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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  September 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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during the search as a precaution. >> kind of a strange day. a little chile. muggy, then kind of warm. >> yes. >> weird. but as hermine departs it shouldn't come as a surprise. >> even a couple of showers thrown in. hermine is still there, a little circulation but much weak than it once was, but you can see a little bit of moisture moves in. we have a few showers around. notice one right around this area. another there you attleboro a short time ago. a couple of showers rotating through but they are not long lasting in any one spot. so this continues on into tomorrow morning. then we're going to start to see more sunshine come tomorrow afternoon. that's important, because temperatures will start warming up. but right now the biggest effect is the high surf advisory still in effect for the south connectivity of massachusetts, rhode island, as well as the vineyard and nantucket until
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come. we'll tell you all about that and how warm it will get at the end of the week if a little while. >> new at 5:30, a popular pharmacy joining the opioid crisis. >> newscenter 5 is live in quincey with details. sean? sean: last year 1,500 people in massachusetts died from opioids, so today walgreen's rolled >> this metal locked box just became a step in fighting opioid abuse. >> the epidemic associated with this stuff is real. >> walgreen's became the first major company tole are out these drugs, take back boxes, 13 in the state, 500 across the country, adding to the list of places people can safely get rid of unused and unwanted prescription drugs g. some people may want go to the police departments, and they are comfortable doing that.
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and we think that makes all the sense in the world. >> keeping those unused medications out of the hands of anyone who might intentionally misuse them. >> there are far too many people in massachusetts who leave that stuff lying around, because, who knows, someday they might need it. and there are real consequences to that. >> security cameras watch over each box and the company promises to keep the boxes secure. >> it's only open while the ma hours -- in some of our locations where the storm is open longer than the pharmacy this will not have access. it will be locked. >> the company also says those boxes will be emptied every 30 days. live in quincey, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> thank you. new numbers show massachusetts is well below the national average when it comes to deporting undocumented immigrants. a review found last year the bay state deported just 26.9% of
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that's the lowest of any state. far lower than the national average of 46.4%. the herald reports it's a rate that's dropped every year since 2006 when 80.5% were deported. an alarming new report on child refugees. the united nations says children forced to leave their country has doubled between 2005 and 2015. almost one in 200 children worldwide is considered a refugee. the u.n. claims 28 million the majority of child refugees left syria and afghanistan. >> another unplanned shutdown for the preliminary nuclear power plant in plymouth. the nuclear regulatory commission says water levels at the plant spiked unexpectedly in the reactor pressure vessel yesterday. water is pumped into the reactor vessel so it can be boiled and converted into steam to generate electricity. the company that owns the plant said no one was at risk.
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mid-august for repairs following the failure of a main steam isolation valve. >> registration opens next monfort 2017 boston marathon. organizers say the same rolling registration method will be used again beginning with the fastest qualifiers. >> they have exceeded their age and gender qualifying standards by 20 minutes or more. that's a lot of time in america. will get the first shot. the 121st running of the marathon will be on april 17, 2017. i think those qualifications times are already hard enough. >> impossible for most. >> beat it by 20 minutes to get a good shot. >> i know. >> it's tough. >> frustration growing on capitol hill. >> another failed fight to get funding for the zika
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>> with congress back in session, they are passing a law to keep the government open past october 30 and also the two side can't agree on a bill. >> seven months after president obama requested funding, the fighting continues on capitol hill. >> the stalemate has been over where the money should go, how much money there should be and where the money comes from. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> on tuesday senate democrats blocked the $1.1 billion zika measure because the bill includes other provisions including restrictions on planned parenthood.
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clean bill to the floor. >> they are demanding a bill that deals with zika and nothing else. law makers will have to figure out a compromise. >> this is an issue we'll have to resolve this month. but just so you know, house did its job and the senate has been blatantly political with zika funding. >> we're now finally starting to see efforts by republicans to say, look, let's drop these so-called partisan poison pills and get the funding out. >> they have flee weeks to approve spending to keep the government running past september 30. >> i'm in the process of discussing with senator reid and the white house the way forward and we hope to be able to resolve it. >> we hope to get something done quickly. >> lawmakers are hopeful they can pass a short term funding measure to keep the government funded, to avoid a shutdown before the election. >> wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the majority of humpback
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endangered species list. their numbers have grown significantly since a ban on commercial whaling nearly 50 years ago prompting the change. the change applies to nine of the 14 whale populations. four will remain on the endangered list including some that do inhabit u.s. waters. >> whenever i see video of humpback whales i think of "star trek" four. featured in the movie. >> they are, if you haven't seen it. >> still to come, a bizarre drug bust off the australian sydney airport. >> a traveler arrested for where they were found concerns police. >> harv: if you're looking for the feel of fall you won't find it here in the next few days. look at the temperature in toronto right now. 93 degrees. we'll let four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts
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fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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. >> the coast guard searching for a cruise ship fell overboard. the unidentified 32 year old woman fell from the 11th deck of the ecstasy ship. it appears the woman may have jumped the cruise ship had left nassau and was en route to charleston, south carolina. a collision of two mall planes over western georgia has left three people dead this evening. the accident happened know a rural airport. a witness says the two single-engine planes may have been trying to land at the same time. both pilots and the passenger on
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one else was involved. they are investigating. >> the inquiry into a police chase in los angeles. the driver was caught on camera blowing through stop signs. it ended here when he slammed interest a light pole and dragged that for several feet before stopping. the front portion of the car started smoking, and smoking, ann the driver jumped out, falling face down on the pavement. he was quickly taken into custody. an australian man under arrest tonight after admitting to investigators of cocaine. investigators at sydney airport say the man was so uncomfortable after a nine hour flight from thailand he confessed to swallowing the drugs even after passing a bag am examination. needed to have surgery to remove all the drugs. only some of them are seen here, you can imagine. >> a piece of history. a section of steel beam from ground zero of in new york is headed north to canada after de parring fwhnt morning, the two foot long beam section was tan
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it will end up in newfoundland where hundreds of flights and thus of passengers were diverted on 9/11. the convoy is joined by firefighters from four states who want to say thank you. >> it's just a way to help to bring this piece up to canada to show their gratitude, to show them support that we haven't forgotten and we won't forget because that's what we do. we just never forget. >> tonight that section of beam will stop in maine and then canada tomorrow. >> does it overwhelm you that it's been 15 years. >> hard to believe. >> 15 years. >> i do remember that day, such a vibrantkler fall day. >> yes. no one will fo-- vibrant clear . >> yes. >> no one will forget it. >> we had a little downpour that's formed right between
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heavy rain. very small little cell and moving off to the west-southwest with time. it's all around the outer circulation of what's new a much, much weaker posttropical storm, hermine small little cel moving off to the but it still shows up. here's the area of low pressure. most of the swirl is just low cloudiness now. not too much wind associated with it and not even that much moisture. what's left of it will meander northeastward but actual davis pate completely during the day tomorrow. but still, a lot of clouds rotating, and a couple of showers rotating from southeast to northwest that would be the exception more than the rule. then tomorrow afternoon, i think skies start to brighten and once they do the temperature will start to respond. because there is a lot of warm air around. 89 in washington. was in the low the exception mo. and it's 93 in toronto. matches the 93 down in knoxville, tennessee. knoxville, tennessee, and raleigh, north carolina, not as
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september. but, look at the temperatures along the water's edge, in the 70s. even though it's not that warm, it has a little bit of a tropical feel now, the air has become more humid and it will stay that way tomorrow, and you can see low 80s already in hartford where it could be pushing 90 tomorrow. the rest of cues be pushing 90 on friday. just a spot shower is possible. otherwise, we drop only into the upper 60s for tonight. right now, if you check this out in terms of how it feels and you find it feeling a little bitten comfortable, reason why. we have rather humid air that has settled into the region that also could result in some low clouds and fog again overnight tonight. a bit of mist into tomorrow morning. >> here your high temperatures tomorrow. they will be up several degrees from today, and i mentioned, hartford and springfield could be close to 90 degrees with that afternoon sunshine, as this wedge of warmth begins to build into the region. then there will be a front that crosses the region but it's a very, very weak one.
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plenty of sunshine for midday and friday afternoon, with very warm temperatures as well. so check it out. about 84 tomorrow. a little cooler right at the shoreline and around 90 on friday. that's a pretty toasty day i think you will admit on friday. saturday could have a spot shower but do i believe most of the day will be rain-free. here's a look at your weekend on the cape. saturday was the day that had some clouds. maybe a spot shower but friday is pretty warm and sunday, after a possible brief shower or thunders, up in the lakes region and in the mountains to the north, a few showers on saturday. friday is look going and sunday is looking good as well. sunday will be just slightly cooler up to the north and also be a wee bit cooler early next week. that doesn't last either and another stretch of sunny, dry weather comes in for the flafl of next week. there is still no true change in this pattern which still features rainfall being way under average. of course, as soon as i see pattern change, somewhere down the road it will happen.
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over the next seven days, one or two chances but no widespread continuous heavy rain rainfall is indicated at this time. >> something is rising in maine. farmers growing wheat, grinding flour and bakers turning local ingredients into gourmet creations. it's the revival of an old industry and proof is in the bread at portland's standard baking company. >> now we have access to almost all of our raw ingredients for locally. we can use corn, rye, sweet, heritage varieties. >> allison is the owner of standard baking company. she fell in love with artisan bread making before it gained popularity in the u.s. >> i've had bread in france, and saw the level of quality with french bakers. i was amazed by what you can do
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texture and consistency, that could you achieve. >> her love of french bread is evident in her baking. one of her most popular loafs, french sour dough bread. >> this is a versatile bread. 100% local, single variety wheat. slowly fermented over 2 1/2 days. i find the easiest way to cut a round loaf is to place it >> we look at the crumbs. for an open structure, a nice creamier color to send the aromas out. we squeeze the bread. it has a complex flavor of the grain. >> i find this to be a great all-around bread. the fact that it doesn't have chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients, to me it makes it one of the healthiest foods. >> it all looks so good.
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"chronicles" goes into the kitchens to see how an old industry is getting new life. >> it's hard to believe it was more than seven years ago the miracle on the hudson took our breath away and now the story of that landing on the frigid river on that january day is hitting the big screen. the movie is called solly. it recounts the day back in 2009, played by tom hanks, when he managed to land his jet in the hudson river right next to everybody on-board was rescued. no one injured. at last night's premier, sully spoke about the post dramatic stretch. >> i couldn't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. distracted thinking. the what if, second-guessing, elevated rate in blood pressure for many months. >> a flock of birds affected the plane. it hits theaters on friday. so not only did apple announce
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announced a new partnership with nintendo. the new game, super mario run. coming to iphone, it's previously resisted releasing mario. >> mario. >> i go back and forth. >> game to mobile phone. you'll be able to play pokemon go on the next generation apple watch. >> people still talking about pokemon go. >> and our home ground olympic hero, aly raisman. she had a little fun over the intense reaction to ali's routine. >> right there. >> and who was more scared, you or rick? >> alex looks like he's going to throw up. >> you don't instill confidence in your daughter. >> she also told ellen she intends to compete at the tokyo
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>> that's so much commit some far ahead. i think she said she'll take a year off but then three more years of hard labor. >> good for her. >> next in your health, managing your medicine. >> how a popular app can track pills for everybody in your family. >> on newscenter 5 tonight at 6:00, a story that 5 investigates first broke. the driver in the deadly sweet tomatoes crash is now facing charges. new at 6:00, we're hearing from the mother of one of the victims. >> they don't have engines or even pedals for that cars are still bringing in a lot of money at auction. 5 investigates where it will go. >> a new home for this dog whose former owner was charged with horrific abuse. how love is helping him heal, and the challenges that he still faces. >> he was fired for sharing his personal views. now curt schilling is getting
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illness one of the most difficult questions to answer may be, did you take your pill? 125,000 patients die annually from failing or sometimes just forgetting their medicine. heather takes a closer look at a popular app that makes it easier to remember your pill. >> it's part of the daily routine. take prescribed pills for weeks
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to stay on their medication day in and day out. it could be a number of years. >> john is marketing executive for a popular app for managing medicines. >> in the united states alone 125,000 people die annually from nonadherence. that's one patient every four minutes. and there are hundreds of thousands of overdosage emergencies. >> it helps people to stay on track. >> you add all the medications you're taking. it organizes them according to timing and gives you specific reminders for each. >> those remindkers be customized. >> patients confirm they took the dose and the app asks -- >> sometimes we go through the motions. >> the app also allows customers to manage medicines, not just for themselves but children and
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feature called med friend works best for monitoring cleaning students, elderly parents, and other family members requiring more independence. >> you invite somebody, fanned they miss their medicine, they are notified. >> making sure everything is okay is the best medicine. >> piece of mind goes along with that for people who understand the consequences. if you take too much or too li is working on new technology that could track whether a patient even opened a prescription bottle and actually removed the bill. >> high-tech stuff. >> good to know. the mother of one of the victims in that sweet tomatoes crash is reacting to news the driver has been charged. >> just in for news in us at 6:00. >> break news in that deadly sweet tomatoes crash. >> the charges just filed against the driver. >> boston grand prix property auctioned off.
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>> tracking the last of the hermine leftovers and when september heat will move in >> on the field in foxborough. >> life without brady. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> break news, driver who smashed into a mutton restaurant killing two people has just been indicted. he's facing several charges in the sweet >> including motor vehicle homicide and we have live team coverage including new emotional reaction from the mother of one of the victims. >> we begin tonight with mary. she's live at the scene. >> it's been six months since that horrific crash. if you look behind me at the restaurant on washington street you can see the building and recovery continues the restaurant is still not reopened. the front window still boarded
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>> a deadly day that still haunts many newton residents. the day an suv slammed into sweet tomatoes pizza shop killing two people and injuring seven more. now we've learned the driver, 55-year-old bradford casler of newton, will face charges. 5 investigates was first alerted of the grand jury's indictment. the charges, two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating to endanger. cass lar had been driving down us which net street when his crashed through the front window of the restaurant. >> 57-year-old elmore miele of watertown and 32-year-old gregory morin of newton died at the scene. he was an attorney in boston. she was picking up pizza to take to her church gathering that night. >> off-camera the restaurant owner declined to comment on the indictment. she could not say exactly when sweet tomatoes will reopen. >> 5:00 investigates has also been looking into the driving record of brad casler.
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in brockline for failing to stop or yield. he fought that citation but in court on may 9, jaung found him responsible for failing to stop. the d.a.'s office has not announce ad court date yesterday for the sweet tomatoes crash. we're live in ought ton to, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> thank you. new at 6:00, we continue our team coverage from newton. >> i'm here on street. this was miele's childhood bearish. she was on her way to make easter baskets for the poor when she stopped for a quick pizza. her mother still lives in the neighborhood. >> elmore desmond's daughter killed at sweet tomatoes six months ago. >> he says, mom, i have horrible news for you. elmore is dead, killed by a


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