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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> it is an emergency situation. we are purchasing additional water. it will be $1.7 million purchase. 16 million gallons of water. we want to make sure we are never in a situation where we can't meet the health and safety needs. >> city leaders will review each month. the next 90 days also looks drive. they are asking everyone to cut back on their water usage or they could be fined. ed: governor charlie baker taking action to help family farms and small businesses hurt by the drought. the state was launched an emergency loan fund. the fund will provide loans of between 5-and-10,000 dollars. heather: storm team 5's harvey leonard with me now.
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the past few days, but not nearly enough. anchor: not enough and not frequently enough. if you look behind us it doesn't look much different than last thursday. it expanded in southern new hampshire. the deficits are growing. heather: anything in the long term forecast? anchor: nothing that is going to change the averages. even if we get some, if we getle growing. this is the remnant of hermine. that is what is going on. if you take a look, you can't see any precipitation. we go farther west area there is a line of stores -- storms. it will be a weakening trend but it could get into the berkshires
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maybe gives a shower to the coast. a much bigger chance for to the north and west. the heat will be turned on. right now it is almost 90. pretty muggy as well. keep that in mind. we stay in the low 70's. much more about that and the weekend and a little bit. ed: night. concerns about one of the patriots players. we are talking about gronk. reporter: rob gronkowski couldn't guarantee that he'll play sunday night. he could be toying with us or he could be serious he did reveal he's been dealing with a hamstring injury gronk pulled up while running a route in a joint practice with the bears on august 15 he didn't return to practice for 9 days so is he 100% for sunday nights
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>> no i am not. it has been week to week. day by day. but i am feeling good. >> 80, 90? >> i can't put a percentage on it but i'm feeling better every day. we will all get together and collaborate and see where i am mad. anchor: a deadly crash under investigation. two people were killed when they than rolled over. state police are looking into whether one of the van's tires may have blown out. four other passengers were all taken to local hospitals with injuries. sky 5 over an accident on route 2 in lexington. the back of an ambulance smashed
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the ambulance driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. another school shooting, a high school in west texas. the shooter was a 14-year-old girl that dead apparently from a self-inflicted wound. investigators say a female student shot another female student in a bathroom, and may the shooter moved there six months ago. no word yet on a motive. in brooklyn, a 15-year a loaded gun to school. the gun was discovered in a book bag during an x-ray screening at the entrance to the vocational high school. no one was hurt. ed: commitment 2016, and the presidential contenders are hammering each other on national security issues. heather: our ben simmoneau is here with the tough talk. ben. reporter: both candidates say the other made disqualifying remarks, as part of a forum last night on who's better prepared to be commander in chief.
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is controversial moments, -- >> this is an important issue. reporter: remarks, like this one, dominating the day-after news cycle, >> i think under the leadership barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. reporter: putting the candidates hoping to become the next commander-in-chief, on the attack. that is not just unpatriotic. >> it is scary. it is dangerous. >> hillary cli' produced ruin in libya, iraq and syria. absolute ruin and death. reporter: donald trump did spend part of the nbc forum praising russian president vladimir putin, >> the man has very strong control over a country. now, it's a different system and i don't like the system very much but certainly in that system he's been a leader. reporter: which garnered a blunt response from the current commander-in-chief. i don't think the guy is qualified to be the president of
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criticism, presidential candidate what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and heaps praise on russia's president? reporter: meanwhile, trump spent thursday pouncing on her performance, -- >> she's always talking about things that she's going to do. but she's been there for more than 30 years and she's never done anything about it. never done anything. reporter: last night they sat down with matt lauer. they wl each other at the first presidential debate. heather: turnout is low but there is a primary election being held in massachusetts today, and there's still time to vote. many races are uncontested which has only added to the less-than-enthusiastic response. as to why we're having an election on a thuirsday, well the timing of the labor day holiday is partly to blame. whatever the case, polls are open until 8:00 o'clock. a complicated situation. that is how middlesex count d.a.
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investigation into the deadly crash at a newton pizza restaurant. fifty-five-year-old bradford casler of newton was indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of negligent operation, months after that crash in early march. five investigates first to break the news yesterday about the man now facing charges. the district attorney says these types of investigations take a long time. >> we want to do this right. we want to be fair. two people lost their lives. it is important to get it right. anchor: ryan expects the arraignment to happen within the next week or two, but family members of the victims are still desperate for answers. heather: former new england mob boss frank salemme plead not guilty in court today. he was back before a judge on murder charges. salemme and paul weadick are charged with killing boston nightclub owner steven disarro in disarro was a federal
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if convicted, both suspects could get the death penalty. ed: the fbi boston division is offering a reward up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of an alleged ms-13 gang member. take a look efrain vasquez-yanez is charged with rico conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. the 34-year-old was last seen in everett, and is believed to still be in the greater boston area. the fbi says he should be considered armed and dangerous. heather: information after a deadly shooting in boston. it happened last night on ripley road in dorchester. police say a gunman opened fire on a group of friends talking on the sidewalk. 24-year-old stravensky odige of dorchester was killed in the gunfire. no arrests at this time. across the city, thousands of students are settling into their classrooms for the start of the school year. mayor marty walsh and superintendent tommy chang were at the new mission high school bright and early this morning, to welcome students back and wish them well. school and city leaders are
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visit each school in boston today. they spoke with newscenter 5 about their goals for the upcoming year. >> it's a challenge every year making sure we keep our kids in the school. make sure nothing happens, and continue to have a strong education. >> we have to raise our expectations of they are prepared for high school. >> after a year plagued with racial issues and unsafe drinking water they say there are new systems in place. boston latin is under new leadership. and more than 70 teachers have committed to courageous conversation workshops. new changes are coming to boston's city hall this fall. the city announced yesterday plans to open an 11,000 square-foot ice skating area, a beer garden, and a holiday market. the winter wonderland will open after thanksgiving and stay
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subsidiary of delaware north, will foot much of the cost. ed: it's like a plot out of a movie. tonight, nasa will launch this space probe to chase down a dark and potentially dangerous asteroid that could one day collide with earth. the unmanned probe will reach the asteroid roughly two years from now, august 2018. it will create a map of the large rock, take pictures and samples and bring them back to earth. including a stunning scene caught on camera. heather: a murder suspect escapes from police custody you'll see the sly moves that almost went un-noticed. ed: also ahead, a little boy with a lesson on patriotism. late for school, how he paused to say the pledge. >> it is starting to get warmer. moving through new york, we will let you know the chances of some
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breaking news. members of the boston police
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ed: a live look at traffic.
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going into town it is ok. let's check the driving information. a lot of concerns in the area. 30 more minutes, look at the concern in the core of our driving area. you will get slow going. it's going to take you a half it's a 70 -- seven minute ride. >> most of the clouds have cleared away. turned out to be a lovely afternoon. >> we already have the humidity. we will add the heat. the drought is a big story. check this out.
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when the water levels are really low. that is another of the many indications of how down we are in terms of precipitation. it is a two-year drought. 71 degrees. it is hazy. that is deceiving. once you go inland it jumps. it will become more humid through this night because here is the comfortable air to our west. there is a line of thunderstorms. it turns less humid off to the west. temperatures tonight are not going to drop that much. the real story will be humidity.
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to the west. it is pressing to the east, southeast. into this early evening, a chance of a decent shower. it is likely to weaken some but could give a downpour or thunderstorm. then weakening after that. tomorrow, we should see increasing son. --sun. where the sun does come out tomorrow the potential is there to jump to 90 degrees. clouds come back on saturday. there can be a shower or thunderstorm through the region. here is another look. most of the activity north and
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storms. that may not happen where the front is likely to be. it will turn somewhat less humid but be a pretty hot day. check it out over your next seven days. saturday in some spots could feature a lovely weather for next week. very comfortable. another front approaches. it could turn cooler by this time next week. heather: a murder suspect caught on camera making a break for it from a police station while he is under surveillance. the camera records alonso perez as he breaks off his handcuffs. police re-enter the room, not noticing his broken cuff and
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for 40 minutes, perez comes up with his plan, then makes his break, hopping on the desk and climbing to the ceiling. for days, north las vegas police and other agencies worked to -- >> he climbs into the rafters and exits the building. heather: for days, north las vegas police and other agencies worked to track down perez, who was arrested tuesday night. police say policy changes are now in place to prevent that from happening again. your health tonight, and more reasons to stick with an exercise routine. it could actually save you big money. in fact, a report published in the journal of the american heart association, found that you could save up to 2500 dollars a year by sticking to an exercise program. that's because your medical expenses would be that much lower compared to people who don't exercise. regular workouts have been shown
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problems including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. heather: so, the kids are back to school and that often means more trips to the doctor. colds, even flu are common threats, but there are some things you can do to help your kids stay healthy. >> schools are a breeding ground for germs. elementary-aged children contract a cold or the flu an average of eight to 12 times per school year, according to the centers for disease control and prevention. some of the worst hot zones for germs are water fountains. they are germier than toilet se cafeteria trays also breed germs they're not always wiped between meals and food often comes into direct contact. anything shared among students, desks, art supplies, sports equipment, spreads germs. but there are a few things parents can do to stave off disease. make sure children get enough rest sleep deprivation lowers the immune system's ability to fight off infection.
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water, is the most effective way to eliminate germs. and, of course, flu shots are an important weapon as well. they're available now, and since they take a few weeks to kick in, now might be a good time to get the kids, and yourself, vaccinated. check with your doctor. ed: an oscar-winner taking to the international stage. heather: the powerful message from angelina jolie and the role of womenu. but first let's flash forward to 5:00 with ben and j.c. anchor: following the outrage in one local town. anchor: selectmen order blue ribbons placed around town in support of law enforcement families be removed. anchor: also, a mother learns her fate years after her 5-month-old died in this home after being poisoned by heroin. anchor: plus, we take you inside the bruins new practice facility as it opens to the public for the first time today. it's all next on newscenter 5 at
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anchor: the coast guard is searching for a woman who fell overboard from a carnival cruise ship. it happened yesterday, off the coast of the bahamas. the woman is identified as 32-year-old rina patel of new york. some witnesses say they saw her fall from the 11th-deck of the carnival ship ecstasy. carnival released a statement saying she was seen jumping overboard. heather: actress and director
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peacekeeping conference in london. jolie spoke out against incidents of sexual abuse involving u.n. troops. she also called for a doubling of women involved in peacekeeping operations within four years. ed: from the gridiron to the diamond. former nfl quarterback tim tebow has officially made the switch to baseball. the heisman trophy winner just signed a minor league contract with the new york mets. the team says he'll take part in the instructional league in florida. last week, he held an open teams, including the red sox. tebow briefly had a stint with the patriots during the 2013 preseason. your economy this thursday. inventory in the housing market still pretty tight. heather: but long-term mortgage rates remain at historic low levels. in fact they edged even lower this week, and that has sparked a new wave of re-financing. right now the benchmark rate for
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the 15 year rate is 2.76%. ed: fewer americans are applying for unemployment benefits, and that's despite a drop in hiring in august. the labor department says it's a sign that companies are hanging on to current staffers, and that job security remains solid for most u.s. workers. in fact, unemployment claims have come in below 300,000 for 79-straight-weeks now, the longest streak since 1970. heather: a major recall from mazda. rear hatch defect that can cause them to fall off, potentially causing injury. the recall covers certain mazda 3 cars and mazda 5 vans. also included are some c.x.-5 and c.x.-3 suvs. customers will be notified in the coming weeks. ed: a wonderful lesson on patriotism from a little boy.
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had time to pause for the pledge. let's take a look at wall
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running late for kindergarten, when he heard the pledge of allegiance being said at his school in santa fe, texas. he stopped before entering the building the building to bow his head, and put his hand over his heart. royce's mom took the picture, at first she couldn't figure out why her son wasn't going inside. the police officer in the photo gave her the proud news. ed: wow. breaking news at 5:00. bo p to be the first to test out body cameras. >> everybody is involved. >> the response from police tonight. >> the new emergency restrictions brought on by extreme drought. >> how your weekend is looking.
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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. heather: boston police leaders volunteer to be the first to test out body cameras. anchor: the move comes as police and union leaders await a judge's ruling on whether to delay the pilot program. newscenter 5's david bienick is live in boston with the breaking details. reporter: it's not what the have agreed to where the body cameras. they do have some street duties that sometimes bring them into contact with the public but their main job is to supervise regular rank-and-file officers. they are not members of the police union. the union said in court they are worried they may take the


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