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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  September 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> breaking news on that deadly crash. >> the charges filed against the driver. >> the cause of this massive explosion. property from boston's failed grand prix race auctioned off. >> the money the cars brought in. >> the remnants of hermine a factor. summertime wife continues. >> the big change that has travelers smiling. anchor: the driver in this deadly crash in a restaurant in new and has been indicted. anchor: two people were killed when the car hit. we have team coverage. let's begin.
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tonight. reporter: it has been six months since that crash and the recovery is far from over. you will see the restaurant has not reopened. a deadly day that still haunts many residents. the day an suv slammed into sweet tomaotes pizza shop, killing 2 people and injuring 7 more. now we've learned the driver, 55 yr old bradford casler of newton will face charges. 5 ivestigates was first to learn of the grand jury's indictment the charges, 2 counts of moter vehicle homicde, and 1 count of operating to endanger. casler had been driving down chestnut street, when his suv crossed washington st. and crashed right thru the front windiws of the restaurant. 32 yr old gregory morin of newton and 57 yr eleanor mee-lee of watertown died at the scene. he was an atty in boston, she was picking up pizza to take to
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off camera the restaurant owner decliined to comment on the indictment, she also could not say exactly when sweet tomatoes will reopen. reporter: five investigates has been looking into the record of the driver. on february 11 he was cited for failing to yield or stop. he thought the citation. in may a court found him responsible. we have not gotten a court date yet. ed: two people were killed and that crash. gregory morin and eleanor miele. her family just spoke with our jorge quiroga. jorge? reporter: her grieving mother still lives in their old neighborhood a few blocks from the family parish. she was here to help come up with easter baskets for the
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for this news that the man responsible for daughter's death has been indicted. >> i don't even -- i'm just sad. i don't feel anger. reporter: if not anger a terrible sense of loss came after her mother, 57 years old was wain door. mrs. desmond's broke the heartbreaking news. >> he said i have horrible news. i couldn't imagine. elinor was dead. i just froze. reporter: mrs. desmond's phone again ringing off the hook,
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horrible ever sense every day. the only thing that keeps me going is my faith in god. reporter: as sad as she feels it's even worse for her son-in-law who now has no buddy there's a whole alone. >> police have made an arrest connected to aan consider armed and dangerous and is now behind bars. he was arrested in westborough today. berlin police say he got away when they chased him on sunday. he's accused in a robbery in west boylston last month. a connecticut man is accused of killing his own daughter in new bedford partly because she didn't visit him on father's day. 45-year-old walter dasilva smiled as he walked into court to face the murder charge. he is accused of shooting his 19-year-old daughter sabrina back in july. the family isn't buying the
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mentally ill. there is surveillance video -- >> he is not crazy. he knew what he was doing. if he wants to say what he is just to get over the decision he is lying. jc: there is surveillance video showing sabrina dasilva being shot. her father was convicted after trying to kill sabrina's mother back in 2002. ed: a freshman at b.u..just starting the semester is dead tot terrible accident. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live on campus tonight. reporter: >> class has just started yesterday. this is where transit police believe the freshman accessed the train track. the 17-year-old walked past
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>> we believe this is a urine this accident. >> not suicide? >> we don't believe so. there is no foul play suspected in this death. reporter: just before midnight police responded to a report of a body along the tracks steps away from the area. he came in contact with an outbound police say you do not hear trains approaching until it is too late. >> we try to tell the public this is something that it is very dangerous. >> 38 passengers on the next outbound train remained on board.
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investigations. they are going to be inconvenienced but it is our job to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible. reporter: they are looking into which train hit that student. jc: three firefighters are recovering after they were rushed to the hospital. video shows flas one firefighter suffered heat exhaustion. the third twisted his ankle. the person who lives upstairs was moving out and that made their job tougher. >> there was congestion inside of the house at the time. it definitely impeded us. >> here is another look at the fire.
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condo fire that killed a married couple was caused by a propane leak. the report says propane leak from the condo and ignited. investigators could not determine what caused the spark. ed: we turn our attention to commitment 2016. national security is the focus for hillary clinton and donald trump tonight when they address the challenges of being commander in chief. trump however, set the stage today with a plan to expand the military budget by tens of billions of dollars. newscenter 5's janet wu has a closer look. reporter: armed with the new endorsements of 88 military leaders, trump today promised to have them draw up a plan within 30 days of being elected to defeat isis. >> i will submit a new budget to rebuild our military.
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that a president can put the generals together and in 30 days, with an effective plan. it is a potent message. i think it will help him with voters. reporter: a focus less on his credentials to be commander in chief and why clinton is not to the job. quite she is trigger-happy and unstable whether we like it or not. putin has no respect for president obama and has no respect for hillary black mayor potent. he has hacked into the dnc. that should give everyone pause. it does not make us safer. reporter: his biggest weapon, clinton's e-mail problems. if she can't remember such crucial events and information, she is totally unfit to be our commander-in-chief.
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reckless and dangerous, the same words used to attack donald trump. listen for that again when both of them are separately. ed: race cars on the auction block today. jc: the final sale price in the ongoing bankruptcy procedures in the failed indycar race. anchor: and i will let you know what summertime back in time. something that has raised an eyebrow. capital one believes your bank should work for you,
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ed: following the money. jc: it is part of an effort to pay back millions owed to creditors but as 5 investigate'' . but as 5 investigates' karen anderson found they went for just a fraction of what boston grand prix shelled out. reporter: starting bids for these indy show cars. they were bought for $85,000. covered in stickers from sponsors but no engine. they are meant to promote the now failed labor day weekend indycar race. >> 9000 now.
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see this. >> the first car winning bid, $10,500. >> what are you going to do with it? >> no idea. >> all of the barriers in one lot. reporter: the value, about $1 million. boston grand prix paid half of the bill. , $8,100. it is now up to bankruptcy trustee gary cruikshank's to take this money to refund the millions owed to creditors. >> the people who feel they are old money what do you want them to know? >> we are doing our best to get as much money back as possible.
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the remaining 700 barriers at its facilities. the attorney general is working to distribute close to $1 million for ticket holders. >> we are not quite ready to jump into fall yet anchor:. anchor:some may be beer ready but the atmosphere is not. it is cool in boston because the wind is off of the water. it is 90 degrees 1. over here. that is what is left of hermine. it will continue to loop up and fall apart. a few scattered showers around the area. speaking of showers, a few keep rotating in. right now we have one that may
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we have areas from bridgewater to south and east of attleboro. some more around the northern edge involved. this is what we are going to have. that ocean wind, low clouds and fog possible along the coast. tomorrow afternoon we will see increasing amounts of sunshine. that is when the temperature will move up. thing friday. mainly to the north, by friday afternoon it is an sunshine in the air will be very warm at that time. here is a look at boston. we do have some haze and fog lurking. 70 degrees. when the temperature and dewpoint come together the air is saturated.
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murky down to boston overnight. 80 degrees in hartford. as you look at our humidity impact notice it is not uncomfortable. it is tropical and will stay that way into tomorrow. boston will drop overnight. still a breeze off of the water along the immediate shoreline. a few miles inland it's going to be in the 80's. comes friday. there is no surf advisory in effect. use caution one more day due to the remnants of hermine. here is a look at the next seven days. first of all notice friday, check this out. it will be the 21st time this
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a front will come through that could be a shower or thunderstorm. prior to that, it looks like it will be above-average. temperature slightly cooler by the middle of next week. see you later tonight. >> sportscenter 5 one minute drill. anchor: a very simple answer to a question about the absence of tom y causing a buzz around town. >> it is a smoother operation i will say that. it is just me and jacoby. we kind of nowhere we are. it is different without tom but it is what it is at this point.
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there were less cameras, less questions about tom which translates into less commotion. it bill had his way he would climb up that lighthouse and remove the image of tom brady. it is a distraction. it just irks the heck out of belichick. you simply don't i know it sounds cruel but that is the harsh reality of sports at any level. ed: don't you think belichick is powerful enough that he could have it removed. instantly. anchor: eventually. ed: ok. would you imagine it -- do you think it will be there next week when they are here? >> zero chance.
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on display he can have a say in. jc: we saw extremely long tsa lines. ed: homeland security tells us how long most people waited to
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jc: after those long lines at airports there was positive change for the summer. ed: wait times dropped at airlines across the country. nearly all travelers waited for 30 minutes or less. 92% waited for less than 15 minutes. almost everyone waited for five minutes or less. jc: the iphone seven comes without a headphone jack. apple is shipping headphones that will plug into the recharging port or you can use wireless earphones. the new iphone also has more storage, longer battery life and a second camera lens. you can pre-order the iphone 7 starting this coming friday. ed: be prepared.
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five for good is next a happy ending for a dog rescued from horrific conditions. jc: new at 11 - watching your weight with a
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jc: five for good tonight and a new life for a dog named maverick. the 2-year-old german shepherd now thriving after some dark times. we first introduced you to him in july, when maverick was taken from an abusive home. he actually chewed off part of now, with new owner mark douglas, maverick is making amazing strides. >> i would think he would not trust humans but it is the opposite. he runs up to everybody. he has no boundaries. he wants to see what you had for lunch. he just wants to be padded. ed: maverick is still receiving medical treatment for his paw,
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jc: he still has relationships with humans. remark. -- workable. anchor: summer won't quit. we will find out that more. even more so on friday. upper 80's, 90's. near 90. ed: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how work for everyone?nomy hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations
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she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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>> this is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. >> farmers betting on grain. >> i can triple my money or i can lose it. >> freshly milled flour. >> magic. >> i was amazed by what you can do >> and a future is rising. an old industry. >> we had a history of being the breadbasket.


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