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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in brockline for failing to stop or yield. he fought that citation but in court on may 9, jaung found him responsible for failing to stop. the d.a.'s office has not announce ad court date yesterday for the sweet tomatoes crash. we're live in ought ton to, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> thank you. new at 6:00, we continue our team coverage from newton. >> i'm here on street. this was miele's childhood bearish. she was on her way to make easter baskets for the poor when she stopped for a quick pizza. her mother still lives in the neighborhood. >> elmore desmond's daughter killed at sweet tomatoes six months ago. >> he says, mom, i have horrible news for you. elmore is dead, killed by a
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57 years old, she was waiting for pizza when the suv careened through the front window. >> it's been horrible ever since. every day, but the only thing that keeps me going is my faith. that's my faith in christ, and he's the only one that has brought me through this. >> mrs. desmond has been waiting for this day and u.s. in that the -- news that the man >> i don't even -- i'm just sad that, you know, i don't feel anger. i don't know what anger is. i never was angry in my life. >> what mrs. desmond does feel is a terrible sense of loss. she and her daughter spoke several times today. she tells me she misses eleanor terribly. >> live in newton. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> also breaking at 6:00 tonight, this surveillance video just released.
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lowell. if you take another look, camera capturing the moment when the 19-year-old is struck at the intersection near the hawk's cafe. a friend says she was not in the crosswalk when capturing the moment when the . a gray or silver colored sudan. the woman went to the hospital but has since been released. >> also breaking, three firefighters taken to the hospital after this raging house fire. newscenter 5's david live at the scene for us. david what can you tell us? you might be surprised to see from the outside at least the damage her at this house doesn't look to be too bad. and fortunately, the three firefighters who went to the hospital are described as having relatively minor injuries. take a look at. this video from our partners at the ledger shows flames shooting from the upstairs windows of this two family home on elm street in hingham. one of the firefighters appeared to be suffering from heat
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person was moving out with the help of movers at the time of the fire. >> the report was the homeowner actually smelled some smoke. they weren't able to find anything. the movers didn't smell the smoke and 20 minutes later the moves came down after moving boxes out of the attic and they saw dark smoke in the living area of the house. >> here's another look at the fire in video shot by the police department. the fire chief says investigators are coming to says it looks like an accident. live in hingham, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> right now an investigation is under way into the death of a boston university freshman hit and killed late last night by a commuter rail train, and police believe it's a tragic accident. let's get to reid who is live at the scene right now. reid? >> reid: tragic start to the school year, losing one of its newest and youngest students killed overnight by a passion
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along the tracks appears to be nothing short of a tragedy that was preventable. >> hour political invests suggests husband trespassing along the right of we and came interest contact with a commuter train. >> the 17-year-old freshman from china appears to have accessed the tracks bypassing two fences and a clearly marked no trespassing sign. he was hit by an outbound train at roughly 11:00 last night. >> we believe night. >> we believe this is just a tragic, horrendous accident. >> not suicide >> we don't believe so. >> drinking not involved? >> there is no foul play suspected. >> police answering the call of a bid along the tracks beneath the mass pike and just steps away from the arena. the young student hit as he trespassed along the tracks' right-of-way. >> do you not hear those trains until it's too late to get out of the way. >> the engineer had no knowledge of the accident.
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on-board for roughly three hours until police could wrap up its investigation. >> our riding public understands, when we're conducting sensitive death investigations, that they are going to be inconvenienced but it's our job to minimize tin convenience as much as possible. >> and police are still investigating how fast that xhourt train was moving. and which specific train actually hit that student. >> liv >> a connecticut man who served time for trying to kill the mother of his child is now accused of murdering their teenage dual. walter de silva had a smile. plenty of smirking in a new bedford courtroom. accused of shooting 19-year-old de silva in july. the family all wearing white t-shirts in the courthouse and saying they cannot accept that de silva may have a mental issue. >> he's a monster. >> i'm shaking because i'm
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happened to him. >> she doesn't deserve that she was a wonderful girl. >> she was full of life and grace and happiness. >> she was shot several times in her new bedford apartment complex parking lot. her father confessed to killing his daughter saying he was upset she was distancing herself from him. she skipped a father's day visit and was dating an older, married ma'am. >> today marks one month since a young jogger was found murdered. they still haven't found the killer. they are following up on more than a thousand tips and leads. the 27-year-old google employee lived in new york city and was visitor her family. her body was found naked and she had burns on her hands, feed and head. >> the fate of a body cam program for the boston police department is now in the hands of a judge. the patrolman's union wants to delay the pilot program citing a number of issues clawing study which claims body cameras
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danger. the police commissioner wants to move ahead. >> we don't know what will happen when that officer walked down the street with a body camera on. >> we have gone she over the last 1 months to the point we're ready to wrap up this. >> evans says he'll launch the program on monday if approved. >> these boston grand prix show cars on the auction block. how much they went for and where the money goes being tied up or left alone. and i think he's figured that out. >> a horrific case of animal cruelty has a happy ending. you'll see how maverick is doing on his road to recovery. >> warmer times are ahead. there is a wedge of warmth in the middle of the country headed our way. >> some of the patriots start their season and wait until you
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comments ahead in sports. >> we continue to stay on top of the story. 5 investigates was first to break tonight, the driver in the
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>> show cars meant to promote the field. they were sold as part of an effort to pay back millions owed to creditors. >> but 5 i just a fraction of what the grand free shelled out. >> $5,500 i have and $6,000 is where? >> starting bids for these indy show cars bought by boston grand prix for $85,000. >> covered in stickers from sponsors with a steering wheel but no engine, the show cars meant to promote now failed labor day weekend indy tar race. >> $9,000.
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>> my wife will kill me, when you see this. >> third and last call. >> the first car's winning bid, $10,500. >> sold. he got the second for $7,000. >> what are you going to do with knit >> no idea. >> the bidding not so spirited. >> all of the barriers in one lot. >> five million pounds in all, still sitting on the property the value, about a million dollars. boston grand prix only ever paid ha and only a third of them sold today for a total of $8,100. it's now up to bankruptcy trustee to take this money and whatever other money he can get back from boston grand prix to refund the millions owed to creditors. >> do people who still feel they are owed money what do you want them to know? >> we're doing our very best to turn over every stone get as much money as possible and pay everybody back as much as
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remaining barriers at it's facility. karen anderson, 5 investigates. >> a lot of explaining to do. >> an awful lot of explaining to do. >> he was fired from espn. >> but former star curt schilling has a new media job tonight and maverick is on the
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>> following breaking news, a driver indicted in that march crash that killed two people at the sweet tomatoes restaurant. first to break the story, no word right now on when casler, man indicted, there is no word on when he'll be in court. >> curt schilling is returning to the boston airwaves the controversial former espn sunday night baseball
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is joining the howie carr radio network. his three hour saturday morning show will debut this week and syndicated nationwide and it will cover a wide range of subjects and issues from sports to politics. >> this is new at 6:00, a state lawmaker wants to require professional athletes to stand for our national anthem. a democrat said he was disgusted, that's his word, by this action that you see in the video. that's 49er quarterback kaepernick. he refused to stand for the anthem, in two recent practice games. he sat on the bench for one, he kneeled for the other. booed by the crowd. he want his behavior to end, calling ate slap in the face to veterans. he's written to goodell asking that players be required to stand. he says it makes no sense that kaepernick is allowed to shun the anthem while tom brady is suspended for allegedly deflating footballs.
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loving one after being so desperate to escape his former owner's trap. he chewed off part of his own foot. >> maverick's amazing recovery and the obstacles still ahead. >> some new toys, a new collar. >> good boy. >> and a home where he feels safe and loved. >> doesn't have to worry about being tied still up or left al. and i think he's figured that out. >> we introduced you to maverick back in july. owner with animal cruelty. the 2-year-old german shepherd was tethered in his back yard and left alone for days. >> it crushed me to know this a dog could be in such a situation that it would knaw off his own foot. >> you would never know that happened. >> you would think he wouldn't be trusting of humans but he
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he puts his face in your face and sniffs to see what you had for lunch and just wanted to be petted. >> they have made the trip angel every five days to get maverick's bandages changed. he has one more surgery scheduled on his paw for tomorrow. >> there is an issue with getting that to heal completely and he's bleeding a little bit so we're going to tweak the pau again tomorrow and hope that we can reposition the paw. amazed at his resilience and his ability to kind of get over the bad experience that he had, and move on with what certainly will be a much better life for him. >> such a beautiful dog. his original owner is charged with animal cruelty. he's free on bail and due back in court later this month. >>. [whistle] you rest -- when you rescue a dog they never forget.
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animal. would love to take maverick in. there was a line. >> actually we're still in the process of reeling from what's left of her mine. nothing serious in terms of showers but there are a few. pretty decent downpour. just to the west. everything is moving from east to west. a few also around rhode island. here's the wider view and a couple still coming up from the south so i think over the next 12 to 15 hours or so there will be a few showers at times rotating of hermine. then it actually going to get closer to us tomorrow, but fall apart. just about completely. so actually, i think we'll wind up with more sunshine tomorrow afternoon. but you also have to watch for some low clouds. maybe some fog and a bit of mist that could come in from the shoreline overnight tonight and early tomorrow with a couple of scattered showers, as you see. get to tomorrow afternoon, and the skies are turning somewhat brighter. that will allow it to start to warm up especially inland. there is actually a front
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thunderstorm tomorrow night around the berkshires. maybe northern new england, most of them probably maybe brief scattered locally. look what happens on friday. the deeper we get into friday, sunnier it gets and the warmer it gets. maybe even hot on friday. ahead of this front. >> this front will cross friday morning but behind it, it's still very warm so that's how friday could still be 90 degrees. certainly a swath of warmth. at this hour it's 91 degrees in toronto. of interesting, when you see the clouds and low clouds getting set to come in again in boston. a little erie out there. 71 degrees. the wind off the water, dew point and temperature, when they are close means they are saturated, and that's what happens with low clouds and fog. do expect some lowering vibl visibility. the air is somewhat tropical and becoming more so during the course of the day tomorrow. high temperatures in the upper
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about 90 for hartford and springfield and tomorrow there is still a moderate rip current risk, so it getting better but there is still a risk tomorrow. we want you to beware of that in case you're around the beach or on the water. there will still be some rough action going on. here's what happens afterwards. check it out. you see friday, rye around 90 degrees. if it happens in boston it will be the 21st time this warm weather season that it's happened. saturday could be a spot shower. i think especially late in the day or at night and also a thunderstorm may occur late at nit then another front comes through. still pretty warm initially, a little cooler beginning next week but then it gets very warm again by middle of next week. overall, the dry weather pattern looks like it's still going to be sticking around. hope to see you next hour. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard. >> here's mike lynn with which sportscenter five. powered by xfinity. >> folks, four days until arizona and do we have to repeat it every day. no tom brady but it's not exactly jimmy g on his own.
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who have been there before. >> i don't consider myself -- i consider myself a blue collar tight end. i get butterflies before every game. once you lose those butterflies is probably when should you hang it up. >> blue collar butterflies at work. the words of a nine-year veteran before the showdown in arizona. martell is a critical component of the patriots offense but for him to succeed against the cardinals it will take focus and execution from the 24-year-old throwing him the first nfl start. >> it's straight arizona right now. >> in four days before the biggest game of his life, jimmy garoppolo, only one of two red jerseys on the field. >> it different without tom, no question but it is what it is at this point. >> and what it is, is a challenge for the entire team, certainly not just jimmy, with brady not around. >> a lot of guys who have been here for a while, may not be
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leaders but a big part of our leadership here. >> get out there and get the feel of the game. >> the last time on the field, the butler did it. an entirely different set of circumstances. not even the same opponent. it wouldn't be bad way to end ate year and a half later. >> it's an honor to go back, but they can't help us win -- it can't help us win the game. so just going out there and handling business. >> wcvb, sport center 5. >> josh, after strg times, farrell has lifted -- shaw is back at third and david price gets the start. last night the sox busted out offensively after a couple of dry spells. back-to-back homers in the fourth inning. jackie bradley jr., a two-run shot with a duck on the pond, and then watch this shot by chris young. a laser. gets out of there than our 11:00 clock crew gets out of the parking lot. clay buchholz, 6 2/3 innings,
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punch outs. and he actually batted lefty last night. i still haven't figured that out because in the press conference he says he's a right handed batter. anyway, red sox win and they are in a first place tie with the blue jays who will play the yanks in new york. the orioles lost this afternoon down in tampa bay so they are a game and a half back. match just concluded at the u.s. open quarter finals. murray -- peppered with drop shots all afternoon long. here we go. nishikori serving for the match. [applause] >> match last four hours. nishikori, by the way is 5-0 against top 10 players in his u.s. open career. the bigger, the better they are, the better he plays.
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it on dvr. >> i wish i could show you the picture of harvey right now. >> sit of everything there like this. >> all bummed out. >> so true. so it's true. >> i want to ask you a question. >> at the very beginning of the news at 6:00 we have jimmy look into the camera -- >> i think it's a look at all the video, questions, about what if, when tell you one other thing. i think that sign that brady -- scared the heck out of belichick and it bothers the heck out of jimmy garoppolo, and they ought to bring it down. >> time to flash forward on newscenter 5. at both 7:00 and 11:00, we have new information about the investigation into this fire which killed a couple in franklin last fall. what we've learned about the
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explosion. >> and new tonight on newscenter 5, at 11:00, watching your weight. with a smartphone? technology it usees to stop you
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>> if you just got home and walked in the door, we want to tell you about breaking news. a driver has been indicted in this march crash that killed two
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restaurant in newton the restaurant is still closed. there is no word on when brad casler, man indicted, will be in court but as soon as we learn something more we'll bring it to you. >> it still is summer, light? so it my as well be here. >> you're going to feel it over the next couple of days,
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tonight, the new shooting caught on camera in a city under siege. a 71-year-old man shot while simply watering his lawn. his neighbor's camera capturing his struggle to then get help. and now the plea this evening to find the suspects. also tonight, the deadly storm. we're tracking the tropical system moving across this hours. and the severe storms now ahead. the commander in chief test. donald trump, who once said he had a secret plan to take out isis. his big reveal tonight. and after our interview, trump saying hillary clinton doesn't look presidential, tonight, chelsea clinton, center stage, firing back. the deadly mid-air collision. two planes colliding, the second time in a week. and the spoiler. what amazon posted early today


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