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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, donald trump's foundation now under investigation. overnight the trump campaign responds, plus leaked e-mails from colin powell blasts the republican nominee. all as hillary clinton announces when she'll be back on the trail. we're live in washington. tracking the tropics, a new storm forming overnight and plus, another massive storm system that's being called the largest in years. abc news exclusive. one-on-one with apple ceo tim cook. he's defending the company's newest product after getting an earful for the airpods. and we can call it a daredevil here. tries a dangerous jump nearly
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we do say good morning on this wednesday. eight weeks from this moment we'll give you the name of the president of the united states. one figure who served in three republican administrations thinks of one of the candidates. buzzfeed obtained some of colin powell's personal e-mails from dcleaks. in those e-mails he tells a former aide that trump is a, quote, national disgrace who has no sense of shame. po hacked e-mails are accurate. >> word about them came after trump appeared in pennsylvania with his daughter, ivanka. lana zak is covering both campaigns for us and joins us from d.c. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. today is hillary clinton's last day off of the campaign trail. she's been recovering from pneumonia and like many people as she's recovering from her illness she's been watching tv. according to clinton aides she's been watching president obama's speech in philadelphia. president obama in his first
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trail took umbrage with the idea that donald trump would be better for working class americans. >> really? like this is the guy you want to be championing working people? this guy who spent 70 years on this earth showing no concern for working people. he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. >> reporter: the president making the case for hillary clinton while flower deliveries pour io york, home as clinton recovers from pneumonia her campaign says she will be back on the trail tomorrow. and today trump will sit down with talk show host dr. oz to presumably discuss the results of his physical last week. >> i'm not going to ask you questions he doesn't want to have answered. >> reporter: there are new headaches for the trump campaign. "newsweek" is expected to release a report that indicts donald trump's financial ties and potential conflicts with national security. at the same time, the new york attorney general is opening an
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foundation and allegations that the nonprofit misappropriated some funds. the trump campaign fired back that the new york attorney general is, quote, a partisan hack who has endorsed hillary clinton for president. meanwhile, trump on the trail staying mum on those issues and clinton's health and instead unveiling his child care plan. >> we can provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to any mother with a newborn child whose employer does not provide the benefit. >> reporter: and trump says he cracking down on unemployment insurance fraud. kendis, diane. >> all right, lana zak reporting from washington for us. thank you. police issued a warrant for a man accused of hitting a 69-year-old woman protesting donald trump. >> shirley teeter was among those demonstrating against trump in asheville, north carolina. she accuses the man of hitting her after verbal back and forth with trump supporters. >> i said, you better learn to
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ha, ha and he stopped in his tracks and he turned around and just cold co-coced me. >> she needs an oxygen tank to breathe. several other trump supporters have already been arrested for their conduct at that rally. u.s. olympicens are the latest target of hackers. their private medical records now posted online exposing one's private issues, star simone biles forced to publicly address her battle with adhd and the cybercriminals are promising more secrets to come. brian ross on the case. >> reporter: u.s. officials are calling it a smear. the online posting of hacked medical records for top u.s. olympic athletes. superstar gymnast simone biles, venus and serena williams and a member of the gold medal winning
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shows they did use medications on the prohibited drug list but in each case they had received approval for therapeutic use and had not sought to keep it secret from the testing agency. >> this is not cheating. this is u.s. athletes playing by the rules, playing by the book. >> reporter: unlike the case with russia which had more than 100 of its athletes banned from this year's olympics because of illegal drug use. and officials point the finger of blame for the athletes' hack at russia whose h democratic national committee. >> the russians are using hacking to discredit their enemies and to change public perceptions and they don't care if everyone knows that they're doing it. >> reporter: at least one of the athletes is taking it all in stride. alana della done recovering from thumb surgery wrote on instagram i'd like to thank the hackers for telling the world i legally take a prechristian for a condition i've been diagnosed. thanks, guys, she said.
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>> breaking overnight tropical storm julia threatening the southeast u.s. it shows it passing over jacksonville on the way to savannah. accuweather's paul williams has more on where it's headed. paul. >> good morning, diane, kendis. we have a bit of a different thing happening for this morning. we have a newly named tropical storm julia was named after reaching land, but we still have the eastern side of this eye when it was actually named a tropical storm with winds at 45 naming of this system. now we're concerned about it continuing to move towards the northwest with significant rain that's going to cover from jacksonville up to savannah, georgia, up to 12 inches of rain courtesy of this newly issued tropical storm. diane, kendis. >> our thanks to paul and at this hour on the other side of the world, the strongest storm of the year so far is barreling down on parts of taiwan and china. it is a super typhoon with winds up to 185 miles an hour and see
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obviously and taiwan is expected to escape major damage but the storm will soon make a direct hit on mainland china. north carolina lawmaker who voted for the controversial bathroom law is calling on the state to repeal it. they were supposed to hold several ncaa championships before the association pulled the events in protest. barringer, the first to call for repeal says see agrees with the concept but not its unintended still ahead wearing thin is the oprah effect on weight watchers waning. a rape victim demands justice. why a school is putting athletes above the law. wireless headfheadphones be ridiculed and tim cook's side in an abc news exclusive. why do people put milk on cereal?
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well, wells fargo is no longer the country's most valuable bank. jpmorgan chase is after wells fargo's stock fell nearly 4%. the bank announced it will no longer have sales target, a practice blamed for the scandal that resulted in $185 million in fines just last week. wells fargo's ceo denies they were incentives to do bad things and blamed overzealous employee, 5300 were fined for improperly sales practices. weight watchers stock is also falling that cost oprah winfrey $117 million. the company's stock soared after winfrey bought a 10% stake in the company last fall. but shares have lost two-thirds
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apple's rollout of its new mobile operating system has been anything but smooth. some of the first users to download io 110 found i phones and ipads no longer worked. it was quickly resolved and those whose devices were bricked had to plug them into a computer to finish the update. new ios is one of several new offerings from apple coming up later on "good morning america," robin roberts' exclusive interview with ceo tim iphone accessory that's getting all the buzz. those new wireless airpod headphones. cook says they're not going anywhere. >> i've been on treadmills, walking, you know, doing all the things -- >> dancing. twerking. >> you don't have -- you know how you walk around with the ear buds and they've constantly get caught on something? >> right.
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thing doesn't work out she has a future in product testing. >> i think beyonce was jamming in her ear at the time. that's not the only secret. her entire interview with ceo tim cook. twerking. good moves. when we come back three police officers run down by a car. new details about the suspect and why the chief says this was deliberate. free-falling. a man attempts a so what happens next? i love bread i love ice cream pizza! peanut butter -tacos! i love ramen. anything chocolate chicken tacos, pork tacos. and now that i've learned to manage what i eat, i can still eat the foods i love. every. single. day. members have lost 15% more weight in the first 2 months than on the beyond the scale program
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re flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt, an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. ht in there? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back. this tornado touched down in barefoot bay, florida, yesterday ahead of tropical storm julia. the area got a lot of rain but no major damage. it is heading into georgia and south carolina. >> that means wet roads from north florida to the carolina
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as well from kansas to missouri and in the rockies. >> storms and lightning could cause airport delays in denver and miami. from arizona new details after a man drove into a group of police officers. >> the attack was caught on surveillance video. you can see the red car rev its engines and plow right into the officers. two in serious condition the other was able to avoid serious injury. the police chief says it could have been much worse. >> these officers could have easily been three funerals right now. this is a violent, cowardly act on our police officers and it's simply unacceptable. >> the suspect is identified as 44-year-old mark payne. police say he may have been impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time. a university of north carolina student is going public with allegations that a football player at that school raped her while she was drunk and that the university mishandled her case. delaney robinson held a news
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linebacker allen artis assaulted her. robin says when she reported it campus police laughed at her and the district attorney didn't take it seriously either. >> my life has changed forever while the person assaulted me remains as a student, as a football player on this campus. >> an arrest warrant has been issued for him who has been suspended indefinitely from the football team. the after posting a thousand dollar bails after trying to assault ryan lochte on "dancing with the stars." they believe lochte is a liar who put americans in danger with his actions at the rio olympics, they say. they are due back in court in three weeks. the security officers at the show tackled them before they could injure anybody. now to sports. >> september, as you know is made more beautiful thanks to baseball. some highlights now from our solo guy at espn.
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matt, roll the tape. here we go. man, the giants, bruce bochy's head may explode and he has a large head. giant has a 4-1 lead over the padres and top of the ninth, hunter strickland started the top, took him 20 pitches, 4-3 when he left. probably a double play ball that went off his mitt. this off steven oaker. lsu ryan wall. 6-4. and they're still leading the n.l. wild card. kenny mayne says cardinals have the best baseball fans. i have no idea where he got that from. diaz first start since fracturing his thumb at the end of july off jason hammel. his 15th. that tied it at two. brandon moss, goi-ahead home ru,
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that is it. that is all. have a great, great, great, great day. >> wow. >> you can tell he's heading home after that. >> a lot of enthusiasm. thanks to neal and matt for rolling the tape. michelle obama giving steph curry advice on trash talking. and a marathon derailed. runners were forced to stop midrace because of an unforeseen obstacle. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba?. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes...
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? so we're going to start "the pulse" with michelle obama giving some trash talking advice, you might say. >> the first lady co-hosted "the ellen degeneres show" where she took a trip to cvs to prepare for life after the white house. she showed the first lady how to use an atm and coinstar machine. >> that is important. >> the president's golf buddy, steph curry, well, he was a guest on the for curry when things get a little heated on the court. >> during a speeches he has like very kind of slow cadence. >> we know. >> it draws you in. he brings that same kind of vibe to his trash talk so i'll hit a shot out of bounds, yeah, that's not a good shot. >> you should trash talk back, steph.
4:22 am
here's one. here's one. you want to say, the shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt. >> now, curry did admit that he's a better golfer than the president. the other thing people are talking about and the appearance was the first lady's beautiful dress. >> yeah, i guess it's a map that's laid out there. >> yes, well done, gucci. >> you can see theri to say this just warn you, please do not, do not try to be like this guy. he's a 21-year-old who jumped off a waterfall on the hawaiian island of kauai. >> now, that's nearly 200 feet from the top down to the water. when the guy landed, he was knocked unconscious. >> wow, did you see it? take a look again. luckily a lifeguard on vacation was there to pull him to safety. the jumper suffered a concussion and several torn muscles.
4:23 am
all. >> a new hampshire bride has quite a wedding story to tell. angelique arsonalt was on the way when her limo got a flat tire. don't worry, girls, i got there. she stuck out her thumb and hitchhiked. >> she says a nice guy named jay took the wedding party to the venue, only 30 minutes behind schedule. apparently a lot of champagne helped ease the frustration and the rest of the wedding angelique said was amazing. >> that explains the huge smile on her face. apparently jay pulled up with a car full of his kids and he said, let me go drop the kids off, i'll be right back, and true to his word, he did. >> he didn't go to the wedding himself. >> he said, no, that's okay. it's your day, enjoy it. >> i do like the graphic treatment on hitchhiking. nice job. when you run a marathon the organizers make arrangements to keep traffic off the route. so this is not supposed to
4:24 am
>> a marathon in allentown, pennsylvania, is a qualifier and waiting for the train added nine minutes to the time. some were so frustrated they ump jumped between train cars. >> they're going to talk to the boston marathon folks and hoping they'll be able to adjust the runners' times. can you imagine the frustration? >> i think i would have welcomed it. >> would have welcomed the break? a forced nine-minute break in the middle of i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't go after anything with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i'll do that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin. plus, it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin.
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checking our top stories, donald trump's charity is the subject of an investigation by new york's attorney general. the a.g. is looking to make sure the charity is complying with new york laws. trump's campaign says the investigation is politically motivated. hillary clinton resumes campaigning tomorrow. she has an appearance scheduled in greensboro, north carolina of the she hasn't been seen publicly since sunday when her pneumonia diagnosis was tornadoes are possible from north florida up to the carolina coast as tropical storm julia moves through. it is expected to lose its punch. the rest of today's weather much warmer in the northeast. chilly morning in the midwest. actually pretty beautiful along the west coast with sunny skies and highs in the 70s. two long lost friends had a reunion at the dallas-ft. worth airport and it's obviously how
4:28 am
3-year-old dawson and 4-year-old hannah hadn't seen each other in a year. >> they were apparently inseparable at their orphanage in china abandoned by their families. hannah was adopted by a family in texas and went to the united states. >> they have so little connection and so little consistency that they had each other for those first, you know, formative years. >> they call each other brother and sister. >> yes. >> 400 times. hugging and getting so giddy they fell over. >> it's no coincidence that did youson was adopted by a north texas family. sharon's new mother could see how close they were so she shared his story on facebook. >> the two families now live about five minutes apart and we will hear from both moms later on "gma." apparently the families attend
4:29 am
about the facebook post. >> what a wonderful reunion. very cute moment there. finally, what must have been the night of one college kid's life. it happened at a bruce springsteen concert in philadelphia. >> there he is on stage with the boss performing the song "no surrender." the guy was invited to play after springsteen saw his sign requesting that song. ? >> 21-year-old had come awe the way from texas to see the show. he said he always wanted to attend a bruce concert near the boss' native new jersey. >> so he said that he practiced the cords to the song for just a day or two and, no, he's not in a band but, man, he looked like he knows what he's doing there. >> so he just held up a sign requested a song and the boss pulled him onstage. >> it's as easy as that. >> now i know.
4:30 am
>> good morning. wednesday, september 14. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer. stories we're following right now. a celebrated police chief on leave this morning. the investigation in gloucester and what the chief says about it. randy: a man wanted for murder. details we're learning about emily: the new probe involving donald trump and when we can expect to see hillary clinton back on the campaign trail. randy: nice, cool start to the day. hopefully a nice day in store for us, cindy. cindy: 65 in boston, not as cool this morning thanks to the southwesterly breeze. skies are clear this morning and we are going to see a lot of sunshine through at least the first half of the day, but that


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