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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 -- reid: right now, storm damage in several local towns. the close call for families. and the long cleanup ahead. rhondella: hillary clinton's new health concerns apparently stumbling and being helped into a van. the campaign's story on what happened. reid: remembering 9/11. across the country. >> from boston felt news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. reid: right now, trees down from 's line of storms the quickly moves through today. this is video from groton. and there is damage in several communities. the danger of falling trees increasing because of drought conditions the summer. good to have you with us.
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richardson. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in groton right now. diane: crews are still cleaning up as several trees came crashing down on this family property including what appears to be part of a tree that landed on the family fell from state -- the family fell steps. four cars are parked in the driveway at vincent pinque home but from this view it's hard to see the others. cars totally taken out and 2 we hope are ok. diane: two trees came toppling down on his family's cars . luckily, no one was inside at the time. >> it is covering the truck and my daughter fell car and my wife fell car and my son fell car took the full brunt. but thank god we were lucky . nothing up and the house. diane: he says the storm left
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this morning causing several , trees on their property here off riverbend drive in groton to come crashing down. >> just got dark very quickly. thunder pattern. bump, bump, bump. i saw the first three coming towards the house. i was just yelling to the kids -- get downstairs. we got to get in the basement. diane: he says they're just glad the damage wasn't much worse. >> when i first got out it looked like a war zone and i looked around at the other houses like nobody else got hit? so, yeah we were the lucky ones , [a13] groton storm damage -- other neighbors had damage, but not quite as much damage as he did on his property. reid: there were trees down across the area, this one in waltham. you can see the branches in the road. several fell into powers lines and crews were called in to help clean them up. rhondella: and this tree fell on a home in natick. check this out, the entire tree is now leaning on the house. you can see it was pulled out of the ground at its roots.
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drought conditions that really week and those trees, aj, and it's not a surprise. aj: you've got to think of it this way. the drought as long as it has been around, you are dealing with a 50 mile an hour wind gust. take a look at these satellite radar composite right now and we are finding a line of showers of the thunderstorms that moved through this morning we're talking about generally clear skies and lots of sunshine. it is looking great outside. the dew point has come way down as well. we have seen 108 wind damage reports. most of those trees coming down. we also had one injury as well out in leominster, a tree they came down on a gentleman.
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by ambulance. brookline, 53 mile-per-hour wind gust's. so on and so forth. these were powerful storms. they brought change, big-time. the oppressive humidity levels came crashing down. a close start at the bust up tomorrow morning. we will have your full forecast in just if you minutes. reid: -- rhondella: thanks, aj. commitment 2016 now, hillary clinton stumbling today outside an event to mark september 11. the democratic nominee leaving early. this all comes as rival donald trump has been raising questions about her health. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat joins us from the newsroom with more. shaun: the clinton campaign said she felt overheated this morning. she appeared fine as she her daughter fell home this afternoon. but now, her health is now the biggest headline of the campaign today. this was hillary clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial in new york this morning. apparently shaky, after attending for 90 minutes but leaving early. she appears to stumble. secret service agents support her.
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to her daughter chelsea's home nearby. a few hours later she left, smiling and appearing fine. >> how are you feeling, secretary clinton? ms. clinton. great. i'm feeling great. shaun: she took time to pose for pictures with a little girl but did not answer questions about her health. >> what happened? shaun: questions about her health now at issue again. clinton suffered a fainting spell in 2012 from a blot clot between her brain and skull. doctors have said that is resolved. donald trump and his campaign has previously claimed clinton faces a health crisis. he did not appear to have knowledge of the incident earlier today. mr. trump about hillary : clinton's health incident this morning? her health incident this morning? mr. trump don't know anything : about it. shaun: despite claims by the
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, has repeatedly said she is healthy enough to be president. clinton is now home. she had no other planned events today. and there are no changes to her schedule for the rest of the week. shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: the latest abc news/washington post poll shows clinton ahead with likely voters. she takes 46% while 41% support trump. libertarian gary johnson comes in with 9%. johnson's campaign appears to hurt clinton more than trump. clinton's 5-point advantage over trump is within the poll's margin of error. reid: anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. there were ceremonies this morning in new york city, where families of victims gathered to read their names. the president laid a wreath at the pentagon, and there was a ceremony at the memorial in shape so, pennsylvania, where passengers helped bring down a fourth plane. people across the country are holding their own remembrance ceremonies every year. in boston people gathered at the public garden and at the state house. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan
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>> fredrick john cox jr, and my beloved daughter susan b. blair they were loved, parents, children, friends, and siblings. >> i miss her dearly it never gets easier. the goal: -- nicole: they have been gone for fifteen years. but time is funny thing. >> other times it feels like 100 minute. years. we have moved forward over the past 15 years but we never move on. nicole it's everyday for us with : that loved one missing from our lives missing, but never gone. from flowers of rememberence at the public garden to songs and stories that filled the statehouse with tears sunday.
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just kills me to not watch mine. nicole: children many who just , toddlers at the time. >> remember that they were only a 7, 11, and 13 when they lost to their dad, and now they are working adults. it's a blessing that memories can come back and make us smile massachusetts, in boston nicole -- in boston, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: thanks, nicole. the bravery of a new bedford teacher also being honored today. george heath was killed as he tried to save a pregnant waitress in an random attack in may. his wife accepted the madeline amy sweeny award for citizen bravery on his behalf. we spoke with his daughter after the ceremony. >> is expected.
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different from him. that's how he is. rhondella: the award, named for an american airlines flight attendant from acton. madeline sweeny was killed when flight 11 crashed but was able to give ground crews key information about the hijacking before the plane went down. reid: a procession of hundreds of firefighters, walking to the massachusetts fallen firefighters memorial, the firefighters from across the state paying tribute to the colleagues they lost 15 years >> on this 15th anniversary of 9/11, through the providence of almighty god, we come together on this hallowed site, dedicated to those who have fallen affectionately known and always , to be remembered as the bravest of the brave. reid: father mahoney, remembering not only those lost a 9/11, but the thousands of massachusetts firefighters, who have died in the line of duty.
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the 9/11 attacks in beverly, today. this steel beam, from the north tower of the trade center now outside beverly airport. that's the headquarters for mass task force 1, a fema search and rescue team. this new memorial is in place in honor of the rescue workers who responded to the attacks. >> never forget the ones that perished that day, never forget the first responders who went in without knowing their fate, many paying the ultimate sacrifice, trying to save others. salem deputy fire chief jerry junta was on the team that responded to the attacks. he says the north tower was a focal point thel reid: i fenway park, a dave giving to honor 9/11 victims. the american red cross hosted the 14th annual day of remembrance blood drive. since it began in 2002, the drive has collected more than 10,000 units. donors could also give at faneuil hall. rhondella: starting tomorrow, boston police officers will be assigned body cameras as part of a pilot program. a judge decided on friday that the department does have the authority to force officers to wear the cameras. it will be a six-month pilot
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union president pat rose says he's disappointed, but in a statement says he will work to make the cameras a success. reid: all right, switching gears, talking some sports -- the patriots will be taking the field tonight in arizona to start the season, but without several key players. lights -- let's join mike lynch with a preview. hey, lynchie. mike: no brady, no gronk, no shoulder -- the pats hope that's no problem tonight in glenndale arizona as they open the season with the cardinals. and the eyes of the football world will be on jimmy garoppolo will be making his first nfl start. will it be low risk for jimmy garoppolo? >> this is week one and everything, but obviously, these are the games that count now. the intensity picks up.
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it. i would not have it any other way. >> they have an experienced offensive line, elite quarterback, you know, and defensively they are really good football team. mike: highlights coming up. rhondella: all right, see you then. a woman found dead in her own home, now a suspect is behind bars. reid: what's next for the man accused of murder in danville, new hampshire. and the questions that still remain.rh bridge destroyed by flames. what police in vermont are saying about this arson investigation. reid: this woman's life changed for the better, thanks to her mentor. their touching story, in >> monday morning on the eyeopener, it's full of food pictures and diet dallas stars disasters. >> how instagram may hold a key to shedding the pounds. >> big changes coming and the feel of fall on the way.
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says but you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. rhondella: there's a new plea for help to find whoever burned down this historic bridge in vermont. investigators say someone started the fire at the station covered bridge yesterday. connects the towns of salisbury and cornwall. it was still being used until it burned. a woman rescued from a burning car in bourne after a crash on sandwich road early this morning. firefighters say the car smashed into a pole and burst into flames. a man who saw the crash rushed in to rescue the woman who was driving. she was taken to falmouth hospital and is expected to be ok. reid: a new hampshire man accused of murder is expected in court tomorrow. 37-year-old richard moore of danville is charged with second degree murder. the state says moore repeatedly stabbed 51-year-old jo-anne
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she was found dead inside her home over a week ago. neighbors say moore, who is a registered sex offender, had been living with boucher for months. investigators are not commending -- commenting on a motive. rhondella: dozens of college students are recovering after a frightening deck collapse in connecticut. a third floor deck broke free and crashed-down onto a deck below before hitting the ground. about 30 trinity college students were on the two decks. hartford police say the deck was showing signs of deterioration. no one was serio h reid: storms moving through today, concord fire tweeting this picture of a tree down. this one down on sudbury and powder mill roads. now check in malden where this tree fell on a car parked in a cemetery. you can see a big branch fell right onto the car, it smashed right through the windshield. originally no one was hurt. ,we are seeing a lot of that
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rain and wind, and boom, beautiful. aj: like 10, 15 minutes. when we look active beginning of the newscast and you see that one gentleman's house, these storms had pretty nasty pigeon with them. i to that the fact that we are in the drought -- it becomes an issue again. it has been an issue for weeks, months now and this is what we are starting to see area this is the concern moving into the fall wherege nor'easter storms. how much can these trees take? each and every wind event that comes through, the one that does not take down common -- takedown, necessarily, it might weaken it. not trying to scare you folks. that's the reality of the situation. scour -- showers are screwed in through. now we have dry weather and high pressure. a refreshing northwesterly wind and that humidity has come way down.
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afternoon and evening out there. 82, boston, fitchburg, 80, bedford, 81. the cape the islands, even you folks 80 degrees for falmouth, hyannis, cooler down on nantucket. the humidity was extremely high this morning. at less just call it disgusting. call it what it was. the dew point, once the storms came down, look at it. fell through the basement. now we are in the refreshing category and that is where we are going to being. look at this. this morning it was red and orange. now it is more of a blue shade. which means pleasantly refreshing air. in terms of dew points this coming week, low tomorrow and tuesday, bumps up a little bit on wednesday, wednesday night we will get in some storms. it will bring the humidity right back down by thursday. cold front responsible for today's storms brought in the lower humidity and high pressure
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stops. dress the kiddos appropriately. sunshine until the sprint moves in. this happens wednesday night really. not during the dam was they. it is a dry day on wednesday. we will have another round of showers coming through. i don't think they will be quite like they were this morning. let temperatures, 50's. -- low temperatures 50's. cool out there, tom, 49 under clear sky. at the bus stop, it is cool and crisp. some of you will mean -- will be in the upper 40's. sunshine for the ride home. no worries except the jacket. you'll need that tomorrow morning. 74 for the afternoon high -- or so. you see these 70 sprinkled around the area. 80's retreating way up to the
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islands. san juan and puerto rico just for reference. this area has a good potential for actually starting to increase in terms of its intensity over the next couple of days. however, here is bermuda right here. this should stay well east of bermuda and not cause problems. we will keep our eyes on it for you. as we always do 70 forecast looking beautiful. to my -- tonight, tomorrow, wednesday should be beautiful, too. just plan on showers and thunder showers tonight -- at night. look at thursday and friday. you will want to break out the pumpkin spice lattes and doughnuts and that sort of thing by thursday and friday. the feel of fall to finish out the work week. rhondella: thank you. she's helping people with disabilities and changing their lives.
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reid: back now with today's five for good. a woman who has dedicated more than 30 years to helping people with disabilities find jobs. rhondella: she was recently inducted into a national disability mentoring hall of fame. newscenter 5's erika tarantal has her story. >> she stood by me. she never let me -- she would
5:24 pm
is talking about her mentor her boss -- kathy petkauskos. together they've been through a lot. >> with asperger's syndrome and mental health issues -- she's never given up on me. erika: they work in a unit at umass medical school dedicated to connecting employers and people with disabilities. megan started here some 4 years ago. >> it was an internship, 20 hours a week, for 6 months. >> i didn't have very good hopes of enjoying a job. i worked at mcdonald's and that didn't go very well. erika: but kathy saw something special in megan. a timid temperament at first but she excelled doing data entry and research. i call her an illumination of her former self because she really has blossomed. she's just a pleasure to have as part of the team but also produces high quality work. erika: from that first internship, megan was brought on part time, then full time, then last year promoted.
5:25 pm
like -- do i have a disability anymore? erika: megan decided it was time to give kathy something back that gift became a nomination to the disability mentoring hall of fame. >> when i saw it, i thought it must have been a mistake quite honestly. i could not imagine you know i more meaningful way for it to come about than for it to come from megan, we've had a very special relationship and its been a great journey and a learning experience for both of us. erika: the induction just one of many motivations for kathy who says there's a long way to go to improve the employment landscape for people with disabilities in massachusetts, she hopes the state will ultimately lead the country when it comes to inclusion. erika tarantal, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: coming up, getting ready for flu season. reid: the big change for parents this year as they try to protect their kids.
5:26 pm
daughter after her life was cut short, with an effort to help kids in need fit in at school.
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5:29 pm
new york city today. tonight her doctor says clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. she became dehydrated and overheated at the event this morning. her doctor says clinton is doing fine. rhondella: tributes here in boston and across the country to remember 9/11. names of the more than 200 victims with massachusetts ties were read in the state house. ceremonies were also held at the world trade center site, the pentagon, and in shanksville, pennsylvania. reid: trees are down across massachusetts tonight. powerful winds and storms blew through earlier today, causing the damage. several trees crashed onto cars at a groton family's home. that came and quick. you would not even know it. rhondella: there was the downpour in the sunshine. aj: you would hardly know these
5:30 pm
was done. but we are reaping the benefits now and i certainly do not want to underestimate the damage caused, especially if it was around your house, your home. now we are dealing with the refreshing air, which is a silver lining. 80 in nashua, fitchburg, 82 in boston. 79 in falmouth and the vineyard as well. the humidity very low through tomorrow and tuesday. comes up little bit on wednesday. more showers and storms wednesday night. we bring the humidity back on thursday. there is that line of storms. tons of severe thunderstorm warnings this morning. we look to the west and we have clear skies and light winds and just a beautiful almost autumn like feel to the air starting tonight. open the windows and i will let you know how long you can hear the windows open and save money on your ac in just a few
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then. thank you. on the 15th year of the 911 attacks family members of the victims are gathering to mark this somber day. rhondella: and across the country people are holding special ceremonies to remember that unspeakable act. abc's marci gonzalez reports from new york. >> michael gregory mcginty. reporter: through tradition and tearful memories -- goodbye, bro. reporter: paying tribute to the 2,996 lives lost in the september 11 terror attacks 15 years ago today. >> 15 years is like 15 seconds. reporter: from here below the resilient reflection of the new
5:32 pm
do not live in fear. reporter: and the field in shanksville, pennsylvania? nats of ceremony ceremonies highlighting not only on the utter loss and horror of that day, but the heroism. >> you saved many lives on september 11. thank you, wells for the gift of , your final hour. reporter: honoring the legacies etched into history, and into the hearts of those too young to remember. old, so i knew you for 3 months. i feel like i've known you forever. reporter: those grieving family members of all ages, saying this day never gets any easier, but that it is so important to be here carrying on the vow made 15 years ago to never forget. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. rhondella: chilling to see that. moving on now, checking your help. with the start of flu season almost upon us, it's time to think about protection. the american academy of pediatrics has just issued its new flu vaccine recommendations and there's a big change.
5:33 pm
with the information parents need to hear. heather: no mom looks forward to their child getting a shot, but when it comes to preventing influenza every child over the , age of 6 months needs a flu shot. gone from this year's recommendations is the nasal spray vaccine. >> flu mist is no longer recommended for protection against influea just didn't work. >> i don't want her to get the flu by any means. i just hate shots. heather: but candyss knows the pain of this quick shot is far better than little gem getting influenza. and the time to get the shot, is now. dr. claire mccarthy, with the american academy of pediatrics, says it's not just about protecting your family, but
5:34 pm
to me, we're not worried about the flu my kids are healthy, they will do fine. that may be true that their child would do ok with the flu but what about their neighbors newborn, what about their grandmother? what about that child at school who's on chemotherapy for cancer, they may not do well with the flu. and if you get it or your kid gets it, you could give it to them. heather: and dr. mccarthy points out, while the flu shot is not 100% effective-if enough people protection is higher. the academy wants everyone vaccinated for this year's flu season by october. >> the most important thing to do with flu vaccination is to prevent the flu and the most effective way to do that is with the shot. rhondella: that was heather unruh reporting. doctors stress you cannot get the flu from a flu shot. any side effects are short lived. reid: a ban that would stop voters from taking selfies with their ballots in new hampshire will be in front of a federal court in boston this week. the law in new hampshire makes it illegal to post a picture of a completed ballot. violators could be punished with
5:35 pm
tomorrow attorneys for the powerball winner in new hampshire will finally come forward. the winning 487 million dollar ticket was sold at this hannaford store in raymond in july. it's the biggest prize ever in the state and one of the biggest in u.s. history. the new hampshire lottery says the attorneys will also make an announcement about the winner's philanthropic plans for the prize. rhondella: the countdown to the crown is on, tonight there will be a new miss america. as abc's ray raimundi reports from boardwalk halhe reporter: 52 contestants were across the u.s. and its territories all dreaming of this very moment. >> miss georgia. [cheering] reporter: the sparkling crowd, the bedazzled fashion the coveted title of miss america 2017. the last few weeks the beautiful
5:36 pm
among the women find to take the crown, the first openly lesbian contestant. along with the glitz and glamour, it is an honor that comes with the telecast being held on america fell darkest day, the same dayha it is promised to be an entertaining spectacle and miss america has already raised $14 million for scholarships. atlantic city, new jersey. rhondella: new clothes for a new school year even for kids whose families can't afford it. reid: how catie's closet is about so much more than shirts and sneakers. rhondella: ultra-thin computers you can wear like a bandage.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. rhondella: helping children in need, in honor of a young woman lost far too soon. reid: newscenter 5's mary saladna shows us, what seems like a closet full of clothes is really a closet full of hope. >> she loved life. she really did. mary: anne-marie bisson is on a mission in memory of her daughter catie. catie died 6 years ago as her life was just getting started,
5:40 pm
humor. loved to read. loved to write. she would be in the hospital sitting crossed-legged with her laptop, typing a story at 2:00 in the morning. mary: catie fought a valiant fight against a connective tissue disorder known as loeys-dietz syndrome. it's often marked by aneurysms in the aorta. for catie, that meant multiple surgeries. >> her first question every single time was how long will be out of school? mary: with catie in mind, her mother started catie's closet. at lowell high did you know any homeless kids? and she said of course i did. they just want to fit in and be like everyone else. mary: and catie's closet makes that possible. on this day, the closet is traveling to the mather school in boston, there, students can choose from toiletries, clothing, shoes, jackets. brand name items that match what other kids are wearing. >> as a former teacher i can tell you, there is a direct correlation between a child's feelings about himself and how
5:41 pm
to go to school and get their education so they have a chance. mary: i mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: a delay on the biggest passenger planes for logan. the a3 80's were supposed to take flight in february but the airline is replacing the jumbo jets with smaller planes. construction issue is partl blame. you may want to think the so-called five second rule. reid: 25 seconds for me. researchers at rutgers university say bacteria can contaminate food in an instant. but it does depend on what you drop. researchers tested watermelon, bread, bread and butter, and gummy candy on stainless steel, ceramic tile, wood and carpet. they found that watermelon had the most contamination. foods that are moist or wet were the most likely to be
5:42 pm
it certainly does make sense. rhondella: couldn't you just printed off. -- rinse it off? reid: yeah, with your mouth. rhondella: ok, aj has the full forecast after storms moving through today. we'll be dealing with a cool start in the morning. start in the morning. reid: and hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business.
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noticed trees down across the area after storms moved though today. this tree falling onto a home in salisbury, crashing through the roof. but the drought and the downpour -- reid: it does not take a lot for these trees to fall down. aj: certainly not as much as usual. that is why we had a lot of damage statewide. there were over 100 reports of wind damage. most of those in the form of trees down. you know what is going on tonight -- sunset? 7:00 and then we before 7:00 for a long time. september 30, the in of the month, the sunset at 6:41. one month now, october 11, 6:08. the days are getting shorter. super low humidity. very comfortable.
5:46 pm
least 10 degrees of that closer to 20. we will take you through time. temperature slowly pull off. the wind will drop off as well. i think boston most certainly in the 50's. that means the suburbs will be in the lower 50's and even upper 40's, which makes it one cool start the morning tomorrow. if you're headed to work or the bus stop. there goes the line of thunderstorms that marched across southern new england and new hampshire as well. now we are ie high pressure building in from the great lakes. the highest sendingwinds in from the northwest. zone before, worcester. 82, boston. 79 plymouth. we are seeing the numbers come down from earlier. look at the humidity. right through the basement. the humidity levels very
5:47 pm
pleasantly refreshing outside right now. ok, back to the sunset times. not sure why that was. ok, humidity quite nice outside right now. as you look into the future. tomorrow and tuesday, very comfortable days. humidity creeps up a little bit wednesday, but only to come right back down thursday is an even more pronounced fall feel comes our way for later this week. less humid, perfectlnn many 40s in distant suburbs we are fair until wesdnesday night. it is bringing in another refreshing air mass. temperatures 50's and 40's. gentle winds starting to relax
5:48 pm
low and mid 70's. we hang on to that nice dry air. satellite loop trying to spin in the atlantic. it's a name, the next on the list will be ian. if your name is ian, we see if you get a storm. showers at night otherwise, we're back in the sunshine. we will struggle to get to 70 degrees, 60's in the higher elevations of worcester county before the humidity starts creeping back and slowly next weekend. i meteorologist a.j. burnett. >> now here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. mike: hi, folks. a while clinton toronto. the sox had it, they give it
5:49 pm
second inning. jackie bradley jr.. the red sox up 41. one inning later, that lead was over. a grand slam. it looked like the jays had the momentum back. next inning, xander bogaerts. we are tied at 6-6. that would not last long. of the year and the jays reclaim the lead. ramirez, here is one straightaway to center field. 444 feet. 8-7.
5:50 pm
it is god. -run -- it is gone. a 3-run homer for david ortiz. mike: the cap that lead. the 61st against the toronto blue jays. they when it 11-8. 2 game lead over the a two game lead over the blue jays. a four-game lead over the yankees they play thursday, friday, saturday, sunday at fenway park and the wild card race. the tigers, yankees and houston astros hovering. no brady, no gronk no nate solder among others and the eyes of the football world will be
5:51 pm
his first national league start. we'll see if bill belichick will have a low risk game plan for him. lots of pressure on the defense. we will see this powerful arizona team can give jimmy garoppolo a chance. >> we are going to talk to each other. we will be focused. . >> you can't take them forgr mike: kickoff at 8:30 p.m. we will have all of the highlights tonight. see then. reid: all right, computers that bend, flex, even wrinkle like
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rhondella: on the cutting edge high-tech accessories, computers you wear. reid: mike wankum explains how these bendable, flexible devices could change the way we think of our skin. >> i'm wearing one on my forearm. mike: roozbeh ghaffari is wearing his work, to work. >> it feels a lot like uh a conventional bandaid. ghaffari is the chief technology officer and co-founder of mc-10, a lexington-based company that's creating ultra-thin computers like the biostamp. >> it's very flexible. it's very soft.
5:55 pm
biostamp can adhere to specific locations on the body to measure tremors, muscle movement, even heart activity. >> but it can do it in such a sleek shape and design that really conforms to your body. mike: ghaffari says biostamp measurements are more accurate, and allows researchers to avoid the awkward wires and electrodes that often limit patients to the lab. you can imagine sending someone home with these patches and being able to analyze their motion and their biometrics outside of the clinical setting. that's already outside, a heart-shaped patch that measures exposure to dangerous uv light. >> there's a lot of electronics built into this sticker as well as uh photosensitive dyes that react to sunlight. mike: the product is called my u.v. patch. it's very wrinkly. it moves with your body. it can be peeled off and thrown away. mike: sun exposure changes the color patterns on the sticker.
5:56 pm
most of the feedback has been disbelief. >> it's mindblowing to have sensors built into something this thin. i think that's the first reaction we always hear. mike: right now, cosmetics giant l'oreal is giving away one million my u.v. patches to customers who buy sunscreen. in the future, they may be sold separately. mike wankum, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: the ac gets to off? reid: hopefully. aj: yeah, save some money on the energy bill. cool and crisp at the bust stop tomorrow. a sunny sky for tomorrow, 70 four as well. let's check the 70 forecast. right and beautiful is start the first couple days the work week. reid: all right, one more time.
5:57 pm
open the windows. disclosing an illness after she was forced to leave the
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> following breaking news tonight on the health of hillary clinton. >> storm damage in several local -- local towns. tributes here in boston and across the country. >> the total stranger who risked his life to save the driver. >> this is wcvb newscenter world five at 6:00. >> hillary clinton's doctor says she is fighting pneumonia. >> clinton's health is the focus
6:00 pm
memorial and is seen stumbling at a curb. she stumbled again getting into her van. >> just within the last hour, hillary clinton's doctor issued this statement saying that hillary clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia. it remains to be seen whether this will add to our and speculation about her overall health. >> what >> all smiles and appearing fine after leaving her daughter chelsea's home. apparently shaky after 90 minutes of leaving early. she appears to stumble. her campaign then took clinton to her daughter's home nearby.


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