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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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rhondella? reporter: he did confess and he told everyone that back in january in 2014 when he was a van driver here taking the elderly to and from their day program, according to the court papers he groped and kissed six elderly victims. the 57-year-old is from pembrook and released with an ankle bracelet after being assaulted. and wellness center and all have alzheimer's, dementia disability and could not communicate the alleged abuse. >> in one instance the victim returns from the care well facility wearing different clothing. reporter: mcneil has been off the job since july. in court papers the defendant admitted to being sexually abused himself.
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gps continually and go to counseling and stay away from the victims in the center here. heather:two teenagers facing charges for attacking a driver with a box cuter. the victim is the driver of a gypsy cab and it began with an argument over the fair. the suspects are with intent to murder. one being held on $25,000 bail and the other on $10,000 bail. the victim was released from the hospital this ed: the man charged in a drunk driving crash held without bail. 22-year-old gnaw -- nathaniel armstrong was in court facing charges. they say he hit a car, stopped in the break down lane on saturday evening killing a 45-year-old man from newbury port. heather:no bail for a man charged with murder.
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she was found dead last week. the motive was unclear. moore has a criminal record that dates back to 1996 including a sex assault conviction. ed: in a new abc washington po poll it shows a tightening presidential race with just eight weeks until the election. it gives hillary clinton a five-point lead over trump and this as clinton is resting at home with pneumonia. that's not preventing trump reporter: a september surprise in the race for president. hillary clinton half the trail recovering from pneumonia. her rival donald trump on the trail and on the attack. >> she divides people into baskets as though they were objects and not human beings. reporter: trump in baltimore seizing on clinton's comments calling half of the supporters a basket full of deplorable.
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islamaphobic, you name it. reporter: she regretted calling half of trump's supporters deplorable. surprisingly no mention of clinton's sunday health scare, but on fox news -- >> i hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and we'll be seeing her at the debate. reporter: video captured the democratic nominee nearly collapsing outside the 9/11 memorial in new york. clinton's campaign first said she was ove dehydrated. then they revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. monday the campaign released new details saying she was dizzy, but alert and making calls as soon as she was helped into her van. spokesman brian fallen was on msnbc. >> in retrospect we could have handled it better in terms of providing more information more quickly. reporter: the lack of transparency sparked more criticism against a candidate with trust wore sheness
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will release additional medical records later this week and called on trump to do the same. reporter: so trump and his fitness are the topic of conversation. no word if he ril release details of a physical he apparently had last week. heather:trump and clinton are deadlocked in four key states including new hampshire, polls show. the nbc washington poll shows clinton leads among a big change from over a month ago when she had a 15-poit lead. new hampshire has four electoral votes, but it is one of a handful of states that could decide the outcome of the general election. heather:tomorrow is the new hampshire state primary. the most hotly contested race is for governor. five republicans and five democrats are seeking to replace a democrat, maggie hassen.
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of hayat. ed: let's take a live look over the city of boston. it is a perfect picture. welcome to dill legal ma land -- dilemma land. >> is that a painting? ed: that's a live shot right now. is there any rain anywhere on the horizon when you look at your binoculars? >> if you look at the jet stream we are on the dry side of the jet stream. when you have a pattern like this you are not bringing moisture up from the south. any system is quick. it comes from the west and it is not meaningful rainfall. this is going to be a very dry week which is in keeping with the pattern. no changes this week. it was cooler after all of the brutal humidity. wow, what a change. 40 in norwood and 43 in orange
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very nice temperature recovery. the most places a few 60s around the cape. nice and dry air. that's why the visibility is great. that's part of the reason boston looks so great. this is the satellite imagery. by the way, fenway, the red sox come home. they are all big games now. connectionly falling off and we will be out for a stroll comfortable and nice sleeping weather indeed. we will let you know a changes. heather: today is the first day of the body company raw program. volunteers will wear the cameras as part of a six-month pilot program. the police union objected taking the matter to court, but on friday a judge decided the department does have the authority to force officers to wear those cameras. heather: and new at 4:30, police in florida released this surveillance video of the man they say set fire to a mosque. it was once attended by the
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and it does coincide with the beginning of the muslim holiday. someone was approaching the center just after midnight followed by a flash and a fire. >> as the individual was approaching the building he was holding a bottle of some sort of fluid and what appeared to be some papers or something like that. while the male was leaving, the male was shaking hands. we are not sure, but it is possible that the male sustained burns on that hand. >> no one else was hurt, but there was damage. they hope someone will recognize the victim and come forward. ed: four children were killed in an over night house fire. take a look from inside the house. crews rushed in just after 1:00 in the morning and found four adults and three children dead. two other children succumbed to their injuries at the hospital.
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deadliest fire in tennessee since the 1920s. ed: jury selection in the trial of a man who is accused of intentionally leaving his child in a hot car. thisy say he left his 22-month-old son in the car by miss san diego, but prosecutor -- car by mistake, but prosecutors say he did it on purpose. they moved it out of the area to ensure fair trial. heather: it is unclear if syria's most powerful the syrian government, russia and iran agreed to the week long truce. if the truce holds u.s. and russia will begin intelligence sharing and target coordination against isis and al-qaeda-linked groups. heather:a new terror warning in france. french authorities say they uncovered and are troying to -- trying to foil new plots every day. today the country's prime
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15,000 homegrown radicals are currently living in france. they are -- 13 hundred are under investigation. ed: and they are looking at what could be the most significant find in the hunt for the missing malaysian airlines flight. it disappeared with 239 people on board and several new pieces of debris that may belong to the plane were found in mad madagascar and show burn marks. the pieces strongly resemble some of the is located below and behind the cockpit under the main cabin floor. >> it appears to be from the interior of the plane, but not the main cabin. perhaps the cargo hold. >> australian investigators will not forensically examine those pieces they have. heather:investigators say it was an engine fan played that
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make an emergency landing in florida of a the plane lost cabin pressure causing the oxygen mask to deploy for all passengers. the impact left a five inch by 15 inch hole above the left wing. ed: a new total in the battle against the zika virus. heather: they hope it will ease fears. ed: and warning for parents. why experts say you could be over m and not even realizing it. >> clear skies not only here, but until the midwest. we have more fine early fall-like weather, but we have changes for the second half of
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: the traffic looks lovely on this monday okay, so why don't half of those cars go in the other direction. let's hit the update button and find out the latest drive time information. it was bad leaving town and the split will not be that bad. the first leg of the pike will take about 13 minutes. you are slowing a little at the tolls. the western tolls is 21
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that's what traffic looks like as we close in on a quarter to 5. >> i think we should k078 up with -- yeng we should come up with a big plan to take one. gondolas. >> everybody knows that creativity is right here. >> certainly a solution is needed. we are taking a look at the tropics. we hav you can see bermuda way up here. it looks like it will track in a position that keeps it out in the atlantic ocean. not a threat to land -- land mass. it is cooler in boston. 78 in lawrence after the cool morning. i know we have some people on twitter and you can imagine
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is comfortable and pleasant and refreshing air. all of the high humidity has been chased out to the sea. dropping to the upper 50sin boston and -- upper 50s in boston and much like last night there will be cool spots in the 40s. the wind will turn from the southwest and you can see the temperatures warm up, but it will be a little outstanding september day. again i keep saying that rain? we need rain desperately. in terms of comfort outside this is fine weather. with all of the clear skies how do you manufacture rain? it is a hard thing to do. next front is out across the middle of the country. and so as that makes its approach midweek particularly wednesday night we may pick a shower or thunderstorm out of there possibly. it is a little warmer tomorrow and a little warmer on wednesday still and then late
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few thunderstorms. a pm thunderstorm is possible on wednesday and rain late afternoon. another fall air mass will move in for the latter half of the week. wednesday night is the only opportunity to really get rain in here with the approaching front. on wednesday afternoon notice we get to the evening hours and we could have a shower or thunderstorm in thoughts and that would move here you can see back to more sunshine for thursday and friday. now even if we do get a shower or thunderstorm, the likely amount of rainfall is low. you can't figure out much here. it gets come complicated when there is a front that has a
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>> focusing on your health. a new study shows we may be giving our children too much medicine bayousing a cup instead of a saw -- syringe. when parents use dosing cups they had four times the odds of making a dosing error compared to an oral syringe. it is not standardized contributing to the problem. british experts say they have discovered -- well you about at the top of the 4:30. here is the latest information. >> thank you, mr. d.a. you have heard the situation that occurred. what we want to tell you is there is no danger to the public. there is no one outside the specific target. we want to alleviate any fears the public may have that the
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>> he did not live here. there was a relationship, a prior relationship between ms. rosa and mr. dela rosa. >> was he in the house when this happened and did he witness what happened? >> the 4-year-old was in the hoe, this point based on the fact he is okay and as we go forward and if in fact he can be interviewed we will do that. this happened this morning. our major concern is the well being of the child and that's why we are asking for the public's assistance. >> where is the boy right now? >> at a relative's home and he is safe. >> we heard there is a lifetime restraining order she
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>> we are ascertaining that threat. we understand there was some court interaction and make sure we get accurate information in terms of that right now. [inaudible]. we are ascertaining the prior action. i don't want to guess. >> it is can rosa, r-o-s-a. >> where was she found? >> she was found in the house and the 4-year-old was not found in the house. the 4-year-old was taken howt of the premises by mr. de la rosa and brought to the residence. resaw was here -- rosa was
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for the medical examiner's office to give us a cause and manner of death. we are waiting for the medical examiner's office. >> did do you have a history of being called for any other incidents? >> no we do not have a history between the two parties. >> to clarify the boy was dropped off before he took off, is that >> was that after it happened [inaudible]. >> say that again, i'm sorry. >> before he supposedly killed her or after. >> the boy was in the premises and at some point in time mr. de la rosa took him and we are establishing the time line and it is based on our investigation right now. >> was that a relative who
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check? >> was it her car or his car? >> i was just informed that's her car. >> he has had a history with the massachusetts court system, that's correct. all right, thank you. thank you very much. we will keep you informed the essex county d.a. a mother was dead found unresponsive while her young child was in the home. >> they are looking for a person of interest and that leaves a community with a fear there is a predator on the loose. they are looking for amelia de la rosa. >> they labeled him a person of interest at this press
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news at new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
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your economy now and samsung is -- samsung has been taking a huge hit. they plunged days after the company told note 7 users to stop using the devices. samsung received several reports of the phones bursting into flames while charging. the owners have been told to bring th replacement as soon as possible. ed: you have heard of self-driving cars. how about self-driving carts? they have let shopping carts drive themselves. the video has nothing to do with shopping carts in case you are slightly confused. they will be equipped with the detachable motors. they can request a cart using a device, potentially a
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bring me your cart. i wanted to state the obvious. >> still ahead, an incredible show of support for a teacher battling cancer.
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heather:finally a teacher battling cancer. ed: that is the entire student body forming an entire singing group and this is outside his home. it is a 400 plus student group that gathered over the weekend to show their support and mostly to show their love. tim mcgraw wanted to share this act of kindness and in
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heather:i have chills. ed: their voice is terrific. heather: you can feel how much he was touched by that. ed: breaking news with ben and jc on newscenter 5 right now. jc: a mother found murdered in her home and her young child is feet away. >> ben: accused of sexually abusing disabled elderly women. details in court. >> and no relief the ups and downs in the temperature to come. jc: eating right is not easy. how instagram can provide information to boost your diet. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc: breaking news where police are investigating a homicide. >> ben: a young mother found unresponsive in her home and her 4-year-old child found unharmed. she is identified as


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