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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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attorney marian ryan says there was a lot of evidence including video and forensics that had to be combed through before presenting the case to a grand jury. 55-year-old bradford casler of newton was indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of negligent operation months after this deadly crash at sweet tomatoes restaurant. 5 investigates was the first to report. casler was driving an suv in when it crossed through an intersection on washington street, smashing through the front of the restaurant, killing two people. his license was indefinitely suspended following the crash. today, we spoke with the da about the length of this months-long investigation. >> we want to be fair to everyone. these are bad situations. they haven't variously injured. it's important to get that
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next week or two. but family members and friends who loved the two victims are still desperate for answers. ben: live outside of the city of boston, a little hazy. you are seeing the sunshine. steaming temperatures. harvey is here now. >> before we get to that i am following showers. and thunder with these and they are not going to hold together there may become more scattered in nature and weaker as they move eastward. it's probably not going to work out that way. for the next 12 hours expect
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a very muggy night. we let you know how hot it is going to be tomorrow. ben: police ruling the death of a woman a homicide. today, they identified the victim today as 51-year-old jo-anne boucher. boucher was found dead in her caramel drive home on monday but it's still unclear how she died. her grieving son and ex-husband say they have no idea who would want to hurt her. . jc: police made an arrest in a violent armed 20-year-old thomas ford outside his work this morning. they accuse the hooksett man of beating an 81-year-old store clerk and stealing money from han's food mart. the clerk, young hun yun was taken to the hospital with significant injuries. police say ford was armed with a semi-automatic weapon at the time. >> we considered him armed and dangerous and when the officers approached him they had all that information and took that into consideration.
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police say he will likely be arraigned tomorrow. ben: a new hampshire prep school is facing a federal lawsuit. the parents of a phillips exeter academy student say the school was wrong to kick him out after he had sex with another student. the couple says, at first, they were told their son would be placed on leave for a semester but could return after meeting certain conditions. but they say administrators changed their minds and decided to withdraw him completely. phillips exeter says there wasn't any contractual promise the boy would be allowed to return. jc: almost back. and the bruins will start their quest for the cup in a brand new training facility it's sure hard to miss along the mass pike. here's sportscenter 5's josh brogadir with a first look inside. >> all that is missing are the bruins and maybe another banner to hang from the rafters. welcome to warrior ice arena. the new bruins training facility
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>> turf to run. whirlpools to recovery. when the players command of the parking garage this lineup is the first thing they will see. >> it is a motivational thing. it makes you excited to be here. reporter: this is something altogether. >> the guys want to be here. not a take away anything but guys would get in there and get on the ice and then get out of there. >> the bruins president played to her guide. he never had these bells or whistles.
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>> it's more about the space for the current players that we have and the staff that we have and how could we make it better for them and then it shows another level of commitment from ownership. in boston, josh brogadir, wcvb sportscenter 5. jc: right now on the wcvb mobile app, it may look weird on your t.v. but this is actually a 360 degree view of the new bruins facility you can move the video anywhere you want to truly go inside the rink. ben: and taking a look at first alert traffic. you're looking live at the zakim bridge. let's go to the map and see how traffic is moving. it is the first day of school. 34 minutes headed north out of town. not too bad.
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south is slow seven minutes from the pike. still to come, a break in a series of random shootings. >> who police having custody. >> florida residents fighting back despite an uptick in locally transmitted zika cases.
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>> relief in san jose
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randomly shooting and drivers. anchor: the search for a serial spree shooter continues. >> in san jose the fear has subsided. >> it has been nerve-racking. all of our fans live nearby -- it is not knowing what was going on. >> this man is behind a string of random shootings. the targets, drivers along the stretch of road. for driver >> being thorough they have a search for the house. they matched that weapon to shell casings found at their scenes. >> we want to do everything we can to apprehend a suspect.
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his youngest victim, a 12-year-old girl. >> no one deserves to live in fear. this is an entire community issues. >> they are hoping someone will come forward. anchor: the most magical place on earth launches a controversial down on fraud. ben: why they are fingerprinting toddlers. jc: and hurricane new in, -- newton. anchor: the chances we will get
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anchor: your economy now. a legal victory for uber. a federal appeals court says to resolve claims individually not through a class action lawsuit. hundreds of thousands of drivers sued uber, saying the ride-hailing service exploits them by treating them as contractors not employees meaning they don't get benefits. jc: ford is adding another million 1/2 vehicles to its recall of door latches. it says a spring tab in the latches can break and the doors either won't close or could pop open. the newly-added vehicles are listed right now on your screen.
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latches for free. ben: a woman in hawaii is recovering after being attacked by a shark. it happened at mahaka beach in oahu. the woman was in the water, 300 yards out, when the shark bit her shoulder and arm. another person near her managed to reach her and get her to safety. >> i started paddling my feet up. the woman was treated at the hospital. she's still in serious condition tonight. jc: the fight against the zika virus continues in florida as more people, including pregnant women, are diagnosed. officials say aerial spraying is critical to controlling the spread of the virus. but tonight some residents are fighting back. >> health officials confirming 80 pregnant women have now tested positive for the zika virus in florida. this as doctors in miami say they are now treating a second baby born with zika-related
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cases are expected, especially if federal funding to combat the virus isn't approved soon. >> if public health gets the job done now? the next spring or summer we gonna see far fewer babies who are affected, if they don't get the job done, next spring and summer it could be a nightmare? now controversy over efforts to prevent the spread of the virus which has already been contracted locally by at least 56 people in florida. protests in miami beach, over plans to do aerial spraying to kill mosquitos that spread zika. >> we are concerned. it has the potential of being worse. reporter: doctors insisting spraying it is an effective method.
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some live normal and are not needing problems. >> despite the protests, it is still scheduled for tomorrow morning. ben: a stunning sight in arizona yesterday triggered by the remnants of hurricane newton. a camera captured this funnel cloud in williams as thun catch residents there by surprise. you don't think arizona when you think tornado alley. >> definitely lot -- definitely not. we showed you when the moisture went through arizona. it is moving through the midwest.
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extending eastward, we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. lightning with the storms as well. as they move eastward they could move through the berkshires. there is likely to be a weakening trend. there can still be a downpour to the north and west. at night and widely scattered. by tomorrow morning the threat is by the boards. that opens it up for some hot weather tomorrow. the front that comes through just rests along the new england south coast and it could get active on saturday. there is the possibility of a
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first thing sunday, another shot at thunderstorms. today it is almost 90. hotter to the west. 96 in washington dc. this will be an uncomfortable night, dropping into low 70's around 70. 96, some warmth moving our way tomorrow. behind the front it is still warm. that could take us to 90 degrees. it should turn less humid by late morning. not so much so down at the coast.
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arrival of a cold front. the timing is not great. more often, here it is coming through sunday morning. it should brighten up on sunday afternoon. it should be a nice finish. tomorrow should be the hottest. don't be shocked if there is a shower. probably it warms up, that should be a head of the struggle cold front. temperatures at least down in the 50's. pretty cool thursday night. i feel very bold. ben: i like 80's and 90's for
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tonight, nasa will launch this space probe to chase down a dark and potentially dangerous asteroid that could one day collide with earth. it sounds like one of those 90's movies. the unmanned probe will reach the asteroid in august 2018. it will create a map of the large rock, take pictures and samples and bring them back to earth. if you've been to fenway park recently, you've heard josh kantor's work. he's the man at the organ, providing a soundtrack throughout the games. that's a different story, as chronicle's ted reinstein discovered. >> most of the folks enjoying the pregame meal probably have no idea they are sharing the stage with josh kantor.
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reporter: he doesn't mind. this is his dream job. >> i remember thinking that has to be the coolest job in the world. reporter: this job keeps him on his toes. he uses no sheet music and never knows what he is going to play. he tries to match songs and takes requests by twitter. >> i will pull listen to it. i will just try to learn it on the fly as i am listening to it. >> for the old metalheads they love it. reporter: make no mistake. he takes the long route even if he is short on space.
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this job into carry-on the tradition. it is humbling to be a part of that. jc: that is a tiny space. a secret shrine down the door. that is 7:30 in chronicle. college students back in the temptations. ben:a new report about marijuana and prescription drug use. anchor: coming up, breaking news involving boston police. five investigates with new details on the braintree police.
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i don't know. i think that could happen to anybody. >> bill weld gary johnson fighting to be heard. will johnson stumble become all anyone listens to? take a look at this picture going viral. randy: friday morning on the eyeopener, it's so hard to save the precious artwork. >> the services to tut -- cut down on clutter. the changes coming on friday
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the new role applied to kid between ages of three years old and nine years old. they do not store the fingerprints. parents can opt out by having their fingerprints scanned instead. anchor: college students are heading back to the classroom this week. on the minds of many parents, the risks and temptations of drugs. newscenter 5's heather unh report on college drug use. reporter: right now, millions of american teenagers are spending their first weeks in college. that means new friends, new experiences and new risks as some experiment with drugs. new data shows that among college students, marijuana use is on the rise. the numbers, coming from the annual monitoring the future survey find that nearly 40% of college students say they've used marijuana in the past year. that's up from 30% $10 years ago.
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highest levels in more than 3 decades. but researchers say it's a very different story when it came to narcotics. college students are now less likely to abuse prescription painkillers than in the past. 3% of college students admit to using them. that's about a third as many as in 2006. the real mind-altering drug of choice, alcohol. nearly 4 out of 5 college students say they've used it in the past year. for parents a reminder that in addition to setting priorities, sending your children to school safely also means having a conversation about the dangers of drugs. ben: drought conditions so severe the state second largest city is taking precautions. >> the move by boston police top brass to get body cameras on the
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>> a couple of chances for storms and how your weekend is looking. >> what the patriots star thinks about his chances of playing sunday. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 that 5:00. >> police have some volunteers. >> they are not rank-and-file officers. they are members of the commissioners command staff. >> this is far from what the brass had wanted but this is a commanders who will agree to where the cameras while on duty. they do have some street duties that sometimes bring them into contact with the public. the main job is to survey rank-and-file officers. they are not part of the
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make them targets. police commissioner william evans said when asked to volunteer to where the cameras they stepped up. i'm committed to getting the program started in my officers out there every day. the judge to over solve this plans to issue a ruling tomorrow. the body cameras next week. anchor: we turn our attention to a water crisis. a stage three drought. ben: take a look. water levels are below the pump. the city implementing new water restrictions.
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a drought emergency. water levels so low worcester must buy water from another reservoir. >> it is an emergency situation. we are purchasing additional water because we want to make sure we are never in a situation where we can't meet health and safety needs of the citizens. >> this reservoir is one of 10. i should be stanng after weeks without rain a stage three drought emergency. a mandatory ban on outdoor water at restaurants. they cannot give you a glass of water unless you ask. with 36 students in town -- 36 and thousand new students in town, students are also limited.


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