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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  September 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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memorial and is seen stumbling at a curb. she stumbled again getting into her van. >> just within the last hour, hillary clinton's doctor issued this statement saying that hillary clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia. it remains to be seen whether this will add to our and speculation about her overall health. >> what >> all smiles and appearing fine after leaving her daughter chelsea's home. apparently shaky after 90 minutes of leaving early. she appears to stumble. her campaign then took clinton to her daughter's home nearby.
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friday, a follow-up for her prolonged cough revealed pneumonia. today, clinton's doctor saying she was overheated and dehydrated. she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest. donald trump advised that his campaign has previously faced a health crisis. >> i have a question about her health incident this morning. >> clinton's doctor went on to say that she is recovering nicely. she is now home. her next public events, she is scheduled for a rally in las vegas on wednesday. it is unclear if that will change. >> in the meantime, damage left behind sunday morning.
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crews plan on being here held my after several trees came crashing down on this family's property. fortunately, this was the only damage to the home. four cars are parked in the driveway in his own. >> we saw two cars totally taken out. >> luckily, no one was inside at the >> my wife's car took the full brunt. thank god, we were lucky. >> the storm left just as quickly as it came in, causing several trees to come crashing down. >> i was calling the dog in because i was seeing the rain. a thunder pattern started to
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reporter: they say they are just glad the damage wasn't much worse. >> and looked like a war zone. i looked around the house in the neighborhood and i was like, nobody else got hit? we were the lucky ones. >> several of his neighbors in the immediate area were also impacted by the storm, but not as quite as much damage as he did. a tree right onto a car with a couple inside. they were at the holy cross cemetery. the driver was trapped inside the car but rescuers were able to get him out. his wife wasn't hurt. you drum -- you don't water on it, it runs off. if it is a wet sponge, it will
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when you have that sponge and there is no moisture, you kind of propel the water. right now, the little bits of rain we are getting right now aren't really penetrating. even if they did, they are not doing a whole lot to kind of quell the situation. it is going to take a long, prolonged soaking. we had 108 wind damage reports today alone across new england is much drier outside. line of thunderstorms powerful coming through. a lot of lightning across central and eastern massachusetts with these. most of the lightning heading up into new hampshire with some lightning down to the south as well. going back to the drought, when you are in the drought, it
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tree damage, you can probably blame the drought at least in part. dry northwesterly winds. at least it is much more comfortable outside right now in the wake of the storms that went through. cambridge, 56 mile-per-hour wind gust. brookline, 53. boston at 47 miles per hour. take a look at the humidy , there your drier air that started to work in. we are looking at some spectacular weather to start the work week. at the bus stop, you might want to bring along the jacket. >> it has been 15 years since the day that changed this country forever.
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read aloud. ? reporter: as morning broke on this somber anniversary -- ? reporter: families gathered in memorial marked by memories of loved ones lost. >> i woke up this morning wishing i didn't have to get out was where i need to be. >> 15 years may have passed, but the memories have not faded. >> sometimes it feels like a minute, other times it feels like 100 years. we wake up the same every day. >> missing but not gone. the lives nearly 3000 people left behind still very much
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>> from the public garden to songs and stories at the statehouse mixed with a constant flow of tears. >> to think about all those people whose mom and dad didn't get to watch the kids grow up, or kids who didn't get to grow up with their parents. >>, among the thousands of people killed on 9/11, more than 200 we have local connections to massachusetts. rhondella: a physical reminder of the 9/11 attack in beverly today. the steel beam from the north tower of the trade center is now inside beverly airport.
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is in place in honor of the rescue workers who responded to the attacks. >> never forget all that tears that day. never forget the responders who went and not knowing their fate. many paid the ultimate sacrifice trying to save others. >> the fire chief was on the team that responded to the attack and says the north tower was a focal point. reid: a procession of hundreds of firefighters walking to the massachusetts fallen firefighters more real. >> on this 15th anniversary of 9/11, through the province of -- we come together in this hollowed sites -- this hallowed site to remember the bravest of
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also remembering all of the massachusetts firefighters who have died in the line of duty. rhondella: others marked a somber anniversary with donating blood. in partnership with the boston red sox held a blood drive at fenway park today. since 2002, this drive has collected more than 10,000 donations. reid: new at 6:00, a 15-year-old boy is under arrest in paris accused of plotting a terror attack. an official says the teenager planned weekend. just a few days ago, officials in paris arrested a group of women, including a 15-year-old girl, who were allegedly going to attack notre dame cathedral . rhondella: back home, boston police will start wearing body cameras tomorrow as part of a pilot program. a judge ruled friday that the department does have the authority to force some officers to wear the cameras, after no officers volunteered. it will be a six-month pilot program. the president of the patrolmen's union says he's disappointed,
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reid: coming up, as we continue tonight a car crashes into a , pole and bursts into flames. the rescue by a bystander that got the driver to safety. rhondella: the legacy of a local flight attendant honored 15 years after 9/11. the recognition for the family of george heath who died protecting a waitress during the taunton rampage. north and west. big poppy in his last regular-season game north of the border. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston with maria stefano.
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at 6:00. rhondella: early this morning, a car burst into flames after crashing into a telephone pole on sandwich road. firefighters got there and the car was fully engulfed. the driver is expected to survive. the bravery of a new bedford teacher remembered today. reid: a posthumous award for citizen bravery. george heath was killed as he tried to save the bertucci's restaurant in taunton in may. his wife accepted the madeline amy sweeny award for citizen -- madeline amy sweeny award on his behalf. his daughter says that her father's actions that they are knows the prize. >> i wouldn't expect anything different from him. reid: that award is named in
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sweeny. she was killed on flight 11 but
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>> taking a live look in lower manhattan. freedom tower stands 776 feet above the ground. just below, the footprint of the former world trade center. the attack. hundreds of volunteers gathering to assemble care packages for military heroes. this is the eighth year that they posted this project. an especially difficult day for christie coombs, who lost her husband jeff on 9/11. >> to do something like this for the military, who are out there serving in god forsaken lands to keep us safe, it really turns the day around for me.
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together 1000 care packages. this year, half will go to military members abroad and the other half will go to homeless veterans in new england. rhondella: switching gears. communities across the state are cleaning up after this morning's strong winds and rain. this is concorde, where a big tree came down. the roads were closed so the tree could be removed. more damage here. you can see branches down in the street. this is edwin road several have power lines and crews had to come in and safely clean those up. reid: you would know that we had any indication unless you were watching. it was beautiful outside. aj: midday through the afternoon, once the humidity drops, a great afternoon. a couple of entrances -- couple
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electricity was still out here today. rachael sending in this picture on our facebook page of a tree down blocking the road. hopefully they are managing to get those trees cleared up in short order and get the electricity back on as well. turn the air conditioner off, you are not going to need it. 81 degrees. we are destined for the 50's tonight. barometer rising and high pressure starts to build in. 58 degrees. areas outside of boston, where you don't have the impacts of the urban heat of fact, you will be talking about 40's in a few areas. you want to make sure you will dress appropriately tomorrow morning. nothing much right now except high pressure toward the great
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breeze. that will settle as it moves overhead tomorrow morning. in boston tomorrow, 81 degrees. 72 on nantucket. humidity is pleasant right now and it just gets better from here. it is going to be a crisp morning first thing on monday morning. it is refreshing outside. very dry air in store. we will deal with this low humidity tomorrow. up wednesday. i don't think it will be quite to the tune that we saw today. wednesday itself is fine, paving the way for less humidity once again and a true fall feel by friday. we hang on to the sun all day tomorrow. our best bet for showers and
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. the first half of the week is going to be awesome. low temperatures tonight, 50. adding to the bus stop tomorrow morning, cool and crisp. let's call it about 49 to 57 or so. for the ride home on the bus, 74 degrees. you will be the shades all day long if you are driving as well. low humidity, super comfortable outside. one more quick check on the tropics. the tropical wave spinning in the atlantic, it may develop into a tropical storm. if it does, it would get the name ian. there is bermuda. it looks like it will head east of the island of bermuda.
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on your seven-day forecast, sunshine galore. wednesday itself is a dry day. another shot of very fall like air for tuesday. that is my latest forecast. >> now, here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. mike: wild one in toronto. the sox had it, they gave it away, now they had known for a seven-game homestand. 1-1 game, second inning. jackie bradley junior, a three-run shot. socks on top 4-1. later, loaded the bases and gave up this grand slam to try to lewinsky.
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singles and a pair of runs and we are tied at 6-6. in the bottom half of that inning, edwin encarnacion gets his second of the game, his 40th of the year. fifth inning, hanley ramirez comes up. he takes one to dead straightaway centerfield. his 23rd of the year. for papi. >> did he do it again? it is gone, a three-run homer for david ortiz. the red sox are back in the lead. mike: 32nd of the year. he has hit 61 homers against the blue jays. socks are heading home.
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orioles. two-game lead over baltimore, two-game lead over the blue jays. the yankees are just four games back. wildcard -- baltimore and toronto are your wildcard teams right now. on their heels, particles, yankees, houston astros. no tom brady, no brown county. in the -- no rob rutkowski. tom brady serves the first of his four game suspension. tom brady gave jimmy dropped below any advice as he walks out the door. quentin wasn't anything crazy. it was just goodbye and good luck, really. i think he wished it for the whole team. he is very supportive.
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and, hockey is about to get underway as well. reid: thank you so much. rhondella: coming up, tesla responding to crashes involving
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reid: the wait is almost over.
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the powerball winner in new hampshire will finally come forward. the winning ticket was stole -- was sold in raymond, new hampshire in july. the new hampshire lottery says the attorneys will also make an announcement about the plans for that price. a lot of people waiting to see if it is a local person or someone who passed through town. aj: it was not a local person at the desk. i checked my numbers. the latest powerball jackpot wasn't me either. we are all winners right now. the weather is sunshine, low humidity. tonight is going to be a great, great night.
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with low humidity. another round of showers and storms comes through wednesday night. after the showers and storms, thursday and friday, break out the pumpkin spice doughnuts, lattes. rhondella: since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. hillary clinton's diagnosis. new video showing her wobbling, then appearing to fall. the campaign saying she was overcome by the heat, rebounding about two hours later. but now, word she's also battling pneumonia. tonight, clinton's health and the political fallout. remembering 9/11. the memorials in new york, washington, and pennsylvania. plus, the new heroes emerging 15 years later. deck collapse. two balconies full of people crashing into one another, then into a deck below. dozens of college students trapped. what happened? new warning. what you could hear when you board a plane about the


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