buses are back on schedule. not the prettiest day this morn worcester area, not as big of an issue in boston but an ulgy start. you can see the clouds and the rain falling. most of it is north and west of the city right now. all of this is pinwheeling around. in the worcester area, it's lighter area but at hudson, we are looking at moderate downpours. you can see right now north of the city towards revere and peabody we are looking at a decent downpour as well. and then especially out towards southboro, you can see the
6:56 am
towards clinton, so the rain is out there, a muggy start, and in the 60s right now. we'll come up into the 70s this afternoon. you can see the wettest period is this morning. we get into the afternoon. the clouds may break for a bit of sunshine. the temperatures may climb into the upper 70s away from the coastline. the wind keeps it cooler along the waters' edge. this is a function of what's left of hermine spinning to the south, so it's kicking up the surf. not really a beach day but if you are heade high surf advisory and a high risk for rip currents. see how the showers dry up, but a lot of clouds, a few breaks of sunshine, and a spot shower risk right on into the afternoon hours, and we'll see things improve tomorrow as hermine gets out of here, so we'll start out with clouds, maybe a spot shower but look at the temperatures coming up into the afternoon, back into the 80s. the skies brighten, and then on friday we heat it up. a summer feel, and the temperatures up around 90 degrees, and still in the 80s this weekend.
6:57 am
morning with maybe a spot shower or a thunderstorm. otherwise drying things out, and summer back in full swing towards the end of the week and the weekend. >> all right. thank you. and if you are heading out remember have our app with you. randy: we'll see you again
6:58 am
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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton on attack. >> the secret is he has no plan. >> putin looks at her and he laughs, okay. >> trading sharp jabs over her e-mail, his taxes and isis. a war of words even before the debate. >> tropical storm alert. newton heading for arizona on its way to making history as the southwest and the midwest brace for dangerous rain and flash floods. fox news fallout. former anchor gretchen carlson gets $20 million in a massive settlement after those bombshell sexual harassment allegations against ex-chief roger ailes. the secret recordings that could be behind the deal and why is another top star leaving unexpectedly. and get ready to dance from


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