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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 14, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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favor with vladimir putin. he loves this guy. can you imagine ronald reagan idolizing someone like that. >> president's sleeved rolled up, he hit trump's claim to be a fighter for the american working class. >> he spent most of his life to stay as far away from working people as he could, and now he's going to be the champion of working people? huh? i mean, he won't let you on his golf course. >> reporter: and then a stern you know, she's been around for a long time. oh, you know what? this is not reality tv. >> reporter: president obama urging voters to choose the woman who's been a fixture in american politics for decades. >> we always like the new shiny thing. i've been fitted from that when i was a candidate, and we take
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steady and true. and hillary clinton's steady. and she is true. >> reporter: and it's not just president obama, first lady michelle obama will be out on the trail for hillary clinton and this could not have come at a better time given the health questions lingering over hillary clinton right now. we're told she watched president obama's speech from home, and she's feeling much b trail thursday. abc news, brooklyn, new york. bernie sanders made his way to the white house in support of native american tribes calling on president obama to take action against a controversial oil pipeline that's supposed to carry oil from north dakota to illinois. sanders and native american says it endangers sacred sites in the dakotas. they want a study down on the
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u.s. carried out a massive air strike on chemical weapons plant in mozul. they said they were making mustard or chlorine gas. 12 war planes took part. the 93-year-old became head of israel's defense ministry at the age of 29 and positions as well. he was one of the recipients of the 1994 nobel peace prize on the peace accords. the so-called bathroom bill, and republican lawmakers who voted for it last march have second thoughts and turning re-election efforts of the state's rom governor as well. here's more now. >> reporter: the fallout continuing in north carolina
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causing the ncaa confirming they are out. >> the immediate impact's going to be about $17 million. >> reporter: the financial impact statewide still unclear, but ncaa news cost the state seven championship events next year including the early round of march madness game. they explained in a statement the championship and events must promote an inclusive at both communities can help deliver on that commitment. >> safety and security of women and girls in north carolina is our utmost importance, and that's what we still believe. >> every single person or entity that's left the state made it clear they left the state over one thing. the worse anti-lgbt law in the nation. >> reporter: the north carolina
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discrimination against the lgbt community. because of a law, the nba pulled the game out of charlotte, and now this announcement has duke basketball coach speaking out. >> the image is being tarnished, ten as embarrassing. >> reporter: lawmakers in north carolina say their fight is not over yet. in fact, they are now going for a special session to try to repeal the bill. >> all right, our elizabe elizabeth. trance gender soldier is ending her four-day hunger strike. she served time in prison for leaking classified information to wikileaks and is relieved by the decision, but sorry it took so long. edward snowden's pardon does not appear likely. returns to the united states to
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after snowden told a british newspaper he deserves a pardon because he helped bring about much needed change. well, it is a big day at the national zoo in washington welcoming the first male baby orangtang in a quarter century. they say it's a big deal because the or rang tan is near extinction in the wild. >> labor was quick, just four minutes, and the zoo cautiously optimistic that the newborn thrive. look at mama giving baby kisses. the baby's been seen nursing and clinging closely to mama, and so far, they are bonding nicely. >> i think they are. those pictures. mama's like, oh, labor was not long, come, let's hang out. the habitat is disappearing as it's cleared for plantations,
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laguardia runway. what the ndsb says is the probable cause why the delta jetliner nearly landed in the water, and what they say the pilots did wrong. what one school bus driver in maryland did that was very, very right. how she put her own life on the line to save the lives of 20 student passengers. you're watching "world news n now." "world news now weather"
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our daughter, libby, is convinced that the washing her buddy antonio. so, when it's time for his bath... ...we only trust tide to get rid of the week-old stains and downy to protect him from damage antonio is clean! tide and downy. better together. this morning, new details about the investigation about the frightening runway accident at laguardia last year. they determined probable cause why the jetliner skidded off the runway during landing and stopped just at the edge of the water. here's the latest. >> reporter: this frightening scene at laguardia -- >> we have an aircraft off the runway. >> reporter: is a delta jet nearly ending up in the bay
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runway. >> leaking fuel? >> reporter: and it was all preventable. for the first time, we see the confusion inside. >> we're going to have to evacuate. >> reporter: passengers then told to wait. >> stay seated. >> reporter: it was 12 minutes before the evacuation starts, over one wing exit because the other wing leaked fuel. it 7 minutes before all people 90 seconds. investigators say the cause was pilot error, too much reverse thrust, the pilot losing ability to keep the jet sliding and lose control. >> it could have been much more serious where people were killed. >> reporter: investigators say there was no urgency in the captain's order for evacuation and add they believe the plane could have landed without
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pilots lost control of the plane seconds after hitting the ground and now they recommend pilots need more training. >> we have to point out delta is going to use the ntsb findings to improve safety for the future. >> all right. coming up, the skoolg bus driver hailed as a hero this morning. >> reporter: how bravery and quick thinking saved the lives of 20 children. you're watching abc's "world
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a school bus driver can be stressful at times, but there are moments with quick thinking is absolutely life saving. >> we saw that in maryland where a and you can understand why. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: it's the kind of terrifying scene most people run away from, but not renita smith. >> i jumped out and went in mom mode. >> reporter: the maryland school bus driver on the third stop of the day when the dash board brake light comes on, pulling over, and seconds later, a smell of smoke. >> there was a fire, smelling smoke, it smelled like a rubber kind of gas.
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she scrambled to get the elementary students off the bus, and then as the fire grows, she goes back in, going seat by seat to make sure all 20 children are out safely. watching the footage, even she is shocked. >> i'm not a firefighter. what was i thinking running back into the bus? a burning bus. >> reporter: the cause of the fire still unknown. all those children safe. >> we did a group rolled, but me as mommy, no, i have to be strong for the babies. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news washington. >> lots of parents grateful for that bus driver this morning. >> she said it was her job to keep those young children safe, and there were others that rescued as well, neighbors who saw the fire, and they got all of the kids into the house nearby as well. >> all right. happy ending. we like those. >> yes. coming up, newest feature
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let's be clear. clearasil works fast. ? ? final from us this half hour, emphasizing the new in "world news now" with something that makes you smile. >> here's you know that two truths and a why? this is a segment we call two truths and a why, two very true and heart warming story and the third story leaving you laughing thinking, just, why? the first thing to do the soul good is music. that's what 400-plus students and faculty hoped gathering outside their teacher's home in nashville. students joined in song to lift
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battling cancer. ? to be overcome ? ? by your presence lord ? >> reporter: the video caught the eye of tim mcgraw sharing it on facebook where it's viewed more 23 million times. next up, never easy what to get a loved one for their birthday, but o medal is a good backup. legally bli along with mckayley jones took home a gold medal. they won the competition on jones' birthday. she told the press after the event there was no birthday cake to be had, but, hey, a gold medal does just fine. finally, time for our why. if you're tired of your so demanding you pay attention to them or communicate with them, have we found the technology for you. introducing love bot, a computer
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messages of affection or admiration so you don't have to. tell the app when to send the messages, and it takes over from there. the app was built at tech crunch disrupt san francisco. what do you think? love notes from an app? innovative and helpful, or is romance totally #dead? >> it doesn't send notes you wrote, but sends automatic love notes? >> i like it. >> no! >> it is great. not okay. that gets you zero points. zero points. >> let me tell you, i'm starting at 0 points anyway. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> follow us on facebook, wnn
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this morning on "world news now," a headache for the trump campaign. >> tunder fire, investigation b the new york attorney general's office. this as president obama gets out of the campaign trail for hillary clinton while she rests up. it's your voice, your vote. a terrifying ordealn camera when a vehicle slams into three officers sending one of them flying through the air. the fight didn't end there. how the scene played out and what we're learning about the suspects. and a new morning for the millions of americans with high blood pressure. the new study reveals a large group of people that should be taking life saving medication but are not. details ahead. later, behind the scenes as the fashion world rolls out all the latest trends. see how one designer is changing
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helping women find fashion that actually fits. it's wednesday, september 14th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you, everyone, on this wednesday. >> we begin with politics today, donald trump's charity is the focus of investigation by new york's attorney general. >> talking about eric sniderman, you see him there, saying the office is looking into whether the trump foundation followed new york state laws nonprofit organizations. he disclosed his investigations after hours after house democrats demanded a federal probe into some political donations made by the charity. trump's spokesman says the new york investigation is a left wing hit job. that same spokesperson calling sneiderman a partisan hack who endorsed hillary clinton for president. meanwhile, clinton's team says she'll be back on the trail
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she's been out of sight since her diagnosis revealed, but president obama is on her case and attacking donald trump. here's the details. >> reporter: presidential surrogate, president obama hit the campaign trail at a critical point in the race. hillary clinton recovering at home from pneumonia under scrutiny for questions about transparency. >> what sets hillary apart is that through it all, she keeps ongoing, and she doesn't stop caring, and she d't trying. >> reporter: the president in battleground pennsylvania taking on donald trump in philadelphia. >> this guy who spent 70 years on this earth is showing no concern for working people. this guy's suddenly going to be your champion? >> reporter: eight weeks before election day and trump in a polling site on primary day, but not to vote since only democrats were on the ballot. later on the ground in iowa,
3:03 am
>> she landed us as deplorable and ir redeemable. i call you hard walking american patrons. >> reporter: attacked for failing disclose her documents sooner, saying she lied. just a few hours after the president, trump was also in the philadelphia area with his daughter, and there's a child care plan that guarantees six weeks of paid maternity leave. >> this solution will receive ro >> reporter: the clinton campaign called the plan out of touch, half baked, and insufficient. as for the health of both candidates, they are prepared to release more medical records. >> all right. thanks. a security scare for trump in a rally in las veigh ga. a british man pled guilty to charges stemming from attempted attack on the presidential no, ma'am knee. michael stanford tried to grab a
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he did not get the gun and no shots were fired at the event. he pled guilty yesterday to a firearms charge and one other count. he could, however, spend two years in prison. he's almost certain to be deported. a cease fire in syria seems to be holding, but not without issues. there's been a dozen violence by rebel groups, and there's a video of children on a playground in the city of aleppo. u.n. officials have yet city saying they are awaiting assurances the truck drivers will not be harmed. arizona, details learned after the man drove through a group of police officers. the suspect is now facing attempted murder charges. officials described incident as intentional, but say the suspect appeared impaired by drugs or alcohol. here's what happened. >> reporter: it began in the middle of the night. three phoenix cops just talking
3:05 am
what happened next is what the chief called an unprovoked attack, a man in a red car appears to be lying in wait, revs the end gin, and plows into the officers. >> accelerates quickly, headlights on, runs over our police officers into the front of the store. >> reporter: a sergeant, 18-year veteran, goes down with a broken leg, another officer diving out of the way, but a third cop goes flying eight feet high. those are his legs in the air. he's 33 years old. it was his first day on the >> pounded into the glass, he got up, got back in the fight to take the guy into custody. unbelievable. a hero. >> reporter: the suspect isn't giving up. officers that were just run over now have to fight him on the ground, finally using a taser to make the arrest. >> these officers could have easily been killed, and i thank god we're not planning three funerals right now. >> reporter: the suspect is this 44-year-old, and the chief is
3:06 am
sees it as a part of a recent nationwide pattern of attacks on officers. one officer is still in the hospital, but all three are expected to be okay. as for the suspect, he's now charged with three counts of attempted murder, and police say they are still looking for a motive. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. a u.s. official calls it a smear campaign after hackers targeted u.s. olympians. the world anti-doping agency says a targeted systems and compromised drug test results from athletes, alleging drug use. biles says she takes medication for adhd and is not afraid to let people know. they were allowed to take the medication in question. the first republican lawmaker calls for the repeal of controversial house bill 2 following the ncaa's decision to
3:07 am
so-called bathroom bills. she still agrees with the concept, but not the consequences. she did vote for the bill in march. north carolina, the university of north carolina, students go public with claims she was raped by a school football player and the university mishandled the case. accused rapist is suspended from the school indefinitely. >> reporter: university of north carolina's sophomore robinson coming forward, saying authorities let her rapist to go unpunished. >> my life is changed forever, and the student who assaulted me is still a football player on this campus. >> reporter: after the assault six months ago, she went straight to campus police, and she said treated her like a suspect. >> what was i drinking, did i lead him on, have i hooked up with him before, do i often have one-night stands.
3:08 am
investigators told the attacker not to worry and keep playing football. >> this man raped me. the police told him not to sweat it. >> reporter: taking matters into her own hands, using an unusual state law, turning to a magistrate, issuing an arrest warrant for the football player for misdemeanor sexual assault. the action prompting the athletic department to suspend the player from the team, and says they are still investigating the case, and more serious charges are still possible. >> especially when you're waiting for lab results, sometimes it can take over a year. >> reporter: if that football player is convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault, he could face up to five months in jail. meanwhile, the university of north carolina says it's deeply committed to the safety of its students, but because of privacy laws, it cannot comment on this
3:09 am
florida's governor urges lawmakers to approve funding for the battle to fight zika after six locally transmitted cases were diagnosed in the miami area bringing the toal number of cases to 70. the trial for a vaccine started at the university of maryland school of medicine. news about blood pressure in older americans, one in four in the medicare drug program are not taking medications properly or at all. another study came to a similar conclusion with one in four being filled. 70% of u.s. adults 65 and older have high blood pressure. sports now, if you call it that, a record setting night at the chicago white sox game on the southside, but that had nothing to do with what happened on the field. >> here's what was going on in the stands. there were dogs, lots of them, all over the place. the sox called it bark in the park, and it went down in
3:10 am
dressed up. it was certifiied as a new worl record for the most dogs attending a sporting event. congratulations to the southsiders on that. >> reporter: reminded of the image of the dog in the stands staring at the hot dog, not at all paying attention to the game. >> a lot of dogs staring at hot dogs. >> looks like a dog show. should have had red carpet commentary. >> it's fashion week in new york. >> there's that. coming up, dangerous high speed chase with a big rig. >> playing out as the truck carrying hazardous materials led police on a chase across several freeways. inside the world of fashion as all the top designers revealed newest looks, apparently one of those designers, and see how he's closing the gap between
3:11 am
models. >> find us on facebook and
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k-y touch. some california highway patrol officers had a busy day as the driver of a stolen tractor trailer led them on a three hour high speed chase speeding across several freeways in southern california, and the truck apparently belongs to a
3:15 am
the driver did pull over and skrender, but did not want to go back to jail. nation's biggest mass transit system in new york and new jersey joined the move to shut off their gal laxy note 7s. >> they are working on a new battery, but still refuse to issue an official recall. here's the latest. >> reporter: the new blamed for an explosion in this car. >> last thought in my head is that a brand new device is going to burn down my car. >> reporter: or a night stand. >> it was exploding, it shot pieces of whatever that was in the phone out. >> reporter: fuelling worries it ignites on a jet.
3:16 am
samsung, the company that makes the note 7 for not issuing an official u.s. government sanctioned recall of the phone. >> nay are very dangerous. this is just not the way the process is supposed to work. >> reporter: samsung issued a recall, but watchdogs say without a u.s. agency doing it with them, consumers are still in danger. >> because you don't have an official recall, it's actually not illegal to sell one of these samsung phones. >> reporter: and the faa can't ban the device oan to replace it, and consumer product safety commission is independently evaluating the battery to ensure the consumer will not be harmed. they said they are working with the cpnb to expedite an official recall, but no word on when that happens. in the meantime, people with the note 7 are adviced to turn phones off and exchange them right away for a new device. >> we also have public
3:17 am
mta, new jersey transit saying not to turn the phones on when you are traveling on trains and busses, and also say not to plug them in. >> yeah. absolutely. samsung getting a hit from this, down 10% since late august. >> thank you for that report. in the next half hour, storming the stage on "dancing with the stars" what we're finding out this morning about the two men who tried to rush olympian ryan lochte and what they told reporters on c first, the fashion designer blazes a new trail on the runway at new york fashion week with plus-sized models. you're watching "world news
3:18 am
3:19 am
? ? it is fashion week in new york, and one designer is talk of the town for charting a new course down the runway. >> to millions of women who wear size 8 or larger, he's a god send. >> reporter: we went behind the scenes with the designer as he prepares for the ground breaking show. here in his showroom, the team puts the final touches on the >> it is about looks. we usually have three girls on the runway at a time, so it's still looks leek a lot of looks, but the show is 8 minutes long. it's crazy. ten minutes for the show, but the look and the world of this lasts forever. >> casting call last week, there were models of every shape and size. >> we saw like 450 girls and only picked 30, 35, so 35-40 girls for 52 looks.
3:20 am
designers still don't make clothes for larger women. stopping their sizes at 12 even though most american women are a size 14 or larger. >> it's totally making our culture dress as tall skinny women, and we present them as being a fashion ideal. well, she's unrealistic. >> the fashion industry icon had enough. >> it is true that designers maintain that women larger than the siz challenging to dress. i think it's a lot of hobby. >> he works with payless. >> wear a thousand dollar dress with a $20 shoe p i love that idea. >> reporter: why are you so inclusive? why is it important to you? >> celebrate as many people as
3:21 am
>> reporter: sales rose 17% in 2016 to $20.4 billion, but retailers do not carry larger sizes. >> i'm willing to forgive the designers. where's the retailers in this? retailers have such power. they can say to designers, you will do this. you will execute this task, and you will do it well. get on board, people. >> reporter: christian is definitely on shining through. >> god, i'm so excited, so nice to be able to be in fashion week and have it be a show that's diverse with all sorts of sizes and girls, so, yeah, i'm honored and thrilled. >> reporter: for "nightline," new york. >> i love tim gunn, get on board, people. >> he is. he wrote this open letter tort washington post talking about
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starting wednesday mixed with politics and real estate. a little bit of american history. so out there in queens, there's a house, looks simple enough, doesn't it? nice >> there's history to it. this is apparently where donald trump was a baby. it's now for sale. price tag? what do you say? five bedrooms. brick and stucco. >> oh, $800,000. >> you read this. $800,000. >> sounded like i was thinking. >> homeowners hope that because
3:26 am
home, they might be able to pull that off. although, they dropped the price. they are getting a divorce so it's time to sell the house. >> been on the market for more than a million before. goes up on the auction break before the election. a great story now about making lemonade, so to speak, a bride on the way to her own wedding with the bridal party in tow had a snafu with the limo getting a flat tire, but the maid of honor says she was totally fine and figured, i got this. stoo and she hitchhiked. lucky for them, two minutes later, a guy named jay drove by with kids in the car and said let me drop off the kids, i'll be right back. brought the party over to the wedding, and they said the whole time the bride seemed happy, although they say, by the way, the champagne was flowing heavily in the limo. >> if you notice in the photos there, when she's hitchhiking,
3:27 am
empty glass. >> and a smile on the face too. >> yeah. >> may or may not go together. they invited jay to the wedding, but he said no thank you. >> good guy, jay. apparently, kanye west's cleats are popular with athletes, and he's been gifting them to athletes. you may recall over the weekend the houston texans d apparently -- >> because i definitely noticed in football. >> exactly. so, apparently, people are now able to get hands on their cleats for $250. happy birthday. >> all right. now we heard of scaredy cats, but this is literal. this is herman, who looks terrified all the time. his owner says he's just special.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," a hacking scandal hits team usa. olympic gold medalists made public. hillary clinton's campaign announcing when she hits the ro health, and president obama stepped in going after trump on clinton's behalf. new this half hour, what we learn about the two anti-ryan lochte protesters who stormed the stage on "dancing with the stars." >> what they told the cameras after being thrown from the building, and what the olympic gold medallist's dance partner says about the frightening
3:31 am
came out on top this year? but do rankings matter when it coming to being true to your school? >> i don't think so. >> we'll see how our schools did on this wednesday, september 14th. >> rankings. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> looking through it. >> must be a mistake. we'll get to those. >> good morning to you all, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we start with hacking of the medical records. >> confirming systems were compromised by a group known as compromised by a group known as fancy bears who promise more will be made public. brian ross has more. >> reporter: u.s. officials calling it a smear, posting of medical records for top u.s.
3:32 am
williams sister, and winner of the gold medal winning basketball team. documents show the players used medications on the prohibited drug list, but that in each case, they have received approval for therapeutic use and have not sought to keep it secret from the testing agency. >> this is not cheating. this is u.s. athletes playing by the rules, playing by the book. >> reporter: unlike the case with russia with more than 100 athletes banned from this year's olympics because of illegal drug use, and officials point the finger of blame at russia whose hackers broke into the computers of the democratic national committee. >> russians use hacking to discredit their enemies and to change public perception, and they don't care if everyone knows they are doing it. >> reporter: at least one of the athletes is taking it in stride. the basketball star recovering
3:33 am
hackers for telling the world i legally take a prescription for a condition i've been diagnosed, thanks, guys, she says. brian ross, abc news. politics, new york's attorney general is investigating donald trump's foundation saying the office is conducting a broad inquiry of the charity looking whether it broke new york laws governing nonprofits. trump's campaign slams the investigation calling the ag a partisan hack former secretary of state, colin powell, is no fan of donald trump. buzzfeed reports they obtained some of powell's personal e-m e-mails from dc leaks, and he tells a former aide that trump is a national disgrace and what's worse, he has no sense of shame, and powell calls trump's movement racist and says he does not deny anything in the reportedly hacked e-mails.
3:34 am
took the case for hillary clinton. clinton at home recovering from pneumonia, the president praised her tougherness saying clinton is not a quitter and attacked donald trump for promising toine a fighter for working class americans. >> he spent his life trying to stay away from working people, and now this guy's going to be the champion of working people? huh? i mean, he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. >> the president of going on russian state tv to talk down america's military and curry favor with putin. clinton's campaign will resume tomorrow with a visit to north carolina. >> donald trump is talking up the child care plan calling for six weeks paid maternity leave for mothers who do not get the benefit at work currently. he stumped in ohio and hotly contested states yesterday. tom young reports.
3:35 am
is taking full advantage, sprints through two key battleground states. >> i consider it a great phenomena if we win november 8th. >> reporter: trump didn't mention hillary clinton home with pneumonia or the fact she was ziout for two days. >> i just didn't think it was a big deal. >> reporter: attacking clinton for withholding medical information until video her nearly collapsing as she was helped into the van on 9/11. >> why did she lie to everyone and conceal such an important fact for two days. >> reporter: but in the same interview, conway questioned how much health information trump himself should reveal. >> i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. >> reporter: so far, all he's released is a four paragraph letter from his doctor admitting he wrote it in five minutes. >> you got a medical report on
3:36 am
as mitt romney and barack. donald trump's doctor said he would be the healthiest president in history. that's just not even serious. >> reporter: in an interview, trump pledged to release more information. >> now that you ask, i think i will. >> you will? >> yeah. >> reporter: trump had a physical last week, and today, the republican nominee will sit down with tv's dr. oz, presumably to go over results, but don't expect a grilling. >> i'm not going to ask you appears with ivanka for the first time since convention and worked on policies they're going to talk about to appeal to women voters, one, a guaranteed paid six weeks maternity leave for the moms whose employers do not provide the ben fits, and clinton responded saying it's half-baked, out of touch, and the numbers do not add up. abc news, pennsylvania.
3:37 am
attempted murder for hitting three phoenix police officers with his vehicle. it was caught on camera, and you see the red car appearing to drive right into the officers as they stood outside a gas station. the suspect was identified as 44-year-old mark payne, and police say he may have been impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time. taiwan and china brace for the strongest typhoon of the year. they are hitting taiwan right now and expected to make a direct hit on china later today. it's 230 miles per hour with heavy rain. it's the strongest storm anywhere on earth so far this year. there was stormy weather in florida yesterday morning ahead of tropical storm julia. the weather system spawned this tornado yesterday in barefoot bay, and more than 3 inches of rain fell so far. main concern is heavy rain, that's the main threat. from the newly formed tropical storm. >> here's the latest track, good
3:38 am
we have a bit of a different thing happening this morning. we have a newly named tropical storm julia, named after reaching land, but we still have the eastern side of the eye when was named a tropical storm with winds at 45-50 miles per hour for the naming of the system. now we're concerned about it moving northwest with significant rain that's going to cover from jacksonville up to savannah, georgia, and 12 inches of rain curtesy of the newly issued tropical storm. >> thanks to paul there. apple' mobile operating system has been anything but smooth. some of the first users to download this found iphones and ipads no longer working. apple says the problem was quickly resolved. those who found their devices bricked by the update had to plug them into a computer and run the latest version of itunes. u.s. news and world report has a list of best colleges.
3:39 am
second, university of chicago and yale tied for third, and columbia and stanford share number five. boston college ranked 31st among national universities, and 41 among value schools. >> between no. 4 and boston college at 31. >> negative. try again. >> tied for universities in the north. >> oh. >> and among those -- >> but -- >> among the schools, it's tied for 12th among top public schools. >> that's a lot of categories. >> it's -- >> how many? >> buried -- >> can you take a diagram of that? north and within -- >> north regional tied at 12th among the 44th. >> go eagles. what's your mascot. >> go lakers.
3:40 am
>> no mascot? >> no. >> oh. >> what grade alum are we at? >> there is that. >> thanks. >> great day. >> it was obviously written by a harvard grad. all right. coming up, details surfacing in monday night's frightening storming of the stage on "dancing with the stars," and what the anti-lochte protesters are saying as his dance partner opens up in a a yacht? this author wants to hear from you want why in the skinny. you're watching "world news now." "world news now weather"
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so this happened. this so this happened during the marathon in pennsylvania. organizers say norfolk southern promised not to run trains during the race, but the race is important here. it's a qualifier for the boston marathon, and waiting for the train added about nine minutes to runners' times. some runners were so frustrated they jumped between cars. officials about adjusting runners' times. >> i would have welcomed that, oh, no, i need a break, how unfortunate. new details this morning on that bizarre moment when protesters storm the stage of "dancing with the stars." >> we heard from the two men who stormed the stage. >> reporter: olympic swimmer,
3:45 am
after his fox trot when the show abruptly cuts to commercial. here's what you didn't see. two men in anti-lochte shirts rushed the dance floor. the dance floor is surprisingly small, two men made it right to ryan and cheryl within seconds, and that's when security guards tackled them bringing them downright and here. the audience and cast and crew unsure at first whether it was part of the act. >> it wasn't a bit. it was -- >> reporter: the lapd arresting the two protesters saying they were angry after lochte was caught lying about vandalizing this gas station during the rio olympics. >> our purpose is to get the message out that lochte is a coward, liar, and under brazilian law, a criminal. >> reporter: charged with misdemeanor trespassing and
3:46 am
both men were screened in order to be allowed to sit in the audience. surprised at that. >> and the studio there, it's a very secure lot. it's a huge lot, in fact, actually, so surprised they got in there. >> they are assuming there was another shirt covering the anti-lochte t-shirts they were wearing. when we come back, what his dance partner says about the
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? we're going to start the skinny with the fallout from the security scare on the stage of "dancing with the stars." >> ryan's dance partner speaks out about what happened after the protesters as well as what happened after. >> burke wrote an article for "people" online saying ryan was on the verge of tears as they abruptly cut to the commercial break. she said he injured his ankle slightly as one of the protesters were tackled by security. >> after the show, she says she comforted ryan's mother who was crying, telling her ryan is a great guy, and i have his back 100%. >> closing the article saying "dancing with the stars" should
3:49 am
celebrating dance and making people happy. >> what do you think about having a hate-free zone to dance? >> isn't that what this is? >> not if you check out the social media response. >> no, there is a lot of hate based on our dance moves. there you have it. hopefully that's the last of the ryan story. >> we'll find out. bradley cooper makes a confession on "ellen." shopped a cvs to ease reentry into normal life from the white house. now the real surprise for mrs. obama came from surprised guest bradley cooper. >> the state dinner -- >> yeah. >> technically -- >> that counts. >> of course. just did "american sniper," and the tux, i only had one, didn't
3:50 am
rip so last minute i 86 the underwear. >> because, you know, if it should rip, it's better to not have underwear on. >> for us. it's good for us, right, ladies? >> you may recall those tux pants. cooper famously described that night as crazy town night. he says they were so tight he found himself greeting people while staying seated because he could barely stand up in them. >> kravitz moment? >> you'd think cooper had an entire closets full of suits and tuxes, or people to handle it. >> apparently not. next, j.k. rowling suffering buyer's remorse. >> the author is set to take a $9 million loss on the 156-foot luxury yacht she bought from johnny depp eight months ago. >> it's nice, requires a crew of
3:51 am
cabins that sleep ten guests. >> in addition to the bedrooms, there's a spacious dining room, entertaining area, and relaxation rooms. >> listing the vessel for a deal of just $20 million, but there's no reason for the prompt sale. >> don't worry, the $9 million loss will barely put a didn't in her estimated $1 billion net worth. >> she can handle it. >> maybe she needs a bigger boat. finally, broadway is getting hog day". >> not the actual day. the new musical adaptation of the bill murray movie classic currently wrapping up the critically acclaimed premier in london at the old vick theater. >> reporter: it's lining up for an april opening here in new york as the august wilson theater, and no casting for the broadway production announced, but the american stage veteran winning rave reviews in lon dor
3:52 am
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gmail. >> solitaire making a comeback. >> was myspace not popular? >> what else is making a comeback? >> what? >> christian gray. >> the teaser for the
3:56 am
gray has been released, tann tannalizing fans lusting for more. ? ? "50 shades is back, and this time, it's darker. >> this time, no rules, no punishments, and no more secrets. >> reporter: the trailer for the highly anticipated sequel dropping, but shades of gray" success in 2015, the film won five razzies, but fans already crazy in love with the sneak peek, tweeting excitement, you're lying to yourself if you think "fifty shades darker" looks good, and nothing tops this. the sexy thrilling hits the screen just in time for
3:57 am
teaser. >> the gq snarky twitter headline reads, get ready for carefully staged fake intercourse. >> another could hardly contain excitement, tweeting, omg, you guys, omg, omg, it's really h happening, and another tweeted simply, can it be february 2017, please? >> very excited, huh? so hits theaters, and the questions now remaining from the trailer, what's in the box? >> oh. >> why are there photos of anna everywhere. >> why did they remake "crazy in love"? >> and why are they wearing clothes in the shower? >> we know what -- >> it's another version of crazy in love. >> do you like it? >> yeah. this is "abc's world news
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, donald trump's foundation now under investigation. overnight the trump campaign responds, plus leaked e-mails from colin powell blasts the republican nominee. all as hillary clinton announces when she'll be back on the trail. we're live in washington. tracking the tropics, a new storm forming overnight and plus, another massive storm system that's being called the largest in years. abc news exclusive. one-on-one with apple ceo tim cook. he's defending the company's newest product after getting an earful for the airpods. and we can call it a daredevil here. tries a dangerous jump nearly


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