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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. heather: boston police leaders volunteer to be the first to test out body cameras. anchor: the move comes as police and union leaders await a judge's ruling on whether to delay the pilot program. newscenter 5's david bienick is live in boston with the breaking details. reporter: it's not what the have agreed to where the body cameras. they do have some street duties that sometimes bring them into contact with the public but their main job is to supervise regular rank-and-file officers. they are not members of the police union. the union said in court they are worried they may take the
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positive step forward. police commissioner will you may have been said when i asked members of the command staff to where the cameras they all stepped up. the judge said he is expected to rule whether to let that program go forward. ifdo starting next week. ben: new at 5: outrage in royalston. residents speaking out after selectmen order mass state police wives to remove blue ribbons placed around town in support of law enforcement families. anchor: newscenter 5's rhondella richardson tells us the reason behind the decision. >> they say it would appear
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the board of selectmen is being beat up by social media for allowing 100 ribbons to adorn town property. it's in support of law enforcement. they put the ribbons up in 42 pounds. >> i support them but we don't need them. reporter: signs of the group obvious. matter. that is what i was told. i have no problem with them being out there. i'm sorry. >> ribbons or breast cancer. these are blue ribbons to support our men and women who serve us every day. >> officials voted to take down the where vince -- the ribbons by friday after the a handful of
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the fabric of this town of 1400 residents. they are prompting all sorts of dialogue. >> i would love to see more diversity in this town. i think people are free to express themselves in any way. >> they say troopers are grateful to the towns along the ribbons. they cause a deadly morning crash. two people died. the driver lost control possibly because of tires. four other passengers were all taken to local hospitals with injuries. new at 5:00. a marshfield mother pleads guilty today in the death of her
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mya died in 2011 in her parent's home. investigators say they found heroin in the baby's bottle. 29-year-old ashley cyr was sentenced to 6 to 8 years in state prison for her role in the baby's death. a judge sentenced the baby's father, 33-year-old ryan barry, to 10 to 12 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to charges yesterday. anchor: boston police have released the identity of a man shot and killed on ripley road in dorchester overnight. witnesses tell the herald a hooded gunman opened fire on a group of friends talking on the sidewalk. ea dorchester was killed possibly by as many as seven gunshots. no arrests have been made. tonight, the fbi is offering up to 20,000 dollars for information leading to the arrest of an alleged ms-13 gang member. this is efrain vasquez-yanez. he's charged with rico conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. the 34-year-old was last seen in everett and is believed to be in the greater boston area. the fbi warns he should be considered armed and dangerous. ben: new drought concerns in
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reservoir where water levels are at dangerously low levels prompting the city to declare a stage three drought emergency. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live to explain what that means, shaun? reporter: the drought is so bad, there's a mandatory ban on all outdoor watering. and now, the city is leading by example. by shutting off fountains like this. startling images, of a lake nearly dry. city leaders say they haven't decades. >> water levels are below 55%. this time of year they're typically at 82%. that's significantly below where we would normally be. reporter: a stage 3 drought emergency. no more watering lawns. no more glass of water at resturants unless you ask. and even city fountains shut down. >> we've asked the fire
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exercises. we've stopped washing all the city vehicles. we've stopped watering our city parks and and ball fields so that we're leading by example of what we're asking our residents to do. reporter: to give you an idea just how bad the drought is, this reservior is one of 10 that supplies the city of worcester its water. i should be standing under 20 feet of water. so bad the city must now buy water from another reservoir. >> it's an emergency situation for the city, so we're purchasing additional water from million purchase for one month, about 16 million gallons of water. because we want to make sure we never in a situation where we can't meet the health and safety needs of the citizens of worcester. reporter: the city will soon send out mailers like this telling people how to cut back on their water use. live in worcester shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. anchor: harvey most of the state is still suffering from drought
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in sight, as more summertime heat moves in. anchor: not really any time soon. behind us, it is interesting. this is month by month. the departure from normal. almost all of the months except for four way below average. heather: the point is all of the red you are saying, dropping below the lines. drought. that is when they get significant. do we have any relief in sight? there is a line of showers and thunderstorms. as has been the case so often timing is not proper for us to get much out of this. even though we see lightning, there will be a weakening trend.
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by tomorrow morning that threat is gone. that is the story there. sunshine is going to take over. it's going to get very warm and humid out there now. you'll see it is almost 90. it is going to get more humid tonight read boston may get a good shower tonight. some of that heat headed for us. ben: commitment 2016, national security once again dominataing the campaign trail. last night hillary clinton and donald trump were in the hot seat, taking questions about foreign policy, the military and terrorism. ed harding reports clinton was quick to push back against trump's positions. >> donald trump in battleground ohio pushing back against hillary clinton's attacks
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her rival for his answers at wednesday's night national security forum on nbc. >> it was a test, and he failed it. reporter: clinton zeroing in on trump's comments about russian president vladimir putin . >> if he says great things about me, i'm going to say great things about him. man has very strong control over a country. >> it is scary. it is dangerous. reporter: there's libertarian candidate gary johnson. but with his poll numbers -- >> aleppo is in syria. it is the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> no excuse. i was thinking in terms of acronym. >> i think it is a disqualifying
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not ready for prime time with statements like that. >> the first presidential debate is 2.5 weeks away. if blast the is any indication there will be fireworks when trump and clinton share the primetime stage. >> it's hard to tell but there is a primary in massachusetts today. only a handful of voters spotted. two republicans are squaring off. anchor: thousands of students settled in the classrooms for the start of the school year. mayor marty walsh, bright and early this morning. school and city leaders were they first two have first
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be a challenge early. make sure that nothing happens on the street and continue to provide good education. >> we have to raise education at a young age. ben: after a year of racial issues there are new systems in place. boston latin is under new leadership and teachers have committed to courageous conversation workshops. let's check the traffic. going into downtown it is not too bad you are looking at 34 minutes. headed north out of town, 29
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let's look at 128. it is slow through the work sound. not too bad northbound. you are looking at 29 minutes. northbound you are looking at a seven minute ride. shots fired inside a texas high school just as the new school year gets underway. anchor: the deadly encounter that put several schools in lockdown today. reporter: a brazen shooting caught on camera in chicago triggering an all-out search in a city plagued by gun violence. then at 5:30 the middlesex county district attorney weighs in on the driver indicted in that deadly restaurant crash in newton last spring. >> and a revealing new report just released about college students and drugs and what
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anchor: now, a texas high school student is dead after allegedly shooting another student then turning the gun on herself. police say a 14-year-old girl opened fire on a classmate inside a high school in brewster county this morning. a police officer was also hurt when another officer's gun accidentally went off while responding to the scene. ben: a close-call over the black sea. the pentagon says a russian fighter jet made an unsafe, close-range intercept of a u.s. aircraft coming within 10 feet of the plane. the american aircraft was conducting routine operations in international airspace at the time and the incident lasted 19 minutes. this is the latest in a series of russian jet intercepts just
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trying to track down two men, caught on camera, robbing and shooting a 71-year-old man. the victim was watering his law at the time. newscenter 5's emily riemer tells us, it's just the latest in a series of violent attacks in that city. reporter: neighbors going door to door in chicago nats hoping to help track down the men who attacked a senior citizen in broad daylight as he in the latest example of the record breaking violence plaguing parts of that city surveillance video shows 71-year-old federico laguardia outside of his home tuesday. two men ride past on bicycles. then, one comes back. laguardia tries to defend himself but falls to the ground. that's when the man shoots laguardia in the abdomen before stealing his wallet. >> you're not even safe in your own yard.
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frustrated chicago residents pray for him. this year there have already been nearly 3000 shootings in chicago and more than 500 murders that's more than in new york and los angeles combined . >> it's not a police issue. it's a society issue. impoverished neighborhoods, people without hope do these kinds of things. you show me a man that doesn't have hope, i'll show you a man who's willing to pick up a gun and do anything with it. reporter: there is now a 1,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the men who robbed and shot laguardia. anchor: the father of that florida college student accused in a deadly face-biting attack thinks his son was poisoned. aaron harrouff is still hospitalized, nearly a month after allegedly killing a couple, in their driveway, and biting the man's face. harrouff's father thinks his son had a mental breakdown and believes he drank poison sometime before the attack. if and when the 19-year-old recovers he'll be charged with murder.
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lochte has agreed to a 10-month swimming ban. he won't be allowed to compete for the next 10 months and must forfeit 10,000 dollars in bonus money following that drunken encounter at a gas station in brazil. lochte admitted to lying about being robbed in rio during the olympics after surveillance video showed him, and 3 other swimmers, vandalizing the gas station. as part of the ban, lochte won't be eligible to compete in the world chon anchor: september is eight days old. not bad. what's the problem? how much rain was it? not very much. it's not going to cut it. it remains very dry.
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the nation's capital, 96 degrees. it is going to reach north into our region for tomorrow. the heat is not going to be able to experience that along the shoreline. it is 71 at logan. to show you the difference you have to jump to watertown and you are 80 degrees at this particular time. it is muggy and getting more it's going to be an uncomfortable night. the high humidity extends west. there is a front and it is approaching. there's approach -- there is in a chance of a storm tonight. here is a line of showers and thunderstorms.
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line of storms, as it moves to the east it will lose some punch. a shower or thunderstorm in the berkshires. i can't rule out it could make it farther east. the threat should be over by tomorrow morning. south and west of most of our area later tomorrow, saturday, we start out with some sunshine. it will cause a chance of a shower. there's a cold front for sunday morning. we have that chance of hitting
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that could have a shower or thunderstorm. it looks like a pleasant stretch of weather. as you check things out, thinking about the weekend. on saturday there is the chance at night there could be a shower. sunday approaching, further up to the north, a shower or thunderstorm possible on saturday. it should be reasonable. early next week, cooler, less humid. a week from now it will change.
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changes to the color on tuesday. environmental experts say it could have been caused by leakage from a nearby chemical plant but have yet to confirm that. ben: it has to be chemicals. that would be so disconcerting if you live near that. anchor: flights from ground zero's -- the flag from ground zero, thought to have vanished, turns up more than a decade later. the special unveiling ceremony held t anchor: disney world fingerprinting toddlers?? the new policy rolled out and how parents can opt out.
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new at 5: the only surviving suspect in the deadly paris terror attacks refused to speak to a judge today for a third time. salah abdeslam was questioned repeatedly about the november attacks that killed 130 people. but his attorney says he refused to speak in protest to being under 24-hour video surveillance in his prison cell. abdeslam's exact role in the attacks has never been made clear. but prosecutors believe he was meant to be a suicide bomber but backed out at the la anniversary of the 9-eleven attacks. last night, the tribute in light project did a test run at the site of the world trade center. the lights have become a powerful symbol of that day projecting two columns high into the sky to mark the fallen twin towers. president obama will deliver remarks at the pentagon sunday to honor the 3,000 lives lost in the nation's worst-ever terror attack. ben: the american flag that firefighters raised at ground zero hours after the attacks is now back home.
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display at the national september 11 memorial museum. it turned up two years ago, when a man returned it to police in everett, washington. forensic tests determined it was in fact the same flag, but how it ended up nearly three thousand miles away from home remains a mystery. anchor: a break in a vicious robbery and assault in new hampshire. ben: where police found the suspect accused of beating an 81-year-old clerk. spraying in florida takes an unexpected turn. why some residents don't want crews treating their neighborhood. reporter: nasa trying to protect the planet from a potential asteroid strike. how this space probe could be
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anchor: command staff have volunteered to wear body cameras. the union is fighting a plan by the department to force one-hundred officers from participating in a pilot program. a judge's ruling on that expected tomorrow. anchor: one day after charges were filed for a deadly restaurant crash in newton the district attorney is talking about the case against the driver. newscenter 5's ed harding is here with what evidence might
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attorney marian ryan says there was a lot of evidence including video and forensics that had to be combed through before presenting the case to a grand jury. 55-year-old bradford casler of newton was indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of negligent operation months after this deadly crash at sweet tomatoes restaurant. 5 investigates was the first to report. casler was driving an suv in when it crossed through an intersection on washington street, smashing through the front of the restaurant, killing two people. his license was indefinitely suspended following the crash. today, we spoke with the da about the length of this months-long investigation. >> we want to be fair to everyone. these are bad situations. they haven't variously injured. it's important to get that


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