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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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of the breaking news. the driver in a deadly crash at the newton pizza shop has been indicted. >> mary is live with new details. mary? >> yeah. j.c. and ben that crash happened six months ago. if you look behind me you can see the rebuilding and the recovery is still going on. the restaurant here on washington street still has not reopened. their front windows still boarded up, where that suv crashed through the march 1. two people died that day. seven others were injured. and the big news coming out of the middlesex d.a.'s office late this afternoon is that the driver of that suv, 55-year-old bradford casler of newton, has been indicted by a grand jury. here are the charges. two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating to endanger. let me tell you, we're working
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family and survivors. they talked to the driver, brad casler, but did -- they tried to cass lar but she was not home. 32 year old greg remiele was an attorney in boston. he also died at the scene and we just spoke to the restaurant owner. she declined to go also could not tell me when sweet potatoes will reopen. if you look, there are some work crews that are erecting more pylons that will surround this part. hopefully prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. it was the driver who went sailing through this intersection and then just slammed right through the front windows causing death and destruction on march 1. more coming up on newscenter 5 at 6:00.
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news in hingham. >> three firefighters have been hurt in a house fire. david? david: good afternoon. from the outside you can see that the home doesn't appear to be too badly damaged. unfortunately, three firefighters are all described as having relatively minor injuries. rieder yeah from our partners shows flames shooting from the one firefighter suffered from heat exhaustion, he's from nor well. another cut his hand and a third twisted his ankle, both from hingham. the fire chief tells us the person who lives upstairs here was moving out and that created a virtual obstacle course for firefighters. >> because the person was moving out of the house, there was a lot of congestion inside house at the time that the fire started. it definitely impeded us moving hose lines inside the building.
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get out now. everybody out. like really loud. it made me look out my window. i was worried about a gas leak or something. >> here's another look at the video shot. >> investigators are trying to come to pinpoint where and how this fire started. at this point, he says, it looks like an accident. >> live in hingham, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> right now police are vetting after a college student was found dead near commuter rail tracks in brighton. student at boston university. lamb p reid live. what have you learned? >> it was preventable. a student new to the area illegally walked on to tracks killed by a passing train. >> this is where transit police believe the b.u. freshman accessed the train tracks in. doing so the 17-year-old walked past signs clearly indicating no
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fences, which separate the tracks from the street. >> we believe that this is just a tragic, horrendous accident. >> not suicide. >> we don't believe so. >> not drinking? >> no, there is no foul play suspected in this death. >> it was just before midnight last night. transit police responding to a report of a body along the tracks beneath the mass pike and just steps away from the arena. it appears the student from china was walking along the right-of-way when he came into contact with an commuter train. contrary to popular belief police say you don't hear trains approaching until it's literally too late. >> we try to tell the public this often and as loudly as we can, this is something that is very, very dangerous. >> police believe tinge near of the train that hit the student had no knowledge of the accident. 38 passengers on the next underbound train ordered to remain on-board for roughly three hours. until police could wrap up highlights investigation.
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investigations, that they are going to be inconvenienced but it's our job to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible. >> and just how fast that commuter train was moving and which specific train it was still being investigated by police. live in boston, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the fate of a body camera program for the boston police department is now in the hands of a judge the patrolman union's wants to delay the pilot program citing a number of issues including a actually put officers in danger. the police commissioner wants to move ahead. >> we don't know what's going happen when that officer walked out on the street with a body camera on. >> we've really gone slow over the last 12 months to the point we're ready to roll this up. >> the judge says he'll have a decision by the end of the week. evans says he'll launch the program on money if approved. >> a man who confessed to killing his teenage daughter
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being held without bail. tonight, walter de silva smirked during his court appearance. let's get to rhondella richardson. she's live for u.s. in new bedford. rhondella? >> we have a little bit more on the motive. the daughter, victim was spending more time with her boyfriend, an older man, and the defendant in corporate papers says he was going to ruin her. that the sdhooefl take her. >> 45-year-old walter de silva entered cour grin. a smile as he was arraigned for the july 3 murder of his 19-year-old daughter sabrina. prosecutors say he shot her multiple times in her new bedford apartment complex parking lot. it was all caught on surveillance video. >> striking her in the face. when she turned to run, striking her seven times in the back. >> her family wiped tears, walter de silva also served eight to 10 years for the attempted murder of sabrina's mom. he's been deported to brazil
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murder and led police to the murder weapon. he told friends he was mad at his daughter for cancelling her visit with him for father's day. he was also angry that she was dating a 54-year-old married man. >> base on that disrespect, and that disrespect alone, he took it upon himself to obtain a firearm that he was planning on killing not only sabrina, but the man she was time, older male. he didn't have any respect for her dating an older man. >> the smiling and grinning continued in court. the defense is asking for a mental health evaluation. >> walter de silva had two aliases, likely delaying his arrest. in court papers he said my head is not right and his daughter called him an assassin, psycho,
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newscenter 5. >> man accused of posting as an uber driver is accused of assaulting a student. 18-year-old samuel is being held without bail. he sexually assaulted a female student saturday night. he allegedly offered the victim a free ride and police believe he may have approached other students. >> police are investigating a bomb threat at a high school. newscenter 5 has learned a call was made to the school just after 10:00 this morning. state police found. the school was not evacuated. >> harvey joins us now. 24 hours ago we were talking about hermean. 24 hours before that we were talking about hermine. still here. >> a week ago we were talking about hermine. you're right. still there. there is still a little bit of a swirl. still a little bit of a circulation, over the water, weakening, getting smaller and whatever is left will go somewhere near nantucket.
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>> no, but still a few showers are around, and the only other thing of significance, and this we've been telling you about, of course, every single day, even today, a high surf advisory until 6:00 for the south coast. in the vineyard as well as nantucket. here are some showers. some pretty good ones. western rhode island moving into eastern connecticut, between providence and cranston, rhode island. a few just north of foxborough. a little shower around bridgewater. rotating in. it's still the circulation of the weakening post tropical hermine. a little closer look at a few of the showers we just pointed out. i want you to be alert, if you'll be out tonight or tomorrow morning, even though most of the time it will be rain-free a couple of showers could swing in. clouds will come back. low clouds and fog for part of the area overnight into tomorrow but tomorrow afternoon, it looks like somewhat drier air comes in and it will punch more sunshine in here and the temperature will start to respond. especially inland.
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sea breeze. right now it's 72 in boston with the wind off the water but it's 83 in hartford, connecticut. as we check out the next 12 hours, only dropping into the upper 60s. >> we'll let you know when the big warm-up is moving in, in a few minutes. >> commitment 2016. donald trump says he'll come up with a plan 3w07b days of take office to defeat isis. janet reports in a speech aimed at beefing up his n managed to take a lot of swipes at hillary clinton. >> donald trump stuck to the teleprompter for the most part but his biggest promise asking military leaders to come up with a plan 3w07b days of being elected to defeat isis. >> we want to avoid and prevent conflict through our unquestioned military strength. >> currently the country's military spends more than $600
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says he'll come up with more cash by cutting government bureaucracy and unleashing the country's energy resources but much of his attempt to build his foreign policy credentials focused on attacking hillary clinton. >> her legacy in iraq, libya, syria, has produced only turmoil and suffering and death. >> anyone who says they can get a plan to defeat isis in 30 days can't be taken seriously. anybody who says they will use nuclear weapons against anyone let alone seriously. >> and while trump didn't offer a plan to beef up the nation's cybersecurity -- >> hillary clinton has taught us really how vulnerable we are in cyberhacking. that's probably the only thing that we've learned from hillary clinton. >> i think he committed it together nicely. he basically said we have a lot of enemies out there. hillary clinton put us at risk by exposing herself to hacking. >> trump also reversed his position on automatic
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five years ago. today he said, if elected, he'll ask congress to lift those automatic cuts on the military. both he and clinton will speak on the same stage separately tonight, on the challenges of being commander-in-chief. >> a dramatic rescue in the waters of lake michigan caught on camera. >> a father and son caught in a rip current. the alert lifeguard that saved their lives. is now talking about that dangerous rescue. >> this sunday marks 15 years since the 9/11 attacks. >> let's take a look at traffic on this wednesday night. southeast expressway moving slow headed out of town. not too bad. let's go to the machine and see how things are moving around treej. here we are on the southeast expressway. usually half an hour. 31 minutes, headed north, upper deck to 128. 28 minutes. the pike out to newton corner. you're looking at exactly 15 minutes right now.
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495, not bad ride. nice 20 minutes and 495 is in pretty good shape. seven minutes as you head north from the pike up to 290.
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>> take a look at the flames. fire crews near cape may, new jersey, fought this fire. the flames shooting 30 feet into the air. apparently this used to be a toll bridge, a toll booth that caught on fire. the bridge deck has already been taken out. the bridge has been closed for a couple of years.
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bring in all sorts of fire boats a. dramatic rescue on lake michigan. sheri was walking along the beach when she saw a father and son struggling. she's former lifeguard, and she put her training to use. >> i never intended on going out there. i only went out because the father was in distress. i was padding focusing on holding the daupd. he was in shock at that point. >> just then a boater pulled up and tossed another life jacket into the water. he and the local sheriff's department eventually were able to pull the father and son to safety. >> that's good to hear. can i tell you, i saw a little sun today. yes, i did. very exciting. >> i think right now in boston
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>> it was encouraging because i know hermine is still there and still has influence. >> you know it's a little more tropical now because you can be like sunny one minute and a little shower the next. it's still swirling around, but only kind of disappearing slowly with time and the shower activity has been decreasing. but we still have a little bit of it here. here's the biggest thing still. it's the surf, and especially across southern rhode island, the south coast of massachusetts and the islands. you can see, that's where we still have a high surf advisory until 6:00. even to be somewhat choppy from the storm. >> here's some downpours or showers at least moving into eastern connecticut. another one just moved through attleboro. close to smithfield, rhode island. a little one just north of foxborough. most of these are little light small moving pretty quickly. one or two rains a little harder for a couple of moments. outer circulation of what's left of hermine and the little swirl will spin northeastward but probably full apart completely
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close to nantucket, as just a little swirl of clouds. no big deal that will be tomorrow. we still have clouds and a couple of showers around through tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, we'll actually start increasing the sunshine and increasing the temperature. especially away from the shoreline. now, there are a couple of showers that could rumble north of us but i don't see much here and a lot of sunshine from midday friday, and friday afternoon, when it could be pretty warm. i'm not saying it will be ims in july and august but it will be very warm to hit on friday. right now the ocean breeze has it in the low 70s in boston but well away from the coast. it's above 80 degrees. a tip-off of what's coming. but it is a little bit muggy. a little uncomfortable bought it's tropical. temperatures tonight mostly 65 to 70, and then they bump up some foam. upper 70s for the coastline but low to mid 80s over the interior. even tomorrow, before the day is
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close to 90 come friday. there is a lot of warmth around. look at washington, chicago, kansas city, nashville, all near or above 90 degrees. so we'll share in some of that warmth there. goes the remnants of hermine. more humid weather come in. this front, that's the one that could give a shower north of us tomorrow evening, and then behind that front, on friday afternoon, initially, it's still quite warm. then it's a little bit cooler for friday night and saturday. then ae a period, of cloudiness on saturday, maybe a shower. sunday, cold front comes through in the morning. shower or thunderstorm is possible. not definite. and then sunshine takes over for sunday afternoon. still pretty warm, in the 80s. lowering humidity, a great stretch of weather for the first couple of days next week. full sunshine, very pleasant and dry. and we could be way up in the 80s again by wednesday of next week. kind of like the summer that doesn't want to end. j.c. and ben.
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rain would be nice. >> come on. the temperatures? >> lovers rejoicing tonight. a round in of improvements. all the information. up next, upgrade being made to the next iphone. i do like this, popular video game coming along as well. >> new 59 -- at 5:30, walgreens working to fight the opioids epidemic. >> new at 6:00, boston grand prix show cars on the auction block the winning bid and the latest on the investigation to pay people back after the failed
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>> a cell phone without a headset jack. >> apple held a big event today
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with all the much anticipated details. ed: in the end there is one major change that everyone is talking about and it has to do with this connection right here. >> expectations are running high as apple announced its new product on wednesday the most anticipated? >> it's the best iphone that we have ever created. >> apple's iphone 7 and 7 plus. the water resistant iphones will come with redesigned sensitive home button, longer battery life than any previous models, and the most talked about new feature -- >> we're taking the headphones in the iphone 7 and 7 plus. the elimination of the iphone jack. instead it will come with ear pods.
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jack is controversial for a few weeks. maybe a few months but anyone who eventually upgrades to the new phone will have to adapt. >> apple watch is also getting an upgrade. the first since its lawn in which 2014. it's swim proof and has a built-in gps. >> those white things are not just headphones, a fashion statement. pre-orders for the new iphone start this friday and be prepared for. this they start at $650 with high storage models more. >> come on. >> $650. >> i'll stick with my old one, thank you. it still works. >> as we continue on newscenter 5. >> power plant shut down again. the issue forcing the second closure in less than three weeks. >> in your health, managing your medicine, how a popular app can
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>> although the city in boston agree to test voluntary use of body comras, as managed between the city and unions often do this one will be decided in court. it shouldn't need judicial review the agreement, 100 officers would be selected from a pool of anticipated volunteers.
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evans, to select a hundred from a membership. he had posted notices warning members to stay on the sidelines, solidifying their ranks against use of the cameras. how else to explain the lack of even one officer's willingness to test a system although in use in around the country. >> body am ras help eliminate disputes between police and citizens. on interactions which go south. they protect the police as well as citizens, disputes before escalation. in boston, where the police have successfully navigated troubled waters affecting other cities, video has helped to prove the police version of two shootings and maintained order. boston remains just one heated and disputed incident away from the civil unrest that's afflicted other dmunts after police involved shootings. unwillingened to wear cameras even in a limited test form sends the wrong signal. such rest sense is in stark
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and ininnovative community outreach programs conducted by the police department and is more likely to chip away at favorable relations between boston's residents and a police force that's worked hard to keep the peace. >> this is wcvb newscenter 559:30. 5 investigates the first to report a driver indicted for the restaurant. casler is charged with motor vehicle homicide. he drove the suv into the sweet tomatoes restaurant in march killing two inside. how it happened is not revealed. >> a bank robbery suspect considered armed and dangerous is behind bars. police say he was arrested in westborough today. he's accused in a robbery last month. police say he got away when they
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during the search as a precaution. >> kind of a strange day. a little chile. muggy, then kind of warm. >> yes. >> weird. but as hermine departs it shouldn't come as a surprise. >> even a couple of showers thrown in. hermine is still there, a little circulation but much weak than it once was, but you can see a little bit of moisture moves in. we have a few showers around. notice one right around this area. another there you attleboro a short time ago. a couple of showers rotating through but they are not long lasting in any one spot. so this continues on into tomorrow morning. then we're going to start to see more sunshine come tomorrow afternoon. that's important, because temperatures will start warming up. but right now the biggest effect is the high surf advisory still in effect for the south connectivity of massachusetts, rhode island, as well as the vineyard and nantucket until


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