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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  September 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. news. a school shooting in texas. police in the town of alpine say one student has been shot. heather: the shooter is dead apparently from a self-inflicted wound. sources telling abc news it appears a female student shot another female student in a bathroom and may have been -- may have taken her own life. an officer was shot in what appears to be an accidental shooting. a deadly crash under
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for 95 arlington traffic for hours. john atwater has the latest. john: traffic was snarled for hours as state police investigated this crash. debris was scattered all over the roadway tossed from the econoline when it rolled over here on 495 northbound, right near broad street. state police tell us 1 of the 6 men in that v taken to hospitals. state police say the men in that truck were not wearing seatbelts. the traffic impact was severe this morning coming during the morning rush. act up stretched for miles. state police continue to investigate the cause of the crash.
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again. we saw more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief. emily: hillary clinton blasting donald trump as national security takes center stage on the campaign trail. both candidates in the hot seat. heather: clinton pushing back against some of trump toss positions. karen travers reports. karen: last night, hillary clinton came out swinging. >> we saw more evidence he is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be commander in chief. karen: clinton on stage giving donald trump the last word. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been
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country. karen: trump gave no details on his strategy to defeat isis. >> if i win i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is. karen: clinton making a broad promise she stood by. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we are not putting ground troops into syria. karen: with the first presidential to beatkaren: this debate two weeks away. confident leader. karen: for americans looking for a third option there is libertarian gary johnson but with poll numbers in the single digits this morning, a major misstep on msnbc. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. aleppo is in syria.
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refugee crisis. karen: gary johnson followed up with an appearance on the view which he said he thought aleppo was an acronym but says there is no excuse for not knowing. heather: libertarian presidential candidate jerry johnson says he simply blanked when he was asked about the name of syria's largest city. it happened this morning in this interview on msnbc. >> what would you do about aleppo if you were >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> got it. heather: a short time ago johnson appeared on "the view" to explain. >> i was thinking in terms of acronym.
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to the polls for a rare thursday primary. there are a few races to rock -- to watch. two republicans will face off to try and unseat bill keating in the 9th district. state senator brian joyce is retiring after 18 years he's facing federal investigations into alleged ethical issues. two democrats compete today to represent 10 communities south of boston. and another big retirement, state rep gloria fox the longest three women are vying to replace her in the 7th suffolk district. heather: it looks like it's still pretty cloudy. peaks of sun. 76 degrees in needham and things will be warming up. cindy: big-time summer heat moving in for tomorrow. still a lot of clouds. a little bit of sunshine.
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this is what is left of hermine getting a boot as this frontal boundary approaches from the west. ahead of this front we have the heat coming in. the temperature in d.c. is 93 degrees and we will make a run toward that 90 degree-mark tomorrow. right now in the low to mid 70's across the area but it is so sticky dew points are running in the uncomfortable range and the humidity is going to stay with us the rest of the afternoon and as the c into the 80's away from the coast line. notice those clouds taking some time to break. brighter through the afternoon with a chance of a couple showers around midnight. emily: still plenty of questions following the deadly crash at a new pizza restaurant. the man now facing charges.
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>> two charges of motor vehicle homicide and one count of negligent operation. that indictment from the middlesex county grand jury was handed down yesterday, months after that deadly crash in early march. casler was driving an suv when it crashed -- it crossed through an intersection on washington street and smashed through the front of the restaurant. casler has three chargeable accidents on those accident happened in needham, brookline and waltham in 1998. we did just because the district attorney about the length of this month-long investigation. >> we want to do this right. we want to be fair to everyone. tragic situations. two people lost their lives. it's important to get it right
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juli: ryan expect the arraignment to happen within the next week or two. family members and friends who loved the victims are still desperate for answers. ryan would not say anything else about the investigation or whether that driver suffered medical emergency in the moments before the crash. she says those questions will be answered in court. heather: the fbi boston division is offering a reward of,0 arrest of an alleged ms-13 gang member. efrain vasquez-yanez is charged with rico conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. the 34-year-old was last seen in everett, and is believed to still be in the greater boston area. the fbi says he should be considered armed and dangerous. we are getting new details right now after a deadly shooting in boston. this happened last night on ripley road in dorchester. witnesses tell the herald a
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sidewalk. a man in his 20's was killed possibly by as many as seven gunshots. no word on any arrests. emily: a mother is set to stand trial and the death of her five-month-old who was poisoned by heroin. little mya died in 2011 in her parent's marshfield home. investigators say they found heroin in the baby's bottle. 29-year-old ashley cry is due in court today. a judge sentenced the baby's father, 33-year-old ryan barry, to 10 to 12 years behind bars charges. heather: former new england mob boss frank salemme heads before a judge today on murder charges. salemme and paul weadick are charged with killing boston nightclub owner steven disarro in 1993. disarro was a federal witness. his remains were discovered in march. if convicted, both suspects could get the death penalty. across the city, students are settling into the classrooms for the start of the school year.
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superintendent tommy chang were at the new mission high school bright and early to welcome students back and wish them well. school and city leaders are dispersed across the district to visit each school in boston today. they spoke with newscenter 5 about their goals for the upcoming year. >> i think it's going to be a challenge every year to make sure we keep our kids in the school, in the class, make sure nothing happens out in the streets and continue to provide strong education. >> for young people at a young age so they can be prepared for the high school. >> our work is about preparing all students for college, careers, and life. emily: after a year plagued with racial issues and unsafe drinking water, dr. chang said there are new systems in place. boston latin is under new leadership. and more than 70 teachers have committed to courageous conversation workshops.
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of the parks youngest visitors. emily: a murder suspect escapes police custody. all caught on surveillance camera. cindy: clouds are slowly moving out. 90 degree heat is moving in. shower thread in between and a look at the weekend ahead. heather: tim tebow has a new job today. pro baseball team he just signed with. >> the 10:00 news on m simmoneau, on comcast channel
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heather: israeli and palestinian leaders may be sitting down for diplomatic talks for the first time in years. russia's foreign ministry says palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have agreed in principle to meet in moscow for talks. it's not clear right now when that will happen. the two leaders have not held a public working meeting since 2010.
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a police station, all while he's being recorded on surveillance cameras. the camera records alonso perez as he breaks off his handcuffs. police re-enter the room, not noticing his broken cuff and walk out. for 40 minutes, perez comes up with his plan, then makes his escape, hopping on the desk and climbing to the ceiling. >> he takes a chair, puts it up against the wall, climbs up on the chair, knocks out a few ceiling tiles, climbs into the rafters, and exits the building. police and other agencies worked to track down perez, who was arrested tuesday night. police say policy changes are now in place to prevent that from happening again. heather: a major recall from mazda. the automaker says more than 759,000 cars and suvs have a rear hatch that can fall on people and injure them. the recall covers certain mazda 3 cars and mazda 5 vans. also included are some cx-5 and cx-3 suvs.
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to bring their car in for repairs. emily: disney world is getting more strict in regards to ticket fraud. the theme park requires toddlers to have their fingers scanned before entering the park. as the world rolled out the ticket verification process for children between the ages of 3 and 9 last month. disney says the park does not store fingerprints and discards the scan immediately. parents can opt out of the process by scanning their own finger instead. sony is showing off its newga heather the playstation 4 pro : can play games on ultra-high resolution and hdr televisions. it will also be able to play 4k games. sony says this console is designed for serious gamers, taking on microsoft's x-box scorio system. it's expected to retail for about $600. new changes are coming to boston's city hall this fall. the city announced yesterday plans to open an 11,000
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beer garden, and a holiday market. the winter wonderland will open after thanksgiving and stay open through february. boston garden development, a subsidiary of delaware north, will foot much of the cost. emily: it does not feel like i skating weather. [laughter] cindy: does not even feel like september. so sticky outside. kind of soupy outside. another day with some drizzle. past few days. it has not amounted to much of anything. every thursday the drop monitor comes outside want to show you how it up dated. things have not changed too much since last week. the area of extreme severe drought across the state has virtually not changed but across southern new hampshire the area of extreme drought has increased across southeastern new hampshire. most of the state dealing with some sort of drought. in worcester county the drought
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to share with you. rick says he climbs -- he hikes all the time. he says typically when you go out there at a normal summer, you can't see the sandbar. look how visible it is so that is just one example of the drought situation we are dealing with across our state. don't think we will get rain today. skies are trying to brighten. and overcast murky start a couple breaks a blue and i think we will see more and more of those as weak and deeper into the afternoon. 76 degrees. don't expect temperatures to go out much more along the coastline. all caps ticky it is. dew point temperature, 69. bordering on oppressive but considered generally uncomfortable. it gets more humid, oppressive humidity and that is going to feed in tonight and feed him during the early part of the day tomorrow pulling out ahead of a
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focusing some heat in the lower 90's toward bc and this front does have a couple of showers and thunderstorms but notice where most of them are heading come up into canada. we are still dealing with what's left of hermine. a storm that won't go away. as it departs it will take more cloud cover with it. we are in the lower 70's on the across southern new hampshire, merrimack valley, mid-70's but as the sun pops up, we sneak into the lower 80's. we will touch between 80 and 85 degrees. as we get deeper and the clouds really start to break apart north and west of boston and that pushes closer to the coastline through the rest of the afternoon. we look off to the west and we see this frontal boundary. showers and thunderstorms come
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as we get closer to midnight. there is a threat of a passing shower possibly a rumble of thunder to the west but most places will stay dry. by tomorrow morning we are trying things out. maybe a little cloudy to start tomorrow but it's going to be muggy. upper 60's to around 70 degrees. once this front crosses in the morning skies brightened quickly by lunchtime in the afternoon. it does turn slightly less humid behind this cold warmth. 90 degrees, possibility in boston. if we get there it will be the 21st time we have done at the season. more than any other summer since back in 2010. we will see that he'd come back at us tomorrow into saturday. the weekend looks mainly dry. one more front crosses the area. the risk of a couple of showers before noon and then that's it
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temperatures cooling off but the humidity drops. lots of changes in the days ahead. emily: from the gridiron to the diamond, former nfl quarterback tim tebow has officially made the switch to baseball. the heisman trophy winner just signed a minor league contract with the new york mets. the team says he'll take part in the instructional league in florida. last week, he held an open tryout with scourts from 29 mlb -- with teams, including the red sox. tebow briefly had a stint with the patriots during the 2013 preseason. heather: he definitely has some power and strength to him. emily: kids have a hard time getting back into the swing of things for school. heather: seeing something like this will certainly wake you up. the unwelcome school visitor,
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emily: imagine you saw this guy wandering around middle school. police and davie, florida wrangled this whopping 11 foot, 450 pound alligator yesterday morning. he had been spotted nearby before but this was the first chance police got to nab him.
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so that is the good thing. heather: they appear to be professional gator wranglers. emily: in which case you would hope they would not get hurt. cindy: we have got some brighter skies ahead of much warmer temperatures making the run toward 90. the humidity really starts to come down early next week. little bits of fall life whether starting it. heather: apple picking. emily: have a good one. >> this is an editorial by wcvb president and general manager bill fine. bill: although the city and boston police patrolmen's association agreed to test voluntary use of body cameras as matters between cities and their unions often do this one will be decided in court.
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the agreement, 100 officers will be selected from a pool of anticipated volunteers. the result, no one step forward forcing police commissioner evans to select 100 from an amply sized membership. the union leadership posted notices warning their members to stay on the sidelines and thus succeeded in solidifying their ranks against use of the cameras . how else to explain the lack of even one officer's willingness to test a system already in use in methuen and around the country? disputes between police and citizens on interactions which go south. they protect the police as well as citizens, resolve disputes before escalation. in boston where the police have successfully navigated troubled waters affecting other cities, video has helped prove the police version of two shootings and maintained order. boston remains one disputed incident away from the civil
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involved shootings. unwillingness to where cameras even in a limited test form send the wrong signal. such reticence is in contrast to the many admirable and innovative programs conducted by the police department and is more likely to chip away in favorable relations between boston's residents in the police force that works hard to keep the narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> hey, everybody, it's armed forces appreciation week. we're honored to have some of the courageous men and women from our nation's military with us today. let's see if they can battle their way to $1 million right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ? ? hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for a special "millionaire" to me too. we're in the middle of a good game. our returning contestant is a 26-year-old lieutenant in the u.s. navy who's known amongst his fellow sailors as the ship's entertainer. from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, please welcome back lieutenant rylan collins. hey, rylan. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> so the ship's entertainer. >> yes. yes. >> and i hear--a little birdie


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