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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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good to have you with us tonight. rhondella: clinton is battling pneumonia.
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sean: hillary clinton is recovering nicely according to her doctor. -- yes cancel her trip to california is weak. she made this abrupt departure from the 9/11 memorial, propped by secret service agents and whisked away to her daughters nearby apartment. she emerged two hours later after rest and seemingly fine. >> it's a beautiful day in new york. shaun: no comment on her health. leaving that to her doctor who said that she was diagnosed with pneumonia. she was put on antibiotics and told to rest. this comes after this coughing spell.
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that's her doctor says that the -- her doctor says that the nominee is fit for the presidency. >> her health incident this morning? >> i don't know anything about it. shaun: trump has been silent on her health all day. rhondella: powerful wind, uprooted trees. a heavy rain but the situation was made what much worse by the drought we are dealing with. diane cho is live in groton. >diane: you can see the damage mother nature left behind. the star left just as quickly as it rolled in. >> i walked out and it was like a war zone.
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diane: he says it only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was enough to upgrade for trees from the ground. >> i was bringing the dog and because i saw the rain. it was like thunder happened with a van, bam, bam. i thought it was the front door. then i saw the first tree coming towards the house. diane: from this view, it is hard to see the other cars. front door and saw two cars totally taken out into that we hope are ok. diane: fortunately, no one was in the cars when it happened. >> my wife's car and my son's car took the full brunt. thank god they were lucky, nothing happened to the house. it could have been much worse. diane: several of his neighbors in the immediate area were impacted by the storm today, but
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did. reid: that storm also brought down trees in malden, right onto a car. a driver was trapped in the car but rescuers were able to get him safely out and taken to the hospital to check can offer some bruises. his wife was not her. the rain the moved in so quickly this morning and then got out of here with some beautiful weather. aj: each one of those dots is indicatif they go up into northern winglet as well. all across doing one today, 108 reports of wind damage. most of those are trees that were either not down or uprooted or split in half, something like that. man, it was an eventful morning. right now, kind of ho-hum out there. very comfortable. i guess the best part that -- the best part is that it is the
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northwesterly wind will settle back a bit. right now, at about 10 miles and hour. they will come back just a bit overnight. by sunrise, 6:20, we should be bottoming out in every 50's around boston. there will be some 40's and some of the protected valleys outside of the city. let's talk about how long this comfortable air stickou a live look at new york city's skyline. as is tradition, lights -- beams of light from where the twin towers once stood. tonight, in boston, all those lives were remembered. read: it ended off at the massachusetts fallen heroes memorial. told star families and veterans
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9/11 attack. earlier today, ceremonies were held at the statehouse. rhondella: nicole estaphan shows us how lost lives were remembered. ? nicole: as morning broke on this somber anniversary? families gathered in memorial, marked with memories of loved ones lost. >> i woke up this morning wishing i did not have to get out of. but being here with all the families is where i need to be. nicole: the memories of that day have not faded. >> sometimes it feels like a minute. other times, it feels like a hundred years. i know today marks 15 years. it's every day for us. we went at the same every day with a loved one missing from our lives. nicole: missing but not gone, the lives of nearly 3000 people at behind still very much alive. >> i miss her dearly.
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no call: from the garden to songs and stories of the statehouse next with a constant flow of tears. >> i think about all those people, the moms and dads who did not get to watch the kids grow up or the kids who didn't get to grow up with her parents. it's usually sad and i hope it never -- i hope we never se really a blessing that memories can come back and make a smile. nicole: more than 200 had local connections to massachusetts. reid: solid tributes at the three places where the planes crashed.
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the names were read aloud and it took four hours. president obama urging americans to embrace diversity on this 9/11. the president attended a ceremony this morning. at the pentagon. president obama: and you, the survivors and family of your steadfast love and faithfulness has been an inspiration to me and to our entire country. in your grief and grace, you have reminded us that together, there is nothing we americans
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and a moment of silence inside the white house to coincide with when the first plane hit the 20 hours. those ring in pennsylvania taunted the victims of flight 93. plane crashed in shanksville after crew members and passengers fought back against the hijackers. the ceremony was held at the memorial visitor center for the first time. rhondella: a mangled piece of steel from the world trade center is standing tall in beverly tonight. the new memorial has been unveiled outside beverly airport. that's the headquarters for mass task force 1, a fema search and rescue team. it was the first federal team to head to ground zero after the attacks. that steel beam from the world trade center more than 21 feet
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of firefighters, walking to the massachusetts fallen firefighters memorial, outside the state house. the firefighters, from across the state paying tribute to the colleagues they lost 15 years ago in the september 11 attacks. the ceremony also honors all of the massachusetts firefighters who have died in the line of duty. the bravery of a new bedford teacher remembered today with a posthumous award. teacher given sweeney award george heath was killed as he tried to save a pregnant waitress, during an attack inside the bertucci's restaurant in taunton in may. his wife accepted the madeline amy sweeny award on his behalf. heath's daughter says her father's actions that day are no surprise. >> expected, exactly what he would have d different from him. that's how he is. reid: the award is named american airlines flight attendant madeline sweeny. she was killed on flight 11 but was able to give ground crews key information about the hijacking before the crash. rhondella: new tonight, this plymouth man is charged with stealing police support flags on the cape. barnstable police say witnesses saw 60-year-old david hickman on the route 149 overpass tonight. hickman is accused of taking the flags off the overpass and
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is connected to two other cases of similar vandalism. reid: two teens are under arrest for stabbing a driver in chelsea. the 15 and 17-year-olds are accused of attacking a him inside his van on congress ave tonight. chelsea police believe the victim was giving the suspects a ride. he's at mgh with serious injuries. rhondella: investigators in concord are looking into another incident involving the town's water storage tanks. this is the second one this back in august, a town employee found the lock on one of the tanks had been damaged. public works officials say the tank has been physically isolated from the water distribution system out of an abundance of caution. reid: new at 11:00 the victim in a fatal boat crash in taunton has been identified. mark greene from moultonborough, new hampshire was killed. three hydroplane boats were competing in a regatta on watson pond yesterday when they collided.
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the other two boaters, who are from maine, were injured. one is hospitalized in critical condition. a new hampshire man accused of murder is expected in court tomorrow. prosecutors say richard moore repeatedly stabbed 51-year-old jo-anne boucher. she was found dead inside her home in danville about a week ago. neighbors say moore, who is a registered sex offender, had been living with boucher for months. investigators are not commenting on a motive. rhondella: boston police officers will start wearing body cameras tomorrow as part of a pilot program. a judge ruled friday that the department does have the authority to force some officers to wear the cameras, after no officers volunteered. it will be a six-month pilot program. the president of the patrolmen's union says he's disappointed, but in a statement says he will work to make the cameras a success. >> the ref just got punched in the face by a player! reid: his side of the story on what really happened.
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the total stranger who raced to the rescue on a local road. aj: a cool and crisp start to the week greek -- to the work week. reid: supporting soldiers and veterans on 9/11. >> it means so much to be able to give back.
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rhondella: the giant tom brady banner at gillette stadium is coming down tonight. patriots president jonathan kraft says now was the right time and that it was time to focus on the regular season. grau hobart the banner was displayed on the lighthouse about a week ago just after brady's four-game suspension took effect. reid: unnecessary roughness on a football field in california
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referee. that player from mount saint antonio college is under arrest tonight. check out the video showing bernard schirmer punching the ref in the face. the ref had been holding the lineman back from the other team. that's when 6-foot-5 schirmer took a swing. his father says it was an accident, that his son actually meant to hit himself, to calm himself down. >> if you go back and look forw y >> the rest just got punched in the face by a player! >> wow. reid: the college siding with schirmer in a statement today. that official never returned to the game. schirmer now faces a felony battery charge. new tonight, tesla motors is updating its autopilot system after a deadly car crash. a florida driver using the feature died when he hit a truck
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crashes. it also warns drivers to keep their hands on the wheel. autopilot can brake, maintain speed, and help you stay in your lane but the cars cannot drive themselves. rhondella: dramatic video from bourne early this morning a car burst into flames after it crashed into a telephone pole on sandwich road. a man saw it happen and was able to rescue the driver from the car. when firefighters got there, the car was fully engulfed. the driver was taken to falmouth hospital. she is expected to survive. reid: anniversary of september 11 through service. and one of those events in boston is uniting those who have distinct memories of that day and those who weren't even born yet. so much was taken 15 septembers ago,but since then,so much more has been given back. >> i think it's just a great thing that we have the ability to send stuff to soldiers and we can help out the homeless. reid: kristina wronski and her friends from abington high
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but they are still very much part of the fabric of what has woven our country back together, today,helping to fill care packages to be sent to military members and veterans. >> to us, it's a historical event rather than a memory. reid: the girls are just a handful of the hundreds of supporters of the massachusetts military heroes fund,assembling packages,500 to be sent to new england troops overseas,and 500 to homeless vets here, 0331 -- here. >> the people of mass and the people of the city are taking time out to show their solidarity with the families who were so affected by this tragedy. reid: coombs, who's husband jeff was among the thousands who perished on 9/11. on this day of service, profound grief makes room for appreciation. >> and it brings the day around for me from a really sad place to a place where we felt the love and support. reid: this was the 8h year that the military heroes fund has coordinated this community
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i have distinct memories of that day. it is a historical event for them. not a memory. rhondella: exactly. she goes in talks to eighth-grade classes every year. reid: they lived in having 10. rhondella: she spoke this week in bridgewater. my husband said they just wanted to go and give her a hug. and they did. reid: we are going to check in now with aj and what is going to be aj: it is very refreshing now. really the end of the week is when it turns really fall like, truly fall like. 6:21 tomorrow morning is your sunrise time. i'm sharing this because we lose 20 minutes by the end of the month here at at least on the front half of the day. by october 11, one months from now, 6:53 is when the sun will
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i don't even want to say it -- the winter months. it's just a few months away, my friends. check out the dew points. super, super low wind out of the north at 12. they barometer rising rapidly. just means we are in for some very nice air tonight. we are already down to 51 degrees. 53 in orange. you know we are destined for the 40's here. in the city, we will get down to the 50's. there will be lower 50's and lower 40's widespread, in the valley locations, outside into some of the rural areas. i got mostly clear skies right now all the storms are long gone, how to see her know they cold front. you can see the last little strip of showers in nova scotia
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right now. as the high settles atop the area, skies will remain clear. most importantly, the humidity will stay low at this point. we had it tough with pretty high humidity the last couple weeks. we get a break tomorrow, tuesday . very comfortable, refreshing air. we will boost the humidity in the air. behind the showers and thunderstorms with the cold front wednesday night. thursday, we are right back into another refreshing air mass. so for your sunday night come into monday morning, if you are heading out to the bus stop first thing monday morning or heading off to work, you might need a light jacket with you. maybe even a sweater. high-pressure right overhead and we get that cool start through
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we make up for it a bit in the afternoon. tuesday is another great day. then we eyeball this next cold front on wednesday. it is really wednesday night. i think most of the day on wednesday is fine. check out temperatures in the 50's tonight. 70 to 75 for tomorrow. looks like a great day with loads of sunshine. check it out in the 70 forecast. low humidity's -- most humidity lapsing into tuesday. paving the way for a true fall feel on thursday and friday with temperatures perhaps struggling to meet 70 degrees in some areas. reid: keep it right here. sports with mike finch coming up
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mike: a wild one in toronto this afternoon. the red sox had it and gave it away and swept it back with a couple of blasts. jackie bradley junior is up with two men aboard and he loads his 23rd homer, a three-run shot. then the red sox have a four-run lead. they would give them back in the third. bogart's in the bottom of the fourth. encarnacion hit his second of the day. 8-6 run to lead to third but then the red sox started to
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year. so we go an inning later. two men are on. who else? big papi. >> can he do it again? and it's gon1! -- gone! mike: now the red sox come home for seven games, three with the orioles and to with the new york yankees. look at the yankees, hanging in there at four games back. the wildcard sure looks like this. right now, orioles and blue jays in the wildcard game. u.s. open, men's finals down at the international tennis. a very spurring an emotional day
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this was stan warrick of going against novak joe noia. -- stan wawrinka going against novak djokovic. novak having a bit of an issue wi 6-7, 6-4, 6-5, 6-3. good for him with a convincing win. coming up, patriots update for you from arizona. red sox highlights and tim
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