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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> remembering the 9/11 victims 15 years later. we'll have a look at remembrance services. >> a fiery crash. a woman trapped inside this car as it burst into flames. the daring rescue by a passing driver. >> dozens of college students injured after a por in a new england town. where the incident happened and what police are saying about that car. >> and a deadly crash during a boat race on a local pond. what we know about the victims and the investigation into the chain reaction crash that led to tragedy. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> and a good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us as we get the 8:00 a.m. hour underway of the eyeopener.
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i'm antoinette antonio. >> i'm doug meehan. we will be getting to some of those remembrances here on the eyeopener. first we went to get to a.j., who has severe weather behind him. >> yes, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for about the next half hour. this is out into berkshire county, far western massachusetts, and a good portion of eastern new york as well. again, until about 8:30 this morning. let's see how these are moving. they are moving toward the east at about 35 miles per hour or so. they would put them in p activity now, great barrington within the half hour or so. these storms will propagate eastward. be on guard, worthington, huntington, and into the connecticut valley as well. these storms have been producing quite a bit of lightning, some heavy rainfall, and also some strong gusty winds. no damage reports just yet, but we're watching for that potential throughout the course of the day today. it's being caused by a cold front, which is knifing into our
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much drier, and you'll feel that in time for this afternoon and toward dinnertime as well. look at those dew points come way down. so it turns a lot more comfortable. again, a bumpy ride into that comfortable air. we'll time out some thunderstorms and let you know when it might impact your neighborhood coming up shortly. antoinette. >> a.j., thank you. it is a day of remembrance and reflection. today marking 15 years since september 11. we're taking a live look inside the state house right now as a begin there. it's one of several events happening today in tribute to the victims and the survivors of the terror atexas. >> the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live in the public garden where people are gathering for a service. >> a wreath-laying ceremony just wrapped up a few minutes ago. one thing was very clear. despite 15 years that have passed, we have not forgotten, and certainly the families of
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this is an emotional day for them. a quick ceremony, but poignant, surrounded by nearly 3,000 flags this morning, one for every person who died. families tell us they have found some healing in giving back. now september 11, a national day of community service. >> on september 11, we really think about -- i know i do, many of our vte many americans think about how we came together. we served together. we really stepped up for one another. >> we spoke with some family members after the ceremony. they say this day brings out so many memories, they tend to go through that day, everything that happened. for them, very, very emotional. a lot of them have moved on to the state house. we're live in boston. nicole estaphan, wcvb. >> here's very much.
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happening this morning. the names of the more than 200 people with local ties who died in the attacks will be read followed by the annual memorial service, and the red cross is hosting the 14th annual day of remembrance blood drive at fenway park. president obama is planning a moment of silence at the white house this morning at 8:46. that's when the moment the first hijacked plane crashed into the world trade center's north tower. tributes will get underway within the president plans to attend a ceremony at the pentagon, where you're looking live right now. the ceremony at ground zero is set to start at 8:40 and will continue until 1:00 this afternoon. the remembrance includes the reading of the names of all the people who died in the tax.
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93 crashed there. that plane had been headed to san francisco from newark, new jersey, when those hijackers took over. >> we are following breaking news. this is new video to us of a car on fire on sandwich road. that call came in just after 5:00 this morning. firefighters say the driver crashed into a poll and then the car burst into flames. a man saw that crash happen and then pulled the woman from the burning car. she was taken to falmouth hospital. she is expected to be okay. students are recovering after two decks collapsed. police in hartford, connecticut, say between 30 and 40 trinity college students were hurt when a third floor deck fell free and hit a deck below before hitting the ground. police tweeting these photos of the aftermath. the accident happened at what police are calling a large off-campus party. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. >> new information on a deadly boat crash in taunton.
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on watson pond this weekend, and rescuers say three drivers were thrown from their boats after colliding. that accident happening after one of those boats spun out at 65 miles an hour. a 39-year-old new hampshire man died at the scene and a 67-year-old man from maine rushed to a hospital in critical condition. a third man suffered minor injuries. >> i had been in a few accidents over my 23 years, and i knew it didn't look good. last thing we accident. we're here to have fun and enjoy this sport and just don't like to see this happen. >> the taunton fire department dive team was on that scene for the race. they pulled all three drivers out of the water. that crash is still under investigation. state police have made an arrest in a deadly crash along i-95 in box ford. 22-year-old nathaniel armstrong
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where he was pronounced dead. >> a new hampshire man is behind bars in connection to a murder in danville. 37-year-old richard moore of danville is charged with second-degree murder. the attorney general says moore repeatedly stabbed 51-year-old jo-anne boucher. she was found dead inside her home last week. neighbors say moore, a registered sex offender, had been living with her for months. the news of his arrest is a relief to neighbors in t >> my kids can go outside and not have to worry. that means they can actually walk by that house. i never let them walk by there. >> moore is expected to be in court tomorrow. >> a home invasion is under investigation in worcester this morning. police say that six men and two women drove up to a home on clark street and forced their way in, an at least one of the men armed in a tire iron. two teens inside the home fought off their attackers with a baseball bat. the suspects then took off. police say the incident does not
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other as well as the suspects. one of the 18-year-old girls is being charged in connection with that attack. >> there is now a reward for information about a fire that destroyed a home in holliston. the fire broke out on mayflower landing yesterday morning. it was a new home under construction. holliston fire tweeting out these pictures from that scene. arson watch is offering up to $5,000 in reward money for information. >> time is 8:08. >> why a travel advisory linked to the zika virus could soon be over. the update from the cdc as wide spread spraying continues. a historic new england bridge goes up in flames. what investigators are now saying about the cause of the fire. >> the nlb postseason around the corner. red sox hoping to extend there a.l. east lead. a.j.? >> we're tracking scattered
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massachusetts. i'm tracking the areas affected and how long that humidity outside will be sticking around
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>> good morning. it's 8:11. welcome back as we take a live look at the pentagon right now.
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a ceremony there. tributes will also get underway within the hour at the 9/11 memorial. >> in other news this morning -- fire ripping through a historic covered bridge in vermont. investigators say it is suspicious. you can see the flames taking over the entire station covered bridge. that connects the towns of salisbury and cornwall. that bridge dates back to the 1800's. that bridge was actually still in use. that road's going to be closed until further notice. >> the man who shot president in virginia. john hinckley jr. was released from a mental hospital yesterday. he'll have to live with his mother for a year, work or volunteer three days a week and continue therapy. >> intense airstrikes in syria ahead of a nationwide cease-fire set to start tomorrow. dozens have been killed in the city of aleppo. syrian state tv reporting the government has accepted the cease-fire agreement reached between u.s. and russian
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turning point. also, iran is building a new nuclear power plant with help from russia. it's the first project since last year's landmark nuclear deal. that project will be monitored by the international atomic energy agency. the u.s. along with russia, britain, france and germany and china reaching a deal with iran where tehran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for lifting of international photograph that marked the end of world war ii has passed away. she died at a richmond, virginia, hospital. she went to times square in 1945 amid reports that the war had ended. that is when george mendonsa kissed her to celebrate japan's surrender. friedman wasn't actually identified as the woman in this photo until the year 1980.
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as we work our way through a sunday morning. a couple of new warnings. >> yes, western massachusetts. this is the first area to get into the act. this activity will propagate eastward. call it by 8:30, 9:30 or so into the worcester hills, worcester itself, and then into the boston metro area later this morning. there are your two warnings right now. again, western massachusetts until, let's see. we have a west, including berkshire county, this one here is in effect until 8:30. great barrington, greenfield as well, and getting into orange until 9:00 this morning. let me show you the latest radar loop here. lots of lightning with these storms, especially the core of this area as it continues moving off to the east. we'll show you -- i'll set these
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you can see they're just about to move into great barrington now, also into the connecticut valley on the northern edge of this. let's track these. this is a nice little line of storms. we'll watch it as it continues moving to the east, again, at about -- let's call it 35 miles per hour. so let's see if i can get that out there. there we go. shellburn, westfield and chicopee within the next hour. the closer you are to the beginning, thene as you move toward the reservoir and in western worcester county, that will be closer to the top of the 9:00 hour. in boston, it's plain old soupy outside. clouds abound. some patchy fog. 75 degrees. humidity still very high with that south-southwest wind, which has been pretty busy out there. a little bumpy on the camera lens as the winds are gusting at times past 20 miles per hour. 70 to 75 degrees on average for temperatures right now.
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track them toward the 9:30 hour, again, moving into the worcester area and then heading toward the boston area before noon it looks like, and some of these could be rather potent. north shore down through boston and even along the 95 corridor toward providence as well. we may get a few more of these storms developing along the south coast and heading toward the cape and the islands early this afternoon as well. behind these, though, and you will see this by dinnertime tonight, clearing skies, and comfortable air in behind this cold front. so it's turning less humid behind these storms big time. huge difference in the air mass. high pressure in store for tomorrow morning means a cool start at the bus stops for the kiddoes. and then another line of showers and storms enters on wednesday. that's the way i'm seeing it right now. best bet, and i'm actually thinking about expanding this a little bit farther west, gusty winds, lightning, localized downpours.
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again, watch out in western mass as well. biggest threats will be the heavy rain, lightning and strong winds as well. high temperatures today up near 80 degrees. again, big changes in store heading into the afternoon hours, though, with much drier air working in. so a bumpy ride to get that more comfortable air in here. midday storms around the boston area. probably midmorning toward late morning for the worcester area. and then it's back to sunshine for monday and tuesday. more storms on wednesday and struggle to near 70 degrees for high temperatures on thursday and friday. guys? >> whoo, cooling down. all right, a.j. thank you. it's 8:17. checking some of the other stories happening right now -- >> spraying for the zika virus is back underway and the hope is down in miami that a travel advisory linked to the zika virus could be over soon. the cdc could call off the warning for pregnant women if there are no new local cases found by september 19th. there is a new round of spraying
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>> the security company that employed a gunman who shot dozens at a florida nightclub faces a $150,000 fine. g4s secure solutions falsely listed psychological testing information on forms that allowed employees to carry guns. investigators found the company listed the wrong psychologist's name on over 1500 forms over the past 10 years. one form belonged to omar mateen, the gunman in the a florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor and stealing money from an elderly patient is apparently at it again. police are charging malachi love-robinson with identity theft and other fraud offenses after he tried to buy a luxury car. they say the elderly woman with love-robinson didn't know that she'd been listed as a cosigner on the loan application for that car. love-robinson first made headlines after he was arrested in february.
8:19 am
teenager was practicing medicine without a license. >> it's 8:18. it's still summer. but are you ready for winter? the mount washington observatory is already taking reservations for day and overnight trips. staffers give visitors a close look at its heavy snow, its freezing fog and strong winds during the winter. overnight programs will include topics such as mountain photography, climate change, and winter mountaineerering in the observatories classroom in the clouds. i'd say so. theed edutrips run from early january through march. >> here's josh brogadir. >> eduardo rodriguez might be the best 2-7 pitcher in baseball. but he's still 2-7. a good but not great outing in toronto and a good but not great team tied the series at one game apiece. melvin upton jr. forgot how to play left field on friday night. and on saturday, he remembered
8:20 am
his two-run homer in the second put the jays up 2-0. more offense after an aaron hill error. joey bats to center and the jays up 3-0. sox come back. what can you say about dustin pedroia? has to be his best season since 2011. solo shot to left. now 3-1. and if this ball from jbj is 10 feet deeper. joey bats becomes joey fields. hanley scores on the sac fly and it's now 3-2. to the ninth for last fireball roberto osuna. just one game ahead of the jays in the east. >> a town in vermont is looking for some star power for their annual baconfest. >> organizers in brattleboro, vermont, are hoping kevin bacon will accept their invite.
8:21 am
they don't know if he's going to show up for baconfest next weekend. of course, every day in his world is baconfest. >> i love those pictures. it looks like he's already there. do you need the real thing? >> hoop dreams. >> we'll tell you about the teenager who found himself shooting hoops with a celtics star. >> and remembering 9/11 this morning. you're looking at live pictures from new york city. both candidates having events there as the continue. tributes happening all across
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>> good morning. watching severe weather moving through the western part of the state and eventually into the worcester area in another hour. take a look. severe thunderstorm warnings indicated in the yellow boxes here u areas like greenfield over into amherst. some nasty storms with a habit of producing some lightning and even some gusty winds as well. we'll set this into motion. they're steadily moving 35 miles an hour to the east. and there have been reports of wind damage on the back side of these storms back through new york. keep that in mind. they do have a history of some minor wind damage. we'll take a closer look at these storms coming up in just a few minutes.
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a teenager in cambridge when a celtics star showed up to play basketball after school. >> as newscenter 5's reid lamberty reports, that selfie you saw with isaiah thomas isn't the only souvenir from the game. it's a great memory that will last a lifetime. >> on every basketball court across the land, every kid dreams. but what happened on this cambridge court tuesday exceeded even >> i was dribbling the ball. >> the high school freshman shooting hoops alone after his first day of school was caught off-guard when celtics point guard isaiah thomas walked up and asked if he could play. >> the second i saw him, i knew who he was. i was just staring at him for just five seconds just not saying anything. >> they shot for about 10 minutes and talked about the celtics' upcoming season.
8:26 am
to get ready for the season, isaiah. >> the die-hard fan usually plays with friends, but rain kept them away. thomas and his wife were at a school nearby with their son when the celtics star walked over. >> he really cared about robbie. remembers how he was when he was young and just, you know, went on that -- that feeling. >> robbie says the chance meeting made his year, made his friends jealous, and this selfie made the rounds on social media. he hopes makes him feel. >> it just motivates. just seeing isaiah, i want to play more just by seeing him. >> as you can imagine, robbie's friends didn't initially believe him when he told them he was playing basketball with isaiah thomas. it's when they saw the photo on snapchat that they started kicking themselves. i'm reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. >> how many kids can say they told an nba player, you need to
8:27 am
>> right? the race for the white house in its first time stages. >> the fiery exchanges on the campaign trail as one bay state town becomes a focal point in that race. and we won't be seeing tom brady on a football field anytime soon, but he's still getting workouts in. hear how his wife is keeping him in the game. >> and looking at live pictures from the pentagon this morning. stay with the eyeopener as we remember the lives lost 15 years
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> tracking severe thunderstorms in the western part of the state this morning. i'll tell you who might see some rain and when cooler temperatures return. >> remembering 9/11. the tributes happening 15 years later as we honor the lives lost. >> awar of words on the campaign trail and the massachusetts town that's now a focal point in the race. >> tom brady keeping in shape during his suspension. the wife as the pats season opener gets underway tonight. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. >> good morning, everybody. i'm doug meehan. it's sunday, september 11. >> and i'm antoinette antonio. we have a.j. burnett in with us this morning. you're tracking some severe storms right now out west. this is going to be just as bad once it gets to boston? >> could be in some areas.
8:31 am
closely. we do have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings out there to talk to you about. let's get right to it. again, this is western massachusetts, but the idea is that these storms will continue propagating eastward. so it's greenfield, amherst and planford and great barrington under the gun. here is the radar. we have nasty looking storms in here. a little bit of maybe a slight little bit of a bow perhaps, and also some pretty heavy thunderstorms edge of the warned area. these are moving at 35 miles an hour. so steady down the pike or up the pike, depending on your frame of reference, and heading into the connecticut valley here in the next few minutes or so. also, these have had a history of producing some severe weather, including some winds that brought down six trees around brick tavern, new york, and also there was another area that had downed trees as well.
8:32 am
that area. so these have had a history of producing strong gusty winds, and that indeed is a higher impact for today. also, the heavy rain and the lightning. we'll time out as these move into worcester county and also into the boston metro area. we'll have that all coming up for you in the forecast in just a few minutes. guys? >> a.j., thank you. we're following breaking news out of bourne. >> new video of a car on fire on sandwich road this morning. that call came in just after 5:00. firefighters saw that car. it just burst into flames there. a man saw the crash happen and then he pulled a woman out of the burning car. she was taken to falmouth hospital and expected to be okay. >> dozens of college students are recovering after two decks collapse in connecticut. hartford police saying 30 to 40 trinity college students are on a third floor deck of an off-campus party when it fell, crashing into the second floor
8:33 am
>> a deadly boat crash under investigation in taunton. it happened during a race yesterday on watson pond. one boat spun out and crashed into two others. the three drivers landed in the water. a new hampshire man was killed. the two others were injured. it is a day of remembrance and reflection. today marking 15 years since september 11. you're taking a live look inside the state house as a memorial in which 200 names of local ties gets underway this morning. that's one of several events happening today in tribute to the victims and survivors of the terror attacks. >> the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live in the public garden where a ceremony wrapped up moments ago. nicole? >> antoinette, doug, you're right. that ceremony just wrapping up a few moments ago. if you look behind me, people still continue to stop by the september 11 memorial here. those flowers you see there, most of those left by family
8:34 am
poignant at the spot where all massachusetts residents who died on september 11 are memorialized surrounded by nearly 3,000 flags, one for every person who died. families tell us it doesn't matter how much time has passed. this day is full of heavy memories. >> we've moved forward over the last 15 years, but we never move on, because even though today marks 15 years, it's every day for us. we wake up the same every day our lives. >> she went on to tell us though 15 years seems like yesterday when she thinks of her husband, she looks at her children now, the youngest was just then 7 years old, now 22, and she says that's when she realizes how much time has passed. again, nearly 200 people with local connections died in the september 11 attacks. live in boston this morning. nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5.
8:35 am
presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump taking a break from the campaign trail today. they're both planning to attend services marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. they'll be attending at ground zero. trump is a native new yorker. clinton was a senator from new york at the time of the attacks. >> while the campaign is on hold, the verbal battle continues. hillary clinton making an admission of regret about comments she made about donald trump supporters and trump taking advantage of lunching his own new attack. as they hit the home stretch, the candidates' tough talk is turning more extreme. >> she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart, and she wouldn't be prosecuted, okay? >> donald trump in pensacola friday night. then hillary clinton at a fundraiser in new york dishing out this. >> to just be grossly
8:36 am
of trump's supporters into what i call the baskets of deplorables. the racists, sexists, homophobics, xenophobics, islam-phobics. you name it. >> the outrage was quick. the nominee tweeting, wow, hillary clinton was so insulting to my supporters, millions of amazing hard-working people. i think will it cost her at the polls. the clinton campaign tried to say sheas some of trump's supporters. >> but this other basket of people are people who feel the government has let them down, the economy has let them down. they don't buy everything he says. >> trump's running mate, mike pence, responded. >> they are not a basket of anything. they are americans, and they deserve your respect. >> later saturday, clinton stopped short of any apology but said in a statement, quote, i
8:37 am
calling out racism and rhetoric. the latest abc/washington post poll showing clinton ahead. gary johnson comes in with 9%. some believe that johnson's campaign appears to be hurting clinton more than trump. clinton's five-point advantage is within the poll's margin of error. >> clinton's campaign opened a new office in boston this the vote. and trump's campaign also opened a massachusetts campaign office. as newscenter 5's david bienick reports, even in a traditionally democratic state like this, trump supporters are not discouraged about his chances. >> the party spilled out of the office and into the parking lot off main street in hudson as hundreds of donald trump supporters celebrated the opening of his massachusetts campaign headquarters.
8:38 am
>> trump's massachusetts campaign chair told the crowd the candidate is focused on a 50-state strategy, even though the latest poll showed trump trailing hillary clinton here by more than 20 points. and the last republican presidential candidate to win this state was ronald reagan in 1984. >> everything's possible when you have the go-to attitude that the man represents. >> some volunteers signed up to make phone calls from so far the campaign has just one paid staffer for the entire state. >> the battleground states get more investment than the non-battleground states. >> even some of trump's strongest supporters say picking up the bay state's 11 electoral votes won't be easy. >> for massachusetts, it's a lost cause, unfortunately. i wish it weren't, but it probably is. >> probably won't spend a lot of money in massachusetts, but you
8:39 am
a shot. >> within weeks, the trump campaign plans to send some of these massachusetts supporters north of the border to new hampshire, where the race is seen as tighter. >> volunteer actively for donald trump. >> as for how often the candidate imself plans to visit massachusetts between now and election day, the campaign's not sure. you think he will be back at least once between now and election day? >> yeah, absolutely. >> in the meantime, it will be up to these trump supporters to spread the word. in hudson, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. big jet delay. >> why british airways is postpoeng the launch of its double-decker aircraft in boston. >> the red sox a.l. east lead slipping a bit yesterday. where they stand after a loss to the blue jays. >> tracking some severe thunderstorms working through western massachusetts right now taking aim on amherst and chicopee in the next 30 minutes or so moving toward worcester and boston.
8:40 am
the september 11 terror attacks. we take a live look from new york city this morning where a tribute ceremony is set to get underway within a few minutes. we'll be right back with more
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>> welcome back. you're looking at live pictures from the state house just prior to the names being read as the victims of 9/11, as you can see the remembrance of the terrorist attacks happening right now with the governor in place. hard to believe, but 9/11 attacks 15 years ago today. more as the morning continues. antoinette? >> your economy this sunday morning. a delay for the first regular flights of the world' the "herald" reports british airways is holding back on its four flights a week plan between boston and london. the a-380's were supposed to take flight in february but the airline is replacing the jets with smaller planes. a construction issue with a passenger lounge is partly to blame. >> apple looking to develop self-driving car technology.
8:44 am
its policy. officials in san francisco say the company has also inquired about creating an automotive testing ground. >> now, your stormteam 5 forecast. >> all right. still keeping an eye on that thunderstorm warning right now. >> yeah, yeah. we have warnings in western massachusetts. it's all going to move into worcester and boston as well. perhaps not as severe, but still the threat for severe let's take a look at it. severe thunderstorm warnings until 9:00, and these may start to get issued a little farther to the east here as we overlay the radar now. i want to show you, we've got the heaviest action from greenfield to amherst. we're just about into amherst. these continue to move off to the east. have a history of maybe producing gusty winds as well. there's all the action set into motion for you in the past hour.
8:45 am
off toward the east. now, i'm going to give you an idea of when these will be coming into the worcester proper area and up into let's call it nashua to manchester by about 9:30 or so this morning. give it about another 45 minutes. boston metro, call it about 10:30 give or take. then around noontime, we could have another batch of some showers and storms scooting across the south shore, cape and islands toward lunchtime. by 2:00, these are all out of here pretty much. really starts to come in big time for later on this afternoon. so it's the price we pay to get that drier air. 75 sultry degrees in boston right now. south-southwesterly wind will eventually become northwest later this afternoon as that drier air moves in. 70's abound across the area, and it is torrid outside. let's set this into motion. this is your futurecast. this gives you an idea of where these storms are going to go,
8:46 am
so. and some scattered showers and storms developing down toward hartford. watch as that southern part of the line blossoms. we could see action from boston down the 95 corridor toward providence. north shore could be blocked by a few thunderstorms as well, and these will head toward cape cod 1:30 or so. this is strong cold front moving through. high pressure in store for tomorrow means cool start. wednesday with scattered showers and thunderstorms. and the story will be associated
8:47 am
and 40's. high temperatures will only be in the low 60's for tomorrow. hitting the beach, the presence of lightning east of the beaches at or about late morning.
8:48 am
>> do so as the remembrances continue. 8:48. the sox dropped a game against toronto but they're still a game ahead in the a.l. east. eduardo rodriguez allowing three runs. dustin pedroia bright spot for the sox. he hit a homer in the sixth. clay buchholz starts the final game of the series this afternoon in toronto. and if you were wondering during the four-game suspension if it was going to brady to moss. hello, giselle. this photo is from giselle's
8:49 am
don't worry. patriots open tonight against the arizona cardinals. be more worried about gronk not being there. >> brady's got to keep that arm in shape. all right. if you've been if fenway park recently, you've heard josh kantor's work. >> he's providing the soundtrack throughout the game. but seeing josh, that's a totally different story as "chronicle's" ted reinstein discovered. >> ever wonder where this fenway fixture is actually located? their pregame meal up here in the state street pavilion club probably have no idea they're actually sharing the stage with josh kantor talked away in a far corner behind an i-beam with his organ. >> yeah, i can't really see left field. can't really see third base too well. >> but kantor doesn't mind. this is, after all, his dream job. >> i remember thinking even as early as age 13, like that's got to be the coolest job in the
8:50 am
>> this sit-down job keeps kantor on his toes. he uses no sheet music, never knows what he's going to play, and tries to match songs to the mood of the game. he even takes requests by twitter. >> i get requests all the time for songs i've never played before, never heard before. i'll pull up the songs just on youtube on my phone and listen to it and just kind of try to learn it on the fly as i'm listening. >> but classic pop is kantor's beyond tossing in led zeppelin. >> the old metal heads love that one. >> make no mistake. when it comes to his position, kantor takes the long view, even if he's a little short on space. >> it's a great honor to have this job and to carry on the old live ballpark organ tradition. it's incredibly humbling to be part of that. >> tomorrow on "chronicle" at
8:51 am
boston's swan boat swimming. checking in at cheers, eating al fresco in brookline and a pioneer's farmers market in newton. all found on beacon street on "chronicle." 8:51 is your time. a look at the top stories coming up for you. >> also ahead, the five-second rule is one that we've heard about for years, but is five seconds too much time to leave food that's been floor? we'll have that story when we come back. and right now, we continue our coverage of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. this is a live look from the pentagon. president obama is set to attend a remembrance ceremony there later in the morning. stay with the eyeopener as our
8:52 am
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[names being read]. >> you are looking live at 9/11 ceremonies happening right now at the state house where the names of 206 victims with local ties are being read. earlier this morning, a wreath was laid at the boston public garden. the families of many victims gathering there this morning for the service as well as a moment of silence. >> we are following some breaking news this morning.
8:55 am
bourne. new video of a car on fire on sandwich road this morning. that call came in around 5:00. firefighters say the driver crashed into a poll and burst into flames. a man saw the crash and pulled the woman from that burning car. she was taken to an area hospital. she is expected to be okay. >> right now, dozens of college students are recovering after two decks collapse in connecticut. hartford police say 30 to 40 trinity college students were on a third floor deck at an off-campus party when it fell crashing into the second luckily, nobody was hurt here. >> we have a new study that says you may want to rethink the so-called five-second rule, eating food that's been dropped on the floor. >> researchers at rutgers university say that bacteria can contaminate the food in an instant, but it does depend what you drop. researchers tested watermelon, bread, bread and butter and those gummy candies on stainless steel, ceramic tile, wood and carpet.
8:56 am
contamination. it seems that foods that are moist or wet are most likely to be contaminated first. >> shocker! >> shocking. >> finding all sorts of -- >> let me get this right. >> a piece of bologna and drop it on -- okay. moving on -- >> we have some severe weather moving through western and central parts of the state now. a new severe thunderstorm warning just issued for a good chunk of far northwestern middlesex county until 9:30. there you can see the latest radar image. these storms are moving to the east at 35 miles per hour and have a history of producing some wind damage. you see each one of those dots there, a report of some trees down on wires out on route 9 in western massachusetts, so we've got some tree damage coming in with these storms. just take it safe. these storms will be traveling toward the east, again, about 35
8:57 am
continue marching off to the east. >> okay. and just as severe as they have been? >> they may be. the biggest threat is strong winds and heavy downpours which would be useful, but not the drought buster we need. >> a.j., thank you. >> we want to leave you this hour with live pictures coming from beverly airport where a brand-new 9/11 memorial is in place with a piece of one of the towers from there in new york city.
8:58 am
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> we're fighting for every last city and every last person. >> ready for battle. with less than 60 days to go, hillary clinton under fire for her candid comments. >> you could put halff spoerters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic. you name it. >> they're not a basket of anything. they're americans. and they deserve your respect. and donald trump taking heat for praising putin. >> if he says great things about me, i'm going the say great things about him. >> he prefers the russian president to our american


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